Sunday, June 30, 2013

Going It Alone - Part 2



Brian isn't always the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he got the point! He listened on the phone as Danny was very vocal while shooting his load! (ahhhhh! Oh my God! I'm cumming! ooohhh! oh, shit! AAHHHHH!)

He waited a few minutes til Danny came back on the phone to say: "I can't figure out if this was a good time or a bad time to call! Wow! That was really hot to listen to! Now I know why you didn't meet me to do the mall today."

Danny said, "Oh, fuck, I forgot all about that!" He proceeded to explain to Brian how important it was for him to have this day alone for just him. "For the first time ever, I don't have a brother, dorm mate, frat brother, or a renter to deal with. Fred moved out yesterday. I am having a day alone, by myself! I don't have to worry about anyone else. I woke up naked and I still am!"

After a very long pause, Brian said, "Dude! This is all really strange! In the two years we have been best friends, I have never even ever seen you naked. Yet, a few minutes ago, I listened to you jerking your dick. I got to say, that was strange,.... but really sexy!"

Danny laughed, "I really enjoyed it too! After two years, why haven't we had sex? Not seen me naked? I just took some naked pictures of myself on my phone. I will send you some! I gotta go clean up. Call me back in about 15 minutes."

Brian replyed, "Hey wait a minute! Forget the pictures, I'm coming over! I want to see you in person. I'm not sure either why we have never had sex, but we can rectify that tonight! I'm just a few blocks away, I can be there in minutes. Wait for me and we will shower together!"

Danny really just wanted to have this day to himself, but he didn't have a chance to object. Brian had hung up and wasn't answering his phone. He had no choice, but to wait for Brian to appear at his door.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Going It Alone - Part 1



(Note: I wrote this story, but it's from an idea that my friend Danny gave to me. I think he will be pleasantly surprised to see that I am sharing "authoring" credits with him.)

For the first 24 years of his life, Danny had always lived with someone. Growing up, he shared a bedroom with his younger brother. The first year of college, he had a roommate in the dorm. The next three years was shear chaos because of the two dozen guys living in the frat house. After graduating, he took on a roommate for two years to help pay the expenses of a rental home.

Picking up a trick or making a connection with a guy, it always had to be at their place. He never felt comfortable to bring a man into his space.

When "Fred" got a job transfer to another town, Danny suddenly found himself alone. As a gay man who had always shared his space with straight guys, it was a new experience to finally have some privacy.


Immediately, he discovered that living alone wasn't a bad thing! That first morning, he laid in his bed listening to the silence. Then a realization hit him: for the first time since he had gone through puberty at 13, he wouldn't have to bundle up in a bulky bathrobe to hide his morning erection.

Danny sprang out of bed and with his hard cock leading the way, he walked to the kitchen to fix his morning coffee. It felt a little strange, but It was a liberating experience!

Since it was a Saturday and he had no plans to go out, he decided to just stay naked all day! For Danny, it was a new, fun thing to do.

He openly played with his dick, edging himself through two cups of coffee. He allowed himself to go soft, but stroked himself again when he showered. He backed off each time he felt himself getting close.

Danny admired himself in the mirror as he dried off. Damn! I look pretty good for someone who never bothers to work-out anymore. Let me get my I-phone and get some pictures. There's a few ex-boyfriends who dumped me that I can send them to. Maybe with a nice text message that says, "Eat your heart out! This is what you walked away from!"

Danny was fairly happy with the photos, but thought they could be even better. After studying them for several minutes, he came to a conclusion. Maybe I should trim my pubes! I've heard that some men do that to make their dicks look much larger.

Danny pulled out his cuticle scissors, a comb, disposable razors and shaving cream. In front of that mirror, he went to work to do a little manscaping. For a first effort, it turned out okay! He was satisfied because his dick now looked enormous! He took another new dozen pictures on his phone.

There wasn't any rush. He decided to wait to text these guys, except one to Christopher. He was the single person who had screwed Danny, both literally and figuratively. (That's an entirely different story that Danny wanted to forget!)

After digressing for too long, Danny had to tackle some household chores. He actually almost forgot that he was still nude as he moped the floors, and did three loads of laundry. Then it dawned on him. All of these chores can wait for another day. This is my day to celebrate my independence! Finally, I can do anything I want without having to worry about what someone will see or think about me!

He sat in front of his computer, stroking himself to yet another erection, while watching some on-line porn. He was close to erupting in a frenzied orgasm, when his cell-phone rang! The caller-ID indicated it was a call from his best buddy (Brian).

Danny answered the persistant ringing from his I-phone! "Fuck, Brian! You're are calling at the absolute worst time ever!!!"

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Uncool Club - Part 2

The Uncool Club

Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2

 Word got around that we were members of the Uncool Club.  We got phone calls from guys wanting to join but we did not know if we wanted to allow anyone new.  But then we realized they were just like us, so we decided to interview potential members.

Andy was our most persistent candidate.  He was the first one to call and he called almost every hour until we allowed him to audition.  He was eager to join. 

When he arrived, he was nervous.  We told him we just wanted to see if he fit in with us.  He said “I am a virgin.”  That did not surprise us since neither Brad nor I had much experience.  In fact it was my first time with Brad.  So we looked at each other and said “You are in.”

He was elated.  Before he knew it, he took off his clothes and said down holding his large uncut cock in his hand.  It was my first uncut cock I had saw especially since it was erect. I asked “Can I touch it?”       

Andy said yes and I wrapped my hand around his cock and pulled the foreskin down revealing his cockhead and then I pulled it up to cover his cockhead.  It only took a couple strokes and Andy shot his load.  He was apologetic but we told him that was ok.

He asked to see our cocks.  Both of us were circumcised and Andy enjoyed inspecting them both.  Finally Brad said “Enough already suck them.”  Andy held them both in each hand and alternated sucking each one.  For a virgin, he was a naturally cock sucker.  He had me so close to cumming that I could not hold it anymore and I told him I was ready to cum.

Andy put a lip lock on my cock and no cum escaped his mouth.  Then it was Brad’s turn.  Andy said “Shoot your load all over my face.”  Brad took his cock back from Andy and started to stroke it until he came and shot streams after stream of cum to cover Andy’s face. 

Andy used his hand to scoop up the cum and ate it.  He was now a member of ‘The Uncool Club’.

Our quest for new members did not end with Andy.  The Uncool Club became very popular.  Brad and I are enjoying being uncool with all our uncool members.     

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Uncool Club - Part 1

The Uncool Club

Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2

We were not in the ‘cool’ group or even considered the ‘hot’ guys.  We were called chunky, or chubs.  Sometimes I think the guys in the ‘cool’ group would not let me suck their dicks even if I was the only one available.  You had to have a six pack and the only six pack I had was a six pack of beer. 

That is where I met Brad.  I ran into him at the liquor store.  He was buying some beer for the weekend.  I was doing the same.  We did the usually small talk but neither one of us was very talkative.  On the way out to our cars, Brad asked if I wanted to stop at his place and drink our beer.  I must have sounded real eager since I said “Yes” jumped into my car and said “I will follow you.”

He did not live too far from the liquor store.  It was an older building and his furnishings were move functional than beings in style.  He had a couch and some cushions on the floor.  I sat on the cushions and found them to be comfortable.   

His apartment was hot, even with the windows open.  We drank quite a few beers.  With every new beer we drank, we started to strip down to try and cool off.  Brad stripped down to his underwear.  They were tight white briefs.  I could see that his cock was hard.  It pressed against the worn material.  He drank beer until he passed out. 

I wanted to see what his cock looked like so I went over to the sofa and tugged at his briefs to remove them.  I could not get them to move, they were so tight.  Brad woke up and saw that I was trying to get his briefs off and he tugged at them and out popped his cock as he pushed his briefs down and off his body.

He had a nice looking cock.  I stared at it and followed the veins that ran the length of his shaft.  His cockhead was nice and big.  Brad finally said “You just going to stare at it or what?”  I took it in my mouth and started to suck.  The more I took his cock deep in his mouth, the more Brad would moan.

I took off my jeans and stroked my cock as I sucked his cock.  We were both real horny and came rather quickly.  I was not ready and cum flowed out of my mouth as I tried to swallow as much as I could.

I felt myself get ready to cum and I leaned back and let my cum hit my chest.  Brad watch in awe.  “Next time it is my turn to suck you

My cock got hard just thinking of getting a blow job from Brad.  “Go for it” I said.  Brad dropped to the floor and we ended up in a 69 position.  His mouth felt great on my cock.  I enjoyed his sucking for a few minutes then I started to suck on his cock.  I blew a load so quick that it surprised Brad.  He swallowed as quickly as I filled his mouth.

 He sat up and told me to lick his balls while he masturbated.  It wasn’t long that he unloaded his cum on my chest.

From that day on, we decided to call ourselves ‘The Uncool Club’.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Bartender - Part 2

The Bartender

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2
Suddenly there was a knock on the door.  The voice on the other side asked if he was ok.  “Yeah I’m fine” he said.  “I just stubbed my toe, but it is nothing to worry about so go back to sleep.”  They said “Goodnight” and you could hear them walk away.  I didn't miss a stroke the entire time.  When it was quiet again I asked Danny if he really wanted my cock.  He looked at me and said just try and get that cock out of my ass.  I felt his muscles clamp down on me and he reached around and grabbed me by the ass pulling me into him.

I looked down into his eyes again and said “Ok bitch you asked for it” and slammed into him and kept slamming into him.  All you could hear was my crotch slapping his ass and I felt my balls swinging and slapping him too.  I fucked him like a runaway freight train.  Sweat was pouring all over me and him making it hard to keep balance but there was no way I was pulling out now till I dumped my load.
Danny could tell when I was getting ready by the way I was breathing and the look on my face and started to tell me to give it to him.  He wanted me to fill his ass with my load.  He wanted me to cum and cum soon but not so I could stop fucking him he wanted to feel my cock as it pumped my load into him.  I started to shoot and instead of just ramming in and hold my cock in so I could shoot I kept pumping.  I was not only shooting inside him I was using my own cock to push it further into his ass. 
I have this incredible ability to stay hard after I cum as Danny found out.  I just kept fucking him.  He looked up at me and said “Wait a minute you came.  I know you came I could feel it.  How are you still hard?”  I asked him if he was complaining and he said “Yes.  You’re not fucking me as hard as before.” I laughed and said “Well that could be arranged.”  With that I pulled out but flipped him over and pulled his hips so he was on his knees and rammed back into him.  “I’m gonna fuck you and give you so much cum you’re gonna be burping my load for a month.  Is that what you want?  You want to burp my load.  Too bad, if you don't, because I’m gonna fill you with my load.  You’re not going to swallow a drop either.  I’m gonna pump it all in you through your ass.
With that I felt my balls churning and told him “Get ready for load number 2” and then shot.  He was biting the pillow by this time and clawing at the sheets.  After I came I pulled out because I was starting to go soft.  I flipped him over again and sat on his chest and told him “Suck me hard again.  I want to give you another load.”  He gobbled my cock and cleaned it off real nice and by the time he was done I was hard again.  I flipped him over onto a pillow and with his ass in the air rammed into him and just started pumping away.
“I think 3 loads will do you for tonight” I told him.  He was groaning and grunting and actually started to ask me to pull out that his ass couldn't take much more.  “Fuck you” I told him.  Then I said "Oh that's right that's what I’m doing".  I laughed and started to fuck him harder and faster.  It didn't take me long to cum a 3rd time and then I knew that would be it for a while.  I pulled out and rolled him over.  Well now how's that taste.  Clean my cock again I told him.  This time I stood on the bed and Danny sat up and swallowed me and quickly cleaned me off.  His ass was already leaking cum all over the bed.

Once he was done I got off the bed and pulled on my clothes and looked at Danny.  “Are you working tomorrow night?”  He shook his head yes.  “Good I’ll see you then.  Maybe we can go for round 2. 
That night I went to the bar and as soon as I walked into the door the door man went hysterical.  I asked what was so funny.  “That’s easy.  Look at Danny.”  When I looked at the bar he was walking very gingerly and kept reaching behind him like he was feeling his ass.  The door man asked me “What did you do to him?” 
“Nothing” I said.  “Nothing but fucked him silly for a few hours, and gave him 3 loads in his ass.” 
“You’re kidding” the door man said.  “Nope.”  I told him he was going to be burping my load for a month.  Maybe I’ll go over and find out if he is.  I walked to the bar and said hello.  He was wearing jean shorts and suspenders that was it, no underwear, no shirt.  I grabbed him by the suspenders and said “Nice.  That is making it easy for me to fuck you later.”
He smiled.  “I was hoping you would say that.  I think I need a few more loads if I’m going to be burping for a month.  We both laughed and then kissed.  That night I gave Danny a repeat performance of the night before.  I fucked him so hard he swore his ass was going to be black and blue but he loved it.  So did I.  So much so it was a repeat almost every weekend for some time.  Occasionally I let him fuck me too.  But not often and we started fucking at my place so we didn't have to worry about making noise either.  Life is grand.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Bartender - Part 1

The Bartender

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2

22 years old, out on my own, built like I don't know how to describe except hot and hung like a fucking horse and I wasn't happy.  I’m in the same job I was in in high school.  I’ve gotten a few promotions and raises so I was making a decent paycheck but still not happy.  I had a nice car, nice apartment and still not happy.  There was just something missing in my life.
I went out one Friday night to this little hole in the wall club I always went to when I wanted to fuck my brains out.  I never had a problem finding a nice ass to bury my cock in and I thought that this would cheer me up.  The door man knew me and pointed out a few prospective newbies. 
One caught my eye but he was behind the bar.  I talked to the door man for a while and kept watching the guy behind the bar.  The more I watched the harder my cock got.  Even the door man noticed and told me better get some ice for that cock or you’re gonna tear right through those pants.  I laughed and went and got a drink.
I found out the new guy was the new bartender and his name was Danny. He was hired from the guest bartender night they have once a month.  He had brought in more money in one night than the last 3 guest bartenders did and got a lot of inquiries about if he was becoming permanent.  We talked most of the night while I drank.
I couldn't help but tell him he was hot as hell.  After all he was just 21, same age as me.   He was wearing work boots and shorts short enough to show everything and trust me they did.  He had to keep tucking his cock back up into the pants leg if you wanted to call it that and they only came high enough over his cock to half cover his pubic hair. 
He had the cutest little alligator tattoo on his left hip too.  His abs were tight as hell developed into an 8 pack and his pec's stood out with his nipples seeming to balance on the ends.  His nipple rings actually dangled in midair from them.  His face was indescribably handsome.  Just the right amount of scruff, deep blue eyes, long black eye lashes and black hair cut just right to enhance everything.
When I went to leave Danny was outside just standing around talking with a few people.  I got in my car and was about to leave when I noticed he was walking down the street.  I pulled over when I got next to him and asked if he needed a ride.  He said he only lived a few blocks but I insisted.
He got in the car and sure enough out popped his cock head again.  This time he didn't bother to tuck it back in.  When we got to his place he offered me a beer and said it was such a hot night if I wanted we could go for a swim too that there was a pool out back.  I shut the car off and said sure.  “Sounds fine.” 
We walked into and through the house getting a few beers on our way to the pool.  Once on the back patio he dropped his shorts and said I hope you don't mind but I like to skinny dip.  I sure didn't mind.  His cock wasn't as long or as thick as mine but his ass was nice and round with no tan line. It was a perfect bubble butt.  I love bubble butts.
He dove in and I followed right behind.  We swam back and forth and dunked each other and horsed around in the pool for a while. I even got on the diving board and did a few fancy dives.  Danny floated in the pool watching and distracted me with his big cock just flopping all over his abs.  Finally I dove in and swam to him and said if you’re not going to control that thing give it to someone who's willing to try.
He swam to the side of the pool and jumped out and went in the house.  I followed not knowing what he was doing.  His room was on the main floor of the house so we walked right into his room from the patio.  He lay on the bed sprawled out in all his glory and said "Go ahead if you think you can.  There’s just one thing.  My parents are upstairs so no screaming.  They are used to moans from time to time and me entertaining in the pool but no outright fucking and causing a ruckus in the middle of the night.”
I nodded and crawled from the foot of the bed kissing and licking his legs from his toes all the way up to his balls.  I purposely went around his balls and cock and continued up his abs to his nipples and then his neck and then right for his lips and sucked gently on his lower lip before kissing him deeply all the while playing with his cock.  He couldn't help but moan especially when I took my fingers to rub his pre cum all over just the tip of his cock around his piss hole.  You know the real sensitive area most of us guys have.
I looked into his eyes and said “I thought you said we had to be quiet.”  He said “Fuck that, just don't scream fuck me.”  With that he pushed me down towards his cock and told me to suck him.  Gladly I took his cock in my mouth all the way to its root. My nose buried in a surprisingly very thick bush of pubic hair.  Most guys trim or shave now a days but not him.  His was wild and full.  I actually let go of his cock to chow down on his crotch and his pubes. Even that made him crazy.
I went back to sucking his cock and edged him a couple of times before I started kissing my way down his thighs again.  When I got half way below his knees I spread his legs apart and started to lift them onto my shoulders.  He helped by propping his hands under his waist lifting himself off the mattress.  I leaned in and guided my cock to his hole and just rubbed it over his hole a few times. 
He finally yelled "Well fuck me already".  When he did I rammed it into him deep.  It was dry so I didn't get all the way in but maybe 2/3's of the way.  He yelled again.  I kept staring into his eyes and told him “I thought you said not to yell.”  He got this needy look on his face and said “Shut the fuck up and fuck me damn it.”  I started to move in and out and with the way I leak pre cum he was lubed by the 3rd stroke and I was balls deep in his ass.

Monday, June 24, 2013

THE GYM JOB - Part 3



Shane just stood there with a hard cock feeling really embarrassed. What if he was completely wrong about Roger? What if he was completely straight and the invite to join him in the shower was just his way of being friendly? Suppose, he is either gay or bi and wants to do something, what would we do?
Then again...A Shock! When Roger turned in his direction, his dick was just as hard as Shane's!


They just stared at each other for a few minutes until Roger laughed, "Looks like we both have the same problem tonight! What do you think we should do about it?
Shane was suddenly tongue-tied and could only stutter: "I, uhm...never anything with a man...uhm...uh..." He continued to stammer like this as Roger approached him. He was backed into the wall where Roger planted his lips on Shane's to quiet him.

It took him completely by surprise! He had never imagined that gay men kissed, but oddly enough, he rather like it and didn't want it to stop. It wasn't even unpleasant to have Roger's tongue in his mouth.
If that wasn't enough to convince him that obviously they were both gay, after a few minutes, Roger dropped to his knees and began to suck Shane's dick. He had never experienced anything quite like that. It felt really good! Too Good!

He came all too soon! (It sure beat jacking-off, which is the only action he usually gets!) He was pretty sure Roger would expect him to return the favor. He was a little curious about why Roger seemed to really enjoy doing it.
He decided to give it a try. He took Rogers dick in his mouth and imitated how he had been sucked. He gagged a few times at first, but got into a nice rhythm. Shane thought to himself: Wow! i'm giving a blow-job! The way Roger is moaning, I must be doing it right.

Suddenly Roger shouted, "OH GOD! I'm gonna cum! Keep Sucking! Faster! Keep going! Oh Shit! Here it comes! AHHHHH!" Shane got a mouthful which he swallowed very quickly. There was enough residue on his tongue that he was able to taste it.
It was salty, sweet or sour. Like nothing he had ever put in his mouth before, but it certainly wasn't offensive.
He stood and Roger kissed him again. "I would never have believed this was your first time. Shane, you're a natural born cock-sucker!"

During the next few weeks, Shane and Roger played around with each other, late-night in the gym. The final week rolled around when he would be graduating and leaving this job to return home. One night he found Roger waiting for him in the locker room.
"I'm going to miss you around here. I thought I would give you a special graduation present. I don't do this very often but I think you will enjoy it. Get naked with me."
Completely nude, Roger positioned himself on the locker room bench face down- ass up. "Go for it!"

That week Shane received his diploma from the University, but his real education happened at his job in the gym!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

THE GYM JOB - Part 2



Shane was disappointed that he only got to view a few guys changing.

By 11 pm, he was alone in the building with Roger (one of the fitness trainers) who told him: "Why don't you go ahead and just lock-up. You can finish your paperwork for the office, then clean up. I'm gonna finish my personal work-out. If you need one, I can give you a ride home."

Shane really liked Roger. He paused for a minute to watch him on one of the machines.

Twenty minutes later, Shane walked into the locker room. He was totally impressed to see Roger stripping to get his shower. Wow! In all of these months he had only seen Roger in T-shirts and sweat pants. Totally naked, he was gorgeous! What an awesome hunk!

It wasn't lost on Roger that Shane was staring at his crotch. He said, "Gonna take a shower! I know you do some nights before you leave. You can join me if you like. There's no one else here. We might as well enjoy the place."

Shane debated with himself. It seemed like Roger was coming on to him, but what if he was wrong? What if he threw a boner? That could be embarrassing! Still he was feeling really horny, and what if...

Shane picked up Roger's jock strap that he had left on the floor and took a big whiff. He quickly dropped it when Roger called out to him, "Hey, what's taking you so long?"

Shane quickly stripped naked. Roger had his back to him as he walked into the shower room. He made the mistake of gazing at Roger's gorgeous ass.

His cock immediately grew to it full length. There was no way he was going to be able to hide it. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

THE GYM JOB - Part 1

"THE GYM-JOB" Part 1 OF 3


It was Shane's final year at the University. This year he was living off-campus in a minuscule little efficiency apartment. Despite his scholarship and the stipend of money he received from his parents, it was never enough to cover all of his bills.

Each year, arriving back on campus, he had to seek some kind of a job for supplemental income. In the past, he had been a busboy, waiter and pizza delivery man. Shane felt that he had lucked out this year with a job working nights at a local gym. Little did he know that it would change his whole life.
Unlike other facilities in the city, this one catered only to men. It wasn't one of those macho muscle gyms where the guys all looked like they had over-dosed on steroids. The members here were mostly just average guys. There were only a few of those body-builder types.

In theory, the job was absolutely perfect! In the down time, he could hit the books to study. Occasionally, the men in the gym tended to be a distraction. He worked the late shift. (6 PM to closing at midnight.) He had to sign-in members, wipe-down and sanitize the different apparatus between their use, and to keep the locker-room clean.
At the time, Shane was in a personal conflict with himself, as he was trying to decipher his own "sexuality". He was inclined more to an attraction to men! However....he was really still conflicted!
He wasn't sure what to do with a man, but was pretty sure he didn't want to consider a woman anymore!

As part of his job, he could walk in to glance at the naked guys in the locker room or showers. He really liked looking at them. No one questioned his presence. Alone in his room, he started to masturbate while thinking about these hot naked guys.
Most of the time, he would just catch the guys as they dressed or undressed. At the end of the night, he collected underwear, jock-straps and sweaty t-shirts that were left behind. Not everything ended up in the "Lost & Found" box! He assembled a nice personal collection for himself! (He seemed to be partial to the aroma from a recently-used jock!)
On more than one occasion, he quietly creped into the locker room to watch guys having a personal sex encounter. Surreptitiously, he was learning what this "gay sex" was all about!
The year, past rather quickly, filling him with mental images that he would fantasize about. He hadn't tried any of the gay sex stuff yet. However, he had pretty much seen it all! (He witnessed: Blow-jobs, Rimming, Ass-Fucking.)
Then one night in April, he weathered a thunder-storm to arrive at work. The rain had been horrible all day and only a few people had showed up for their work-outs.

Friday, June 21, 2013

At an Early Age - Part 3

At an Early Age

Story by Larry

Part 3 of 3

Suddenly he was like a cat and jumped up and his ass was hovering over my mouth.  “Eat my ass man.  Rim me good.”  With that he sat on my face but he also pulled me by my legs so my ass was actually in the air and started to lick and suck at my ass as well.   Man he had a talented and long tongue.  I couldn't believe how far he was getting inside me. 

We ate each other for awhile and then he again moved like a cat and was at the foot of the bed on his knees and sucking my cock.  I felt him playing with my balls and then with my hole and then I felt him slide a finger in my ass.  He started to suck my cock with such a fury I didn't feel anything but his mouth on me for a few moments.  When I came back to reality I realized he was finger fucking me.   

I squirmed on his hand and moaned and he went in a little further never taking his mouth off my cock.  When he did he just looked up at my face and asked how I was feeling and before I could answer he said “You must feel good you like my hand up your ass.”  When he said that he moved his hand again and I realized he had his entire hand almost up to his wrist inside me.  I was actually being fisted.  I had heard of it but never seen much less experienced it. 

I kept squirming and lifting my ass and moaning and he slowly moved in and out of me. Now he stayed on his knees and jerked my cock while fisting me with his other hand.  He finally was in above his wrist and I was going wild.  All it took was one brush up against my prostrate and I was shooting like a cannon all over the place.  My orgasm was so strong all I could do was scream.

Once I stopped shooting he slowly, very slowly pulled his hand out of me but before my hole could close he rolled me onto my stomach and lay on top of me and shoved his cock inside.  He held it deep inside me for a moment while my hole closed in around his shaft.  Once he thought I was tight again he started to fuck me.  God it felt good.  I never wanted him to stop and told him so. 

It took him awhile to cum having such good control but eventually he filled my ass with his load.  Once he started to go soft he pulled out and lay next to me with his head on my chest.  “Man that was hot” he said.  “Give me 10 minutes” he said “and I’ll fuck you again, real good.  I’m gonna fill your ass so full of cum it's just gonna pour out of you.”

I ran my fingers through his hair and said "Oh really and what makes you think I want to be fucked again.  Maybe I want to fuck you".  He laughed and said “If you want to go right ahead” and lay on his stomach.  “If not I’ll just recharge here a bit and then fuck you all over again.”  We didn't sleep at all that night.  We actually checked out at 9 am after showering together, after fucking one last time.  He wasn't kidding when he said he was going to fill me with cum.  When I stood to go take a shower it just gushed out of my ass and all down my legs.  I was still leaking when I got in the shower with him.  On the drive home Hank was on his cell phone and was already making plans for the next week end to just rent a room in town and fuck my brains out all over again.  I squirmed in the driver’s seat not wanting to wait that long.  I had to think of a way to get his cock before next week end.  Don’t worry.  I'll think of something. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

At an Early Age - Part 2

At an Early Age

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 3

My birthday was the week after graduation and I turned 19.  I was going to celebrate in a big way.  I had saved from working part time and on a Saturday afternoon drove to the next county where I always hung out now and got a room in a cheap motel. 

I had a new outfit that didn't leave much to the imagination to wear to the club and once I was checked in I went to bed setting my cell phone alarm for 9pm.  It left enough time to shower, shave, douche and primp before going out.  I got to the club and those who knew me hugged and kissed me and gave me a drink in celebration.

I was there about 2 hours and pretty well on my way to being very shit faced having already taken my shirt off and opened the button on the top of my pants as advertisement when I saw a group walk in the door.  I thought I was seeing things.  In the front of the group was Hank.

I was drunk enough to walk over and grabbed and kissed him.  “I figured I'd welcome you and let you know the easy way this is a gay bar.”  He looked me up and down and then said yes I see and thank god because then I couldn't do this and he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me hard and long.

When he let me go I stared at him.  He laughed and said “What the fuck do you think I’m here for your ass?  I am here for the same thing you’re here for.   Maybe it's your ass” he said and patted it as he walked past me and walked to the bar.   I stood there with my mouth open.  Over the course of the night he bought me a few drinks when he found out it was my birthday and we laughed and danced a little but he spent most of his time with his friends.

It wasn't till last call that the real fun began.  He walked over to me by the door where I was talking to a waiter trying to take him back to the room to fuck and he said to me if I didn't mind he needed a ride that his friends had left him behind.  The waiter looked at us and said “Good because my lover isn't into a 3 some tonight and I don't think he should drive.”

Hank smiled.  “Give me the keys” he said.  I handed him my car keys and the hotel key.  “We don't have far to go” I said.  He knew just where the motel was.  He had rented there a few times himself.  We got in the car and he reached for my hand and put it on his cock.  “Warm this up while I drive” he said.  “It saves time when we get in the room.”

He started towards the motel and within a block I had him hard and squirming behind the wheel.  I reached over and opened his pants and he knew what I was going to do so he moved the seat back and I lay across the seat and started to suck him off.  I moaned and then without taking his cock out of my mouth told him "taste good".  He looked down and said that's only the beginning.

He didn't even bother closing his pants when we got to the motel he just got out of the car, opened the door and while waiting for me to stagger in he stripped naked and turned to watch me walk in.  I closed the door and that was it.  He was actually ripping my clothes off me.  Every button on my shirt was popped off and he just grabbed the top of my pants and pulled them open almost breaking the zipper. 

He threw me on the bed and pulled my pants from the pants legs and seconds later I was naked.  He started to crawl up the foot of the bed and kiss, lick and suck on my body and in between was telling me he had wanted to do this for years but was afraid.

He finally was laying on top of me kissing my entire face, neck and mouth while reaching down to play with my cock and balls.  I couldn't believe what was happening.  My head was spinning and my cock was so hard it hurt.  I told him I wanted the same thing and he said ”Good then do this” and with that his cock was hovering over my face and he was trying to force it down my throat.  “Suck me man.”

Now being a natural born cock sucker I had no problem doing that except that his cock was thick and long and I wasn't used to that but he was going to make sure by the end of the night I was and I knew it.  He fucked my mouth forcing himself past my gag reflex with each stroke for some time before he turned around and started to fuck my face while sucking my cock.  I couldn't take it and shot a load almost instantly.

“Well now” he said “I guess I owe you one” and he turned around and started to fuck my face again and in minutes pulled out of my mouth to finish himself off with his hand and shoot all over my face and then rub it into my face and mouth before falling on the bed next to me.

“Man that was a nice start.  I hope you got this room all night because I am going to give you a night to remember” he said.   

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

At an Early Age - Part 1

At an Early Age

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 3

At an early age I knew I was gay.  I didn't know that what it was but I knew I was different.  Even in grade school I looked at the guys more.  A girl had to be exceptional for me to think about her and even then it would be just as a friend.

I will never forget my last year of grade school.  We were combined with another school and one of the guys that transferred in was an absolute hunk.  His name was Hank and he was older than most of us by a year being left back one year but he actually looked older than that.

He had facial and chest hair already and I found out later on had older brothers he used to work out with so he had muscles on muscles.  He was an excellent athlete and let me tell you I was thrilled when I found out he was in my gym class.  We had to wear a set uniform for gym, short satin shorts and I do mean short and a satin tank top.  He stretched the limit on that and wore a string satin so his arm holes were open almost to his waist and his nipples were always showing on one side or the other. 

We would talk but never were great friends.  Over the years he and I would end up in a class or 2 together and I always managed to sit next to him.  He had a distinct scent about him.  It was very manly and as we got older it became stronger and all it did for me was made me horny and hard. 

At the start of our senior year he showed up at school and I almost dropped dead.  After not seeing him all summer he showed up worked out to the max.  He was just like those professional body builders you see on TV.  His hair being usually long was cut short and his facial hair trimmed to one of those pencil thin side burns that goes down into a GO T and a pencil thin mustache. 

He was absolutely gorgeous.  I couldn't stand to be near him for fear I might lose control and rip his clothes off, especially after seeing him in the showers in gym class.  By this time I knew why I was different from the rest of the guys. I was gay and wanted cock.  I didn't make any excuses or denial of it but I was pretty much left alone.  Of course there was the usual "fag" or "cock sucker" remark but I just let it go.

Hank was like the rest of the guys and stayed away from me but I noticed something different about him.  Every once in a while I would catch him staring at me and I also noticed he never had a steady girlfriend.  If he did go out with a girl most of the time the next day she would be saying either he didn't make a move or he was a lousy lay.

Where we lived you couldn't go to clubs till 21 but in the next county which was an hour drive you could go in at 18 and drink at 20.  I learnt after my first visit to one of these clubs you get close to one of the guys who could drink and they bought your drinks as long as you paid for theirs.  That was fine with me.

Then I found a gay club.  Then it was no holds barred.  It was every man for himself when I walked in and once I got to know and blew some of the waiters I could just buy my own drinks as long as I was on my knees at the end of the night if they didn't score.  It was not a problem for me.  I loved to suck cock. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Lifeguard

The Lifeguard

Story by Larry

I am what most people call a nudist.  I prefer to be called a naturalist.  I love to get in the sun as nature intended me to be, naked, as much as possible.  That’s one reason I moved to a warm climate.  I spend most non-working waking hours at the beach. It’s my favorite place.  I love the way the sun feels on my body.  Of course I go to the nude beach so I can be free
I never really paid much attention to the life guards going down to the far end of the beach and sitting on the rocks a lot to think while the ocean spray would keep me cool in the hot sun.  I find it the best way to get an even tan too.  I hate any kind of tan lines.  I like to be a nice bronze color all over and you can't get that at any tanning salon.
Anyhow I got to the beach this one particular morning just as the life guards were getting on their stations and my friend Mike, who is one of the lifeguards, called hello to me.  We knew each other from the club on the weekends where I sometimes tend bar.  We’ve also fucked a couple of times. He’s not bad. This particular day he had a partner with him.  He introduced me to Jarod and once I saw him I was hooked.
Instead of going to the rocks as usual I lay my blanket down right near the life guard tower.  Every time I looked up at the tower it seemed like Jarod was looking at me instead of the beach.  I didn't care.  I stroked my cock and lay on my stomach creaming my ass with sun tan oil just putting on a show for him.  Mike came down of the tower towards midafternoon and came over to my blanket. 
“I gotta go piss” he said.  “Why don't you go up and keep Jarod company for a bit” he said and headed for the bathrooms.  I climbed up the tower and Jarod wasn't there so I called out to him.  From inside I heard him say “I’m in here.”  When I walked him he was standing with his cock in his hand and said “I hear you give good head.  How about proving it?”  I was going to kill Mike but didn't care at the moment.  I just got down on my knees and started to suck Jarod off.  His cock felt so good just sliding in and out over my tongue.  He steadied himself with his hands on my shoulders and finally said "Shit man, I can't take this anymore.  Stand up".  When I did he turned me around and pulled my ass cheeks apart and dove in to eat my ass like he hadn't been fed in months.
He stopped to come up for air my ass was practically pulsing looking for his tongue.  Instead he pushed me over so my ass was in the air and came up behind me and shoved his cock inside.  I grunted and moaned and then looking over my shoulder told him “Fuck me good and make me beg for more.”  That was the wrong thing to say.  He started to pound me like a pile driver and next thing I knew from his pounding my prostrate I was shooting all over the floor and I hadn't even touched myself.  My ass contracted just enough to set off his orgasm and he filled my ass at the same time. 
I stood up straight pulling his cock out of my ass and told him “Gee man thanks.  I had a feeling today was going to be nice day.”  When I walked out on the front of the tower there was Mike sitting on a chair and smiling.  “You 2 have a nice break there?”  I picked up a life preserver and threw it at him.  “Fuck “I said.  “No, he fucked you” Mike said.
Well it’s almost 3 years and Jarod and I aren't lovers but we might as well be.  We get together on a weekly basis to fuck and have dinner.  Sometimes he stays over night or we get a room or I go to his house or we just have dinner and fuck then go our separate ways.  Either way is fine with me as long as we fuck.  I’ve gotten used to and crave his cock now.

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Painter

The Painter

Story by Jay

I was home while my parents went away on a business trip.  They had scheduled a painter to paint the spare room.  I volunteered to do it but they wanted it done right so they hired a professional.

He came right on time.  I led him to the room and he started to set up.  He opened the window to vent the room.  He started and I told him to call me if he needed anything.  He was rather cute and after a while I stopped in to see him.  He was outside near the trash pile.  He had on painter’s bibs and his one side was undone.  I asked how he was doing.  He was stirring another can of paint and I could see down his bibs that he was naked.  His cock was uncut and nice looking. 

He said it was hot in this room.  “I need to change into cooler clothes.  Otherwise, everything is going well.”  I said “If you need anything, just let me know.”    

I went a little while later to check up on him.  He was wear shorts and from his position I could see his cock.  He looked great.  He acted like he did not mind me staring at him.  He went back to painting.  His cock was now semi hard.      

I went back to my room and undress and jumped into bed and started to use a dildo on my ass.  I was enjoying it when I hear someone clear their throat.  It was the painter.  “Mind if I give you a hand?”

He was out of his clothes in a matter of seconds.  He had one hand on my cock and the other hand was fingering my ass.  It was definitely better that with my hand.  He worked me up to a climax that was the best I ever had.  I shot a load that landed all over my chest. 

When I was done cumming, I grabbed his cock and stroked it.  I wanted it in my ass.  I decided to make a bold move and I said “Fuck me”.  He did not say anything but hesitated for a few seconds, then he lifted my legs and spit on my hole.  His cock slipped right in.  He started to pump and I loved every minute. 

I felt him cumming.  He was done before I knew it.  I wanted more but I was glad to get what I got from him.

 He looked at me and said “I need an assistant to help me.  The pay is not much but the benefits are well worth it, if you know what I mean.”  I said “Yes.  Can I get an advance on my benefits?”  The painter lifted my legs and inserted his cock in my ass.  As he fucked me, I thought “The benefits are definitely well worth it.”  

Sunday, June 16, 2013

BMOC - Part 3



Jason asked: "Are you sure? I just came a few seconds ago. I'm sure I can do it again, but only if you want me to. Jesus, I can't believe I am still this hard! I could do it right now, but would it be okay with you that I sucked your dick first?"

Tim said, "Are you fucking kidding me? Of course! Just go for it! Shit! It was so fucking hot sucking your dick that I almost busted a nutt when you did! I want you to fuck me, but it would be nice if you could give my ass a little attention before you start."


Jason dived into Tim's crotch! He alternated from licking and sucking Tim's hard dick to rimming his ass! It was absolute ecstasy!

Tim had to beg him! "Please! Stop! When I cum, I want to feel you inside of me!"

Between the spit on his hole and a lot of lube on Jason's cock, Tim got fucked! It only took about half of Jason's dick to hit Tim's prostrate. They both moaned very loudly while Tim was being fucked by the biggest thing that he had ever allowed to enter his ass.


He varied his speed because he didn't want to get off too rapidly this time. He wanted the experience to last as long as possible. Tim had grown comfortable with Jason's size and wanted the same thing.

After experimenting with several possitions, Jason finally exploded another load up his friend's hole. Without even touching himself, Tim experienced an "anal orgasm" and shot his load all over the sheets.

Totally exhausted, Jason stayed in Tim's ass while his big cock softened to it's flaccid state. They just laid there together while they relished the moment.

Finally, Jason kissed Tim's neck, "I think I just found a new friend! Next time, do you think you could fuck me? I may have a big dick, but I've always been a "bottom"!"

Tim smiled and replied, "I would love to, but I just got off and I need to give my ass a break. Just stay inside of me for right now. It fills me up in a way that is very comfortable. I promiss I will gladly fuck you later."

(Needless to say, Tim and Jason's Freshman year at college was very memorable!)