Monday, October 31, 2011

Beating Heart

Holloween is today, Oct 31.  It is about ghost, goblins, and things that go bump in the night.   I wanted to write something in the theme of Holloween.  It is called ‘Beating Heart’.  As you read it, ask yourself, is he dying? Or What?  Enjoy.

Love, Jay   

Beating Heart

Thump thump…
Thump thump…
I can hear my heart beating
It is racing
Thunp thump…
Thump thump…
I hear the sound of my breathing as I inhaled
Thump thump…
Thump thump…
And quickly exhale
Thump thump…
Thump thump…
I know the end is near.
I feel it deep inside of me.
Thump thump…
It is stiring and it won’t be long.
Thump thump…
I see visions of the past.
Images that please my senses
Thump thump…
I feel my body freeze.  Motionless.
Thump thump…
All my muscle tightens and tenses up
Beads of sweat appear on my body.
Thump thump…
For what seems like an eternity, I lay there frozen in time.
Thump thump…
I can not do anything but lay there
Waiting for the release
Thump thump…
Then I feel the explosion
My body quivers
Thump thump…
I feel the rush of fluids
Thump thump…
Warm liquids fall on my chest
My body starts to shake.
Thump thump…
Ecstasy surrounds me
As warm liquids continue to splatter on my chest.
Thump thump…
Then peace falls upon me
It engulfs my senses
Thump Thump…
My body relaxes
The end has arrived
Thump thump…
I feel the release that erupted from my body.
It encloses every fiber of my body
Thump Thump…
Contentment fills my mind.
Relief fills my body…
Thump Thump…
It is all over
Thump Thump…
I jerk one more time
It is done

Thump Thump…
I release my grip on my cock.
I feel the last drops of semen seep out of my cock
thump thump…
I am at peace.
I listen to my heart as I drop off to sleep
Thump thump…

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Submitted by Chris

It was Halloween afternoon and since the wife was working it was my job to get our 3 kids ready to go trick or treating. Thankfully I have an older kid who was going to take them around; all I had to do was hand out the candy. A few minutes before the kids were gonna leave there was a knock at the kids are early I thought as I opened the door. In front of me was an adorable little witch and Dracula and standing behind them was Bill my next door neighbor. Bill's been going though a rough time, he caught his wife cheating on him recently and she left him and the kids. He was overwhelmed with everything and looked like he needed a break. I offered to let his kids go with mine and he hang out with me and have a few beers and take a little break. The look of joy on his face was all I needed to see. Bill has always been a great looking guy. He's the type of neighbor who does yard work or mows the lawn shirtless so even though I’m happily married I’ve always had the urge the urge to explore another side of my life. We just about kicked the kids out and on their way and went and grabbed some beers and relaxed. I put the bowl of candy on a stool and just had the kids help themselves.

We talked about random things but I could see that Bill had something on his mind so i offered to be his shoulder to cry on, I didn’t think he would take me up on it literally. He broke down and told me everything that happened. I just sat there and listened and gave some advice when I thought he needed it. After a few minutes we were joking around and drinking pretty good. Bill tells me that the worse part of being alone is how horny he's been getting. Maybe it was the beer talking but he was getting pretty graphic about how horny he was. I noticed that as he talked to me he would grab his crotch and massage it, i seriously doubt he even knew what he was doing but he managed to work himself up to a full hard on. I made a comment on his bulge and he tried to cover it up, I stopped him telling him that it’s totally natural and since we're friends there’s no need to hide it, as a matter of fact feel free to take care of himself if that’s what he wanted. He didn’t know that I’ve jerked off to him while he would mow the lawn and I didn’t see the need to tell him. So to get the ball rolling and not really knowing how much time we had until the kids got home I unbuckled my pants and pulled my cock out. I was semi hard and getting harder with each stroke. I peeked over and saw that Bill had his cock out but wasn’t really stroking it; he was paying more attention to me stroking. I gave him a better view and just let my rock hard cock stand straight out with a small drop of pre-cum hanging off the swelled head.

"Do you wanna feel it" I asked? He just slowly nodded and gently reached out and touched it. Carefully he reached around and fully grabbed my cock, squeezing it softly. It made me moan a little and he stopped. I put my hand over his and told him to keep going. I reached out with my hand and took his cock by the base and started stroking him. His head went back and he released my cock. He was in heaven as I was stroking him but I wanted and needed more so taking a chance I lowered my head over his cock and licked at his head with my tongue. His head jerked forward and he opened his eyes. I started to apologize saying I didn’t know what I was doing but he shook his head telling me it was ok, I just startled him a little. Taking me by the back of my head he guided my mouth back over his cock, pushing me all the way down his thick cock. I sucked his cock a few minutes and that was all it took. Telling me he was going to cum I guess he thought I would pull off but I did the opposite. I swallowed his whole cock to the base and waited for him to shoot in my mouth and boy did he shoot. Shot after shot of cum filled my mouth as I tried my best to swallow it, some spilled out and was running down my chin. I finished swallowing his load and wiped his cum off my chin. Then it hit me, I took his cum and covered my cock with it, using it as lube. Bill was amazed and reached out to see how it felt. Grabbing my cock he worked his hand up and down the shaft and twisted around my sensitive head. He picked up the pace and was tugging on my cock when I felt the usual churning in my balls, a few seconds later i was shooting up all over Bills hand. He pulled his hand back but I grabbed his wrist and slowly licked his hand clean. It was a bold thing to do and I guess he could have freaked out but he didn’t. He told me that was amazing and he would love to do it again.

We cleaned up real quick. I told Bill to give him a little time to let what happened settle on his mind and if he wanted to go farther that I was totally willing. We talked for another half hour waiting for the kids to come home. Once they came back Bill headed back home with a huge smile on his face and needless to say I wasn’t complaining about what happened between us.

Sunday, October 30, 2011



Submitted by CATMAN

HALLOWEEN!!!   ‘THE’ big gay night in town!  This year I didn't want to hide behind a costume and mask. 

Several months ago, I took a long hard look at myself in the mirror and decided that everything had to change. It was New Year's Eve and I left the bar to go home just before midnight.  I didn't want to be the only guy standing there without someone to kiss as the clock hit midnight.   I swear, at the time, I started to believe that I could walk into a bar with fireworks shooting out of my ass and no one would even notice!  My sex life sucked, but not in a good way!

My New Years' resolution was to transform myself!    I knew I had to do this for me.    I confided my frustrations to my friend, Luke, and he was immediately on board to help.   Luke's a hot guy who dates a lot.   I'm sure he had no idea that I had a major crush on him.  He looked like a movie star I liked, whose name I could never remember.   He had short dark hair and big brown eyes and an awesome muscular body. 

With Luke's encouragement, I lost 30 pounds.  We worked out together at the gym three times a week and I began to feel so good about myself that I went out and bought a new wardrobe.   Going to the gym those months were both satisfying and frustrating.   The workouts were easy.  Showering with Luke was not! 

I would go home and jerk off thinking about Luke when he was naked.  I would imagine what it would be like to soap up his body, or to lick the sweat off of his cock and balls.  I wanted to bury my face in his round hard ass.  I didn't need a 'buddy', I wanted a "friend with benefits".

On October 1st, I got a text from him, "Family problem in Milwaukee!   Be back in three weeks."

Three weeks was enough time to finish my makeover.  I got a brighter smile at the dentist and traded my old glasses for contacts at my eye doctor's office.  A hairdresser friend changed my dingy brown hair to a sandy blonde which looked great with a new shorter style.  I shaved my goatee and mustache and several sessions in a tanning booth added to my new look.  When I glanced in the mirror, I barely recognized myself.

Luke returned to town just a few days before Halloween. On the phone, I told him there was one more thing I needed his help with.  I was too hairy and needed some manscaping.  When I met him at the door of my apartment, he was shocked, "Wow! You look fucking amazing!"

I needed to rid myself of the 'hairy ape' look!    I had bought everything I thought we would need to de-nude my now toned body.  I stripped naked and we went to my bathroom. 

It took forever to wax my back, arms, legs, chest and stomach, but I liked the way it looked. 

We decided that hot wax would not be the way to proceed on my 'private parts'.  Luke used electric clippers, shaving cream and disposable razors to clean up my hairy ass.  The vibrations from the clippers really got me turned on when he removed the hair around my hole.

Luke took off his clothes so that they wouldn't be covered with my hair.  He sat naked on my floor as I stood over him so he could work on my balls.  My dick went rock hard.  That was partly from him manipulating my balls, but mostly because I was gazing down at his hot naked body.

I apologized for my erection, but Luke said, "Actually, if you can stay hard, it will make it easier when I trim around it."  When I looked down, it looked like his dick was plumping up too.  It continued to grow to it's full erect size;  7 fat inches.

He grasped my cock in his hand and moved it from side to side as he trimmed around it and shortened my pubes.  When he finished, he still had my hard dick in his hand. 

I looked down at him and joked,”You got it hard.  Now what are you going to do about it?"   He responded by sucking my dick!    I was totally shocked, but it felt fantastic!   I couldn't believe Luke had my cock in his mouth.   I couldn't even remember the last time I got a blow job.  I thought, damn, it sure beats jacking off!

He played with my newly shaved balls with one hand and played with my smooth ass with the other.   It didn't take long with Luke's talented mouth working my entire shaft for me to reach an intense orgasm.  I was surprised it didn't make the news; it must have hit 7.9 on the 'Richter Scale'!

He took my dick out of his mouth and looked up at me, "You look so different now, it was almost like blowing a stranger, instead of a friend!"

I returned the favor by dropping down to the floor between his legs.  I went straight to the tip of his enormous cock because he was oozing a large amount of pre-cum.  I guess he was extremely horny too, because as I licked at the head of his big cock, he suddenly shot off all over my face before I even had a chance to put his dick in my mouth.

As we cleaned up in the shower, Luke asked if I had picked out a Halloween costume.

"Yep, I thought about something like a gladiator or caveman.  Something to show off my body.  I came up with a different idea.  You'll have to wait till Monday to see.  I think you will like it."

Luke suggested we should go out together.  He said he would come over at around 9 PM to pick me up.

Work took longer than I expected on Monday.  I just got out of the shower and dried off when I heard my door bell.  I opened the door still totally naked.

Luke looked at me and laughed!  "You were absolutely right!  I love your costume!"

I loved his too!  He wore just a black leather harness, g-string and work boots.

Needless to say, we never left the house that night.  As Luke and I rolled around in my bed, "trick or treaters" rang my door bell.  I ignored them because I had MY "trick" who was a real "Treat" everyone else could get their own candy!

Saturday, October 29, 2011



It was the annual Fall Festival. It was a perfect Indian Summer day.  It had been exceptionally warm today.    I attended the celebration with my boyfriend, Jake.  We met one year go at the Fall Festival.  We met during the fireworks display.  So we were looking forward to the fireworks tonight. 

Everyone got prepared to watch the fireworks display.  Some brought blankets, some brought chairs.  We brought a blanket and laid down in the grassy area.  Everyone was looking up to the sky as the fireworks started.

Josh was enthusiastic with every explosion in the sky.  He held my hand tightly.  As the fireworks continued, he put his arms around me and we snuggled.  He leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek, then he laid back on the blanket.  I rolled over onto him and looked into his eyes.  I saw the reflection of the fireworks up in the sky in his eyes.  We kissed.  It was a short kiss, followed by a longer, more intense kiss. 

I could hear the explosions in the sky above but I was interested in only one thing.  That was Jake.  As we kissed, I felt Jake’s hand inch down my waistband of my pants and moved pass my briefs until he found my rock hard cock.  He began rubbing my cock.  I reached down and unbuckled my pants and unzipped the fly.

He had my cock out and his hand was massaging my cock working me up to an explosion of cum.  I laid to the side and while Jake played with my cock, I unzipped his pants and pulled down his briefs until I could pull out his cock.  Now we were both actively jacking each other off.  I continued to kiss him.  Nothing could make me stop loving him. 

The grand finale of the fireworks was starting and we were both ready to shoot our grand finale.  I pulled up Jake’s shirt and aimed his cock so that he would cum on his flat stomach.  The crowd was excited for the finale and as they cheered on the final explosions, Jake shot his load. It was long streams of cum that criss-crossed his stomach.  He continued to shoot his load.  I milked the last drops from his cock when I began to cum.  My cock erupted with burst of cum.   

My thick load piled up in one spot on Jake’s stomach, mixing with his cum.  I looked into his eyes and once again saw the reflection of the fireworks in his eyes.  I gave him a final kiss as the grand finale ended.  The fireworks were over but tonight in my bed, it would start all over again.                    

Friday, October 28, 2011

Three Ways at Urinal

Three Ways at Urinal

Submitted by Chris

It was late and I was way beyond horny so with no luck online I headed to my favorite cruise spot at a restroom in the park. I have been here a few times since I was able to drive when I turned 17 and after a year I’ve scored quite a few times in there. So my routine would be to sit in my car and wait things out. If someone who wasn’t too creepy looking got out and headed to the restroom I would follow them in and go with the flow from there. Most times I would wind up on my knees sucking a stranger’s cock and once in awhile I would wind up bent over the toilet in a stall getting the shit fucked out of me.
Good times.
Tonight the pickings were slim. There was just me and two other cars there. We were checking each other out. So one guy got out of his car and headed towards the restroom, he was tall and thin and looked young. As I watched him walk a guy in the other car got out and followed him, this guy was shorter, older and had a round belly...not the usual type of guy I would go after but something about him made my juices flow. I waited around 5 minutes and nobody came back out so I got curious and headed towards the restroom myself. I stood right outside and I could hear the unmistaken sound of a guy slurping on another guys cock. I slowly entered the restroom and right there in the middle of the room stood the short older guy with his pants down and the tall guy kneeling down and sucking his cock. They were so into each other that they didn’t see me standing there rubbing my crotch until my sneaker made a small squeaking sound. They both stopped and looked at me. I didn’t know what to do so I just stood there with a huge hardon showing in my shorts. They separated and the skinny guy walked towards me. He reached out and grabbed my crotch, massaging it, felling the hardness of my cock. He guided me over to the short guy and pushed me down on my knees, the short guy took his cock, which was a good 8" long and thick and pushed it into my mouth. I took it all in one push until his balls were resting my chin. He started to face fuck me with a rough style that made me gag a few times and caused my eyes to water. My spit was drooling down my chin but I loved every minute of it.
As this was going on the tall guy walked over to the restroom and closed the door and locked it just in case. It was late so there wasn’t much of a chance of someone coming in. Once locked, he walked over to me undoing his pants and zipper as he did. His cock was a solid 7" but against his lean frame it looked huge. He pulled me up so that he could take my shorts off, once off, he bent me over so I could suck the older guys cock again. With the older guys cock in my mouth the skinny guy spread my ass apart, leaned in, rammed his tongue in my ass and started eating me out. I was in my glory. I had a thick cock in my mouth and a hot guy eating my ass out, what more could I ask for.
Well I got my answer.......after a few minutes the skinny guy stood up, grabbed my hips and with no concern for me just shoved his cock all the way into my ass. I yelled out but my scream was muffled by the huge cock in my mouth. We went at like this for a good 10 minutes before the shorter guy grabbed my head and held it still. I started grunting and cursing as the cum starting flying out of his cock and down my throat, it filled my mouth but I managed to swallow everything but a little bit that spilled down my chin. I guess the sight of this short big bellied guy shooting his load down my throat was too much for the tall guy because he picked up his pace and within a minute was pushing his cock all the way into me releasing his load. He stayed in my ass after he came, leaning on my back gasping for air. 
He finally pulled out of me, making a nice plopping sound when his head left my ass. He came next to me and noticed that my cock was still rock hard and dripping a puddle of pre-cum on the floor. He took me by the arm and pushed me against the wall and got on his knees. The shorted fatter guy washed his hands, unlocked the door and headed out leaving me and the skinny guy alone. Once on his knees the tall guy swallowed my cock and went to work. I was so worked up from sucking the fat guys cock and taking the thin guys load in my ass that I didn’t last long, about 5 minutes later the guy was at the sink washing up and I was leaning against the wall weak at the knees. When he was done washing his hands he came up to me, leaned down and kissed me and slid his business card in my pocket and told me to give him a call. I made my way to the sink washed my hands and face, paused for a second and thought about losing his load but I decided to hold it in me for the night. I left the restroom and once outside my car was the only one left so I jumped in and headed home. I definitely plan on giving the tall skinny guy a call during the week.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Underwear Fun

Underwear Fun

I went over to my friend, Josh for some underwear fun.  He had all his collection of underwear laying on his bed. He was naked except for a pair of boxerbriefs.  I stripped down and stood there naked as he pointed to the pair of boxerbriefs.   

“Wear the boxerbriefs.”  He was ordering me in stead of asking me.  But I pulled them on and stood in front of him.  He inspected me and said, “Nice pair.”  I loved the soft feel of the Fruit of the Loom underwear.

 “I want to lick you cock through the material.”  He was ordering me once again, but the more he did that, the more excited I was getting.  He leaned and rubbed his face all over the front of my underwear.

I felt my cock get hard.  As he rubbed his face, he moved my cock to stand up erect.  His mouth sucked on the underwear material around the shaft of my cock.  I was taking deep breaths.  “Pull your cock out the fly.”  Every order he gave me, got me wanting to do more of his bidding.  I reached into the fly and grabbed my cock and worked it through the opening and let it hand out.

‘Nice.  Very Nice.”  His approval made my cock twitched.  He let the tip of his tongue flicked at the tip of my cock.  He placed his lips over the tip and sucked the precum out of my pee hole.  My whole body quivered.  His wet tongue licked every inch of my shaft.  He sucked on my cockhead and I felt myself grow in his mouth. 

He ran his hands along my thighs and inched his hands under the leg openings of my boxerbriefs.  He moved slowly and my body shook with anticipation.  He reached for my balls and brushed his fingers against my hairs on my balls.  He moved upward to my bush of pubes and he lingered there.  I felt his fingers playing with my bush.  He finally reached the base of my cock.  He grabbed it and squeezed. My cock was now rock hard.

He admired my cock for a few seconds and then he took it deep into his mouth.  He started sucking away.  I wanted some of this action.  I laid on the floor and his mouth stayed clamped on my cock.  I immediately started sucking on the outline of his cock.  His underwear was wet with my saliva.  I pulled the waistband down and out popped his cock.  I devoured his cock.  We were now both sucking and getting closer to climax. 

Our breathing intensified.  I felt the first shot of cum hit the back of my throat.  As my mouth filled with his cum, I unloaded into his mouth.  Shot after shot of cum filled my mouth.  I needed air and time to swallow.  I pulled out his cock and swallowed as more cum shot out and landed on my face. I resumed sucking the last drops of cum out of his cock.

We laid there gasping for breath.  Josh came around and held me.  We cuddled on the floor.  Neither one of us said a word.  We just held each other.  


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Hustler - Part 2

The Hustler

Part 2 of 2
$300 was a lot of money.  I poured another drink and emptied it in one gulp. I placed the emptied glass on the table.  I turned towards the business man and reached for the money.  He smiled as he released his grip on the money.  I quickly placed it in my pants pocket.  The business man laid on his back, his hard cock sticking up.  As I stepped between his legs, he raised his legs.  The condom was securely protecting my cock.  As I approached his asshole, he widened his ass cheeks and I pressed my cock against the opening.  My cockhead popped in. He was tight but fuckable.  I pressed onward and did not entered his ass all the way. 

I started the slowly thrust of my hips.  In between breaths, he said, “Fuck me.  Harder.”

I did as he said and started to thrust my cock deep inside of him with all my power.  He let out some sounds but in between his grunts, he said “Harder.”  I continued until I felt the urge to cum.  I eased up and grabbed his cock and started to jack him off.  His cock was uncut, long, and hard.  I pulled the foreskin up over the tip of his cock and down back pass his cockhead.  He moaned so I increased the stroking.  He moaned louder and finally said, “I’m cumming.”  It did not much longer and I watched as gobs of cum spewed forth unto his stomach.  He came in buckets. It covered his stomach and chest.       

He growled, “Fuck me hard and cum on me.”  I resumed pounding his ass.  I put all I could into it.  When I felt ready to cum, I pulled out and removed the condom.  I took a few strokes and reared my head back and came on his stomach and chest.

The business man ran his hand all over the cum on his stomach and chest.  I had shot the biggest load that day.  I was now exhausted. I stood up and tried to catch my breath.  The business man went to the bathroom and grabbed a towel to clean up.

I got dressed.  I put my hand in my pocket and felt the money.  I wanted to leave, feeling safe and secure with myself and my money.  He stood there naked, his cock now limp between his legs.  He handed me a piece of paper with his cell phone number circled.  “Maybe we will do this again.” 

I said, “Maybe. Thanks.”  I headed out the door. 


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Hustler - Part 1

The Hustler

Part 1 of 2

I was young and needed money.  I heard that you can make money selling yourself as a male hustler.  I stood on the corner and waited.  I figured I could always pass if I did not like the guy who pulled over. He had to look normal, although I did not know what that really meant.
A car slowly drove by.  I stood and waited. He drove by again.  I wait and wondered if he would be a creep, or even a cop.  I did not need any trouble, just money.  He drove by and stopped.  The window rolled down and I looked in and saw a man with a business suit.  He looked nervous. 
“You need a ride?” he asked.  I nodded that I did.  I climbed in and he drove off.  “You looking for some action?” he asked.  I responded that I needed a drink.  “I got booze in my hotel room, if you want to go there?” he replied.  I nodded that I did.  We drove in silence. 
The hotel was a fancy one downtown not far from where he picked me up.  He parked and we walked up to his room.  It was a nice room.  I looked around as he poured us a drink of rum and coke.  I empted the drink in one swallowed.  I needed to deaden my senses for whatever was to come.  He poured me another.  I sipped this one.  He asked me if I wanted to sit.  The only spot was on the bed.  I sat down and he sat next to me. 
He asked, “You said you were looking for action.  What do you like to do.?”  I hated all the questions and wanted to just get to the money and doing whatever I needed to do to earn the money.  I finally said, “$100 for sex.  I will jack you off.”  I emptied my drink.  He seemed to be thinking about it.  He pulled out his wallet and pulled out $100.  He held the money out and asked, “Can I at least see you naked?” 
I grabbed the money, and placed it in my pants pocket, and slowly stripped down to my underwear.  He had removed his suit coat and was taking his shirt and tie off.  After he removed his pants, he sat with just his underwear on.  I slowly removed my briefs.  My cock was semi hard. He slipped out of his underwear and his cock was hard and standing erect.  His eyes never stopped staring at my cock.  He reached for his wallet and pulled out another $100.  He held it in front of me, and said, “I will jack you off for another $100.  Deal?”
Making $200 would be great.  It would also mean I would not have to be on the street for a few days.  The business man was trusting me to get paid up front.  I reached out and hesitated in taking the money.  He sensed I was unsure and said, “You don’t have to, if you don’t want to.”  I grabbed the money, and placed it in my pants pocket. 
We laid next to each other. He reached for my cock and ran his finger along my shaft to the tip of my cock.  I was glad he was taking it slowly.  I imitated his movement and did the same to his cock.  He rolled over on his side and played with my balls. I slowly stroked his cock.  He ran his fingers through my pubes. 
“You have a beautiful cock, and balls.”  He rolled over to his side of the bed and removed a condom from the nightstand.  He grabbed his wallet and pulled out another $100 and held it and the condom in front of me.  He said, “You fuck me with protection and jack me off for a total of $300.”          

My mind started to think of what I could do with $300. It was protected sex.  My cock was not rock hard.  I kept thinking $300.  The business man finally broke the silence with saying, “If not, we can still jack off for the $200.”

“I need another drink.”  I said, and I got up and poured me another and emptied it in one gulp.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Justin Story - Chapter - Going Home

Justin Story

Chapter – Going Home

We headed out the next morning. We had maybe a 2 day drive ahead of us but neither of us was in any rush to get back so we took a little detour to New Orleans. Neither of us had been there and we wanted to experience it together. We found a place near Bourbon street and while holding hands took a walk around. It was amazing to experience it with Justin. We stopped and had drinks and a great meal for lunch then decided to get back on the road. We drove a couple of hours and when we were ready we found a nice little motel near a beautiful lake. When we got into the room we freshened up and went out to grab some dinner. We talked for a few hours and just enjoyed each other. I never had more fun or felt more comfortable with anyone in the world. When we headed back to the motel since it was an amazing bright and clear night we went for a walk down by the lake. Even though it was close to midnight the moon was so bright that we had no problems seeing where we were going. We stood by the lake staring into each others eyes, the frogs croaking and crickets chirping, and we kissed. It wasn’t a casual kiss; it was a deep passionate kiss that showed that we were falling in love with each other. Right there next to the lake I lowered Justin to the soft grass and made love to him. It was tender and passionate. I held him in my arms as Ii fucked him, kissed him and told him what he meant to me. We laid there in the tall grass for an hour after I was done and just enjoyed each other.

We headed out the next morning. We both decided that we needed to get home and start our life together plus I wanted to finally get Justin in my bed. It was 9 hours of straight driving but we were finally pulling into my driveway. We managed to get home a few days earlier than we planned so we left his stuff in the car and just went in, planning to unload in the morning. When we walked in the door I grabbed Justin and kissed him walking towards the couch as we embraced. I fell on top of him and continued to kiss him. I couldn’t get enough of him. I slid down his body and unbuckled his pants, he like me was rock hard and it made an amazing bulge in his black boxerbriefs. I couldn’t wait any longer; I just took his cock in my mouth material and all. There was a huge wet spot on his undies caused by pre-cum, i took it in my mouth and enjoyed the wetness. I ripped the briefs down and devoured his cock like it was the last cock on earth. He just laid there letting out moans, each one louder than the last. I slurped at his cock, I took each ball in my mouth, I couldn’t get enough of him. I ran my tongue around his balls, up and down his veiny shaft and finally towards his smooth taint. He lifted his legs on instinct and gave me better access to his ass. I was so tempted to just fuck him right there on the couch but this was all about him and fucking him would be all for my pleasure. I ate his ass like it was my last meal. I worked it for over a half hour until he begged me to stop because he was so hard that his cock hurt and he couldn’t take anymore. I gave him a minute to recover and went back to worshiping his cock. Another ten minutes and he was unloaded all over my face and neck. The load was huge and tasted so sweet. We kissed and he licked off his cum and feed it back to me so i could savor it. We laid on the couch out of breath and sweaty just holding each other. After a few minutes I got up, headed i to the kitchen, grabbed and bottle of champagne, went back into the living room and grabbed Justin by the hand. I lead him up to my bedroom, or better yet our bedroom, opened the bottle and we got into bed and enjoyed each other.

The next day we made love all over the house. First i fucked him in bed it was just raw and savage just like Justin loves it. We moved into the shower where he managed to get another load out of me with his amazing mouth. We rested back in bed but got hungry so down to the kitchen we went. Once there I couldn’t take my hands off him and bent over a chair and he fucked me right there next to our lunch. Since it was such a sunny day out we went out back and laid out by the pool but of course that only led to us skinny dipping and me fucking him in the pool on the steps. We laid out some more but it started getting dark and we realized that we having really eaten yet so we ordered a pizza. While we waited I went back down on Justin and worked his cock awhile. The pizza guy was ringing the doorbell right as Justin was unloading in my mouth. I cleaned up real quick, paid for the pizza and returned to Justin sitting naked on the couch. I strip down and fell back into his arms. We ate pizza and watched some TV then headed back to our bedroom. We made love most of the night. Finally after many loads and many positions we fell asleep in each others arms as the sun was coming up.

The next day we unloaded the car, got Justin situated and talked about what he wanted to do with his life now that he was free to do whatever he wanted. He didn’t have a clue but as long as we were together he wasn’t worried about the small details. I knew exactly how he felt because I felt the same way.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

What Should I do with my Pubes?

What Should I do with my Pubes?

A- Soul Patch

B- Shaved

C- Grow out on sides

D- Return to hairy self

E - I was dared by a friend that I would not post a picture of my ass.

So there.  You owe me $20.

Justin Story - Chapter - Cross Country - Part 2

Justin Story

Chapter – Cross Country

Cross Country – Part 2 of 2

Submitted by Chris

With the windows down and the radio cranking out so good music we headed out across the big state of Texas. We figured it was going to be an all day drive and we were right. We finally made our way out of Texas and found a nice, clean cheap motel to rest for the night. I already had in my mind that once we were in the room that I was going to attack Justin, sitting next to him in the spring heat and watching him made me so horny it was all I could do not to reach over and take his cock as he was driving. When he closed the door of the room I pushed him against it and kissed him hard, lifting his arms and taking his shirt off and we kissed. My kisses made his way from his mouth to his neck and then to his chest where I took my time chewing and kissing each nipple. He was rock hard and I could see the bulge of his shorts. I just about ripped his shorts off and then his boxerbriefs and once naked I stood up and took a step back. He was amazing looking and it took everything I had not to throw him down and rape him but I wanted him to be the top for the night, I wanted to feel him enter me and show me just how good he was at fucking someone. I stood there and undressed. When we were both naked he climbed on the bed, got on his back and lifted his legs up and invited me to take his ass. I just stood there and shook my finger....."No I want you to fuck me tonight. My body is yours for the night". He wasn’t sure what to do, so I made him get off the bed and I took his place. Once my legs were in the air he had a good idea what to do. He leaned in and slowly licked at my ass and crack. Spreading my ass apart he inserted a finger getting me ready for his steel hard cock. He asked about condoms but i told him from now on he was the only man I ever wanted to be with and we didn’t need condoms. He smiled at that and lifted up my legs and ass to meet his cock. He pushed in slowly, inch by inch until his balls were right against my ass. I was in heaven and couldn’t stop moaning. He then proceeded to fuck me like he hadn't had sex for years. It was rough and savage and not what I expected from him. He battered my ass not caring how it felt to me, this was all about his pleasure and he knew it. After 20 minutes of steady fucking I couldn’t hold back any longer and I erupted, shooting rope after rope of cum towards my face, actually hitting my chin. I guess the site of me cumming sent him over the edge, he picked up his pace and a few strokes later he was moaning that he was cumming. I could feel shot after shot hit my insides filling me up. He collapsed on top of me out of breath and panting with his ass still inside of me. He stayed like that a few minute and then crawled up to meet my lips with his and we kissed. We stayed liken that until we both fell asleep. It was an amazing night. When we woke up Justin told me he never fucked anyone before, he always bottomed. I told him that from now on we would both share in the fucking. We took a shower together, of course with him sucking my cock as the hot water hit us, and then got ready for our days drive.

Justin Story - Chapter - Cross Country - Part 1

Justin Story

Chapter – Cross Country

Part 1 of 2

Submitted by Chris

After spending an amazing weekend reconnecting with my college love Justin it was decided that he wanted to move back here and start his new life with me. The divorce left him with nothing and coming out to his family caused him a lot of pain since they weren't accepting of his lifestyle. He wanted a clean start and needed to get away from all the entire negative in his life. We talked for hours figuring out his options. It was decided he would move in with me, at least until he got back on his feet. I already figured in my mind that it was permanent; there was no way I was letting him go again. He stayed with me for the week and I took a few days off for the following week and we flew back to the west coast to pick up his stuff and drive back to start his new life.

There wasn't much to pack since the ex took just about everything. It was mostly just clothes and some personal things. We loaded up the car and on Saturday morning we headed out. We could have taken turns driving and made the trip pretty quick across the country but we decided to take our time and see the country and also really get to know each other, so after 10hrs of driving we found a cheap motel and settled in for the night. The room wasn’t much but it served its purpose. As we settled in, sleeping on 2 twin beds, we started talking. As we talked I began to fall in love with him all over again. He started telling me about what happened when he got home form our time together in college, his eyes started to well up so I slide out of bed and made my way over to him. I climbed into bed next to him and took him in my arms and just held him as he wept into my chest. My heart was breaking for him. He had nobody to support him when he was home and it took its toll on him. After he was done crying I lifted his head up and looked him in the eyes and told him that he was never gonna be alone again. I leaned in and kissed him, softly at first and then harder and deeper. He returned the kiss, his tongue searching my mouth entwining with mine. It was sensual and hot and we spent the next hour just embracing and making out like to school kids. We fell asleep inn each others arms and spend the night like that. The next morning while waiting for him to get done in the shower I decided that I needed him. I walked in the bathroom and opened the shower door and stepped in. We looked at each other and started kissing again. I took control and pushed him down to his knees. He knew what I wanted since I was already rock hard and pointing right at his face. He opened his mouth and started swallowing my cock, taking the whole thing right to the base without a problem. He sucked my cock like an expert, running his tongue around the most sensitive parts of my cock, putting just the right amount of suction on my head when he would pull off. I wasn't going to last long from his attention; I grabbed his head, pulled it down my cock and unloaded a 3 day load into his mouth. Like a champ he swallowed the whole thing without losing a drop. We cleaned up and got dressed and headed out for a long day of driving.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Justin Story - Chapter - College Reunion - Part 2

Justin Story

Chapter - College Reunion

Part 2 of 2

Submitted by Chris

About 20 minutes of catching up with my college buddies I looked up and there Justin stood in the doorway of the large room. He looked as good as he had back in college and all those feeling I had back then came roaring back. Our eyes locked and he made his way over to me. My heart was pounding as he walked towards me. "Hi" he said and sat down next to me. We traded hello's back and forth and made uncomfortable small talk. We both knew about the elephant in the room and were waiting for the other to bring it up. Finally I asked what happened to him and after a few minutes of him babbling this and that I stopped him as said why don’t we go for a walk so we can have some privacy. We headed outside and took a walk around the hotel. He broke down and started telling me what happened. When he got home from college he knew he loved me and wanted the world to know so he decided to come out to his family, it didn’t go well. Since they were paying for college and didn’t agree with him being gay they pulled him from college and made him go to a local school for his final year. They beat it into him that he wasn’t gay and after a year he met a girl, dated awhile and got married. It didn’t last long and he finally came to terms with who he really was but by then it was too late to get back in touch with me so he thought he lost his true love.

We walked and talked for hours. My feelings for him came roaring back and it felt like it did during my junior year. We left the reunion and headed back to my place. Once inside the apartment it was a flurry of clothes and moans as we stripped and kissed and groped right there in by the front door. We moved to the couch in a tangle of arms and legs. It was raw and furious. We fucked right there on the couch like it was the last thing we would ever do. It didn’t last long but it was really intense. After it was over we talked about where we go from here. He told me he had nothing keeping him where he was. He grew apart from his family because of how they treated him and had no one in his life. I offered him my place to live if he wanted to move here He jumped at the offer and fell into my arms and kissed me deep and hard. We moved into my bedroom to continue making love. It was tender and touching and the best sex I ever had in my life. The following day we made all the plans we had to make and it was decided that we would fly back to his city and gather his stuff and drive cross country. It was one of the most incredible weeks of my life driving with him.

Justin Story - Chapter - College Reunion - Part 1

Justin Story

Chapter - College Reunion

Part 1 of 2

Submitted by Chris

I got home from work late. I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was walk in, undress and head to bed. I picked up the mail, dropped my stuff on the couch and headed into the kitchen to grab a beer. As I opened the beer I started going through the mail, it was nothing but junk mail and bills except of letter from my old college. I opened it up curious about what it was and found out it was for a 5year reunion of my graduating class. As I read the letter my mind went back to my college years and all my experiences, some bad but mostly all the good ones. All I could think about was Justin my first real love.

It was my junior year in college and I was struggling with my classes. I was overloaded with work and was barely able to handle the load. I spent all my time in either class or the library trying to get ahead of my work. One February afternoon I was deep in reading when someone I didn’t really pay attention to slide into the chair across from me. An hour went by and my eyes started hurting so it took a break and sat back a minute and that's when I noticed Justin. He took my breath away with how good looking he was. His buzzed blonde hair and blue eyes along with his beyond good looking face sent chills over my body, I was in instant love. As I was staring for over 5 minutes I didn’t notice that he was staring right back at me, our eyes locked and I mumbled out a hello. We started talking, it was all small talk but I hung on his every word. We were instantly close and spent as much time as we could together.  We made love every chance we could and it felt like we would be together the rest of our lives. It last until the end of the school year. I didn’t want it to end but he had to go back home over the summer break and since we lived on opposite coasts we weren’t going to see each other for a few months. it just about killed me when he left and it was going to be the hardest 3 months of my life until we would be back together for our senior year. It turns out that I would never see him again, he didn’t come back to college for his senior year and I never heard from him again. I was devastated but slowly moved on with my life and poured myself into school and graduated with honors.

So 5 years later as I sat at my table reading the letter I wondered if he would be there. I wanted answers and nothing was going to stop me from going to that reunion. I hoped Justin would be there. A month later I pulled into the parking lot of local hotel and walked towards the front doors. My heart was racing and my palms were sweaty as I walked into the ballroom of the hotel. I picked up my name tag and made my way around the room, saying hello and getting hugs from people I haven’t seen in years. Everybody I talked to asked if I had seen Justin, they knew how close we were and how much I was hurting during my senior year. I grabbed a drink and took a second to scan the crowd to see if he was around but I couldn’t see him. I figured he wouldn’t come so I resigned myself to the fact that I would never get the answers I wanted. 

Special Weekend - Oct 22

Special Weekend - Oct 22

This is a special weekend.  I will be post the new story by Chris, called 'Justin Story'.  The first post will be this afternoon at 2 PM Eastern time.  Sunday will be posting at 5 AM, and 2 PM.

There also might be some special surprises.  Send your requests and let's see what happens.

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Fall Break

Fall Break

I was all alone at home.  I had the entire house to myself.  Mom and Dad went out.  I was home form fall break from college.  I laid in my bed.  I was horny.  So horny, the only relief was to immediately jack off.  I stripped down and released from cock from the tight confines of my briefs.  It stood straight up, beckoning me to jack off. 

I wanted to play first.  I pushed my cock down and pointed it at my feet.  I ran a finger along the ridge of my cock head.  It grew larger. 

I pushed it over to the side.  I felt a drop of precum drop to my leg.  I reached under my cockhead and transferred the precum to my finger.  I rubbed it all over my cockhead.  It grew some more.

I squeezed my cock to release any remaining drops of precum.  This time I moved my hand in front of my face and licked my finger.  It tasted sweet.  I sucked on my finger, getting it all moist.

I let my cock loose and it sprang upwards.  It wanted attention.  I was through teasing it.  I grabbed my shaft and started to jack off.  I let my other hand reached between my legs and find my ass hole.  I stuck my wet finger into my hole, digging deeper.  It felt so good. 

I fingered my hole while I jacked off.  I pushed two fingers in my hole.  Waves of excitement pulsed through my body.  I let out a low moan, which in time turned into a low cry.  I needed to cum.  I wanted to cum.

It was building to big finish. I pointed my cock upward and the first spurt shot up and landed on my cock.  There was more to cum.  The next spurt shot up and landed on my pubes.  The remaining spurts landed on my balls. The cum flowed off of my balls and pooled at between my balls and leg. 

I heard the front door closed.  Mom and Dad were back home.  I finished just in time.  I ran to my bathroom and cleaned up.  Fall break can be such fun.