Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Barefoot, a young sexual experience - Helping Hand

Barefoot, a young sexual experiences

Helping Hand

They call me Barefoot.  I was born and raised in the San Juan Islands.  I hated to wear shoes, so I went barefoot.  My parents called me ‘Barefoot’ and the name stuck.  My real name is Juan.

I love the water and spent most of my life either in or on the water.  I now own a 23’ sailboat.  She is beautiful with a built in cabin so I can take overnight trips.

I now live in my sailboat and I take guys on overnight trips for good food, good scenery, and good sex. 

Business was good, too good.  I need help and advertised for deck hands.  The first to apply and get hired was Rob.  Like me he wore only tight fitting swimwear that enhanced his body and package.  He was a good looking guy and was great down in the galley making meals. 

He told me during the interview session, that I needed to taste his Italian sausage.  He headed down to the galley and rang the dinner bell when he said the meal was ready.

I entered the galley was surprised to see his Italian sausage.  It was larger than the bun.  I quickly removed the bread and took his sausage in my mouth.  I sucked on it for a while enjoying its size and thickness.  I found out later than his Dad was Italian, and his Mom was from France. 

He stopped me from sucking and said to make room for dessert.  He turned to the counter and turned around holding a luscious lemon cake.  His cock was laying on top of the icing on the cake.  I picked up his cock and some icing remained on the underside of his cock.  It added the right sweet taste to his cock.  I sucking but this time, I kept sucking until he came.  His cum was as sweet as the icing.  I hired him immediately after milking his remaining drops of cum from his cock.

The remaining guy was a customer who enjoyed the excursion and wanted to do it more often.  I hired Matt as the first mate.  He wore a sailor outfit of shirt and sailor hat.  His pants were off most of the times which was fine with me and my customers. 

He had the nicest ass and a cock which stood at the ready for my attention or the customers.  Although he loved to be sucked, his ass was always available for a stiff cock.  As my first mate, he was always at the ready to do whatever I wanted.  

Matt saw to the customer needs and also my needs.  I woke many mornings with a stiff cock poking up the sheet.  His mouth would lubed my cock, licking and sucking on it and my balls.  When I was properly lubed, he would ease his ass down onto my cock.  I would lay there as he rode my cock and satisfy my needs.

Like I said before, business was good, and now I had my crew.  Together we set sail for adventure.

Monday, January 30, 2012



A Story by CATMAN

Part 2 of 2

 My plan was to teach Jeff a lesson about being a bully and about his homophobia.  It would take a little conniving but It was late, so I decided it could wait till tomorrow. 

During my lunch break, I called Jeff's house and talked to his mother, "Hello, Mrs. Ziegler, this is Tim Martin, I'm at work and only have a minute.  I think I might have a 'job' Jeff can do.  Could you tell him to meet me at my parent's house tonight at 6pm?  Thanks, it was nice talking to you too."

On my way home, I stopped off and picked up some beer.  I was sure that it would be the drink of choice for a cretin like Jeff.  I thought it might further my plan to ply him with beer.

Just before 6pm, I stripped naked and waited for my prey.  When I answered the door, Jeff looked at me and said, "WHAT THE FUCK?  Where's your clothes?"

"Oh, just heading out to the pool for a swim.  Come on in.  Want a beer?"  (That was a dumb question, because I was pretty sure he already had drunk a few.)

I led the way to the kitchen and grabbed a six pack from the fridge.  Jeff followed me out to the pool.  I dove in and he slouched in a chair guzzling the beer.  He watched me swim and I swear it looked like the front of his jeans was beginning to tent.  The jerk was getting a hard on!  After several minutes, I climbed out of the water and stood near Jeff to dry off.

Finishing off another beer,  he asked, "So when are you going to tell me about the job?  What kind of a job is it?"

"Well, actually it's a "blow job"! You owe me one, and I plan to collect!"


"Oh, just a little blackmail.   You see, if you look around, you'll notice some cameras.  I have a really clear recording on my computer of you last night:  swimming naked in our pool, playing with your dick before I found you, getting a boner looking at me.   I was thinking, maybe Karen would like to see a copy of that recording.  She'd probably get really jealous that someone other than her was allowed to suck your dick.  She might even leave you, or maybe tell all of your macho buddies.  So, what do you say?  Do I get a blow job or should I invite Karen over for a little talk?"


Frankly, I was shocked that he gave up so easily.  And when I shoved my cock in his mouth, he did a surprisingly good job.  It made me wonder if he'd ever done this before with some of his ass hole friends.  I fucked his mouth for 10 minutes and shot  a big load all over his face.

The dumb fuck didn't realize I had captured this on my computer too!  The cameras were still running. 

I gave him my towel to clean off his face and said, “Jeff, for years, you have been bullying people to get your own way.  Now you know how it feels and maybe you'll think twice before you do it again.  You might also want to stop referring to people as "Cock Suckers” because turns out you're one too!"

Sunday, January 29, 2012




Part 1 of 2
Something was wrong!    I noticed that there were things that were out of place.  I am a creature of habit and always put everything in the same place.   I kept arriving home and finding things moved on our deck and by the pool.   When I expressed my concerns to a good friend, he said that maybe he could help.   Frankie is one of those geek tech guys!

He spent an entire afternoon installing spy cameras and set up a program on my computer to capture the images.  The cameras were all motion activated.   If someone was invading our space, I would be able to see or record it.   I was already "spooked" about house-sitting  for my folks all Summer while they were in Europe.   There had already been a lot of reports of vandalism in the area.

One night, I arrived home very late and stripped down for bed.  There hadn't been any camera activity to this point, but something told me to check the computer.  The cameras in the back yard were capturing someone who was in our swimming pool.  I took my Dad's pistol for protection and went outside on the deck without giving any thought to the fact that I was naked.

He hollered out, "DAMN DUDE! DON'T SHOOT!" 

I was shocked that it was Jeff, our redneck neighbor, and even more shocked, that he also was totally naked!   "WHAT THE FUCK, JEFF?   What are you doing here?"

"Sorry, I didn't mean any harm.  I knew your folks were gone and I've been climbing over the fence to use the pool just to cool off.  It's been so fucking hot this Summer.    I didn't think your Dad would mind.   It's the only  break I get from my old lady.  Karen's been on the rag for weeks!"

 Suddenly, I was very much aware that I was standing there naked!   Both Jeff and I were staring at each other's naked bodies.  Like myself, he's a twenty something fit guy with a big fat dick.      

It surprised me to see his dick was starting to plump up, and mine was beginning to respond too.  I jumped into the pool to cover up for my growing erection.  Jeff slipped back into the water at the same time.  It could have been an awkward moment, but not for Jeff,  he barked at me,  "My dick is hard.    Do you want to do something about it?"

I waded through the water and grabbed his cock, "Climb back up on the side of the pool and I will show you how I help my friends when they have that problem."

Standing in waist deep water, I wrapped my lips around his cock and began to suck!   Jeff must have been extremely horny because I barely got started when he served me his load!

"Sorry, Dude!  Other than jacking off, that's the first time I've had sex in weeks!"   He got up and was starting to walk away.  I stopped him before he could climb back over the fence.

"Stop right where you are Jeff!!!   Get your fucking ass back here!  Blow jobs ain't free!  They come with a price!  My dick is still hard and you are going to have to do something about it!"

Jeff turned and raised his middle finger at me,  "FUCK YOU!,  cock sucker!  I'm not going to touch your faggot dick"  Then he was gone!

I thought, same old ass hole Jeff!  We had attended the same high school years ago.  He was the school bully!  He picked on everyone, except for a few select buddies on the football team.   He goofed off all through school, got his girlfriend pregnant and had to marry her.  He could never seem to keep a job and had to move back in with his parents next door.   His daughter is a spoiled brat and Karen is a jealous bitch. 

Despite being a giant prick, there was something about him that really turned me on.  Always did!   Wow! and I just got to suck his dick after all of these years.  Suddenly, it dawned on me that I had him naked on my laptop!  My own personal porn film!   And I made a plan!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shower Jack Off

Shower Jack Off

I did not realize he was following me.  I spotted him sitting in the whirlpool when I headed to the showers.  He was still sitting there when I headed to my locker.  I unlocked my locker and started to dry off.  That is when I felt his eyes staring at me.  I grabbed a pair of bikini briefs and was pulling them on when I glanced over and saw him drying off.  Every once in a while he flashed his hard cock, as he toweled off. 

I decided to give him a real show.  If he wanted to see me naked, I was determined to give him a show.  I removed my briefs and reached in my gym bag for a bottle of skin cream.  I applied some cream to my cock and balls.  I made sure I took my time and covered every inch.  I pulled on my cock and made sure it was covered with cream.  My cock got semi hard.

He was staring now, with his mouth dropped open.  There were other guys walking around the locker room, so he wrapped his towel around his waist and headed to the showers. I quickly wrapped my towel around my waist and followed him into the back shower room.  There was no one in this section. 

We removed our towels and went to opposite ends of the shower.  We both lather up and his cock was hard and sticking straight out.  After a few strokes to my cock, it stood straight up as well.  We kept a look down the hall way for anyone approaching.  So far it was clear.

I started to jack off.  He looked shocked that this was really happening.  He stared with his mouth open, holding his cock in his hand.  My balls tightened upwards as I felt myself getting closer to cumming.

I felt myself getting ready to cum and nothing could stop me.  I pointed my cock at him and let loose with my load.  It erupted with cum.  He watched as I shot my load.  I milked the last drops of cum.  Now it was his turn.

He stood sideways and jacked off.  His cock grew larger as he stroked it.  His balls rose into his scrotum.  His cock head got bigger and I knew it was time.  He let fly with his load.  It shot out and then dropped to the shower floor.  It was my turn to watch with my mouth open.  It was an awesome sight.

I rinsed off and left him in the shower and headed back to the lockers.    

Friday, January 27, 2012




Living out my young life at the beach house was the absolute best!   It continued to satisfy my nudist lifestyle.   I loved getting out of bed completely naked and spending my entire day free of the confines of clothes.   Without neighbors in the vicinity, I could enjoy (or sometimes share) my private little nude beach.  Photography and my art were still my passions.

Friends would drop by to use the beach, or to socialize in my home.   Usually, it was just all about being casually naked together.  We were, just a bunch of like-minded guys hanging out in the nude.  As an artist and photographer, I appreciate the ascetics of the human form.   At other times, it would evolve into some kind of sex.   We never planned it, but there were spontaneous jerk off sessions or something akin to an "orgy'.  

After I got involved with my grocery delivery man, Joey, my life started to evolve in different directions.  Joey always seemed to show up with nothing other  than 'sex' on his mind!  As a photographer, I had filled multiple memory cards on my camera of my new friend.   He readily posed for my many sketches and paintings.  Most of the posing sessions evolved into fantastic sex between us.   I had a whole lot of unfinished stuff, just because.....well, you know what I am talking about.  

Despite the fact that Joey had become my "main squeeze" without a commitment,  I was still infatuated with the nude jogger on my beach.  Day, after day, I stood naked on my deck, at the same time each morning, to see him jog along the shoreline.   He would always slow up and wave as he ran passed.

Then one morning, I woke and the sky was extremely overcast with dark clouds.  I figured my jogger buddy would forgo his run.  As I stood just inside of my doors to the outside deck, I saw him in the distance.  When he was about a hundred yards away, thunder crashed and lightning ran across the sky!  Immediately, the rain came down!  I ran out onto my deck and frantically motioned for him to come inside.  He ran up onto my deck and ducked into my door.  I gave him a towel to dry off and we actually met for the first time.

His name was "Marty"!   Two naked guys, we stood close together by the door looking out at the nasty weather.  Day after day, I had seen his nude body as he jogged on the beach.  Now, standing next to him, I felt my dick getting hard.  I looked down to see that his already was standing at attention!  I reached over and touched him.  That was all it took!    Suddenly, we were all over each other and took it to the floor.

With the occasional lightening and thunder all around us, nature couldn't match the bombastic gyrations of me and my new friend, Marty,  We kissed, licked, sucked and fucked!   It was just as intense as the forces of the outside weather!   Marty delivered a giant blast up my ass just as the weather outside was coming to a halt .  He stayed long enough to suck me off.  I rewarded him with a mouthfull of cum. 

When I told Joey about Marty, he acted really jealous.  Later, when he got over himself, he wanted to know all of the details about what happened that morning.  Joey stroked his cock while I recited, in long detail, all about my sexual encounter with Marty.  He shot off all over his stomach and chest, just as my story ended.  I cleaned him up with my tongue, then suggested that maybe, one day, we could have a three-way with the jogger.

Who knows?  Maybe.....

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Professor Miller - Part 2



Part 2 of 2

We stood in front of Doug’s bed.  He smiled and said, “Now it is your turn.”  Where the car was an aggressive sexual experience, he gently laid me on the bed.  He started at my toes and sucked on my big toe.  I never had that done to me before.  His tongue and lips excited me as they made oral love to me.

From my toe, he moved up my legs.  Stopping to caress and kiss his journey to my cock and balls.  My cock was hard in anticipation of the arrival of his mouth.

He arrived at my balls and nudged them with his tongue.  He swirled his tongue around and gently took them both in his mouth and sucked on them.  I placed my hands on his head and held him in position to keep him licking my balls.

He released my balls and moved to my cock.  Where he was aggressive in the car, he was slow and gentle with my cock.  He took his time licking around my mushroom head of my cock.  He paid more attention to the tip of my cock.  The more his tongue licked at my cockhead, the more I desired to fuck him.

He finally moved up to my lips and we kissed.  He reached over to his nightstand and grabbed some lube.  Before I knew it, he had lubed up my cock and his ass.  I had entered his asshole with no effort on my part and he was riding my cock.  Slow and steady at first, then faster.  His lips never left mine. 

I tingled from head to toes.  I felt alive.  Doug sat up and rode my cock as he stroked his massive cock.  He let out a grunt and cum shot out and landed high on my chest.  He kept shooting and I was now ready myself.  My cock exploded with cum.  As he finished cumming, his lips pressed against mine.  I tried to catch my breath as we kissed.

We laid there in each other arms.  I was exhausted.  I dozed off to sleep.  A few hours later I awoke.  The room was totally dark.  At first I did not know where I was.  Then I heard a laugh as Doug started to kiss me once again.   

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Professor Miller - Part 1



Part 1 of 2

Walking across campus, I had absolutely no enthusiasm for my next class.  "Quantum Physics"!   It might have been interesting, if it hadn't been for our old professor:  Theodore Morgan.  At 70 years old, he lectured with the absolutely driest delivery that would put anyone to sleep.  In fact, I often heard some of the other students snoring during his lectures.

I found a really novel way to stay awake.  I would imagine that everyone in the hall was totally naked!  My fantasy was a student arena with hot bodies filling the seats. 

However, I always imagined Professor Morgan as a hot young twenty-something guy.  (Did you really think I wanted to picture old Morgan naked?  That wouldn't put me to sleep, it would give me nightmares!)

Halfway through the semester, one Wednesday, the class didn't start on time.  It was odd because Professor Morgan was always very prompt.   We were all in our seats waiting when the Dean of Students walked in and took the podium.

With a serious expression on his face he announced, "I'm sorry to have to tell you that your professor suffered a serious debilitating heart attack last night.  After a long and illustrious career, I'm afraid that he will no longer be able to hold this lecture podium.  The rest of this semester will be taught by our new Associate Professor:  Dr Douglas Miller."

We all sat straight up in our seats when he entered the room!

Compared to old Dr Morgan this guy was an absolute rock star!  It certainly was going to be a nice change.   His enthusiasm for Physics was contagious and I developed an enormous crush because he was so fucking hot!

The semester was just ending, when I went into town one Saturday to troll the bars looking for dick!   I was so horny that any dick would do!

 I was shocked to spot Professor Miller on the dance floor at "The Eagle"!   No longer in a shirt and tie, he was bare chested wearing tight fitting jeans.    I stood off in the shadows and watched him gyrate on the dance floor. 

I moved to the bar to order another beer, suddenly, someone crowded in next to me.  It was him!  He looked at me and said, "OH! FUCK!  Aren't you in one of my classes?  You're the guy who keeps staring at me all the time!"

"Damn, I didn't know I was being that obvious!  I'm sorry Dr. Miller, I had no idea I would run into you when I came in here tonight!"

"First of all, off campus my name is 'Doug'!  Please! Drop the 'Professor' and 'Doctor' crap!   If I remember right, your name is Jason.  Tell you what, if you don't 'out' me, I won’t ‘out’ you.  Deal?"

Sounded good to me!  We stood and talked one on one.  The evening started to wind down and I was willing to 'call it a night'.   Apparently, Doug had different ideas.  He followed me to the parking lot and confronted me at my car.    "It's probably against University policy but would you like to join me at my place?"

Without any hesitation, I said, "Are you fucking kidding me?  Of course!!!  Get in your car and I'll follow you!" 

As we left the bar, the rain came down in buckets.  We ran for his car but got drenched in the downpour.  He stopped to open his car and I slipped on the wet street and slid into him.  He held me and our faces were inches apart.  We kissed.  The rain soaked though to our skin. 

His tongue entered my mouth and we played tug of war with our tongues.  As we kissed, he started to undress me.  I followed his lean.  Soon we were out of our wet clothes.  The rain continued to pelt our bodies.  He unlocked the back door.  We threw our clothes onto the floor of the car and we fell into the back seat.  His hands roamed up and down my back sending shivers through my body. 

I wanted him right now inside of me.  I sat up and felt his cock rubbing my ass crack.  His cock and my ass were still wet from the rain and he slipped easily inside of me.

He started to thrust his hips and I rode his cock.  The rain continued to pour from the sky and the sound of the rain hitting the roof of the car drown out the sound of me moaning.    I screamed for ‘more’ and he gave it to me. 

I grabbed my cock and stroked it in time with his thrust.  With thunder overhead, we came almost at the same time.  I collapse onto him.  We held each other and caught our breath.    

 He said, “Let’s go to my place and dry off.  I live just around the corner.”       

A few minutes later, we were in his apartment.  Doug took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012



I watched as he inhaled on the cigarette.  He pulled the cigarette out of his mouth and then he exhaled.  The smoke shot upwards.  His lips formed a perfect oval. 

I closed my eyes and saw him putting my cock in his mouth and inhale my cockhead, holding it in his mouth and then exhaled as he pulled my cock out of his mouth. 

I opened my eyes and watched as he held the cigarette away from his mouth.  He slowly moved the cigarette to his lips.  He wrapped his lips around the filter of the cigarette.  I wanted the tip of my cock to rest on his lips.  He held it for a while and looked at me.  I wondered what he was thinking.

He puffed on the cigarette, in and out.  I was ready for it to be my cock instead of the cigarette.  I finished smoking my cigarette.  I knelt on the bed and looked down at him.  I held my hard cock.      

He pulled me down and we laid next to each other, naked.  He put out the cigarette and blew the last puffs of smoke up into the air.

He reached over and placed his face on my chest, wrapping his hands around me.  He smiled and said, “Ready to do it again?”

I did not answer.  He knew the answer.  It was ‘Yes’.  

Monday, January 23, 2012

My Girlfriend's Brother - Part 2


Story by CHRIS

Part 2 of 2

I just had sex with my girlfriend’s brother.  I laid there breathing heavy not sure what to do next.

Turns out Tim knew what to do. He told me he always had a thing for me but never thought I would let him do anything. We talked a few minutes when Tim noticed that I didn’t really go soft. I told him that when I’m that worked up I don’t go soft for a while. Tim leaned over and started sucking my cock again. This time I knew what to expect so I put my head back and enjoyed the attention he was giving my once again rock hard cock. He pulled off my cock and worked my balls over for a few minutes. Then he licked up and down my shaft and all around my balls. He moved down my taint and nibbled the area between my balls and my asshole. I was heaven and was totally relaxed but that changed a second later. With Tim working my cock he inserted a finger into my ass. I was shocked but it didn’t feel like I thought it was going to feel. It felt good and when I didn’t protest he pushed another 2 fingers in, giving me a chance to get used to having them in me. I guess i was lost in the lust because before I knew what was going on Tim replaced his fingers with his cock. It hurt at first since his head was big but he gave me a chance to get used to it. When I started moaning he took that as a sign to get more aggressive and started fucking me at his will. Maybe it was the scene or the fact that he was fucking his sister’s boyfriend but he only lasted a few minutes before ramming all the way into me and blowing his load deep into me. He collapsed on top of me out of breath. He noticed my cock was still hard and started to jerk me off. he worked me over a few minutes but I was cumming so he went the extras mile. He continued stroking me but slide down and rammed his tongue into my ass eating out the load he just shot into me. Once he had a good mouth full of cum he moved back to my cock and swallowed my cock. The feeling of having my cock covered in the cum he dug out of my ass was all I needed to send me over the edge. I filled his mouth up and he swallowed the mixture of my cum and his cum out of my ass.

He fell in bed next to me and we talked about what happened. I told him I loved what happened but I still loved his sister. We agreed to never tell anyone about what happened. I got dressed grabbed my girl’s stuff, loaded the car and headed to college. I saw Tim when we would come home for breaks and I’m not gonna lie if I say we never ever did anything again........because we did lots of times.       

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Girlfriend's Brother - Part 1


Story by CHRIS

Part 1 of 2

I've been going out with my girlfriend Beth since we were sophomores in high school and now we're freshmen in the same college. We do everything together, well maybe not everything anymore. Since we've been together so long and we're going to the same school I volunteered to pick up her stuff from her house and take it with me to college to save her Dad the extra trip. I had the key to the house and nobody was supposed to be home, especially not her flamboyant younger brother. Tim was 2 years younger, skinny and really good looking.

I walked in and the first thing I could hear was music coming from upstairs. I called out to Tim but got no answer so I headed up the stairs to let him know I was there to pick some stuff up. As I got to the top of the stairs there was Tim, naked and dancing around with a huge cock flopping around. I stood there a second watching him not able to move. I never saw him naked before and didn’t really give him much thought but I couldn’t keep my eyes off him as he danced around. I must have stood there like a minute but it felt like forever when I noticed that I was starting to get hard. I don’t know why since I always thought I was totally straight but here I was with a major, raging hard on watching my girlfriend’s brother dance around naked. I couldn’t help myself and I started to rub myself. After a few minutes I unzipped my shorts and pulled my cock out and started stroking, I was lost in working my cock when I noticed that the music had stopped and Tim was staring at me now. I just stood there frozen not sure what to say. I started to stumble over some words as I tried to put my cock away when Tim just walked over to me and silently took my hand and pulled me up the steps and led me into his bedroom. 

He led me to the bed and shut the door. He stood there face to face and slowly opened my pants back up and pulled my still raging cock out. I was frozen standing there. He knelt down and took my cock in his hands and massaged it. Then he lowered his mouth over my cock and swallowed the whole thing in one motion until his nose was buried in my pubes. He worked my cock like nothing I ever felt before, I was in a daze not really knowing what was going on and not really caring. My head was spinning and my knees were getting weak. I guess Tim noticed and he pushed me back and I landed on his bed, my cock never left his mouth. He spread my legs and grabbed my balls and tugged on them. He started to massage my ass and instead of freaking out it sent waves of pleasure up my body. I was lost in the pleasure when I noticed that my balls were tightening and I was getting that usual sense that I was about to cum. On instinct I grabbed his head and held him still and I pumped 3 times and then erupted into his mouth. It felt like I shot 10 ropes of cum into his mouth filling him up and making him gag a little bit. The next thing he did surprised me, he took a deep breath and swallowed my load, licking his lips as he did. I laid there breathing heavy not sure what to do next.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Barefoot - Torn and Sexy

Barefoot, a young stud sexual experiences

Torn and Sexy 

They call me Barefoot.  I was born and raised in the San Juan Islands.  I hated to wear shoes, so I went barefoot.  My parents called me ‘Barefoot’ and the name stuck.  My real name is Juan.

I love the water and spent most of my life either in or on the water.  I now own a 23’ sailboat.  She is beautiful with a built in cabin so I can take overnight trips.

I now live in my sailboat and I take guys on overnight trips for good food, good scenery, and good sex. 

I loaded the sailboat with supplies and was ready for my next customer.  I checked my email and found a message from my next customer.  He said he was at the local bar and ready to set sail.

I went down to the local bar and asked the barkeep where my next customer was.  He pointed to the corner of the bar.  He sat there fully dressed.  He had on ripped jeans.  I introduced myself and off we went to the sailboat.

We climbed onboard and set sail.  The new customer stayed fully dressed.  I asked if he wanted to get comfortable and he said he was comfortable.  I glanced back every so often and through the ripped portions of his jeans, I saw portions of his cock and balls.  Usually I would have customer who went naked as soon as they boarded. 

But seeing only glimpses of his cock and balls, I got so excited.  When we had dinner below deck, he changed into another pair of ripped jeans.  I got to see more and more. 

We had a great time talking about the open sea and sailing. He excused himself and went to the latrine.  I wanted to see his cock and tried to figure how, when he came out of the latrine.

His hard cock stuck through his ripped jeans.  He walked over to me and grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock.  I started to stroke his cock while he pulled down my swim briefs.  My cock sprang upwards. 

We stood there jacking each other.  He smiled and said “Let’s get comfortable.”

We went to the customer’s quarters.  Wen laid down in a 69 positions.  He kept his torn jeans on and we sucked each other’s cock.  He was quite good at sucking my cock.  I was enjoying his mouth action when I felt him tense and the first taste of cum hit my mouth.  At first I thought he was done when the back of my throat felt the first wave of cum splatter against it.

I swallow quickly, and then felt another wave of cum shoot out of his cock.  His load was large.  Once he was done cumming, he started to suck my cock with only one thing in mind: wanting me to cum.  I accommodated him and unload my nut sack of cum into his mouth. 

Even though he wore his torn jeans the whole time we were out sailing, when night came, after dinner, his cock would come out. 

Friday, January 20, 2012




The holidays had ended, and so did my month long December hiatus from my job.   It pained me to have to walk away from Kris, still asleep in my bed, and little Hobo and Tommy curled up together in a corner.  However, I needed to earn a living to pay the bills!   I was distracted all day at work, worrying about my home life with my little gay family. 
I had no idea, if we had a future together.    Would we still be together as a loving family after the inevitable talk that Kris had requested?   I couldn't help but think about Kris's hot toned body, his round little ass, his big dick, and the way his cute face lit up when he smiled.  I had grown accustomed to sleeping next to him in my bed.   Cuddling all night, after we had sex. 
When I arrived home, all of the Christmas decorations had been taken down and packed away.   When I walked in my front door, I was bombarded with the cats who ran to greet me and a wonderful aroma coming from my kitchen.   I found Kris at the stove.   He presented me with a kiss and a glass of white wine.   I had no idea that he could cook, since I had prepared all of the meals for us these past few weeks.
We always eat in my kitchen, so I knew something was 'up' when the Dinning Room table was set.  He lit candles and told me to take a seat.  To my delight, the meal was absolutely delicious!   While everything was perfect, I was waiting for the proverbial 'other shoe to drop'!  It came when Kris served his desert and said, "Tom, I want to tell you something."
I cut him off, and said, “Kris, before you say anything, please let me have my say.   This has been the most amazing last few weeks with you.  Please believe me when I say I love you, because I really do.   I would like nothing better than if you would stay here with me forever.   However, realistically, I can't keep you here against your will.    I wish you would stay, and at the least, let me plot a future for you.  An education and a career before you move on.
I was confused when Kris gave me the oddest look and burst out in laughter!   When he was able to retain his composure he said, “Oh Tom, I'm sorry but your speech was funny.   I already know what I am going to do with my life.   Three days ago, I signed up on your computer to get my GED on line.  When I finish, I want to go to the community college and take culinary classes to be a chef.   I plan on paying for school thru the new job that I will begin working next week with the animal shelter over on Raintree Road.  I applied for the job last week and they called today to say I was hired."
I was flabbergasted!   I had no idea he had made plans without telling me, and I had a hard time putting words together to make a sentence, or even to make any kind of sense of this..  "Oh.....That's really great....congratulations on the job...sounds like a great idea...you are good with animals...I had no clue...I have been so worried about you.....so, that's what you wanted to tell me?"
"Yep!   But that wasn't all.   I decided weeks ago there was no way I could walk away from you with Hobo.  We are both way too attached to you.   Besides, having sex with you is the best!"   He paused for a minute then said, "I think we need to celebrate!   What would you think if I put this peach cobbler back in the kitchen, and we took the can of whipped cream and the strawberries to the bedroom?"

I raced him through the house as we tossed off our clothes.  By the time we reached the bed, we were both naked.  We fed each other the berries and  we sucked on "dick desserts"!     Cocks covered with whip cream.   I even squirted "Ready Whip" on his crack for a tasty rim of his hole.  Too bad we didn't have any chocolate syrup to complete our dessert course, however, we both got a nice 'cream-pie' in the end!
All sticky, we moved to my shower to clean up.  We lathered up each other with the soap, which got us both hard again.  I was totally elated that Kris had decided to stay here with me.  We both shot off again in the shower!
With Kris, I never feel like it's just sex,  it's always about making 'love'!    I knew that he would make a success of his life.  Kris had a lot of potential, ambition and a desire to succeed!   Life was good for Kris, Hobo, Tommy and ME!  Sort of like a fairy tale ending....and they all lived happily ever after!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Leg Man

Leg Man

I love guy’s legs.  Once they wrap their legs around me, I love to hold them and run my fingers along the legs.  I use just my fingertips and lightly touch their legs.  I follow the contours of muscles.  Muscular legs are so sexy. 

They are the highway to a guy’s cock and balls.  I love to travel on them, kissing my way up to my destination.  Stopping on my journey to caress the thighs.  

I see my destination.  It lies in front of me.  He wore briefs today, so my reward is being caressed by his underwear.  I can see the bulge.  He is excited to see me.  I am finally at my prize.   I touch his underwear and feel his cock.  It is firm and hard.  I must unveil my prize.

I remove his brief and his cock stands and beacons me to come closer.  His cock is thick and I reach out and lightly touch it.  His cockhead is big with a drop of precum emerging from his cock.  His balls are in front of me, ready for my tongue.

I look at him and admire his body. He is a vision of manhood. I wrap my hand around his cock and pull it up towards me. It looks delicious. I first lick the precum then I wrap my lips around his cockhead and lick the underside of his shaft with my tongue.  He moans in delight.

He holds my head and pushes down. I take his cock deep inside my mouth. My foreplay with his legs has made his cock super sensitive. It only takes a few deep throat sucking and I feel his body tense and he shoots his load.  I swallow every drop.  I climb up his body and we embrace.  The trip up his highway of legs was well worth it. 

It is great traveling the highway to love.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Spring Break



Danny's my college roommate in the frat house.  The two of us get along really well, but Chuck is his best friend in the house.  Jeff is Chuck's roommate.  I didn’t know Jeff very well because he's a shy, quiet guy who usually keeps to himself.   He's not unfriendly, just not much of a party animal.   Most of the guys in the house simply dismiss him, but I always try to engage him in conversation.   I thought Jeff was really kind of cute!
Just after returning to campus after Christmas, all of the guys began discussing their Spring Break plans.  Chuck and Danny decided on Cancun.  I couldn't afford to run up my credit card any further, so reluctantly, I thought it was best to just head back home.  Late in February, one night I found myself alone with Jeff in our communal shower room.    Just to break the silence, I asked him about his plans and told him I didn't have any plans this year.

"My uncle has a vacation place down near Tampa.  He said I could use his pool house this year.  He's never in Florida in March."  Jeff paused for a minute and said, "Um...why don't you join me?  Matt, you're the only one around here I ever talk to, and the only one I would want to spend any time with.  The rest of these guys are a bunch of jerks!"
I suddenly got excited about 'break'!  Jeff seemed excited too, and it was the most animated I have ever seen him.  In fact, even his cock seemed to get a little excited!    Since he was providing the place, I said we could go in my car and I would pay for the gas.     It would be about a 14 hour trip.

Two weeks later, we loaded up the car around 8 AM to hit the road.  On the highway, Jeff seemed to really be coming out of his shell.  I think he told me his whole life story.  There was one peculiar thing.   I noticed out of the corner of my eye that occasionally he would rub his crotch.  I don't think it was intentional.
Just after dark, I had to stop for gas and to use the bathroom.  It took several minutes and felt good to stretch my legs.   As I was returning to the car, I was shocked!   From a distance, I noticed that Jeff had his dick out and was stroking it!

When he saw me approaching the car, he quickly put it away.   I don't think he knew I caught him.  I figured he was just horny, I know I sure was! 

Arriving in Tampa, we picked up a few groceries and drove to Jeff's uncle's house.   The pool house was real small, but seemed like a palace after our tiny rooms in the frat house.  We had a kitchen, bathroom and fully stocked bar, but only one bed.  Jeff seemed a little too eager when he volunteered, "Guess we'll have to sleep together."    I thought, this certainly could be interesting.
We fixed some sandwiches, drank some beer and watched a little TV.   At bedtime, Jeff stripped to his boxers, while I went to use the toilet.  Before leaving the bathroom,  I decided to strip naked, just to see how Jeff would react.

I stepped into the room and said, "Hope it's alright.  I always sleep naked."  Immediately, he slipped off his boxers and we both climbed into the bed.  I laid there for what seemed like an eternity waiting for Jeff to make the first move.  He stayed on his side of the bed with his back to me..  Maybe I had been wrong about him.   Finally, exhausted from the long drive, I drifted off to sleep.
When I woke in the morning, Jeff, while still asleep, was clinging to my body.  I could feel his hard cock pressed against me since he was practically laying on top of me. 

I was sure that he had no idea that he had hugged me in his sleep.  It felt so good that I laid very still so I wouldn't disturb him.  My own dick had gone totally erect.   After about ten minutes, he rolled off of me and onto his back and I had a full view of his morning wood.   I decided that I would make the first move.  I reached out and touched him.  He opened his eyes and discovered I was stroking his cock.
He seemed surprised, "What are you doing Matt?"
"I'm just finishing what you started in my car yesterday!  If you want me to stop, I will."  Of course, I knew he wanted me to continue when he reached out and grabbed my dick.

We stroked each other till I changed positions and began sucking him off.  He got the hint and took my hard cock in his mouth.  It was really fantastic and we both got off in a matter of minutes.

It wouldn't be our only encounter.  During the next twelve days,  we had sex about three times a day.   We laid out in the sun and swam naked in the pool.  We spent some time at the nearby beach and did other tourist things.  Then each night we cuddled together in bed.  I had to laugh when I got a text message from Danny telling me that they weren't having a very good time in Cancun.  We certainly were!
Driving back to school, we hatched a plan to convince Chuck and Danny to room together.  Jeff moved into my room and it was like our Spring Break every day!