Thursday, June 2, 2016

Three Way

Three Way

Story by Jay

"Keep going."  I pleaded.  Bill was an expert cock sucker.  He sucked me off many times and it always was the best I ever had.  I laid back and enjoyed his warm mouth on my hard cock.

All of a sudden, the door opened and it was Evan, a guy from my econ class.  "Oh shit.  My bad."  he said.  Bill stopped sucking and we both stared at Evan.

Evan stood there and stared.  I could see his eyes looking at my erect cock.

I smiled a sheepish grin and said "Hey Evan.  How unexpected."  Then I remembered that I had scheduled to tutor Evan this morning.  I continued to stroke my cock.

Evan stood there and said "You want me to take off?"  I got the feeling gthat he did not want to leave but maybe join in.

I turned to look at Bill and then back to Evan.  I finally said "Totally up to you."

Evan looked at Bill and you could tell he was totally into him.  Bill smiled at Evan and said "I am fine with it."

I took the rest of my clothes off.  Bill did the same.  We looked at Evan to see what he would do.

He walked in and quickly stripped down.  Bill and I went to work on Evan's cock.  He was rock hard and enjoying the attention.

Bill did his expert cock sucking on Evan.  "Damn" he said as he threw his head back and let out a loud moan.

We took turns sucking each other's cocks.  We kissed and we knew we wanted to fuck.  The only question was who.

Evan wanted Bill's ass and Bill wanted Evan's cock in his ass.

Bill got on all fours with me under him and Evan mounted Bill and started to fuck him   Bill was holding his dick and mine and stroking both of them.  I did not know Evan was into guys but he fucked him with a proper ass pounding.

After Evan shot his load he climbed off the bed and Bill and him gave me a fantastic blowjob.
Bill asked me afterward, "How often do you guys have a tutoring session?  I think I need to be tutored."