Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Massage - Part 1


Part 1 of 2

Story by Jay

I skipped class at the university and met some friends to shoot some hoops.  I got fancy with a dunk and hurt my back.  I had the sit out the rest of the time.  It was hurting so bad.  A friend of mine suggested getting a massage.  I never had one, but once he said it, I wanted to try getting one. 

There was a new massage parlor around the corner from where I lived.  The thought of a male masseur working on my back, got me all sexually excited.  So I went over to their store and walked in.  An older guy appeared.  He asked if I wanted a massage.  I said yes.  He said he was the only one in today. 

I thought this would not be too bad.  I liked the thought of an older man telling me what to do, and .using his hands on me.   He pointed to one of the undressing room, as he handed me a towel.  I entered the room and quickly undressed and wrapped the towel around my waist.  I was nervous but also looking forward to the massage.

The masseur came in and asked “Ready?”  I nodded yes.  He looked at me and said”Ok, first thing is to remove the towel and the second thing is to lay on table.”

 I loosen the towel and help the towel against my cock.  I was getting a hard on.  The masseur saw that I was sprouting a boner.  He pointed again to the table and said “You are almost there.”

I quickly climbed on the table and lay the towel across my ass.  I felt relieved that I was on the table and that my towel covered my ass.

The masseur immediately started to work on my back, especially my lower back.  It felt good.  As his hand worked on my tight muscles, he removed the towel.

I started to feel my cock getting hard.  There was no turning back.  Every time his hands brushed against my ass cheeks, I got harder.  Now I had a full blown hard on.  
I was so excited that I started to dream of him taking my cock and sucking it.  I woke out of my dream when he said “Now roll over.”

I did as he told me.  Now I laid on my back with my cock sticking upward.  He started to work on my chest and the more he rubbed, the more I wanted him to touch my cock.  He got closer and closer.  I was not embarrassed anymore.  I was ready to beg for him to touch me.

Then it happened.  I felt his hand grab the base of my cock.  My heart stopped.  I wanted him to jack me off.  But he just held my cock.

I was wondering “What was he doing?”  Then he took my cock in his mouth.

It was warm.  It was wet.  It was awesome.

It was too much.  My balls tighten and I shot my load.  A few drops fell from his moth and landed on my cock.   

He did a final once over massage of my body.  I felt fantastic. 

He left the room.  I grabbed my cock and slowly massaged it.  What a feeling.

I was hooked.  I was going to find someone to give me a massage.  

Monday, September 29, 2014

Funny Photo

Funny Photo

By Jay

Here is a lawn service I would hire.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stock Boy

Stock Boy

Story by Jay

I have been shopping at this supermarket for a couple of years.  It is located near where I live and has great prices.  This store has everything I need.  Today the store was not as busy.  I was taking my time looking at the products.  I kept feeling I was being watched.  I started to look around and I notice every place I went, I was being followed by a stock boy.  I recognized him as a regular worker.  I have seen him before.

So I went down aisle after aisle and there he was.  We made eye contact and he quickly disappeared.  I went looking for him.  After passing through a few aisles, I saw him in the dairy section.  He was stocking milk.  I decided to stare at him for a change.  He saw me and again we made eye contact. 
He finished stocking the milk and as we went to the back stock room, he turned and stared at me.

There was a slight smile as he looked me right in the eye.  He reached between his legs and grab to rearrange his cock.  It was now obvious that he had a hard cock as it poked against his pants.  He then disappeared behind the stock room door.  

I looked around and decided to follow.  I entered the back stock room.  It was dimly lit. I looked around for the stock boy.  I walked around a bit and they spotted him in a truck loaded with merchandise.  He had pulled down his pants and was holding down his boxers revealing a long uncut cock. 

He saw that I followed and climbed out of the truck and stood near a forklift.  As I got closer to him, his cock got harder.  I got down on my knees.  His cock was so close I could smell the musky odor and it drove me wild.  I inhale the smell and then took his cock deep in my throat with one movement.

He started to roughly thrust his hips and I clamp down around his shaft.  Harder and faster he went, until He grabbed my hair on my head and shoved his cock deep into my mouth and I felt cum rapidly filling the back of my mouth.  I swallowed as fast as I could as my mouth filled to capacity.

He gave a couple hard thrust and then he removed his cock.  It was still hard and dripping with cum. 

He held it in front of my face.  I licked it as clean of cum as I could.  He said “Follow me.”
I figured we were going back to the store but we ended in a store room loaded with boxes.  He ordered me to take off my clothes.  He stripped down and climbed up onto the boxes and laid on them on his back.  He again ordered me “Now fuck me.”

I got into position and saw that his legs were up and asshole was ready for my cock.  I glided my cock to his asshole and pushed it in.  He screamed “Damn.  Now fuck me.”  I started to pound away.  After the rough face fucking, I wanted payback.  But the harder I pounded, then more he scream “Harder.”

I kept at it until my body quiver and I climaxed.  I came, wave after wave of cum filling his ass.

Breathing heavily, I pulled out my cock and let the last drops of cum fall to the ground.

We got dressed and I followed him back to the store.  He looked me square in the eyes and said “Next time I fuck you.”  I gave a slight smile and nodded yes.  I walked to the front of the store to check out. 

Like I told you this store has everything I need.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Biology Class

Biology Class

Inspired by ‘mysterie boy’

Story by Jay

I teach Biology class for adults who need to get their GED.  They dropped out of high school and now they realize that was a mistake.  I commend them for realizing their mistake.  But since they are now older, they sometimes like to still goof off.

Well, that was Robbie.  Everything was a joke and he loved to drive me crazy.

I kept him after class and asked him to get serious. I said, “You are failing.  Why?”  I looked at the chart with the male anatomy.  “Point to the penis.”  

Robbie pointed to the leg on the chart. I said “No.  Do you even have a penis?”

He took off his shirt and pointed to his chest nipple.  I was get frustrated.  “Drop your pants.”

Robbie pulled down his pants.  His cock was extremely hard.  He was enjoying this.  I grabbed his balls and held them tightly.  “These are your testicles.”  He snickered.

I then grabbed the tip of his cock.  He said “Feels good.  Better if you take it in your mouth.”

I said “Robbie is all this about getting a blow job?”  He smiled and said “Yes.  Been wanted one since class began.  This was the best way to get it.”  I replied “Ace the test and then you get a blow job.”

Robbie took the test and filled it out in record time.  After I graded it I said “You passed.  I can’t believe it.”  Robbie said “Now can’t I get a blow job?”  His cock was standing tall and it did look delicious. 

I took his cock in my mouth and Robbie started to face fuck me.  Once he started, he pounded away until my mouth overflowed with his cum.   Robbie left the classroom happy and with a diploma.  

Friday, September 26, 2014

Funny Photo

Funny Photo

By Jay

Here are a couple moves that I never learned in Yoga Class.

Anyone hungry?

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rookie Guard

Rookie Guard

Inspired by ‘mysterie boy’

Story by Jay

I am the night guard at the shop here in town.  They hired a rookie guard to help me.  Which is ok, but I always have to keep an eye on them.  Lately the guys are all lazy.  I looked at my watch and figured the new guy should have been done with his rounds by now.  I decided to find him and see what he was doing.  If I had to guess, I bet he was sleeping.  Being on the night shift can do that.

I went the route that he should had taken but did not find him.  Then I heard some heavy breathing.  I opened the side door of thee shop and found him with his cock out.  He was jacking off.

He was startled and walked up to him and grabbed his hard cock.  I yelled into his face, “What are you doing?  You are supposed to be working, not stroking your cock.”

I ordered him into the storeroom.  I figured he needed to be taught a lesson.  I yelled “Take off your clothes.”  “Yes sir.” He replied.  He quickly undressed.  I figure his cock would shrink under the pressure but he seemed to like being ordered around.

I undressed and I ordered him to climb up on some boxes.  He kept saying “Yes sir.”  I told him to spit on my cock.  Then I yelled for him to get on all fours and stuck my cock in his ass.  He was not ready for it.  He let out a scream. 

He cried “Sir, go easy.  That is a virgin hole.”  I felt sorry for him so I just pumped slowly.  He was moaning as I picked up the pace.  I wanted to cum so badly.  Finally I came.  I pulled out and watch him wipe his tears.  “OK.  Now get back to work.  He started to put on his clothes.  I said “NO.  Do your patrol naked.  Maybe later I will let you fuck me.”  The rookie’s cock got hard and he smiled and said “YES SIR.”

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Funny Photo

Funny Photo

By Jay

Here is a different art class.  The model is clothed and the students are naked.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Open Sea

Open Sea

Inspired by ‘mysterie boy’

Story by Jay

It was a beautiful day for a cruise.  There were not going to be a lot of warm days left.  It was late Fall.  My friend, Josh talked me into it.  Josh and I have been friends since grade school.  John rented a boat and we were going out to the open sea.  We wore our speedo, as the boat moved out at the sea.  I talked Josh into getting a tan all over.  Anytime I could get Josh naked was ok by me.  I loved seeing his naked body, especially his cock and balls.  I wanted it so bad but Josh was straight. 

So I was surprised when Josh agreed to take off his speedo.  But Josh did not shy away from being naked in front of me.  He sometimes flaunted it.  But it was tanning and we were so excited that we were going to add to our tan, before the season ended. 

Josh said we would be back before sunset, so we left our jeans and jackets back at our cars.
We were out of sight of land.  I was concern if Josh knew the way back.  But Josh said everything was fine.  So we sail on.  Then the weather started get stormy.  It just started to get rough and toss us around.

Soon all hell broke loose.  Josh and I were overboard.  We swam to each other and held on.  Soon the storm subsided and we saw an island.  Once we made it ashore, we looked around.  We found nothing.  We were naked with no clothes, food, or shelter. 

Nightfall came and it was getting colder.  I suggest we lay side by side.  Josh was not for it.  “You just want to get close to me.”  Pointing to my cock, he said “and put that thing in my butt.”  I tried to reassure Josh but he held his ground until the cold air won out, and Josh decided to cuddle.

We slept.  I woke up and felt comfortable.  I had a dream that I was home in bed and had Josh in bed.  Just then I awoke to Josh yelling.  I realize we were not in my bed but on the island.  Josh jumped up.  “See, you were trying to put that thing in me.”  He pointed to my rock hard cock.
I sat up and said, “Just a minute, Josh” as I pointed to his erect penis.  “You have a hard cock, so you must like it.” 

Josh paced back and forth.  Finally he said “OK, but tonight I get in back and you are in front.”
We search the island and found some fresh water and some berries, but nothing else.  We were still naked and night was only a few hours away. The temperature started to drop as the sun set.
Josh was shivering and said “Let’s cuddle.”  He did not need to ask me again.  Josh got behind me and our body heat felt good.   

In the middle of the night, I felt Josh’s cock rubbing along my ass crack.  I reached down and started to stroke my cock in synch with Josh’s cock thrust.  I held my breath as his cock stopped at my asshole.  He poked a few times then his cockhead entered my ass.  I tried not to make a sound, as Josh started to push deeper inside of me.

Then he started thrusting, slowly at first, then as fast and hard as he could.  I started to jack off.  I was afraid Josh would stop, so I quickly masturbated and came quickly.  I felt Josh’s hot breath on my neck.  I could hear him panting. Then everything stopped.  He was coming.  I was the first to start breathing again. 

Josh finished up and then his limp cock slipped from my ass.  We laid there and sleep came in the matter of minutes.  
The next morning Josh did not mention anything about what happened last night.  He was in a good mood as we went about searching for food.  As the days flew by, we felt we were not going to be found.

The sun was setting.  Josh and I sat on the beach, our hands holding tightly to each other. Josh said “I am not sure if you would be my top choice for being on a deserted island, but I am glad that it is you that I am with.  He tightens his grip on my hand.  The sun was setting. 

But there is always tomorrow. 

Monday, September 22, 2014



Why are you asking for reader's fantasies?

Good question.  

Reader come to the blog looking for something.  Sometimes you find what you are looking for and sometimes you don't.  By letting me know what are your fantasies and what you are looking for, then it is a win-win situation.  

It helps me by giving me ideas for stories and it gives you what you want, your fantasies come to life in story form.

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Do you go out the door with no underwear?

Another good question.  

Yes I do go out the door with no underwear.  I love my balls and cock hanging freely.
Sometimes they can peek out the bottom of my shorts.  Sometimes that is good and sometimes that can be bad.  I wear no underwear when I want to be ‘bad’.

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Don't forget 'What is your fantasy?'

Tell me what is your fantasy and let me write a story making it come true in story form. 

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Skinny Dipping at the Beach

Skinny Dipping at the Beach

Requested by Joe

Story by Jay

I hiked down to the beach from the camp ground.  I climbed a tree and used binoculars to scout the area.  My cock was excited.  I did not know what I was looking for but my cock did.  I scanned the beach until I spotted him.

He was standing there with jeans on.  He was slender and muscular.  I zoomed in and his face was one cute kid.  My cock went from semi hard to super hard.  I watch him look around.  The beach looked deserted from my vantage point.

He glanced around until he knew he was alone and he took off his jeans.  His cock was rock hard, as he laid down into the surf and started to jack off.  His body rippled as he slowly stroked his cock.  I climbed down the tree and walked towards him.  My cock lead the way.

As he laid there jacking off, he looked around to make sure no one was around.  I was getting closer and closer, then he spotted me.

He stopped stroking his cock and smiled.  I said "Sorry.  I did not mean to interrupt."

He walked back to his towel that was sitting in the sand.  I told me to follow him.  He laid on his back, his cock sticking up.  I told him he had a beautiful cock.  He said, "It is all yours."  I was surprised but took advantage of the opportunity and started sucking his cock.

He must had been worked up, because he came quickly.  I was hoping he would suck my cock but after a few minutes and got up and left.  I sat on the beach for awhile and then I head back to the camp grounds.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

What is your fantasy?

What is your fantasy?

Tell me what is your fantasy and let me write a story making it come true in story form. 

Send your fantasy to storyman3119@yahoo.com

No limit or restriction.

Tell me what you like to see in stories to help me write the stories you like. 

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Skinny Dipping at the Cliffs

Skinny Dipping at the Cliffs

Requested by Joe

Story by Jay

The day started out looking beautiful.  I was told there was a spot where there were high cliffs and a beautiful beach.  So I headed out to the area.  It was simply beautiful with crystal clear water.  I immediately dove in.  It was a warm and refreshing dip.

After a swim, I decided to climb the cliffs.  When I got to the top, my cock started getting hard.  I wanted to jack off from the highest cliff.  I had the best view of the surrounding area.

Looking out to the spectacular view, I got rock hard.  I automatically started to masturbate.  I knew with this setting, it would not take long to shot my load.

I felt it stirring in my balls and tried to lean forward but instead came on my leg.  I sat there with the sun beating down on me.  It felt good.  I looked out and thought I had the whole place to myself.


I decided to head down to the beach and cool out in the water, as well as clean off the cum from my leg which was starting to dry and feel sticky.

The water sure felt good.  I love the secluded atmosphere. But I also felt I wanted someone to enjoy the area with and maybe have some fun with.  Jacking off was fun but fucking someone would be nice.

Then I spotted him.  I did not see him there before.  He was standing in the water, looking at me.  He was slender and nice looking.  I waved and motion for him to come over.  He told me he just got here.  When I was up on the cliff, I noticed a spot that was out of this world.  I asked him if he wanted to see it.  He said "Yes."

When we got there we looked around.  He said it was a beautiful place to have sex.  I agreed and grabbed him and kissed.  Before I knew it we were on the ground humping away.  After sex, we laid there, enjoying the beauty of the area.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Birthday Surprise

Birthday Surprise

Requested by 'mysterie boy'

Story by Jay

The phone rang.  It my friend Jay singing Happy Birthday.  I was trilled to hear his off key rendition.  He said my gift was in the mail.  I should get it today.  I wondered what he got me.  I was a hard person to buy gifts for and Jay knew that.

I sat and turn on the TV for the news.  No sooner did I get settled in the chair, when the doorbell rang. I heard "Gift-O-Gram'.   I hurried to get the door and was surprised to see a guy standing at the door holding a package in front of him.  I asked him to come on in.  He was naked.

He sang Happy Birthday and then said "It was from Jay.  Open it."   I knew what was going to happen.  Inside was the guy's dick.  It was super hard.  He removed the box and said "It is all yours." 

I loved the gift.  I looked at him and said "I can have it?"  He nodded yes and said "It is all yours to do what you want.  I got down on my knees and went at it.   It was a mouthful.   

I took my time and enjoyed the gift.  He was good at prolonging it by telling me when to ease up to make it last longer.  When he was done, I gave him a nice tip and off he went.  I wasn't sure where his clothes were but it was a great gift.  Then the doorbell rang again.

I opened the door and another guy was there, naked, carrying a cake.  Of course  his cock was laying on top of the cake.  It was fun licking the icing off the his dick.  So one more blowjob before cake.  Now I was ready for a drink.

Then the doorbell rang again.  It was a bellhop from a local hotel.  He was carrying a tray with my favorite scotch.  He had his cock standing straight up.  I needed to give this guy a tip and you know what that meant.  One more blowjob before drinks.  

What a birthday surprise.