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Guy Next Door - Part 4

Guy Next Door – Conclusion

Story by Larry

Part 4 of 5

It was almost 3 weeks before I heard from Rod.  He wanted to know if I could come over for an overnight that everyone was going to be gone for the week end.  I told him on the phone yes but I was going to lay down some rules.  He said fine we'll talk when you come over, be over after 6, and he hung up.
I told everyone I wouldn't be home and packed a few things in a little bag, different lube, cock rings, and a dildo.  You know all the necessities.  About 7, I went over their house.  They were both downstairs, Ernie in the shower and Rod naked on the bed.  Rod looked at me and said “Ok you had some rules.  Spill it.”
I looked at him and said “Well for one, if I’m gonna be a fuck toy for you and Ernie I want to be paid. I might as well get something out of this.”  He nodded.  “And I’m tired of this being all one sided.  You guys get sucked off and fuck me I want some equal time.  Ok?  The rest I’ll set down as we go along.”
Rod stood up and walked over to me and took me by the hands.  I can live with that but I can't speak for Ernie.  He could tell I was surprised.  “Yeah I can live with sucking you off and you in my ass.  I’ve been doing it for years but no one not even Ernie even knew.  I think I had my first cock at 12” he said.
Ernie came in the room drying himself off.  Water was still in his pubes around his cock and dripping off his cock head.  “Well what are the rules?” he said.  I repeated what I told Rod and he said “I don't know.  We’ll have to take it as we go.  I’ll try.  I’ve never done this like this till you.  Alright with you if we take it slow and easy?”  I told him “Yeah.  Rod already had me surprised as all hell so what's a few more surprises.”
Rod came up behind me and gently pulled my shirt up over my head and off me.  Then he turned me around and kissed me. The first time either one of them had.  Ernie came up behind me now and held me by the shoulders and pressed his chest to my back and had his cock in my ass crack.  He didn't do anything else but stand there.
Rod on the other hand started to kiss me down my neck, suck on my nipples, lick my abs and then chew on my pubes and play with my cock and balls.  He stood up and took me by the hand and led me to the bed.  He lay on the bed on his back and told me to lay on him that he wanted to feel me against him.  For some reason it felt great, unlike before, his skin against mine.  Then I felt weight and knew Ernie was laying on top of me, his cock still rubbing in my ass crack.
We were all starting to sweat and our cocks were leaking pre cum all over each other.  Ernie started to work his way kissing and caressing me down my back and when he got to my ass he sucked on each cheek so hard he gave me hickies before he pried them apart and started to suck and lick on my hole.  I kissed Rod hard and ground my cock into his crotch.  He moaned in my mouth.
Ernie came up for air and said “Hey you 2 I know we have all night but don't cum right away.”  We laughed and I rolled off of Rod ending Ernie’s little suck fest on my ass.  Shame because he was really good at it.  Then I got a surprise.  Rod rolled on his side and began sucking my nipple again and then without any other warning took my cock and swallowed it.  Ernie’s eyes went wide.  “Man what are you doing?”  Rod came off my cock and said “What does it look like, I’m sucking his cock. Only fair how many times has he sucked us off?”
He went back to sucking my cock and then I felt an even weirder sensation as Ernie spread my legs open and licked and sucked on my inner thighs till he was at my balls and started to suck one then the other.  I couldn't see him with Rod’s head in the way but I heard him say “What the hell might as well suck his balls too.”
They worked me over real good and when I was going to cum I told Rod but he kept my cock buried deep in his mouth and swallowed my load.  We all ended up laying on the bed breathing heavy and sweating.  I had a feeling I was going to be dehydrated by the end of the night.  Since we had all night we just lay there for a while playing with each other’s cocks and balls or nipples.  I slipped a finger in Ernie’s hole and he jumped a foot off the bed.  “Hey man let's not go there.  I’m not gay.”
“Oh but it's ok that I suck you off all the time right.”  I told him “Fuck you.”  He apologized and said “No man it's just that you surprised me and I don't know if I’m into that.”  I said “Well there's only one way to find out.”  I lay him down on the bed and got between his legs and started to lick his balls and suck his cock.  I lifted his legs high and plunged my tongue in his ass crack. He moaned and said “Man that feels nice.”  I kept it up for a while getting him good and wet before going back to sucking his cock.  When I did I would just brush my finger over his hole every once in a while playing with his balls.  When I felt him getting ready to cum, just as he was starting to shoot, I shoved my finger in his ass and pushed on his prostrate.  He lifted himself off the bed and screamed “yyyyeeeeessssss.”
Once he was done shooting I pulled out of his ass and let his cock go.  “How’d that feel?” I asked.  “Fucking fantastic man, I never came like that before.”  I told him “Well you rest awhile and then we'll take it a step further.”  He looked at me and said "A step further?"  I said “Yeah.  Instead of my finger it'll be my cock.”  Rod winked at me.  He had something up his sleeve.  When Ernie went to pee Rod told me when you fuck him make sure it's in a position where I can get his cock in my mouth.  I’ll suck him off while you fuck him.”  I liked that idea.
When Ernie came back out of the bathroom I told him “Rest period over.  Get on your hands and knees.”  He was hesitant but did as I told him.  I got between his legs and started to eat his ass.  He turned and looked at me and said “I got this part down and I like this but I’m not so sure.  I came up from his ass and said “Trust me you’re gonna love it.”
After I got him good and wet I got some of my lube and greased up my cock and a little on my finger in his hole.  I lay my chest on his back and rubbed my cock in his ass crack.  I whispered in his ear to take deep breaths like I was that he could feel them from me laying on him and to relax.  “Don't fight it.”  I felt my cock at his hole and stopped.  I tapped Rod on the arm and then grabbed my cock and started to push into Ernie. 
He tightened and I told him to stop and relax.  “Breathe” I told him.  When he did I started to push again and got my cock head in.  I stopped for a minute and when I saw Rod in position to slide under Ernie.  I started to push in again.  Rod quickly slid under Ernie and took his cock in his mouth.  Ernie didn't know if he should shit or go blind.  “Hey man, what are you doing?”  I whispered in his ear "What does it feel like man, you getting a blow job while getting fucked?"
Ernie tried to move away but Rod and I had him held fast.  Rod was now deep throating Ernie and playing with his balls, once in a while grabbing mine as well.  I just kept a slow and steady pace in Ernie’s ass.  He was breathing deep and after a few minutes I could feel his hole relaxing.  He soon was moaning and withering under me in sexual bliss.  I know I heard him say “Oh yeah, man, give it to me.” But he swears he didn't say it.  I unsnapped the cock ring I had on and kept fucking Ernie.  It didn't take long after I took the ring off to be filling his ass with cum.  He felt it too because he started yelling “What are you putting in my ass?  What's that warm feeling?”  I told him “Don't worry you won't get pregnant I just came in your ass that's all.”

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Guy Next Door - Part 3

Guy Next Door

Story by Larry

Part 3 of 5

Ernie didn't call for almost 2 weeks.  I figured "Oh well at least I had him a few times and as a bonus got his brother too."  Then one morning I got a call from Ernie.  “Be at my house at 3.  I’ll be waiting.  All day I was walking around with a hard on in anticipation.  3 o'clock came and I went to Ernie’s back steps and down to his room.
When I opened the door there was Rod, Ernie’s brother, naked on the bed.  “Get in here man.  Suck my cock.”  I turned to go and he said “What’s the matter, not good enough for you.  Afraid?”  It was the wrong thing to say.  I walked in the room and told him “I’m not afraid to suck anyone off, if they are decent enough and clean.” 
I pulled my shirt up over my head and off.  When I got alongside the bed I slid off my shorts and jock down as well.  Rod was watching and stroking his cock.  I knelt on the bed forcing his legs open and just sucked him down.  I thought he didn't deserve the full treatment.  He had an arrogance about him.  I had him shooting in no time and when he was done I let go of his cock.  He was like Ernie and stayed hard after shooting.
He lay there playing with his cock and said “Ernie said your ass is pretty good too.  What you say you prove it.”  I was going to say now but then had second thoughts.  I hadn't been fucked or matter of fact had sex since the last time with them a few weeks back. I reached for and found the baby oil under the bed, greased his cock and straddled his sides and pointed his cock at my hole and politely started to sit down on it.
Like I said he wasn't as thick as Ernie but just as long.  I slowly slid down on him till my ass was resting on his crotch, his pubes tickling my ass.  He put his hands on my hips and said “Come on let’s get to it” and started to try shoving his cock inside me.  We worked up a pretty good rhythm and I didn't hear when Ernie walked in the room. 
He was naked beside the bed when I saw him and he said "Well, you started without me".  With that he stood on the bed over Rod and held his cock out for me to suck.  It was hard in this position to keep his cock in my mouth and ride his brother so he said to Rod to stop and pull out.  Then he told me to get on all 4's.  After that he told Rod “Now fuck your brains out” and shoved his cock back in my mouth.
Now instead of me pulling off him when riding his brother his brother was forcing me down on his cock with each thrust.  This was something new to me, 2 guys at the same time.  Rod started to slap my ass and after a bit was leaving hand prints on it.  Ernie had long since grabbed my hair and was pulling my head down on him by my hair.  This was a little bit much for me.  I’m a lover not an abuser.
Ernie finally came and pulled out of my mouth.  I told Rod right away “Slap my ass again and I’ll force you out and cut your dick off.”  He must have believed me because he didn't do it again.  Matter of fact he dumped his load and climbed off the bed.  We were all sweaty and breathing heavy but there they were standing side by side with hard cocks pointing right at me still.
Ernie looked at me and said “We have a proposition.  We want to try something but only if you say so.”  I sat on the bed and opened one eye a little wider than the other and said “Ok talk.”
“We want to fuck you, both, at the same time.”  I looked at both their cocks and said I wasn't sure.  Ernie turned to Rod and said “I told you he'd never go for it.  Oh well.”
I thought about it for a few minutes while we rested and then got up and dragged Rod out of the chair to the bed.  “Lay down” I told him.  Once he was laying down I pushed his legs together and slowly sat on him.  I leaned forward and was almost laying on top of him propping myself up on my elbows when I looked at Ernie.  “Well what are you waiting for?  You are going to fuck me before I lose my nerve.”  Ernie smiled and jumped on the bed behind us.
Ernie knelt on one knee and had his other leg bent with his foot on the mattress next to us.  I could feel him fumbling with his cock around my hole and then a lot of pressure as he tried to enter me.  “Too tight” he said.  “I can't get it.”  I told him put more oil on.  He took the bottle of baby oil and actually forced the top of it in between Rod's cock and my ass hole and squirted more oil.  Then he greased up his cock more and tried again.  This time he held my hips and really shoved and I felt the head pop inside. 
I screamed from the pain. I thought he was tearing my ass hole apart.  I started to yell to take it out and Rod told me to shut up and relax and then he told Ernie to start pushing.  I screamed more as he pushed in further begging him to stop.  All of a sudden he just shoved and was balls deep in me.  I arched my back in pain and screamed at the top of my lungs.  Rod said "Enough of this" and reached for the jock that was on the bed and said "Chew on this" and shoved it in my mouth. 
The 2 of them started to move in and out of me, slowly at first but then picking up just a little speed.  My ass became numb.  They took their time and at least Rod was enjoying it.  I could tell from the look on his face.  I couldn't see Ernie’s but from the grunts, groans and encouragements he was saying to me I figured he was.  I do know the sweat was pouring off all of us. 
I still had the jock in my mouth, which tasted like stale cum by the way, so I couldn't tell them anything.  If I could I would have been telling them to cum already.  I knew I was being stretched beyond belief and would probably be in trouble later but I do have to admit it did feel good in an odd way.  I started to move in unison to them and at one point pulled the jock out of my mouth.  When I did I stated in just like them, encouraging them to fuck the hell out of me as they were encouraging me to take their cocks.
Finally I felt one of them shooting in my ass.  It was an odd sensation and I couldn't tell which one it was until I heard Ernie tell me to take his load.  Then I knew.  Rod followed soon after and actually so did I.  The friction from my cock between me and Rod had actually jerked me off.  Ernie had already pulled out and Rod just lay back too as he put it "Enjoy the afterglow of a tight ass".  I think he was just enjoying the feeling of their loads leaking out around his cock.
Ernie reminded us of the time and said “Better get dressed and get out of here.  Everyone will be home soon.”  With that we heard the front door and scrambled for our clothes.  Rod snuck me out the back door while Ernie kept everyone busy.  He said he would call. 
Again there was no contact from either one of them for weeks.  I was really starting to get pissed what was I their fuck toy.  If I was I should be charging.  If they did call I was going to lay down some ground rules.

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Guy Next Door - Part 2

Guy Next Door – Day Two

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 5

I didn't see Ernie the next day right away so I figured he was busy.  Late in the afternoon I saw all his family go out but him.  I thought it strange but then figured maybe he was out himself.  I was just getting some sun in the back yard when I heard over the fence "Hey, come suck my cock".  I looked and all I could see was Ernie’s head.  
I smiled and went around and in the gate to the back yard.  He was already by the door and as I walked towards him he walked downstairs.  By the time I got downstairs he was naked on the bed like the day before propped up against the headboard.  “Go ahead” he said.  “Suck it.”  I did just as I had the day before. I licked my way up his thighs and then sucked on each of his balls before I sucked on his cock. 
I kept edging him and getting him almost to that point of shooting and then backing off.  He was working up a real sweat and after a while he forced my head down on him and held me there till he shot his load down my throat.  “Man you sure know how to drive a guy nuts.   That was even better than yesterday.”  I was sitting at the foot of the bed and he said “Come here.”  I stood up and walked to the head of the bed and he reached in my pants and grabbed my cock. 
His hand was hot and sweaty.  He started to jerk me off and then said “This is bull shit” and pulled his hand out.  In one swift motion he yanked my pants and jock down around my knees.  He went back to jerking me off.  “That’s better.  I couldn't get the right grip on it.”  He reached with his other hand and took my balls and lightly squeezed them.  “Yeah man, they are nice and full.  We'll take care of that.“  I just stood there and let him jerk me off.  Minutes later I was shooting all over him and the bed.
We were so engrossed in what we were doing we didn't hear that his brother had come home.  All of a sudden we heard "What the fuck".  I spun around and Ernie saw his brother and jumped out of bed.  Rod, Ernie’s brother, said “Well this is why you had a smile on your face all night last night.”  He walked over and said my name is Rod and you must be Steve the fag from next door.”  I said “I prefer gay.”  He said “Yeah, yeah.  Now if you can put a smile on Ernie’s face then I’m sure you won't mind putting a smile on mine.”
With that he dropped his shorts and out flopped a monster of a cock.  Not as thick as Ernie but longer.  He sat in a chair that was in the room and opened his legs wide.  “Well get to work man.”  I figured what the hell and got on my knees in front of him and just swallowed his cock.  I didn't go into as much detail or finesse sucking his cock as I did Ernie’s but I still did a good job because he didn't take long to cum and when he finished he told me “Damn you can suck a good cock.”
He stood up and put his shorts on and said “Maybe you can do me again sometime.”  I told him “It would be my pleasure.”  He walked out the door and I turned to Ernie who was still naked.  “Now back to you” I said.  “I see you’re still hard.  Got anything we can use as lube?”
“I got some baby oil I use to jerk off with he said and reached under the bed.  I lay face down on the bed and opened my legs as much as I could with him laying there. 
He got the idea right away and stood up greasing his cock while I moved to the center of the bed spreading my legs wide open to each side.  He climbed in between them and swiped his fingers up my crack and briefly in my hole before putting his cockhead to it and just shoving his cock in me.  I tried to scramble away but he had me by the shoulders using them to pull him into me.  I was impaled by his cock like it was a sword.
“Oh man is your ass tight” he said.  I told him to take it easy but within minutes he was pile driving me into the mattress but I was also encouraging him to do it.  His cock felt so great sliding in and out of me.  I could feel the ridge of his cock with each thrust that's how big it was.  It didn't take very long for him to shoot his load in me and pull out.  He got up right away and slapped my ass.  “Get dressed.  We already got caught once.  Don't need to get caught again” I slid on my shorts and he told me you know the way out.  As I got to the stairs I asked him “Same time tomorrow?” 
“I'll call you” he said.  “Leave your number.”

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Guy Next Door - Part 1

Guy Next Door – Day One

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 5

I’m gay and everyone knows it.  If you don't want to accept me for whom I am then fuck you.  I have to be true to myself.  My family had a hard time with it when I came out to them years ago saying "How do you know?”  Well, how did I know?  I had just finished sucking off one member of the football team for god knows how many times and you asked "How do I know?"  I simply responded "I know."
I went through high school and eventually, thanks to my brother, everyone knew I was gay but I didn't give a fuck.  It made things easier actually.  You’d be surprised how many guys in high school are curious and want to see what it feels like.  I’d be in the locker room alone and one of the guys would walk up to me and ask what's it like? 
I’d tell him the only way to find out is to do it.  “You game?  So am I.”  Can't tell you how many guys I’ve sucked off in the last shower stall in the gym or been fucked by under the bleachers on the footballs field.  No one knew how much of a cock whore I’d become because everyone was afraid to talk about it.  If they talk about it, everyone will think they are gay too.  So fuck them.
The people next door sold and moved and the house was empty for a few months.  Then we started to see people working on it.  We weren't sure if they were the owners or contractors so we stayed away.  One day a moving truck showed up.  You know a rent and move your own type.  We quickly figured out who was who.  It was easy while doing yard work out front. 
Dad, who was hotter than hot was driving the truck. 2 boys were in the front seat with him and mom was in the car behind them.  They weren't unloading more than an hour and my brother was over there and pointing towards me and our house.  I knew exactly what he was saying.  we lived next door,  ever need anything, just knock and to the young kids, by young I mean late teens early 20's, and don't go near my brother, he sucks cock.  I can't tell you how many times I have blackened his eye or bruised him up for doing that but that's another story.
Weeks went by and they were outside working on the yard, pulling out and replanting bushes, raking the lawn, and lots of things.  Of course all 3 of them had to work with no shirt on and actually all 3 must got to the gym cause they all had the same worked out body.  Dad wore regular shorts but the boys wore those satin type elastic topped almost to the knee type with no underwear and let me tell you when they sweat they'd show it and they were forever falling down below the crack of their ass.  If I was outside working I was in torture.  Not being able to go and lick the sweat off them was killing me.
Finally one day only one of the boys was working in the back yard.  No one else was home in either house.  I walked over and introduced myself.  He just nodded.  “My brother no doubt told you all about me.  He takes great pleasure in telling people.”  The guy shook his head “Yes”.  I was having all I could do to keep from licking my lips.  Up close he looked even hotter than across the lawn.  What I wouldn't give to lick his pits.
He hadn't uttered a word yet so I finally said “Do you talk?”  He laughed.  “Yeah man, I talk.  My name is Ernie.”  I laughed and said “Well Ernie it's nice to meet you.”  We shook hands.  He said “I believe in saying what’s on my mind.” He looked at me.  “Now don't get mad but I want to know why you like sucking cock?”  I appreciated his openness, for once, an honest person.  I looked at him and said I like the feel of it on my tongue, the taste of a cock and the taste of cum.
“OK” he said.  “How would you like to suck mine?”  My jaw dropped.  “I told you I believe in saying what I’m thinking.  I want to know what it's like for a guy to blow me.” I quickly said “OK.  Your room or mine?”  He answered “Mine.  It's downstairs and private.”  We went in the back door and right down the stairs.  Once in his room he dropped his shorts and I inhaled deep.  “Impressive” I said.  He smiled.  “Yeah, I’m proud of it.”  He was a good 10 inches. 
“So how do you want to do this?” he said.  “You want me to just stand here or you want me to lay on the bed or sit in the chair.”  I told him to lay on the bed.  Once he was laying down I spread his legs and started to lick his inner thighs and under his balls and then took one ball at a time in my mouth and sucked the sweat off them.  He was just laying there not moving or saying anything and then he said “Wait a minute.”
He propped a pillow up on the headboard and then lean against it.  I want to watch.  I took his cock in my hand and started to lick my way from his balls to the tip.  I teased under the ridge of his cock head and licked all around.  After a bit I finally took his cock in my mouth and slid just half way down the shaft.  He inhaled and put his hands behind his head.  “Feels good” he said.
Without taking my mouth off his cock I told him “It tastes good too.”  I took my time and alternated from time to time between sucking his cock and playing with his balls or jerking him off while I sucked on his balls.  He was starting to moan and lift his ass off the bed a little trying to get me to take more of his cock.  I looked up at him and said “Do you want me to deep throat you?”  He grinned and said “Yeah man I want the whole works.”
With that I swallow his cock to his bush of curly pubes.  I could swear he got harder when I did.  “Yeah” was all I heard.  I felt his hand on the back of my head and each time I went down on him he pushed to make sure I took all of him.  Only minutes later he said “Hey man I’m gonna cum.”  I started to suck him faster and he shot a load worthy of his looks.  He filled my mouth and then some before he stopped shooting.
I sat back on the bed and looked at him.  He had put his arms down to his sides and closed his eyes and was just sitting there.  I finally asked him “You ok man?  He smiled and said “Yeah.  I’m fine.  That was fucking great.  I’ve never been blown like that before.  Bitches don't know how to suck cock.”  I laughed.  “That’s because they don't have one and don’t know how to make a guy feel.  Only a guy can make another guy feel the way he wants to feel because he knows what you want.  The same thing he would want.” 
Ernie sat forward and looked at my crotch.  “Stand up man and drop the pants.”  I did as he asked and he whistled.  “Nice size, yourself” he said.  I can’t do it now man because family will be home soon but tomorrow I’ll be home alone again.  You come over and suck me off and I might just try sucking you off.  How's that sound?”  I looked at him and said “Either that or you can fuck my ass.  I noticed you’re still hard.  I pulled up my pants and started up the stairs.  He was still sitting naked on the bed.  “See you tomorrow man. Same time?”

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I Was Born This Way



I liked looking at his dick and his naked body.   I usually threw a great big boner long before he was totally hard.  We masturbated together, and we stroked each other.   It was just the kind of stuff that kids do at that age.  They experiment with each other and sometimes..

(Oh Fuck!...Here I am, one more a complete standstill, as I try to write this story! ....Back then, we were just two naive little kids. Okay, I'll try again...)

"I couldn't remember a time in my life when I didn't know Mark.  We lived in the same neighborhood.  We went to the same school.   We were as close as any two brothers.  Our "friendship" led to a juvenile familiarity.  We experimented, or whatever you want to call it.   It went on for a few years until we both were eighteen...... 
(Okay, this is still really awkward  for me to write about. Mark and I never really discussed any of that gay shit we were doing with each other at that time.  I don't know how to describe it, except to say we did stuff sometimes with each other.)

By eighteen years of age, it wasn't just child's play anymore!  There was no denying that we were now having full-fledged Dick-sucking and Ass-fucking GAY SEX!  Neither of us was an longer in any kind of denial!

We both knew, at that point that we were "Gay!  Faggots!  Queers!  Homos!  Cock-Suckers! " or any other name that we were called!   Kids tried to bully us, but standing together, we weathered that kind of nonsense!

(Most kids these days don't have it so easy!  The news, these days, is filled with stories of young guys committing Suicide because of bullies!  All of those, "IT GETS BETTER" messages don't always reach everyone.  What a pity!)
We've been together now for ten great years!  That is, if you count from the first time we reached out and touched each other's hard dick.  The progression to full blown sex was a fantastic journey of discovery for both of us.

At 23 years old, Mark and I live together with our two dogs.  We are exclusive to each other and I have never had another sex partner.

(I'm not sure that I can actually say the same for Mark.  He swears he has never been with anyone else, and I want to believe him.  It just seems peculiar to me that he occasionally comes up with new positions to try with me.  I don't ask!  I don't want to know!)

As mind-blowing as the love-making can be, I have to admit that 'sucking-face' and just cuddling is my favorite thing to do.  It brings me comfort to know that I am sharing my life with someone who I love.

(More important:  Someone who loves me too!)
I don't know if what we have will last forever.  I just know that I am am glad that I was "Born This Way"!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Move - Part 7

The Move

Story by Larry

Part 7 of 7

Next week end, I watched for Sy and instead of him heading for the beach he came right to my house and sat at the table outside.  When I saw him out there I went out with a glass of wine and said “Hey baby, glad you came by.”  He looked at me.  “You’re all I could think about all week long man.  We have to talk.”  I said “Sure drink up and we'll have another glass and talk.”  After about 3 glasses each I said  “Ok what do you want to talk about.” 
 He smiled.  “I want to talk about us.  I don't know if you feel the same way I do.  I felt a certain connection last week end and I can't forget it.  It was more than just a fuck for me I don't know about you.”  I sat silent for a few minutes and then admitted that I thought of him all week long too.  Even when Eddy came over and fucked all night I couldn't get Sy out of my head.  “Well what are we going to do about this?” I asked.  “Well first of all I already ordered dinner” he said and with that some Italian food was delivered which he paid for.  we ate and talked some more and when done he said “And second of all we're going to have to fuck again to see if we still feel the same way.”  I looked at him and said “And 3rd?”
“We'll talk about that after #2.”  With that he led me to the bed room and we made love till dawn when we finally fell asleep.  When I woke up he said “Ready to talk about #3.”  I told him there's no talking about it.  “When are you bringing your stuff over?”  He laughed.  “Confident about yourself aren't you.  Yeah and?”  He laughed “It's already in the car.  I don't know what I would have told my parents if I came back home but everything I have is in my car.”  As we were unloading and getting him settled I thought to myself.  This was the best move I ever made with a new job with more money and a hot looking man by my side.  What more could I ask for.  The only thing I could think of was to finish unloading the car so we could fuck long and hard again.

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Move - Part 6

The Move

Story by Larry

Part 6 of 7
When I was finally alone I took a glass of ice water out to the deck and sat down to watch the Sunday parade.  It was developing into a very nice day.  There were 3 couples right at the foot of the stairs from the boardwalk.  I could see all of them clearly and they were clearly naked and jerking each other off.  One was hotter than the next.  Then there was the life guard who was new and when he walked up the stairs for some water he smiled at me and I melted.  I would have sucked him off right there in front of everyone.

Anyhow it started to get late in the day.  I was still sitting outside but now was sipping wine and feeling a little tipsy.  All of a sudden this gorgeous Puerto Rican or Dominican or some sort of Latin decent young man with a perfect dark tan and a bright yellow bikini came up the stairs.  As he started to walk past me I winked at him and said "Nice tan".  He looked back at me and smiled and said “Thanks”.  I asked him if he'd like a glass of wine and he said “Yeah”.  I went inside and got another glass and when I came out he was sitting in the chair slouched down a little with his legs wide open.  Oh my god how did he pack all that into such a small suit.  He was bulging out at the seams.  I handed him the glass of wine and then downed mine in one gulp.
He was drinking his like it was ice water and I asked him if he'd like to come inside and have another glass.  “Sure man I’ll take another glass.  He stood up and I led him into the house and told him “Have a seat.”  Again he sat down with his legs wide open.  I decided he had to with what he was packing in that suit. He downed another glass of wine and then stood up.  “Hey, mind if I take a shower man I’ve got sand all over”.  I told him “Sure”.  He was not shy.  he dropped his suit right in the living room to show a cock as thick as a beer can and at least 2 cans long and uncut.  Soft he hung between his legs and swung back and forth as he walked towards the bathroom. 
I followed and got a towel out of the closet for him.  “Hey man my name is Sy.  Let’s talk a bit.  I see you sitting out there every Sunday.  What’s your story?”  I asked him “What he meant”.  He replied “What are you into?”  I answered “Why don't you tell me what you’re into first Sy?”  He said “That's easy.  I like to suck cock and have my cock sucked and fuck a nice tight ass of any age and have mine fucked just as well.”
“Oh really” I said.  He laughed and said “Yeah like now I would be really happy to just kneel down in front of you and suck your cock deep in my throat and take your load.”  I stood up and said “Oh you would, would you?”  He said “Yeah I would.”  I was feeling the effects of the wine enough and thought to myself what the hell.  I took Sy by the hand and led him to the bedroom naked right from the shower.  He sat on the edge of the bed as I stripped my shorts and shirt off and stood in front of him.  “Well you said you'd suck my cock so let’s see what you can do.”  He grabbed me and pulled me to him and took my cock down to my balls in one gulp. 
Sy was one of the best cock suckers I have met.  I mean Eddy and Jake were good but this guy could really suck a cock.  He lay down on the bed pulling me down on top of him.  His skin was soft to the touch.  I reached down to play with his balls and for the first time realized he was totally bald from the neck down.  “I like to be smooth for my men” he said.  He held me close to him and kissed me deep and as he did he raised his legs high in the air exposing his ass to me.  I broke the kiss and looked into his eyes.  “Yes” he said “I want you to fuck me”. 
I got in between his legs and lifted them even higher and dove into his ass crack with my face.  I was licking and sucking and nibbling his ass and hole and making him crazy.  All of a sudden he yelled “Enough already fuck me.  I want your cock.”  I took his legs and flipped him over and spread his ass cheeks with both hands and dove in his ass crack again this time forcing my tongue as deep as I could inside his hole.  I wanted him as wet as possible because I didn't intend on using any lube. 
He reached behind and forced my face into his ass.  “You want to eat my ass then get in there” he said.  “Otherwise get that cock inside me and fuck me man.”  I started to lick and kiss my way up till I was laying flat on his back and rubbing my cock in his ass crack.  He squirmed and yelled “Are you ever going to fuck me man.”  When he said that, I grabbed my cock and aimed it at his hole and shoved hard.  He arched his back and all I heard was “Aaaaayyyyyyyyyyy momma.”  Then he buried his face in a pillow and was yelling all sorts of stuff in a language I didn't understand but got the general drift.  He loved my cock in his ass and wanted more. 
“Yeah Papi, fuck me” he screamed.  “Give me all your cock.  Ram it deep in my ass.   I want to know a week from now your cock was inside me.  Fuck me Papi.”  He kept yelling and encouraging me so much that I soon was fucking him like a freight train out of control.  I could feel my balls getting ready to release and pulled out of his ass.  “Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Papi fuck me.  Put it back in and fuck me.”  I flipped him over and put his knees on my shoulders and leaned forward and down so I could kiss him while I fucked him.  I rammed my cock back in and he wrapped his arms around me and clawed my back screaming “Yeahhhhhh Papi give it to me.”  I fucked him hard but not for long before my cock exploded in his ass. 
“Mmmmmmmmmmm Papi that feels good.  Real good.”  I pulled out and lay next to him.  My chest was  heaving up and down breathing heavy, with sweat pouring from every pore on my body.  He was soaking wet in his own sweat as well as what ran off me as I fucked him.  The smell of hot sweaty sex hung in the room.  It was intoxicating.  I looked at him and asked "You mean you wanted to be fucked like that? Oh yeah man.  I want you to fuck me like that more too.”  I told him well that depends.  He asked “On what?”  I told him “On how good you fuck me.”
He smiled and rolled over on top of me.  “Well, let me see Papi.  Let me see if I can fuck you as good as you just fucked me.”  He kissed his way down to my cock and sucked it in for a second and then went right for my ass.  “Mmmmmmmmm taste's good man.  Nothing like a hot sweaty ass to lick clean.”  I rolled over on my own and lay on a pillow raising my ass for him and reached behind to spread my own cheeks apart.  “Go for it man. Eat me as long as you want.   It’s your ass man.  You can have it any way you want.”  With that he stood on the bed and pulled me up by my waist.  Then he lowered his cock to my ass and slowly entered me without kneeling.  He was still standing and his cock just hung down and into my ass.  I hadn't realized how fat and long he was till his balls were resting on me and I felt like he filled me and tried to push out my throat.
He began to raise and lower himself in me.  It was a fantastic feeling.  His uncut cock was sliding in and out.  It felt like his mushroom head was trying to push out through my mouth.  God, I was in heaven.  Finally he got down on his knees and took me by my hips and slammed into me and kept slamming into me till he was ready to shoot his load.  Then he said something in Spanish and then in English he said “Get ready, I’m gonna flood you with my seed.  I’m gonna give you a load like no one has ever done before.
With that I felt a warm feeling in my ass and knew he was filling me like he said.  He fell on my back breathing heavy and mixing our sweat together before sliding off me and laying on the bed next to me.  “Man you got a great ass” he said.  I told him “I can say the same about you. You’re tight as hell man.”  He got up off the bed and was heading to the shower when I asked where he was going.  “I’m gonna wash up man.  I gotta get going it's getting late.”

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Move - Part 5

The Move

Story by Larry

Part 5 of 7

I got up the next morning to Eddy and his friend entwined naked on the couch.  I put shorts on and went out to enjoy the early morning Sunday line up as I had started calling it.  I wasn't outside more than an hour and I could smell bacon cooking in my apartment.  I went inside to Eddy and his friend naked in my kitchen cooking breakfast.  I noticed Eddy and his friend had a tattoo.  Matter of fact is was the same tattoo.
“Well, what do we have here?” I asked.  Eddy turned showing me a full hard on and said “This is my friend Jake.  Jake and I have recently started seeing each other.”  Jake looked at me and said “Right now it's more of a fuck buddy stage but you never can tell” and with that playfully slapped Eddy on his ass and then moved in and kissed him quick as he headed for the fridge to get something.  “Hope you’re hungry” Eddy said.  “We have scrambled eggs, bacon, French toast, pancakes and coffee or tea whichever you prefer and orange juice.”
He put this spread out in front of me and we all sat down to eat.  When I was done I was so full I could just about move.  “Hope you don't mind our little escapade last night.  We both wanted a good fuck and I couldn't think of a better place to come but here.”  I smiled and told him I was flattered.  Jake got up and said “I’d like to thank you for last night personally” and with that turned my chair enough that he could get down on his knees and pulled my shorts down enough to get the head of my cock and licked it.  “Lift, please”  he said as he took the waist of my shorts and tried to pull them down. 
Who was I to argue?  I lifted my ass off the chair and he slid my shorts down and off and then turned and immediately started to suck my cock.  He moaned in sheer delight.  “Man your cock taste's good” and then went right back to sucking my cock.  Eddy came over and got on his knees and they swapped my cock back and forth between each other.  I could feel my balls tightening and soon had my head tilted back and moaned out loud as I shot my load all over them.  They licked it off each other and then stood up and were going to head for the bedroom when I stopped them.
“Sorry guys, today is a day of rest.  You both have a place of your own, go fuck there.  Not that I don't appreciate it but you’re wearing me out.”  They laughed and slipped their clothes on without showering and said “Goodbye.  We'll shower at Eddy's house.”  I laughed and said “You mean, you’ll fuck in the shower at Eddy's house” and we all laughed.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Move - Part 4

The Move

Story by Larry

Part 4 of 7

The rest of the day was like any other day at work.  Eddy offered to drive me home since my car wouldn't be in for another day so he dropped me off at the hotel.  I’ll pick you up same time tomorrow he said.  I told him “Yeah.  I’ll leave the door open.  Let yourself in naked.”  The following day he did and we fucked like rabbits before going to work.  I could get used to this.
The week end came fast and I asked Eddy to take me around to look for a place to live.  He said I have the perfect place.  I thought he might mean living with him but it wasn't but might as well have been.  Two blocks from him right on the boardwalk I got a 1 bedroom apartment.  It was a little small but cute and like I said right on the boardwalk.  I could watch all the people as they walked to and from and just walk off the boardwalk and be at the beach. 
I moved my stuff in and even bought a small table and chairs to put out front to have coffee at in the mornings like my neighbors.  That’s when I realized I was in a really perfect situation.  I was at the northern end of the beach, which was the gay nude section.  Man I was in 7th heaven the first Saturday watching everyone go to the beach.  I had to go in and jerk off twice and finally called Eddy over and fucked the shit out of him so hard he had to soak in my tub when we were done.  He loved every minute of it.
Things settled down and I got into a routine.  Even Eddy went back to his normal life or whatever you want to call it. At his age you never know.  I myself got into a rut.  I would get up, go to work, come home make dinner maybe sit outside a bit or watch TV and go to bed.  Eddy tried to talk me into going out with him one night and I told him I felt a little out of place since he was so much younger than me.   He countered with “Yes but you know how to fuck so much better than me too.”  I laughed but still declined.
Late that night I heard a knocking at my door.  I put a terry wrap around my waist and went to the door.  There was Eddy drunk as a skunk with a friend of his.  “Heeeeeyyyyy” he said.  His friend who was a bit more sober said “He told me to bring him here.  He said something about getting a great fuck.”  I had them both come in before the neighbors woke up.  Eddy was already taking his clothes off and who could refuse to fuck his nice tight round tan ass.  My terry wrap was tenting faster than I could blink.  His friend said “Man, you must have some cock under there.”  Eddy responded with “Yeah look” and pulled it off.  My cock flopped out and Eddy made a lunge for it trying to get it in his mouth.  I turned kind of quick and hit his friends hand in the process. 
His friend said “Don't mind if I do” and took it in his hand and started to jerk me off.  “Ok guys” I said “let’s not get carried away.”  Eddy said “Fuck that.  Fuck me.”  He got up off the chair and dragged me into the bedroom where he grabbed the lube and greased up my cock.  He threw me down on the bed and climbed up on top of me and politely sat on my cock.  Man he did feel good.  His friend grabbed the lube and said “I want in on this” and greased up his cock.  He got on the bed and pushed Eddy forward and then put his cock next to mine and shoved.  His cock popped into Eddy kind of easy but Eddy yelled and tried to get away.  His friend had him by the shoulders and wasn't letting him go.  He started to fuck him at a good steady pace.  He was actually rocking Eddy back and forth so I didn't have to move and eddy was being fucked by my cock as well.  The feeling was unbelievable and I came in no time.  So did his friend.
Our cum was leaking out of Eddy all over the place.  He jumped up and looked at his friend.  “My turn” he said.  He pushed his friend down on top of me and shoved his cock in the guy’s ass.  The guy yelled saying he doesn't get fucked but I looked at him and said I guess you do now.  Eddy fucked him long enough on top of me to rub my cock into a full hard on again.  Then eddy got up.  Put his friend on his back and told me to fuck him, to keep him in place till I was in position.  He sat on the guys face and told him to eat the cum out of his ass.
I got behind him and held his legs up high and wide open and just shoved inside him.  I heard a muffled “mmmmmmmmffffffffff” from under eddy's ass. The guy was still trying to get away but between Eddy on his face and me in his ass there was no moving.  I fucked him like I did eddy the first night.   I was like a locomotive and gave him a load. We all fell into a sweaty pile on the bed.  “Ok guys.  It is time to go to sleep, floor or couch, but I get the bed.  Minutes later I heard them out in the living room.  They were on the floor sucking each other off.  “Let them have their fun” I thought.  I’m tired. Tomorrow is another day.