Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Rodeo - Part 3


Part 3 of 3

Story by Jim

Woke up the next morning and my ass was soar as hell.  All I could do was think of Logan. I took a long shower and ate some breakfast. Headed back up to watch the finals, then it was going to be a long drive back towards home. Dalton was in the Final Heat, but his number was falling, still a good job.  After watching most of the day I decided it might be good to take a head start and leave.  I made it back to camp and packed up. Had the Coach running when Dalton walked up , carrying a duffle bag. 

Dalton asked if I mind if he could catch a ride back towards home. He had rode out with some neighbors, who hauled the horses out, and one his neighbors sons  wanted to ride back with him, so it was going to be too cramped for space, so I figure I could catch a ride with you.  I told him it wasn’t a problem.  He said , well don’t want to trouble ya. I said not a problem. He asked if I could wait he, was going to go take a quick shower and I told him don’t worry about it, climb in and lets go .

Were going down the road and I could tell he was beat. He kept dozing off. When he started to talk again, I told him he could make his self at home, told him if he wanted to be daring, he could use the shower and clean up.  Dalton said that would be nice, he said he could use a nap as well.  I told him he could do as he wanted. Now dad had this coach built to his likings, so it was pretty nice. One nice advantage was this big overhead mirror above the driver seat that you could look up and see everything in the back.  I told him where the extra towels were and he grabbed one.  I told him space is a little tight but it works. Well just like his younger brother he left the sliding door to the restroom open. I could see him a little as he stripped down and then I got an ass shot, as he spun around gathering up his clothes I would guess, looks similar to Logan’s. Then I heard the water running , I could see a little bit of the shower curtain, which was clear.  I couldn't get a good enough view, but enough to make you wonder. I could see a blur and hand motions, so I was guessing he was soaping himself.  I heard the water turn off, then I could see his arm and towel sticking out of the bathroom as he dried himself off. 

I caught him walking out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around himself and down the hall to the bedroom. I saw the towel drop and caught a glimpse of his ass , as he crawled up onto the bed. I could see he was laying spread eagle on his stomach. Next thing I heard was some snoring from him.  As I drove into the night, I kept looking up, but he never moved. From the light I could only see so much. I pulled into a truck stop so I could fuel up. I tried to be as quiet as I could and not to wake him. When I had the coach fueled up I walked back in and took a good look toward the bedroom, I could see a nice size cock and balls on the bed between his legs. I could still hear him snoring a little. Up the road I found a campground that I pulled into for the night. Pulled into a spot and plugged in and put down the levelers. I took myself a shower and wiped dry, the whole time Dalton laid there, cold to the world. As I moved quietly around the bed, I could see that Dalton, like his brother, was well hung. A monster cock and nice set of balls hung between his legs. His Brother Logan took right after him. So I climbed up on the bed nice and slow, just as nude as Dalton was. I fell asleep wondering what might come of this.

I woke up feeling a warm mouth wrapped around my cock. As I looked down, there was Dalton, sucking on my cock. All I could do was moan to the pleasure I felt as he sucked me off.  I started to say Dude, but he put his hand on my mouth and took me in deep, I felt his chin hit my ball sack and pubs. I just relaxed and enjoyed. After a while, I couldn't take it anymore and I pulled him off. I rolled him over on his back. I started with his pits, then his nipples and chest. As I worked my way down, his cock was semi hard, a little thicker than Logan. I started to lick it nice and slow, I saw it start to get hard, so I took it into my mouth, and felt it get nice and hard. I gagged a little more on Dalton than I did with Logan. I couldn't tell yet, but he must be bigger than his younger brother. As I took him in , he filled my mouth , I gagged and gagged. Finally I relaxed enough to get him in all the way. As I did this, I could feel him start to hump my face. I could tell that his cock was a little bigger and longer. He must have been a good 12 inch by 6.5 inch.

Dalton Rolled me back over and took my cock into his mouth.  Then he worked his way up to my nipples and worked them a bit. Then he went back down on my cock, then to my balls, then I felt his tongue around my ass. Then with pleasure I felt a tongue punch through into me. As I’m enjoying, I’m wondering if Dalton is fucking his younger brother. I felt a finger, then another. Then I was laid on my back, legs pulled up and his torpedo was aimed at my hole. I felt the head hit my hole and I could feel him press on it. I felt it as it ripped me open. He felt like his brother, but, he was bigger yet . 

He started to fuck me harder and harder. Then I felt him thrust and tighten up and I could feel his load fill me up. He pulled out as he was still throbbing and pushed that massive cock in to my mouth and I swallowed the rest of his load that seemed to never end. When he was done , he looked me in the eyes and said I see my brother has taught you how to handle this big cock. I looked him in the eyes, like I was puzzled. He said you don’t have to hide it, I’ve been fucking my little bro for years. And I saw how you was watching him and he was watching you. So I know you two did something.  I think I’m going to have fun with both of you when we get back to the Ranch. Then I can fuck two of you. As I went to get off the bed, Dalton grabbed me and said not so fast there. I need a little more of your tight ass. I thought to myself this is going to be fun, two brothers along with me !! I couldn't wait till I pulled into their Ranch, but I had an another ass stretching coming first, then more mileage.  What a trip this has turned into.

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Rodeo - Part 2


Part 2 of 3

Story by Jim

I woke up with a ragging hard on. All I could think of was Logan’s 11 inch cock. Took a shower, and headed out to watch the rodeo. I saw Logan , helping get Dalton ready for a ride. Logan spotted me up in the stands and we both nodded and smiled.  It was a great day, a lot of good rides. Dalton really did well and advanced. After watching Dalton, he wasn't far from his younger brother. A little thicker that Logan, almost as tall and you could tell he worked hard also.

Later on I was sitting around the camp fixing dinner, when Logan appeared. So I invited him to eat with me. Afterwards we sat around as it got darker out, and a couple other guys along with Dalton had stopped and talked to us. As we was talking Dalton said I see your from the same state as me and Logan. I got excited right there. Some I told him what county I was in and long and behold, they are an hour drive from me at the most.  So we chatted about their Ranch and our Family Farm.  After awhile everyone left , to turn in except Logan.  I asked Logan if he wanted another drink and said I’ll help you get it, so he followed me in.

I reached into the fridge and I felt Logan grad my waist along with his cock rubbing my ass , Logan said , I want some of this. I turned around and smiled. I lead him back to the bedroom and shoved him down on the bed. I straddled him and started unbuttoning his shirt. I told him if you want some of me, I need to get some of you first. I knew I would be able to take that cock of his , unless I really got worked up. I stripped the him down and started on his cock, licking, swallowing, licking his balls, then I went lower, licking under his ball sack. I reach down and licked his hole and the kid let out a hell of a moan. I lifted up his legs in the air and went to town on eating out his sweat ass.  He looked so sexy, Cowboy hat on and boots. I pressed my tongue in and worked him loose. I swung around and had him suck my cock to get it lubed. I had him get on all fours and told him I was going to ride him like a bronco. I slapped his ass and took my 8 inch cock and slapped his cheeks with it and then put the head of my cock at his hole and started to push in .  I slid right in, I knew someone else bigger must been tagging him with a big cock, but it felt great.   Logan knew how to work it, I could feel muscles tighten up and releasing. My balls where hitting his as I fucked him faster and faster.  He turned around and told me it was his turn.

He spread my legs apart fast, this kid was excited . he went straight to eating my ass and was he good at it. I felt his tongue, then a finger, then  I felt his tongue on my ball sack , then I felt another finger. Next thing he had three fingers in me, working me over.  Logan pushed my legs down and straddled me and worked his way up till he took his semi-hard cock and slapped my mouth with it, until he forced it into my mouth, It felt good, feeling that cock grow again in my mouth. He got it nice and wet and pulled out, rolled me over and pulled my ass up in the air. I told him to go nice and slow, so he don’t rip me apart. He slapped my ass with that big 11 inch cock and it made a nice loud smack, ever time. Then I felt the head of his cock pressing up against my hole. It felt like someone was trying to press a softball in there.  Then I felt a lot of pain as I felt his head poke through. He pressed nice and slow, the pain went through my body, then it start to tingle and slowly turning into pleasure.  He start to pump me nice and slow. He must have been at least 6 inches around. Next thing, I could feel his big ball sack slapping up against me. He would slap my ass and pound me harder. This kid was really into this.

I felt him reach under and grab my cock and started to pump me. Next thing, I started to shoot cum all over.  Logan yelled I’m going to cum, and he pulled back on me and thrust hard and I felt that big monster throbbing as it shoot a load deep into me. Every throb he did, he would pull back on me then push me forward. I could feel his load running out of my hole. He pulled out long enough to roll me over , spread my legs and guide that throbbing cock back in me. He laid on top of me and laid In our pool of cum. He gave a big kiss and pulled out and laid down beside of me.  Logan looks over at me and told me that I was his first ass and that he enjoyed it a lot.  I grabbed us a towel and we cleaned up. Logan told me that he was leaving in the morning , but gave me his number so we could hook up again.  He gave a quick kiss and squeezed my ass checks and said see ya around !

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Rodeo - Part 1

The Rodeo  

Part 1 of 3

Story by Jim

It was time to go to the National Championship Rodeo.  I always took time off to go each year. This year the plan was to take the parents motor home and drive three states away and enjoy the rodeo. After a nasty divorce, it was time for this 28 year old to relax and see what was out there.  After two days of driving, my mind had been all over the place.  Kept thinking about my younger years , when my cousin and I use to sneak off in the woods or in the barn. Had a lot of fun through the years with him, that was till he moved away.  So I have been rusty on my bi side for some time but my wheels where spinning again.

I finally arrived, picked out a nice spot to setup camp. Right away , there was a lot of hot cowboys , nice tight jeans, big belt buckles, cowboy hats, and some nice hard bodies. I had things stirring around in my body , that I’d not felt in years. I knew this would be a good time. I grabbed a beer and started walking around camp, checking out the scenery. I blended right in with the rest of the guys, next thing I was talking and drinking and telling stories .

I kept looking around and checking them out when one stood out more. Younger, taller, a little backwards compared to the rest of us around camp.  He’s jeans were pulled up tight, you could tell the he was packing nice.  I tried checking him out more, where I wouldn't be noticed. I caught him checking myself out a couple of times.  I started small talk with him, just to see if he would break ice. Before long , he was talking away to me. I ran dry, so I asked him if he wanted to walk back with him and I would grab him a beer. He followed me back, I grabbed a couple out of the fridge and we sat around bullshitting. Logan was his name and you could tell the kid was off a Farm or Ranch.  Logan asked if I minded if he could use the restroom, told him go ahead . We both was out, so I thought it would be the time to get us a couple more.

I walk in the coach and there was Logan, with the door open to the restroom, taking a piss. His pants was pulled down below his ass, and you could hear a healthy stream coming out. His ass was tight, nice and round, and a little hairy, his hand was down low hanging to his meat, then you could see him shake it and started to turn , that’s when he notice me looking,  I just asked if he wanted another beer as I opened the Fridge. He said of course, and he apologized for not shutting the door. I said make yourself feel at home, he smiled and I smiled back.  I told him, sorry I wasn't trying to stare but you made it too easy and told him he was blessed to have a cock that size. Logan started to turn a little red, I handed him the beer, I told him have a seat.  He goes well truth be known, having a big cock isn’t as good as you would think. I asked why ? Logan explained the girlfriends he has had in the past would blow him or even try to have sex with him because it was too big. Logan goes all I get done doing is Jackin It. I told him don’t feel bad , I’ve been so horny for so long, Jackin just doesn’t get it for me much , done it way too much, he agreed.  I asked him if he ever thought about anything else, he kind of him hulled around. Then he looked and asked me the same thing, well yes, been years ago.  I took the step and asked, so you want to try something a little different? He shook his head yes, he was nervous as hell, I was too!

I asked him to stand up, I got down on my knees, He unbuckled that over size belt buckle of his and let it hang. I reached up and unbuttoned his pants, his shirt, looking up at that big cowboy hat. I pulled down on his pants and Logan’s massive cock sprang out of those tight jeans hanging a good 3 inches below his low hanging ball sack. I just starred for a minute, I’m like Damn,  I started to like the head of it nice and slow, he started to get hard, I wanted to get it into my mouth before it went all the way hard. I had to relax to get it all the way in , but I got it in!  I started to slurp and take it in and out, I could feel my mouth spreading as he was growing larger.  The kid was getting into it a lot, he started to moan with pleasure.  I reached back and grabbed hold of his tight ass with both hands and started to pull him in more. I took him as deep as I could till his hairy bush was up against me. He started to thrust and held my head with both hands and pumped me till he exploded me with his large load. I couldn’t swallow it all. I don’t know how, but it was seeping out my mouth as I tried swallowing all of it. Logan finally stopped humping my mouth and just stood there. I finished cleaning him up and that 11inch monster slid out my mouth. He looked at me and told me to stand up, He took my cock out and sucked me till I shoot my load, which didn’t take long. I was pretty hot having a 22 year old cowboy , suck my cock.  He stood up and leaned in and gave me a long kiss which I could taste my cum and I’m sure he could taste his own.  We both got dressed and I handed him the beer , we walked outside and sat down, then another guy approached. Logan looks at me and goes this is my older brother Dalton. I stood up and shook his hand , nice to meet you. I offered him a beer , we chatted and Dalton looked at Logan and said, well , long day tomorrow, better turn in.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

First Encounter - Part 2

First Encounter

Part 2 of 2

Story by Jay

I went to bed and dreamt of sucking cock.  I woke up with a rock hard cock and I was determined to suck cock TODAY.

There was so much running through my mind about what happened yesterday.  I did not remember what his cock, balls, and pubic area looked like.  I remember his pee hole, how it stared at me like a one eye snake. 

I started making plans of what I was going to do this time.  I wanted to make sure I explored his cock and balls.  I wanted to see what his cockhead was like.  I wanted to squeeze his cockhead and open his pee hole.  I wanted to look at his veins running the length of his shaft.  I wanted to feel the hair in his pubic area.  And lastly, I wanted to hold his balls in my hand and see what shape they were.
I made the phone call to see if I could come over.  We agreed on a time.  This time I did not wear underwear.  I wanted to have easy access.  I remember he just had shorts on, and he was naked in a flash.

I showered and put on shorts and a t-shirt.  I was nervous as I drove over to his place.  I was parked outside his place.  I was a few minutes early so I waited in the car.  My cock was throbbing as I counted down the minutes.

I rang the doorbell.  He stood there and smiled.  I returned the smile.  I walked over to the couch and took off my shorts.  He smiled and took his off.  We were both ready and rock hard.

He motioned for me to follow him and said “Maybe the bedroom would be more comfortable.”  I wanted his cock, so I followed.  He climbed into bed and laid flat on the bed.  He motioned for me to get alongside him.

I was confused but I ended up on all fours with me facing his cock and he was facing my cock.  We were in a ‘69’ position and it was the first time for me.  I felt his sucking my cock, as I examined his cock.  I started to suck his cock as I felt around to his balls.  I ran my fingers through his pubes. 

As I sucked his cock, I did not notice that he was spreading my legs and he was facing my ass.  I felt my cheeks being spread apart and then the most wonderful thing happened.  His tongue was probing into my asshole.  I stopped what I was doing to his cock and felt wave after wave of ecstasy.

It felt wonderful.  I sat upright with my ass on his face.  I found myself jacking off my cock.  He removed one hand and reached for his cock and he started to stoke.  Watching him masturbate while his tongue was deep inside of me, made me lose control.  I shot my load onto his stomach. 

Next he came and I watch in deep pleasure.  I collapsed onto the bed.  I was out of breath as if I just ran a mile.  I eventually got up and got dressed.  I left knowing this was what I wanted to do.  

Friday, March 27, 2015

Firt Encounter - Part 1

First Encounter

Part 1 of 2

Story by Jay

I saw the ad on the internet.  He was older than me.  There was a picture and he looked good for an older guy.  He wanted just mutual jack off. 

I was new to the sex scene. I wanted to play safe and I figured masturbation was safe with another guy.  So I sent a message and a picture of me.  The reply came back within seconds.

I told him what I wanted and he agreed to masturbation and nothing more.  He sent me directions to his place.  I knew the area and drove over. 

I was nervous and shaking as I approached the front door.  I rang the doorbell and the door opened before I knew it.  I entered and sat on the couch.  Mt heart was pounding as I looked him over.  He was nice for an older guy.  He seemed calm compared to me.

After some small talk, he stood up and pulled down his pants.  He had a rather large cock.  It was cut and already hard.  He said “Go ahead and play with it.” I reached for it.  I hesitated but having a cock that close to actually touch was too tempting.  I placed my hand around his shaft.  It was like steel.

I pulled on his shaft and watch the skin move up and cover his cockhead.  His pee hole was staring at me as I jerked his cock back and forth.  His balls were hand low and swung as I jacked him off.

His voice startled me as he said “Can I play with yours?”  I was having so much fun with his cock that I forgot about my cock.  I stood up and he unbuttoned and unzipped my pants.  I had worn underwear and wished that I hadn't.  But he pulled them down and out popped my cock.  He grabbed my cock and started to stroke it.
His voice startled me again as he said “You can go back to playing with mine.”  I went back to jacking his cock off as he did the same with me.  I wish I could had lasted longer but I felt it start and cried out “I a, cumming.”  He got on his knees and took my cock his in mouth and started sucking.
I came so quick I could not think straight.  He swallowed everything I shot into his mouth.  He was still on his knees when he came.  He had a towel handy and shot into it.  He finished sucking and used the towel to wipe his face.

His voice startled me once again as he said “That was great.  How did you like it?”  I was on cloud 9.  I made some comment “Good.” Or “Wonderful.”
I pulled up my briefs and pants.  I headed for the door.  He said “Email if you ever want to do it again.”

I smiled and headed out the door.  My heart was still pounding as I got into my car.  I said out loud “That was really good.  Hell, it was great.”

I wanted to suck him next time.  I drove off thinking “There will be a next time.”

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Short Takes - Urinal

Short Takes – Urinal

By Jay

Just a few weeks ago, I was peeing when the guy came in and took the urinal next to me. 

I removed my hand from his side and brushed my hair on my head.  This gave him more room to look. 

Of course now that I notice he was looking, I started getting hard.  He was now peeing.  I glanced over and saw a really nice cock. 

By now, I was done peeing and my cock was getting super hard.  That is when he reached over.  I made room for his hand to grab my cock.  He stroked me a few times with his left hand as he jack off his cock with his right hand. 

He came almost immediately. 

He released my cock from his hand and zipped up and left.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Small is Beautiful - Part 2

Small is Beautiful

Part 2 of 2

Story by Ben

As soon as I had a free moment, I e-mailed Warren.  By the end of the day, after a few exchanges of e-mails, we had an arrangement to meet after work later in the week.  Even in the e-mails I got the feeling that he didn't believe me when I told him how beautiful I thought his cock was.

On the day we were due to meet, I thought of Warren as soon as I woke, and my cock reacted immediately.  It led the way to the shower, pointing directly ahead, and it was staring at me in the mirror as I shaved, still as hard as a steel rod.  I made it wait.  I wanted to enjoy the anticipation.

I had trouble with my cock all day.  It persistently stretched my pants and reminded me of its needs, but I was determined to make it wait until the evening.  It was not easy.  Each time I went to the toilet, it tried to make me appease it, and I had to struggle to resist the urge to give it the release it was demanding.  But I stood my ground and made it wait.

I left the office as early as I could.  I rushed home, showered, put on a blue shirt that I think makes me look my best and my beige chinos and set off to meet Warren.  On a whim I stopped at a flower shop that I noticed on the corner of his road.  I liked the idea of presenting that big masculine man with a colorful bouquet.

I found Warren's apartment, pressed the bell and waited.  I was surprisingly nervous.  I think it was because I so desperately wanted him to believe that I was smitten by his beautiful cock, so that we could keep on meeting.  As soon as he opened the door, I thrust the flowers at him with a broad smile.  That broke the ice.  He laughed, saying no man had given him flowers before, and he put both his arms around me and squeezed me against his big body.

Of course, we went straight to the bedroom.  I had made my cock wait all day, and I was now ready to give in to it.  The passion with which I pulled Warren's face to mine made it clear that the glass of wine that he had started to offer would be more appreciated after sex, rather than before.  Warren was well over six feet tall, and a good six inches taller than me, so kissing was a bit of a contortion for both of us, as he bent low and I stretched high, but nothing was going to stop me enjoying this evening.

In the bedroom, I unbuttoned Warren's shirt and was entranced by his big broad chest, just as if I was discovering it for the first time.  I undid his pants and discovered his thick, muscular legs, covered with dark hair.  Soon we were both wearing nothing but our underwear.  I knelt, nuzzled his bulge through his white briefs, and, putting my hands between his briefs and his ass, pulled them down, so that his cock slapped my face as it was released from the garment.

I could not help myself gasping in awe at the sight of Warren's cock.  He heard my intake of breath, and said, "You know, I am almost persuaded to believe that you really do like my tiny cock."

"I do, Warren.  I really do.  It is... just beautiful."

I put my lips around it and tasted Warren's gorgeous hard cock for the first time.  I inhaled the heavy musk scent of his pubes as I sucked on his cock.

When I stood up, I took a couple of steps back to take in the sight of his whole body: his broad shoulders, his big chest, his thick, hairy arms and legs, and, in the middle of it all, that small, but beautiful, cock, so incongruous against his big body.

Soon, I was naked too, and we were on the bed.  I made Warren lie on his back, so that I could run my fingers through his chest hair, kiss his nipples and stroke the whole length of his legs from crotch to toes and back again.  I took his cock between my fingers and gently retracted the foreskin.  It was so hard.  I cupped my hand around his balls.  They were not huge, but they were certainly bigger than I would have expected the balls of a man with such a small cock to be.

Warren put a hand around my cock.  It was more than twice as long as his, and thicker.
"How can you like my cock, when yours is so much bigger?"

"I didn't say yours was big," I replied.  "I said it is beautiful.  I can't explain it, but I have always loved small cocks.  Every night since we met I have fallen asleep with the image of your cock in my head.  For me it is just perfect."

“But it is yours that is beautiful, so big and manly."

"If you find mine beautiful, that's great.  But there is nothing unmanly about your cock.  It is a perfect specimen of manhood.  I keep using the same word, but it is the word that I associate with it, beautiful, just beautiful."

Warren pushed me onto my back and took my cock in his mouth.  He was so big, but so gentle.  His lips caressed my aching penis so tenderly.  His big hands were holding me so delicately.  Ever since we had met, in the toilets of the department store, I had thought only about Warren's penis; I had been almost obsessed by it.  I had given no thought to Warren as a person.  Now that I had his body touching mine, his hands teasing my nipples and gently stroking my chest, and his tongue working wonders on my cock, I realized what a caring lover he was.  I realized it would not take much to make me fall in love with this guy.

I didn't want to cum without tasting Warren's cock again, so I pulled myself free and forced Warren back onto his back.  I knelt between his legs, put my mouth around his beautiful cock, and massaged it with my lips and my tongue.  My hands were on his thighs, and soon I felt them tense.  They pushed against my hands as his hips thrust upwards and he sent his juice spurting into my mouth.

There was nothing unmanly about Warren's cock, and there was nothing unmanly about the large quantity of thick, salty, male juice that filled my mouth.  I kept his cock in my mouth as I swallowed his cum and carefully cleaned the end of his cock with my tongue.  Then I raised myself up and smiled at Warren.  He put his hand around my cock, smiling too, and with just two or three strokes the pent-up pressure that had been eating away at my inside all day sent spurt after spurt of cum gushing out onto his body, where it meandered among the dark hairs of his chest.

I lay down beside Warren, with my head on his shoulder.  We held hands, our fingers paddling in the pool of my cum.  I lifted my head to look into his eyes and we smiled at each other.  I think he now believed that I found his cock beautiful.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Small is Beautiful - Part 1

Small is Beautiful

Part 1 of 2

Story by Ben

It was my lunch break and I was feeling horny.  I decided to go to a department store nearby.  On the second floor there are some toilets where guys sometimes go for lunchtime fun.

I went in.  The place seemed to be empty.  I stood at one of the three urinals for a while, but no one came in.  My time was limited.  I had to get back to the office soon.  In the end I gave up.  I would just have to live with the aching in my loins all afternoon and find a way of satisfying it after work.

I went to wash my hands.  The cubicles were beyond the urinals, and the wash basins were opposite them.  This meant that, as you washed your hands, the cubicles were behind you, and you could see them in the mirror that covered the whole wall above the wash basins.  The doors to two of the cubicles were wide open, clearly showing that they were empty.  As I turned on the tap, I realized that the door of the third cubicle, the furthest one from the entrance, was shut.  It must have been shut ever since I arrived.  I washed my hands, and then looked up at the mirror again.  The door that had been shut was now slightly ajar.  I dried my hands, using the roller towel that was attached to the end wall, between the wash basins and the cubicles.  While I was drying my hands I was therefore standing right next to the door that was ajar.  I kept my eyes firmly fixed on the door.

I dried my hands very slowly, standing absolutely still.  The door opened just a little bit more.  I touched it gently, so that it opened some more.  That was enough.  The guy inside knew I was interested, and he opened the door fully.

He was sitting on the toilet.  He was a big guy, not at all overweight, just big.  If he wasn't a rugby player, he should have been.  He had broad shoulders and a heavy frame.  He had taken his shirt off and I could see his massive chest, big, wide, and covered in hair.  I smiled and touched my crotch.
That gave him the courage to smile back.  Slowly he stood, and as he did I saw his cock, which until then had been hidden because of his seated position.

I was shocked.  This big guy, this big bear of a guy, had a really small cock.  I was entranced.  

Perhaps you won't believe this, but I have always had a weakness for small cocks.  Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against big ones; I like a big cock as much as the next man.  But it is small ones that really turn me on.  It is small ones that make me go weak at the knees.  One of my best friends in my college days had a small cock.  We were never lovers as such, but, as two horny young men, it was only natural that we should occasionally sleep over in each other's room to ‘help each other out’, to deal with that massive pressure that eats away inside a young man's body unless it is released.  I used to tell him how much I loved his cock, but I always felt he didn't believe me. 
Sometimes I even felt he thought I was mocking him.  I wasn't.  I genuinely loved his cock.  I loved holding it, sucking it, just looking at it.

My college friend's cock was small, but this guy's was significantly smaller.  I could not take my eyes off it.  I moved my hand forward to touch it.  I held my hand out, palm upwards, so that as it reached the guy, his cock rested on my hand.  Until then, I had thought it was unaroused.  But as soon as my hand made contact with it, I could feel that it was hard.  I slowly closed my hand around it and confirmed that it was in fact fully erect.  It was as hard as a cock can be.

I released my grip and looked at it again.  It was less than three inches long.  Sometimes in the past I had encountered cocks whose girth made up for what they lacked in length, but this one was thin as well as short.  And I just loved it.  I absolutely loved it.

I closed my hand around it again.  There was so much that I wanted to do.  I wanted to feel it, to hold it, to suck it, to lick it.  With my hand gripping the guy's cock, I made a few slow strokes, starting to worry about the time and the need to get back to the office.  I looked into the guy's eyes.  He stared back, as if in a trance.  Then I realized why.  I had only made three or four strokes of his hard cock, but all of a sudden I saw his body lurch and I felt warm liquid fill my hand.  The guy looked horrified.  I smiled at him broadly and after a few spasms his facial expression seemed to relax.

"I'm so sorry," he said.

“Why sorry?  That was great.  I enjoyed it."

"I didn't want to cum so quickly.  Actually, I didn't mean to cum at all.  It's just... your hand felt so good, so warm and... I couldn't help myself."

"I'm glad you couldn't," I said.  "I love your cock."  I could tell from his expression that he didn't believe me.  "And I am glad to have shared that moment with you."

I took my hand from around his cock and looked at it.  His cock may have been tiny, but the load it had produced was prodigious.  My hand was full and almost overflowing.  I turned round to rinse it under the tap.  Then I turned back to the guy, who was wiping himself with toilet paper.

"I'd love to see you again," I said, "and somewhere more private, so that I can really enjoy your cock."  He looked puzzled.

"I really would," I said in an effort to convince him.  "I have to go.  If I don't leave immediately, I shall be late getting back to the office.  How can I contact you?"

He took a pen and a small notebook out of his pocket.  He wrote something, tore the page out and handed it to me.  On it he had written a name, Warren, and an e-mail address.  I leant forward and kissed him.  It was just a quick peck, but on the mouth, then I turned to leave.

"I'll write this afternoon."

With that, I was on my way.  I had not cum, but the experience had been so unexpected and exciting that it had left me feeling a sort of satisfaction.  The aching in my loins had gone.  I hurried back to the office, my mind filled with the memory of my hand wrapped around that beautiful cock.  I was happy.  And I was looking forward to my next meeting with the guy.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Piss Play

Piss Play

By Jay

I laid down in my tub and held my cock and pointed it towards my chest.  I started to pee. It was warm, maybe hot.   At first it was a weak stream, then it got stronger.  It splashed on my chest and was getting closer to my face.  Then it hit my face. My piss tasted salty.  Not sure if that is normal. 

Once I started to pee and my stream got strong, then I just kept peeing.  I was covered in piss from my face down.   

I kept peeing.  It seemed endless.  Finally I started to stop and pee in small burst of piss.  I got up and the pee ran off my body.  I turned on the shower and got clean up.  The taste remained in my mouth.  Once I finished showering, I went for the mouthwash.  

Not once but twice.

Send me your experiences with piss play.  


Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Hairdresser Again - Part 3

The Hairdresser Again

Part 3 of 3

Story by Ben

When I woke the next morning, Daniel was lying beside me, looking at me.  He smiled at me as soon as I opened my eyes.

I remembered how he had looked after me the previous evening.  After the amazing sex, he had taken me back to the shower to rinse the copious cum from my body.  Of course, my tiredness had returned once the excitement was over.  Daniel had made me sit in an armchair with a glass of wine while he prepared a simple but delicious meal.  Once the meal was over, he had insisted that I should go to bed while he cleared up.  I remembered him saying something like, “You need to sleep.  I shall leave you in peace tonight to let you sleep.  I shall be pleased enough to have you in bed next to me.  But tomorrow morning will be another story.  You need to get all the sleep you can get, because there is no way I am leaving you in peace tomorrow morning.” 

Accompanied, of course, by his gorgeous, captivating smile, I remembered going to bed, as directed by Daniel.  I think I fell asleep in seconds.  I was vaguely aware of Daniel joining me in bed at some point and of him putting his arm comfortingly around my body before I went straight back to sleep.  

And I remembered nothing else.  I had slept solidly until now.

“I think you slept well,” he said.

“I certainly did.  I feel so much better.”

“That’s good.  I hope you have plenty of energy after your long sleep, because now we are going to pick up where we left off before dinner last night.”

Daniel moved closer to me to kiss me.  As he did so, I felt his cock against my body.  It was already rigid.  I felt slightly embarrassed that mine was still completely soft.

“You are certainly ready,” I said, brushing my hand against his cock to show what I was referring to.
“I have been waiting for you to wake up.  I have been in that state for a while now, so don’t keep me waiting any longer.”  Again, said with his beautiful smile.

This time his kissing was passionate from the start.  His body was controlled by his hormones as he ran his hands all over my chest and his tongue probed deep into my mouth.  I need not have worried about my soft cock.  It was as hard as Daniel’s within seconds, under the effect of his passion.

Soon it was in Daniel’s mouth.  He was virtually swallowing it.  This was so different from the gentle, restrained, love-making of the previous evening, but every bit as good.  I was immensely flattered to think that I could arouse such passion in a man as young and beautiful as Daniel.

Suddenly, he stopped sucking my cock and moved further down.  He put his hands under both buttocks and lifted them off the bed, using his elbows as support.  He was licking my balls, then the area behind them, and then his tongue was in my ass.  He was licking the hole, sending waves of electricity through my whole body.  He was touching nerve endings that I never knew I had.  I thought I was going to shoot my load just from the effect of Daniel’s tongue on my ass.  The guy was amazing.  I struggled to stop myself from cumming.  Daniel just kept going, licking, sucking, chewing, and continuing to send spasms of sheer pleasure through my body.

Eventually, he stopped and looked at me, smiling.  I could barely focus, but I knew there was a broad smile on my face.  I pulled myself together and took charge.  I turned Daniel onto his back and stretched my body on top of his.  We kissed again for a long time.  Then I started to move down Daniel’s body, kissing his neck, his chest, his stomach, his cock, his balls.  And I did to him what he had done to me.  I lifted his buttocks to expose his inviting puckered hole, and I kissed it and kissed it and kissed it.  I licked it and sucked it.  And Daniel was writhing with pleasure.  I felt elated to think that I could bring such pleasure to this beautiful young man.

Only when my arms started to ache did I let Daniel’s body back down onto the bed.  I turned my attention to his cock, his beautiful, long, thin cock.  It was already wet with sweet-tasting pre-cum.  I slowed down.  We were back in the slow, gentle mode of the previous evening.  I moved my lips slowly up and down Daniel’s delicious cock.  After a while he tried to pull me off, but I wouldn’t let him.  His body was squirming with pleasure and I knew he was losing control.  I wanted him to.  I wanted to reward him, and soon I felt his cock push further towards my throat and his warm sweet liquid spurt repeatedly into my mouth.

Once I had swallowed all Daniel’s juice and licked his cock clean, I moved to lie beside him.
“You are wonderful,” he said.  “That was amazing.  Fantastic.  Just wonderful.”

He took my cock in his hand.  I could see that he had very little energy left, but he was determined to keep going.  He did not need to do much.  I was at the height of arousal, and a couple of strokes from his lovely smooth hand were enough to take me over the edge.

Now I was exhausted too.  We lay there, looking at each other, just as we had the previous evening.

After a while, I said, “I don't understand.  You are so beautiful and so much younger than me.  And yet you seem to be attracted to me."

"I don't care about age.  In fact, I've always tended to prefer older men.  And I find you beautiful too.  I have the feeling you don’t think you are, but beauty is a personal thing.  It is not objective.  I found you beautiful even in the salon, when I only saw your face.  But when you came for the massage and I saw your gorgeous hairy chest and your legs and your arms, I was smitten.  And I had enjoyed chatting to you in the salon, and that added to your beauty.  I always think the way you get on with a person affects your perception of them.  If you enjoy being with someone, it can make them seem more attractive, even physically."

Then he added, with his disarming smile, " And I haven't even mentioned your amazing cock."

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Hairdresser Again - Part 2

The Hairdresser Again

Part 2 of 3

Story by Ben

 When I arrived at Daniel's apartment, he took me in his arms as soon as he had shut the door.  He held me close to him, just holding me, motionless, his arms around my body, his face pressed against mine.  Then he stood back, took my hands in his, and looked at me.  He smiled.  It was the smile of a child who has just been given a present.  He put his arms around me again, but this time one hand went to the back of my head and he kissed me.  It started as a gentle, sensual kiss, but it soon became passionate.  My arms were around Daniel, one hand behind his head, pressing our two mouths together, and the other hand fondling his lovely, soft buttocks.

 I think we stayed in the hallway, kissing, pushing our bodies against each other, for at least five minutes.  Needless to say, I had already been hard when I arrived.  By now, my cock was like a steel rod. It was grinding into Daniel's cock, through our pants, one steel rod pushing against another.

Eventually, Daniel said, "I'm so glad I bumped into you today.  I had been starting to think I would never see you again.  I have thought about you every day since the massage."

Daniel took my hand and led me to his bedroom.

"Let's get undressed here, and then we'll go and shower."

He took me in his arms again and kissed me.  Without stopping kissing me, he started to unbutton my shirt.  As soon as he had undone a few buttons, he slipped a hand under the shirt and ran his fingers across my chest.  This sent ripples of pleasure coursing through my body.

I put my hands under Daniel's tee-shirt and felt the smooth skin of his back, then his chest, and then his beautiful smooth chest.  I pulled his tee-shirt over his head, and Daniel took off my shirt.  We pressed our bare chests together, my pale hairy chest against Daniel's smooth, olive chest.  Again I thought I must be dreaming.

 Once we were down to our underwear, Daniel went down on his knees and pressed his face against my white briefs.  He looked up at me and said, "I've dreamt of this moment.  In fact, I'm going to really embarrass you now and tell you that several times in the past three weeks I have wanked off imagining my face buried in your crotch."

I'm not sure if I was embarrassed, but I was certainly astonished!  Again, I contemplated this beautiful young man and tried to get my head round the concept that he had been so attracted to my ageing body that he had used his memory of it as jack-off material!

When Daniel stood up, we put our hands in each other's briefs, each cupping the other's buttocks and together pushing our two crotches into each other.  We gently slid off the briefs and our steel cocks popped out and bounced against each other.  We both laughed.

Daniel took me by the hand again and led me to the bathroom.  The shower cubicle was large, easily big enough for the two of us.  Daniel set the water going.  When he was satisfied that the temperature was right, we stepped in.  He squeezed shower gel into his hands and started to wash me down.  His masseur's touch made my whole body tingle.  He washed my back and my chest.  He seemed to enjoy soaping up my chest hair.  When he moved down and started to soap my cock and balls and ass, I had to make an effort not to cum.  With some difficulty I managed to keep myself in check, and then I started to wash Daniel.  It was a wonderful sensation, feeling his hands washing, with such care, the most intimate parts of my body while I was doing the same to him.

Daniel wanted us to dry each other.  It was very sensual.  He dried my penis so delicately, even retracting my foreskin and dabbing gently behind it, then putting it back in place.  I tried to be equally delicate with him, conscious that it was the first time I had dried another man's cock.

He took me back into the bedroom, gently pushing me onto the bed.  He lay on top of me and started kissing me again.  Then he moved his face down my body.  He kissed under my chin, finding that spot that is so erogenous.  He kissed my neck and my chest.  When he kissed a nipple, my body jerked involuntarily.  Daniel stopped, looked at me and smiled.  He returned to the nipple, and his tongue continued to work its magic.  I feared I was going to cum without him even touching my cock.

Slowly, Daniel worked his way down my body.  When he reached my cock, it sprang up towards him.  He licked it, several short, quick licks.  Then he took it in his mouth and I thought I was going to faint with pleasure.  He sucked like an angel.  I constantly felt I was going to cum, and yet he managed to keep my orgasm at bay.  It was as if he knew exactly what I was feeling and as if he knew how to stop me cumming and to prolong the pleasure.

Then he looked up and smiled, I knew I had to stir myself.  Daniel had been amazing.  Now he deserved to be pampered too.  I pushed him onto his back and rolled on top of him.  I started to kiss him gently.  Then I became passionate.  I couldn't help it.  I was so worked up that the passion just took over.  But I could tell from Daniel's reaction that it was what he wanted.  He responded with equal passion.  Soon we were rolling around on the bed, in a frenzy.  I was all over Daniel's body.  I felt as if I was kissing every part of him at once.  I was sucking his beautiful cock and licking his nipples.  I was kissing his neck and sucking his balls.  We were both at the absolute height of passion and pleasure, and yet we went on and on.

Eventually we calmed down.  I was ready, and I sensed that Daniel was ready.  I lay down beside him.  We turned to half face each other and, staring into each other's eyes, we each gently stroked the other's cock.  It only took gentle strokes, and it only took a few strokes.  Daniel's body started to shake and I felt his cum shoot onto my stomach.  As soon as I felt his first spurt, I started to cum too.  

We each drenched the other's stomach, and then collapsed into each other's arms.  We lay there a long time, motionless and smiling.

The silence was eventually broken by Daniel saying, “It would be wonderful if you could stay over.”

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Hairdresser Again - Part 1

The Hairdresser Again

Part 1 of 3

Story by Ben

I hate going to the supermarket on a Saturday.

It had been a hell of a week at work.  I had been late home every night, so there had been no chance to do any shopping during the week.  So here I was, in the supermarket on a Saturday afternoon, dog tired and getting stressed by the crowds.  I had not even had time to arrange anything for Saturday evening.  But in a way I was glad.  I was so tired that I was happy to know I could just chill out at home and get an early night.

In the meantime I had to deal with the challenge of negotiating my trolley through the crowds in the supermarket on a Saturday afternoon.  I was getting more and more stressed until I turned a corner and came face to face with Daniel; beautiful Daniel, the hairdresser, who had given me that amazing massage a few weeks ago.

I had thought about him every day since the massage.  I had wanted to arrange to see him again, but had worried about seeming too eager.  I had been intrigued by what he had said to me: "Next time we can do things differently."  What had he meant?

We said the usual things - how funny to meet here, how are you, and so on.  I even mentioned my busy week and how tired I was.  Then Daniel said, "I had been hoping you would contact me."

He had been hoping I would contact him?!  What did that mean?  Was he short of cash and needing massage clients?

I must have sounded a bit confused when I said, "You mean, you wanted me to arrange another massage?"

"Well, I can certainly give you another massage if that is what you want," he said, "but don't you remember?  I said we could do things differently next time."

"I do remember.  But I wasn't sure what you meant."

He leant towards me and said, "It's not so easy to talk about it here, surrounded by all these people, but you must have seen the effect you had on me.  My cock was virtually bursting out of its skin when I was massaging you.  I just hoped we could get together and - well..."  He waited while a woman pushed past with three irritable children, then said, almost whispering, "I hoped we could just enjoy ourselves."  He looked round nervously to make sure no one had heard.

I was astounded.  Here was this beautiful young man seeming to tell me that I had had an effect on him and that he had been waiting - hoping - for me to call!  I didn't tell him, but I had picked up the phone so many times to call him and each time had decided against it so that he wouldn't think me stupid or obsessed for calling so soon.  At least twice I had even dialed his number and had then stopped myself continuing.

I didn't manage to say anything coherent.  I mumbled words that made no sense but conveyed my surprise and confusion to Daniel.  He smiled and said, "If you doubt what I'm saying, just look down at my pants and I think you will see immediately the effect you have on me."  I looked down and, sure enough, I could clearly see the impression of his hard cock straining against the fabric of his pants.  Of course, the sight of that was enough to produce the same effect on me.  Daniel looked at my bulge, and we both laughed.

 "I work as a hairdresser, but I am also a trained masseur.  I give orthodox massages.  I do not normally massage the client's penis, let alone my own.  But I couldn't help myself.  And you must have seen how quickly I came once I started touching myself.  Is that not enough to convince you of the effect you had on me?"

I mumbled again.  I was so astonished; I had lost the power of speech.

"I guess you already have plans for this evening," he said, "as it is Saturday."

"No, I'm free."

"But anyway you told me how tired you are.  You won't want to meet up tonight."

"Yes, I would," I said, virtually shouting.  "I would love to see you tonight."  My exhaustion had drained away as soon as Daniel suggested meeting.  The exhilaration at the thought of spending an evening with Daniel, "doing things differently", had switched on the adrenaline and driven out the tiredness.

"I need to go home to get my food in the fridge and to shower, but then we could meet."
Daniel had a better idea.

"Go home and put your food away.  But don't shower.  Come straight round to my place and we can shower together."

 I looked at his gorgeous face, at his smooth olive skin, which was set off perfectly by his white V-necked tee-shirt.  I looked at his sleek body, at his thick dark hair, at his delicate hands with their long fingers.  I wondered if I had become so tired that I had fallen asleep on the sofa and was dreaming all of this.  Then a trolley pushed by a ten-year-old boy banged into me and confirmed that I was very much awake.

 We paid for our shopping and walked to our cars together.  I could not stop smiling.  As we separated, Daniel leant towards me and gave me a peck on the cheek.

"See you soon," he said.  "Don't be long."

 When I got into my car, my cock was so hard that I had to reposition it in my pants to reduce the pressure.  Even so, I could still feel it all the way home, pressing against the fabric, eager to discover what the evening had in store.  And I still could not stop smiling.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fishing Getaway - Part 3

Fishing Getaway

Part 3 of 3

Story by Jay

Inspired by Jim

The next few days of the getaway were pretty awesome.  We had beautiful weather.  We fished naked, hiked naked, and had sex naked.  The getaway turned out better than I thought it would be.  Nothing could make it better.

On our last day, we were hiking and came upon one of the guys that we spotted on our first day.  He was naked and he was holding his hard cock.  He waved it to get our attention.  I looked over at Rob and said “What do you think?”

Rob smiled and said “I want to fuck him.”  As we got closer to when this guy was standing, Rob’s cock sprang to attention.  The guy eyes opened wide.  Rob asked “Do you want this?”  He did not wait for an answer.  Rob commanded “Bend over.”
The guy quickly responded and bent over and had his ass facing Rob.  I went around to be in front of the guy, who reached out to me as I walked to where my cock was facing him.  Rob started to fuck him.  He was wasting no time. The guy reached for my hips and started to take my cock and suck in rhythm with Rob’s thrusts.  

I had a front row seat as I watch Rob fucking the guy.  I was plowing my cock deep into the guy’s mouth.

Rob yelled, “Tell me when you are ready to cum.”  I was so close to cumming, I yelled back “Now.  Damn Now.”  My body quivered as I started to shoot my load.  I hit the back of his throat with my cock and the guy choked.  Cum filled his mouth and dripped out of the corners of his mouth. 
Rob unloaded into the guy’s ass.  When he finally finished shooting his load, he removed his cock.  Cum started to flow out of the guy’s ass. 

We decided to head for the waterfall to rinse and clean up.

That evening was our last night of the getaway.  We sat on the edge of the water.  Rob had gotten close to me these last few days.  He kissed me and snuggled close to me.  Rob said “This has been a great getaway.”  I agreed.  Rob Said “I hope this doesn't end.”

We watched the sun go down.  The water lapped at us as Rob made love to me.  

I thought “This won’t end.  This is just the beginning.” 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fishing Getaway - Part 2

Fishing Getaway

Part 2 of 3

Story by Jay

Inspired by Jim

We slept in the tent together.  I dreamt of having sex with Rob.  I woke up to early sunshine and a raging hard cock.  Rob stirred and said “Good morning.”  He pulled back the sleeping bag and stretched.  His cock emerged all hard and erect.  Rob said “I need to take care of this.”  He started to jack off.  I looked over and his eyes were closed.  I watched his cock and it was a beauty.  I started to jack off along with Rob.  I wished I was holding his cock.  I came first.  My cum splashed upon my chest.  Rob came next.  I hoped we would do this every morning.  What a way to start each day. 

We jumped out of the tent and headed to the waterfall to shower.  Our cocks were still semi hard.  Rob wondered where the two guys were and what they were doing.  I heard him say that he wondered how that felt.  When we got to the waterfall, we jumped into the cold water.  Both of our cocks shriveled up.   

After cleaning up, we went fishing.  As we stood side by side, Rob kept bring up that he wondered how two guys could fuck each other.  I told him you need to start with sucking before you go to fucking.  He nodded agreement. 

Rob did not bring up any reference to sex for the rest of the day.  That night, when we got ready to turn in, Rob asked “Where do I start?”  I was surprised but excited with his question.  My cock started to grow, so I pointed to it and said “It starts here.”  Rob bent over and grabbed my cock.  He started to lick my cock like it was a lollipop.  Although it felt good, I stopped him and said “Let me show you.”

I took his cock and began sucking.  I took it deep and listen to Rob moan with delight.  I kept sucking until he arched his back and let his cum fly out of his cock.  I took every drop of cum.  When he was done I said “That is how you do it.” 

Rob did not say a word.  He started again to suck my cock.  This time he did it a lot better.  He was a quick learner.  It was not long before I was moaning and then shooting my load.  I will admit, Rob surprised me and swallowed everything I shot into his mouth.

We laid back ready for sleep when Rob asked “So when do we get to fuck?”  I answered “Really?  You want more?”  Rob was a horny guy.  He moved around between my legs and lifted them up. His cock was rock hard as he found the entrance to my ass and inserted his cock.  I screamed out “God that is big.”  He stopped then began again.  Finally after a few tries, he was fucking me as hard as he could. 

I kept saying “Damn” as he pounded away, until he yelled “I am cumming.”  He kept pumping then he collapsed on top of me.  He rolled over me and laid next to me.  “That was great.  Just great.”  Our hands found each other and we feel asleep holding hands.

We laid there and slept until sunrise.  

Monday, March 16, 2015

Fishing Getaway - Part 1

Fishing Getaway

Part 1 of 3

Story by Jay

Inspired by Jim

I had planned this vacation for a year.  I had dreamed of being in a secluded spot where I could go naked and even swim and fish in the nude.  I had talked about it for the last year.  One friend of mine told me he thought it sounded like a great vacation and that he would love to go.  He knew I was gay and he was straight, or so I thought.  I agreed to have him go with me.  Rob was looking forward to being naked and free to roam the area.  Even thought I had been friends with Rob since high school, I never saw him naked or he never saw me naked.  But I respected him and was looking forward to the trip.

I reminded him that it is a nude getaway, and he said that still sounded great.  So we started to plan what we would do and bring for the trip.

The day came for us to depart.  We board a plane that would fly us into the area. Drop us and our gear off, and return a week later to pick us up.

It was a beautiful day.  We watched the plane take off.  We decided to make a campground near the lake.  As we walked to the lake, we heard sounds off into the brush.  We decided to stalk the noise and see what animal was making the noise.  Rob was the first to spot them.  It was two guys fucking in the woods.  We hid and watched they go at it like two bunnies.  Rob had never saw two guys fucking so he was interested in watching this spectacle. 

We watch as the one guy getting fucked, started to jack off his cock.  It did not take long before he shot his load.  Rob whispered, “Cool.”  The other guy pulled out his cock and masturbated until he shot his load into the bushes.  Rob whispered “Really cool.”

We backed up and returned to walking to the lake.  We were not sure where these two guys were camping but there was a lot of area and we were told there might be others guys here. 

Rob kept talking about watching the two guys fuck. He seemed to enjoy seeing them do it and he was not turned off.  I knew this was going to be a great week.

We pitched our tent and Rob was the first to say “Let’s fish.”  He stripped down to just his shoes and grabbed his fishing pole and went to the lake.  I undressed and joined him.  It was an awesome feeling to be naked and fishing which are two of my greatest loves.  I did a quick peek at Rob’s naked body.  He was built pretty good.  Now I knew it was going to be a great week.