Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Submitted by Chris

It was Halloween afternoon and since the wife was working it was my job to get our 3 kids ready to go trick or treating. Thankfully I have an older kid who was going to take them around; all I had to do was hand out the candy. A few minutes before the kids were gonna leave there was a knock at the kids are early I thought as I opened the door. In front of me was an adorable little witch and Dracula and standing behind them was Bill my next door neighbor. Bill's been going though a rough time, he caught his wife cheating on him recently and she left him and the kids. He was overwhelmed with everything and looked like he needed a break. I offered to let his kids go with mine and he hang out with me and have a few beers and take a little break. The look of joy on his face was all I needed to see. Bill has always been a great looking guy. He's the type of neighbor who does yard work or mows the lawn shirtless so even though I’m happily married I’ve always had the urge the urge to explore another side of my life. We just about kicked the kids out and on their way and went and grabbed some beers and relaxed. I put the bowl of candy on a stool and just had the kids help themselves.

We talked about random things but I could see that Bill had something on his mind so I offered to be his shoulder to cry on, I didn’t think he would take me up on it literally. He broke down and told me everything that happened. I just sat there and listened and gave some advice when I thought he needed it. After a few minutes we were joking around and drinking pretty good. Bill tells me that the worse part of being alone is how horny he's been getting. Maybe it was the beer talking but he was getting pretty graphic about how horny he was. I noticed that as he talked to me he would grab his crotch and massage it, i seriously doubt he even knew what he was doing but he managed to work himself up to a full hard on. I made a comment on his bulge and he tried to cover it up, I stopped him telling him that it’s totally natural and since we're friends there’s no need to hide it, as a matter of fact feel free to take care of himself if that’s what he wanted. He didn’t know that I’ve jerked off to him while he would mow the lawn and I didn’t see the need to tell him. So to get the ball rolling and not really knowing how much time we had until the kids got home I unbuckled my pants and pulled my cock out. I was semi hard and getting harder with each stroke. I peeked over and saw that Bill had his cock out but wasn’t really stroking it; he was paying more attention to me stroking. I gave him a better view and just let my rock hard cock stand straight out with a small drop of pre-cum hanging off the swelled head.


"Do you wanna feel it" I asked? He just slowly nodded and gently reached out and touched it. Carefully he reached around and fully grabbed my cock, squeezing it softly. It made me moan a little and he stopped. I put my hand over his and told him to keep going. I reached out with my hand and took his cock by the base and started stroking him. His head went back and he released my cock. He was in heaven as I was stroking him but I wanted and needed more so taking a chance I lowered my head over his cock and licked at his head with my tongue. His head jerked forward and he opened his eyes. I started to apologize saying I didn’t know what I was doing but he shook his head telling me it was ok, I just startled him a little. Taking me by the back of my head he guided my mouth back over his cock, pushing me all the way down his thick cock. I sucked his cock a few minutes and that was all it took. Telling me he was going to cum I guess he thought I would pull off but I did the opposite. I swallowed his whole cock to the base and waited for him to shoot in my mouth and boy did he shoot. Shot after shot of cum filled my mouth as I tried my best to swallow it, some spilled out and was running down my chin. I finished swallowing his load and wiped his cum off my chin. Then it hit me, I took his cum and covered my cock with it, using it as lube. Bill was amazed and reached out to see how it felt. Grabbing my cock he worked his hand up and down the shaft and twisted around my sensitive head. He picked up the pace and was tugging on my cock when I felt the usual churning in my balls, a few seconds later i was shooting up all over Bills hand. He pulled his hand back but I grabbed his wrist and slowly licked his hand clean. It was a bold thing to do and I guess he could have freaked out but he didn’t. He told me that was amazing and he would love to do it again.


We cleaned up real quick. I told Bill to give him a little time to let what happened settle on his mind and if he wanted to go farther that I was totally willing. We talked for another half hour waiting for the kids to come home. Once they came back Bill headed back home with a huge smile on his face and needless to say I wasn’t complaining about what happened between us.

Holloween Time

Holloween Time
Story by Jay


I love Holloween.  It is a fun holiday.  I enoying getting dressed up in costumes and have my annual party.


I start by picking up a pumpkin.  I go to a local farm because of the great atmosphere at this time of year.  When they see me coming, they send Billy out to wait on me.  He will strip naked and laid on all the pumpkins while I select the one I like. 
It is fun to pick out the right pumpkin.  Billy will play with his cock and get it all hard.  The price of the pumpkin includes a taste of his erect cock.  He has such a nice cock just right for sucking.  I enjoy sucking on his cock and playing with his balls.  He cums in big gobs of sweet tasting cum.  I enjoy getting a mouthful. 


Next I take the pumpkin inside to Randy.  He is an expert carver.  It does not take long to curse it to your specifications. 

Part of the price of the pumpkin you select includes a fuck with Randy of his 'fuckin pumpkin'.  It has a nice holes so that I and Randy fuck until we cum.  Then I get to take it home cum and all.


I enjoy getting ready for my annual Holloween party.  When my guest arrive, they can take their turn at the Holloween glory hole.  Admissing include a few goods sucks on the cock sticking out of the hole.  In case you are wondering, it is my cock getting all the attention.


I get to judge the costumes and award the grade price.  Running up this year was the wolfman.  It was Bill with mask on and naked showing all his great tattoos. 


Second place was the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin.  They costumes were awesome and they showed why they were called the dynamic duo. 

They took turns sucking each other off. 


The winner was Brad.  He came as the doll Ken in a Barbie package.  The prize was a night of passionate sex with me.  Brad was a sure winner since he is my boyfriend. 


Brad makes a cute Ken doll.  He looks like Ken except in one area.  Pull down those shorts and see the biggest cock in town.   

He loves when I suck on it and get his all hard so that when he fuck me, I moan in pleasure.  Well have a great Holloween.  And hope you get a Ken doll of your own.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Prank - Part 4



Part 4 of 4

Even though it was part of the plan and preparations, I was surprised that after Luke had been terrorized in the cemetery, that he still had an invested interest in being a part of a "Halloween" orgy.

I grabbed his hard cock to lead him into Sebastian's house which had been totally converted into a haunted house.  With Sebastian's theatre sets and props and Jay's special effects, the house looked amazing!  The actors and lighting added to the entire eerie scene.


As I led him through the rooms, Luke was totally spooked!.  He gripped my hand so tightly that I thought he might cut off my circulation.

Each of the rooms was spookier than the last.

When he saw the old parlor room where a coffin was laid out, I thought he would totally "loose it"!


Now that we were in the house the "monsters"  were much less frightening.  They took on a sexual and friendly nature.

Like the realistic vampire and satanic devil who were fucking in a downstairs bathroom:

The vampire (Sebastian)  threw the devil aside to chase us down a hall!  He totally ambushed us, dropped down on his knees and began to suck Luke's dick.

It wasn't part of the original plan, but I could appreciate how Sebastian had improvised. 

I allowed him to have a few minutes of fun before I put my foot on his chest and shoved him away!  I quickly led Luke away as Sebastian growled at us.

Leading Luke to the various rooms, we encountered many other sexual monsters engaging in their debauchery!

Sebastian's old home had a maize of rooms and hallways that sometimes leads back to a starting place.  As I gave him the tour, I wasn't sure if Luke was frightened or at the peak of sexual excitement from what he had envisioned.

We ended up back at the parlor.  Andrew, Jay and Sebastian stood guard at the door. 


They seized the two of us and led us inside where a dozen other naked monsters (actors) stood in wait.  We were thrown to the floor!  Everyone began to 'chant' like old Gregorian Monks.

Luke was really freaking out now!  He had really bought into the whole scenario, as if it was really real!   Suddenly, I stood up which was a signal to the rest.

In total unison, we shouted "TRICK OR TREAT!"

Luke isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, so we had to explain to him that he just got "punked"!  It was a payback for every prank he had pulled on us.  Disappointed that he hadn't arrived at a Halloween Orgy, we obliged him! 

At sunrise, we all left a little exhausted after fulfilling our sexual fantasies with Luke.

Sebastian escorted me to my car.  I told him, "WOW!  The cemetery actors were incredibly fantastic.  I only rehearsed with six guys, but the rest were really realistic!"

At that point Sebastian turned a shade of really pale white... "Geez!  Dave, only four of my friends showed up!  I have no idea who those other guys were!!!" 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Prank - Part 3



Part 3 of 4


Our plan to punk Luke was so elaborate that it almost scared me!  I started to have second thoughts about our prank.  (Maybe, we were being too cruel!)   Then,  I discovered another of Luke's plans to pull one of his stupid jokes on me.  I was resolved that it was time to pull one on him.

Luke was absolutely beside himself with excitement in anticipation of what he thought would be a fun Halloween orgy.

I was naked when I walked into his room.  I told him, "Of course you know, you are actually going to have to put out tonight.  There's no fooling around with these guys.   You better get ready to go!  Strip down and put on your bathrobe.  You can take it off in my car, because you are going to want to make a good first impression by showing up naked and ready!"

I never thought Luke would be so gullible, but he totally bought into my plan.   Once seated in my car, I blindfolded him.   "Until you are initiated into our group, you are not allowed to see the secret location."

I reached out and played with his dick while I drove.  "You should show up hard to demonstrate your willingness to submit!"  He didn't object as I played with his big cock.

Finally, we arrived at the destination..  With his blindfold in place, I led a very naked and hard Luke into the very bowels of the cemetery.  Jay's lighting was absolutely wonderful.  Andrew arrived with three of the actors who were in costume and make-up.  I left to get into my ghoulish  make-up.

As instructed the "monsters" began to grope Luke's body.   I am pretty sure that he thought the orgy had begun and his big dick responded again.  Andrew snuck up behind him and loosened the blindfold so that it would fall off.  When he saw his molesters, he shrieked like a little girl and took off running!  Jay was there filming every moment.

Everywhere that Luke ran, another actor dressed as a ghoul, would pop out from behind one of the tombs or crypts.  It was like a scene out of the movie, "Night of the Living Dead!" 

He raced toward the cemetery gates, totally petrified of the monsters who were chasing him.   I was waiting for him and grabbed his hand to direct him to Sebastian"s converted haunted house.

More of the "un-dead" made-up actors came out of everywhere to lurch toward us as we ran to the door.


BINGO!  Our plan had worked!

As the outside lights dimmed and the "monsters" evaporated into the darkness, Luke seemed to relax a little.  Indicating Sebastian's house he asked  "So, is this where we are having the orgy?" 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Prank - Part 2



Part 2 of 4


After a lot of discussion,  we had an idea about  how to prank the prankster.  Luke would be an easy victim of his own phobias and fears.  We had six weeks to execute our plan.
Sebastion reminded us of when they first met.  When he told Luke that he lived across from the big "St. Louis Cemetery", Luke  volunteered that he was scared of cemeteries.    As a result, he refused to ever go to Sebation's old Victorian house.  We also discovered that he was too afraid to go to any scary or spooky movies.

As part of our plan, we decided to meet at least three times each week at Sebastion's to work on our prank.  Sebastion, not only supplied the location for Halloween, but also gave us access to the full resources of the his theatre company.  We borrowed sets and props and he convinced actors and make-up people to help.

Jay would use his expertise with special effects, like creepy sounds, spooky music,  monster holograms and mood lighting.  He would also film the entire prank.

Andrew and I would co-ordinate and rehearse all of the performers.  I was also in charge of conning Luke to get him to the cemetery since we were stilling living together.

Actually, dealing with Luke was easy.  He was naturally curious, about whatever we were doing and was jealous that we weren't including him.   It wasn't a lie when I told him "I'm not allowed to talk about it."   That didn't stop him from asking.

Just to keep his interest peeked, a few weeks later I strung him along with suggestions that we were involved in a secret cult.  Then, I hinted that we were meeting for wild orgies with our new friends.  I wasn't sure that he was buying it, so one night after our "rehearsal", I asked the actors to join me and my 3 friends in a naked group photo.

I left a copy in my apartment where I was sure he would find it.   It had the desired result and he begged me to go along the next time our group met.  I spung the trap on the dirty rat and told him that we would be getting together next on Halloween. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Prank - Part 1



Part 1 of 4

I can't think of a more fascinating place on earth than New Orleans.  The city is steeped in history, it drips with "southern charm", and is legendary for its pirate and voodoo past.  "NAWLINS" is famous for its food, the music, architecture, cemeteries, dirty politics, the "French Quarter" and the traditions.  Not the least of which is, Mardi Gras, The Jazz and Heritage Festival, "Southern Decadence"  and Halloween!
During the 13 long years that I lived in the "Crescent City", I think the one thing that I really appreciated was the camaraderie within the large gay community.  I rented an apartment in a historical old building on Esplanade Ave. which is on the fringe of the French Quarter.  It became the 'staging' place for my buddies to meet before venturing out for the night.  This was pre-Katrina and there were 18 gay bars in the Quarter, something to appeal to anyone's tastes or interests.

It was extremely easy to make friends and I had many.   Jay, Sebastion, Andrew, and Luke were my best buds!  New Orleans is a very decadent town.  Yes, at some point I had sex with all of them.  (Except Luke)  They weren't "husband Material", but we remained as friends and fuck buddies.. ( I think the three of them may have paired off at different times for a little sexual fun too!)


Jay was a computer geek and the graphic special effects manager for one of our local television channels.  Sebastian was the "Managing Director" of a local professional theatre company.  Andrew owned his own party planning business.  I was a struggling writer/reporter for our local newspaper. 

Of the five of us, Luke was the biggest flake!  He was a slacker who could never hold down a steady job.  He constantly was hitting us up for loans and when he got evicted from his apartment, I let him stay with me.  Instead of being grateful, He drove me crazy with his practical jokes and pranks.  I wasn't his only victim.

Despite all of his shortcomings, Luke was the hottest guy I knew and he drove me crazy with desire.  He knew it too and took advantage of my crush.  Luke was a huge "cock-tease", an exhibitionist who constantly strutted around my apartment totally nude.


The other guys felt the same way about Luke.  Whenever we were together, we would commiserate about our frustrations with him. 

One afternoon in early September, the five of us headed to the mall to pick up a few things.  It was a really hot muggy day and Luke suggested that we swing by his Grandmother's house for a dip in her pool.  He assured us that she was away from her house.  We all stripped down and headed outdoors while Luke searched for towels.  You can imagine our embarrassment to discover 8 elderly women playing canasta at tables by the pool.  It was another of Luke's sick jokes!

The four of us snatched up our clothes and headed home.  We left Luke who was laughing hysterically to find his own way home.  In the car we made a pact to get our revenge.  It would be the prank to end all pranks, and we would pull it off on Halloween! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Extended Trip - Part 4

Extended Trip

Story by Larry

Part 4 of 8

I had wanted to leave well before I did but also had become very relaxed in my routine and enjoyed where I was.  I was getting laid on a regular actually nightly basis.  In that aspect I was like a kid in a candy story.  I could pick if I wanted to be fucked or to fuck that night.  Sometimes I would flip a coin with my roommate to see what we were going to be that night.

Anyhow, I finally decided enough was enough.  It was time to either move on or make permanent roots.  I decided the purpose of the trip was not to make new roots and that I should move on.  I told my roommate who was also my supervisor at work.  He said he knew it was coming.  I gave him a months’ notice but if he found someone to replace me I would leave sooner.  It was the slow time of the year so it took him 3 weeks before he found someone. 
In those 3 weeks though he and I fucked our fool heads off.  You would think he thought he was never going to get laid again.  Every night was a fuck fest.  We even had a lot more threesomes than usual.  One night we even had an orgy.  It was my roommate, me, and 3 customers from the club.  Pardon the pun but we had a ball.  Actually we had balls.  I had my first experience of a double fuck that night.  My roommate was on his back and I decided to climb onto his cock.  I was leaning forward to kiss him when I felt pressure at my hole again.  My roommate had his arms around my back by now holding me so I was stuck in this position.  I looked back and another guy was moving in for my ass behind me.  He was the most hung and largest girth guy in the entire group.

I told him I didn't think so and he told me “Oh yes, I do.”  My roommate turned my face to him and started to kiss me hard as the other guy started to enter me.   My roommate was already slowly fucking me.  The other guys cock stretched my ass so wide I though I was tearing open.  I yelled into my roommate’s mouth.  I could now feel every vein, every ridge, and every bump on both their cocks as he slid in.  He leaned over and lay on my back as well and said “You’re gonna love my cock in you man.”  It took him awhile but he did get it all the way in.

They started moving in opposite directions. As one pulled out the other was pushing in.  I did finally get used to it and was moaning and crying out in pure pleasure.  They fucked me like this for a while before my roommate came inside me.  His cum was leaking out as he pulled out and the other guy kept fucking me.  Now that his cock was the only one in me he picked up speed and soon was ramming into me hard.  So hard he actually caused me to cum all over my roommate without us touching my cock.  When I came my ass contracted so much it squeezed his cock hard enough to cause him to cum too.  I felt every last drop as it came out of his cock into my ass.

The rest of the night was uneventful compare to that but I still got fucked a few more times and fucked a few asses myself.  I was leaving in a few days so I guess this was my farewell fuck so to speak.  Only my roommate and I fucked the rest of my stay. 

I had acquired a few things while working at the motel so the day before I left I packed the car so I was ready for an early start.  The guys at the motel club came by to say good bye and wish me luck.  That night I went to work for the last time.  It was a great time too.  There were the regulars at the club and all the guys I worked with.  I ended up not working at all that night.  I was too busy getting my cock sucked on the bar or fucking on the bar or getting fucked on the bar or some other sort of sexual activity because when I walked in they all gathered round shaking my hand and telling me to have a safe trip and then lifted me up on the bar telling me it was my night.

The next day when I left I was so tired from all the fucking and sucking at the club the night before that I didn't know how long I was going to be able to drive.  I did manage to get a good 8 hours in and had decided to go south.  Let’s see where I end up this time.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Extended Trip - Part 3

Extended Trip

Story by Larry

Part 3 of 8


After I left Nicks house it was pretty quiet for almost a week.  I took my time driving and stopping where ever and whenever I wanted to sightsee or just rest.  I had stopped at the grocery store on the way out of town and bought drinks and cold cuts to save money on food and was eating picnic style for a couple of days.  I was in the middle of nowhere and decided I wanted to stop at a regular hotel and get a decent night’s sleep and shower instead of sleeping in the car.

I took out my guide book I had bought at home and looked up motels.  It listed everything gay from grocery stores to gas stations to motels to clubs.  I found one that was only a few more hours’ drive and to boot it was clothing optional.  I called ahead and reserved a room and then headed that way.  When I got there I registered and went right to my room.  I figured I would shower, get a drink in the club that was attached to the motel, and then get some sleep. 

Being clothing optional I put on a cock ring and jock to go to the club.  When I walked in I fit right in.  Everyone was in some form of being totally undressed.  I went to the bar and ordered a drink and then surveyed the room.  There was every kind of piece of meat you could think of and most were on the hunt.

When the bar tender gave me my drink I saw a sign behind him "HELP WANTED" and asked him about it.  I figured “What could it hurt.”  He told me it was for a bar back, small salary, and room and board.  He told me if I was interested I was hired and could start right after I finished my drink.  I gulped it down; he gave me a rough run down of what to do and sent me off. 

I cleared tables, swept up when things were dropped and kept the ice full and the coolers full of beer.  When the club closed I finished cleaning up and the bartender came over and gave me 10% of his tips.  I told him it wasn't necessary but he said it was customary to do so.  I thanked him and went to my room.  I would be moving into employee quarters in the morning.

I didn't even get to sit down once in the room and there was a knock at the door.  It was the bartender and he wanted to know if I wanted a night cap before turning in.  I really didn't have a chance to say no because he walked in and opened the bottle and poured two glasses before I could answer.  He sat down and looked around.  “Nice room” he said.  I told him I thought so and took a gulp of my drink. 

He got up and walked over and laid on the bed.  “Comfortable” he said.  “It is really comfortable.  Come and see” he said and patted the bed next to him.   I walked over and stood next to the bed and said “Looks comfortable.”  With that he took my hand and pulled me down on top of him.  I looked at him and he said

“It's even more comfortable like this.”

With that he felt up my leg to my cock and took hold and squeezed.  I moaned and told him “Better not start anything you don't plan on finishing.  It’s been almost a week and I’m really horny.”  When I said that, he slid his hand into my jock and took my cock out and started to jerk me off.  I managed to move around a little and took his cock in my mouth and started to suck him off.  He moaned and pushed my head all the way down on his cock and started to jerk me off faster.

I came pretty quickly and he licked it off my cock and his hand.  I continued to suck him off till he shot in my mouth.  It was warm and salty but actually tasted good.  After he came we sat up and laughed at each other.  Why I had no idea.  We had another drink and then started to make out.  He was a fantastic kisser.

He lay me on my back and kissed me from head to toe paying special attention to certain areas of my body.  He was sucking my cock and I was moaning and rolling around from the sensations he was sending up and down my spine when he took his mouth off my cock and said I don't know about you but I’m ready and with that lifted my legs and aimed his cock at my ass.  I told him “Not without some sort of lube, my man.” 

He laughed and reached in the drawer and took out a small bottle of lube.  He told me it's complementary in every room.  He lubed his cock and my hole and then aimed his cock and shoved.  It was average length but man was he thick.  I thought he was ripping my ass in 2.  It took a while to get used to it but when I did man did it feel good.  This guy knew how to fuck an ass let me tell you.  He fucked me for a long time.  My legs were going numb from being in the air for so long.  He must have known too because he pulled out and rolled me over so my stomach was on the bed but my ass hung off and in the air. I was actually kneeling bent over the bed.  He came up behind me and rammed his cock in again.  It took me by surprise and I yelled. 

He laughed and said “Relax man and enjoy.  I love to fuck and can go for ever.”  I glanced at the clock to note the time.  When he finally did cum I had already shot twice.  Once just from being fucked and once because my cock was pinned between me and the mattress and it was like being jerked off.  Anyhow when he finally did cum he filled my ass so much it was leaking out around his cock and when I looked at the clock it was almost an hour and a half later.  I told him that was enough.  I was going to be sore as hell in the morning. 

“I hope not” he said “because your shift starts at 2 in the afternoon, tomorrow.  I talked the boss into letting me teach you to tend bar a little to help when it's slow cleaning tables.”  I told him “You don't even know me.”  He said “Yeah but I do now.” 

He stayed the night and when we woke in the morning he insisted on me fucking him and wearing my cock ring to do it so I didn't cum fast.  I fucked him for about 20 minutes and came.  We were all sweaty and he said he was going to his room to shower and then would meet me for breakfast.  With that like it was nothing he jumped off the bed and walked to the door.  Before he opened it he looked back at me.  He took some of my cum out of his ass with his finger and ate it.  Then he was gone. 

We ended becoming good friends and fuck buddies.  If we weren't picked up by someone at the club at night we went to our room, oh yes we ended up sharing a room too, but anyhow we would go back to our room and fuck till all hours.  I worked till I had a good amount of money behind me and then started to think about moving on.  I was going to put some serious thinking into this next move.  It was starting to get cold and wintry in the mountains and stuff.  Maybe I would head south.  We’ll see.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Extended Trip - Part 2

Extended Trip

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 8


After I left Joe the trucker I was heading further west.  There was a guy hitching off the exit ramp of the truck stop onto the highway.  I stopped and picked him up.  He threw his stuff in the back seat and said thanks.  He was hitching home after school because he didn't have enough money for a bus ticket.  He had about another 8 hours to go if he didn't have to hitch any more. 
Not having any definitely plans I told him he would be home in 8 hours and off we went.  He noticed my cell phone on the console and asked if he could use it.  I told him yeah.  He dialed and I heard him saying “Yeah mom I’ll be home tonight.  My new friend says we should be there in about 8 hours.  Ok.  See you then.”

He hung up and told me that was his mom which I already knew.  Then he told me she said to make sure I stayed for dinner.  I readily accepted figuring saving money on my food budget.  This guy’s name was Nick.  When we got to nicks house his mom and dad met us at the door.  They lived on a farm. 

We ate dinner and then Nick's mom said I should stay the night after hearing I was traveling with no exact plans.  I stayed with Nick in his room that night.  We slept in boxers in the same bed and he, in his sleep, cuddled up behind me.  If I didn't know better I would have thought he was coming on to me.  The next morning we ate and at breakfast Nick's dad offered me a job for a few days because he needed some extra help.   He’d pay me cash and room and board.  Nick said I could stay with him in his room so I agreed.

We put in a hard day of work and then as we were finishing up Nick took me to the lake on the back of the property and said lets cool off.  He stripped naked and dove in.  He had a cute ass.  I followed into the water and it was really refreshing.  When we got out Nick just stood to air dry.  I watched as water dripped off his hair, and his cock and balls which hung low between his legs.

When we were dry enough we went to eat at the house and then up to Nick’s room.  Nick stripped saying it was hot in the house.  I sat in my boxers.  We talked and I couldn't help but keep staring at his cock.  When it came time for bed I dropped my boxers and climbed in naked next to Nick. It was less than 5 minutes and Nick had his arm around my chest and was cuddling behind me.  I looked over my shoulder and he was looking directly at me and said "Don't tell me you don't want this.  I saw how you stared at me at the lake and after dinner." 

With that I just backed my ass up against his cock as a signal that yes I wanted it.  He gently pushed me onto my stomach and started at my shoulders and kissed his way down to my ass where he pulled my cheeks apart and started to lick and suck on my hole and force his tongue inside.  He was making me crazy and had to tell me not to moan so loud or his parents would hear.  Then he lay on top of me and I could feel his cock in my ass crack. 

I reached back and guided his cock into my hole and he pushed in till his balls rested on my ass.  He whispered in my ear asking how I liked to be fucked and I told him whichever way he though felt good.  He started out slow and soon was power fucking me.  Then he pulled out and rolled me over and put my legs on his shoulders and shoved back into my ass.  He was just the right size and I wrapped my arms around him and as he fucked me I whispered into his ear to fuck me all night long and was running my fingers up and down his back.  My own orgasm was building and when I came I dug my finger nails into his back scratching him from his ass to his shoulders.  He sort of growled and bent himself backwards as he slammed into my ass and letting go with a big hot load in my ass.

As he was finished shooting Nick pulled out and rolled off me.  “Damn that was hot” he said.  I agreed.  His mom knocked on the door asking if we needed anything.  Nick said “No we were going to sleep.“  He rolled on his side and threw his arm over my bare chest.  “We have everything we need” he said as he started to doze off.

In the middle of the night I woke to Nick sucking my cock.  It took his mouth off me long enough to tell me he noticed I was hard and he was helping me out.  I put him on all 4's and said help me this way and spit on his hole and then pushed in.  Nick moaned like a sick animal but whispered for me to not stop.  In a few minutes I was long dicking him. All the way in and then back out till just the tip of my cock was in his ass.  He loved it.  I fucked him for a long time and left a nice load inside him before we both went back to sleep. In the morning we 69'd before breakfast and then went to work. 

That night we ate and then went up to Nick’s room and fucked and sucked for hours.  His dad at dinner said my job was done so we made the best of the time.  By the next morning we each came at least 3 times in one way or another.  After breakfast Nick’s dad paid me for my time and I was back on the road.  This was proving to be an interesting trip.  I can't wait to see what comes my way next.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Extended Trip - Part 1

Extended Trip

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 8 


After high school I decided I was going to go on an extended vacation before I did anything further in my life.  By extended I didn't know when I would be back.  I was packing the car and just driving.  When I stopped I stopped if I stayed someplace I stayed till I wanted to leave.  I had a good chunk of savings and I paid my car and stuff for 6 months then left.

I headed west having never been there.  I drove for a good 10 hours and then pulled into a truck stop to rest and eat.  I took a small bag of shaving stuff and soap I had put together and a towel.  I went into the truck stop and ate then went to the trucker side and paid for a shower.

There was this big burly guy in there.  It was a communal shower, so no partitions.  He mumbled hello and then went back to washing.  I stripped and stepped under the water as well.  I was washing when he turned to me and whistled.  I looked over at him and said ”Excuse me?”  He laughed.  “I know what the rainbow tattoo means man.  Relax I’m cool.”  Oh was all I could say.  I forgot I had a rainbow tattoo on my ass.  I had gotten it months ago on a dare. 

We finished showering quietly and then were out of the water and drying off together.  He started to talk asking me what I was doing.  I told him about my trip plans and he asked what I planned for tonight.  I figured I would sleep in the car to save money and continue on in the morning.  “You can't sleep in the car comfortably here” he said.  “I have a large sleep.  Come to my truck with me and get a decent night sleep.  I accepted.  He was a nice guy and I felt relaxed with him.   First things first I asked him his name and he said Joe.

I followed Joe to his truck and climbed in.  The sleeper was huge.  He stripped and said he hoped I didn't mind but he slept naked.  I told him great because so did I.  I stripped and folded my clothes and lay next to him ready to sleep.  He put a movie on saying he needed to relax a bit more before sleeping.  He had put on porn.  I watched it for about 5 minutes and then started to get hard.  I rolled onto my stomach to hide my hard on. 

Joe slid down so he was lying flat.  Next thing I knew he was running his fingers up and down my back and through my ass crack.   “You know” he said “you have a beautiful body and ass.”  I figured what the hell and rolled onto my side, this way I was facing him and able to play.  I started by circling the hair on his nipples and saying thank you.  His nipples became immediately erect.  He rolled on his side as well making it easy for me to take his nipples in my mouth.  I chewed on them, licked them and got then sticking out perfectly from his hairy chest.

He reached down and took my cock in his hand.  “Nice” was all he said.  After my desert of nipple's I swung my body around so we were in a 69 position.  I took his cock in my mouth and pushed his head with my free hand towards my cock.  He swallowed it like the pro cock sucker he was.  We sucked each other for a while and came within seconds of each other.  There was no cleanup; we swallowed each other's load 100%. 

Joe laid back and just sighed.  I told him I gathered it met with his approval.  He just nodded.  We fell asleep but in the morning I woke to Joe fingering my ass.  When he saw I was awake he told me he had debated taking me in my sleep but figured that wasn't fair.  “No problem” I said and rolled on my back.  I smiled at him and said “Ass is open for business” and raised my legs using the ceiling of the sleeper to brace myself with my legs open.  He lay on top of me and guided his cock to my ass.  He had already greased his cock in anticipation so he slid right in.  He was gifted in size and I had a hard time at first taking all of him. 

He fucked me real nice for a good 20 minutes before letting loose with a load in my ass.  Man did he cum a lot and boy was it hot inside me.  He pulled out and took a tissue and wiped the oil on my ass and off his cock.  “Let’s go eat breakfast.”  We did and then I went to my car and he drove off in his truck.  I never saw Joe again but at least my first 24 hours on the road I had already gotten head and been fucked once.  This trip was looking very promising.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Artistic Pursuit - Part 2

Artistic Pursuit

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2


He led me to a beautiful bedroom with another view of the ocean.  By this time it had gotten dark and when he left and I turned off the light the moonlight made it very romantic.  Just what I needed a romantic room and my hand.  Oh well.  In the middle of the night though, I heard the door slowly open.  My subject for the weekend stood next to the bed.  When I rolled over on my back he looked down at me.  “Mind if I join you.”  I told him not at all.  Instead of him lying next to me he lay between my legs and automatically took my cock in his mouth.  Instantly I was moaning.  He was an expert cock sucker.  He swirled his tongue around my cock as it moved in and out of his mouth.  The ball on his tongue from his piercing made for an exceptional feeling.  One I had never felt before. 


He sucked me till I came in his mouth before dropping my cock on my crotch and lying next to me.  “That was delightful” he said.  “How often can you cum in one setting?” he asked.  Being young as I am I told him three, sometimes four or five times.  “Excellent” he said.  With that he got up and went to the doors out onto the deck.  “Follow me” he said.  Once outside he leaned over the deck chair outside my door holding onto the arms and instructed me to slowly fuck him.  He’s the boss so I went to spit on my cock and he said no need for that I pre lubed myself before coming to your room.  He was very proper about everything and prepared for almost anything.

I slid my cock into him and he said “Just a smooth easy fucking please.  Draw all but the head out of me and then back in till your balls are against my ass.”  I followed instructions and he started to moan and soon after, both of us were sweating from the act of sex.  He started to jerk himself off and when he was almost ready to cum told me to fuck him hard and cum inside him.  I started to really fuck him hard and I felt his ass tighten around my cock.  He started to shoot all over the deck under us.  His ass tightening so much made me cum right then and there.  I pulled out when I was done and he turned to tell me that was lovely.  “I’ll be back in a moment.  You may shower.” 

By the time I was out of the shower he was back with some drinks again.  “Now we definitely need some rest.”  The next morning the houseman brought us breakfast and then bowed out gracefully.  After we ate he said “Now I would like one of me on the floor like in this picture.”  I suggested in front of the fire place and he agreed.  “This one in water colors please.”

I couldn't believe how easy it was to paint him.  His features were so defined and wonderful to look at.  We would take breaks and during one of those breaks he sucked me off.  Like I said he is and expert cock sucker.  I came and he kept sucking till I was rock hard again and had me cumming in his throat for a second time.  It took me a few days to do the water color painting.  More because he kept stopping to either suck my cock or have me fuck his ass.

What I thought would be a few days ended up being a month.  By the end of that time I had done 6 different portraits.  We had also become close and would break often to fuck each other or to suck one or the other off.  Just as I was finishing up the 6th portrait he asked me if I was game for a few shall we say explicit black and whites and could I do them from photos.  I said it was possible and what did he have in mind. 

With that he called the houseman in.  “James” he said “We will need your assistance.”  He answered “Yes sir what can I do.”  Then he turned to me and said “I need you to disrobe.”  I did.  It wasn't anything for James to see us in one form or another of undress.  “There is a digital camera there, James.  I want you to take pictures of us.  Just keep clicking and moving around and I will let you know when to stop. 

He got down on the floor and started to suck me off.  I leaned my head back.  I loved the feeling of his pierced tongue on my cock and I always let him know that I did.  James got a few pictures of my cock in his mouth and then of me sucking him off.  Then we moved to fucking and as we were on all 4's he got pictures from underneath with his cock and balls swinging back and forth as I fucked him.  From above as my cock would enter and exit his ass.  A few of my cock head as it was half in his hole.  There were all sorts of positions, on our backs, and cocks in our asses.  Let your imagination run wild.  We had them all.

When finally done we were sweaty and full of each other’s cum both in our ass and all over our bodies.  James even took pictures of us in the shower together.  Once we were done he had James download them onto the computer, send them to the print shop and had the print shop deliver them to us.  While we waited we lay naked on lounges on the deck and watched the water.  I was getting very used to this life. 

When the pictures came we went over them and picked out I can't tell you how many different sexual positions that he wanted drawn.  Then he told me what he intended on doing.  He wanted them all drawn separately, and then we would sit and place them into one big collage.  He was going to put the drawings and painting all over the house but the collage was going to frame out the mirror he had on the ceiling over his bed.  We spent a lot of time and took great pains in putting them together.  All in all, I had been at his place now for almost 2 months. 

One morning I got up and he said “Our work is done.  It is time to relax.”  We spent the next few days working out because I liked to keep myself in shape, swimming in the ocean or his heated pool and relaxing in the oversized hot tub.  I finally said I thought it was time he arranged to take me home.  He got very quiet and a depressed look came over him.  “I was hoping after all this time you would have gotten the idea and stayed.” 
“What do you mean?”  I said.  “In case you haven't noticed I kept inventing new portraits to do so you wouldn't be able to leave.  I was hoping that you would like it here so much you wouldn't want to leave.  I had to admit I was infatuated with him and if I hadn't been working probably would have developed deeper feelings.  I stood and walked over to him. “You know what.  I think you better cancel that helicopter for a while and come help me move my things into your room.  I want to look at my work around the mirror and try out making love in that mirror.”  He smiled and kissed me for the first time. I was hooked.  I love a good kisser and man he was one of the, if not the best, I have ever known. 

I now have my own studio both at home, one on the beach, and one in the city.  I commute by helicopter when I’m in the city and my gallery is one of the most well-known on the east coast.  I’m still with my benefactor but not as a benefactor any more.  He is my husband.  We were married a year ago on the beach with our closest friends.  And no one believes that it all started form me imagining all the guy’s best attributes in and out of the locker room in school.  They should only know, especially the ones who were my subjects.  I wonder if any of them saw that drawing and recognized their eyes, nose, ass, cock, balls, hair or whatever.  I don't care.  It was the start of the rest of my life.