Friday, May 27, 2016

Have a Great Memorial Weekend

Have a Great Memorial Weekend



Nite Time Jacking - Part 2

Nite Time Jacking

Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2

My room mate stared at my cock.  I had porn on my phone playing but he wanted to look at the real thing that was in front of him.
He asked me "Can I jerk you off?"
I eagerly said "Yeah."

I released his cock and grabbed mine.  I love the feel of him stroking my cock.  Wow, this was great.  This was the best I could hope for.  I held my breath as his hand jerked me off.

I laid naked next to him.  I loved having him jerk my cock.  I do not know what made me say it but I asked "Do you wanna suck it?"  After I asked that I wondered if I went too far.  I waited for his reply.  He hesitated and finally replied "Me?  I don't know.  Yeah.  Sure."

Before I knew it, he was sucking my cock.  This was my first blow job I ever got.  It felt so good.  He took my cock down deep into his throat.  I wondered if he did this before.   I wanted to suck his cock.

I moved around in bed and took his cock in my mouth.  We both sucked away.  I was the first to cum, followed by him.  That night started our regular suck time before turning in and going to sleep.  This sure beat watching porn.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Nite Time Jacking - Part 1

Nite Time Jacking

Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2

My room mate in college was asleep.  I had waited for him to doze off.  I wanted to jack off so much.  I reached under the covers and grabbed my throbbing cock.  I slowly stroked it.  I looked over to my room mate and imaged him jacking off his cock.

I turned my back to him.  I reached down to my boxer briefs and pulled them down below my balls.  My cock was hard and I wanted to jack it.  I closed my eyes and wondered what my room mate's cock looked like.

I had some porn on my phone.  I started to watch it and began stroking my cock.  I tried to be quiet but I hit the mute button by mistake and the sounds of the guys moaning was too loud.

My room mate said "Are you jacking off?"
I quickly said "No."
He replied "It sounds like porn."
He asked once again "Were you jacking off?"
I quickly said "No."

I knew I was caught so I said "Well, I was kinda watching porn."
My room mate said "So you were jacking off."
I answered "I know."
I turned to lay on my back.  My cock was sticking straight up.  My room mate stared at my rock hard cock.

I returned to stroking my cock.  My room mate pulled back the covers and he was naked and he played with his cock.  I asked "You want to watch this with me?"  He stopped stroking and replied "Sure."

I was going to see his cock for the first time up close and rock hard. I was looking forward to this.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

True Story - White Brief

True Story - White Brief

Story by Jay

I enjoy sunning myself.  I could lay there and watch the guys go by.  Some guys would lay down and work on their tans.  I decided to accomplish two things at the same time, so I would sun myself but wear a pair of swim briefs that would show off my cock.

All I needed was some water that I would pour over the front of my swim brief and like magic my cock would appear.  Before you know it, guys would come over and talk with me as they stared at my ever growing cock.

They sometimes would lay down next to me and I got a ring side seat to see what they were wearing and sometimes they would let me see their cock.  Really fun times.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

True Story - Spanking

True Story - Spanking

Story by Jay

A guy came up to me at my exercise class and ask if I ever spanked anyone.  I told him no.

He wanted me to spank him.  He gave me his address and said he would meet me at the door wearing briefs.  That got me interested.  He was slender and shorter than I. I decided to go.

When I got there, he answered the door wearing only briefs.  I followed him to his bedroom and I sat on the bed.  He laid across my lap\.  I started spanking him.  He would react to every hit with my hand.

After a while he wanted me to take off his briefs. I started to pull them off when he stopped me and said to tear them off.  So I did.

Now he was naked laying on my lap.  I started again to spank him.  His ass was red from the spanking.

I reached between his legs and felt for his cock and balls.  I massaged them as I spanked him.  I pulled on his cock downward like milking a cow.  He was hard, maybe 5 inches cut.

After a while he laid on his back on the bed and wanted me to finish him off.  I did a hand job and jacked him off till he came on his chest.  It was an weird encountered.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Funny Photo - Exercise Buddy

Funny Photo - Exercise Buddy

By Jay

Need an exercise buddy?

I am available.  

Write me at

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Working Through College

Working Through College

Story by Jay

I needed money to get through college.  Regular jobs did not pay enough.  So I went back to basic.  I did some male hustling.  I hate that word 'hustling'.  So let's call it Male Escort.  Everyone got their money worth when they called me for being an escort.

Rob was my first customer and became a regular.  He was older but a good teacher.  He taught me the finer ways to make love to a man.  He had a good body, muscular with tight ABS.  He was easy going and sensual.

I was taught to take my time and enjoy being with the other person.  I would rub my hand across his chest and play with his nipples.

Even the task of removing a shirt, can be an enjoyable task.  It also prolonged the act of pleasure of sex.  All parts of the chest, even the arm pits were ways to heighten the  thrill of being with another person.  I sometimes would send a good deal of time just licking the arm pit.  Rob taught me to find the pleasure in simple things.

Kissing was always fun with Rob.  His tongue was active and we enjoyed have our tongues intertwined with each other.  From the start, Rob taught me that underwear was a turn on.  When I used to quickly get out of underwear, I now took out time to enjoyed the sexy clothing that we wore.

My cock would come alive when Rob played with in while I was still wearing briefs,  He would teach me how to play with a rock hard cock while rubbing your underwear.  The sexiest the underwear, the more Rob would be turned on and so was I.

When the time came to remove my underwear, then it was the time to be rock hard.  I was taught to enjoy underwear so much that when a guy would quickly remove his underwear, I would have him put it back on.

Rob loved my ass and would rub it for what seemed like hours.  I had a cute bubble butt and he loved playing with it.

When Rob was ready to undress, I would be rock hard and ready to go.  I was so excited that I would explode with passion.

His cock was always the first think that I gave attention to.  He had a beautiful cock.  And I loved to suck it.  Gosh did he have a big cock.  Bigger than mine.  And he knew how to use it.

I became a pro with love making because of Rob.  And he paid me generously.

Thanks to Rob, I made enough to get thru college.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

True Story - First Fuck

True Story - First Fuck

Story by Jay

When I was a teenager, I met this guy in college.  He was nice looking with long hair.  He was handsome and had a nice body.  I was immediately wanting to have sex with him.  He knew that and we ended up in his doom room.

He undressed quickly and I looked at his naked body and was now all his to do what he wanted to me.  He had a great looking uncut cock.  It was nice sized and I wanted to have sex with him.  He undressed me and pushed me down to his bed.  He spread my legs apart and push his hard cock at my ass.

I took his cock while my legs were up in the air.  He was gentle enough at first and poked his uncut cock through my asshole.

Once inside of me, he slowly moved back and forth.  It really felt good knowing that he liked fucking me. 

Then he started going faster and it was painful.  He pushed hard and I let out a scream.  He placed his hand over my mouth and he kept fucking me.

He pulled out and jacked off into my face.  I was sore but I liked the guy.  I wanted more of him but unfortunately I never saw him again.

After that my preference was not to do anal sex again because it reminded me of a lost love.

But every once in a while, I see someone that brings back memories and my ass starts to twitch and I need a cock in my ass.

A nice uncut cock like his.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Funny Photo - Flip

Funny Photo - Flip

By Jay

Can you do this?

I can't.

Let me know what you can do?

Send email to

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Caught Naked

Caught Naked

Story by Jay

I was doing laundry and took off what I was wearing to clean them also. I was naked and with the washer running I did not hear the door bell ring.  I was in the dining room when I turned and saw him.  I turned and was startled.  I let out a scream and stood there trying to catch my breath.  I stood there naked while we talked.  He was a friend of my brother.  He asked where he was.  I told him he had to work late and won't get home till later.  

 He looked at me and examined me from head to foot.  He said I had a great body.  I then realized I was naked and had a semi hard cock.  I asked him if he wanted to wash anything.

He said he did.  He went into the bath room and removed his clothes and then gave them to me.  As I took his clothes I noticed his cock was semi hard.  I hesitated as I watch his cock get hard and stood straight up.  I turned and took his clothes to the washer.  I felt his cock in my ass crack.

He pressed his hard cock against my ass.  Then he pressed his body against mine.  I could feel his heard beating.  I turned to face him and our cocks were rubbing against each other.  I was surprised when he leaned in and kissed me on the lips.  I was nervous that someone might walk in on us.

I grabbed his hand and pulled him to my bedroom.  He took control and pushed me down onto the bed.  He climbed on top of me and we were in a 69 position.  He started sucking my cock.  I took his lead and started sucking his cock.  It was massive.  I gagged but I continued to suck.  He worked his tongue down to my balls and then licked between my legs.  My cock exploded and cum flew out of my cock onto my chest.

His cock was released from my mouth and he turned me around and mounted my ass.  He fucked me until he unloaded his load of cum.  I was drenched in cum and needed a shower.    

After we cleaned up we laid in bed and kissed until our clothes were washed and dried. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dick for the Day

Dick for the Day

Story by Jay

Fantastic cut cock.

Dripping pre-cum

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Search Pictures

Search Pictures

By Jay

When guys search for a particular picture, I see in the STATS what the keyword are.  There are a lot of searches for 'dick poking out of underwear' and for 'pissing'.

Here are a few pictures of some magnificent cocks poking through underwear.

Nice pictures showing cock and balls through boxer briefs. 

Here are some pissing pics.  They are aqwesome.  Don't you think?

Really good stream of piss.  Last picture is a beauty of a cock.

Could not resist.  One of me.

So send your request to

Monday, May 16, 2016

Underwear Modeling

Underwear Modeling

Story by Jay

I have a friend who loves underwear as much as I do.  I asked that he model his latest pair of underwear for me.  He met me at the door to his apartment wearing a pair of bed undies.  I smiled as I examined how they looked on him.

They were nice and tight and I could see the outline of his cock against the material.  I wanted to touch him and feel the outline.  He laid on the bed and I was starting to drool over the sight of him.

I stood at the foot of the bed and looked downward over his hairy chest, his stomach and his undies.

I saw his cock get hard and poke upward.  I undressed and I strallered myself over his head I let my balls dangle and rest on his forhead.  I wanted to see more.

He reached under the waistband and held his cock.  I could see him stroking his cock.  My cock was straight up as I begged to see his cock.

He lifted his waistband and I saw his cock sticking up.  His pee hole was wide.  I leaned forward to get a closer look.  He pulled his underwear downward.

I could smell his cock.  I inhaled as I took his cock deep into my mouth.  He was sucking on my balls as I took his cock so deep in my mouth that my face was in his bush of pubes.

He stopped sucking my balls and told me to wait a minute.  He got on all fours and let me gaze on his ass.n  His underwear had a cutout and I had easy access to his as hole.  I squealed in delight.

I positioned himself and I knew what he wanted.  I spread his ass cheeks and looked at his ass hole.  I knew he wanted my hot tongue first, then my cock.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

True Story - Men Room at the Mall

True Story - Men Room at the Mall

Story by Jay

I was driving to the north side of the city and I needed to pee.  So I stopped at a mall and found the men room.  I rushed inside.

I was bashful and did not want to pee at the urinals.  So I found a stall and sat down to pee.  I notice there was a hole in the side wall between cubicles and you could look into the next stall and see what the guy was doing.  I never saw that before so I waited for some one to enter the men room and occupy the stall next to mine.  I figured I would see him pee or sit down to poop.

I heard the door to the men room open.  I heard footsteps and he entered the stall next to mine.  I watched through the peep hole and watched his pee.

I was fascinated at seeing another guy pee. He was cut and had a strong stream of piss.  I could not stop looking.  He finally finished and shook his cock.  The last drops of pee came out.  He turned and left.  As soon as he left another guy entered the men room.  He entered the stall next to mine.


I watched through the peep hole and I was surprised as he started to stroke his cock.  It was an uncut cock.  I was turned on as his cock got bigger.  My cock was super hard and as I looked through the hole, I saw his eye looking back at me.  but as I sat back I lost my control.  My cock exploded like a volcano with cum flowing out of the top of my cock down it's sides.

I heard the guy next to me say "Awesome.  Cool."  I looked into the hole and saw him jack off and finally shoot a load.  He quickly left.  That was the first time I had sex in a men room, but it was not the last.