Wednesday, October 28, 2015

whkattk has left a new comment on your post "First Day at Gym - Part 2":

whkattk has left a new comment on your post "First Day at Gym - Part 2":

Lovely story! 

A guy at a family gym grabbed my cock in the jacuzzi spa one Sat morning...  I was surprised but I did not stop him. 

I let him jack me a while. I sat back and enjoyed his hand.  

Then I played with his cock for a little bit.  He had a nice sized cock.  After a while, he asked me if I would join him in the showers. 

We both climbed out of the jacuzzi with our cocks pointing straight ahead.    

We ended up jacking off in the showers. 

Outside, he invited me to his house for some fun - Had to turn him down due to several commitments. 

Damn shame we didn't trade phone numbers!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

First Day at Gym - Part 2

First Day at Gym

Part 2 of 2

Story By Jay

I walked out of the gym with a smile on my face.  My cock was still hard.  I just saw a guy undress just inches from me while in the locker room.  His naked butt was sweet.  He even had the hardest cock I ever saw.  I wondered if I would see him again.

I got to my car and unlocked the door.  I heard a voice say "Did you like what you saw?"

I turned and it was the guy from the locker room.  He was cute and my cock got hard all over again.  He asked "Can we sit and talk?"  I nodded yes.  He climbed into my car and saw in the passenger side.  His legs were spread apart.  I sat and stared.

We did not talk.  He looked around the parking lot and then reached over and unzipped my pants.  He pulled away my briefs and found my cock and set it free.  He whispered "You have a magnificent cock."  He started stroking my cock.

I reached over to free his cock from the confines of his pants.  It was larger than when we were in the locker room.  He was now stroking my cock.  He took a look around the parking lot and then went down on me.  I sat back as he sucked my cock.

It was too much and I let lose of my load.  He swallowed it and not a drop was wasted.  He sat back up and I imitated what he did to me.  His cock was enormous.  I listened to his breathing and sucked faster.  His load was big and it filled my mouth and I swallowed as much as I could but some overflowed and landed in his pubes.

I tried to lick him clean.  He looked around and pulled out a piece of paper.  He said "I have to run.  Call me."

I nodded yes.  I looked at the piece of paper and it had a telephone number.  He got out the car and disappeared in the parking lot.  I knew I was really going to love this place.      

Saturday, October 24, 2015

First Day at Gym - Part 1

First Day at Gym

Part 1 of 2

Story by Jay

I join the local gym.  I used to belong to a gym that was in a gay bath house.  The local gym was a family establishment.  My first day told me otherwise.

I got there after work.  It was not too busy and had a few guys.  I found an empty locker and sat on a stool.  I took off my shoes.  A guy went to his locker which was right across from me.  He dropped his pants and I was now staring at his butt.  He had on a pair of tight boxer briefs.  The guy was standing in front of me and I had a front row seat to view his fantastic ass.  He stripped down and I had the pleasure of seeing his bare ass.

It was a beautiful sight.  He bent over to place his clothes and shoes in the bottom of the locker.  Again I was going to see a wonderful sight.  His balls were hanging between his legs.  I was so close that I could reach over and touch them.   His cock was standing semi erect.  He reached and scratched his balls and tugged at his cock.  It grew in size.  I was so excited.  What a sight. 

He stood back up and stayed naked.  He turned and smiled at me.  I got undressed and stood there with a semi hard cock.  There was a long bench along the lockers against the back wall.  He went over to them and sat down.  His cock was fully hard.  He put on athletic socks.  I stood there now with a raging hard cock and stared at him with my mouth open.

He walked back to me and his cock swayed back and forth.  I wanted to reach over and touch his cock.  He got dressed and turned and walked out of the locker room.

I grabbed my stuff and got dressed.  I knew I was going to love this place.  

Friday, October 23, 2015

Comment from Scott

Comment from Scott

I was in Germany last year on a business trip, but I decided to stay on for a week for some sight seeing. One night I took the night train to Amsterdam. I had a spot in the sleeper car.

There are four bunks in the sleeper cars, and when I arrived there was a very nice looking man - probably around 60 - in my compartment. He was a nice guy and talkative, but it was getting late, so I figured we'd go right to sleep once the train left.

Usually, people on night trains sleep in their clothes or discretely take their pants off while in bed. Not this guy! He stripped down to his briefs right there in the middle of the compartment. He was very handsome and clearly had quite a large cock.

Well, I'd never had that happen before. Of course, I had to follow suit, so before you know it we were both standing their in our briefs. It was so much fun to take my pants off on a train and stand there in my white briefs.

By this time, I wasn't thinking about sleeping any more! We sat down on our respective bunks and talked about our travel plans. But then there was a knock at the door. Without any hesitation, the other guy got up and opened the door to the compartment. It was the conductor come to check tickets, and there we were wearing nothing but briefs!

I had to get my ticket out of my bag, and while I was doing that, the other guy talked to the conductor in German. He was probably in there with us for five minutes, and of course the door was wide open the whole time. Several people walked by and saw us standing their in our briefs. It felt like the whole train had seen me!

Once the conductor left, we talked some more, then went to sleep. I laid awake for a while - I couldn't believe what had just happened. That was one of my favorite briefs experiences.

Well, enough about me. Have you had any fun encounters lately?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Comment on "Sun Bathing"

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sun Bathing

Sun Bathing

Story by Jay

I love sun bathing.  The feel of the sun on my body just turns me on.  But it can get boring just laying there alone.

Once I was just soaking up the sun when I spotted a guy off in the distance coming my way.  I was bored so I needed some fun.  I reached into my shorts and pulled out my rock hard cock.  The guy came closer and finally spotted me.  I continued to jack off as he stared at me.  He pulled out his cock and stroked it in rhythm to mine.

I turned and acted like I just saw him.  I smiled.  He took one step towards me and started to strip down.

I was loving seeing him undress and come closer to me.  He had a nice uncut cock.  He was standing on the edge of my blanket.  I told him to join me.  His eyes were glued to my cock.  He got down on his knees and before I knew it, he was sucking my cock.

I moved around to get to his cock and we sucked each other's cock.  I loved uncut cocks and took it as deep as I could.  This was so exciting.  I could not control myself and shot my load.  He took it all and then started to face fuck me until he unload his load.

After taking every last drop, he laid on my blanket side to side naked enjoying the warm rays of sunshine.  

Friday, October 16, 2015

Preview - Sun Bathing

Preview - Sun Bathing

Story by Jay

What do you do when you are out hiking and run into someone sun bathing and jacking off?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Miley Cyrus Look Out

Miley Cyrus Look Out

By Jay

I don't think Miley Cyrus has any problem with this guy taking over but

"I came out in a Wrecking Ball."

Tuesday, October 6, 2015



Story by Jay

Inspired by Matt

I stood in front of the judge’s chambers with no clothes on.  My cock was standing straight out.  He was staring at me.  We were both quiet.  He spoke first.  “Now tell me how you got to be naked.”

My mouth was dry as cotton.  I tried to talk but nothing came out.  The judge said once again “Now I want you to tell me how you got to be naked.

I opened my mouth and finally words came out.  “A dental hygienist.”

I I looked down to the floor and continued to explain.  “He was a really cute, well-built guy.  He took me  back to the examination room for my exam.”  I hesitated for a bit then took a deep breath.  “As I sat in the chair and he was cleaning my mouth, my head was between his legs.

My cock twitched and grew harder.  “I sensed a little extra pressure from his legs and he moved a little closer.”  I now had a raging hard cock.  The judge said “Go on.”

I continued.  “I felt his crotch touching the top of my head.  I push my head slightly and felt a response from his crotch.  I then felt his hand on my shoulder and chest in a nice, sensitive touch that lasts a while and moves around.....”

I looked around the room.  It was only the judge and I.  He motioned with his hand for me to continue.  “He started to rub his crotch into my face.  I could now feel that his cock was hard.  He reached down unzipped my pants.  I don’t remember how but off went my pants and briefs.  All I had on was what you see on me right now.  This shirt and tie.” 
He judge let out a sigh and said “So how did you get arrested?” 

I looked down at my naked bottom half of my body.  My cock was extremely hard.  The judge was staring at it.  I continued with my story, “He adjusted the chair and I was sucking his cock as he was sucking mine.  He was rather big.  I mean really big.  And thick. ”

The judge adjusted sitting in his chair and said “OK.  I see you are enjoying this, but this is serious.”
I turned towards him and my cock pointed at the judge.  I pleaded “I know your honor.  But you have to understand, we were both enjoying sex.  He came first and was rather loud and I forgot where I was and let out a loud moan as I came.”

Then the receptionist came in and I jumped out of the chair and ran for the door.  The police stopped me out side, and then I realized I was naked from the waist down.”

The judge stared at my cock.  He pointed a finger at my cock and said “Is that thing going to stay hard?”

I nodded yes and said “It will go down after I cum.”  The judge motioned for me to come around to behind his desk.  I took a hand and wrapped his fingers around my balls and pulled me towards his mouth and started sucking me.  I was rather good at sucking and after a few minutes I felt that I was ready for me to cum.  I let loose with the biggest load of cum and the judge handled it all.

After I came, he reached into his drawer and pulled out a pair of pants.  He threw them at me and said “Put these on.  And please down run naked down the street anymore.”

I got dressed and said “Yes sir.”  I turned and went back to pick up my clothes. The dental hygienist was the only one in the office.  He gave me my clothes back and said “We never finished.”

I looked at him and thought “Here we go again.”   

Monday, October 5, 2015

Preview Arrested

Preview Arrested

Story by Jay 

Inspired by Matt

Arrested and up in front of the judge.  

What is the story that the judge will hear.  

Will he get off?

Story cumming tomorrow.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Cleaning Company

Cleaning Company

Story by Jay

I saw a cleaning company ad on CraigsList.  They said they cleaned crystal clear.  I hired them to clean my windows and storm doors.  The guy came out.  He seemed rather young but as long as the work was good, I did not care how old he was.  He showed me hisn company badge.  It stated he was 21.

I told him what I wanted and went to my kitchen to clean the morning dishes.

After a while I went to check up on him.  I found him in the back of the house cleaning the storm door.  He was buck naked.  I stared and loved what I saw.  He was slender with a soft cock.  He had shaved his pubes.

He saw me and asked if I liked his work.  I said I sure did.  He had the window sparkling clean.  I asked "Can I watch you work?"  He said "No problem."  As I watched him work, I noticed that his cock was growing in size.  When he was done, his cock was standing straight up.

He said a bill would be sent to me for the service.  I asked if I could give him a tip?"  He walked over to me and asked me to please do.  I got on my knees and started to suck that awesome cock of his.

He started to hump my face and I felt him grow larger.  Finally he came in my mouth.  It was a rather big load.  When every last drop was out of his cock, I stood up and he asked if there was any more work to do.  In my mind, I saw a list of items that he could do.

I smiled and said yes there are.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Funny Photo - Biker Love

Funny Photo - Biker Love

By Jay

I know some of you really love their motorcycle. but isn't this too much?