Tuesday, April 18, 2017



Story by Jay

He was sitting in the woods when I bumped into him.He had the biggest horn rim glasses.  I said hi and he nodded back at me.  We did not talk but looked at each other.

He took off his shirt and stood there looking at me.  He had a thin slender build.  I stepped towards him and he backed away.  So I stood my ground and waited to see what he would do.

I watched as he started to unzip his pants.  He did it slowly and seemed to enjoy it.  He took off his pants and stood there naked.  He had a long thick cock with big balls.  I loved seeing him naked.

He sat down on the ground and held his hard cock in his hand.  He started to stroke his cock and I watched as his cock grew harder.

He laid back his head and enjoyed jacking off.  It did not take long before he shot his load.  It landed on his chest and ran down to his stomach.  I took out my cock and jacked off.  He watch as I came, then he got up and left.


Monday, April 17, 2017

Pick Up

Pick Up

Story by Jay

He was hitch hiking when I first saw him.  He wore no shirt.  I picked him up and we drove silently to my place.

He watched me as I unloaded the car with groceries.  I told him to get comfortable as I put away some perishables that I bought.

I glanced over to him and he was sitting on the couch with his shorts on.  He had taken off his jeans

He was getting impatient, so he took his shorts off and sat there with a raging hard on.

I finally walked over and he looked up at me.  his cock was laying on my stomach with his balls down to between his legs.dangling

I got undressed as he watched me.  He asked "Can I fuck you?"  I went over to the table and open a drawer and pulled out a rubber.  I handed it to him and him put it on.  I asked "How do you want it?"

He bent me over and started to fuck me.  He was rough and pounded my ass.  It was good and what I needed.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

College Room Mate - Part 2

College Room Mate

Part 2 of 2

Story by Jay

I never had a room mate before.  I looked forward to college dreaming of have a room mate that I could have sex with.  When I first met my room mate I was pleased with what I saw.  He was cute and handsome.

I decided to see if I could get some action.  I was napping when I woke up and noticed that my cock was hard.  I arranged my shorts so that it was sticking out partially.  I spotted him taking glances towards me.

My room mate walked over and lifted my shorts.  I got excited and felt my cock grow harder.  i could not believe he was checking out my cock.

I glanced down and saw he was inhaling and smelling me.  I was excited.  I wondered how far he would go.

When he licked my cock, I thought I would explode.  This was more that I ever expected.  Then he did what I only dreamt of.  He started to suck my cock.  At first just the tip of my cock, then he pulled my cock and balls all the way out.

He sucked me all the way deep into his throat.  It felt so good.  I forgot to keep snoring.  My room mate stopped when he noticed that I was not snoring.  He turned towards me.

I smiled and said "Keep doing what you are doing.  Feels good."  He continued to suck.  I was close to cumming.  I shot my load into his mouth.  It felt great.

Afterwards I thanked him and I asked if he wanted some sucking too.  He undressed so fast that he moved like a blur.  College life is wonderful.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

College Room Mate - Part 1

College Room Mate

Part 1 of 2

Story by Jay

It was my first week in college and also my first time having a room mate.  He was a quite guy who either slept or studied.  We got along especially since he was a real hunk.

I was his room mate for about a week when I was reading my text book.  My room mate was sleeping.  My eye caught sight of his cock.  I sat up in my bed and looked closer.

It was his cock.  It was rock hard.  This was the first time I spotted his cock.  He was snoring so I knew he was out.  I had to get a better view.  I stood up and walked over to his bed.

I raised his shorts and was trilled to see his cock.  It was hard and peeking from under his shorts.  He was circumcised.  I needed to see more.  I raised it more and his cock moved outward.  My heart stopped beating.  He had a big cock head.

I needed to do more than just see it.  This was a great opportunity.  My room mate was a sound sleeper.  I had to wake him a few times and he was impossible to wake up.  So I leaned in and inhaled.  His cock had a odor of piss.  I looked at hjis cock head and saw precum ozing out.

I licked his cock.  He was still snoring and out.  I licked the precum off the tip of his cock.  I needed to suck his cock.  It was now or never. I did not think what might happen if he woke up.  I just need to suck cock.

And I did.  I opened my mouth and took in his cock.  I sucked it but I wanted to take it all the way deep into my throat.  I reached into his shorts and pulled his cock all the way out and pulled his balls out also.  pulled his shorts down

I swallowed his cock all the way into my mouth.  His cock had grown and I was handling it.  I kept sucking.  I did not notice that my room mate was awake.

I stopped.  There was no snoring.  I turned my head and saw that he was awake.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Off for Spring Break

Off for Spring Break

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Vacation Surprise

Vacation Surprise

Story by Jay

I went on vacation with a friend of mine.  We knew each other since grade school.  I was glad he was going on vacation with me.  We got along.  Our first night out, we went for some drinks.  I am not a big drinker and Mike was known to get pass out drunk.

I helped him back to the hotel room.  He was feeling no pain.  I droped him off at the couch.  He laid there out cold.  I tried to wake him up but no response.

I decided to get him out of his clothes.  I unzipped his jeans and stopped.  I wondered what he had in the cock department.  I never saw him naked.  I saw him in a Speedo and he look big.  I reached in to pull his cock out.

WOW.  Did he have a piece of meat.  It was bigger than big.  I spit on his cock to lubricate it.  It was circumcised, with a thick shaft and big cock head.  It was going to be a hand full and a mouth full.

I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck it. I took it all the way deep in my mouth.  I heard the loud snoring change to a low moan.

I looked up and he was still out.  I thought he took a look at me and then closed his eyes.  If he did, he did not try to stop me.   So I kept sucking his magnificent cock.

I took his cock as deep in my mouth as I could.  I grabbed his balls and pulled them tight,  He moaned louder with every tugged on his balls.

His moans grew as he came closer to cumming.  I kept at it until he screamed he was cumming and he shot his load.  I swallowed it and sat up and looked at him.  I hit him in the stomach and he said "Why did you do that?"  I answered "Because you were awake the whole time."  He said "Just for the best parts.  Dude you are a great cock sucker."

I got up and said "I am going to bed and pass out.  OK?"  He smiled and followed me into the bedroom.


Monday, April 3, 2017



Story by Jay

My room mate in college was not a shy person.  If he wanted to go get something out of the kitchen wearing nothing, he would do that.  He even like to jack off naked and shoot his load on his chest and lay there afterwards.

He loved asking me something buck naked to see my reaction.  I would stare at his penis and answer.
By the way, he had a nice cock.  I could look at it for hours if I had too.

Did I ever dream of fucking him?  Yes, all the time.  I still do.  He had a nice bubble butt.  Damn, I would love to tap that booty.  Oh well.  He is still great to look at naked.  I can only dream.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Orange Shorts

Orange Shorts

Story by Jay

I spotted him when I was at the park.  He had on these bright orange shorts.  You could not miss him.  They were tight.  He climbed into the car as I approached him.

I said help and that I liked his orange shorts.  He smiled and said thanks.  I asked if he wanted to go for a walk in the woods.  He said he was fine just sitting in the car.

I repeated that I liked his shorts.  He smiled and pulled out his cock.  It took my breath away.  It was big, very big, with a thick shaft and big cock head.

He said why don't you get in the car.  I quickly got in and saw his cock up close.  It was a sight to see.  I could not think of anything to say.  His balls were now in sight and they were hanging down wanting me to lick them.

He started the car and drove around the block.  I asked if I could touch his cock.  He laughed and said why not.  I grabbed his cock and slowly stroked it.  It was rock hard.  I did not ask but bent down and started to suck it.

He spread his legs apart and I was able to reach his balls with my mouth and I licked them.  They were tight as I sucked each one into my mouth.

I sat up and continued stroking his cock.  "Keep going." he said.  I stroked him faster and he moaned out loud as he came.  When he pulled into the park, I bent over to lick up his cum.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Out Drinking

Out Drinking

Story by Jay


It was nude night at the local bar.  I met some friends there.  We were nude and drinking.  What more could you ask for.  After a while, my friends left and I decided to have just one more drink.

Well, I had a few more drinks and I needed to head home.  But first, I need to pee.  I headed to the mens room.  There was only one guy there.  He was busy peeing when I stood next to him and unload my bladder.  I glanced over and he was still peeing.  I finished and was shaking the last few drops of piss when he grabbed my cock.

"Nice piece of meat." he said.  "You do too." I said.  Can I jack you off?"  he asked.  I thought why not.  "You can jack me off." he said as if mutual masturbation made it ok. But I went along with him.

We started to jack each other.  We both got super hard almost immediately.  "Man, you sure do have a big cock."  he said.  He came quickly but it was a big load.  I stayed hard as he jacked me off faster.

I came shortly after he did.  "That was fun." he said.  "Maybe we can do more sometime."  He gave me his number and I said I would call.

I walked to my car and thought "Why not."