Friday, September 30, 2011

The "GAME"

The “GAME”

Submitted by CATMAN

Was it just wishful thinking on my part, or was Steve flirting with me?  All week long he made subtle little comments.  He brushed up against me a few times.  Stood a little too close with a hand on my shoulder when he asked me a work related question.  Was it just coincidence that we ended up in the men's room at the same time?

I decided it was probably just my imagination.  Steve is "straight".  He knows I'm gay, because I told him, shortly after we first met a year ago.  It didn't seem to matter to him.

We were the two youngest guys in the office; it was only natural that we would bond because we joined the firm at the same week.  We worked together on several joint projects and usually hung out together during our break time. 

By anyone's standards, Steve would be considered a "hunk".   He's tall with broad shoulders, a narrow waist, dark wavy hair, hazel eyes and a dazzling smile. 

As we headed out the door that Friday after work, he volunteered that he didn't have any special plans for the weekend.   Since we are both big fans, I suggested we get together on Sunday to watch some football.   He said, "Sounds good to me.  I'll bring the beer."

I overslept and was still in my old bathrobe drinking coffee when Steve showed up at my door on Sunday.  Steve was dressed in an old jersey and some ripped jeans carrying a case of Budweiser. 

I said, "Be right back, I'm gonna go get some clothes on."

I was a little shocked when he said, "You don't have to dress on my account.  Hell, if I was home watching the game I'd be naked or in my boxers.  You can just stay in your robe if you like."

I topped off my coffee mug and started to lead the way to my den.   He paused and looked in my open bedroom door.  "Wow, a flat screen TV!  Let's watch in here.  It'll be more comfortable."  Without hesitation, he walked in and climbed up on the bed leaning against the headboard.  He patted the space next to him, "Come on.  Games about to start."

I turned on the TV, and wondered whether he would be watching a game or was he playing one? 

The game wasn't very exciting.  It would turn out to be a very one-sided game.  With each commercial break, Steve went to the kitchen for beers.  He drank more than me and began to complain that he was hot.  He pulled off his jersey and tossed it aside.  There may have been a case in my refridgerator, but I was looking at a "six-pack" in my bed.

Just before the 4th quarter was about to start, I got up to hit the bathroom to pee.  When I returned to my room, I stopped and stared.  Steve had taken off his jeans.  He said, "I told you I was hot." ( He certainly was right about that!)

We watched the rest of the game, with Steve in his boxers and me in just a bathrobe, naked underneath.  When he reached out for his beer on the night stand, the fly in his shorts gapped open and I got a good view of his big dick.

At the end of the game, Steve got up to leave but wasn't very steady on his feet after drinking for three hours.  I insisted that he should hang out here for a while till he sobered up a bit.

 I told him, "I never got a shower this morning, I feel really grubby!” 

In the bathroom, I stepped into the open shower stall and a minute later, Steve stumbled in and headed to the toilet to piss.  As he was aiming for the toilet, he turned and looked at me with a smile.  He pushed his boxers down to his ankles, stepped out of them, and walked into the shower stall with me.

Steve grabbed the bar of soap and started lathering up my back.  By the time he worked his way down to my ass, my dick was totally hard.  He worked a soapy hand up and down my crack and finally spoke.  "Like that?"

“Love it!"

He reached around me with both hands and pulled me to him.  With his chest pressed against my soapy back, I felt his hard cock between my butt cheeks.

It felt enormous and I wanted him inside of me.  With one hand on my chest, his other hand traveled down and found my dick.  He stroked me as he humped against my ass.  Then he kissed my neck.

I turned around and kissed him on the lips.  We held each other close and the kisses became really passionate.  He agreed when I suggested we should take this to the bedroom.

As we dried off, I couldn't take my eyes off of his giant dick.  It was as big as I always imagined it would be.

As Steve climbed onto the bed, he said, "I don't suck dick." 

"I DO!"  And to prove it, I crawled up between his spread legs.

He moaned as I began by licking his balls.  He moaned even louder when I licked up and down his shaft.  When I concentrated on his giant mushroom shaped dick head, he was oozing pre-cum.  I licked it and his slit before attempting to take his cock in my mouth.  He was so large; I could only manage the head and a few more inches.   To compensate, I wrapped a hand around the base of his cock and stroked him while I sucked his big dick.

Despite all of the beer, within just a few minutes he flooded my mouth with a tremendous load of his sperm.  I swallowed as fast as I could, making sure to ingest every last drop.  

Within a minute, he was passed out and snoring loudly.  I decided to let him sleep it off.  After jerkin off all over his gorgeous stomach (Which to my total satisfaction, I licked up) I left the room and headed to the kitchen.

I started to prepare an elaborate late night meal for the two of us.   I was stirring pots in my kitcken totally naked except for my chef's apron.

When I went back to the bedroom to check on him, Steve was gone!   I never heard him leave.
Next day in the office, Steve acted really distant all morning to me.  I caught up with him at lunch and said "About yesterday..."   He abruptly cut me off, "NOTHING  HAPPEND YESTERDAY!!  YOU GOT THAT, YOU LITTLE FAG???  NOTHING!!"  And he walked away.
Just as I decided I definitely needed to find new friends, the cute new Intern in our office asked if he could join me for lunch. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Aussie Guys - Part 4

Aussie Guys

Part 4 of 4 

Today was the last day of my visit.  I reminded Wayne, “It is whatever you want to do.”  Wayne was all excited.  He wanted to go back to the beach. 

The beach was beautiful.  The sun was bright with blue skies; the sand was almost a white powder. We found a nice secluded spot.  We laid in the sun. I was on my stomach and I looked over to Wayne, who looked great.  All the fucking we did this week had toned up his muscles.  I wanted to do it one more time right here on the beach.

He rolled over to his side and I looked at his Speedo.  He was excited and his cock was pressing against the material.  He said, “You like what you see?”

I smiled and said, “It is a beautiful sight.”  He teased me, “Want to see more?”  He pulled his waistband down and his bush of pubes stood out against his tan line.  He did not stop but pulled the waistband down below his balls.  His cock was awesome.  He had a massive seven inches with a nice mushroom head.  I let my one finger run along the length of his shaft. I played with the hairs on his balls.

I told him, “It is my turn, fuck me right now.”  Wayne looked around and saw that we were pretty much alone. I reached into my backpack and pulled out lube.  I said, “Always ready.”   I squeezed some lube on my hand and I applied it to his cock.  I rolled over on my back and lifted my legs and applied some lube to my ass.  

Wayne positioned himself between my legs.  He leaned in and kissed me.  His cockhead was at my ass opening.  I felt him press it against the opening and then he pushed and was in me.  He held my legs up and fucked me.  A cool breeze was blowing off the water.  I looked up at the blue skies surrounding Wayne body.  He looked gorgeous.

I placed my hands against his chest and squeezed.  It seemed like heaven and I did not want it to end.  But like all things, I heard Wayne breathing stop and then he came inside of me.  He grunted as he finished cumming.  He then lowered himself and laid on top of me.  His lips touched mine.  His kiss was long and passionate.

That moment was etched into my brain, and to this day, I remember that moment. 

I missed my plane the next day, and the next, and the next, and the next. 

All I can say is “Good Day Mate’        

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aussie Guys - Part 3

Aussie Guys

Part 3 of 4

I climbed into the shower and lathered up. Wayne came into the bathroom and asked me if I was hitting the beach tomorrow.  I climbed out of the shower and pressed myself against Wayne’s body.  I grabbed his hands and held them up over his head.  I kiss him for the longest time.  I leaned back and I looked deep into his eyes.  They were sparkling.  

I said, “Tomorrow is your day.  We will do only what you want to do.”  His cock reacted to our kissing and stood up straight.  I walked back to the shower and pulled Wayne along.  The hot water felt good as it splashed against our body.  I grabbed the soap and worked up some lather and started to wash Wayne’s body.  I took my time and covered every inch of his body with soap.  I massaged it in and then let the hot water rinse him off.

Wayne was enjoying the attention. I enjoyed washing his muscular chest.  I reached down and lathered up his cock.  He let out a sigh as wrapped my hands around his shaft and worked the lather into his bush of pubes.  I reached up his balls and slowly soaped them up and then rinse them.      

He turned around and I washed his broad back down to his ass cheeks.  After rinse off the soap from his ass, I got down on my knees and stuck my tongue between his ass cheeks and started to rim his ass.  I probed deep into his ass with my tongue. I heard a low moan and continued to rim him until the low moan became a loud cry, “Fuck me.”  I stood up and wrapped my hands around him.  I held him, as I rubbed my cock between his ass cheeks.  He begged, “Fuck me.”

I inserted my cock and started to slowly hump him.   Wayne bent over and I increased my thrusts.  He held his cheeks further apart as I slammed my cock repeatedly until I was ready to cum.  I pulled out and watch as I came on his back.  The water from the shower rinsed off his body.  The cum flowed off and splashed on the shower floor and then the water took it to the drain.        

We climbed out of the shower and I wrapped a bath towel around Wayne shoulders.  I kissed him and said, “Tomorrow is your day.”

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Aussie Guys - Part 2

Aussie Guys

Part 2 of 4

When I got back at the flat, I found Wayne in his bedroom.  He was sitting in his underwear with his computer on his lap, surfing the net.  He looked up at me and said, “Did you get fucked?”  I smiled and said, “Yeah.”  I told him all the juicy details. 

I needed to shower, so I went off to the bathroom.  I could not find the spare towels, so I headed back to Wayne’s room.  He was laying on his bed.  He still had his underwear on.  It was obvious that his cock was hard.  He played with it and pushed his waistband down and out sprang his cock.

I watched as he jacked off.  His cock was as big as the lifeguard.  My ass twitched.  It wanted more.  I walked in and sat on the edge of the bed.  Wayne looked up at me and pointed his cock towards me.  I placed my hand on his leg and moved it slowing towards his cock.  It was rock hard. 

I sat there naked, so I went into action.  I climbed over him and straddled him.  He guided his cock to the opening of my ass.  I sat on it and felt it spread over my hole and enter my ass.  I leaned back to brace myself, as Wayne started to fuck me.                      

Wayne stared at my cock.  He could not get his eyes off of it.  He reached out and grabbed it. I continued to ride his cock.  I saw him lick his lips.  I saw his eyes roll back into his head and he moaned as he came.

When he was done, I moved my cock towards his face.  He still held it in his hand.  He kissed the tip of my cock, and then he took it deep in his throat.  His tongue moved around my shaft and I humped slowly.  I increased my speed and felt his tongue swirling around my cock and I could not hold back.  I came. It was a large load.  I just kept cumming.

I laid next to Wayne.  He said we needed to clean up.  I grabbed him and pinned him to the bed.  I said, “Just tell me one thing.” 

He answered, “What?” 

I said, “Where are the spare towels?” 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Aussie Guys - Part 1

Aussie Guys

Part 1 of 4

The beach was called Bondi and I was staying at a mate’s house on
Ramsgate Avenue
.  His name was Wayne.  I was looking forward to heading down to the beach.  I wanted a lifeguard to fuck me and my mate said that the best guys were at Bondi. 

The lifeguards were out wearing their Speedos, which down here I found out were called dick stickers.  Anyway you call it, I enjoyed seeing the butts on the Aussie guys.  I watch in anticipation as their ass cheeks bobbed as they walked.  I wanted to replace their Speedo with my face.  They jogged down to the water and I watched their ass cheeks. 

I studied them and notice they all had muscular arms. This was from rowing exercises that they did on and off during the day.  I knew Aussie guys would be great to look at, but this bunch of guys were making my cock hard.  I made a goal.  I was going to meet one and have sex in one of the lifeguard shacks.  I wanted an Aussie cock up my ass.

My mate had to head back home, so I was left alone to admire and stare at the guys.  One Aussie guy stood out to me.  He stood there next to the lifeguard that was replacing him.  The other guy turned over the shack to him and left.  He was all by himself.  I had on a pair of Speedos.  I made sure my cock laid off to the side.  I was not as muscular as the other Aussie guys, but I was going to show my package.

I saw him staring at me.  He gave me the ‘thumbs up’ signal. He liked what he saw.  I was in a section of the beach that was somewhat secluded.  I stripped down and laid there naked.  He noticed me and stared at me and smiled.  My cock sprang up.  I grabbed it and waved it in the air. 

He motioned for me to come to him.  I slipped on my Speedo and a T-shirt and headed to the shack.  He said, “Good day.”  I replied, “It can be a ‘good day’ depending on what is behind those Speedo.”

He motioned for me to come inside the shack.  I quickly got down on my knees and he pulled his cock out.  It was a delicious piece of meat.  I started to lick the underside of his shaft.  His cock grew harder and twitched with excitement.  I gave his cock a couple sucks with my mouth.  Once this monster of a cock was all lubed up, I turned around and pulled down my Speedos and stuck my ass up in the air.

He spent no time sticking his cock in my ass.  He was quick and I was not ready for his plunge into my ass.  Once I got over the initial thrust, I enjoyed his thrusts of his cock in and out of my ass.
He held tight to my hips and rammed his cock deep inside of me.  He pounded my ass until he was ready to cum. 

He pulled out and I quickly knelt in front of his cock.  I opened my mouth and he shot his load into my mouth.  I closed my mouth to swallow and another load hit my face.  I opened my mouth and took the next shot of cum.   

He flicked the last drops of cum from his cock and then slipped his Speedos back on.  He said, “My break is over, so I need to get back to work. ‘Good Day.”  As we walked out of the lifeguard shack, I said, “Good Day.”  I thought to myself, “Definitely a good day.” 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

'Aussie Guys' starts Monday Sept 26

'Aussie Guys' is a four part story about Australian lifeguards, sex, Aussie guys, sex, the beach, and sex.  Well you get the idea.   Let me hear from my reader from down under.  Thanks to a reader from Australia who helped with the story.

Send your comments or emails to

I hope everyone enjoys the story.

Love ya,




Submitted by CATMAN

As I was getting dressed in our hotel room, I questioned: how I had been stuck with looking after Brad tonight for his bachelor party.  I guess my sister, Karen, thought I would be a good choice since I'm not much of a drinker.

Brad took a long time in the shower which gave me ample time to reflect on when we first met two years ago. 

It was my parents’ annual Fourth of July barbeque/pool party.  Karen decided to use the occasion to introduce her new boyfriend to the family.  He walked out of the house to the pool in a red speedo.  WOW!  He looked like a California surfer boy with his shaggy sandy blond hair, blue eyes, and his tanned swimmer build.  I had to drop into the pool to hide my growing erection.

Brad was always around during those two years and I found him to be funny, smart and talented.  I was extremely jealous of Karen. 

At the time, I was totally hiding deep in my closet.  When I finally decided to "come out" to my family,. I decided  to tell Karen and Brad first.  Karen was a little "weirded out" about it, but Brad just said, "That's cool, dude."  My parents were okay eventually but it took a little time.

Now here I was about to stand in my big sister's wedding as she married someone I still I had a great big crush on.

Between the drinks and shots, by the time I got Brad back to our room, he was plastered!   It was really late and there was a wedding in the morning.  In the time it took for brad to get his sweater and shirt off, I was already stripped and in bed.  Then he shoved down his jeans and underwear to his ankles and staggered around the room to remove them while he still had his shoes on.  He stumbled against his bed and seemed to pass out half on and half off the bed.

I couldn't leave him like that. I got out of bed and crossed the room to help him.

I removed his shoes and socks and then his jeans and boxers.  It was the first time ever I would see him totally naked and he looked awesome.  I wanted desperately to crawl up between his legs and suck his big dick, but I didn't think it was right to take advantage of a drunken passed-out guy.

He was dead weight as I wrapped my arms around him, my bare chest against his, as I somehow managed to drag him up into the middle of his bed.
Before I could get off of him, our naked bodies pressed against each other, he was suddenly awake. 



But it wasn't, my dick was going hard and so was his.  I rolled off to the side and continued to hold him.  Eventially, he fell asleep and I went back to the other bed and jerked off.

The next morning, I didn't know quite what to expect. I thought Brad would have a horrible hangover, but he seemed to be his old self. 

As he was drying off from his shower in our room, he said to me, "You could have taken advantage of me last night, but you didn't.  I respect you for that, but I wish you had."

I was totally shocked!  I just sat there silent on the side of my bed and had no idea what to say.

He tossed his towel aside and walked over to me.  Standing directly in front of me his cock was inches from my face.

"Last chance before I'm a married man!"

So what do you think happened?   Of course, I sucked his dick.  Then he surprised me and he sucked mine.

Three years later when their marriage fell apart, Brad showed up on my doorstep.  That was just two weeks ago.  Who knows what will happen next?

Getting Off on My Day Off

Getting Off on My Day Off

Submitted by CATMAN
When the alarm clock went off, I rolled out of bed and headed to my bathroom.  I looked at my naked body in the mirror and smiled.   Working out three days a week at the gym this past year I was in great shape.

As I stepped out of the shower the phone rang.  My boss told me the computers at work crashed and I should take the day off.

As I finished drying off in front of the mirror, I couldn't help but notice how pale I looked.  It's Summer, I live in Florida and I don't have a tan!!!

I decided it was time to do a beach day.   While there are closer beaches, my favorite is a nude beach 30 miles down the coast.

An hour later, I arrived and walked past the straight couples and families with their kids to head down the beach.  (the last thing I would ever want to look at is naked women and children)

I found a secluded spot, layed out my beach blanket and stripped down.  I stretched out to enjoy the feel of the sun and the ocean breeze hitting every part of my naked body.  I felt "one with nature" and the sound of the surf rolling to the shore was starting to make me sleepy again.   Then I heard a voice....

"Excuse I ask you for a favor?"

I opened my eyes and it took a few seconds to focus.   There standing at the edge of my blanket was this cute young guy. Early 20's, a mop of dark curly hair, freckles across his nose and under each eye.  He was dressed only in shorts.  Nice chest with just a little hair in all the right places.

"What do you want???"

"Well, I noticed you on the beach, would you mind if I took some pictures?"


"Photography is sort of my hobby.  I've been taking night courses at the Community College.  In photography."

"So you want to take pictures of my naked body?"

"I'm tired of doing pictures of seagulls, waves, footprints and the dunes.  The assignment this week was to photograph anything we saw on the beach!  Don’t know what the Teacher will think, but I found you on the beach and you are HOT!"

"Well, I guess it's alright... go ahead." 

Actually, I've always been a bit of an exhibitionist and I was flattered that he thought I was hot..

He pulled out the camera from his backpack and began taking his pictures.  He posed me in different positions and from different angles.  As he clicked away, I asked his name. 


"Well, I think I have everything I need for the assignment, but could get a few personal pictures just  for me?"

"What kind of pictures?"

" more, you know,,,,um."

"You mean with a boner?  I will need some inspiration here...lose your shorts!"  (I did not have to ask him twice.  He quickly took off his shorts.  He was really well hung and he was rapidly getting larger.)

I began stroking myself and my dick began to plump up.

"Jeff, do you want to stroke it for me?”  Jeff immediately shook his head ‘Yes’.  I told him “Go ahead, take hold of it.”  Jeff grabbed my cock and held it firmly in his hand.  I was enjoying this action.  Jeff started to stroke my cock.  I moaned, “That's it!  That feels good!”  I saw Jeff lick his lips.  I encouraged him, “Put it in your mouth Jeff.  Suck my dick.”  Jeff wrapped his lips around my cock and started to suck on it.  I moaned, “Oh yeah, that feels great!"

Without taking my dick from his mouth, he moved from between my legs to a position beside of me so that his crotch was near my face. 

I sucked his dick while he sucked mine. I guess he began to pick up on how to do it, because of how I was sucking him.  Just as he started to get a little better, we both got off at just about the same time.  I shot off like I always do, but I have never seen anyone have an orgasm like his.  His entire body shook for 2 minutes, like he was having a convulsion.  He shot load after load of his cum down my throat while I emptied my balls in his mouth. 

After he had a few minutes to recover, he told me that this was his first ever gay experience.   He had fantasized about what it would be like to suck a dick and that's why he sucked mine.  And he had never been sucked off before.

After a few minutes, he got up and started to gather his shorts, camera and backpack.  I said, "You didn't get the personal pictures you wanted."

He replied, "Maybe another time.  I got something else today to remember for a long time."


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Searching Mom's Room

Searching Mom's Room

Submitted by Chris

My parents divorced when I was 13. I lived with my mom, just my mom and my little brother. Sometimes when I came home from school early I would head into my mom’s room and watch TV. She didn’t like me in her room but she had a bigger TV than down in the living room. Once in a while when I was curious I would go through my mom’s closet and look for change and cash in her handbags, I would get lucky and find some and it went right to my comic book fund. Since I got lucky with her handbags I got bolder and figured she kept money in her dresser so I went through her drawers. I found the thing that would change my life forever on.

I pulled open one draw and there were all her silk underwear. I ran my fingers though them feeling the silk slide between my fingers. I was 14 and just starting to discover what turned my cock on and what got me rock hard. As I was feeling the silk I felt some tingling in my crotch and felt my cock growing. I pick up a pair of black silk undies and brought them to my face and inhaled, my head started spinning from the aroma and I had to sit on the bed to recover. My cock was raging hard and it needed to be released. I stuffed the undies in my crotch and ran to my room shutting and locking the door. Once in my room I couldn’t get undressed fast enough. I was overwhelmed with ideas.  The first thing I did was try them on. I was only 135lbs so the fit pretty good. I loved the way the cool silk felt against my hot body and cock. I rubbed my crotch and ass so fast you could hardly see my hands. I was on overload, my mind was racing and i couldn’t get enough of the silk feeling.

I pulled them off and covered my face again getting another deep sense of aroma mixing mine and my moms. I was in heaven. I sat on my bed naked and took my 7" cock in my hand. My cock head was kind of big for the size of my cock and the shaft was medium thick. My dad told me that big cocks ran in his side of the family so I was hoping to get bigger as I got older. I started stroking my cock while smothering my face with the panties. I was in a horny frenzy and wanted to feeling the silk on my rock hard and dripping cock so I took the panties and wrapped them around the shaft and use them to stroke with. I was breathing and moaning heavy and my cock twitched and dripped pre-cum. I laid back and using my mom’s panties I kept stroking until I knew I was reaching a point of no return so i picked up the pace of my stroking and soon enough in could feel the cum building from my balls and rushing through my ridged cock. My legs stiffened and I knew I was about to shoot so I unwrapped my cock and like an animal started jerking off pointing my cock right at my face. A few seconds later my cock erupted sending rope after of rope of cum onto my face, neck and chest.

I was out of breath and I came so hard that my eyes were watering. I never had such an explosive eruption before. My body was completely exhausted and I lay there for a few minutes covered in a load of cum. When I was able to move again I took the panties and wiped the cum off my face and body. I took the panties and licked all the cum off and then ran into my mom’s room and threw them into her hamper, making sure they were buried down deep. I was still a little weak kneed so i went into my room to lay down, i passed out naked and slept until my little brother came home and found me. He wanted to know why i was naked but I told him to shut up and get out of my room. I used my mom’s panties to jerk off a lot in the next 2 years until I found some better ways to get off.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Cold Winter Night - Part 3

Cold Winter Night

Part 3 of 3

The kiss turned into a long passionate one.  Our tongues even got involved.  Nick turned out to be a great kisser.  Nick loved to kiss for the longest time.  He finally pushed me back down to the bed and started to lick my cum off of my chest.  When he was all done, he looked at me and smiled, “Let’s finish the job.” 

Nick surprised me and turned around in bed.  I saw his cock with cum on its tip.  I stuck out my tongue and licked it clean. Nick licked me clean and took my cock in his mouth.  I was startled from what was happening.  I took his cock into my mouth and started to suck on it. 

Nick was full of surprised tonight. He took my cock way deep into his mouth. I gasped as he pulled my cock out and then went deep again.  Nick had the rhythm down and I loved the feeling of a warm mouth around my cock.  I stopped sucking on Nick’s cock.  I felt myself getting ready to cum again.  I did not think it was possible, but I braced myself and then let it happen. 

Nick clamped down on my cock.  He seemed to have it under control, then it became too much for him and cum streamed down the sides of my mouth.  I went back to work on Nick’s cock.  I was determined to have him cum in my mouth.  He was humping my face and I felt his cock getting larger until Nick screamed out and cum shot into my mouth.

I gagged.  It was too much.  But one thing I learned, once a cock cums, there is nothing stopping it, so be ready and swallow.  I did the best that I could do.  I used my hand to wipe up any cum that I missed. 

We laid next to each other.  It felt warmer in the room.  Heat was back on.  We laid naked next to each other.  It was going to be a long cold winter.  But we were ready.  Nick rolled over and pulled my arm around him. He dug his ass into my cock and balls and said, “Night.”  My cock was getting hard again.  I said, “Nick?”    

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cold Winter Night - Part 2

Cold Winter Night

Part 2 of 3

I attended my classes but kept thinking about this morning.  Getting to jack off with Nick was awesome but he said “You could have licked it off my chest.”  I wondered if he would let me do it tonight.

I was doing my class assignment when Nick returned to the dorm.  He asked if I wanted to do any video games and I agreed but first I needed to finish my class assignment.  I was almost done and I quickly finished it. 

We played for a few hours and then it was time for bed.  Nick checked the thermostat and said, “Can you believe it, the heat is out again.”

I replied, “You can always share my bed like last night.”  Nick did not wait but undressed and climbed in bed.  He had stripped down and was naked.  I decided to do the same.  So here we were naked laying next to each other.  Nick said, “I’m cold.”  I answered, “We can use our bodies for heat.” 

I laid almost on top of Nick.  We laughed and I said, “How is this?  Warm enough?”  My cock was now hard.  Nick said, “That is better.” I felt his cock grow.  We laid still for a few minutes, .  Without saying a word, I rolled off of Nick and laid next to him, side by side.  We kicked back the covers and we were both holding our hard cocks. 
We started to stroke our cocks.  I kept my eyes on Nick’s cock.  I looked over and saw that he had his eyes glued on my cock.  He came first.  It surprised me when he shot his cum with such force that it landed on his face.  The stream of cum landed on his cheek down to his lips.

The remainder of his load landed on his chest.  Nick laid still while I feverishly jacked off.  The sooner I came, the sooner I could lick his cum.  I felt myself getting closer to cumming and when I finally shot my load, I was relieved.  Now I can lick his cum off his body.    

I started on his chest.  I licked up his cum and swallowed each wad of cum.  It tasted good to me.  After licked his chest, I saw the stream of cum on his cheek down to his lips.  I started at his cheek and licked it down to his lips.  As I removed the last of the cum on his lips, we kissed briefly.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cold Winter Night - Part 1

Cold Winter Night

Part 1 of 3

Going to college was always an adventure.  I always enjoyed having a roommate.  The one I roomed with was friendly and good looking.  I never told him I was gay.  I wanted to ask him if he was gay, but I did not want to ruin a good friendship.    

One winter night, the heat went out in the dorm.  It was cold and getting colder.  My roommate was freezing and asked if he could share my bed.  I said, “No problem.”  Nick ran from his bed and jumped into mine.  He was dressed in sweats. 

The next morning, I woke up first. The heat was back on, and it was nice and warm in the dorm room.  My roommate has kicked off the covers.  It went from freezing to very warm in the room.  During the night, he stripped out of his sweats and was laying there naked.

I looked over at him and was happy to see his body naked.  He had more hair that I imagined but I liked what I saw.  His cock was nice.  I wished he was gay. That would be awesome.  I needed to take a quick run down to the bathroom and took a leak.  I climbed out of bed and made sure I did not wake Nick.

I ran down the hall and quickly emptied my bladder.  I went back to the room and noticed that Nick had turned over and was laying on his stomach. His butt was nicely round. I wanted to stick my face between his butt crack.  I decided to get undressed and climbed back in bed.     

I laid on the top of the covers and closed my eyes.  My cock was semi hard. Nick moved around in the bed and moved over and put his arm around my chest.  His leg was positioned over my cock.  That was all I needed.  I sprang a hard cock.   I was thinking of moving to hide my hard cock when Nick woke up and look around. 

I kept my eyes closed.  He did not remove his arm or leg from where they were laying.   He started at my cock and finally moved his leg and moved his hand down and placed it on my cock.  He moved his hand away and grabbed his rock hard cock.  I faked waking up and yawned and looked at our hard cock and said, “Guess we need to take care of business.”  I started to jack off. Nick followed me and rolled onto his back and started to jack off.  He kept his eyes on my cock and I watched his.

As we jacked off, his body moved and his leg was touching mine.  I inched closer as well.  I stroked and slowed down to prolong our hard cocks. I was enjoying seeing Nick jack off and he seemed to enjoy watching me. His breathing got heavy and he grunted and started to cum.  Watching white semen fly out of his cock was just a turnon that I came next.  I made sure I grunted.  My load was large and covered my chest. 

He looked over and said “Wow.  Do you always cum so much?”  I said “Yes.  You had a good load as well.”  He grabbed a towel and wiped himself up and put on shorts and headed to the bathroom.  I grabbed the same towel and was going to use it to clean myself but found his cum on the towel.  I used my finger to pick up the cum and licked it.

Nick had come back and was standing at the door watching me.  He said, “You could have licked it off my chest.”  With cum dripping from my face, I smiled and said, “When ever you are ready then I am ready

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Car Wash

Car Wash

I needed to get the car washed.  I was going to take it to one of the businesses but spotted some guys from the fraternity washing cars.

I drove down the street to check it out and saw a guy holding a sign that said ‘CAR WASH’.  It was only $5.  I sat in the car and watch the hunky guys lather up the car.  They all seemed to be muscular and probably work out on a regular schedule.  They had nice bodies, with really nice chests muscles.  I wished I could see more of them.  I watched them bend over to wash the other cars and their butts were in the air.   

One of the guys knocked on the window and asked how I was doing.  I said “Great.  Do you clean interiors?”   He smiled and said, “We wash the car inside and out, and the deluxe wash comes with full service.  It is out back.”  I said, “I’ll take the full service.”  He directed me to pull into the back of the building. 

I drove around and spotted the full service area.  My mouth dropped open.  The guys were all naked for the full service.  It was definitely my kind of car wash.  My cock was hard from seeing all the naked guys.  When the guys bent over to wash the car, their butts stuck out.  I wanted to stick my face into their cracks.     

A cute guy who had a great body and beautiful cock, climbed into the car and started to clean everything.  I asked, “Should I leave?”  He said “No.  Just sit back and relax.” 

I watched as he worked.  His cock was swaying as he wiped the dashboard. I could not take my eyes off of it.  His hand brushed against my leg.  I had on shorts.  He saw the tent in my shorts from my rock hard cock.  He ran his hand up my thigh and brushed against my cock and balls.  I sat back and enjoyed the feel. He played with my cock and balls for a couple minutes.  When he stopped, I opened my eyes.  His cock was rock hard as well. 

He grabbed the top of my shorts and pulled them down.  My hard cock sprang up.  He grabbed my cock and started to jack me off.  I leaned back in the car and let him do his job.  He had a nice touch. 

After as few jerks of my cock, he placed his lips on the tip of my cock and gave it a light kiss.  He then placed his lips around my cock and he started bobbing up and down, as he sucked on my cock. I felt his tongue wrap around my shaft.  He played with my balls.  I closed my eyes and felt myself getting ready to cum.  My load was thick and landed all over my stomach. 

He helped cleaned me up.  He even pulled my shorts back up.  He finished cleaning the interior.  I drove off in a sparking clean car, inside and out.  And the extra service was well worth it. 

I drove around the block and re-entered the car wash.  The same guy climbed into the car.  I said, “You missed a spot.”  As I reached for his cock, it got hard and he smiled. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Artist - Part 2


Part 2 of 2

It did not take him long to finish the drawing.  He held it up for my inspection and I was pleased with the finish product. He was quite good.  I sat on the bed admiring the drawing.  We were both still naked.  I looked over and he was getting hard once again.  He took the drawing from my hands and said, “This will get me an A+.”

I said, “And what do I get?”  He placed the drawing in a safe place and pushed me down to the bed and laid on my chest.  He looked deep into my eyes.  We kissed.  His hands moved down to my cock and balls.  My cock was already hard and as he manipulated my cock, I got chills.  He reached down between my legs and groped around trying to find my asshole.

I opened my legs and made room for his hand.  He finally found my asshole and started to rub his finger around the opening.  He was driving me crazy. He finally inserted his finger and I gave out a low moan.  He kept fingering me as he lifted my legs and replace his finger with his tongue.  I went wild with desire.  I pushed his head into my ass.  He reached deep into my ass hole with his tongue.    

His warm moist tongue darted in and out of my asshole.  I continued to moan, until he replaced his tongue with his cock.  I was not ready for his large cock to be pushed into my asshole.  It took my breath away.  I must of let out a scream, because he actually stopped to check if I was ok.  I nodded that I was ok and he started a slow fucking motion.  I let out a moan with each thrust of his hips. 

He then picked up speed, and it turned into a hard pounding of my ass.  I held on to my hips and my moans turned into heavy breathing. 

My cock was hard from the pounding and I grabbed it and stroked it in sync with his movements.  I was back to moaning with each thrust.  I could not take it any longer and I shot my load, landing high on my chest.  His pounding continued until he pulled out and stroked his cock and shot his load.  It landed on my chest, mixing with my cum.            

When he was finished, he scooped up the cum and fed it to me.  I let it accumulate in my mouth.  He then kissed me.  He licked my face clean. 

We laid there exhausted.