Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Hitchhiker Series – New Year’s Eve

The Hitchhiker Series – New Year’s Eve

Story by Jay

I woke and heard voices.  I looked around and saw that the TV was still on.  I was laying on the floor.  Hitch had his head resting on my chest.  He had a tight hold on me.  I started to remember what happened last night. 

Hitch and I were celebrating our first New Year’s Eve together, and we went to a local club. The music pounded in our ears.  The beat of the music was addicted.  Prior to going to the club for a drink, we had dinner out.  The food was good and after dinner we started to make plans for the upcoming year.   Vacation plans were discussed.  We had made plans for a vacation in January and were excited about going to Hawaii.  We also made plans to get away after the first of the month to stay in a cabin in the mountain.  We were going to leave on Sunday.     

Hitch looked great.  Hitch went to the bar to get us a couple drinks.  I watch as he walked away.  His jeans were tight and hugged his body.  I knew what lay beneath his clothes and I wished we stayed home instead of going to the club.  Hitch must have read my mind, because he asked me if we could head on home after one more drink. 

At home, we turned on the TV to watch the ball drop in Times Square. We laid on the floor in front of the TV.  Hitch brought out some blankets and pillows.  He said, “Now this is a lot better. “  He pulled the blanket up and snuggled.  Since I met him, he always loved to rest his head on my chest.   Many a night he would fall asleep as he listened to my heartbeat.  

Hitch unbuttoned my shirt and reached in to caress my chest.  He stopped at my nipple and played with it.  He loved doing that and I love having it done to me.  He kissed me as his hand played with the few hairs that I had on my chest.  I removed my shirt and took Hitch’s shirt off as well.  We ignored the TV as we started to make love.  We stripped down to our underwear and our arms and legs were wrapped around each other.  Hitch reached down and slipped his hand under by briefs.  He fingered my asshole ever so lightly.  He reached down with his other hand and found my hard cock and held it.

My thought went back to our first encounter up to the present.  I loved this man and always wanted to be with him.  In a trance, I let Hitch lead the way.  Everything moved in slow motion as Hitch removed my briefs and lubed my asshole.  He held me tight as his cock entered my ass and he slowly fuck me.    I felt every thrust, every kiss, and I savored the moments.  While he fucked me, I manipulated my cock with slow movements that coincided with his movements.  Both his cock and mine were together as one.  I sensed his body getting ready to cum and I was ready as well.  A few more jerks of my cock and suddenly I felt Hitch cum and I shot my load as well.  He removed his cock and kissed me for what seem like the longest time.  He reached over to our underwear that was on the floor and used them to wipe us clean.  He then resume his position of laying his head on my chest and snuggling.  I pulled he blanket up over us and held him tightly. 

As I drifted off to sleep, I heard on the TV, “10… 9… 8…”

Now it was morning.  I turned off the TV with the remote.  Hitch was out cold.  He was in his usually position resting his head on my chest.  I remembered the old saying, “What you do on New Year’s Eve, you do all year.”  If that saying is true, then it is going to be a great year.     

Monday, December 30, 2013

"NEW YEAR'S EVE ...." part 4 of 4

"NEW YEAR'S EVE ...."  part 4 of 4


Ray busied himself in his office to get some work accomplished on his computer for the coming weeks.  Selling real estate takes a lot of homework.   Jake was gone most of the day.

For some odd reason, Ray was really looking forward to spending a platonic night this year with Jake.  He still hadn't bothered to get dressed, but he thought:  "WTF!  Why even bother!  Jake was right!"    Ray had found his comfort zone.

The weather changed from sunny and warm to rainy and cold in the afternoon.  Jake came home that evening.  He was soaked to the skin because his truck had broken down about six blocks away. He stripped out of his wet clothes and dried off.

Ray was on his bed watching TV when Jake popped his head in.  "Gonna grab a beer.  Can I bring you anything?" 

"No thanks.  Go ahead, and then, come join me.  I have some ideas I want to run past you about re-doing the kitchen."

Minutes later they were both seated on Ray's bed.  After working out the remodel plans, Ray said "This has been quite a year.  For both of us.  Do you miss your wife?"

"No, not at all.  It was three of the most miserable years of my life!  I know you are probably missing your friend, Steve.  I thought he was a jerk!  I didn't want to make any trouble at the time because he seemed to make you happy.  Behind your back, he kept trying to get into my pants.  The night before he left, he actually came into my room.  I woke up to find him sucking my dick!"

"THAT SON OF A BITCH!   What did you do?"

"I was so fucking horny that I considered letting him do it.  I get tired of just jerking off all the time, but I thought better of it and threw him out."

Ray said, "Well, I'm glad you decided to tell me.  It pisses me off that Steve would pull something like that, but it's always better to know the truth about people."

Jake and Ray had talked so long that it was just seconds till midnight.  Ray asked, "Made any New Years' resolutions this year?"

"Just one"  As the clock struck twelve, Jake leaned over and kissed Ray!  It was a real, lingering kiss.

Ray was pleasantly surprised! 

Jake said, "I've decided that this year I should try new things!  Maybe I can give my hand a rest for awhile!"

Ray smiled, "I'll be happy to help you keep that resolution.  Happy New Year!"   

Sunday, December 29, 2013




Looking out his window, Jake was a welcome interruption because Ray was beginning to feel a little melancholy.  Just gazing at Jake would always bring a smile to his face.  (Too bad, he was straight!)

Jake must have risen early to do the yard work, Ray hadn't heard him leave the house that morning.
Shortly after moving into his Grandparent's house, Ray realized that he didn't have enough "do-it-yourself" skills to complete the renovations.  Someone in his office recommended Jake.  Ray hired him without even checking any references.  It was immediately apparent that he was a real godsend!

He could do it all:  plumbing, electricity, dry-wall, painting, carpentry and landscaping.

Although, he did outstanding work, Ray thought Jake was a little "quirky"!    He arrived home one afternoon to find him hard at work and completely naked!  ("Too hot for my work clothes!  I can cover up if you like, but I get more done when I'm cool.   Karen always yells at me to put on some clothes!   I  just like being comfortable when I work.")

Of course, Ray wasn't going to object.  In fact, he stripped down to give Jake a hand.   At the end of the day, they both dove naked into Ray's pool for a swim.  Although Ray thought Jake was a real hunk, he respected his straight sexuality.

In the next few weeks, it wasn't unusual for Ray to see Jake naked as he cleaned the pool,  replanted the flower beds, repaired the siding, power-washed the house, or on a ladder to clean the gutters.

One night, Ray answered his door very late to find a very distrought Jake on his doorstep.  "Karen threw me out!  She's filing for a divorce!  Everything has been bad between us for months.  I didn't know where else to go, can I stay here tonight?"

With three empty bedrooms, it certainly wasn't a problem.  Jake moved in that night with the few belongings he had in the car.  Ray's sexuality was revealed when Steve came along.  Jake didn't seem to mind and he was still living there on December 31st.

For two guys with different sexual attractions, Ray and Jake really bonded and were very comfortable around each other.

Jake finished the yard and came into the house.  "Must be contageous!  Now you're the one who is always naked!  I'm going to run into town and buy some beer.  I'll be back later, long before midnight.

We can catch it all on TV."   

Saturday, December 28, 2013






Ray poured another cup of coffee and thought again about some of the events of this past year.   His dick started to grow again as he thought about how he met Steve.

He wasn't looking for either romance or sex on that Summer day that on a whim, he headed out to a nude beach for the first time.   It was at "Haulover Beach" over near Miami.  

Ray was "out" and gay, but it had taken most of his 40 years to reach a comfort level to be naked in public.  For some reason, It didn't count when he was nude in the gym locker room all those years.  (Sure, he would check out the other guys and they probably did the same, while maintaining a certain degree of modesty.  Whether, they want to admit it or not, even straight men look!)  Stripping at the beach that day, he reached a milestone in his mid-life crisis. 

After multiple positive comments from his work out buddies, he felt pretty confident as he revealed his toned physique.  He felt that all of the guys on the beach were looking at him...and he was right!  Ray probably could have had his pick of any one of the hot naked men that day in the gay area of the beach.

Out of nowhere, came the perfect man!  Their eyes met and they made a connection.   It didn't take long for Steve and Ray to realize that they were really compatible.  There was an undeniable sexual attraction for both of them. 

They hung out together, flirted shamelessly, and Ray had the first really good time with another man in a very long time.

Because of the crowds, they resisted having sex right there on the beach but they fucked like rabbits later that day in Ray's bed.  Steve spent the rest of his two-week Florida vacation with Ray, for the most part in Ray's bed!

It was bitter sweet when they finally had to part at the airport.  They promised to keep in touch and did the best they could to keep that promise.   It just wasn't in the cards for this New Years' Eve.

As Ray finished his coffee, he took into consideration that perhaps Steve was just a re-bound affair after the big breakup with Larry, his ex.  While they communicated via e-mail, phone calls, texts and skpe, they lived in two different worlds, thousands of miles apart. 


Ray was still day-dreaming about Steve when he heard the lawnmower!   Steve wasn't the only new male friend he met this past year.  "Jake" was an entirely different story!  A very straight new friend! 

Friday, December 27, 2013




Ray slipped out of bed and looked down at the boner that was tenting the front of his pajama bottoms.  His poor dick hadn't seen much action lately so Ray had to chuckle.  Apparently the old adage, "Use it, or you'll loose it!" wasn't exactly true.

Either flaccid or standing erect, Ray had always taken pride in the dimensions of his penis!  Guys, both gay and straight would stare with envy in the locker room at the gym. 

Today, he slipped off his pants and studied himself in the mirror for a minute before taking a quick shower.  He decided to skip his usual routine of jerking off.  Ray was tired of getting off with just his own hand-job.   He dried off and headed to the kitchen, not ready to dress for the day. 

As he waited for his coffee to brew, Ray glanced at the calendar:  December 31st.  He was glad that this year was finally over.   In July, he had turned 40.  His friends all said that he didn't look his age and he certainly didn't feel that old.  In fact, he would often joke, "I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up!"

This year had brought a lot of changes in his life:  When he lost his job, he changed occupations.  He went from Insurance Agent to selling real estate.  In March, his lover of six years left him for another man.  After that trauma, he moved from his apartment in the city to the country house he had inherited from his Grandparents.
At least the workmen who helped him renovate the old house provided ample eye candy.  However, they contributed nothing more than sexual fantasies for him as he jerked his cock each day. 

Sipping his coffee, Ray thought about his New Years' Eve plans.  Instead of accepting any of the several invitations he had received, this year, he thought he would rather start the new year for once without a hangover.  He decided to stay at home and watch the New York Time's Square celebration on his TV.  Besides, he didn't have anyone special in his life to share a kiss at midnight.

Ray could only think of one person who he would want to join him to ring in this new year....Steve!

Unfortunately it was impossible.  It wasn't going to happen because Steve lived in Seattle and Ray was in South Florida.  

Ray made a mental note to call Steve at midnight to wish him a "Happy New Year"! 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Visit from Santa


Submitted by CATMAN

The economy sucks, and so does my job at the department store at the mall.   On top of everything, some screwball genius in the front office, decided to transfer me to the 'Toy Department'.   WAS THIS SOME FRINGING JOKE?    Everyone knows, the toy department is the worst place to work during the Christmas holiday shopping season.  "Black Friday" on Thanksgiving weekend, wore me out with crazed shoppers fighting over sales items!   That was just the beginning!   We seldom had enough merchandise to meet the demand of our weekly sale advertisements in the newspapers.  I was the brunt of irate shoppers who demanded to buy this years' latest stupid kid's crap!

It's not that I dislike kids, but...HELLO WORLD,   I AM GAY!!!   Some of the little kids are polite and well behaved, but I don't have any tolerance for the little snot nosed little spoiled brats and their snooty demanding mothers!  Just to keep my job, I tried my best to deal with the customers.  I'm sure there must have been numerous complaints to my supervisor about my "attitude". 

As absolutely horrible as my job was, I had to sympathize with the poor sucker that got stuck with being the store's 'Santa Claus' in our department.    His hours were longer than mine.   With few breaks, he had to deal with the abuse of the kids all day.   With his cool demeanor, he always seemed to have everything under control.  We never got a chance to get acquainted because of the constant long lines of kids waiting to talk to Santa and the shoppers crowded around my cash register.

Finally, Christmas Eve arrived.  The higher ups in the front office decided to keep the store open till 11 p.m.  I was totally pissed that they left early, and didn't consider the employees who might want to be home with their families.  Hey, I'm gay, but  I was just tired and wanted to go home to my empty apartment.

By the time I finally closed out my department, I was one of the last in the store to leave the building.  The employee parking lot was now almost empty with just a few random cars left.   As I was unlocking my car door, I heard footsteps behind me.  Just my luck...DAMN!  Was I going to be mugged or car-jacked on Christmas Eve?   I swung around with my cell phone in my hand, ready to dial 911.

Approaching me was a hot looking man in his late twenties.  He said,  "Oh Gee, I'm sorry if I startled you!   We've worked together for six weeks and have never met.   I just wanted to introduce myself..... I'm Matt, the store Santa!"

i was shocked!  I always assumed that "Santa" was some rotund elderly man in that costume.  Matt was strikingly handsome, lean and fit, and nothing like anything I expected.  We shook hands and he said, "It sure has been crazy these past weeks.  For both of us.  Now that it's over for me, I guess I'll have to go out and get a regular job.   I feel sorry for you, because you just get the one day break till they bring everything back for exchange or refunds.    I almost feel lucky to be unemployed!  Santa Claus doesn't have a 'complaint department'."

We both shared a laugh, then I said, "I'm just taking a chance here, but would you like to go somewhere for coffee or a drink?  I'm trying to wind down from work."

He agreed, so we left his car to retrieve later.  I guess because it was Christmas Eve, all of my usual late night spots were closed.  Finally, after driving around for a half hour, I suggested, "I've got a nice bottle of cognac and a really good blend of coffee beans, which I grind myself.  Let's just go to my apartment."

Once in the door, I didn't bother with lights.  I plugged in the lights to my Christmas tree and turned on the gas jets in my fireplace to illuminate the room.  It gave a magical look to my dreary apartment.    Matt sat on my sofa and it looked like he was mesmerized by my tree lights.   He said, "Tim, If you don't mind, the caffeine would just keep me awake, but a little cognac sounds good."   I poured the two of us big brandy snifters and joined him on the sofa.

I kicked  off my shoes because..."I've been on my feet all day!"   He made a joke...."It was'nt any easier to be sitting on my ass all month!  We just hurt in different places!"  (My first thought was:  "if you rub my feet, I will be happy to rub your ass!" ,  instead,  I took the joke a little further.)      "Everyone today was a 'pain in the ass!' ".    We both had a good laugh but the humor did not last very long.

 I was a little melancholy, since I was far away from my family this year for the holidays.  Matt was in the same boat.   He had been estranged from his family for several years.  I guess it was a second round of cognac, and the atmosphere of the Christmas tree lights that loosened us up enough to share some of our Christmas memories.    I learned that Matt was GAY when he told  me about loosing his male lover five years ago.  The relationship had ended tragically on a 'New Year's Eve' with a car crash.   A drunk driver t-bowed their car while they were driving home from a party.  With a broken leg and cracked ribs, Matt had to bury 'the great love of his life!".   There was nothing I could say, his story had 'trumped' all of my bad holiday memories with my dysfunctional family.

As he related the story to me, I saw the pain in his eyes and my heart went out to him.   I put an arm around his shoulder, and he collapsed against me, sobbing gently.   He nuzzled my neck, as I held him.   It had been a long time since I had a man in my arms.   Before I knew it, it was  2 am.  I convinced him to just stay the night, so that neither of us would be alone on Christmas Eve.  In my bedroom, we both checked each other out as we stripped down.  Matt had an awesome toned body and was well hung.   We crawled under the covers and I turned on my clock radio.  "Silent Night" played softly as we met in the middle of the bed and just held each other, till I fell asleep.

I'm not sure how long I slept, but I woke all alone in the bed.  I found Matt sitting naked on the floor staring at my Christmas tree.  I joined him and asked if he was okay.   He just gazed at the tree as he very quietly said, "I'm fine.  Sorry that I broke down earlier in front of you.  That's the first time I've cried in five years.  I feel really embarrassed.  I've been sitting here thinking about it, and maybe, it's time for me to move on, and get my life back together again.    I like you Tim...a lot!....I hope this doesn't sound too forward... but... Please?.....could we make love here by the tree?  It would be a nice Christmas gift....my gift to you...and one that I have wanted for a very long time."

He certainly didn't have to ask twice.   The sex, was at once, both passionate and tender.  Much more than I could have hoped for.   Eventually, we both fell asleep under the branches of the tree and woke in the morning as a 'gift' for each other..   Maybe the true spirit of Christmas is:  "just reaching out and sharing ourselves with each other", or maybe the magic of a visit from Santa!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


The Snow Globe
Story By Jay


I was on my way home for the holidays.  The airport was busy with travelers.  Snow had been falling all day and the roads were not good including the runways at the airports.  There were delays posted at all the gates.  I got bored and decided to look at the items in the stores at the airport.  I found one that had these beautiful snow globes of different scenes.  I picked one up that had a scene of a military man standing in the snowy field.  I shook the globe and watch as the snow swirled around the soldier.  “Nice globe. “  I turned and it was a soldier who said that.  I said, “I like it.  It different.”

Suddenly an announcement came over the loudspeakers informing us that all flights were cancelled due to the snowstorm.  We headed to the checkout counter to see what we needed to do.  The soldier was on the same airline as I was but a different flight.   He checked in first and got a room at a nearby hotel.  When I reached the counter, all rooms were booked.  I was stranded at the airport.  I did not look forward to an evening on hard benches and sleeping on a hard floor.  The soldier came over and asked if everything was ok.  After hearing my story, the soldier invited me to share the room with him.  It was his last night in the US before shipping overseas, so he welcomed the company.   
We took the shuttle over the hotel.  It was slow going but the hotel was on the airport property, so it did not take long to get there.  The only room left had a single bed.  The soldier looked at me and asked, “Is that ok?”  I nodded.  The room was not big, but it was warm with a decent bed.  We settled in and got out of ours clothes.  He had military style boxers.  They were baggy.  I stripped down to my white briefs.  We got under the covers and the soldier talked about going off to war.  He was nervous about going but his only regret was that he was still a virgin.  “I never even been kissed.  I hate to die without experience that.”

I leaned over and lightly kissed him on the cheek.  “Now you have no regrets.”   The soldier smiled then he returned the kiss but on this time on my lips.  I did not know how far to go so I let him take the lead.  He moved closer to me and laid his head on my chest.  He started to play with my chest hairs.  I put my hand on his hand.  Our fingers intertwined.  He squeezed my hand.  I felt his hand shaking.  I raised his hand to my mouth and kiss his hand.  I whispered, “You are ok.  Don’t worry.”  I kiss his forehead and said, “Let’s get some sleep.” 

The next morning the soldier woke up first.  His cock was hard.  I felt him stirring and said ”Good morning.  You ok?”  He explained that his cock was hard.  I said, “No problem.”  I pulled the blankets back and saw his cock sticking out of the opening of his boxers.  I pulled down his boxers to free his cock and balls.  He was uncut.  I grabbed hold of his cock and pulled his shaft up and back down.  His cockhead appeared and precum glistened at the tip of his cock.  I did a few stokes and he said he his close to cumming.  He let loose and cum landed in big white globs of semen.   

I was hard as well, so I decided to jack off.  He stopped me and said, “Let me do it.”  I pulled down my briefs and he grabbed my cock.  He jerked it a few times then stopped.  He moved over and took my cock in his mouth.  This had to be his first time.  He seemed cautions and took things slow which was ok with me.  He finally got the hang of it and was sucking me almost like a pro.  I felt I was getting close to cumming and did not know if he really wanted me to cum in his mouth, so I warned him, “I am getting ready to cum.”  He removed my cock from his mouth and jerked my cock until I came.  He seemed to be amazed at me cumming. 

We laid there feeling good when the phone rang.  It was the wakeup call from the front desk, saying flights were back being scheduled.  We quickly showered and dressed and headed back to the airport.  We checked the monitors for our flights and found our gates and departure times.  I asked the soldier to watch my backpack and I made a quick stop at the restroom.  When I got back, the soldier asked me for my address and said he would write.  His flight was boarding, so we said our good-byes and off he ran for his flight.   

I found my gate and had more time before my flight boarded.  So I found a seat and decided to read the book that I brought.  I reached inside my backpack to remove my book when I found the snow globe that had the scene of a military man standing in the snowy field.  The soldier has purchase the snow globe and placed it in my backpack with a note.  It said, “See you when I get back.  Thanks for no regrets.”  I gazed at the snow globe and flipped it and watched the snow falling all around the soldier.  I thought to myself, “Be safe and come home.  Hope to see you soon.” 

The Snow Globe II

I gazed at the snow globe.  I picked it up and flipped it.  I watched the snow falling all around the soldier.  I thought to myself, “Be safe and come home.  Hope to see you soon.”  I replaced it on my nightstand.  It had been a few weeks since I watched him leave at the airport.  I wondered how he was doing.   

The phone ringing interrupted my thoughts.  I answered it and it was the soldier.  He had been wounded in the war and was at a nearby military hospital.   As I rushed over to the hospital, I prayed that he would be all right.

I ran into the hospital and I stopped at the door to his room and took a deep breath.  As I entered, he turned and smiled at me.  He had a chest wound.  I slowly walked over to his bed.  He saw the worried look on my face and said, “Don’t worry.  I’m fine.  Really I am.”  He explained that his parents were on the way but they were stuck in the snowstorm in the Midwest.  They were not expected for a few days. 

I told him I was glad to see him.  I asked, “Is there anything I can do?”  He replied, “You can keep me company.  The hospital won’t release me unless I am with someone.  So I am stuck here until my parents get here.”

I had a great idea.  “Why don’t you come to my place till your parent arrive? “

The soldier immediately rang for the nurse.  “That would be great.  I would really appreciate it.”

He got released and off we drove to my place.  I must have asked him a hundred times, “You ok?”  He smiled and said, “I am glad to see a friendly face.  I am ok.”

We had a nice dinner.  He praised my cooking. After dinner, we talked.  He asked, “Can you do me a favor.  I need to get clean up before I see my parents.  Can you help me wash up?”  I was happy to do it.

I helped him to the bathroom and took off the hospital pajama bottoms.  Underneath he had on those baggy military boxers.    I helped him into the tub.  I pulled his boxers off.  I started to use a washcloth to wash his legs.  His cock grew erect.  It was just inches in front of me.  I closed my eyes as I considered what to do.  I could not resist.  I licked the underside of his cock.  It quivered from my touch.  I took it in my mouth.  I slowly started to suck it.

I heard him say in a faint voice, “Don’t.”  I remove his cock from my mouth.  I felt terrible.  He said, “Stop’.  I ruined a good moment with the soldier.  I closed my eyes and hung my head down.  Then I heard in his faint voice, “Don’t stop.  Please.  Don’t stop.”       

I was relieved.  I held his cock in my hand and took his cock back into my mouth.  I gently started to suck once again.  He leaned back against the tub and closed his eyes.  He placed one of his hands on the top of my head.  He started to set the pace for me. 

I placed my hands on his hips and supported him.  I heard his breathing intensify.  I felt for his balls and they had retracted up into his body.  I knew he was close to cumming.   He let out a grunt and I felt his cum hit the back of my mouth.  I swallowed quickly and prepared myself for the next shot.  I felt the pressure of his hand on the top of my head, as he shot another wad of cum.  His breathing slowly resume to normal, as he shot the last drop of cum.  I removed his cock from my mouth.  He was still erect.  I picked up the washcloth and finished cleaned him up.

The next day his parents arrived to pick him up.  They took his belongings down to the car.  We were left alone.  I gave him a gentle hug avoiding his wound bandage on his chest.  He kissed me and said, “I will be back in a couple weeks, promise.  Thanks for everything.”  I walked him down to the car and waved as they drove off. 

I walked into the bedroom and sat on the bed. I gazed at the snow globe.  I picked it up and flipped it.  I watched the snow falling all around the soldier.  I replaced it on my nightstand.  I laid on the bed and fell asleep watching the snow settle to the bottom of the globe.

Snow Globe III

For the last couple of weeks my routine was pretty much the same.  Before I went to bed I would gazed at the snow globe.  I wondered how the soldier was doing and if I would see he again.  I flipped it and watched the snow falling.  I watched it settle to the bottom of the globe and watch as the soldier appeared among the snow. 

Overnight it had snowed and it was still coming down.  It was another winter in the Midwest.  I was scraping the snow off of the car when I saw a figure coming towards me.  The snow made it difficult to see who it was.  I raised my hand to shield my face from the snow.   Then I saw the military uniform. 

My heart stopped.  I thought to myself, “Could it be?”  Then I saw the smile.  It was him.  I grabbed him in a bear hug.  I was so glad to see him.  We went inside to get out of the cold.  He looked great.  He took off his hat and said, “I have to get back to the military.  I wanted to see you one more time.”  I was so happy. 

“Is it ok?” he asked.  I grabbed his hat and coat and said, “Anytime.  Coming on in and sit.”  He told me of the last two weeks being busy at home with his relatives.  He had healed and wasn’t ready to go back to the military but duty called.   

We had a great evening together.  But it was late and it was time to go to bed.  We headed for the bedroom. We undressed and were down to just our underwear.  He had on those baggy military boxers.  We climbed into bed.  He asked me, “Can you do me a favor?  I want to hold you.  I want to fall asleep with someone in my arms.”

His chest wound still had a bandage on it.  I put my head on his right side and we put our arms round each other.  He sighed, “This is good.”  I held on to him and was glad he was back.  I listened as he breathed and then it turned into a snore.  I closed my eyes and slept.

I had a dream.  I was being carried by the soldier as the snow swirled around us.  As the snow settled, I notice we were safe in our own world in a snow globe.  He turned and kissed me.

I woke up and thought the dream seemed so real.  As my eyes focused, I saw the soldier face smiling as he looked at me.  He reached over and kissed me.  It was a tender kiss.  I was all his.  I was ready to turn myself over to him.  I decided I would do as little as he wanted, or as much as he wanted.   I was happy to be next to him.    

He rolled me over on my back.  He laid his head on my chest.  Slowly he stroked my chest.  He sent chills up and down my body.  I feared that if he touch my cock, I would explode.  He kissed me on my chest.  His hands moved down to the top of my underwear.  He stopped as if the underwear was a barrier and he could not cross the line. 

I did what I said I would not do.  I pushed his hand under the waistband of my underwear and he held my cock.  He kissed me but this time more forceful.  As he stroked my cock, I reached under his boxers and found his cock.  He was hard and waiting for my touch.  We stroked each other cock.  He stopped and removed his boxers and my underwear.  We resumed stroking our cocks and kissing.  I reached down and held his balls.  He imitated my move.  His touch was electrifying. 

I came first.  He continued to stroke me and I came.  I wanted it to last forever but it was over before I knew it.  Once I finished cumming, I felt his balls tightened and he came.     

The next day went by quickly and he had to make his flight back to the military.  I saw him off at the airport and headed home. 

Before I went to bed I gazed at the snow globe.  This time I did not want to obscure my view of the soldier. I laid on the bed and fell asleep watching the soldier standing guard in the snow globe.    

Snow Globe IV

I had the dream again.  I was being carried by the soldier as the snow swirled around us.  As the snow settled, I notice we were safe in our own world in a snow globe.  He turned and kissed me.

I woke in a cold sweat.  I looked around the room.  I was alone.  It was that dream again. 

It has almost been a year since the solder left for the war.  Whenever he could, he would send me an email.   His tour of duty was coming to an end and he was looking forward to coming home.  I was hoping he would visit.  His emails never mention a visit. 

I had a lot to do before the Holidays so I decided to hit the Mall.  As I ran to the car, I slipped on the ice and twisted my ankle.  I landed on my ass.  I tried putting pressure on my foot to stand up but it was too painful to do. 

“Need some help?”  I turned and saw the soldier.  Before I knew it, he swooped down and picked me up in his arms.  He carried me back inside.  He kicked the door closed behind him.  He flashed that beautiful smile at me and kissed me.  He carried me back to the bedroom and set me down on the bed.

Without saying a word, he undressed me.  He took off his uniform and sat there in white briefs.  Gone were the baggy military boxers.  He looked a lot better.  He was muscular and trim.  He laid down next to me.  I grabbed him and pulled him on top of me.  I kissed him passionately.  I could feel his cock as he laid on top of me.  His brief could not contain his cock and it was poking over the top of the waistband of his briefs.    

As I move my hands over his back, I was amazed how muscular he had gotten.  I moved my hand down and grabbed his ass.  I slipped my hands under his briefs and felt his round bubble butt. 

I pulled his briefs down to free his cock and balls completely.  I felt his cock against my cock.  He reached down and removed both ours briefs.  Our cock pressed against each other.  I spread my legs.  Almost by instinct, he raised my legs.  I felt his cock poking around my ass crack.  I reached down and guided it to my asshole.  I gave him a push and he entered me.

He started to make love with me.  He never stopped kissing me.  His thrusts were effortless.  He glided in and out like a well-oiled machine.  I felt wave after wave of bliss.  I grabbed my cock and started to stroked it.  I had waited for this moment for over a year and it was finally here. 

With every thrust of his cock, I came closer to cumming.  I closed my eyes as he kissed me.  I did not want to open my eyes for fear that this was just a dream. 

He stopped kissing me to let out a low grunt and I felt the first shot of cum, then another, and another. 

I released my cock and embraced him. I opened my eyes and he was looked at me.  He smiled and kissed me again.

He laid down beside me and wrapped his arms around me.  I turned towards the nightstand and glanced at the Snow Globe one last time.    

He kissed me on the ear and whispered in my ear, “I’m home.”    

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Hitchhiker Series - Christmas Visit

The Hitchhiker Series – Christmas Visit

Story by Jay

Hitch’s family was going to be out of town on Christmas vacation, so that left Hitch alone for the Holidays.  I talked Hitch into going to my parents for the Holidays.    The trip took five hours to get there.  During that time, I educated Hitch on who was going to be there and how to deal with each of my relatives.  To say the least, Hitch was a nervous wreck by the time we arrived there.  But I got to hand it to my relatives, they were great.  They all welcomed him with open arms.  

The house was full of relatives which left my room as the only option for Hitch and myself.  I was so glad that they did not stick him down in the basement on the game room couch.  My bed was small but I felt we could manage.  My room was at the far side of the house, so we had some privacy. 

The evening went well with good food, drinks, and conversation.  Mom took out my baby pictures to show Hitch and embarrassed me. 

One by one, my relatives went off to bed.  Hitch and I finished one last drink.  We made a toast to our friendship and love, and then headed for bed.  We were tired from our trip and the evening festivities. 

As we entered my room, I closed the door.  I kissed Hitch and told him I was so glad he decided to come.  He kissed me and started to unbutton my shirt.  I returned the favor and unbuttoned his shirt.  Piece by piece we removed an article of clothing.  Finally we were down to just our underwear.  Hitch looked so sexy in just his underwear.  I could look at him for hours.  I especially enjoyed removing his underwear to reveal his luscious cock and balls.  I removed his briefs and Hitch removed mine.   We embraced and our cocks laid against our bodies.   Hitch seemed more excited than normal.  His cock was hard and leaking precum already.  “Time for bed”, he said.   He had a devious look on his face.  I knew he had more in store for us than sleep.      

We climbed into my small bed.  I thought it would be cramped but it was great.  Hitch put his strong arms around me.  I looked into his blue eyes and started to kiss him on the forehead, his nose, and then his lips.  Hitch knew this was my ritual when I started to make love to him.  I loved showering him with kisses.  I kissed him on the neck and he rolled on his back and surrendered to me.  I lifted his arm and kissed him in his armpit.  My tongue swirled around the blond hairs in his armpit and I felt his body tense.   My tongue traveled down to his nipple.  I straddled him and looked into his blue eyes and continue to tongue trip down to his cock.  Hitch had only a few blond hairs on his chest.  As I traveled down toward his navel, he had a few more hairs.  Finally I arrived at my destination.  His blond bush of pubes was soft to my touch.  I lifted his cock to allow me to bury my mouth into his bush.  His cock was hard, and his veins were protruded on the side of his shaft.  I sucked on his cock, while I ran my hands over his chest.  Hitch enjoyed it.  He reached down to me and kissed me.  He climbed around me and found my cock.  We started to suck each other cock.   Hitch took my cock deep in his mouth.  I returned the favor and tried doing the same.  His cock was larger and thicker than my cock.  I enjoyed the first time I sucked his cock and every time since.  As I withdrew his cock from my mouth, I plunged it back deep in my throat.  I held his balls and felt them tightening. I quicken my pace and before long, we tensed our bodies and we started to cum in each other mouths. 

Hitch swallowed as I came and he drank my cum. He licked the last drops of cum from his lips.  Hitch then laid back, swallowing my load.  I savored the taste of his cum and let it linger in my mouth before swallowing.  I laid back and caught my breath. As I climbed back up to be face to face with Hitch, I kissed him.  He returned the kiss and put his strong arms around me.  As we drifted off to sleep, I thought, holidays are a time for being around family and the ones you love. 

Being in Hitch’s arms made me happy, safe, and content.  But most of all, we loved each other.