Sunday, June 12, 2011

Strip Poker

Strip Poker

It was a friendly game of poker with a couple guys from work. After a few drinks, the three of us got bored. Troy said, "Let’s play strip poker?" The liquor was talking when we all agreed. The first poker hand went my way, so Troy and Bob had to remove their shirts. They sat there bare chested. I got to admit they looked better without their shirts. I worked with them the last few months and never realized how nicely defined they were.

The next hand went Troy’s way, so Bob and I had to remove a piece of clothing. I took off a shirt and Bob took his pants off. He sat there with his boxers on. They were baggy and not really a good look.

I won the next hand and Troy took his pants off. Troy sat there with bikini briefs on. He looked good in them. I could see his pubes sticking out of the waistband. His cock looked semi-hard. Bob immediately took off his boxers, which surprised me since he had socks still on. He was semi hard, so Bob was really enjoying the game. His cock was nice. He was cut and had a nice bush of hair surrounding his cock. He had a nice pair of hairy balls.

Bob won the next hand, so I took off my pants and sat there with my briefs on. Troy reached down and removed his briefs. His cock sprang to full erection. Where Bob had a nice cock, Troy had a fantastic cock. It was thick, cut as well, with nice veins protruding along the shaft of his cock.

Bob saw Troy’s cock and immediately got aroused. I lost the next round and pulled down my briefs and we all three sat there with hardons. Troy said, "High card get to be sucked by the other two. OK?" We all agreed, and I won the hand. I stood up and said, "Get to it guys." Both Troy and Bob got on their knees and started licking my cock. It felt good. Troy then took my cock fully in his mouth while Bob licked my balls. Both of them were sporting full erections.

After a while, Troy had a different idea, he wanted to be fucked. My cock was all lubed from Troy sucking on it, so I was all ready. He bent over, doggy style, and let me enter his ass. Bob got in front of Troy and stuck his cock in his face. Troy immediately took the cock in his mouth. We pumped away in time with each other.

Troy stopped us both and wanted to lay on his back. He wanted us both to cum on his chest. I stated to fuck his ass until I was ready to cum. I pulled out and started spraying my load all over his chest. Troy was licking Bob’s balls, as Bob jerked off and added his cum to Troy’s chest.

While we were finishing milking our cocks of every last drop, Troy took his cock in his hand and masturbated until he came. Troy was literally covered with cum. All three of our loads were mixed together. I went and grabbed some towels.
Troy asked, "Who won?" I said, "It looks like a draw. We all won."

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