Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hiking High

Story by Jay

As told to Jay from whkattk

This story is about a guy who stumbled across me on a hiking trail once...

I love to hike. When I hike, I don’t have any special gear or clothes to wear.  When I hike, I hike nude.  I love the freedom being naked gives me.  I love the feel of a breeze against my skin.  I love the feel of the sun against my skin.  Even a rain shower is great to experience. 

Just walking with the freedom from clothes and allowing my cock to sway back and forth, it is exciting.
When I hike, it is easy to stop and just take a piss.  This gives me a boner.  And that means I need to give it attention.  Once when I stopped to take a piss, I got a boner that wouldn't quit. I leaned back against a boulder and began stroking away.  I was enjoying the masturbation.  I was close to cumming and my cock was extremely hard. 

Just as I was blasting my load I caught movement from the corner of my eye. There was a dude just standing there with his mouth hanging open.  When I spotted him, I was at the point of no return and I blasted my load out to the trail for all to see.  Too bad he hadn't come by sooner - we could've had some fun together.   

I saw him turn and move down another trail.  I continued my hike.  Later on from a high outcroping, I spotted him again.  There he was below me beating off like mad!   I watched as he climaxed and shot a big load on the trail.  I wished we could had done a jack off session together.  

Maybe I will run into him again.  We can only hope.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Runner High

Runner High

Story by Jay

Inspired by Matt

I love running on weekends.  It is just me and the road.  I love the scenic area of the park that I do my running.  I can clear my mind and enjoy the trip.  There is a section of the park that I go through that is pretty deserted.  Today the weather was warm.  I headed for the trail that goes deep into the woods. 
I made a turn and saw a bicycle on the side of the road.  At first I did not see the guy sitting on the ground.  As I got closer, I spotted him.  He was cute wearing black shorts.  He smiled at me.  As I got closer, he reached down and pulled his shorts to reveal his cock.    

I nearly lost my stride and caught myself before I would have fallen down.  I continued a few feet before I stopped and turned around.  The guy was still sitting on the ground looking at me.  His cock was rock hard and erect. 

I rearranged my shorts and pulled my cock out from my briefs.  I was semi hard as I walked back to him.  With each steps, my cock got harder until I stood in front of him with my cock sticking straight at him.

We were both looking at each other’s cock.  His cock was standing up straight.  There was precum ozing out the tip of his cock.  I wanted his cock in my mouth.  He reached over and touched my cock and balls.  I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

I opened my eyes and he got up and grabbed my hand and pulled me behind some bushes when he had a blanket on the ground.  He knelt down and he pulled me down and we got into a 69 position and immediately started sucking each other’s cock. 

He was taking my cock deep into his mouth.  He was swirling his tongue around the shaft of my cock.  I was taking his cock deep into my mouth.  It did not take long before we shot our loads.

When we finished cumming, we laid on our backs on the blanket.  The sun felt good beating down on us.

After a while, we both got up and went our different ways. I love running on weekends. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Preview - Runner High

Preview - Runner High

By Jay

It is nice to run and watch the scenery go by.

Until you come across a bicycle on the side of the road.

The rider is sitting on the ground with his cock showing.

What do you do?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Funny Photo - All Tied Up

Funny Photo - All Tied Up

By Jay

This guy is all tied up.

This picture sure tunes me on.

How about you.  Let me know at Storyman3119@gmail.com

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Bathroom Activity - Part 2

Bathroom Activity – Part 2

Story by Jay

Inspired by Matt

I went back to class with my head in a daze.  That blowjob was more than I expected.  I enjoyed seeing the guy being face fucked and having my cocked sucked was fantastic.  I sat in my class room wanted to do that again.  I knew the guy said “Every Tuesday during morning break.  Be here.”
But I did not want to wait.  I wanted more, NOW.  I knew I would be there next Tuesday but I decided to spend my break tomorrow and see if there is more going on.

I sat in the stall and no one showed up.  The next day, I decided to try again.  I walked into the bathroom and saw a guy standing at the urinals.  His pants and underwear were pulled down to his ankle.  His bubble butt was exposed and looked mighty delicious. 

I pulled out my cock and walked over to the urinal next to him.  Looking down, I saw that his cock was erect and leaking precum.  He stared at me and he reached over and unbuckled my pants and pulled them down to my ankles.  My cock was enormous.

I just stood there.  The other guy quickly got to his knees.  He reached over and wrapped his tongue around my cock.  The warmth of his tongue felt great as it traveled up and down the shaft of my cock.

I looked over to the door.  It was not locked so anyone could walk in.  I felt more turned on thinking that could happen.  I fantasied of another guy coming in and having a three way.   That sounded exciting.

I felt a stirring and my balls were tightening up.  This guy was the master at sucking cock.  He increased intensity and immediately my cock exploded with my load of hot cum.  I looked down and he was jacking off and had shot his load unto the floor.

Nothing was said, as we went over to the sinks and started to clean up.  I finished pulling up my pants as the guy turned and left.  I was drained but satisfied.  I went back to the class room with a smile on my face.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bathroom Activity - Part 1

Bathroom Activity - Part 1

Story by Jay

Inspired by Matt

I did not have a class to teach for the next period, so I took my break and had a cup of coffee in the teacher’s lounge.  I still had time before my next class so I ran for the bathroom.  When I opened the door I smelt smoke.  One of my students was taking a smoke.  I yelled “What are you doing?  You know the rules.  You are in college now, not junior high.”  The student started to plead for me to look the other way.  I really needed to use the toilet so I said “Get out of here and don’t let me see you smoking on school property.” 
He left and I grabbed the first stall and sat down on the toilet.  I finished and flushed the toilet.  I pulled up my pants and heard the door open.  I thought to myself that it better not be a student smoking. 

I opened the stall door and was surprised to see two students with their pants down with raging hardons.  They stared at me and motion for me to join them.  I could not move.  My cock had responded to the sight of seeing these two guys.  One guy was still on his knees sucking the other guy’s cock who was motioning me to come over. 

I froze in place.  They came over to me and unbuckled my pants and pulled them down.  I stammered that someone could come in but they pointed to the door which was locked shut with a broom through the handle.  I felt a warm mouth wrapping around my erect cock.  I looked down and saw one guy laying on the floor being face fucked by the guy who was sucking my cock.

I was starting to do the same by face fucking the guy.  It felt so good.  He was reaching around to my ass and was playing with my hole.  I felt his finger slide pass my ass hole and he started fingering my ass.

Looking down at the guy on the floor, I watched him get a splattering of cum all over his face.  This turned me on that I felt my balls tightened and I shot the biggest load of my life.  The guy sucking my cock took all the cum he could hold in his mouth.  He swallowed as he released my cock from his mouth.  I felt more cum shooting out and before I was done, the guy’s face was covered with cum.

We quickly cleaned up.  As we prepared to leave, the guy who was sucking my cock said “Every Tuesday during morning break.  Be here.”

I went out into the hall.  My head was spinning.  What happened?  Should I go back next Tuesday?  A smile formed on my face.  I knew the answer.  

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Preview of Bathroom Acitivity

Preview of Bathroom Activity

Story by Jay

Inspired by Matt

What do you do when you catch someone getting a blow job in the school bathroom?

Do you break it up or join in?

What would you do?