Thursday, May 31, 2012

"My Gift" - Part 4


A Story by CATMAN

PART 4 of 5 

Steve lingered in the water for a few minutes and finally got out of the pool to stretch out on a lounge chair in the shade.  I made a pitcher of margaritas, delivered one to Steve and poured one for myself.  By the time we finished off the entire pitcher, we both were really relaxed and dinner was ready.

We ate at a table by the pool.  We were dining "al fresco" in the nude.   I had fixed all of Steve's favorite foods and I think he was impressed.  Somewhere between the shrimp salad and the lobster tails, Steve seemed eager to ask dozens of question about my revelation that I was gay. 

I did my best to candidly answer all of his questions:  "Yes, I knew I was gay at 13 years old....Women are alright but I don't want to have sex with them...No, I've only been with a few men, not very many...No, I wouldn't have sex with just anyone who has a dick...Because I'm very picky about the type of guys I am attracted to...Yes, I am happy being gay...I sucked your dick because I thought you would like it and I wanted to make this day special for you....No, cock sucking isn't yucky!  I like doing it.....Cum?  I don't know, it's hard to describe what it tastes like....Yes, I am attracted to you."

As he finished cleaning his plate, I brought out the small birthday cake and a bottle of champagne.  I saw tears well up in Steve's eyes.  He completely surprised me when he leaned across the table and kissed me on the lips.  "Wow, thanks buddy!  Let me blow out these candles and make my wish."
The sun had already set and it was starting to get a little chili.  We decided the cake could wait till later, but took the champagne and glasses and retreated to Steve's giant bedroom suite.   His bedroom, the sitting area and bathroom were actually larger than my entire small apartment. 

"Between the sweat and suntan oil, I need to shower.  Why don't you join me?"  Of course, I jumped at the opportunity.  As I was soaping up his back, Steve said,  "I've never given it any thought before, but I guess if I was gay, you would probably be my type too."  After a pause, he continued "That was really fantastic when you sucked my dick out at the pool.   I wouldn't mind if you did that again."

With his cock fully erect, he turned toward me, as I was dropping to my knees.
I didn't have to do very much work.  Steve began thrusting his cock into my mouth.  He had just got off with me a few hours ago, but seemed to be anxious and horny again.   

As much as I loved all of the oral action, after several minutes I stopped.  I looked up at Steve and said, "Sucking dick isn't my only gay talent that you might like.  Let's dry off and take this to your bed."

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"My Gift" - Part 3


PART 3 of 5


I took a deep breath, walked quickly out to the pool and dove into the water.  The sound from my splash woke Steve from his nap.  He sat up and looked around as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.  After several seconds, he walked over and dropped into the pool.

"Happy Birthday, Steve!  I have a great dinner planned for us.  Jeez, I hope you don't mind but the pool looked so inviting, I just had to jump in.  How's your day been going so far?"

"So far, it's just another day.  I got up early and went to the gym for a work-out.  Chad Mitchell was there and he said the funniest thing to me in front of other guys in the shower.  He asked why I was there without my boyfriend!   I guess he thinks that you and I are a "gay" couple.  He said that we look "cute" together."

As we were treading water, I saw my opening and said, "Actually, he was half right.    I'm gay."

Steve laughed really loud and began to splash me with water, "Yeah right!  If you're gay, I'm Chinese!

"Steve, I'm not joking.  I thought it was time to tell you the truth.  So, is all of this freaking you out?"

Steve didn't say anything for a minute which got me a little nervous.  Finally, he spoke,  "Yeah....I guess if it is true, I'm okay with that.  After all, you are the best friend I have ever had.  It's just hard for me to believe."

We both had drifted to shallower water in the pool when I decided to make my move.   I said, "Maybe I can convince you.  Steve, hop onto the side of the pool.  I want to give you my first birthday gift." 

Standing in the shallow water, I spread his thighs and began to suck his dick.  Almost immediately, he was totally erect.  Every fantasy that I ever had about him was being fulfilled.   It didn't take five minutes till he erupted and unloaded in my mouth.

Everything was working out perfectly.  I just sucked-off my best friend!  For two years, I had dreamed about having his cock in my mouth.  I totally forgot all about my personal problems. 

As he was recovering from this orgasm, he finally said "Geez!  I guess you are gay.  That was pretty fucking fantastic!!! ....Suddenly, I don't miss Jessica at all, but I'm fucking starving, when do we eat?"

I climbed out of the pool with my hard dick pointing at the sky.   I turned and looked at Steve.  "Now that you are finally legal, let's start with cocktails.  Why don't you hang out here.  I can have your birthday dinner ready in an hour.  You really don't have to bother to dress, because I don't plan to!  Let's just keep this casual.   After dinner, I've planned another way we can really celebrate!"

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"My Gift" - Part 2


PART 2 of 5


 I asked Steve if he had any birthday plans.  He told me that his folks were vacationing in the South of France and it would be a belated birthday celebration with them when they returned home.  Jessica had taken a job in New York interning with a fashion designer and wouldn't be in town either.   He seemed to be a little depressed, but I was elated that I would have Steve all to myself.  I told Steve not to make any plans because I wanted to give him a special "private" little party. 

I blew my entire food budget for the week on this party.  Then the very morning of his birthday, I got the news that the company, I was working for, was downsizing and I was being laid-off.  I was pretty much fucked  but not in a good way.

I put on a brave face and arrived at Steve's house in the mid-afternoon.   One of the housekeepers, as she was leaving, let me in and said, "Master Steven is lounging at the pool."   Sure enough, after I drug grocery bags to the kitchen, I spotted him laying poolside.
He was sound asleep, laying face down on a lounge chair.  My dick started to go hard as I stood there in the house watching him.  I thought about all of the other times, I had seen him naked.   Like, when I would walk past his open bedroom door and see him naked in his bed.
Aside from the gym locker room and showers, there had been several times when we had been naked together.  I especially remember one day when I was showering at his house.   He had a giant shower stall in his bathroom that had multiple shower heads.  While I was soaping up, he walked in to the bathroom naked and said, "Dude, I need to shower too!"   After just a few minutes close together under the water, I started to get an erection.  Steve had the same problem!
Nothing ever happened that day.  We washed each other's backs!  That was it!   Neither of us made the first move!  Just so it wouldn't be a really awkward situation, i said, "Geez dude, I can't believe I threw a boner in front of you!  Sorry, 'bout that!".  His response was a very lame, "Umm...yeah, me too!".  It wasn't as if we hadn't seen each other wet and naked.  It had happened many times at the gym.  Just not with hard-ons!
Being naked around each other became almost routine.  On numerous occasions, we swam naked in his pool or shared the outdoor jetted Jacuzzi spa just outside of his bedroom door on the deck.  Our comfort level didn't exceed my sexual infatuation with my best buddy.
While I totally appreciated Steve's very fit manly physic, It wasn't always easy to keep my erections under wraps.   I thought all about how to give him my birthday gift.  He actually was making it easy for me because he was already naked.  After all, he was laying there in his "Birthday Suit"!

I put the dinner preparations on hold, stripped naked and walked out to the pool.

Monday, May 28, 2012

"My Gift" - Part 1



Part 1 of 5
I layed in my bed for several nights thinking about my dilemma:  When you have very little funds, what do you give your very best friend for his birthday?   Steve came from one of the richest and most affluent families in our town.  I couldn't think of anything that he didn't already have.  Anything that he wanted, he could afford to buy.

Damn, I will never forget the very first time I saw Steve in the locker room at the gym!  He was a new member.  At the time, I had a lot more money to spend on things like a "Gym Membership".   We ended up finishing our workouts, just about the same time as four other guys.   We all shared the small communal locker room.

I did my very best to not totally stare at his hot body or crotch.  It's really funny that I remember that particular day, but can't totally recollect how the two of us ended up as friends. I guess it began because we worked out at about the same time and on the same days.  It wasn't totally by accident.  I figured out his workout schedule and mirrored it. 

From the first time I saw him, I was totally in love!   Everything about him was so fucking hot!   He had a smoking hot body!

We started to establish a dialog with each other.  Sometimes, in the locker room and at other times in the showers.  Despite our shared passion to be really fit, we couldn't have been more opposites.  Steve lived in a wing of his family's enormous mansion on the edge of town.  I was struggling to pay the monthly rent on my little efficiency apartment.    

Through multiple conversations, we learned that we had similar interests outside of the gym.  Unfortunately, they all had to do with sports, music, movies and food.  Steve constantly referred to "Jennifer", who I assumed was his girlfriend.   When Jennifer wasn't around, Steve and I began to hang out together. 

It wasn't easy for me to hide the giant crush I had on him.  He didn't make it easy on me.  There were nights when I would stay over at his place.   Sometimes in the morning, I would catch Steve in his pajama bottoms displaying his morning wood.
Steve came to my place a few times but mostly we spent time at his house.  I think he liked the fact that I was just an ordinary guy.  I liked his company, and I think it was mutual.   The one thing that was difficult for me to share with him was that I was "gay".  

When my 21st birthday rolled around, it was at the same time that my old used car broke down.  I walked outside to find a brand new car in my driveway, courtesy of Steve.  For him, the price of a new car was just "pocket change".  Two months later, how could I ever match that gift as he was turning my age.

Suddenly, it came to me.  The biggest gift I could give to him was:   ME!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Greatest Spectacle in Racing

The Greatest Spectacle in Racing

Story by Jay
“Come on.  Let’s go.”  I yelled.  My friend said, “What is the hurry.  Just sit in the car, I will be there in a sec.”  I ran to the car and sat in the front passenger seat.  I was so excited I was going to the Indy 500, the Greatest Spectacle in Racing.  Also I called it the Greatest Spectacle in Cock.

My friend jumped into the car, started the engine, and off we went.  I thought of last year race.  I remember that we had seats in turn 4 near H stand.  It had a great view, but I was going to find out it would be a fantastic view. 

We were there early watch all the festivities, the parade of floats, the marching bands, the celebrities.  The seat next to me was empty.  I wondered who would be sitting there.  He arrived shortly before the start of the race.  The music started and I heard the singer sing, “Back Home in Indiana”.  I glance over to the guy next to me.  Our eyes met.  They were beautiful eyes.  I was in a trance.  I could not stop looking.

The song ended and the roar of the crowd brought me back to the race.  My heart was beating fast.  I glanced over and he smiled.  I wanted to say something to him, but there was no way we could talk over the noise from the cheering crowd.  

The race started and all eyes were on the race cars as they travelled around the track.  I glanced over to the guy sitting next to me.  He lifted his tee shirt and I saw his rock hard cock sticking above the waist band of his Calvin Klein briefs.  It had a beautiful mushroom head.  The tip of his cock glistened with precum.  My knees buckled under the sight of his hard erect cock. 

I reach down and rearranged my cock, which was hard and I lifted my tee shirt to show off my cock.   I watch his gorgeous eyes look down at my cock.  His eyes grew in size.  He licked his lips and kept staring. 

He rearranged his cock and had it stick out of his pocket.  Nothing could stop me.  I reached down and grabbed it.  His blue eyes sparkled as I stroke his cock. 

He leaned over and yelled over the roar of the crowd to follow him.  He led the way and I found us under the grandstand.  It was deserted and he quickly started to suck my cock.  I got into the action as we assumed a 69 position. 
The roar of the crowd was intoxicating.  We both came after only a few minutes of sucking.  We headed back to the grandstand and watched the end of the race.  Before he left he yelled in my ear to call him.  He yelled his phone number but I could not hear above the crowd.  He left before I could get it. 

It was a great memory of last year race.  I wondered if he would be there again.  This time I was going to get his phone number.  I made sure we obtained the same seats as last year.  As we arrived at the500 Race Track, I started to look for him.  I wanted him to be there.  We found our seats and the one next to me was empty.  Here we were back in turn 4 near H stand.  The music started and I heard the singer sing, “Back Home in Indiana”.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that someone was taking the set next to me.  I glance over to the guy next to me.

It was him.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sound of the Tracks

Sound of the Tracks

A Story by Jay

I loved traveling by train.  I used to ride the rails with my parents when we would go on family vacation.  I loved the sound of the tracts.  It was a neat feeling, but as I grew older, I found the riding by coach was noisy and uncomfortable.  I preferred to ride in a private room.

This time, I could not book a room, so I was stuck in coach.  The train was exceptionally busy.  I headed to the dining car and stood at the entrance amazed at how crowded it was.   I spotted only one table that had an empty seat.   I walked up to the gentleman sitting alone at the table.  I said, “Excuse me.  Do you mind if I share this table with you?”

As he looked up at me, I heart skipped a beat.  He was gorgeous.  He smiled and said, “Be my guest.”  I sat down and immediately the waiter came over.  I order the special of the day.  I introduced myself, “My name is Troy.”  We shook hands.  “My name is Trevor.”

We made small talk until my food was served.  We finished our meal and got up to leave.  He asked me “Which car are you in?”  I answered, “I am riding coach in the next car.  I booked too late and all the rooms are taken.”   

He replied, “Having a room is the only way to go.  I got one of the last ones.  You are welcomed to use the spare bed?”  I jumped at the offer.  I grabbed my bags and followed him to his room. 

We sat on the two comfortable chairs and looked out the window at the passing scenery.  Before long, Troy said he was going to bed.  We pulled down the two bunk beds.  He stripped down to his underwear.  He had an awesome body.  His briefs were hugging his cock and balls.  He laid on top of the covers on the lower bunk.
I undressed down to my briefs.  My body was not as muscular as Troy’s but it was not shabby either.  I positioned my foot on the lower bunk to climb up to the upper bunk.  A hand grabbed hold of my leg.  I stepped down and Troy reached over to hand and pulled me towards him. 

I laid next to him.  I looked deep into his eyes.  His lips pressed against mine.  I closed my eyes as we kissed.  The sound of the tracks was music to my ears.  Every so often we passed a street light which briefly lite up the room.   We stripped out of our briefs.  Both of our cocks were erect.  I held on to his cock and he did the same with mine.

We stroked our cocks until we came.  Our cum covered both our bodies.  He reached over to his underwear and wiped us clean.  He kissed me on the lips and said, “Nite.”  I laid there in his arms listening to the sounds of the track.

I was awaken by the sunlight streaming through the windows.  The sound of the tracts played on.  I opened my eyes and saw Troy lying next to me.  I admired his body especially his hard cock.  He was still asleep.  I placed my head on his chest.  He moved.  His arms encircled me and he held me tight. 

I stared at his cock and watched as a drop of precum appeared at the tip of his cock.  I reached down with my hand and wiped it from his cock.  I licked my finger and went back for more.  I used my fingertips to stroke along his shaft.  With every sweep of my hand, his cock twitched and grew larger. 

I hear Troy mumbled, “Morning.”  He kissed me on the top of my head.  I moved my head upwards and our lips met.   I moved down his body kissing his neck, chest, and stomach and finally reaching his cock.  Troy reserved himself on the bunk bed and quickly took my cock into his mouth.  I did the same with him cock.  We both sucked away.  We kept in sync with the sound of the tracts.  But it did not take long before we both came. 

Troy reversed himself and held me once again.  We kissed.  The sound of the tracks lulled us to sleep.

When we pulled into the station, we were refreshed.  We exchanged phone number and promised to visit each other again.     

Friday, May 25, 2012

Waking Up

Waking Up

A story by  X?

Adapted and translated from French by JC

Jeremy slowly wakes up in his bed the following morning and discovers a nude body asleep near him.  He is surprised but he quickly remembers this is the guy he’s putting up for the night; he is the friend of a friend who asked him if he could find him a room for a couple of nights. Finally, instead of a room, it has become a bed to share and pleasure to share, too!

«This guy,» Jeremy wonders, «it’s been so cool with him.» He looks at the sleeping blondie and in the half darkness of the room he notices a big bulge that tents the bed sheet.  He pulls it back and can see a beautiful dick and heavy balls that have had enough time to get filled up again since yesterday night.

« Fuck ! He’s got a hard-on while sleeping… ummmh!» Jeremy says to himself, «I want him.» Indeed there’s one thing he knows he can’t resist:  it’s a hard dick begging to be serviced. But before he even turns towards the sleeping man, the door opens softly.

«Am I disturbing, Jeremy? You’re awake?»

«No, come in.»

«Fuck, what’s this?» the  newcomer stutters, seeing two almost naked bodies on the bed. He is Chad, Jeremy’s best friend, with whom he shares the flat. They’ve got their own room, but they are very, very close at times.  This is what buddies are for…

«Hello, Chad! Who is this guy? I told you he would stay here two days. He arrived yesterday night. His name’s Ronnie, the friend of a friend. I’m simply trying to help him out.
«Help him out..!  You did help him out, I see.»

« You don’t know how gifted he is for sucking… like a god!… Look! He’s so hard…I’d like to jerk him off right now!  It’s going to be fun.»

«I’d rather you wanked me. It’s the nicest way to start the day. But if you wish to show me how you do with him, I’ll like to watch and take a lesson. Besides your little blondie’s quite cute.»

No need to say more. Jeremy pushes the bed sheet back, and then lies against Ronnie so as to place his own dick between the naked bums, and, reaching out, he begins caressing the cock and the balls. Still asleep, blondie doesn’t know what’s happening but he slowly wakes up. He moans softly and he turns around, flat on his back, opening his legs. Still half asleep he places a hand on Jeremy’s thigh and caresses it slowly.

Chad is turned on. It  doesn’t take him long to drop his pair of blue shorts,  showing his dick and begin playing with it, while looking at his buddy teasing Ronnie’s hard  dick,  proudly sticking out of  a blond tuft of pubes.

Ronnie, still half drowsing, breathes harder and harder as Jeremy jerks his dick. He‘d like to have this beautiful  hard  cock in his mouth, but he  contains himself, thinking his mate might dislike seeing him sucking another guy or that this guy might hate being sucked in front of a third person… While pumping the blonde’s gorgeous hard dick, Jeremy slips his other hand inside the guy’s thighs and pushing a bit, reaches the butthole. Ronnie seems to enjoy this because his shaft gets harder and stiffer, the purple cockhead full of precum.

Jeremy then starts taking care of his friend’s balls. He sweetly takes each one in his hand, feels the soft blond fur, caresses this nice sack full of love juice. The balls swing, slap and bounce in rhythm with the stroking and now Jeremy can’t stand it anymore: he winks at Chad, sticks out his tongue and starts licking each ball, just for the fun of it. He buries his nose in the pubes… the air rich with man scent, the musky smell of a hot guy…  His mouth is so near the beautiful hard dick with a shining cockhead, Jeremy can no longer resist and forbid himself such tasty pleasure. His tongue finds the head hard and hot, and when his lips come even nearer, the cock seems to thrust up to meet them, begging for immediate pleasure. The hot piece of meat lives and pulses between his lips.

But Jeremy is a good sucker who how to make it last and last. And this very morning,  he wants to make it last, first because he enjoys having a hard cock in his mouth, second because  he wants to increase his buddy’s excitement  and get him to pleasure himself and shoot his cum even before little Ronnie does.

Looking at Chad he sees him jerking his dick fast and hard, while he’s keeping an eye on  his buddy sucking the blond lad.  His hand goes up and down the shaft, the foreskin hiding the purple head, then exposing it, glistening with precum. Chad seems to be fascinated by the mouth and the half open lips that lick and suck the third guy. It’s almost as if he was sucking, as if he felt the big, hard member throbbing in his own mouth.

Jeremy knows the signs announcing Chad is about to cum.  Buddies do know each other well, don’t they? He hears Chad moaning with pleasure, his body tenses and twitches as he jacks off.

Jeremy then thinks it’d be great if both came at the same time. He increases the tempo on the blond lad to drive both boys to the same state of excitement and bliss; and to make it even quicker he slips his hand under the buttocks and brushes his asshole. Not quite fully awake yet, little Ronnie is about to cum. At the same moment, Chad can’t hold any more. He growls like an animal, showing his rising pleasure; his body tenses and jerks from side to side, he begins cumming, emptying his balls with three or four creamy spurts. Jeremy hardly realizes he’s getting a part of the hot shower on his chest, as his attention is attracted by his little blondie whose body begins twitching in his turn and who cums with a loud moan. Jeremy feels the balls explode and the cum shooting up the shaft… He gets the wave full force, right in the face, from forehead down to chin and the gooey cum drips down in creamy beads.

He passes his tongue on his lips not to lose a drop of the delicious man cum come. Jeremy keeps sucking his Ronnie until his cock finally goes soft.

« Wow!», this is all  blond Ronnie is able to say. Finally, fully awake by now, he adds « Fuck, this is the best way to wake up…»

His head falls back on the pillow and he looks at Jeremy.

«You mates, you sure know how to do it,» Chad says, cleaning himself with a towel Jeremy has just given him.
Blond Ronny also watches Chad, his cock half flaccid hanging between his legs and the blue shorts around the ankles.

«Well, let me introduce you,» says Jeremy in a jocularly formal voice . «This is Chad, my buddy…. Well, you could go and have a shower if you want and Chad will take care of my hard-on before we have breakfast.»

At the very instant, Chad knows what he is going to have for his own breakfast…

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Club Night with Danny - Part 3



Part 3 of 3

A very naked Andy grasped my hand and gave it a vigorous shake, "So nice to finally meet you!  If everything Danny has told me about you is true, I think you will fit right in here with the group tonight!  I think you are about the last to arrive, so go get ready and join us in the party room."

Danny led me away from the entry hall to another room where large paper grocery bags were laid out.  He handed me one and instructed me to put my clothes in it.  Once we were both naked we ventured to the back of the house to a "great room-kitchen" area.

I looked around and saw about 18 really hot naked guys.  If it wasn't for the fact that we were nude, it would have been like any other house party.  All of the guys were all standing around in casual conversations holding cocktails.  When I got one from the bar, I was introduced to Ryan, Andy’s hot little naked house boy who was the bartender.

Danny took me around the room and introduced me to the other members.  Everyone was very friendly.  To me, it was really surreal!   As I was having very normal conversations about the most mundane subjects, some of the members would reach out and grope me!  I was talking to one really hot guy who told me that he was a real estate agent.  The whole time that he was bitching about the lousy state of the 'housing market', he was playing with my balls.  Another guy stood at my side and talked about a problem he was having with his Mother's health problems, as he fingered my ass.

As the entertainment began, I took a seat to watch.  I guess with people milling around, I hadn't noticed the furniture was arranged to leave a big open space in the middle of the room.

Andy brought out his entertainment talent.  It was two hot big dicked strippers!  it was pretty lame when they danced around naked for a few minutes.  Fanning out to the members, they moved from one to another, to give lap dances.  When they finally moved back to the center of the room, Andy brought out a double headed dildo.  He worked it into one ass, and the other guy impaled himself on the other end.  They fucked each other with that toy.

I looked around the room and saw that everyone was both hard and stroking, or stroking someone else.   The hot blond guy next to me reached out and started to work my cock!  I returned the favor!

Now that the "entertainment" was over, everyone piled into the middle of the room.  At first, I was:  touched, fondled, groped, licked, sucked, kissed, rimmed and fingered by just about everyone in the room.
I guess, that could be considered as "group foreplay"!  Along with the houseboy and the other "guests", I felt like I was getting some special attention.

Almost on cue, all of the action got much more serious.  I was laying on my back and someone raised my legs into the air.  My ass was seriously lubed by one of the members who shoved his dick deep inside of me.  While I sucked on a monster cock, I was being blown by another of the members.  I lost track of the number of members who took turns stuffing my hole and mouth.  My cock was sucked and ridden by several guys.

I looked around and saw that everyone in the room was engaged in some kind of sexual activity.  My friend, Danny was screwing the houseboy.  He pulled out and led the boy to me.  Ryan sat on my dick and began to ride me!  He jerked himself at the same time until he came all over my stomach and chest.  Immediately, there were members willing to clean me and lap up his cum with their tongues.

I shot off my load up his hot little ass, just as one filled my mouth and another added to my aching ass.  Danny, being the giant pervert, felched the several loads from my hole and fed it into Ryan mouth.

I was glad, when the evening wound down.  I was exhausted, but very satisfied.  Danny and I dressed and he drove me home.  When we got to my driveway, Danny asked, "So what did you think about tonight?"

I laughed, "So, when is the next "club night" and can I be the entertainment?"

Danny smiled and said, "I think that can be arranged!"

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Club Night with Danny - Part 2



Part 2 of 3

I had no idea how to dress for a sex party.  I just dressed casually, plus I wore my favorite leather cock strap.  I was ready and waiting for Danny when he arrived at 9 pm.

Heading to our destination in his car, I had dozens of questions.  In my bed, I am normally very spontaneous.  With an unknown situation facing me, I really needed to know what I had gotten myself into.

Danny was able to explain everything to me:

"About a year ago, I started this club with one of my friends.  We have twenty members and I have personally auditioned every one of them for membership.  All of the guys are very fit gym fanatics, just like you and me.  Our oldest member is Andy, who, as the "host" tonight, is 33.  We get together twice a month.  The members take turns hosting the parties, but we all chip in to pay for them.  It's all about group sex!"

"We're all just really horny guys who are obsessed with sex and not ready to be tied down with a monogamous relationship!  You know what I mean.  I think we are on the same page about sex.  I want to do as many guys as possible.  If we do it together a lot, like you and me. doesn't mean we are in a committed relationship."

"Most of our parties are indoors in homes, but we've done some of them at pools, in the woods, at a public park, the beach, and once on a chartered houseboat on the lake.   Not everyone can show up each time, but we manage to get between 12 to 15 members for each party.  Our members can either come "solo" or bring a guest.  The guests are great because we end up with some 'fresh meat' to play with.  Two of our newest members are a set of really kinky twins

"One of the rules is that a guest must be passed around for everyone to enjoy.  So, I hope you are ready for a lot of action tonight!  I know that one of the extra people tonight will be Andy's cute little naked 'house-boy', Ryan."

"I expect that Andy will throw a very constructed party.  That means:  it will begin with a "social" hour, then "entertainment" which will incite everyone to get involved in a giant orgy.  But whatever happens, just go with the flow and have a good time!"

Minutes later, we arrived and were met at the door by our very hunky host!   I was still very nervous and, at the same time, excited to be attending my first sex party on "Club Night".

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Club Night with Danny - Part 1



Part 1 of 3

I have "friends with benefits".  In other words, I have a few fuck buddies.  Yep, we just get together occasionally for SEX!  It's just about the sex.   No relationships here!   No romance!   With no strings attached, our hook-ups are solely for hot gay sex.
My favorite partner is Danny.  He's really fucking crazy and is horny 24 hours a day!  He's totally obsessed with his dick and ass and how to use them.  (I just read an article today in "Esquire Magazine" that said, "Men think about sex nineteen times a day".  I think Danny thinks about sex every 19 seconds!  Actually, I think I do too!)

I met Danny in the most peculiar way.  I was out for a walk in my neighborhood one day.  A car that was driven by a shirtless guy passed me three times.  On the third pass, he slowed down, honked and waved.  He pulled to the curb ahead of me.  When I got next to his car, he stuck his head out and said, "Damn, you're fucking hot!  Get in and I'll show you a good time!"

I glanced into his car and saw that he wasn't just shirtless, he was totally naked!  He had his hard cock in his hand and it was a monster!
I ran around to the passenger side and jumped in.  As he drove around town, I alternated between stroking and sucking his big dick.  I don't know how he was able to keep from wrecking that car.   After nearly an hour of edging him, we ended up at my apartment where he fucked my brains out!

We were a perfect match.  He is the only guy I have ever met who could come close to my sexual libido. Danny and I should be diagnosed as "sex addicts"!  He would come by my house at least once a week.   Sometimes, I would “top", but at other times it was all about him.  There didn't seem to be any limits to how kinky we could get with each other.  I did some things with Danny that was totally outside of my comfort zone.

Then, one day I sent him a text message on his phone:  "Horny?  I am!  My place 2nite?"

Minutes later I got a call that was left on my voice mail, "Sorry dude! It's Club Night!  Hey, why don't you join us as my guest?  You probably would fit right in with our group.  Gotta run!  I'll tell you about it tonight at 9 pm when I pick you up!"

I really didn't have a fucking clue what he was talking about.  "Club Night"?  When he arrived that night, he told me all about the Club Night parties.

It was a "sex" party!  It sounded like a lot of fun!

Monday, May 21, 2012

OFF THE MAT - Part 3



Part 3 of 3

Chad fell asleep almost immediately.  I laid in my own bed thinking about everything that had transpired this night.  Obviously, our friendship had just moved to a whole different level.   I replayed it, over and over, in my head till I fell asleep too.

The following day, as I watched him wrestle in his next match, I thought about his words.  It appeared that Chad and his brothers, under the guise of just wrestling, had engaged in some incestuous interaction.  I was curious as to exactly how far it had gotten between them.  I was pretty sure that it would be a delicate thing to bring up.  Maybe, last night was just a little "hiccup" in our friendship and would never happen again.

I cheered loudly after he beat his opponent.  His victory gave our school's team the tournament championship.  While our teammates celebrated, Chad and I headed back to our hotel room.

This time when Chad showered, he didn't bother to cover himself with his damp towel.  He just stretched out naked on his bed.  We watched a little TV together and at bedtime, I stripped down to get it bed. 

Before turning out the light, I finally worked up the nerve to ask, "Do you think we should talk about last night?"

"Only if you really think that we need to.  I was pretty comfortable with everything that happened.  There was one thing in particular that you did that I really enjoyed.  It was when you licked my ass!  I wouldn't mind if you did that again."

It sounded like an invitation to me, so I got on his bed, lifted his legs and began to give him my best rim job.
This time I really worked his hole with my tongue.  He squirmed, giggled and moaned like a little girl.  "Damn, I've never felt anything like that before!  It sure beats just having my brothers shove their dicks up my butt"!

As I continued to pleasure him, he suggested that I replace my tongue with my dick.  My saliva had thoroughly lubricated him and I was able to slip right in.   Fucking my teammate was the ultimate experience.  I am really confident that it was good for both of us because he came all over his face.

I seeded him deep up his ass with my sperm.

My "happily-ever-after" dream ended with the weekend.   Yep, I got cut from the squad and lost my scholarship.  Chad said that he had enjoyed the weekend, but I would be too much of a distraction.

I left school and went home to finish my education at a local community college.  

That is where I met the next "man of my dreams".  Five years later, we are in a special: "Fairy-tail relationship"!  I have to admit that when we sometimes get extra frisky in bed and toss each other around, I think about Chad.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

OFF THE MAT _ Part 2

A Story by CATMAN

Part 2 of 3

I just stood there like a dummy, not knowing what to do.  When Chad asked me if there was anything wrong, I thought to myself, Is this guy fucking blind?  My dick is starting to tent the front of my towel!

I mustered up the courage and admitted to him, "Chad, sometimes I get a little aroused during all of this wrestling stuff."  I took a deep breath and actually said it, "I guess it's because, I am gay!"

He just looked at me with a really blank expression and said, "So, what's the big deal?  Hell, back in high school, I actually got a boner once as I was pinning a guy."

He continued..."I know everything, that I know now about wrestling, thanks to my older brothers.  They taught me all about Roman-Greco wrestling from the first Olympic competitions.  The three of us would oil up our naked bodies and grapple just like the ancient Olympians.  That's where I got some of my holds and techniques.  My brothers told me that if an athlete got an erection, it was a sign of his virility and strength..  After rubbing against each other, the three of us were always totally hard.  If you think you are embarrassed right now, just imagine the time that I came all over one of my brothers."

If he thought his little story was helping me, he was totally wrong.  His homo-erotic story about his naked and erect brothers actually got me very excited.   My towel fell off revealing my totally erect dick which was pointing at the ceiling.

Chad only said, "Okay, so you have a hard-on.  Big deal!  Get up here on the bed and we will get started."

He demonstrated the first move and pinned me without any effort.  It was probably because I had no idea which of his body parts I should wrestle with.  That didn't stop Chad as he wrapped a hand down passed my ass and thrust me into the mattress with his hand on my hard dick to show another move.

As he ground my body into the mattress, he went for the submission by mounting my body.  I suddenly felt exactly what I had been waiting for.  I wanted to see it, but I felt it first.  He was hard and it was pressing against me.
He wasn't the least bit embarrassed but made mention of it.  "See what I mean?  The same thing would happen when I wrestled with my brothers.  Let me show you another move."

He took his time getting off of me.  This time, he easily flipped me onto my back but before he could mount me again, I maneuvered around so that we actually were in a 69 position.  His ass was planted over my face and his head was at my crotch.
I was so distracted. that I totally forgot that this was only a wrestling lesson.  I began to lick his crack and hole.   Chad immediately started to moan very loudly and I took it as a signal to continue.  I eased up under him a little more and bathed his balls with my tongue before taking his still hard cock in my mouth.  I didn't have to do much because he began to slowly fuck my mouth with his dick.

I could feel his hot breath on my still erect cock, and he surprised me by wrapping his lips around it.  For a straight dude, he actually gave a really good blow-job.  I was so turned on that I had to warn him that I was getting close.  He finished me off with his hand and rewarded me with a mouthful of his hot cum.

When he rolled off of me, he shocked me when he said, “That sure brings back memories of my younger days with my brother!."