Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fluffer Sequel - Part 1

Fluffer Sequel

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2

As you all know I tend bar in one of the local gay bars most nights.  I make pretty good money but wanted out and had mentioned it to some of the customers.  One customer eventually came through and offered me a job.  I didn't know until the first day of work but I was going to start a new career as a fluffer.  For those of you who don't know a fluffer is someone who shall we say assist's an actor or model when they are having pictures taken in an aroused state, in plain English, with a hard on.  I was also a stand in once in a while. 

I had told the boss I didn't want to act but he used me as a stand in sometimes.  I wouldn't have my face in the camera but usually my ass was and it was getting fucked.  after the first day working for the guy I told him I would work on occasion and he agreed telling me to keep tending bar. 

After the first day I went to work the next night and the boss was there.  He asked me how I thought my first day went.  I told him it wasn't bad.  He said “Well I have to tell you a lot of the guys are already requesting you as their personal fluffer.  I told them it's not possible.  And don't forget what I said.  If you decide to act you can make a hell of a lot more money.”

Now being a bar tender in a gay bar you have to look good.  I worked out a couple of days a week and most times tended bar shirtless so you have to know I had a nice chest and arms.  I did have a little bit of a belly though but I still made decent tips.

I started to need big money again.  I had to move and needed another car within a couple of months.  I managed to get another car but now had a payment.  And it was a big one.  Then I was told my building was going coop in a year and I would have to either buy or move.  I chose to move.  It wasn't the best of buildings to begin with but this meant I needed money.

I talked to a friend and told him I needed to really tone up and build my body up and do it fast.  He wanted to know why and I told him.  I was a fluffer but was going to tell the guy I wanted to act.  He laughed and thought I was kidding.  Anyhow with him being a personal trainer for a living we sat down and made out a strict diet and exercise routine for me.  I worked out every day, one day cardio , one day weights, one day something else, and so it went 7 days a week 3-5 hours a day. 

I went to another friend of mine and told him I needed some manscaping.  I wanted him to make me over,   new haircut, facial hair cut, crotch, and my entire body.  He was in his glory.  He had wanted to do me over for a long time.  While all this was going on I worked more often as a fluffer too.  The boss noticed different little improvements from my work outs and mentioned it.  I just told him "Oh, been working out" and he said “That's nice.”

I went to my friend’s house one week end for my make over planning on spending the week end. We started with an entire new haircut with hi lites in my hair and then sculpting my beard.  When we went below the neck was when the real fun started.  My friend decided to wax my body to form my body hair the way he wanted.

I laid on a table on my stomach and he waxed my entire back hairless, then my legs and then even my entire ass.  When i rolled over he waxed almost all of my chest as well.  When he was done there was just a small tuft of body hair up around my pecs that led to a treasure trail down to my cock and balls only he didn't leave much hair above my cock and my cock and balls were completely naked.  I had to say it looked good when he was done but it was going to be a bitch to keep up.  I told him he did it just to keep seeing me naked to wax me and laughed.

after my make over I didn't get to work as a fluffer for a few weeks so my boss didn't see me but people at the bar made a lot of comments of how good I was starting to look.  I was developing a great 8 pack and my legs were getting very muscular.

I went to the warehouse where I worked as a fluffer finally one morning and when I walked in jaws dropped.  I was in tight shorts and a muscle tank and sneakers.  I had a great tan and had just finished my work out so I was real buff.  The boss walked over to me and started to feel me up.  He smiled and said “Man what a change.  Good enough to eat.”  I turned around and told him “Good because I need to start acting.”  He looked at me and questioned why.

I explained about needing money and he said “No problem.  We'll start right away.”  With that he led me over to one of the sets.  “Here's your first scene.  You’re going to be hanging out with your friend”, and with that a guy came around the wall and I recognized him as one of my regulars that I fluffed.  Anyhow I was going to be hanging out with him in an apartment scene and one thing was supposed to lead to another and I was supposed to eventually get fucked on the kitchen table.

The scene went great.  They filmed me from all angles and the guy who fucked me knew exactly how to fuck me to make me go crazy.  There was no need for fill-in background sex noise. I handled it all.  I was fucked on the kitchen table on my back, laying on my stomach holding onto the table and at one point standing with my legs spread holding onto the table.  The fucking scene took almost 2 hours. It was a record. 

We no sooner finished that and the boss come over to me and said he wanted me to shower and give someone head while I was in the shower.  It was another great scene.  This time though it ended up me and 2 other guys in a big gym type shower room scene.  We came in like we were just finishing a work out and started to wash each other.  One of the guys started to wash my back and soaped up my ass and crack real good.  He even mentioned how smooth my crack and hole was. 

In no time I was bent over and sucking the 3rd guys cock while the other guy was fucking me.  Then somehow I was on my back on the floor of the shower with my legs in the air and getting fucked while the other guy was sitting on my face and jerking me off.  All this going on while the water was flowing over our bodies making it very sensual.  In this scene they had me shoot my load and I surprised them at how much and how far I shoot.  I covered my chest and shot in the guy’s face who was sitting on mine.  It triggered his orgasm and he shot all over me too.  The scene ended with me getting a load partially up and partially on my ass.  When it was over then we really had to shower.

Friday, June 29, 2012




Part 3 of 3
Once all of the guys left my re-union party, I hung out a while longer in the pool.  I was really proud of myself.  After all of these years, I finally had the courage to come out to my high school friends.  The best part was that I did it by sucking them all off.  It was my special way of revealing that I am gay.

I was the only one at the party that didn't have a "happy finish".  I started to jerk off  when suddenly Chuck walked back into my backyard.

He looked really contrite.  "Hey, sorry I walked off before.  I thought I should come back and apologize for acting like an ass."

(Chuck was staring at my hard dick.)  "Too bad you left.  You missed out on a good time.  But, now that you're back, why don't you join me in the pool?  We really didn't have much time to talk earlier."

He jumped at the invitation and quickly began to strip.  He seemed almost too anxious.  Of all of my friends, Chuck had the handsomest face, the hottest body and an enormous dick.  When he removed his boxers, surprisingly, he had an erection.  He quickly dove into the water.
We talked for a bit while we were treading water, but I couldn't help but feel he seemed a little distracted.  Finally, I asked if anything was bothering him.

Chuck admitted, "Truth is, I left earlier because I couldn't stand to see you with Thad.  Guess I was jealous."

I laughed!  "Jealous?  Are you saying that you wanted me to suck your dick?"

"Um...not exactly.  I wanted to suck yours.  You see, you're not the only one who is gay.  I've had a crush on you for years.  I've just never known how to tell you.  Damn, you look shocked.   By the look on your face right this second, maybe I shouldn't have told you."

It took me a minute to process what Chuck just said.  I really didn't know how to respond, so I said nothing.  Instead, I just pulled him to me and we kissed.  It was a long passionate kiss with our naked bodies pressed against each other.
After several minutes, we climbed out of the pool and walked to one of the lounge chairs.  Chuck and I continued to make-out.  With his tongue in my mouth, we ground our bodies against each other.  I was afraid that I might cum too soon just from his touch.  We both were leaking pre-cum.
Chuck began to kiss and lick his way down my body inching his way to my crotch.  Unequivocally, it was the most awesome blow job of my young life.  My orgasm had an intensity that I had never felt before.   After a few minutes to recover, I returned the favor and was rewarded with my seventh load of cum for the day.

Chuck stayed the night with me.  We made love before bed and again in the morning.  He was my "date" for the school's reunion banquet.  When he finally had to drive out of town, I hoped it wouldn't be another five years till I would see him again.

Thursday, June 28, 2012




Part 2 of 3
You would have thought that we were all back in High School with all of the horseplay.  Guys were grabbing each other and throwing their friends in the water.  Once everyone was in the pool, there was a lot of splashing and dunking.  The guys were wrestling together with their naked bodies.

It was all meant to be just fun until my old friend Thad got an enormous erection.  I pulled him near the surface and began to suck his big dick right there in the water.

All of a sudden, our frivolity became something of a spectator event.  At first, the guys just stopped and looked at us from their positions in the water. Totally drunk as they were, I think a few of the guys under the water were feeling each other up or jerking off.    One by one, they climbed up out of the pool.  All of the guys just gathered together and  watched as I continued to go down on Thad.

I thought that this might not be going well, until they started to pair up and they got a little friendly with each other.  Hands were all over the place, feeling, exploring, orgy of exploration and discovery of the pleasures of male on male sexual gratification.  I knew that in the morning they would blame it on, "Gee, I don't remember anything!  God, I must have been really drunk yesterday!   Did I do anything stupid?"

The only wet blanket was Chuck.  He said, "This is too fucking weird!" as he snatched up his clothes and left.  I was disappointed, because of all of by buddies, Chuck is definitely the hottest.

I was glad that Thad got off very quickly.  I climbed out of the pool to join my other friends.  I dropped to my knees and asked, "Does anyone else want a blow job?"  My horny ex-teammates surrounded me and I had my choice of hard cocks.
I sucked them all, one at a time.   No one left my party unsatisfied!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012




Part 1 of 3

It had been five years since we received our diplomas at our all-boys school.  Some guys had joined the military; others had gone off to college and some just plain moved to somewhere else.  I received an invitation in the mail for a 5 year reunion.

I had just finished my first year of grad studies and was home to my parent's house for the Summer.  I had mixed emotions about this reunion.  High School had been a weird time for me.  I spent those four years deep in the "closet".  Only my best friend, Tim, knew I was gay.   He was primarily straight, but we fooled around a lot back in those days and a few times since then.  He loved when I would give him a "blow job".

I was curious about what some of my classmates looked like or what they were doing now, in particular, some of my teammates from our "Track and Field" team.  For a closeted gay kid, it had been both a torture and a pleasure every time we shared the locker room or showers after one of our field meets.  I would go home to my bedroom and fantasize about them.  Imagining what they would all look like with "hard-on".

When I got my reunion invite, I called Tim and suggested a private reunion with a few of our teammates at my parent's house.  Just co-incidentally, they had plans which left the run of the house to me for that weekend.  When I gave Tim my suggestions for a guest list, he laughed and said,  "I guess it shouldn't surprise me that your list is made up of the only good looking guys from our old team!"

Tim was absolutely right!  I only invited the HOT guys!  The ones who I thought might be either gay, curious, or very open-minded.   I didn't really give a shit anymore what people thought about my sexuality but I was trying to stack the deck in my favor.

It would be a small afternoon party of a half dozen guys.  There was a lot of chest-bumping, high fives and back slapping as my guests arrived mid-afternoon.  I directed everyone out to our pool area and started passing around the beers.  (Unlike in High School, we were all "legal" now and could under the law consume anything we wanted!)

Getting reacquainted, the guys finished off a trash can full of beer bottles.  All according to plan, the beer had its effect in the hot Summer sun.  When I suggested a dip in the pool, clothes started flying everywhere and my old teammates dove naked into the pool.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Would Never Leave Home

I Would Never Leave Home

A Story by Larry

     My pals and I were always together.  None of us had our own place so it was always at someone's parents’ house or the local gym.  We worked out a lot and all had great bodies.  Since we all worked out together it was nothing for us to see each other naked in the showers.  When in high school after gym class and as years went by at the gym after our work outs so we were very comfortable naked together.

   I was the first one of the group to get my own place.  It was small but nice.  just a bedroom and living room kitchen combination with a small bathroom  matter of fact the bathroom was so small I could stand at the sink and turn to the left and piss without even taking a step or turn to the right and in a half step take my shower  but at least it was mine.

    I loved having my own place.  I would get home from work and strip naked to relax.  I never wore clothes in the house.  My friends would come over and it was nothing for me to open the door naked to let them in.  Matter of fact it became routine for them too to come over and get naked.  We’d watch porn and have pizza and stuff and in general just hang out.

    One night we were sitting watching a porn movie and one of the guys said to everyone he had brought a new movie to watch later.  One of the other guys was doing his work out on the weight bench.  For some reason it was distracting me.  I couldn't stop staring at his cock and balls hanging over the end of the weight bench.  I forced myself to watch the TV instead.

    The movie we were watching ended and one of the guys asked me to spot him on the weight bench.  I got up and crossed the room and stood over his head to spot him.  He looked up and said "Damn man.  What’s all that precum on the end of your dick?  Is the movie getting to you or something?”  I laughed and said guess so.

    He did his set on the bench and then switched for me.  When I laid down he made comment of my hard on.  I laughed and told him watching his rippling muscles as he worked out got me all hot.  My buddy who brought the movie went and got it and put it in the DVD deck.  As usual it was a porn movie but this time it was gay porn.  We all forgot about working out and settled in to watch it.

    We weren't five minutes into the movie and one of the guys was jerking off and leaking pre cum.  Within 15 minutes we were all stroking ourselves.  Someone suggested a jerk off contest.  Who could cum first?  We all started jerking off fast and I came first.  I asked what was my prize joking and they said we'll figure out something later with a sly look in their eyes.  Each of the guys finished jerking off and when they came the next game they wanted to play was to see how long it took us all to get hard again.  One of the guys just couldn't do it being the last one to cum.

    Then the guys said now we know your prize.  Suck him off till he’s hard.  They grabbed me by the arms and forced me to my knees where he was sitting.  Someone grabbed the back of my head and forced it down on his cock.  It tasted good.  Surprisingly it didn't take much for me to start sucking him on my own.  I think this is when I realized I was gay.   I sucked him down furiously getting him hard and even getting him to cum in my mouth.  The cum tasted pretty good for someone who never sucked cock before.

    The guys started to laugh and tease and tell me ohhhh look at the faggot.  I let them.  Matter of fact when they quieted down I told them I enjoyed it and if they wanted head to line up I would do them all.  They all looked at me like I was nuts so I went over to one of the guys sitting on the couch and got down and took his half hard cock in my mouth.  He was in shock and trying to push my mouth off him.  I locked down on his cock that if he pushed my teeth would scrape his cock till he finally stopped trying to shove me away.   Then I started to suck him off and had him moaning in no time and cumming down my throat in a few minutes.  I did the entire group as proof I meant business.
    One of the guys got a tape measure. He wanted to know whose cock in the group was the longest and how far down my throat I had taken it.  Come to find out mine was the biggest.  They joked that I should suck myself off.  I told them if I could I would never leave home.  Well they kept up their kidding me so I sat down and stoked my cock and got it good and hard.  Then I leaned over and to my surprise could get the head of my cock and about another inch into my mouth.  I kept sucking myself like this and stoking my cock till a few minutes later I was shooting down my own throat.  I was in heaven but out of breath.

  I looked around at the guys and noticed they were all sitting there watching me with this evil grin on their face.  I just looked at them and said I guess you guys are going to have to pay the rent if you want a place to hang out from now on because since I can suck myself off I’m never leaving the house again and we all laughed.

    Only thing was now whenever the guys came over they expected at least one blow job before they left. It was getting tiresome for me and boring.  I needed to find something new and exciting.  I decided to try something different.  I bought some toys, a butt plug, a dildo, a cock ring, a ball stretcher and a few other things.
    When the guys came over the next week end I told them if we were to continue I wanted to try some other things.  One of the guys said as long as I get my rocks off I don't care.  I walked over to him and said good as I pushed him down on the couch.  He had already stripped as usual so I started to suck his cock.  When he leaned his head back and closed his eyes like he liked to do i took a prelubed dildo out from under the couch and shoved it up his ass.  one of the other guys say what i was doing and held him down when i shoved it in and i fucked him with it while I sucked him off.  when he shot i pulled it out and let his cock fall out of my mouth.

    I turned to the group and told them, “Now this is what I mean by different.  We’re all going to explore the world of gay sex or you’re not hanging here anymore.  I’ve realized I like men and to suck cock and that's what I want to do.  Anyone not in leave now but for me I’m going to suck my cock if anyone wants to watch and then we can play from there.”  I sat down, bent over, took my cock in my own mouth and sucked myself till I shot down my own throat.  Matter of fact I had been practicing so much and got so limber from bending over to do it that I could now suck at least 3 inches in my mouth.  For those of you who can't suck yourselves off you don't know what you’re missing.   

Monday, June 25, 2012

Computer Geek - Part 2

Computer Geek

Story by Jay
Part 2 of 2
Brad was in his room waiting for me.  He said, “I think I have the same problem as the server.”  He was standing near his desk naked.  His cock was pointing to his computer.  I climbed back on the floor and smiled at Brad.  He smiled back and stood over me. 

I decided to fix his computer problem first and then fix his cock problem.  I started to check all the cables and I would glance up at Brad every so often.  My cock was growing harder every time I looked at Brad. 

I found a cable that was cut, much like the cable in the server.  It was an easy fix.  I replaced the cable and  told Brad it was all good now.  He reached down to help me up.  He pulled harder than I expected and we landed on his bed with me laying on top of him.

I gazed into his eyes.  His lips kissed mine, gently at first, then with more passion.  I reached down to his rock hard cock and started to stroke it.  My mouth left his lips and I started kissing him as I traveled down to his cock.  Precum was leaking from the tip of his cock.  I licked it clean and then took his cock deep into my mouth. 

He wrapped his legs around me and held me in place.  I was not going anywhere.   Brad was horny and needed release and I provided it.  In no time, he came.  I swallowed and licked the remaining drops of cum off of his cock. 

I did not notice who else was in the room.  Soon I was surrounded by naked guys.  They all had large hard cocks in their hands.  They undressed me and made a circle around me.  They started to chant, “Fix my computer next.”  I started to lick each guy’s balls, one after the other. 

I heard Tony voice next.  “Ok guys, back to your rooms.”  They left one by one.  Even Brad disappeared.  It was just Tony and I.  He was still naked with a rock hard cock.  “Sorry, I did not want them to gang up on you.”  I answered, “No harm done.”  He grabbed my hand and took me to his room.  He asked me to check his computer.  I laid down naked.   I found the same cut cable.  As I fixed it, I felt a warm mouth surrounding my cock.  I went from limp to erect in no time.  Seeing all the cock and attention I received, got me super horny.  I felt myself cumming.
As I finished fixing the computer, Tony went and brought back my clothes.  He paid me for the work that I did.  He asked, “If you are ok with the job, then it is yours?”  I said “Definetly.”     

As I left the fraternity, I looked back and a couple guys waving out the window.  They were naked. 

I thought to myself, “I am going to like this job.”

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Computer Geek - Part 1

Computer Geek

Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2

I am the best computer geek that you can find on the university campus.  But my funding from home was cut short once my parents found themselves without a job.  I needed money.  I checked the bulletin board in the student union building. There was nothing posted

I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote “Looking for a Job – Computer Specialist in Everything”.  I kept it short and sweet. My phone rang a few hours later.  It was one of the fraternities on campus..  They were looking for a computer specialist.  They wanted a ‘Jack of all Trades’.  I did not recognize the name of the fraternity and did a computer search and found nothing. 

I went to the address.  The guy who answered the door said they were a new fraternity.  His name was Tony.  The fraternity needed someone to maintain their computer system, and they paid well.  I took it and said “When do you want me to start?”  He grabbed my hand and said “Now.”

He led me to the room with their computer servers and all the connections. He told me something was wrong with the cable connections.  I climbed under the table and laid on my back and started to check all the connections.  I finally found a cable that was cut.  I yelled “I found it.”  The guy who answered the door stood over me.  He said “Good job.”  I noticed his legs were naked.  They were nice and muscular.  I moved out from under the table and saw that he was totally naked.  His cock and balls were within my reach. 

I touched his legs and he did not move away.  His cock twitched and grew harder before my eyes.  I moved my hand upwards, running my fingers over his thigh and stopped right at his balls.  He seemed to move closer so I reach upward and lightly ran my fingers along the hairs on his balls. 

I heard him gasps for air.   I replaced my hand with my tongue.  I licked his balls and then took one ball into my mouth.  He moaned once again.  I went and took both balls into my mouth.  I gently sucked on his balls.  
I placed my hand around his cock and held it tight.  I got up on my knees and knelt in front of him just inches from his cock.  I licked the tip of his cock and then placed his cockhead in my mouth.  His hands were placed on top of my head.  He gently pushed and I started to suck on his cock.   

He moaned as I took his cock deep into my mouth.  His thrusts of his hips increased and he tighten his grip on my head.  He removed his cock at one point to keep from cumming.  He rubbed his cock on my face and then reinserted his cock in my mouth.  As he got closer to cumming, he tensed his body and then he shot his load.

I swallowed as quickly as I could to handle his load.  A few drops of cum seeped out from between my lips.  I sat back on the floor to catch my breath.  I wiped the remaining drops of cum from my face.  He repeated “Good job.”  I told him I would replace the cable and wanted to know if there was anything else he wanted done.

“Can you check on Brad’s computer?  His room is right next door.”   I answered, “No problem.”   

For obvious reasons, I felt I was going to enjoy this job.     

Saturday, June 23, 2012




I'm not sure if everyone understands the University or College experience.  First year students are required to live on-campus.   That mean's "Dorm Life"!   (It's just another way that the schools have to rape students and their families of money!)   A student doesn't even have a choice of roommates.   It is chosen randomly by some computer.

I ended up with "James",  a non-descript computer geek!  Despite his pasty white complexion and flabby body, he had a girlfriend also on the campus.  Sharon wasn't anything to brag about,  neither was his best friend, "Bobby".   They were a bunch of "Trekkies"  who spent way too many hours with their "Game Boys". 

Halfway through the first semester, James surprised me and said, "I've got an extra concert ticket for "The Madonna and Kylie Minaj Tour Show" in Springfield this weekend, do you want to go?  Sharron isn't up for it.   It would just be the two of us with Bobby and his roommate, Jayson.  We can take my car and drive over in the afternoon, then drive back that night."

Despite the fact that I would be stuck in his little car, with three people I had very little in common with, on a road trip 80 miles in each direction, I found myself agreeing to go.  Hey!  It was Madonna and Kylie!  Of Fucking course, I wanted to go!!!"

On the highway heading to Springfield, James and Bobby sat in the front and chatted away about crap I didn't understand or even care about.  I was relegated to the back seat with Jayson.  We had never met before.  He actually was a cute looking guy, but extremely shy and quiet.  I did my best to engage him in conversation.  It didn't seem to work much.

The concert actually was really great and I was glad I went!.  Back in the car, it was the same seating arrangement on the drive home.  James and Bobby were in animated conversation in the front seat.  Even though it was close quarters in James' compact car, Jayson got in and sat really close to me.

Just minutes out on the Interstate Highway, in the very dim light of the back seat, I was shocked to notice that Jayson was playing with his cock.  He had unzipped and pulled it out of his jeans.  It was fully erect!   James and Bobby were completely oblivious to what was happening in the back seat.

I looked at his face and he smiled at me, as he brought one finger to his mouth, as if to say, shhh!

While he continued to stroke himself with his right hand, he reached over and began to dig in my crotch with his left.  He maneuvered past my zipper and pulled out my dick.  By this point, I was just as hard as him!  As he stroked me, something in me, compelled me to return the favor.

James drove along, chatting with Bobby, while Jayson and I slowly jerked each other in the darkness of the back seat.  We were teasing and edging each other.

Halfway home,  Bobby began to complain that he really needed to pee!  At the next highway rest stop, James pulled off of the road.  They left us sitting in the back seat as they headed off to the men's room.  Almost immediately, Jayson bent over and began sucking my dick.  DAMN! It felt fucking good!

I didn't want it to stop but it had to, when our roomies headed back to the car.  Jayson and I continued to play with each other until we reached the lights of the edge of town.

Fortunately, James and Bobby decided that they were now hungry.  They spent the last five miles of our trip drooling over the prospect of burgers and fries at a 24-hour greasy-spoon joint, just off-campus.  I was hungry too, but what I wanted was Jayson's "sausage" and I wanted to feed him my "big plumped hot dog"!  

We were left off at the male student dorm as they rode off to stuff their faces.  They were completely oblivious that we raced to my room, tore off our clothes and devoured each other.

Forget all about first impressions, there was NOTHING either "shy or quiet" about Jayson!   The best lesson I learned in college was:  "NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER!"  

Friday, June 22, 2012



Story by Larry

I just got a new job.  I was tired of working nights tending bar and had been looking for a while.  I happened to mention it to a few of the customers and one said he could give me a job if I was up for it.  I asked him what the hours were and what it would entail.  He told me not to give up tending bar till I had come to his office and auditioned.  I told him I don't want to act and he said not to worry.

We worked it out that I would meet him at his office on the day of my night off.  He told me to be there at 9am sharp.  That he locked the door at 9:30.  Anyone late lost a day’s pay.  I didn't think anything of it.  I got there at 9:05 and he showed me in and had me sit in a big room with bunch of chairs and stuff.  It was almost just like a waiting room.  Guys filtered in here and then they went through another door.

9:30 came and he locked the door and then he turned to me and said “Come on.  Let’s get you started.”  We walked through the door and there was a bunch of different acting sets set up next to each other.  Some camera men and lighting people were milling around.  I told him again I didn't want to act.  I didn't think I could.  He told me “You'll be assisting the actors.”  Oh was all I said.

We walked behind the sets and there was another group of guys sitting in front of mirrors putting on different make up and costumes.  We walked over to one of them and he introduced me to James.  “James” he said, “is our first scene for the day.  Here’s what you will be doing.”  With that James stood up and dropped the robe he had on.  “Oil his body up and get his cock hard.  Do whatever you need but I need his cock hard for the first scene but don't make him cum.”

I figured what the hell I will use a little oil and jerk him off.  I had jerked my brother off as a kid.  I took the oil and started at his neck and worked my way all the way to his ankles.  I kept playing with his cock but it wouldn't get hard.  He looked down at me and said “I always need to be fluffed.”  I stood and questioned fluffed.  “What is fluffed?”  The guy put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me to my knees and then said.  “Suck my dick.  That’s fluffing.  Suck my dick and get me hard.”  I was going to get up and walk away but he held my shoulders tight and pushed his cock to my lips. 

Instinctively I opened my mouth and he stuck his cock in.  “MMMMMMMMMMMMM. “ I thought.  “Tastes good.”  I took my one hand and started to play with him as I sucked his cock.  He was hard in no time. I followed him to the set and John the boss said “Good.  Stay here in case we need you.” 

James went onto the set where a guy was laying naked on a bed.  John told him “Ok just lean over and kiss him then get on the bed and lay on top of him, slide your cock in him and fuck him but I don't want you to cum in his ass I want you to pull out and shoot all over his hole so it runs down his ass crack.”  James kissed the guy on the bed but had gone soft enough that he couldn't get his cock in the guy’s ass.  John told me “Go lay on the bed and let him fuck your mouth.  When he's hard move out of the way and we'll start the camera with him entering his ass.” 

I laid on the bed and James fucked my face for a minute and got rock hard.  I liked the taste of his pre cum.  I moved out of the way and he looked at John and said “Ready?”  John told him “When you are.”  So he slapped the guys ass and then put his cock to the guy’s hole and shoved.  He entered the guy rough and the guy put on a great show.  I was getting hard and leaking myself from watching.  James fucked him and came on his ass like john said.  Then they guy went and showered.

I turned to John and asked “Is this what I will do all day.  He said “That and whatever else we need.  If we need a stand in you can do that too.”  I asked him what he meant and he said not to worry about it.  The next actor was nick.  I just had to help him get into his leather harness and cock ring and stuff and off he went to do his scene.

John called me a few minutes later.  I went out to the sets and he looked at me.  “Turn and drop your pants.”  I started to say something and he said “Come on man just do it.”  When I did he said to the camera man, “See I told you better than that one.”  Ii turned around and he said “Take your clothes off and wait.”  I stood there self-conscious of being naked in front of everyone.  2 guys were going at it on a blanket in a stage setting like a park. 

John yelled cut and told the one guy to come off the set, turned to me and said “Go over there and get on all 4's facing away from the camera.”  When I did the other guy came up in front of me facing the camera and when john yelled action he shoved his cock in my mouth.  I instinctively started to suck and jerk him off.  He reached over and slapped my ass and then started to finger my hole.  I moaned.

John from the sidelines told the other guy ok that's enough head.  With that the guy pulled his cock out of my mouth and moved in behind me.  He half knelt behind me and started to shove his spit lubed cock in my hole.  I don't usually get fucked so I was tight.  He put his hands on my shoulders and told me to relax.  The head of his cock popped into my ass and I arched my back and my head went back and I just moaned out loud half pleasure half pain.

Whatever the guy’s name was he just kept sliding into me till I could feel his pubes on my ass.   Then he turned around and looked at John.  “How you want this?  Fast and furious or slow and lazy?”   John told him to alternate.  With that the guy started to fuck me slow. He picked up speed and soon was like a locomotive in my ass.  I was panting and sweating and wondering how I had gotten into this.  My ass was filled with strange cock and in less than 2 hours had sucked 2-3 different cocks and was getting fucked.  Not that it was much different than a night at the baths except for the fucking.  I started to get used to the cock in my ass and was getting into a rhythm when the guy slowed down.  Seconds later he sped up and got rough.  He was slamming my ass so hard with his cock and slapping it with his hand I almost fell to the floor.

Without ceremony he pulled his cock out of my ass and shot all over my back.  I could not believe how much cum he shot on me.  John told the camera guy “I want close ups.”   with that there was a guy next to us with a camera almost in my ass and taking pics and video of his cock which he had put back inside me being pulled back out and then the cum all over me.

When he was done John told me to go wash up and get ready for scene 3.  I jumped in and out of the shower and went back to the dressing area.  This time John told me to sit and relax. This couple didn't need any help.  The first guy I fluffed came over and laughed and said “I really don't need any help either it’s just that I like head more than anything else.”

After scene 3 Johns came over and told me he was finished for the day.  He wanted to know what I thought of the work and if I was interested.  I said I wasn't sure.  He told me to get dressed and think about it.  Then he reached in his pocket and said “Oh here’s your pay for today.”  I almost died.  It was $1000 for one day of sucking a few cocks and getting fucked.  I didn't bother getting dressed but walked over to John and asked what time tomorrow?   Considering I needed money I told John I would work for him but wasn't giving up tending bar.  He said “Fine.  Be here 9 am on the days you can and you got a job.  Oh”  he said, “and if you want to act it pays more.  You did a great fuck stand in.”

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jeff and Dave - Part 4


Dave get's the last word!

Geez, what was going on here?  Everything was happening so rapidly that I didn't have time to object.  Actually, I didn't want to.  I couldn't explain why I was attracted to Jeff or why I kissed him.  I had felt like he was flirting with me ever since we met out on my lawn.   So far, we were just a couple of guys 'fooling around" together. 

Maybe I was just plain horny and needed some affection.  I never thought it would come from a guy, but I guess Jeff came along at the right time.  I was feeling lonely since the divorce and he was filling a void in my life.  Most of all, it was stroking my ego since Jeff was half my age.

All I knew for sure was that he had his 21 year old lips wrapped around my 42 year old cock, and it felt fantastic.  This dude really knew how to suck a dick!  I stretched out on my bed, relaxed and enjoyed it. 

When I started to get close, Jeff stopped to give me a break.  He shifted his position on the bed which put his dick just inches from my face.  I reached out and wrapped my hands around it. It just seemed like the right thing to do.  When he started to suck me again, I decided to give it a try.  It definitely was a unique first time experience, but I didn't hate doing it.  I just never thought I would suck a dick.

Jeff finished me off and swallowed my cum.  Sensing that I wasn't ready to do that, he pulled out and jerked his dick till he came on my chest.

Jeff began hanging out at my house during the next few weeks and each time we had sex.  I even fucked him a few times which was just as great as I remembered. 

Eventually, I hired him to give me a hand around the house and to help out with my remodeling projects.  He moved into the house and became my "live-in male whore/gay lover".  We shared my bed each night and each other.

My mid-life crisis was over.  I no longer missed my wife or being married.  I'm just sorry that it took so many years to discover total sexual gratification.  The only surprise was that it came from a hot young man.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jeff and Dave - Part 3




Dave had stripped down just for a swim, but when he saw Jeff with a hard-on at the pool, he just paused and watched from the shadows.  He thought:   What is it about this guy?  It's been over twenty years since I fucked around and did some gay stuff with a dude.  There was something about Jeff that revived some desires in me that I hadn't felt in years.  Thank God, at least he is 'Of Age' and no one could ever accuse me of being a pedophile!

Jeff didn't make it easy on Dave by strutting around and showing off his big erection and his cute little ass.  Jeff emerged from the pool and drug Dave outside.   Once in the water, they were just two naked guys hanging out together.    

Dave said, "Great job on the lawn and the pool!  This really saves me some work, so thanks!"

As he inched closer to Dave, Jeff responded, "Actually, it looks like you could use a lot of help around here.  Fixing up the place, some paint, washing all of your dirty windows.    I cook, I clean, I do laundry and I think you should hire me as your new 'house-boy'.  I really could use a job.   Besides, I really need to get away from Mom and Stan.  I need a job with 'room and board' to escape from them".  "

"Gee, I don't know.  I never thought about getting a "personal assistant" or a live-in house-boy.   Maybe, I should....   I guess, I should ask if you have any special qualifications or experience."

Jeff was close enough now that he reached out and grabbed Dave's dick.  "Probably the best thing that is not on my resume is that I give great massages, blow jobs and I love to take it up my ass!"

Dave was shocked that Jeff would be so frank.  He just stood there and allowed Jeff to play with his growing dick.  After a minute, he found himself reaching out to touch Jeff.  While stroking each other, their eyes met and there was a strange connection between the two of them

Their faces were now just inches apart.  Dave surprised himself and planted his lips on young Jeff's mouth.  Dave had never kissed another guy before or even wanted to.  He was just caught up in the moment and it seemed appropriate.   That simple kiss led to passionate making out.  It became an open mouthed make-out session.   Kissing a guy like that was a first for Dave, but he really got into doing it and didn't want it to ever stop.

Dave's wife hadn't shown anything close to this kind of passion in the last several years of their marriage.  Jeff had his body pressed against Dave's and was now writhing against him. 

They paused only long enough to go inside to Dave's bedroom to dry off.   Again. Dave had thoughts of:  What the fuck am I doing?  This is a dude, not a chick! 

With Dave having reservations about this whole situation, Jeff dropped to his knees and started to suck his dick.  Memories floated back to him of that day many years ago in a dorm room.  His roomie had sucked him just enough to get him hard so that Dave could put his erect dick up that boy's ass. 

At the time, Dave had regretted that he never experienced having a try at sucking his friend's dick.  Dave had a long-lost memory of wondering what it would be like to have a cock in his mouth.