Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tender Moments - April 30

Tender Moments

It's magic each time we hold each other, each time we cuddle, and each time we kiss. I feel goosebumps all over again. I never want to let you go for fear of losing you, so I just hold on a little bit tighter each day, refusing to let go. You will never know the warmth I feel inside me when I'm with you. You're all I ever wanted.

Shoe Salesperson - Part 3

Shoe Salesperson

Part 3 of 4

I always ran away. It was easier that way. But this time I wanted to stay. I pulled his face towards me and we kissed. I started to undress Marc. He took my lead, and removed my shirt. I wasn’t overly muscular.

When I took Marc’s shirt off, I was stunned by his chest. I pressed his chest to mine. He kissed me on the neck and then moved down to my chest. He took my nipple in his mouth and ran his tongue around it.

He moved down to my pants. He unbuttoned them and slowly unzipped them. I was trying to remember what underwear I put on this morning. Then I realized, Marc would probably take them off, so it did not matter. At least, I hoped he took them off.

Marc pulled down my pants. My cock poked straight ahead and made a tent out of my briefs. Marc pulled my briefs down. He was staring at my cock. He kissed the tip. That sent a shock wave through my body. He ran his tongue along the underside of my cock. He leaned back and pulled me forward. My balls slapped him in the face. He engulfed them both with his mouth. I felt his tongue brushed against the hairs on my balls.

I was going to pop my load. I pulled Marc back up to his feet. I undid his pants and pulled them down. He had on the sexiest of briefs. The were snug and his cock was fighting to get out. I quickly pulled them down to his feet and removed them. His cock was magnificent. He was cut like mine. His cockhead was huge. I swirled my tongue around it and then took it in my mouth.

I started to suck his cock while I rubbed my hands all over his chest. I was so glad I stayed. Marc tried once again to get me to lay on his bed. I climbed onto the bed and laid next to him. We kissed as our cocks rubbed against each other.

I wanted to explore every inch of his body. I started kissing him, first on the mouth, than his chest, then his cock, and finally his balls. We were now in a 69 position. I spread his legs and move my tongue down between his legs to his ass hole. Marc did the same. His tongue entered my ass first. It sent chills all over my body. I probed my tongue deep into his ass. Every lick of his tongue was matched by mine.

I never felt being so much aroused by a person. I did not want it to end. But Marc stopped and turned back around when we were face to face. He kissed me and held me tight. His embrace made me feel secure, happy, and also sad. For I knew our lovemaking would end and then I would be faced with the unknown. I asked myself, "Would this continue?" We silently held on to each other.
Part 3 of 4

Friday, April 29, 2011

Short Takes - Golf

Short Takes - Golf

I was bored. The rest of the foursome was off in the woods looking for their balls. Knowing them, they were probably having sex right now. Thinking about them in a threesome got me excited. I unzipped my shorts and pulled out my already hard cock. I started to stroke it.

Although this felt good, I wanted all three of the guys. I turned around to see if they were coming. I hopped off the cart and zipped up my shorts. Ready or not, here I cum.

Shoe Salesperson - Part 2

Shoe Salesperson

Marc had an apartment in the gay area of town. I pulled over and stopped the car. He asked if I wanted to stop for another drink. I told him he did not have to do that. Marc cracked a big smile and said, "Don’t worry I won’t bite." I smiled and said, "I am not worried about you biting me. I am worried about me biting you." After saying that, I thought, "Gosh, that sounded awful."

I agreed to a quick drink. His apartment was tastefully furnished. It was like him, very neat, stylist, and beautiful decorated. I took a seat on the couch and Marc handed me a drink. I asked, "You take strange guys home a lot?"

He smiled once again and said, "No, you are the first strange guy." I laugh.

I started to look at him more closely. He was beautiful. His body seemed muscular. My mind wandered and I thought of what lies beyond his clothes, especially his pants and underwear.

Marc was talking but I did not hear what he was saying. I found myself leaning over towards him and I kissed him on the cheek. I did not pull back. Marc stopped talking. He turned towards me. Our lips were just inches apart. He gave me a quick kiss. I wanted more but I was not going to push myself onto him.

I felt his fingers run through my hair. He held my head and then kiss me with more force. I opened my mouth and his tongue probed and touched my tongue. My hand landed on his thigh. I gripped his leg and felt solid muscle. I inched my hand towards his crouch. March leaned into me and grabbed my hand. He moved it and placed it squarely on his crouch. I squeezed and felt his hard cock.

Marc was aggressive. He moved quickly. He had his hand down the front of my pants and he was holding my cock. I felt his hand grabbed a handful of hair. He tugged at my pubes. His kisses were sending me over the top. He moved his hand to the tip of my cock. My cockhead grew moist. I felt him spreading my precum.

Then he stopped and he turned gentle. His kisses were mere pecks on my lips, then my cheeks., then he nibbled on my ear. He whispered, "Let’s move to the bedroom."

I nodded "Yes." We stood and walked towards the bedroom. I stopped before climbing into bed. Marc kicked off his shoes and laid in the bed. I smiled at him and hesitated. He was all I ever wanted in a man.

I have always been a cautious guy. One side of me was telling me to jump into his arms, the other side said, ‘no’. Marc sat up. He knew what my answer was going to be. He stood up and walked over to me and just held me. His strong arms felt good, and protective.

"I understand. I will honor any decision you make." Marc gave me a final kiss.
Part 2 of 4

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shoe Salesman - Part 1

Shoe Salesperson

Part 1 of 4

I was just looking. I was killing time before going back to work. I stopped and look at the boots. "Can I help you?" It was a salesperson. I really did not want to deal with anyone right now. I said, ‘No, thank you."

As I turned to leave, I was looking into this angelic face with the bluest of eyes. "Well if you need me, my name is Marc." I needed him, but not to sell me shoes. "I’m just looking." I answered. I wanted to stall for time and drink up his beauty. He was shorter than I but his smile melted my heart.

I grabbed a boot and acted like I was looking at it. "Do you want to see that one in your size?" He asked me with a twinkle in his eyes. I looked at my watch and notice I had to get back to work.

Without thinking, I asked, "Are you seeing anyone?"

He looked at me like I was a nut case and asked, "Why do you want to know that?"

I realized I dug a hole and I wanted to craw inside of it and die. I was embarrassed. "Sorry, I just wanted to know if you want to stop of a drink after work."

He gave me a big smile. "Well, I am available tonight after 5. There is a nice bar just down the street." We made plans to meet. I waved goodbye and headed back to work. The rest of day, I could not think of anyone but Marc.

When quitting time came, I rushed out the door and headed for the bar. I got a table and ordered a drink. My palms of my hands were sweaty. I felt like a teenager all over again. I have been with guys before, so it wasn’t my first time.

I saw him walk in the bar. He spotted me and headed for the table. He was all smiles when he sat next to me. He ordered himself a drink.

He looked at me with that twinkle in his eyes and said, "I never did answer your question. It is ‘no’."

I looked puzzled. Marc said, "The question was if I am seeing anyone."

I was relieved. I laughed and said, "Great. I mean that it is great for me that you are not seeing anyone. Not great that you are alone." He smiled and asked about myself. I told him I was not seeing anyone.

After my awkward start, I calmed down and the evening went well. The time flew by. Marc looked at his watch and said, "I really need to go." I figured he was making a hasty exist.

I told him I understood. I felt like I blew it. He said, "Let’s do this again sometime." He flew out the door. I finished my drink and then headed to the car.

I sat in the car feeling dejected. I put the car into drive and slowly pulled out. I turned the corned and saw Marc sitting at the bus stop with his head in his hands. I pulled over and rolled down the window and ask, "You ok?"

Marc looked up and flashed the biggest smile. "I missed my bus." I unlocked the passenger door and said "Hop in, I will take you home."

Marc climbed into the car and buckled up. "I really appreciate this." He gave me directions and off we drove.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You Are Late

You Are Late

He was waiting for me on the porch of my house. I was late and he was pissed. It was a hot, humid day. Rob was hot under the collar. I forgot to call to tell him I was running late. When I walked up to the porch. He looked away. His white shirt was unbuttoned. His tan chest was exposed and I wanted to run my hands all over it.

I said, "Sorry I’m late." He kept looking away and not saying a work. When Rob pouted, he looked so adorable. It always brought a smile to my face. I could see his underwear waistband sticking out over the top of his jeans.

Even though he was mad, I knew we would end up in bed and I would have him out of his jeans. I went up to him and kissed him on the cheek. I whispered, "I’m sorry." I knelt down and I was eye level with Rob. I knew saying ‘I’m sorry’ would not be enough. I whispered, "You can do whatever you want with me."

Rob cracked a slight smile. I continued with "Anything, you want." His smile got bigger. "Anything."

When I got a full smile, I hugged him. I was a top and Rob was a bottom. I loved to fuck him and Rob enjoyed being fucked. But there were times he wanted to fuck me and usually I said ‘no’.

This time I would have to say ‘yes’. I held him and having his muscular body in my arms always made me feel better. We stood up and I kissed Rob. We went into the house and walked to the bedroom. I took off his shirt and massaged his muscular chest. I took off his jeans. His cock was already erect and sticking out over the top of his underwear waistband.

He always looked so sexy in underwear. Rob undressed me and I stood there naked. He wrapped his arms around me and we kissed. His hands moved down my back to my ass and he cupped my round ass cheeks. His tongue probed deep in my mouth, as he fingered my ass hole.

We laid on the bed. Rob was on top of me. He never stopped kissing, as he lifted my legs and his cock poked my ass. He reached down and guided his cock into my ass. I grimaced as his cock went deeper and deeper inside of me. He held still and he kissed me on my forehead, then my nose, and then my mouth.

Once he knew I was fine with having his cock in me, he started to fuck me. I only had Rob fuck me a few times, usually when he was mad at me for something stupid that I did. Rob was gentle and knew to go slow. If I made any sound that I was hurting, he would stop immediately.

I actually started loving when Rob fucked me. He would pay more attention to me and with his gentle nature, I felt like he was making love to me, instead of just having sex. He made me feel special.

His thrusts of his hips became faster. His cock felt thicker as he got closer to cumming. He held still and I felt his cum splattering my insides. He pumped his hips a couple more times then it was over.

He slipped his cock out of me. He lowered himself on top of me. He kissed me. This was the part I loved the best. He stroked my chest and continued kissing me. Some kisses were quick and some were long.

I laid there glad that I made him mad. I wondered what I could do ‘stupid’ next time.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sammy - Part 2


Part 2 of 2

Next morning our heads were hurting from all that we drank. We fell asleep in the same bed. Sammy had a morning woodie.

He rolled over and leaned against me. I felt his cock rubbed against my ass. I remember the thickness of his cock and wondered how it would feel in my ass. I reached around and guided his cock to my ass hole. I gave it a pushed and he entered me. At first my ass hurt from the size.

Sammy pushed deeper. I reached back to keep him from going too fast until I got used to it. He then pushed it all the way.

His cock was big. Up to now, I only inserted my finger in my ass. Having his cock in me, felt good. He started to pump and I wished I had done this sooner. It was a great feeling.

His arms hugged me and held me still as he fucked me. Then I felt him cumming. I was intrigued. This felt great. As he finished cumming, he pumped less and less. His cock grew smaller and it slipped out of my ass.

I rolled over and laid on my back. Sammy continued to hug me. My cock was hard. What Sammy did next surprised me. He moved down to my cock and took it in his mouth. I placed my hand on his back. He sucked away. Another person’s mouth on your cock was an awesome feeling. He took my cock deep in his mouth. I could not hold it any longer, and shot a wad of cum. Sammy choked. It was not turning back for me, I finishing unload my cum in his mouth. He swallowed most of it, but some ran out the side of his mouth and landed on me. He licked the remaining drops of cum off of me.

He laid back down on the bed. He reached for the bottle of whiskey on the nightstand and took a sip and handed it to me. I laugh and said, "Dude, we need to do this more often." Sammy answered, "Dude, hell yes."

Sammy and I have been best of friends. After college we moved in together. Sammy stills wears his hair long. And dude, we do it as often as we can. Hell YES.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Read All About It

Read All About It
Great news.
My FOLLOWERS are up to

Sammy - Part 1


Part 1 of 2

They called him names. They said he was trash. I had been a friend with Sammy since we were kids. He was not a stunning good-looking guy. His face was average. He wore his hair long and it was stringy. If he would wear it short, it might make him look better.

One thing people did not know was that Sammy had a nice thick circumcised cock with a large round knob of a cock head. What he lacked in looks, he made up with his cock.

Sex was never something that was on our minds when we were growing up, at least not with each other.

We accidentally had sex one day, after we graduated from High School. Our birthdays were only two days apart. When we turned 18, we celebrated at Sammy’s parent house. After the party we went up to Sammy’s room to play video games.

Since I was little, I would do a sleep over.

Since it was our birthday, Sammy smuggled a bottle of whiskey from his Dad’s liquor cabinet. We were 18 and we thought we could handle booze. We drank it straight. After a few sips, we forgot about the video games and just drank. Sammy passed out. I picked him up and dropped him in his bed. Sammy woke up and tried getting undressed. His fingers could not handle the buttons and I stepped in to undo his shirt and take it off.

His chest has some hair growing around his nipples. I never noticed that before. I used my finger to tickle Sammy. He laughed. I then took off his pants. As I pulled them off, I noticed he had on no underwear. I had never seen him naked. His cock laid erect on his bush of pubes. He was had a thick circumcised cock. He had a little more hair down below than I thought he would have. The hair around his cock fascinated me and I touched it with my fingers. I brushed my hand against his cock and put my hand around it.

I said, "Dude, your cock is so thick. Mine is thin compared to yours." He asked to see it. I took off my clothes and Sammy grabbed my cock. It grew long in his hand. Sammy said, "This is easier to jack off." With that comment, he started to stroke my cock. I started to do the same with his cock. Being young and drunk, we shot our loads fairly quickly. I used my briefs to wipe the cum off of us.

We took a sip of whiskey and went to sleep.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Can't Wait to Go Hiking

Rainy and yucky today and for the next 5day. 

Can't wait to go Hiking.

What a View!

Straight Colleague

Straight Colleague

A story by J. C.


Some time ago, the firm I was working for decided to send me - together with a colleague of mine - to attend a two-day convention in Paris. As it is quite distant from where we work, that meant staying in a hotel overnight.Philip, the man I was to go with was not a friend of mine, just a colleague. I didn’t know him very much, we had had only a drink a couple of times when leaving work, before going back home. He was about my age - somewhat younger , but as I was 33 at the time, 3 or 4 years younger don’t really make a difference. I knew he was married, had a baby and that’s about all.

Since the firm didn’t give each of us a very big allowance to pay for our hotel and other expenses during the two days, we had thought we would book only one hotel room, instead of two. We didn’t mind sharing a room - it was just for one night and it would save us some money- but of course we had booked a double room !That evening, after the first day of the convention, we went to the hotel, checked in and went up to the room. When we arrived there we were met with something we had not even considered- there was only one bed. We exchanged looks of horror and I immediately went down to the reception, but in vain. They agreed they had made a mistake in the reservation, they were very sorry, but they had no alternative, the hotel was full.Philip and I decided we had to make the best of it.We had dinner in a restaurant and came back to the hotel. We both had some work to do comparing and finalizing the notes we had taken down during the day.

Things became more embarrassing when it was time to go to bed. I went to the bathroom and undressed, had a quick shower and came back in my pajamas. But then Philip gave me a sheepish grin.
I have a problem, he said.

- Don’t tell me you snore like a steam engine, I joked.
- No, but, I’ve forgotten my pajamas. I’ll have to sleep with my undies.
- No problem», I said, we’re both guys. It’ll be just like at the beach. Besides, I’ve even already slept next to naked men, you know.

- Really?

- Yes, a few years ago and it was OK.
He seemed relieved and went to the bathroom. When he came out of it, in his briefs, I could see him almost naked for the first time: he was quite good-looking, certainly much more than I was. His chest was reasonably muscular, neither too bulky, nor very thin, covered with an almost invisible down of blond hair, I watched him carefully placing his clothes on a chair, admiring his physique… I surprised myself noticing he had a cute bum and great legs and, a nice package cradled in his tight briefs.You’re very handsome, I couldn’t help saying.

- Oh, thanks.

- I really mean it… I like men …handsome men, I mean.
He remained silent a second and said brusquely:
You mean you… you like men, especially if they’re handsome?
Before I could answer, I added:
I thought you were married.

- Well, I am, but you see, I also…
He interrupted me:
You’re not telling me you’re gay?

- Not exactly. I have a wife, I love her dearly and our intimate life is perfect… But… I also enjoy going out with a man from time to time.
He agreed I was right and looked re-assured.

  • Like today… This hotel with a single bed it’s a trap you’ve devised just for me?

  • - No honest, I didn’t know any more than you did. We both discovered it on arriving.

  • How would you feel if a man ever asked you to have sex with him?

  • - Dunno. Never thought about it, he replied. I suppose I’d buff him… I don’t know.
  • - You know you turn me on. You are really very handsome. Listen, I’m asking you now… you and I. He opened the mouth to answer but I was faster. -Do I put you off? Do you think I’m a fucking faggot? - No, you live as you like, but it comes as a surprise, I don’t know what to say…
    • Philip, don’t think badly of me, I said softly, while coming in closer, within arms reach, you must know a man can be attracted by another, especially a good-looking one like you…
    And I extended my hand towards him and slightly brushed his chest with the tip of a finger. He shuddered at the contact.
    • Tell you what I’ll do. I’ll slowly move my hand down to your stomach. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable: just say ‘stop it’ and I’ll stop and forget everything I’ve said and done, but if you don’t say anything, I’ll finally reach your briefs and… i might even pull them down.
    I waited a second for any reaction, gesture or word that would show refusal but Philip remained motionless. He really seemed petrified. I moved my hand across his chest, hardly rubbing it and caressed a nipple gently. I briefly brushed the area around the belly button and moved on slowly, reaching my goal. My hand stopped. - And now, I carry on? I realized he was about to make a plunge, when he said, just above a whisper, Go ahead. I was emboldened. The outline of his cock was visible against the thin cotton material of the briefs. He was semi hard! I slipped his fingertips under the waistband and played a second with the top of his briefs then pulled his briefs outwards and gently lowered it over the head of his cock, exposing it to my view. He was aroused ! You’ve got a beautiful big penis, Philip. I envy you, really beautiful.. Then I pulled his briefs down to the base of the dick under his balls. Lay still and relax, I whispered, and enjoy the feeling. I began to caress his cock with my hands, fingering and touching the head while the fingernails of my other hand gently caressed his balls; as I fondled his dick, it quickly became hard and stiff. Philip’s face was still tense and I wondered how far he was willing to go.
    • You gonna like it, just be cool, I reassured him.
    I lifted my body, and placed my head over his sticker. Without hesitation, I let my lips gently caress the head. I licked him all along the underside of his cock, teasing the sensitive tip with the tip of my tongue as a prelude and as I closed my mouth around his beautiful boner, he once again shuddered, but this time I was sure he was beginning to enjoy the caresses. I pulled back the foreskin and licked the head of his dick. My lips could feel the velvety head slip past them and into my mouth when I started to blow him. After a short while, I slid his briefs off one leg. This allowed him to spread his legs wider, and gave me easy access to his balls and butt. I got brave and began to rub his bums with my other hand. Although he didn’t stop me, I decided to stop, as I thought it would be too much for him for the moment. I stroked his cock with one hand while stimulating the head with my lips and tongue. My lips were gently gliding up and down his cock head, alternating with my tongue licking his head, and also licking his shaft from his balls to the tip. Soon, I felt his hands caressing my head and my back, and his hips beginning to thrust back and forth. He got moaning and whispering, «Yes, yes», «Suck my dick. At this point I looked up and saw that his eyes were closed.
    I went on, swirling my tongue madly over and around that swollen red head. Before long, I felt Philip’s hands clasp behind my head and he began to thrust his thick boner into me. His thrusts were gentle. I loved the way the tip of his dick teased the back of my throat. He warned me:
    • Steady on, or else I’ll be cuming in your mouth.
    • I didn’t answer but continued stroking his cock deeper into my mouth. - Pull away,… you don’t want it in your mouth when I cum. he replied. I didn’t want to let go, I managed to answer I’d suck him till he was completely finished. A few seconds later I felt Philip pulsating wildly in my mouth, I heard him say:

    • I’m going to…
    and he was cut off as he suddenly screamed one last time, pushing up violently. He came hard, and long, shooting off several blast in my mouth. I felt my mouth fill with his warm, thick cum and then felt it dripping from my lips. I stayed with my lips pressed around his meat, and while he was moaning in ecstasy, I swallowed his load. I kept pumping his cock and licking him gently until he began to get soft and I backed away. As I lay there with my head in his lap, Philip seemed to wake up from a dream. He finally said
    • Damn, Man, that was hot. You’re a good cocksucker. Thanks for it.
    And suddenly I felt a hand brush my cock and Philip said laughing: - Let’s have some more fun. We don’t want to go to sleep right now, do we?
I turned to face him.

Hitchhiker Stories – The Ride - Part 2

Hitchhiker Stories – The Ride
I was late. It was 10:15 PM. I ran out to the street. It was deserted. I started to walk. It was stupid of me to think the guy that I caught a ride with earlier would still be here waiting for me. I sat on the curb. I was tired but I needed to get home.

As I started to stand, a car screeched to a stop. "Sorry I am late. I got you a hot drink."

It was my ride. I grabbed the drink and took a sip. "How did you know I needed this?"

"Lucky Guess. By the way, my name is Tony." I shook hands with him and introduce myself.

Tony put the car in gear and off we went. The coffee hit the spot. I asked him "How much do I owe you?" Tony shook his head "Nothing. It is my treat."

I asked him, "What do I owe you for the ride?" Tony shook his head again, "Nothing. It is my treat."

I felt strange. Tony was actually a nice guy. The time went by quickly. Tony pulled over to where he picked me up earlier this evening. I sat in the car not wanting to go home alone. I took a deep breath and asked, "You want to stop for a drink. I live around the corner."

Tony agreed to a quick drink. He said he had classes in the morning, so he had to get up early. Up in my apartment, I grabbed two beers and handed him one. The beer slipped out of my hand, and spilled beer on his pants. I tried blotting the beer but it needed to be washed. I told him to take them off and I will wash and dry them. He took them off and stood there naked. I forgot he had no underwear on.

He crossed his arms and said, "Well that is one way to get me out of my pants." He still had his shirt and hat on. I sat on the sofa and laugh. He said as he sat next to me. "Let’s be fair, Remove your pants." His cock was semi-hard. It looked too good to waste. I pulled my pants off. I left my underwear on.

Tony knelt in front of me and pulled my briefs down to my ankles. My cock sprang up. I kicked my briefs off. Tony removed his shirt and hat and threw them to the side of the sofa. Tony reached in and licked my erect cock. He started down at my balls and licked the shaft all the way to the top of my penis. He grabbed my hands and we intertwined our fingers. He pulled me down to the floor. His mouth was still sucking my cock. I moved around to get at his cock.

Completely naked, his cock and balls were beautiful to look at. I hungrily took his cock in my mouth.

We got into a sucking frenzy. It was the best sex I had in a while. He was gentle at times and aggressive at other times. I took his cock deep in my mouth down to his pubes and inhaled. He still smelt good.

I was the first to cum. My cock slipped out of his mouth and I came on his face. He took the cock back into his mouth but not before getting cum in his hair and on his face. He came next. I tighten my lips to keep his cum in my mouth and swallowed his load. It still tasted sweet.

Tony put his hat back on. He looked at his watch. He needed to go but his pants were not dry. I offered for him to stay but he said he had to get home to get his books. I gave him a pair of my pants to wear. He said he would pick up his pants some other time.

He left and I sat back on the sofa. I held my cock in my hand and closed my eyes. I thought of Tony.
Part 2 of 2

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tender Moments for April 23

Tender Moments

That word is love.
One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life:

~ Sophocles ~

Hitchhiker Stories – The Ride - Part 1

Hitchhiker Stories – The Ride

Part 1 of 2

I needed a ride badly. I knew what happens when you hitchhike. But most times the only thing they want is a handjob. I stuck out my thumb. I could not afford to pay for transportation. If I had to give a handjob, then that was the way it had to be.

A few cars passed me by. I was ready to give up, when a car slowly pulled over. Looking in the window, I saw the guy’s cock sticking out of his jeans. He was hard and ready for action. I smiled and he said get in. He did not ask where I was going. He was older than I was, somewhat portly.

As I got in the car, I belted out the town I needed to be at. He said, "No problem." The car stayed parked at the side of the road. I knew he needed payment, so I reached over to grab his cock. It was rock hard. He was uncircumcised. He moved the seat back. He reached to the back of my head. Slowly he pushed me towards his cock. His cock was inches from my mouth.

He smelled of piss. I could not do it. I sat upright and said, "No, thanks." And got out of the car. He pealed away from me. His tires spinning and gravel flying up and at me.

I continued to search for a ride. It was getting late. I knew I would be late. Finally a car pulled over. I quickly got into the car. He was younger with a cap on. He looked more my age. His circumcised cock was sticking out of his pants. He was nervous. I told him where I was going and he drove off.

He had a beautiful cock. I told him so. He smiled. I asked if he wanted me to touch it. He nodded. I reached over and it felt good to hold his cock. I looked closer and saw precum forming on the tip of his cock. For some reason I wanted to suck this cock. I saw a rest stop coming up and asked if he wanted to pull over. Without a word, he parked at the far end of the parking lot away from the traffic.

I asked him to pull the seat back. I looked around and saw that we were alone. I bent over and was ready to suck his cock when I inhaled. He smelled clean, by some type of fragrance soap. I thought to myself, "Better." I took his cockhead in my mouth and locked my lips around it.

I could only go down so far. His pants were blocking me from going too deep with his cock.

I saw some dumpsters off to the side of the rest area. I pointed to them, and motioned to follow me. He stuck his cock back in his pants. I was waiting for him when he stop and stood in front of me. His cock was sticking out of his pants. I started to suck and unbuttoned his pants and loosen them from around his cock. He had no underwear on. His pubes were black and bushy. I took his cock deep in my mouth, all the way to his bush. I inhaled and took a deep breath. He must of bathe right before going out. He smelt good. I started to suck quickly. He held my head, more for support. I fondled his balls. His hips got into the action. I tasted some precum, followed by his first wad of cum. It was sweet to taste. I swallowed as another wad of cum landed in my mouth. I finished swallowing and removed his cock. I licked any remaining drops of cum off of his cock. He placed his cock back in his pants and we went back to the car.

He was silent as he drove me to my destination. I ended up being right on time. I turned to leave and said, "Thanks." I turned back to him and said, "Maybe I will see you again sometime." He answered, "Yeah."

As I got out of the car, he said, "You need a ride back home?"

I smiled and said, "I will be leaving around 10 PM. Maybe I will see you later." He said, "Yeah."

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fuck Buddy

Fuck Buddy

I saw Van at the vending machine. I ran to catch up. I was horny and needed some action. Van was my fuck buddy from high school. We had powerful sex. Van was a tiger in bed. Now that we were in college, we did not see each other much.

Van dropped his money in the slot and then selected the chocolate bar, his favorite. I yelled, "Van, wait up." Van started to munch on the candy. He had no shirt on. He had a well-defined chest. He worked hard at the gym and it paid off. He was a real stud. He had jeans on with his underwear waistband appearing over the top of the jeans. I remember what he looked like with just his underwear and wanted to see that again.

"Where are you heading?" I asked. Van looked at me. I had stubble on my face from not shaving the last couple of days. I was not built like Van. I wasn’t fat by any means, but not overly muscular. I wished I had at least shaved.

Van answered "I need to study for mid-term. Where are you heading?" Van looked at my bulge in my shorts. I told him "I’m heading to my parents. They are gone for the weekend, so I had the place to myself. Want to come over?" I had on boxers and they were not controlled my hard cock.

Van finished his candy bar and threw the wrapper away. "I can come over but I do have to study for mid-term later. I have not seen you in a while. What have you been up to?"

We headed towards my parent’s house. We caught up on what we both been doing. Van looked terrific. I wished I kept in touch these last few years.

It was unseasonably warm for this time of year. Van was covered with sweat. I saw his sweat bead on his chest and then drip down to be absorbed by his underwear.

When we got to my parent’s place, Van removed his backpack. I told him I needed to take a quick shower. I ran upstairs to the bathroom. I stopped at my old room and took off my shirt, shorts and boxer. I looked in the mirror. I looked a messed. I remember when I had a nice tone body, styled haircut, and clean-shaven.

Just then Van walked in. He removed his jeans and stood there with just his boxer briefs. They had sweat stains. His cock was hard. I looked at him through the mirror. I turned around and walked toward him. I went to hug him and Van stopped my arms and we fell to the bed. He pinned my arms down. He was so much stronger than I.

He shoved his sweat smelling boxer briefs in my face. The smell was intoxicating. His boxer briefs were wet from the sweat. He rubbed them in my face. I felt his hard cock brushed against my face. He lifted me back up from the bed. "Let’s shower." He said.

I led the way to the bathroom. I turned on the water. Van had removed his underwear. He grabbed me and forced his tongue down my throat. I backed up and stopped at the sink. He braced his arms against the wall. I was between him and the wall with no place to go. He lifted my legs. I leaned back to the wall. His cock was shoved into my ass. He entered me quickly and plunged his cock deep into my ass.

He pounded his cock into me. I pushed him away to ease the pain. Van grabbed both arms and banged them to the wall. He looked me in the face, then he kissed me hard. Again his tongue darted into my mouth. He released my arms and concentrated on fucking me. I grabbed my cock and started to jack off.

He saw me jacking off, and held my hand away from my cock. He pounded a few more times than he came. When he was done he said, "Fuck me." I hesitated and he yelled, "FUCK ME, NOW." Van laid on the floor. I climbed between his legs and stuck my cock in his ass. I only had to thrust my hips a couple times, then I came.

We showered. I put on cleaned clothes. I found Van downstairs putting on his clothes. He said he had to leave. As he got ready to leave he turned and said, "Don’t wait three years before calling me again." He grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me to him. He kissed me long and hard. He released my shirt and smiled, and walked out the door.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

Part 1of 3

I had my assignment. I headed off to the West Side of town. It was not the best part of town. Temptation lurked around every corner, with danger being not too far away. I found Jeremy walking down an alley. I stayed overhead and watched. I had a better view from above.

Jeremy stopped. Out of the shadow, Justin took a step into the alley towards him. The light from the streetlight cast an eerie glow upon his face. I canvassed the area. No threat existed. I knew both Jeremy and Justin. It was harmless sex that they both wanted.

Justin was first to pull out his cock. He was rock hard and ready for action. Jeremy dropped to his knees and took Justin’s cock in his mouth. I leaned back against the wall and notice that both Justin and Jeremy were in an elated state of bliss. I envy them. I wanted to be able to do the same with Jeremy.

Justin came quickly. He no sooner shot his load that he flicked his cock a couple time to remove any remaining cum. He glanced down the alley. He stuffed his cock back in his pants. Zipped them back up and left.

Jeremy felt lonely. He had hoped for someone to suck his cock. He wanted to be loved, but it was elusive.

At the entrance to the alley was Alex. Jeremy did not see him coming.

I spotted him earlier but was watching the action between Justin and Jeremy and lost track of him. Alex pulled out a knife. I scooped down between them. Flapping my wings, I blew air down the alley. It stirred up the dirt and momentarily blinded Alex. I gently pushed Jeremy down the opposite end of the alley.

As he moved, he went from a walk, to a run. He covered a great distance before he hid behind a dumpster. He was tired and needed to rest. As he lowered himself I positioned myself between him and the ground. He laid on my lap. I covered him with my wings. He was safe for now.

He slept for a few hours. The sounds of morning woke Jeremy. He stretched. He stood and unzipped his pants. Pulling out his cock, he relieved himself. He walked back and sat on my lap. His cock was still out. He dropped his pants and started to jerk off. I blocked the morning chill as he stroked faster and faster.

As he came close to cumming, he stood up and shot his wad of cum at the dumpster. He leaned out against the dumpster and milked the remaining drops from his cock. Finished, he pulled his pants back up and zipped them back up. Another day was beginning for Jeremy.

Part 2 of 3

Danger was all around. I did a sweep of the area and knew what I needed to do. I gently nudged Jeremy towards the warehouse. Clouds grew dark, bringing torrential rains.

Danger crept back into the recess of the area.

Jeremy found a clean safe spot in the warehouse. He was far from home. He listened to the rain beating against the roof. He wanted to be home.

Once the storm subsided, Jeremy did not waste any time. He ran for home.

In the safety of his room, he collapsed into his bed. I laid below him. As he dug into the covers, I wrapped my wings around him.

Jeremy felt the tears start to run down his cheeks. Although he was safe, he was all alone.

The tears turned into sobs. I pressed closer. I blew his hair away from his face. I soothed him by drowning out the sounds of his world, replacing them with the peaceful sounds from my world.

Jeremy felt content. He felt secured. I was pleased.

A flap of my winds, and a gentle breeze blew his troubles momentarily away. Sleep was upon him, ready to refresh and rejuvenate him.

He would be stronger tomorrow. I had cut out the sights and sounds of his world. My hands intertwined with his. He wrapped his arms around himself, and held both of us.

Tomorrow would be better.

Part 3 of 3

Justin felt bad. After having sex with Jeremy, he saw Alex entering the alley and panicked and ran. He had not warned Jeremy and felt badly about that. He needed to check up on him.

He knew where Jeremy lived. He entered the building and knock softly on the door. No one answered. Justin knew where Jeremy kept the spare key. He entered and called out his name. There was no reply. He feared for the worst. He entered the bedroom and saw Jeremy sleeping peacefully. He turned to leave.

I gave a flap of my wings and woke Jeremy up. He saw Justin and called out his name. He smiled and Justin climbed into the bed and laid next to Jeremy.

For a brief moment I held both, nudging them closer and closer together. Their faces ended up a mere inch apart. They looked into each other’s eyes. I shifted myself and forced them to come together and kiss. As Justin and Jeremy embraced, I flew to the far side of the room.

They started to undress each other. Justin gave Jeremy gentle kisses and a tender embrace. The room glowed from the love flowing from their hearts.

My job was done for now. Jeremy was in loving hands. I smiled as I flew upwards and did a sweep of the area. Looking down the glow of true love beamed out of Jeremy’s window.

I would be back when Jeremy needed me but for now, he was in good hands.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Short Takes – Refill – Part 2

Short Takes – Refill – Part 2

Part 2 of 2

He held up his glass. "Can I get another refill?" We were sitting on my sofa. I reached for the glass and it dropped from his hand, landing on the cushion. Our hands met and our fingers intertwined.

We held that position as our lips moved closer to each other. Our lips just barely touched. I felt an electric shock for a brief second. We pressed our lips together and I felt tingly all over, as our tongues met.

JJ pressed towards me and I fell back onto the sofa. He reached under my shirt and gently rubbed my chest.

My nipples hardened from his touch. He removed my shirt and his mouth moved down and sucked on my nipple. I felt so alive.

He unbuckled my pants and pulled them off. My cock was poking through my boxers. He removed them and then he stripped and pressed his body on top of me. He did it ever so slowly. His cock slipped between my legs. I instinctively had my legs spring upwards.

He entered me as we kissed. His hand caressing my chest. Every thrust electrified my body. I reached down to my cock and jerked it a couple times. I came quickly. He followed shortly afterwards. I grabbed my boxers to wipe us clean. He held me as we drifted off to sleep.

I woke up later to see his smiling face looking at me. He held up the glass and asked, "Can I get another refill?"

Short Takes - Refill - Part 1

Short Takes – Refill – Part 1

Part 1 of 2

He held up his glass. "Can I get another refill?"

I stared into his eyes. His eyes penetrated my soul. I went through the motions of getting a refill for him. As I handed the glass to him, our hands touched. We both felt it. I found myself smiling.

He stared at me. I could stare at him forever. I found myself wanting to continue talking with him. "My name is John."
His smile grew, "So is mine. I go by my initials, JJ. I better get back to my friends." He left and I lost him in the crowd.

We were busy all the way till closing time. I cleaned up and clocked out and headed for my car. As I unlocked the car, another car pulled up. It was JJ.

He had the empty glass still in his hand. "Can I get another refill?"

I leaned into the opened window and said, "Sorry, bar is closed. I am heading home. The only thing I can offer you is a cup of coffee at my place."

JJ smiled and said, "Lead the way."


The Escape - Part 3

The Escape
Part 3 of 3

I needed to move on and cross the border. I found clothes that fit in the apartment. I needed a vehicle but I could get one as I traveled south.

I liked this guy. He was easy to live with. Since the first day, his questions dropped to zero. He just accepted the fact that I was here and he was having great sex. At another time, I would have loved to settle down with a guy like this.

I decided to have one last sexual romp with him and then leave after he fell asleep. After dinner, we sat on the couch. I let him take the lead. I figured he deserved to do whatever he wanted. He took off my clothes like he was in a feeding frenzy. I laid there naked. He was all over my body, from head to toe. He kissed, sucked, rubbed, fingered, caressed and then did it all over again.

He finally settled on rimming my ass. His tongue darted in and out. He loved to eat ass. After a while, I wanted more than a tongue. I finally said, "Fuck me." I was all lubed up and his cock easily slipped in my ass. He fucked me like we were a couple of horny rabbits. He held my legs up and pumped away at my ass.

He pulled out and stroked his cock and started to cum on my cock. After he was done cumming, he smeared the cum all over my cock. Then he sat on my cock. It felt good being in his ass. He moved up and down but I needed more, so I started to thrust my hips and rammed my cock deep into his ass repeatedly. He leaned forward and held his position. I took over and finished the job. I came inside of him.

He was exhausted and flopped onto me, breathing heavily. I grabbed a blanket and covered us both.

I had to leave sometime during the night. I could not say ‘goodbye’. I napped and at 3 AM I eased off of the couch. I pulled the cover back over him and gave him a kiss on his forehead. I quickly and quietly dressed.

I headed for the front door. I hesitated before opening the door. I turned around for one last look. The couch was empty. All of a sudden, he appeared dressed with his jacket on. He said, "Take me with you."

I smiled. I motioned for him to follow me out the door. He said he had a car parked nearby. As the sun came up in the sky, we headed towards the border. He did not ask me any questions. I was glad he was coming along. Maybe things will be different now.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Short Takes – Armpit – Part 2

Short Takes – Armpit – Part 2

It was late and I needed some rest. I did not see Stephen, so I was not sure where he went. When I got to the room he was already in bed. I undressed and climbed into bed. In a matter of minutes I was asleep.

I heard voices downstairs and knew it was time to get up. I felt an arm across my chest. Stephen was laying across my chest. His hand was in my armpit. I moved his arm away and he landed on top of my cock. I was already hard from being so close to Stephen.

He squeezed my cock. I felt his tongue licking my armpit. I relaxed as his hand slipped under my briefs’ waistband and fondled my cock. His tongue probed deep into my armpit. It only took a few minutes and I felt myself cumming. He slipped his hand out of my brief and turned around. I waited a few minutes and then got out of bed. I removed my brief and wiped myself clean.

Stephen never said anything.
Part 2 of 2

Tender Moments for April 20

Tender Moments

Three seconds to say I love you,
Three hours to explain it, and
A life time to prove it.

The Escape - Part 2

The Escape

As I laid there, I saw his cock was still hard. The guy did not get a chance to cum. It was my fault since I pinned his arms down. That was not fair. He was a good fuck, lets see if he would be a good fucker.

I spit on my hand and then smeared it on his cock. I spread the spit up and down his shaft. I stopped at his tip of his cock and pulled back his foreskin. Once I saw his tip of his cock, I added more spit to lube him up.

I had bigger cock up my ass before. They were longer and thicker ones. This guy’s cock would be easy to take. I sat up and guided his cock into my ass opening. I popped his cockhead through the opening first. It slipped into me easily. I then sat down on it and let it glide all the way till I felt his pubes tickling my ass.

I then rode it, gliding up and down his shaft. I did the work. I let him just lay there and enjoy the ride. His hands reached up to press against my chest. He grabbed my nipples. I felt myself get excited with him playing with my nipples. He lightly squeezed them. I braced myself and increased my movement.

His hips slowly started to get in the motion and moved when I moved. His cock was slender and long. I took it as deep as I could. I tightened my ass muscle and watch his face as he got closer to cumming. He was a good-looking kid. He screamed once again as he came. His big balls provided a lot of cum. I felt him cumming and he unloaded what seemed to be a big load.

When he was done, I let his cock slip out. I was exhausted. I flopped down beside him. I needed to rest. The guy said, "That was awesome, but I still don’t remember picking you up." I planted my mouth on his mouth. I kiss him deep. I reached down to his cock. It was soft and shrunk to three inches. I said, "Sleep." He obeyed me. Like I said, I needed rest.

Part 2 of 3

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Short Takes - Armpit - Part 1

Short Takes – Armpit – Part 1

Part 1 of 2

The house was full of relatives. I got to bed down with Stephen. It was a small bedroom but the bed was the main item in the room. I was exhausted from my trip and hit the sack first. I stripped down to just my briefs. I was asleep when Stephen came in.

I heard voices downstairs, so I knew everyone was getting up and congregating in the dining room. I opened my eyes and saw hair. It was Stephen’s armpit. I was a mere inch away. I could smell his manly aroma. My cock sprang to life. I could hear him snoring. I moved my finger over to feel the hair in his armpit. It was so soft. He shifted his weight and moved. The blanket dropped down and I saw he was naked. The black pubes were a beautiful sight as they peeked over the blanket.

I wanted to see more. I touched his armpit hair once again. He shifted his weight. This time his cock laid to his side. He was uncut. I wanted to start at his armpit and lick it and then move down to his cock. My cock switched as I thought of nibbling on his foreskin.

I figured I better leave before I do something I would regret. I climbed out of bed and moved he cover up to Stephen’s chest.

I got dressed and headed downstairs.

The Escape - Part 1

The Escape

Part 1 of 3

I stayed in the shadows, out of sight. The streets were quiet. Trouble had always followed me since I was a kid. I swore this time it would be different. It had been 8 hours since I escaped. It was just like the movies. I hid in a laundry basket and was wheeled out to the truck.

I needed new clothes. Prison garb just didn’t cut it. I was in the seedy party of town. There were no fancy locks on these doors.

I entered a warehouse that had someone living here. I saw some furniture and paintings laying around the so-called living area. I found a stack of clothes. I stripped out of my clothes and then I heard a cough.

I had not spotted him on the couch. He was just waking up from a drunken sleep. I stood there naked. He spotted me and smiled. "Did I bring you home with me last night?" I smiled and answered, "Yes." He was tall and slender. His hair was long. He had his blanket that he had slept with, all bunched up covering his cock and balls. I wondered how equipped he was.

He patted the couch and said, "Sit." Being in prison make a person horny. It looked like I was going to discover if he was hung or what. He smiled at me and said, "I must had been wasted, I don’t remember picking you up."

He had his legs spread apart. I sat next to him and put my hand on his thigh. I moved my hand to the blanket and unveiled my prize. His cock lay there pointing to the sky. He had a long uncut cock to match his long and slender frame. His balls hung low and were a mouthful.

My mouth watered. Prison sex is rough. You do it to protect yourself. I desired to have cock for the reason of having cock, which is sex, pure and simple. I reached to grab his cock. It felt good to hold it. I moved my hand all the way to the top of his cock and down to his pubes. He had a hairy bush. I ran my fingers though his hair and then grabbed his cock once again. I pulled back his foreskin to see his tip of his cock emerge. I could not wait any longer.

I bent over and took his cock into my mouth. I quickly went down on him. In prison you see all sizes of cocks. I liked this guy’s cock. I grabbed his balls and tugged. Until I grabbed them I did not know how big they were. I reached down below his balls and felt his ass. My hand moved around until I found his ass hole. I started to finger it. The more I stuck my finger in his ass, the more he squirmed. I inserted one finger, then two, then three. He took it like a pro.

He was all primed to receive my cock. I flipped him around. He laid on his back letting me do whatever I wanted. I lifted his legs and spit on my cock. I held my cock and rubbed the tip of my cock all around his ass hole. He said in a low voice, "Do it." I shoved my cock into him. His mouth dropped open, as I continued to push my cock deeper and deeper into his ass.

He cried out in a loud voice, "DO IT." I stepped up my speed and thrust faster and deeper. I placed my hands on his two arms and pinned him back. I leaned forward and pounded his ass. In prison, you don’t kiss. But I was free, and I leaned down and kissed him, probing my tongue into his mouth and finding his tongue. He responded back and probed his tongue into my mouth.

My pounding of his ass did not take long and I felt myself preparing to cum. It started deep inside of me and then exploded out my cock. The guy felt it and let out a loud sound, part scream and part moan. I thrust a few more times, then I pulled out my cock. I released his arms and collapsed onto his chest. I was out of breath.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ON VACATION from April 13 through April 18

ON VACATION from Wednesday April 13 through Monday April 18.

Posting will start back up on Tuesday April 19 with ‘The Escape’.

Special double posting on Friday April 22 and Sunday April 24.

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There will be surprise postings when I return from vacation.

Derrick – The Breakup - Part 2

Derrick – The Breakup

I finally said, "Let’s move to the bedroom." He stood up and waited for me. As soon as I stood up, he embraced me and kissed me. I started to move in the direction of the bedroom, pulling him behind me. I sat on the edge of the bed. Derrick knelt in front of me and immediately took my cock in his mouth. I pulled him up on to the bed and pulled him around so his cock and balls were within reach. His cock was dripping precum.

I licked the tip of his cock and sucked up the precum. His cock was all mine. I started to lick along his shaft. His cocked slipped out of my mouth and he moved forward. His balls smacked me on the face. I licked at them and Derrick moved forward again. His ass was above me. I positioned my hands to spread his cheeks. I saw his pink ass hole. I stretched upwards and stuck my tongue near its rim. I swirled around and then plunged into his ass.

I had never played with Derrick’s ass before. He was moaning with each movement of my tongue. I wanted to fuck him. He kept inching forward until I was behind him. I got up on my knees and stuck my cock into his ass hole. I pushed and got my cockhead pass the opening. I pushed forward and my cock moved slowly. Derrick was a virgin when it came to ass play. I took my time and pulled out and added more spit and then inserted my cock once again in his ass and pushed forward.

Derrick was sweating and moaning loudly. I started to slowly fuck his ass. I wanted nothing rough. I wanted him to love it and stay with me for all his sexual needs. I pulled all the way out and asked Derrick to turn around and lay on his back. I lifted his legs and reentered his ass. I pumped away.

Derrick grabbed his cock and started to jack off. I watch him stroke his cock and I waited until I saw the first drop of cum, then I pulled out and stroked my cock. I came and match Derrick drop by drop. I placed my hand on the gooey mess. I rubbed it around his chest and mixed our semen together.

Derrick looked at me and held my hand. The cum clinged to my hand. He raised it to my mouth and licked it. I placed my lips on his lips and tasted the sweet taste of cum. I kissed him.

I had a lot of questions to ask about our future, but for know it was just time to be together.
Part 2 of 2

Monday, April 11, 2011

Derrick - The Breakup - Part 1

Derrick – The Breakup

Part 1 of 2

The phone rang and I jumped. I had just drifted off to sleep. I answered the phone and it was Derrick. He had just landed at the airport and wanted to come see me. I offered to pick him up but he said he was taking a taxi.

He did not elaborate why he was making a visit. This seemed strange to me, but I was looking forward to seeing him. I figured he would spend the night, and I got aroused just thinking of it.

The doorbell rang and I jumped up and opened the door. It was Derrick. He smiled and hugged me. He gave me a quick kiss and then took off his coat and placed it on a chair with him small carry on luggage.

We sat on the sofa and I smiled and said. "This is a nice surprise." I saw he had a worried look on his face.

"I need to talk with you." That did not sound good to me.

"Your sister and I broke up. She accused me of being with someone." I was shocked but I wondered why he just did not give me the news over the phone. I asked, "Is there another woman?" Derrick said "No." I asked, "Another man?" Derrick said, "Yes."

I sat there in silence. Finally I said, "Who?" Derrick said, "You." He reached for my hand. "I did not tell her who it was. But it is for the best. I want to be with you."

I squeezed his hand. "Derrick, I wanted you from the first time I met you. I was afraid to say this, but…" Derrick choked up. He took a deep breath and said, "But I love you."

Derrick moved closer and kissed my hand. I finally said what I been feeling all along. "I was afraid to say this too, I love you, and I want to be with you."

Derrick kissed me with tears in his eyes. I pulled his face away from me and wiped his tears with my hands.

Derrick undressed me slowly. With each article of clothing being removed, Derrick would shower me with kisses. My shirt came off first, followed by his lips covering me with kisses. He removed my pants and licked my legs from my toes up to my thighs.

He waited on removing my underwear. My hard cock was pressing against the cotton briefs. Derrick licked my cock. A wet spot appeared where his tongue had been. As he prolonged the removal of my underwear, he kept licking. At first I wanted my underwear taken off, then I wanted them ripped off of my body. My cock wanted freedom.

Derrick pulled down my briefs and kept my cock within the underwear. My pubes were exposed as Derrick dug his face into my bush of hair. He inhaled. He reached the base of my cock. He grabbed hold of it by his mouth and he pull my underwear down. My cock wanted to spring up but his mouth kept it lowered. He moved along the shaft inch by inch. At my cockhead he licked the crown and then let it spring forward. With one movement, he pressed his lips around the tip of my cock.

He then swallowed my cock back down to its base. I felt his breath coming out of his nose. Then he started to suck my cock. I did not want to interrupt Derrick, but I wanted to touch his cock and suck it also.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hiking - Part 2


Part 2 of 2

I woke hearing noises. I looked around and saw Jeremy sitting next to me eating a candy bar. He was still naked. "What time is it and what are you doing?" I yelled.

Jeremy put another piece of candy in his mouth and said, "I always do this. It is four in the morning. I eat a candy bar and then lay back and watch the stars." He offered me a piece of candy, which I took. We laid back and I saw an unbelievable sight. There were billions of stars.

Jeremy turned over on to his side and asked me something, but I was not listening. His cock was hard and pointing right at me. On seeing his hardon, I got hard. I leaned over and kiss the tip of his cock. I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his cock head and then slid my lips down his shaft.

Jeremy rolled over and laid on his back. I got on all fours and took his cock as far into my mouth as I could go. I felt Jeremy lift one of my legs. Then I felt his mouth on my cock. My heart skipped a beat. The guy I fantasized about having sex, was sucking my cock.

I held his balls in my hand and rolled then around. They were hairless. They felt so smooth and I let his cock out of my mouth and replaced it with his balls. I let my tongue rolled them around. Jeremy liked the idea and did the same with my balls. He climbed between my legs and spread my legs, and changed his position. I felt his tongue travel from my balls up my ass to my asshole. He probed deep into my ass.

I let his balls fall out of my mouth. I had not expected his tongue to be rimming me. That was only in my dreams. There was no turning back. I wanted his cock up my ass. I rolled over Jeremy and laid on my back with my leg up in the air. Jeremy followed my lead and pushed his cock into my ass. I let out a small cry and Jeremy stopped what he was doing. I reached around to his hips and pushed. His cock slid into me.

I wanted him. I started to push and pull Jeremy with my hands. He started to take over and do it all himself. I laid there seeing Jeremy massive chest and his beautiful face. All the stars in the sky framed him. I knew this moment would be burned in my memory forever.

I grabbed my cock and began to stroke it. Every so often, Jeremy would lean in as if he wanted to kiss me, but then he would back away. I wanted it to last, but I could not hold back. I was so excited, I came too fast. My load shot out quickly. I released my cock.

Jeremy saw me cum and increased his trust. He leaned back as he came. Slowly he learned back towards me. As the last drops of cum flowed out of his cock, he pressed his lips against mine. I kissed back. He rolled to the side of me. We stared at all the stars in the sky. Jeremy’s hand move to mine. We held hands. His head tilted to touch mine.

We spent the next few minutes watching the sunrise. The stars disappeared as the sun appeared. The sky changed from pitch black to bright blue.

Jeremy was first to speak. "Should we hike back down?" I rolled over and wrapped my arm around his chest. I whispered in his ear, "Later." I had dreamed about this moment and I was not ready to let it become a memory. As long as I held Jeremy, it was reality.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

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Hiking - Part 1


Part 1 of 2

Jeremy put money in the vending machine to get one more chocolate bar. I yelled at Jeremy, "More? You have a ton of sweets in your backpack."

Jeremy picked up the candy bar and waved it in the air. "You know I have to have my candy."

I laugh and thought, "You are my eye candy." I had known Jeremy since High School. We became close friends. I had a mad crush on him. I jacked off many a night with Jeremy on my mind. He was built, with solid muscles on his chest.

We had been hiking all day. Now we were taking an overnight hike. I loved it when I have Jeremy all to myself. We went on overnight hikes before. We always would build a campfire. Jeremy would sleep in just his underwear. I tried to imitate him and do the same. He wore tight underwear. I loved watching the flames from the fire shine and light up his body. I would look to see his cock outlined against his underwear.

Once he had a morning woodie. He was a sight to behold. I never got to see his cock. But that image of him with a hardon stayed in my head.

It was already dark when we started the hike. The campsite was not that far on the trail. Once we reached the location, we went off the trail down to the creek. It was a nice secluded spot. We started the fire and took out a blanket to sleep on.

Jeremy was cursing. I asked him what was wrong. He said, "I left the blanket at home. But I have candy." I laugh and said, "They are not going to be comfortable to sleep on." He asked to share my blanket. I eagerly said ‘Yes’.

I spread out the blanket. This would be the first time that I had Jeremy so close to me. I was getting a little excited. By the time Jeremy came over, I was completely hard. Jeremy had his back to me and took off his jeans.

When he turned around he had a hardon. I took off my jeans and shirt. My cock was throbbing. Jeremy saw my bulge. I was embarrassed. Jeremy said, "The only way to get rid of a hardon is to jack off."

He took off his underwear and grabbed his cock. I was shocked but happy. I removed my underwear. Jeremy looked at my cock while he was jacking off. I grabbed my cock and started stroking. He had a beautiful cut cock, with a big mushroom head. I wished I could touch it.

I was so nervous I immediately came. Cum flew out of my cock and accumulated on my stomach. Jeremy continued to stare at my cock as he jacked off. He closed his eyes. I leaned over to get a better view. I saw his cum fly out of his cock. It was awesome. It landed on his shoulder. He continued to cum and it splattered all over his chest. I sat back up and reached around to get a towel. I held it out for Jeremy. He wiped himself clean and then handed it back to me.

Jeremy laid there and eventually fell asleep. He remained naked. I watched him by firelight until the fire went out. I remained naked. Sleep did not come quickly to me. The sight of Jeremy jacking off played in my head over and over again. Sometime during the night, I feel asleep.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Bathhouse – 3 rooms - Part 5

Bathhouse - 3 Room - Part 5

Part 5 of 5

The evening was interesting but I was ready to leave. Then I notice that the door to room number 1 was opened. I felt my cock stirring as I walked to the room. I did not know if he was still there or if there was someone new. As I turned to look into the room, I saw that it was the same guy.

I smiled. As he yawned, he waved me to come in. "Sorry, I took a short nap and just woke up."

His cock was soft but started to stir as I closed the door behind me. He grabbed his cock and it quickly became rock hard. He reached over to his nightstand and picked up a condom. He tore the package open and rolled it on to his cock.

My eyes grew large as I saw his cock grow to an enormous size. I knew I needed help. I saw some lube on the nightstand and applied some to my asshole. I climbed onto the bed and straddled his body. I lowered my ass and his cock slid into my asshole.

I started to ride his cock. My legs ached from the stain of my position. He noticed that and let me knell down and then he started to pump his cock into me.

As he fucked me, I looked into his face and his beautiful eyes. I wanted to kiss him. My cock was hard once again. He was pulling on it and the pressure from his cock fucking me was too much. I shot my load of cum. As I milked the last drops of cum, he tensed his body and filled the condom with his cum.

I was exhausted. I lowered my head. He met me half way, and we kissed. It was a short but sweet kiss.

I turned to say "Goodbye." He replied, "Can you stay a few minutes?" I nodded and sat back on the bed.

We started talking. He asked for my likes and dislikes. We agreed on most items. I found out we lived close to each other.

He looked at his watch and said his time was up on the room. I told him I probably needed to go as well. I took a bold step and asked "Maybe we can meet for a drink sometime?"

He replied, "I would love to." We exchanged phone numbers.

I went to the locker room and got dressed. I had visited four rooms, but the last room was the best.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bathhouse - 3 Rooms - Part 4

Bathhouse – 3 rooms

Part 4 of 5

Once again room number 1 was closed. I walked up to the last door at the end of the hallway. The guy in this room was laying on his stomach with his ass on display for all to see. His ass was round, a real bubble butt. His uncut cock was laying out between his legs on his calls. I wanted to dig right in and eat my way to his heart.

I looked at his smiling face and started to drool. He was cute, gorgeous, clean shaven with a crew cut haircut. I decided that whatever he wanted to do, I was going to do it. I did not know what end to start. I figured from his position on the bed that he was a bottom. If so, I was his top.

I sat on the end of the bed. I ran my fingers all over his ass. I felt his hand on my thigh. He felt around and ran his fingers through my pubes. My cock was standing straight up.

I played with his uncut cock, pulling on the foreskin. He stretched his arm to reach a condom sitting on the table. He gave me the condom. I asked him if I could fuck him if he would lay on his back. I said, "You have a beautiful face, and I want to watch it as we fuck."

He smiled and turned around. I got between his legs and gave them a lift. Just being in his presence, made my cock hard. I found some lube on the table and applied it. I greased up his asshole. I position myself and slowly pushed my cock in. I watch his face and he was beautiful.

When I was all the way in, I started to fuck him. I leaned forward and he reached up with his arms and held on. It was a wonderful ride. I pumped until I felt like I was going to cum. I let up and let the feeling disappear, then started pumping again. I was able to do that for a couple time, but my body was on the brink of cumming and there was no turning back.

When I finished cumming, I lowered my head.

I got off the bed and reached for my towel. He turned back onto his stomach. I turned and left.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bathhouse - 3 Rooms - Part 3

Bathhouse – 3 rooms

Part 3 of 5

I wrapped the towel around my waist. The hallway was still deserted. Room number 1 was still closed. I tried walking and my ass still hurt. My cock was soft again. I spotted the next door that was opened. It was room number 2. I walked to the opening and stopped. It was the guy with the mysterious look. I took a step into his room. He was hairy. He looked rough. I figured he could not be as rough as the last guy.

His cock was respectable size. Not overly large like the first guy but good enough to eat. He was chunky around the middle, but it did not turn me off. I touched his chest. Where he was hairy from his face, armpits, and around his cock, his chest was hairless.

He went right for the towels and pulled it off. My cock was starting to get hard again. He grabbed it and pulled. While he played with my cock, I grabbed his. I notice his balls were already tightening up. He motioned for me to get in bed with him.

He said one work, "69." I climbed on top of him. I moved down to his cock. He wasted no time to start sucking my cock.

I examined his cock and balls. He had trimmed his pubes. I wondered how hairy he was when the hair grew out. I took his cock in my mouth. I brushed against some of his stubble. It felt prickly. I stoked his cock with my hand while I just placed my mouth over his cockhead. It did not take long before he came. It was not a big load but as soon as he came, he was done. He stopped sucking my cock.

I knew it was time to leave. The door to room number 1 was closed. He either was busy or left.

I spotted one last door that was open. It had not been open when I first walked down the hallway. I decided to check this one out.