Saturday, August 31, 2013

Conversations about Sex - Part 4

"ISSUES?  WHAT ISSUES, PETE? I may have asked for some advise, but what makes you think that I have issues?   It was probably a mistake to tell you any of this stuff!  I have kept it bottled inside of me for years!"  
There was an awkward silence for a few minutes, until George spoke again:  "Jeez, I'm sorry Pete!  I know you were just trying to help.  I am so embarrassed!  Maybe, I do have some issues.  God! I can't believe I'm standing here in front of you with an erection!"
There was another pause.  Then Pete spoke...
"As long as we are "sharing"....I'll tell you something that might just blow your mind!  When I was 18, my friend was Larry.  He was just a really cool dude.  One afternoon, we were sharing a 'joint' together...
"That was some really good shit and I was totally "high"!   I don't remember, but I may have told him, that pot makes me really horny when I am stoned.  Larry offered to give me a blow-job.  He said he would suck me off, if I did the same to him.  The next thing I remember was that I had a mouthful of Larry's cum!....
"Don't look so shocked George!  Yes, I suck dick!   I liked doing it so much, that I didn't have to get "high" after that, to do it.  I shared "blow-jobs" with Larry several times and occasionally with other dudes over the last few years.  (Usually, in between, the women I was dating.)...
"It took a while but....I admit that I am "bi-sexual"!  Hey, it doubles your chances of finding a date on a Saturday night!  I don't have emotional feeling for any of these guys, I just enjoy their different cocks.
I thoroughly love looking at them, stroking, licking and sucking, and making a man 'get-off'!  I like when someone will do the same for me.  I like sex with Women too, but it is more satisfying with a guy.".....
"With women, oral sex is foreplay.   Put two men together, and it's the "Main-Event"!  I've never met a woman yet who can suck my dick like a man can."....
"That's my story.  Now, about yours.....
"I don't know how to resolve your problem, George.  You liked being kissed by a man, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with that!  Shit! I like doing it too!   I have a gut feeling that you have some regrets that you didn't join in with your two friends that night.  Otherwise, you wouldn't still fantasize about it in the showers.....
"Maybe your subconscious is trying to tell you that you need to experiment with some new shit!  It's not about loving your wife, or family, any less, this is about you and your own self-gratification.  Release your inhibitions and enjoy your own body.  Have a little fun for once in your life!"
Having said that, several really awkward minutes would pass.  They were just two naked guys in a swimming pool who had spilled their guts about their past sexual history.  Pete broke the ice by reaching out to touch George's hard dick.  George responded by stepping up to Pete and kissing him on the lips.
Then he spoke, "Hey Pete, since your A/C is out, why don't you come over and spend the night at my house?"
"Thanks George!  ...but only if I can sleep together with you in your bed."
"That's what I was thinking too.  Maybe, it will resolve my issues."

Friday, August 30, 2013

Conversations about Sex - Part 3

"God!....I hardly know where to begin..."
"It was in my Senior year of High School...I was dating this girl, Donna...when we broke up, I started to hang out with Allen, someone I knew from our soccer team.  I met his brother, Ron, who was a year older than us....
"The three of us had a lot of similar interests and we bonded as buddies.  We hung out together:  parks, pizza parlor, bowling ally, movie theatres... we were "bros",  like the "three amigos!".....
"One week-end, their parents left town and the boys invited me to stay over with them.  That Friday night, we played video games and watched movies.  On Saturday, we went to the park to meet up with some of Ron's friends for a game of   tackle football ....
"Back at their house, we were a sweaty, muddy, grass stained mess.  We all stripped and got in the same shower...that's when everything turned really bizarre!...
"We were all soaping up.  It may have been the first time the three of us were naked together.  Suddenly, Ron pushed me up against the wall and KISSED ME!  It was totally unexpected!...
"It was a long-lingering kiss with his tongue in my mouth.  His naked body was pressed against mine.  At first, I was in shock and didn't know how to handle this.  However ,my first thought was that I really didn't hate it and my dick boned-up!  I let him kiss me, and I guess, I kissed him too....
"He finally pulled away from me and I spotted Allen, who was soaping up his now hard dick!  Not much was said between us, we just rinsed off, dried ourselves and Ron led the way to his bedroom...
"I stood off to the side and watched, kind of in shock, as Ron and Allen had sex with each other.  It was weird on so many levels, especially because they were brothers!...
"I had never seen two guys engaged in sex before.  They kissed..and sucked..and rimmed, and Ron fucked Allen while I just watched!  My cock had been entirely ridged the whole time, and without even touching myself, I reached an orgasm and shot off my entire load all over the carpet....
"I tried not to be too judgmental about my two friends.  Actually, what really bothered me for a while was all about me!  Even though I met Kathy shortly after that night,  everything stayed in my head.  I remembered that kiss and everything those guys did right in front of me.....
"My friendship with the boys dwindled, but I often had thoughts of that night.  In fact, sometimes when I jerk-off in the shower these days  because I'm not getting anything from Kathy, I think about those guys."
Pete said, "George, do you realize that while you recited that story, your dick grew till it is totally erect?  I think you may have some unresolved "issues" here."

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Conversations about Sex - Part 2


"George, just spit it out!  Tell me what you are all worked up about."
"God!  This is so embarrassing to talk about.  Okay, here goes...Remember last week when Kathy's brother came to visit for four days?  Well, something weird happened....
"What makes this even stranger is that I've never liked Brad very much.  He's such an ass-hole!  I try to avoid him as much as possible...
"The second day he was here, I got up in the morning to get ready for work.  The door to the guest room was open a few feet.  I looked in and couldn't help but notice that he had kicked the covers off.
His bare ass was exposed. ...
 "I should have just closed the door and walked away, but I stood there for a minute.  And, this has never happened to me before, but I got an erection! "
Pete said,  "I wouldn't worry about it if I was you.  Sounds like it was just a fluke.  Stupid shit happens like that sometimes."
"That's what I thought too, until it happened a second time....

"On Sunday, I was soaking in the tub and Brad barged in.  He said he had already showered and he just wanted to brush his teeth and shave.  He took off his bathrobe and hung it up.  He was standing there at the sink just a few feet from me.  That's when it happened to me again! ...yep, once again, I had a big hard-on!  Thank God, It didn't take him very long in the bathroom! "
Pete took a few minutes to think about this, then he asked, "George, how's your love-life these days with Kathy?"
"Shit!  It's almost non-existent!   We sleep in the bed.  It doesn't get much other use.  When we do have sex, it's just really routine.  We get it on, and get it over with, so we can get to sleep."
"George, don't worry about your physical reaction to Brad.  I don't think he's the issue here.  It could have been anyone in the same situation with you. me... have you ever, you know, uhm... fooled around with another guy?  And, keep in mind, I'm not referring to just jerking-off with some of your little grade-school buddies!"
"Well........yeah, ....God! This is so hard to talk about!...I never thought that I would ever tell anyone about this....

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Conversations about Sex - Part 1

Pete just wanted to have a nice lazy Saturday to himself.  He slept in really late and was still sipping on his coffee at Noon.  It had been an entire week from hell at work.
Someone knocked on his door. "Oh fuck!".  He let in George, his neighbor, who was his best adult friend for the last few years.  They were buddies who worked out together (not often enough!), met up for beers to play pool (very often!), and went to football games.
Pete even liked George's wife: Kathy and his two girls were almost like family to him.  
It was weird that George, who usually was a very mellow guy, seemed to be a little crazy today:
"Oh shit!  Did I come over too early Pete?  You're still in your robe.  I hope it's okay.  I'm sorry but Kathy took the kids up to Springfield to her Mother's house, they are staying the weekend.  That's okay, because I really need to talk to someone away from her.  There's some weird shit going on with me right now!  I couldn't think of anyone else that I could confide in, but you."
"Christ, George!  Calm your ass down!  I have problems of my own!   In case you haven't noticed, my A/C wigged out!  The repairman can't be here till Monday.   I was about to head out and jump in the pool to cool off.  If you want to talk to me, join me in the pool."
"Hell, if I had known, I would have brought my swim suit.  I guess I can go next-door and get it."
"Grow up George!  Why the fuck would you need a bathing suit?  We are two twenty-seven year old men.  It's a private fenced-in back yard.  No one can see us, and besides, I'm not sure that I even own a swim suit anymore. It's been years since I wore one.   I always just swim naked."
Pete walked out to the pool, removed his robe and dove into the water.  George just stood there like a dummy before he began to un-dress.  His boxers were the last to go.
This was the first time that either of them had seen the other one totally nude.  These were two straight guys checking each other out.  (Straight people do that kind of shit too!)
It seemed to make George really uncomfortable so he quickly joined Pete in the water.
They swam around for several minutes and surfaced fairly close to each other.
Pete asked, "Oh!  I almost forgot!   What did you want to talk to me about?  You seemed really stressed when you got here.  We're friends.  If you have a problem, maybe I can help you solve it.  You know that you can tell me anything." 
George stuttered around for a few minutes, "You've got to promise that what I tell you, you will never repeat to anyone!" 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Helping Hand - Lesson Two

Helping Hand – Lesson Two

Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2


We both woke up with morning wood.  He finally got up the nerve to grab my cock.  He had a good stroke and I closed my eyes and just let me jack me off.  It felt good and I returned the favor.

From then on jacking off became a regular occurrence.  He enjoyed stroking my cock.  When I would cum, he would stare and watch the cum fly.  He enjoying it so much I was getting regular hand jobs three times a day.


I told him it was time for lesson two.  He got naked and stood there anxious to see what was in store.  His cock was rock hard.  I leaned over and took his cock gently in my mouth.  I felt him shiver as I shoved his cock all the way until my lips were feeling his hairy pubes.  I held his cock in my mouth and inhaled to smell his male scent. 


I sucked until he came.  I figure he would be done for today.  He grabbed my cock which was still hard and gave it a few wanks until he got on his knees and started licking my cock.  It felt ok but I wanted him to suck me.

He started sucking my cockhead.  I moaned and it seemed to encourage him to take more of my cock in his mouth.  When I came, he tried quickly to remove my cock from his mouth.  I squired cum all over his face.  He swallowed what cum he had in his mouth.  He liked the taste.  He saw cum oozing out of my cock and licked it clean. 
From then on he made a regular habit of us sucking each other.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Helping Hnad - Lesson One

Helping Hand – Lesson One

Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2


It was his first time away from home.  College life was new to him.  This was my second year so I knew what to expect. 

He looked eager to please.  I told him where to put his things.  He asked me “How is the action?”  I smiled and said “It is great.  What are you looking for?”

He acted shy.  “What do you mean?”

I answered “You know, like guy stuff.”

I expected a negative response but instead he said “Do you do, you know, guy stuff?”

I smiled and said “Yes.  But you need to start slow.”

He blushed and said “Like what?”

“For lesson one, why don’t you strip down to your underwear.”  I said as I did the same and I was standing there wearing just my briefs.

He did the same.  He had on a nice pair of briefs.  They were tight and sexy.

He watched me as I pulled down my briefs and stood there naked.  He pulled his briefs down and out popped his erect cock.  It was a beauty.  It was nice and long with a big cockhead and great looking balls. 

I examined every inch of his cock with my eyes and wanted to touch it.  He grabbed it and started to stroke it.  He closed his eyes and stroked it a few times.  He finally stopped and released his cock and just stood there. 

I walked over and grabbed it and continued to stroke it where he left off.  He just stood there.  I figured he will touch my cock when the time was right. 

I heard him moan and then he released his cum.  It flew out of his cock and landed on the floor.  I milked every last drop.  He was done for today.  His cock went limp.  I figured we will see what tomorrow will bring.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

SWIM TEAM - Part 2


Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2


                                I had gone and got my phone and started to take some pictures of them.  They were glad to pose.  I even got a close up of his cock in the other one’s mouth.  Nice cock huh.  Let me tell you too he knows how to use it.  I was behind them getting ready to fuck him while he sucked our team mate off when he stopped.  Our team mate looked at me.  “I’d rather fuck you” he said.  I was drunk with sex enough that I just moved over to the table beside him.  I bent over and lay my stomach on the table and reached back and pulled my ass open for him.  Seconds later I felt his cock head spreading apart may ass lips and pushing it's way up inside me.  It’s been a long time since I was fucked but it felt so good.

                                My other team mate came around the table and pulled me to him enough that I was balanced on the table and shoved his cock in my mouth.  Now I was getting it at both ends.  You know this was getting to be a pretty good night.  Not only did I get a swim and work out with weights, but my ass and mouth were getting a work out as well.  Something I always dream about, getting fucked while sucking someone off.  It didn't take me long to milk a load out of my teammates cock and I swallowed every bit.  My other team mate must have been worked up from it because he dumped his load in my ass at the same time.  It was perfect.  I was filled to the brim.


                                When we were done and standing up talking I told them I had to shower.  They looked at me and then realized cum was running down my legs from the big load in my ass.  They laughed.  “Guess we all should shower and get this sweat off us.”  While in the shower they took turns sucking me off till I came to make it even.  Everyone dumped a load.  From that night on we were the best of friends.  We also were the last to leave the pool and we fucked, sucked and swam naked sometimes for hours till dawn but who cared.  All I knew was I had a new respect for my swim team and some of its members

Saturday, August 24, 2013

SWIM TEAM - Part 1


Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2


                                I’m on the swim team at college.  I love the feel of the water as I dive in the pool.  It exhilarates me.  It revitalizes me.  Sometimes it downright makes me fucking horny.  Usually that’s when the pool is empty late at night and I get to go skinny dipping.  The feel of the water as it rushes past my naked balls and cock when I dive in.  I just love it.  Today was one of those days though.  I went and did my work out in the weight room.  Suited up and did my laps and then headed for the locker room.  By the time I was in the locker room I was the last one in the building.  Even the coach had come to me in the shower and told me to lock up when I was done. 

                                Since I was there alone I took my time in the shower and even pumped out a load to try and relieve some of the pressure that had been building up in my balls all day.  It didn't help so I just grabbed my towel and headed for my locker.  I dried off a bit and wrapped my towel around me to sit on the bench.  My cell phone went off with a text.  I didn't recognize the number though. 


                                I sat on the bench reading it and wondering who the fuck it was.  I was horny though so I figured what the fuck.  I felt the urge and had to pee so I got up and went to the bathroom, my cock swinging back and forth between my legs.  Hell I’m in a men’s locker room.   I took my piss and headed back to my locker.  That’s when I saw 2 of my team mates.  They were up against the wall in full embrace.


                                I’d seen them naked in the locker room and showers before so this was no big thing except that they were grinding their cocks together and I mean in full embrace, kissing and feeling each other all over.  Standing there very quietly I watched and stroked my cock.  It took them a few minutes to realize I was there but when they did they drew me to them and said “Come on join us.  We know you want our asses.  Come on” they said.  “Come and watch and maybe it will give you a few ideas.” With that they headed for the massage room.  One of them hopped up on the table and lay on his back his legs automatically going in the air.


My other teammate climbed up and planted his feet on each side of our teammate and put his ankles on his shoulders.  This angled his ass just right and he slid his cock into it.  Next I knew he was fucking away and there was a look of sheer delight on both their faces.  Apparently they both liked gay sex, one a bottom and one a top.  I would find out later that was a bit wrong.  They are both versatile but I was right about the sex part.  They were both gay and will fuck at the drop of a hat.  They fucked like this for some time before climbing off the table.  When they did one leaned against it and the other bent over and started to suck him off.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Back-Packing - Part 3

Out in the woods, I thought I would really miss the creature comforts like:  television,  or access to my laptop, or even to get a connection to my cell phone.  There were other benefits to being around these other campers.  Them!!!
Despite the distraction of all of these hot naked guys, what I missed most was: a soft mattress, air-conditioning and a long hot shower!  (I would have given anything to share those three things with any one of these men.)
There was an endless number of things to do, like swimming, exploring, fishing...    and...well, there was always...fucking!
Maybe that was inevitable since we were all, always naked together.  Without exception, this was a group of very attractive nicely hung fit men.
I came back to the camp one afternoon, after another day of exploring, only to find my comrades engaging in a giant outdoor orgy!  None of them seemed to care about hiding in a tent anymore to have sex.  This was all just happening right out in the open!
I was drowned into the middle of it all!  (I sucked four cocks and fucked another guy while someone else fucked me!)  I had never been part of a "group" before.
I ran off down the trail to the river to clean up.  That's where I found my friend Jake.  I told him that he had missed this orgy and he got so excited about it, he insisted that I should fuck him right there.  Jake sat right down on it and rode my dick.
I swear, I don't think I've ever had that much sex before in my entire life in a single day!  I was looking forward to the rest of the trip.  ....But, it wasn't to be.
Mid-fuck, one of the organizers ran up to us and told us to gather our personal belongings.  "There's a weather front moving in.  The winds will be coming from the West.  There have been some forest fires just east of here that are growing in size.  We can't take a chance.  We need to evacuate all of you.  We have to cancel the rest of this trip!"
Jake said, "We'll be right there!  You can cancel this trip, but no-one is going to cancel this fuck!"
I've kept in touch with Jake and some of the other guys.  I'm looking forward to another naked camping trip with these guys. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back-Packing - Part 2

I discovered in the morning that Jake and I weren't the only ones who shared a tent last night.  Apparently, there were a lot of guys who had hooked up.
I crawled out of the tent and ran off to the woods to pee. (The woods was nature's bathroom for all of the guys.)
Returning to camp, I saw two (and sometimes three) guys crawling out of the other tents.  There was a lot of "morning wood" to be seen everywhere.  I suddenly felt less self-conscious about my erection the day before.
Some of the guys went off to the woods to take care of business, while others began preparing the fire again.
Over breakfast, it seemed to be the general consensus of everyone that they liked this campsite.  It was decided that we should stay there for several days before moving on to another location.
The campers were free to hike the trails and explore the area, either individually or in groups, and we would all gather back at camp in the afternoon.
I elected to go out on my own that day.  The scenery was absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed a little solitude.
I hiked about two miles and discovered a little stream.  It was such a hot day, I stopped to splash water on myself.
The stream seamed to be flowing back in the general direction of our campsite.  I decided to follow it and see where it led. 

The stream widened and became a river.  I wasn't the only one who had discovered it.   The other campers had too, and some were swimming in the cool water.


I made my way through a bank of trees back to our site.  That's where I discovered how the rest of the guys were occupying their time that afternoon.
It appeared that everything was getting very friendly!  They didn't bother to hide their attraction to each other any longer.
Jake was there sitting by the fire while another guy was sucking his dick.  ("Hey, come take a load off after your hike.  Join us.")
Of course, I did!   


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back-Packing - Part 1


What could be better than spending three weeks backpacking across the Northwestern states.  Exploring Washington, Oregon and Northern California on both foot and a fleet of RV's.
I found this "Gay Wilderness Explorer Group" on-line thru my computer.  The stories and photos that were posted on the Internet captured my long retarded sense for adventure.  Camping out in the woods, forests, along streams and rivers with a group of men was a long time fantasy of mine. I finally decided to try it.
There were about two dozen of us.  Hiking along the trails, we gradually got acquainted.   We had maps to follow and had to hike to designated camp sites each day.  An "advance team" would set up tents and build fire pits for us.  Food and drinks were provided by the organizers.
That first day when we reached a camp site, was a real revelation for me!  Apparently, I somehow hadn't noticed in the web site that this was a group of "naturists"!  Even if I had, I probably wouldn't have understood and just thought they were a bunch of tree huggers.  It didn't take me long to understand that naturists really meant nudists!
Everyone dropped off their back-packs at their designated tents and gathered in a common area for a "social"!  When I realized the reality of this situation, I quickly stripped so that I would fit in with the gang.  Unfortunately, looking at all of the hot naked guys, I was the only one who had sprung an erection!
Along the trail that day, I had connected with Jake.  Seeing my erect dilemma, Jake said, "Hey, there's nothing to be embarrassed about.  It happens to all of us.  In fact, before this trip ends, you probably will see just about everyone here with a hard-on.  We are a very sexually friendly and progressive group."
Eventually, (even though I couldn't help staring at these guys...) I grew comfortable with the situation enough to accept and appreciate this wilderness experience.
That first day, we gathered around the fire pit to cook our dinner...
We had burgers and dogs, with canned beans cooked on a grill.  The grill was removed and was replaced with wood logs. 
Long after everyone had retired for the night, I sat by the fire to contemplate what had transpired today.  I also worried that a bear or another woodland creature might decide to invade my tent.
The fire died down as I made my way to my tent.  When I crawled in, I was met with another naked body.  It was Jake! 
"Since this is your first night, I thought you might need some company.  I remember how scared I was my first time sleeping alone in a tent."
Jake provided much more than security that night, we had sex!  (We did it again in the morning!)  He sucked cock like a champion, and was a good bottom to my top,  as I fucked my new hiking friend.    


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Another Friday Night

Another Friday Night

Story by Larry

                                                                                                  Here it is 10pm on a Friday night and I’m already undressed and in bed and not for any good reason.  If I was in bed with a husband or trick I’d be set but I’m all alone.  I can't sleep.  I have my head propped up on my hand looking at the TV wondering what to do.  I know.  I’ll get on the net and find someone to come over and fuck my brains out.  Wouldn’t be the first time I paid to get laid.  It’s a lot easier and in the long run cheaper.  

                                                                                                                I mean you go to the club now a days and it $10-$20 entry fee, with drinks being $6 a piece and beers $4.50 and by the time you close the bar you find you’re $75 - $100 in the hole and still going home to Pamela "Hand"erson instead of some hot piece of ass.  This way I don't have to get dressed, drive, put up with slobbering drunks and can just "love them and leave them".  Now let me see what I can find.  It may take a while since I’m doing it on my phone but I’m even too lazy to get up to get the lap top.  Well guess what. I found someone who advertises that he has a hot ass and loves to get fucked. I called him and he lived only 20 minutes away and had no bookings for the night so he'd be over and to boot would stay as long as I wanted.


                                                                                                                I told him I’d leave the door open and to just let himself in.  I’d be waiting in the bedroom under the sheet.  When he got there I heard him come in and close the door and then I heard him walk to the bedroom.  When he opened the door I took a deep breath.  He wasn't anything like his pictures.  He looked like he was just a kid.  I even made him toke his license out to prove he was of age before we did anything.  Once he proved his age, I had his cock in my mouth within seconds.  I had him begging to fuck him in minutes.  I told him I didn't want to rush and he said if I wanted he'd stay the night for an extra $20

                                                                                                                Something was wrong but I told him ok.  Then I told him to roll over on the bed and while he did that I oiled up my cock and once he said he was comfortable I put my cock to his hole and pushed.  I could see he was in incredible pain but by this point I didn't care I was sexually drunk and needed to fuck.  I started slow but not long after was pounding him into the mattress good and hard.  He was biting the pillow and almost in tears.  I pulled out and told him maybe he should go.  He told me no he was going to see it through and guided my cock to his hole again.  It was a tight hole too.  I’m glad I put on my cock ring otherwise I would have cum right away.

                                                                                                                We fucked the night away and I was right and I found out what was wrong in the morning.  He was young but of age.  He was staying with a friend on his couch till he made enough to get a room of his own and then he had to get out but he knew he wasn't going to be able to stay there much longer either.  He thought selling sex was going to be a quick way to make money but it proved to be, pardon the pun, harder than he thought.  He ended up working full time and only "hooking" at night.  I told him I had a solution.  I told him to move in with me, work and hook as he wanted till he could find a place and instead of paying rent if he didn't have a client his ass was mine.  He agreed and moved in that afternoon.  He had a client that night but came home and sucked me off anyhow.  “I like paying this kind of rent” he said.  Little did he know I loved him being my new tenant..  This had to last a long time.

Monday, August 19, 2013


"Colton?  He left a card like that on my desk?   I was sure we had an understanding about stuff like this!  It's been a whole year since he walked in on me in the men's room and grabbed my dick at the urinal."

"Not that I would object too much because he is a cute little mother-fucker!  It's just that I try to stay professional.  There is no-way I can fraternize with a co-worker."
"I can't think about any of this right now.  I've got to get to the Board Room and give my presentation to the big-wigs.  Shit! I'll be stuck all day with the 'suits'! "......
......"Thank God, a break for lunch!  I have such a headache. Maybe some aspirin in my office.  What the fuck?  Someone left a gift bag on my desk."
"Jesus Holy Christ!  A bag full of sex toys???  This definitely crosses over the line from being the typical gag-gifts I usually receive!  Hey, who knows?  They might be usefull!  Right now, I need to get some food in me."
"From that look on her face, obviously Myrna must have snooped in the bag!  Memo to myself:  request 'maintenance' to change the locks on my office!" .......
......"Thank God, this day is finally over!  The 'front-office' can celebrate the forth quarter earning and I can finally go home!  Like always, I'm the last one to leave our department.  I'll just lock my office. ....Holy Crap!!!"
"Colton, what are you doing in my office??? "
COLTON:  "Just thought I'd bring out another birthday gift for you!  For an entire year I respected that you couldn't get sexually involved with a co-worker."
"As of twenty-two minutes ago, I no longer work here.  I start my new job on Monday at "Crabtree and Howard". 
"I just live ten minutes away.  Bring those 'toys' I left for you.  Let's go to my place and celebrate your Birthday!" 
""Maybe, my life doesn't suck so much after all!" 

Sunday, August 18, 2013


"Oh god!  I hate my fucking life!  I hate my job!  I hate my decision to spend the past four years as a corporate accountant for that company!  I hate crunching numbers every day! I hate this date when the fiscal year ends and I have to submit earnings reports for the share-holders!  I hate that I am getting older and today is my birthday!  Please God, don't let anyone remember!"
"I probably would quit that place, if it wasn't for the 'benefits':   A 401K, full health and dental insurance coverage, stock options, and a really decent salary.  The only positive thing is that I kind of like my colleagues.  (Except for Myrna, our receptionist, who is an absolute bitch!)"
"Jesus, I can't believe my dick is getting hard in the shower!  I know it hasn't had much attention lately!  Shit, I can't even remember the last time I had sex with another guy!  It doesn't matter because there isn't any time today to jack-off before work.  I can't afford to be late today."
"Little buddy, I'm soaping you up just to make sure you are clean.  Rinse, rinse, rinse.  Now to dry you off.  If you go to sleep, I promise to pay some attention to you tonight."
"I hate putting on a suit each day!  It's like some kind of a 'corporate straight-jacket'!  Better check my e-mails before I hit the road.  Okay, Mom and my sister with birthday greetings.  Doesn't anyone ever send a card anymore?  Wait a minute, there's another one!  That's not an internet user-name that I recognize."
"Why would someone send me a picture like that?  Sure, it's really fucking hot, but...just the picture?  No name attached or personal message?   I can't worry about it now, I have to get to work!  Can't be late today!  Damn! I keep repeating myself!"
"Shit!  the traffic is at a standstill!  Just my luck!  I remember reading some quote once:  "Life without aggravations would be very boring!".   I would absolutely love to be bored, especially today!"
"Okay, so I am late!   It wasn't my fault!  Myrna didn't need to give me that nasty smirk as I came through the door!  It's bitches like her that make me glad I am gay!"
"What's this?  A birthday card on my desk?..."
"WHAT THE FUCK???  This definitely wasn't appropriate for the workplace!  No one here even knows that I am gay!  I'm not ashamed of it, but it's really none of their fucking business!"
"Myrna is a big old busybody!   I'll ask her who has been in my office this morning."
"Are you sure?  Just my intern?  Colton?"