Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best Wishes for the New Year

Best Wishes for the New Year

From Jay

Ring in the New Year

Ring in the New Year

By Jay

With the one you love.

Or love the one you are with.

Best Wishes for the New Year

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Beach Thong

Beach Thong

Story by Larry

                I went to the beach today.  See my tan line.  How do you like it?  I’m surprised I even have one after the day I've had.

                I wore a thong because we no longer have a nude beach by me.  With the hurricane last year people say we're too exposed from loss of sand and they don't want to see naked people running around.  Then don't fucking look.  A thong meets the "dress code" though so the only thing that doesn’t get tan is my cock and I’ll figure a way around that too.  But back to today.  Ii went to the beach and had a great time.  I met a lot of guys and even though it was difficult I gave 2 guys head and got fucked by another.
                We may not be able to go nude but put a blanket or towel over your head when you’re going down on someone and you’re not exposed.  The cops rode right by in their 4 wheel quad and all the guy I was sucking off did was tell me they were coming.  I stopped moving my head, they went past and then I went back to bobbing up and down on his cock and swallowed his load.  And what a load it was I might say.  The sun certainly agreed with him.
                Another guy I sucked off but he went quick.  He must have been jerking off before I saw him.  The best was getting fucked.  There was a guy sitting up by the dunes and for some reason I walked up to him to start a conversation.  I guess it was because he was staring at me for some time.  He was lying on a sheet and had a sheet spread over his knees to his feet.  We talked for a bit and one thing led to another and he came straight out and told me he love my thong.  He said “It shows off that hot fucking ass just great.  I’d love to get inside it.”
                I told him “I’d love to have you inside me but we can't here they patrol the dunes constantly now.”
“Come lay next to me” he said with a smile.  When i did he lay on his side and started to rub my belly.  “Now you see my man where there's a will there's a way.  Now i have the will and I have the way.  Now,   lay on your side like me with your back to me.”  When I did he told me “Put your head down like your asleep.”  I did as he said. 
                Then he asked me to hand him the lotion that was next to me on the sheet.  I handed it to him and he put some in his hand.  I heard a noise and knew he was lathering up his cock.   He pulled the sheet up over us half way so our chests and heads were exposed.   “Slide the thong down” he said.  After I did I felt him move behind me and the next thing I knew Ii could feel his cock in-between my ass cheeks and then at my hole.  He was a lot longer than I thought too.  We weren't exactly obvious about what we were doing but he had to be inside me at least 8 inches.  We lay there and to the ordinary onlooker we were 2 guys laying down possibly asleep.  Little did anyone know I was getting fucked and fucked very nicely thank you.
                Not that this is one of my most fond positions but let me tell you he did a fine job of fucking my ass and filling me with cum.  We lay for a long time afterwards, like that too except for one thing.  His cock was no longer in my ass.  I was a little upset about that.  I would have lay there all day like that if we could.    Before I left him to go home I slid under the sheet and sucked his cock clean of all the dry cum.  He loved it and kissed me deeply when I came out from under the sheet.  “We have to meet like this more often” he said.

                So, that was my day.  How was yours?  Oh not as interesting as mine.  That’s a shame.  Maybe I can do something about that.  Why don't you get comfortable and take those tight fitting jeans off.  Yeah they are hot but how do you expect me to suck you off with them on.  Ahhhh, there you go.  Now just sit down and enjoy.  I know I will.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Keep the Holiday Festive

Keep the Holiday Festive

By Jay

Santa? or Who?  Jay?

Enjoy the Holidays

Sunday, December 28, 2014



Story by Larry

                                Jerry himself claims to be straight but as you can see his cock definitely is not.  It has a natural French tickler curve to it that feels fucking great when he's doing just that, fucking the hell out of me.

                                Jerry goes to college nearby and works part time nights in some straight club nearby.  Sometimes he'll work the bar and end up drunk as a skunk and when he comes home he knocks on my door.  When I hear that knock at 2:30 i know by 3:30 the latest I’m gonna be clawing at the sheets as he fucks the hell out of me.  He sure knows how to fuck that's for sure.  Now if I could only get him to suck cock.  I thought that was going to happen last night but alas it didn't.

                                He called for me to pick him up he was so drunk.  When he got in the car he lay across the seat and opened my pants and was playing with my cock but it never made his mouth.  When we got home man was he horny too.  He actually pulled me across the seat by my cock and out of the car and into the apartment before he let go.

                                He was out of his clothes in seconds and laying on my bed with his cock straight up in hand telling me sit on it.  Of course I had to comply.  I was naked just as fast since I only threw a pair of lounge pants on to go get him and was lowering my ass onto him.  I love when he fucks me because with that curve he's just got his head inside me and he starts to curve so I get extra sensations from each thrust.

                                When he's not in such a rush I like to lick and suck his cock and balls and get him well primed, and man let me tell you he's got some stamina.  I don't know if it's the booze or his age or what but one night I actually had to make him stop I was getting sore.  We had been at it nonstop for over an hour.  We were both soaked in sweat and I had run low on lube, not that it stopped us totally.  I was on my stomach so we just lay there and actually fell asleep him laying of top of me with his cock still inside my ass. 

                                In the morning I made him pull out of me which was no easy task the lube had dried around his cock like glue inside me.  Once he was out though I rolled him on his back, pounced on him and sucked him till he gave me his load.  Then I dragged him into the shower where we soaped each other up and washed all the lube and cum off us all the while he was telling me how he's straight and this isn't really how he is. 

                                I really don't care, straight or not, as long as he fucks me once in a while that's fine with me.  I don't have to go out to the clubs and spend a lot of money to find a piece of ass that I’m not sure is good or not, who knows.  Maybe one day I will get him to suck my cock.  Stranger things have happened.  I mean think about it.  I got him to pose for this picture.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Quick Fuck

Quick Fuck 

Story by Larry

                                It’s summertime and it's hot as hell outside and even hotter in the club.  I’d swear the a/c isn't on at all but that's ok.  Being warm inside makes more of the guys take their shirts off.  The more skin I see and the more I drink, the braver and hornier I get.  Right now, I’m the horniest guy in this room.  I noticed this guy across the dance floor.  I’d never seen him here before and I’m in this club at least twice a week if not more.  I know almost everyone by name and most by cock size as well.

                                But anyhow I saw this guy standing across the floor.  He had on the tightest pair of jeans I've ever seen and no shirt.  His chest was full of hair which I love and facial hair to match.  I threw an instant hard on and almost came right then and there.  I wanted him but wasn't sure how.  I needed a few more drinks. I’m sure after I drink some more I’ll have no problem talking to him.  Well I got the surprise of my life.      
  Here I am standing with some friends and eyeing him up and down noticing he's hard as a rock in those tight jeans when he walks over to me.  “My name’s Jim what's yours?” he reached out to shake my hand and it was like electric.  I knew he felt the same Ii could tell in his face.  He leaned into and whisper in my ear not letting go of my hand.  "Let’s go fuck".  I nodded and headed for the door.  Fuck my shirt on the bench I was going to get his cock. He pulled me back.  “No time for that, in the bathroom.”

He dragged me into the stall and told me to strip.  He dropped his pants to the floor and sat down on the bowl. He was commando so it was easy.  “Come on man straddle this” and he waved his cock in the air.  Naked I climbed over his cock and sat down on him.  God he felt good going in.  With that someone tried to get into the stall and he told them to fuck off.  The guy grumbled something about fucking in the stall again but I didn't care.  I was the one getting fucked.  He was deep in me and I reached back to play with his nice set of low hangers.

                Jim was setting the pace, and let me tell you, what a pace.  Each time he thrust up he made sure he was all the way in.  “Yeah, baby, take my cock” he told me.  Sweat was pouring out all over the place.  It didn't take long before I shot all over his chest without even touching myself.  “Bingo” he yelled.  He started to fuck harder and breathe heavier and minutes later, was shooting in my ass.  He slapped my ass cheeks and said ok.  “Up and at em.”  i climbed off his softening cock and went to bend down and kiss him and he just pushed me away. 

                                Get dressed he told me.  I pulled on my pants as he pulled up his.  He opened the stall door and walked out.  I walked over to him at the bar and he just looked at me.  I asked if I could buy him a drink and he said no.  When I looked at him he said "Look.  You got what you wanted, my cock in your ass.  So be happy, most guys don't get that" with that he walked away but for some reason I wasn't bothered.  I did get what I wanted I got fucked by the hottest guy in the bar.  It is time for another drink.  Now where is the bartender...........

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merru Christmas

Merry Christmas

from Jay

Looking toward the New Year

Looking Towards the New Year

From Jay

Let's hope 2015 is a great year for all my readers of Horny Fiction.

Love Jay

Happy Holidays

 Happy Holidays

From Jay

Hope your Holidays are Merry and Gay

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Hope you are having a great holiday season.

May all your presents be the best gift ever.

Love Jay

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Here Comes Santa

Here Comes Santa

from Jay


The Snow Globe

Story by Jay

I was on my way home for the holidays.  The airport was busy with travelers.  Snow had been falling all day and the roads were not good including the runways at the airports.  There were delays posted at all the gates.  I got bored and decided to look at the items in the stores at the airport.  I found one that had these beautiful snow globes of different scenes.  I picked one up that had a scene of a military man standing in the snowy field.  I shook the globe and watch as the snow swirled around the soldier.  “Nice globe. “  I turned and it was a soldier who said that.  I said, “I like it.  It is different.”

Suddenly an announcement came over the loudspeakers informing us that all flights were cancelled due to the snowstorm.  We headed to the checkout counter to see what we needed to do.  The soldier was on the same airline as I was but a different flight.   He checked in first and got a room at a nearby hotel.  When I reached the counter, all rooms were booked.  I was stranded at the airport.  I did not look forward to an evening on hard benches and sleeping on a hard floor.  The soldier came over and asked if everything was ok.  After hearing my story, the soldier invited me to share the room with him.  It was his last night in the US before shipping overseas, so he welcomed the company.   

We took the shuttle over the hotel.  It was slow going but the hotel was on the airport property, so it did not take long to get there.  The only room left had a single bed.  The soldier looked at me and asked, “Is that ok?”  I nodded.  The room was not big, but it was warm with a decent bed.  We settled in and got out of ours clothes.  He had military style boxers.  They were baggy.  I stripped down to my white briefs.  We got under the covers and the soldier talked about going off to war.  He was nervous about going but his only regret was that he was still a virgin.  “I never even been kissed.  I hate to die without experience that.”

I leaned over and lightly kissed him on the cheek.  “Now you have no regrets.”   The soldier smiled then he returned the kiss but on this time on my lips.  I did not know how far to go so I let him take the lead.  He moved closer to me and laid his head on my chest.  He started to play with my chest hairs.  I put my hand on his hand.  Our fingers intertwined.  He squeezed my hand.  I felt his hand shaking.  I raised his hand to my mouth and kiss his hand.  I whispered, “You are ok.  Don’t worry.”  I kiss his forehead and said, “Let’s get some sleep.” 

The next morning the soldier woke up first.  His cock was hard.  I felt him stirring and said ”Good morning.  You ok?”  He explained that his cock was hard.  I said, “No problem.”  I pulled the blankets back and saw his cock sticking out of the opening of his boxers.  I pulled down his boxers to free his cock and balls.  He was uncut.  I grabbed hold of his cock and pulled his shaft up and back down.  His cockhead appeared and precum glistened at the tip of his cock.  I did a few stokes and he said he his close to cumming.  He let loose and cum landed in big white globs of semen.   

I was hard as well, so I decided to jack off.  He stopped me and said, “Let me do it.”  I pulled down my briefs and he grabbed my cock.  He jerked it a few times then stopped.  He moved over and took my cock in his mouth.  This had to be his first time.  He seemed cautions and took things slow which was ok with me.  He finally got the hang of it and was sucking me almost like a pro.  I felt I was getting close to cumming and did not know if he really wanted me to cum in his mouth, so I warned him, “I am getting ready to cum.”  He removed my cock from his mouth and jerked my cock until I came.  He seemed to be amazed at me cumming. 

We laid there feeling good when the phone rang.  It was the wakeup call from the front desk, saying flights were back being scheduled.  We quickly showered and dressed and headed back to the airport.  We checked the monitors for our flights and found our gates and departure times.  I asked the soldier to watch my backpack and I made a quick stop at the restroom.  When I got back, the soldier asked me for my address and said he would write.  His flight was boarding, so we said our good-byes and off he ran for his flight.   

I found my gate and had more time before my flight boarded.  So I found a seat and decided to read the book that I brought.  I reached inside my backpack to remove my book when I found the snow globe that had the scene of a military man standing in the snowy field.  The soldier has purchase the snow globe and placed it in my backpack with a note.  It said, “See you when I get back.  Thanks for no regrets.”  I gazed at the snow globe and flipped it and watched the snow falling all around the soldier.  I thought to myself, “Be safe and come home.  Hope to see you soon.” 

The Snow Globe II

I gazed at the snow globe.  I picked it up and flipped it.  I watched the snow falling all around the soldier.  I thought to myself, “Be safe and come home.  Hope to see you soon.”  I replaced it on my nightstand.  It had been a few weeks since I watched him leave at the airport.  I wondered how he was doing.   

The phone ringing interrupted my thoughts.  I answered it and it was the soldier.  He had been wounded in the war and was at a nearby military hospital.   As I rushed over to the hospital, I prayed that he would be all right.

I ran into the hospital and I stopped at the door to his room and took a deep breath.  As I entered, he turned and smiled at me.  He had a chest wound.  I slowly walked over to his bed.  He saw the worried look on my face and said, “Don’t worry.  I’m fine.  Really I am.”  He explained that his parents were on the way but they were stuck in the snowstorm in the Midwest.  They were not expected for a few days. 

I told him I was glad to see him.  I asked, “Is there anything I can do?”  He replied, “You can keep me company.  The hospital won’t release me unless I am with someone.  So I am stuck here until my parents get here.”

I had a great idea.  “Why don’t you come to my place till your parent arrive? “

The soldier immediately rang for the nurse.  “That would be great.  I would really appreciate it.”

He got released and off we drove to my place.  I must have asked him a hundred times, “You ok?”  He smiled and said, “I am glad to see a friendly face.  I am ok.”

We had a nice dinner.  He praised my cooking. After dinner, we talked.  He asked, “Can you do me a favor.  I need to get clean up before I see my parents.  Can you help me wash up?”  I was happy to do it.

I helped him to the bathroom and took off the hospital pajama bottoms.  Underneath he had on those baggy military boxers.    I helped him into the tub.  I pulled his boxers off.  I started to use a washcloth to wash his legs.  His cock grew erect.  It was just inches in front of me.  I closed my eyes as I considered what to do.  I could not resist.  I licked the underside of his cock.  It quivered from my touch.  I took it in my mouth.  I slowly started to suck it.

I heard him say in a faint voice, “Don’t.”  I remove his cock from my mouth.  I felt terrible.  He said, “Stop’.  I ruined a good moment with the soldier.  I closed my eyes and hung my head down.  Then I heard in his faint voice, “Don’t stop.  Please.  Don’t stop.”       

I was relieved.  I held his cock in my hand and took his cock back into my mouth.  I gently started to suck once again.  He leaned back against the tub and closed his eyes.  He placed one of his hands on the top of my head.  He started to set the pace for me. 

I placed my hands on his hips and supported him.  I heard his breathing intensify.  I felt for his balls and they had retracted up into his body.  I knew he was close to cumming.   He let out a grunt and I felt his cum hit the back of my mouth.  I swallowed quickly and prepared myself for the next shot.  I felt the pressure of his hand on the top of my head, as he shot another wad of cum.  His breathing slowly resume to normal, as he shot the last drop of cum.  I removed his cock from my mouth.  He was still erect.  I picked up the washcloth and finished cleaned him up.

The next day his parents arrived to pick him up.  They took his belongings down to the car.  We were left alone.  I gave him a gentle hug avoiding his wound bandage on his chest.  He kissed me and said, “I will be back in a couple weeks, promise.  Thanks for everything.”  I walked him down to the car and waved as they drove off. 

I walked into the bedroom and sat on the bed. I gazed at the snow globe.  I picked it up and flipped it.  I watched the snow falling all around the soldier.  I replaced it on my nightstand.  I laid on the bed and fell asleep watching the snow settle to the bottom of the globe.

Snow Globe III

For the last couple of weeks my routine was pretty much the same.  Before I went to bed I would gazed at the snow globe.  I wondered how the soldier was doing and if I would see he again.  I flipped it and watched the snow falling.  I watched it settle to the bottom of the globe and watch as the soldier appeared among the snow. 

Overnight it had snowed and it was still coming down.  It was another winter in the Midwest.  I was scraping the snow off of the car when I saw a figure coming towards me.  The snow made it difficult to see who it was.  I raised my hand to shield my face from the snow.   Then I saw the military uniform. 

My heart stopped.  I thought to myself, “Could it be?”  Then I saw the smile.  It was him.  I grabbed him in a bear hug.  I was so glad to see him.  We went inside to get out of the cold.  He looked great.  He took off his hat and said, “I have to get back to the military.  I wanted to see you one more time.”  I was so happy. 

“Is it ok?” he asked.  I grabbed his hat and coat and said, “Anytime.  Coming on in and sit.”  He told me of the last two weeks being busy at home with his relatives.  He had healed and wasn’t ready to go back to the military but duty called.   

We had a great evening together.  But it was late and it was time to go to bed.  We headed for the bedroom. We undressed and were down to just our underwear.  He had on those baggy military boxers.  We climbed into bed.  He asked me, “Can you do me a favor?  I want to hold you.  I want to fall asleep with someone in my arms.”

His chest wound still had a bandage on it.  I put my head on his right side and we put our arms round each other.  He sighed, “This is good.”  I held on to him and was glad he was back.  I listened as he breathed and then it turned into a snore.  I closed my eyes and slept.

I had a dream.  I was being carried by the soldier as the snow swirled around us.  As the snow settled, I notice we were safe in our own world in a snow globe.  He turned and kissed me.

I woke up and thought the dream seemed so real.  As my eyes focused, I saw the soldier face smiling as he looked at me.  He reached over and kissed me.  It was a tender kiss.  I was all his.  I was ready to turn myself over to him.  I decided I would do as little as he wanted, or as much as he wanted.   I was happy to be next to him.    

He rolled me over on my back.  He laid his head on my chest.  Slowly he stroked my chest.  He sent chills up and down my body.  I feared that if he touch my cock, I would explode.  He kissed me on my chest.  His hands moved down to the top of my underwear.  He stopped as if the underwear was a barrier and he could not cross the line. 

I did what I said I would not do.  I pushed his hand under the waistband of my underwear and he held my cock.  He kissed me but this time more forceful.  As he stroked my cock, I reached under his boxers and found his cock.  He was hard and waiting for my touch.  We stroked each other cock.  He stopped and removed his boxers and my underwear.  We resumed stroking our cocks and kissing.  I reached down and held his balls.  He imitated my move.  His touch was electrifying. 

I came first.  He continued to stroke me and I came.  I wanted it to last forever but it was over before I knew it.  Once I finished cumming, I felt his balls tightened and he came.     

The next day went by quickly and he had to make his flight back to the military.  I saw him off at the airport and headed home. 

Before I went to bed I gazed at the snow globe.  This time I did not want to obscure my view of the soldier. I laid on the bed and fell asleep watching the soldier standing guard in the snow globe.    

Snow Globe IV

I had the dream again.  I was being carried by the soldier as the snow swirled around us.  As the snow settled, I notice we were safe in our own world in a snow globe.  He turned and kissed me.

I woke in a cold sweat.  I looked around the room.  I was alone.  It was that dream again. 

It has almost been a year since the solder left for the war.  Whenever he could, he would send me an email.   His tour of duty was coming to an end and he was looking forward to coming home.  I was hoping he would visit.  His emails never mention a visit. 

I had a lot to do before the Holidays so I decided to hit the Mall.  As I ran to the car, I slipped on the ice and twisted my ankle.  I landed on my ass.  I tried putting pressure on my foot to stand up but it was too painful to do. 

“Need some help?”  I turned and saw the soldier.  Before I knew it, he swooped down and picked me up in his arms.  He carried me back inside.  He kicked the door closed behind him.  He flashed that beautiful smile at me and kissed me.  He carried me back to the bedroom and set me down on the bed.

Without saying a word, he undressed me.  He took off his uniform and sat there in white briefs.  Gone were the baggy military boxers.  He looked a lot better.  He was muscular and trim.  He laid down next to me.  I grabbed him and pulled him on top of me.  I kissed him passionately.  I could feel his cock as he laid on top of me.  His brief could not contain his cock and it was poking over the top of the waistband of his briefs.    

As I move my hands over his back, I was amazed how muscular he had gotten.  I moved my hand down and grabbed his ass.  I slipped my hands under his briefs and felt his round bubble butt. 

I pulled his briefs down to free his cock and balls completely.  I felt his cock against my cock.  He reached down and removed both ours briefs.  Our cock pressed against each other.  I spread my legs.  Almost by instinct, he raised my legs.  I felt his cock poking around my ass crack.  I reached down and guided it to my asshole.  I gave him a push and he entered me.

He started to make love with me.  He never stopped kissing me.  His thrusts were effortless.  He glided in and out like a well-oiled machine.  I felt wave after wave of bliss.  I grabbed my cock and started to stroked it.  I had waited for this moment for over a year and it was finally here. 

With every thrust of his cock, I came closer to cumming.  I closed my eyes as he kissed me.  I did not want to open my eyes for fear that this was just a dream. 

He stopped kissing me to let out a low grunt and I felt the first shot of cum, then another, and another. 

I released my cock and embraced him. I opened my eyes and he was looked at me.  He smiled and kissed me again.

He laid down beside me and wrapped his arms around me.  I turned towards the nightstand and glanced at the Snow Globe one last time.    

He kissed me on the ear and whispered in my ear, “I’m home.”    

Monday, December 22, 2014

Santa is Delivering Presents

Santa is Delivering Presents

By Jay

Hope he bring him to my house.

It is Almost Christmas

It is Almost Christmas

by Jay

Make any last minute decorations

Don't forget last minute gifts.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Get Ready fof Christmas

Get Ready for Christmas

By Jay

What to give?

Everyone wants one of these under the tree.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The New Job

The New Job

Story by Larry

                                I just relocated to a different state and a new job because of problems in my last job.  You see the last job my supervisor was blackmailing me.  He caught me in a storage room jerking off and he played it up and blackmailed me into letting him fuck me on a regular basis.  It got so bad I didn't know what to do and when a friend from school said he could get me a job where he was I jumped on it.  I ducked out on the lease to my sublet apartment, gave no notice at my job and just packed my clothes and left.  Never went back when I was supposed to after vacation.

                                Now here I am, and fucked if I’m not in the same position.  What is it does my mouth and ass give off some sort of vibe   "Fuck me"?  I’m only working a month and already a guy that is my supervisor is giving me the eye.  There’s just one difference.   This guy is hot.  I just may take him up on his advances one day and I think today is going to be the day.  You see he asked me to work late this morning so we could get a project done.  Then all day he made little remarks about this or that and now we're the only ones in the building and he's standing in front of me rubbing his crotch and telling me how he could go for a good blow job right about now.

                                I finally couldn't take any more and I walked over to him and grabbed him through his pants and pulled him to me and kissed him hard.  I forced my tongue into his mouth and kissed him as hard as I could.  When I felt he was kissing me back I let go of his cock through his pants and slowly opened them and reached in to find a very large cock and a very full set of balls.  He wasn't kidding he needed to empty his balls as soon as possible.

                                He slid his pants down around his thighs and pushed away just enough to break our kiss and in a heavy tone told me "Go ahead".  Slowly I got down on my knees and mouthed his underwear getting it good and wet and then pulled it down to expose a thick and long cock.  I took the tip in my mouth and swirled my tongue around its head and he moaned.  "YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSS".  Slowly I took him into my mouth till my nose was buried in his pubes and then backed off really slow.  

                                He moaned so load you could probably have heard him in the parking lot.  I went down on him again but this time he held my head to his crotch and started to fuck my mouth.  “Yeah, bitch, take my cock” he told me.  I let go of his underwear so I could play with his balls and I guess he was so worked up that was all it took cause the minute i did that he shot his load.  I drank it all and then let his already softening cock drop from my mouth.

                                He tucked himself into his underwear and pulled up his pants and said "Thanks man.  That was fucking great".  As he was closing his pants he looked at me and said “If it wasn't so late I’d do you but we have to get done.”  I told him I’d take a rain check.  He laughed.  “Want me to put that in writing because I definitely will.  I’ve been dying to get a hold of whatever it is you got in those pants.”  Then I laughed.  “Maybe this week end.” I told him.  He looked at me and shook his head “Yes.   You got a date.” he said.  “Dinner, dancing, and then a night at my place.  How’s that sound?”  I responded by walking up and kissing him.  “Does that answer your question?” 

As I sat back down at my desk to finish my work I thought to myself "This is going to be a great place to live".

Thursday, December 18, 2014



Story by Jay

It was a business luncheon.  I chose the restaurant and I asked for John for being our waiter.  I done this before many times and John was super.  Of course, I made sure he was rewarded for his service.  The food was delicious.  The room setting was just right for the group.  We ate and drank and enjoyed the evening.  After everyone left, I settled with John.

He got his usually monetary tip.  I was always very generous with John.  He was well worth the money.  When we were finally alone, I gave John an added bonus.

I walked up to him, and saw a big smile on his face.  He asked me "Everything fine?"  I looked into his eyes and moved closer.  I grabbed his apron and felt his hardening cock.  I answered "Everything is wonderful as always."

I took off his apron and unzipped his pants and pulled down his underwear.  His cock was already super hard.  I used my tongue to lick his cockhead and then deep throat his cock.  As muchn as John enjoyed a good blow job, he also loved something more from me.

He removed his clothes and bent over.  He said "I love your cock in my ass, sir."  I spit on my cock and spread it around and then pressed my cock against his ass. John released his ass to allow me to enter his ass.

Once I was in.  We sat on a chair and he rocked up and down on my steel cock.He moan as I reached around and grabbed his cock, stroking it until he came.

He whispered "I would to drink your cum."  I pulled out and stood up.  I saw his cock was cum covered.  He was slowly stroking his cock spreading the cum all over his cock.

I let him take over and suck my cock.  He loved to take it slow with my cock and finally increase the speed until my balls tightened and I shot my load.

John never let a drop of cum escape his mouth.  When we were done, we got dressed and he said he needed to clear the table.  I smiled and said "Thanks.  See you later?"  John said "I will be home around 10."

Tuesday, December 16, 2014



Story by Jay

I had a paper due in my ECON class at he university.  I decided to work on it at home.  My parents were away for the weekend, so I could concentrate on it.  I had been working on it since I got up this morning.  I decided to take a break.  I went to the site of Horny Fiction on my laptop and read the latest post.  It did not take long to spring a hard on.  I was ready to jack one off when the door bell rang.  I stuffed my hardening cock and went to the door.  Looking through the peep hole, I saw a hunk of a guy standing there.

I opened the door and asked "Yes?"  He smiled and saw my cock pushing against my shorts.  "I am representing Senator Jones.  I want to see if you are going to vote next Tuesday?"

He looked down at my protruding cock and asked "If you got a minute...I will be glad to give you some information on Senator Jones.....If you got a minute."

I let him come in.  He was cute and I loved the way he was staring on my cock.  I was hoping he would do more.  I led him into the den and made sure I stop quickly so that he would be close to me.

It worked,  He was so close, our lips brushed together and his hand reached for my cock.  My cock sprang and pushed up and straight out of my shorts.  His kisses were fantastic.  He massaged my cock until I needed for it to be released.

He kept kissing as he pulled my cock out of my shorts.  He stopped kissing and saw the size of my cock and said "Wow.  You have got to fuck me."  He dropped his pants and underwear and said "Fuck me.  Now.  Fuck me. Please."

He turned around and leaned against the book cases and I inserted my cock.  He whispered "Deeper."  I slowly inserted my cock till I was all the way in.  In a louder voice he said "Now fuck me hard."

I increased my thrusts and he was moaning.  I reached around him and grabbed his hard cock and started to jack him off.  I started to slow down as I rammed my cock deep into his ass.  He screamed    "Don't stop."  I went back to thrust faster and harder.  He came just as my body stiffened and I came.

He pulled up his boxers and then his pants and got ready to leave.  "I got to finish my school paper.  Why don't you come back latter to talk about Senator Jones?"  He beamed with a smile from ear to ear.  "I will."

As I closed the door my cock started to grow.  I looked down and said "Not now.  Later."

Sunday, December 14, 2014

College Interns

College Interns

Story by Jay

I started work as an intern in this office a week ago.  So I was still new in what I needed to do.  There was one other intern and he been working in the office for a few months.  So I was instructed to follow Robert around the office and learn from him.

It was easy work and Robert was very friendly.  He let me watch him work on the computer and I was picking up the routine quickly.

On Mondays, everyone goes to a meeting across town, so it is just us interns in the office.  Robert asked me "You want to learn how to get a head?"  I said "Sure, what do I do?"

He motion for me to kneel down.  As I got in position, he pulled out his super hard cock.  Like I said, I was a quick learner, so I immediately started to suck on his cock.  He had a enormous cut cock.

I had been sucking cock for a while now, so I was not an intern when it came to giving head.  I had Robert moaning and begging for more.

And more, is what he got.  He quickly undressed me and was amazed of the size of my cock.  I loved to shave and keep my cock and balls smooth, so he was enjoying that.

Then I stood up and removed Robert's shirt.  He had a better built than me.  We started kissing and I enjoyed the tongue action that Robert was doing.  I tried to imitate him but Robert sure knew how to make his tongue do things that really was amazing.

By now, I wanted to see Robert's cock.  He finished undressing and we kissed some more.  He sat me down on his chair and sat on my cock.  It happened so fast.  My cock was inside of him as he continue to kiss.

I did not expect to be fucking him.  He started to move up and down and I came almost immediately.  When we finished and got dressed, he said "Next week, we will learn how to prolong your fucking."  I just smiled and marked my calendar for next week.  I am looking forward to learning more.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

My Turn

My Turn

Story by Jay

We met at the local bar.  We drank and talked for hours.  It finally was closing time.  He said he had a long drive ahead of him.  I lived around the corner from the bar.  So I asked him if he wanted to crash at my place.

I was excited that he said 'yes'.  As I headed to my place, I wondered what he looked like naked.  He was a husky guy and I had visions of seeing a large cock to suck or maybe even get up my ass.

He went straight to the couch and sat down.  He said "Feels good."  I sat next to him.  I got up to remove my shirt.  He was at my side gently tugging at my shorts.  They came off of me in one swift movement of his hand.

I was not naked.  He nibble on my chest.  My nipples were sticking out. Before I knew it he had me on the couch and his tongue was exploring my ass.  Boy did that feel good.

I was enjoying every minute of it.  His tongue was sheer magic.   I reached back and pulled his head closer to my ass so that his tongue went deep and deeper.

I was ready to scream with delight.  The roller coaster ride was just beginning.  He pulled me down to the floor and started sucking on my cock.  I straddled his chest. He pulled me closer and his mouth engulfed my balls.  I was close to cumming.

But I wanted it to last.  He moved from my balls back to my cock.  He was constantly sucking.  I stifled a scream.

It was finally too much.  I found myself back on the couch.  His mouth was permanently attached to my cock.  I finally let loose with a scream.  He clamped down on my cock with his lips and I came.  He did not lose any of the cum.  I came and he swallowed.  It went on and on.

"Wow" I said.  He said, "Now it is my turn."  I smiled as we switch positions.