Monday, October 31, 2016

Trick or Treat - Part 2

Trick or Treat

Story by Jay

Part 2 OF 2

The lights came on and Bill looked around and saw a goblin.  He lifted his costume and Bill saw what was going to be his trick.  The goblin's cock was a beautiful piece of meat.

I wanted his cock in me and the goblin grabbed Bill and turned his ass around.  He rubbed lube on Bill's ass and inserted his cock.  Bill moan in delight.

Bill said "That feels so good."  The goblin plunged deeper and faster.  Bill said "Deeper.  Faster.  Deeper."  Bill's cock was super large.  The goblin were deeper and faster.

Bill was now moaning in delight.  The goblin changed positions and laid on the table while he fucked Bill's ass.Bill said "Don't stop."

The goblin's cock slipped out of Bill's ass.  Bill turned around and started to suck the Goblin's cock.  Bill still moaned while he sucked on the goblin's cock.

Bill kept sucking until the cock was ready for his ass once again.He pulled the goblin off the table and changed places with him.  The goblin rammed his hard cock into Bill's ass.

He fucked Bill with all the power he could.  Bill felt the goblin's cock stretching my ass hole with each ramming of the goblin's cock deep into Bill's ass.  The goblin cried out as he shot his load of cum into Bill's ass.  Bill jerked his cock until he came.

He laid on the table with his eyes closed.  When he opened them, the goblin was gone.

Bill got up and went into the bedroom and found me laying on the bed.  I asked Bill "Where you been all this time?  I was waiting for you."  Bill looked around and said "Trick or treat."

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Trick or Treat - Part 1

Trick or Treat

Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2

It was Halloween and Bill came over to celebrate with me.  We had a few drinks and then I said "We need to watch out for goblins."    Bill said "I do not believe in goblins."

I said "We need to have a treat or else we will get a trick from the goblins."  Bill said "well let's see what treat we have."  We both took off our briefs.  I had the bigger cock.  Bill had a great body with a beautiful cock.

Bill said "Well, where are the goblins?"  He turned around and I was gone.  He was all alone in the kitchen.  Bill said "Where are you?"

Friday, October 28, 2016



Story by Jay

My friend has a pet snake.  He loves to perform in front of me.  He strips down to his underwear and lets his pet snake roam all over his chest.

I sit back and watch as the snake explores my friend;s body.  It inches across his chest and Iimage my tongue exploring his nipples.

The snake's tail slowly moves across his underwear and runs his tail aqround his cock and balls.  This drives me wild.  I love seeing his snake crawling all over his chest while he strokes his cock.

My friend strips down and laid there naked with his cock all hard and erect.  He grabs his cock and strokes it.  His snakes continues exploring his chest.  I get undressed and stroke my all ready hard cock.

This was too much for me to watch.  I wanted to be the snake and crawl all over his body.  The snake wrapped himself around my friends chest.  I wanted to do that.

He kissed the snake and I wanted to do that.

The snake's tail flicked around my friend's cock.  I wanted to do that.  His cock was rock hard and erect.  I was so horny.

The snake rested on his chest.  I wanted to do that.  I was ready to explode.

My friend turned around and let his snake wrap around his body and rest it's tail down his ass crack.  Boy, did I want to do that.

I watched the snake moved down his ass crack and rub against my friend's balls and cock.  I could not take it any longer.  I wanted to do that.

Like me, my friend was ready to explode.  He laid on his back and asked me "Ready?"  I said yes.  We stroked our cocks faster and faster until  we both both came.  


Monday, October 24, 2016



Story by Jay

A friend of mine was coming over to visit me.  It was a hot day and he needed to cool off.  He said his place was hot and he needed relief.

He came over and we visited for a while.  He sat in a chair and I notice his cock was inching out between his shorts.  I never saw his cock before so I was interested to see what he had.  He kept talking and I kept looking.

His cock head was now plainly in sight.  He was circumcised.  I wanted to reach out and touch it but I waited to see what he was going to do next.

He reached down and pulled his shorts back.  His cock and balls were now exposed for me to look at.  He said "You like what you see?"   I nodded yes and he took off his shorts and sat there with is cock and balls for me to see.

I moved closer and loved what I saw.I reached out and touch his cock and watched it grow.  I kept stroking while he undressed me and then we stood cock to cock.

He was the bigger cock but we both needed some relief.  We started to jack each other off.  Our cocks grew in size and he came first.  I milked each drop of cum out of his cock.  He worked on my cock until I came.

Now this is the kind of relief that I like.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Magic Lamp

Magic Lamp

Story By Jay

I love going through antique stores.  I can browse for hours.  Today was no exception.  I found some boxes in the rear of the store.  The owner said that he just received the boxes.   I asked if I could look through them.  He replied to go ahead and look.

I loved looking through them and founds a lot of neat things.  One item was an oil lamp that looked like the ones that you rub and a magic genie appears and grants you a wish. I went ahead and bought it.

I took all the items home with me and later that evening I went though all the items that I bought.  It was late and I was tired.  I saw the lamp and picked it up.  I examined it and laid in bed with it.  It was shiny and I took a cloth and started to rub it.  The room filled with smoke and I saw the image of a guy floating in the smoke.   He said "What is your wish?"  I remembered saying "I need a man."  Then I feel asleep.

The next morning I awoke and remembered what happened last night.  I thought to myself "What a dream."  I rolled over and my hand landed on what felt like another guy.  I squeeze and felt a cock and balls behind underwear.  I opened my eyes and saw a guy laying next to me.  I squeezed his cock and felt it grow.

I needed to see what he had under his underwear.  His cock was already poking above the waistband of his underwear.  I grabbed hold of his cock and I was amazed at the size and thickness.  I stared at his body.  He was slender but not skinny or muscular.  He had a smooth chest.

I now noticed that he had an uncut cock.  He was awake and looking at me.  He smiled and said "Go ahead and suck it."  I sat up and held his cock upward towards my face.

He leaned back, as I started to take his cock into my mouth.  I never had a guy with such a big cock.  I stopped and he said "Go ahead you can handle it."  I took it deeper into my mouth.  Inch by inch, his cock went deeper and deeper into my mouth.

I stopped and looked at the smile on his face.  He replied "I am here to please you."  Before I knew it, I was being fucked by him.

His cock was now deep into my ass.  It felt so good, I did not want it to stop.  I reached for my cock and started to stroke it.  He pumped faster and I felt my balls tighten as I started to cum.  He seem to wait for me to cum, then he  pumped faster and just as I finished cumming, he started to cum.

I was exhausted and feel asleep.  When I awoke, I did not want to open my eyes for fear that he would be gone.  I reached over and felt cock and balls from under his underwear.  When I opened my eyes, he was there, waiting for me with a smile on his face.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cutting Grass

Cutting Grass

Story by Jay

I was taking a nap when I awoke to the sound of someone cutting grass.  I looked out and saw my neighbor's friend cutting my grass. I remembered that my neighbor said his friend was staying at his place while my neighbor was on vacation.

He was a gorgeous stud.  He had taken his shirt off and he looked magnificent.  It was a hot day so he was taking a break to cool off.  He sat in a secluded spot in the back patio.  I went over to say hi to him.    

Before he could see me, I saw that he had pulled down his shorts and was playing with his cock and balls.  What a piece of meat.  He was cut and thick.  I watched as he jacked off and after a short while, he stood up and shot his load.

I went around to the front of the house and rang the doorbell.  He came to the door and I introduced myself.  He asked me to come in.  As we talked I kept thinking about his cock.  My cock sprang to full erection and poked out of my shorts.

I did not try to hide it and he kept staring at it.  I decided to make my move.  I took off my shorts and stood them naked with the largest erection I ever had.  He grabbed my cock and  led me down the hall to a spare bedroom.

We imediately got into a 69 position and I got to taste that hugh cock and it was delicious.  He swallowed my cock and played with my balls.  We sucked until we both came.  After we were done, I put on my shorts and invited him over to my place for dinner.

This was going to be a great week.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A new usage for corn

A new usage for corn

By Jay

This is a new way to use corn.  Looks like fun.

What do you think?  email me at

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Ping Pong Champ

Ping Pong Champ

By Jay

This guy is the champ at playing ping pong.  I can watch him all day.

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Friday, October 7, 2016

Want to Neck??

Want to Neck??

By Jay

This is some serious necking.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

To boldly go where no man has gone before

To boldly go where no man has gone before

By Jay

Now this is a Star Trek story line I want to see.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

House Guest - Part 2

House Guest

Part 2 of 2

Story by Jay

I slept like a baby.  My house guest, Albert, was quiet.  I woke up and stretched and laid there thinking about what happened last night.  Albert had a fantastic cock and I wanted it in me.

I heard the door to my room opening.  Albert was standing in the door way with his cock all hard and standing outward.  He walked in and stopped at the foot of my bed.

I kicked the cover off of me and raised my feet upward.  He held my legs up and inserted his cock into my ass.  My ass stretched as he pushed his cock deep into me.  He started to fuck me.  I loved the feel of his cock as it slid in and out.

He started to fuck me faster and I moaned as he went deeper with each thrust.  His cock seem to get bigger as he continued to fuck me harder and harder.  Finally his cock shoot his load into me.  Man, did it feel good.  He removed his cock and laid on the bed next to me.

I love having house guests.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

House Guest - Part 1

House Guest

Part 1 of 2

Story by Jay

I love having house guests, especially when they stay over.  We usually have a night cap before turning in.  Sometimes we have more than one.  Albert was a friend from where I grew up.  This was his first time sleeping over.  He drank too much ans I had to help him into the space bedroom.

Before I turned in, I thought I better check up on Albert.  My eyes got adjusted to the darkness.  Albert was laying naked with the covers exposing his cock and balls.  They were a beautiful sight to see.

Albert had a beautiful cock with two low hanging balls.  I reached over and cupped his balls in my hand.  They were great to hold.  I could feel his balls twitch as I held them.  I moved over to hold his cock in my hand.  Likewise, his cock enjoyed being held.  It started to grow right before my eyes.

I watched as it grew erect and started to bob back and forth. Albert moved and pushed the bed covers off of him. A drop of cum appeared on the tip of his cock and dropped to his stomach.

I stared as drop after drop appeared and dripped down to his stomach.  I watched as Albert reached down and grabbed his cock and started to stroke it.  I had a great vantage point to watch his cock start to shoot his load.

I loved the view and moved to see his tip of his cock head and watch the cum come out of his pee hole.  He gave it a few more jerks with his hand and then let his hand drop his cock to his stomach.

The room was silent except for his snoring.  I moved off the bed and and tip toed out of the room.  I went to my bedroom and laid in bed.  My cock was erect and wanting attention.  It did not take long for me to cum.  Soon I was snoring.