Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween - Part 5

Jeremy flopped onto the bed, while Tom positioned himself on a stool nearby.  He told Jeremy to close his eyes, breathe normally and to listen to the sound of his voice.
Despite his drunken stupor, Jeremy had a sense that his friend was trying to hypnotize him.  He trusted that Tom only had his best interests at heart and followed his instructions.
His voice was very soothing as he put Jeremy under.  Even after he reached the point of a hypnotic sleep, he heard and remembered Tom's words:  "I will help you.  Let your body float upward like it is lighter than air.. will float into that nether land where dreams and reality subtly co-exist.  It's a blue foggy place which will be a portal to your subconscious...
....Jeremy, your prior dreams have been subliminal, you probably have never been aware of your true sexual orientation.   You never explored it because it was outside of your idea of the realm of possibility....
...Even in your dreams, you resisted any form of intimacy,  that is why you have never had a satisfactory relationship in real life, even with your female companions.  Your mind was closed to the possibilities....
...I am releasing you now to dream!   Once you allow your dream to end with a conclusion, your nightmares will abate.  Now, sleep, sleep, sleep...and find a resolution to bring you peace!
Once Tom was sure that Jeremy was resting very comfortably asleep, he crawled into the open space on the bed. 
For Jeremy's part, he began to have yet another dream.  From the outset, it was obvious that this one would be very different.  It felt very 'personal', yet he knew that he was exploring new territory.
  He rose to stand in the shadows in the room.
He felt an anticipation of the un-known.  The door blew open.  It was like a gentile breeze had caused it to be open.
The silhouette of a man could be seen coming though the door.  Nothing about him was at all threatening, even as he moved closer and into the light.
The man wasn't familiar to him, yet he felt he knew him.  At that point, he didn't even recognize himself! 
Jeremy looked like the masculine man he wished he could see each day in his mirror.  The stranger embodied every facet of society's image of the manly gender.  They were in some comfortable gothic setting.
It was like a Halloween night in some parallel universe, as they came together and united as one.  The foreplay was minimal, but they stroked and caressed each other's bodies.   Jeremy shared his tongue with the strangers as they kissed.  Their mouths were pressed together as they tasted each other. 
Jeremy allowed himself to be penetrated.  To his surprise, he felt absolutely euphoric!  It was the height of eroticism!  Another man's penis filling him and pressing against his insides, gave him a sense of fulfillment.
Suddenly, he was on top!  It was his turn to be in charge.   He began to thrust himself....but, at that point, HE WOKE UP.   He actually was behind Prof. Hyatt and his erection was in Tom's upturned ass!
Tom turned his head to face Jeremy.  He was wearing that mask!  "Go ahead!  Do to me the same thing, that I just did to you!  Jeremy, you are not going crazy!  You are not insane, but you are gay!   You have always been!  You are now one of us!"
It felt natural and right to have a sexual encounter with another man as he pistoned into his colleague.  Had Prof. Hyatt orchestrated all of this?  It didn't seem to matter very much because for the first time he was experiencing an intimacy that he had never felt before.
As he reached his ejaculation deep inside of the psychiatrist, all of the four dreams seemed to be erased from his memory.  He laid down on the bed and slept very soundly.
Rising in the morning, he was alone in the bed.  He found Prof. Hyatt in his library, strangely dressed in a brown hooded robe.  Jeremy remembered seeing that robe before, outside of his window.
He spoke, "I trust you had a satisfactory HALLOWEEN!  My work is done here!"

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween - Part 4

Jeremy stood in the shower letting the water hit his body, it reminded him of the dream when he got soaked by the storm at his window.  Reality seemed to be merging with his dreams. 
He remembered Tom Hyatt's words, "forget about the dreams".  It really pissed him off and he shouted:   "These aren't his nightmares, they are mine and they are too real!  How can I just "forget about them"?   I feel like I am loosing my mind and he wants me just to dismiss it all!"
Drying off:  (Oh God!  Now I'm talking to myself!  I must be going crazy!  What's that outside of my window?  I know it's Halloween, but I must be hallucinating.  I'm sure that wasn't real! )

He was sure he was just seeing things, he finished drying off, got dressed, and headed off to the campus.
Jeremy immersed himself in his work all day.  He taught three classes and worked for several hours in his office to prepare notes for an up-coming lecture.  Ironically, he was teaching psychology while he was having psychiatric problems.  It was 9 pm, when he called it a day.
He decided to make a brief appearance at Tom's party.  It was close and he could walk there.  He had to pass one of the fraternity houses.  He was positive that he wasn't just seeing things this time when he looked up.  A drunk naked student was dancing on the roof...

It was just some stupid frat-boy shit, but Jeremy stopped to watch for a few minutes.  Suddenly the guy dissolved before his eyes...he completely disappeared.  (It bothered him, but he just dismissed it:  It's been a long day, and I'm just really very tired.)

Arriving at Tom Hyatt's house, the party was in full swing.  Jeremy was the only one who wasn't in some kind of a costume.   Strangely, he noticed that all of the guests were men.  Some of them were dressed very provocatively.
All of the guys seemed very friendly.  Maybe a little too friendly!  Jeremy thought to himself, "Gee I wonder if Prof. Hyatt knows that a lot of his friends are gay?"

Jeremy found the bar and had a few drinks (like about 7 of them).   Since he hadn't eaten anything all day, and he wasn't much of a drinker in the first place,  he started to feel very tipsy. 
His vision may have been blurred somewhat, but he swore that most of these guests had been in his dreams the last few nights.  Then he saw  Prof Thomas Hyatt wearing that same mask he saw days before during the storm dream.
The hour was getting late and the guests were leaving.  Tom found Jeremy and insisted that he stay for the night.  "It will give me a chance to observe you and how you react if you have another dream."
He led the way to his bedroom, where they both stripped down for the night.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Holloween - Part 3


After the first two dreams, Prof. Hyatt was concerned about Jeremy.  He decided to check on him at his apartment.  He found Jeremy cowering on his bed.  He was naked and had no idea what happened to his pajamas this time.
Jeremy told him that last night he was fearful of falling asleep. If only the dreams didn't seem so vividly real.  He sat up for hours willing himself to stay awake.  It didn't work and he finally drifted off.   
This dream was slightly different....
It began with him standing on a stage.  He was already naked.  He felt as though he was expected to perform in some way, but had no idea why he was there.
Hands reached out of the dark trying to touch his body and his erection.  He was afraid of what might happen if they actual touched him.

Jeremy began to run as fast as he could to get away.  Suddenly, he found himself back in his apartment.   He thought that he was safe, but...
There was a loud pounding sound at his door.  It wasn't "knocking", it was the sound of multiple heartbeats.  The door flew open.
Dozens of naked men filed into the room.  They surrounded Jeremy, but he was no longer frightened.
He found the heartbeats to be very soothing.
The circle tightened around him and they pulled him down on the floor.

He laid there in the center, while the men engaged in an orgy all around him.  One by one as they reached the point of ejaculation, they started to disappear.
Jeremy woke alone on that floor.
Prof Hyatt had listened intently.  He had his theory as to the meaning of this new dream but kept it to himself.  Back in his office he could add to the "Case Study File".  For now, he needed to comfort Jeremy.
"Try to forget about the dreams for now.  Hey, It's Halloween.  I think you could use a change of scenery.  Come over to my place tonight, I'm having a few people in for a little party."
It took convincing, but Jeremy finally agreed. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween - Part 2


To Jeremy's consternation, the dreams continued that week.  Each one was more vivid in his memory than the last.  
This time, he was laying naked in his bed (which was really odd because he always slept in pajamas.)

A storm began to rage outside.  He rose from his bed and walked to the window to watch.  In that blue light that always seems to filter into a dark room from moonlight, lightening streaked across the sky and he could hear the thunder rumbling.  The lightening seemed to be growing out of a ghost-like image in the sky.
He threw open the windows!  As the storm continued to increase in intensity, so did the size of his erection!   It was growing to gargantuan size, but his concentration was on this odd storm! 
The rains began, pelting his body as he stood at that window!  The water puddled at his feet.   He was mesmerized and couldn't turn away from watching the storm.  At the same time, he had a hard time ignoring his giant penis.  Involuntarily, his hand moved to his big cock to stroke it.
As he watched, the lightening illuminated a strange figure down below in the street.

This stranger was dressed only in boots, a hooded jacket and wearing a mask. The rest of him was naked.   For some reason, he was perfectly dry and only the rain seemed to be pelting Jeremy at that third floor window.
Despite the mask on the man on the street, their eyes met.  Laser beams started to emit from his eye-sockets.  They focused on his chest.  More precisely, into his heart. 
Suddenly, the stranger's voice boomed out and drowned out the thunder! 
"Jeremy!  It's your time! We will be coming for you very soon!  You will soon be ours!  You will be a believer!"
Jeremy drifted off into a deep sleep at that point.  He woke in the morning and remembered again every aspect of that dream. 
What perplexed him was that he was naked and his pajamas laid on the floor next to the bed.  Even more surprising was the puddles of water by his open windows!  ("I was sure they were closed and locked before I went to bed,")
Jeremy immediately phoned his friend to tell him about this new development.  He needed to talk to someone about this.  Something odd was going on here and he thought he might be going insane

Professor Hyatt contemplated this second dream and added to his case study file:
Just the facts:  Subject gave details of a second disturbing dream.  The dream and reality seem to be merging to an extent.  The pajamas found on the floor and the open window can be explained if the subject was "sleep-walking"  and inter-acting with the dream content.  However, the puddle of water on the floor has no reasonable explanation. (there wasn't rain or a storm in the area during the over-night,)
If one can agree that dreams have subliminal messages:  Both of the dreams involved a certain amount of homo-erotic activity.  In the first dream, I have to surmise that he was a "giant" only because he was placing himself far above homosexuals.   He found himself fleeing, to run from his long suppressed sexual identity. 
In the second dream, the storm represents "the intense conflict" within himself. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween - Part 1

CASE STUDY:  DR. JEREMY BROWN, PHD   Age: 32 - Associate Professor of Psychology - Princeton University.
PROFILE:  Education:  BA: Oklahoma State University, Masters Study:  University of Miami,    Doctorate:  Boston College
Personal:  A single male, not in a relationship.  No history of trauma.  A close personal relationship with family.  Analytical mind that deals in statistics, fact, and accuracy of study data.  No religious affiliation.  No prior history of mental health problems.
Observations:  "DR Brown can only be described as nothing less than a "geek" or "nerd".  He is highly intelligent and educated. However, he is highly skeptical of anything that has to do with the para-normal world, to include:  spirits, poltergeist, zombies, psychics etc.  He deals strictly in anything that can be factually proven.  From his statements, he seems to be homophobic, yet he has never had a significant long-term relationship with a female.  Patient complains of an abnormal dream pattern that has resulted in a psychosis.

It all began sometime in late-October (A few days before Halloween...
Jeremy's idyllic world working in academia got turned upside-down when the dreams began to happen.  He had many dreams and nightmares before, which he rarely remembered the next day.  This, for whatever reason, was very different.  The dreams were so vivid that he could recount every detail.
1st dream:
It was sexual in nature because he was naked throughout the entire dream.  There weren't any women present, only nude little men, which he thought was really strange!
He was a "giant" in a world populated by "little people".  All of the little guys were naked too!  They invaded his body in a fashion that kept him constantly stimulated and with an erection.   At the offset of that first dream was another giant. 
Jeremy didn't recognize the other man, nor did he understand why the man was naked with him.  That second guy disappeared from sight leaving Jeremy alone in his bed with the "little guys"!
They started growing large in size by each moment as they were stimulating all of Jeremy's erogenous zones.  He only knew one thing:  he must escape these little evaders! 
As a giant, Jeremy was able to leap and bound across entire States!  He was way too self-conscious of being naked!
To try to hide himself, he dove into the Hudson River!
He was frightened because he somehow knew that it was just a matter of time till the little naked guys would catch up to him.
He swam up the river but couldn't make much progress, because he could only move now in slow-motion.

He climbed out of the water only to be met by a large group of skeletons.  Those little men were now human size, but were just bones!  All of them had humongous erections as they raced toward him!
Just as they were about to reach him....he woke  up!
Laying awake in his bed, Jeremy went through a whole gamut of emotions.  The dream had been startling yet funny, strangely erotic, traumatic and too realistic for a fantasy dream.  Having his analytical mind he tried to find a rational reason why he would have dreamt something like this.
The following day he had a casual conversation with one of his colleagues in the "Psychology Dept.".  Prof. Thomas Hyatt assured him that it was probably only an anomaly, and didn't have any subconscious meaning despite the sexual homoerotic nature of the dream.   (but...Dr. Hyatt thought there might be more to this, so he started a "case study" on his friend.)
Then the following night...

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Bet - Part 2

The Bet

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2

                                Zack had put on a rubber before he started to fuck me.  All of a sudden he told me “I’m gonna fill the rubber baby.  It is all for you.”  I didn't know what he meant except he was going to cum.  Seconds later he shoved himself deep in me and held himself there.  Not long after he pulled out of me and in the rubber was a sizeable load of cum.  He gently pulled it off his cock and held it to my mouth.  “Drink” he told me.  I hesitated but he actually held the tip of the rubber and squeezed the cum down and out into my mouth.  “Swallow” he said.  I really didn't have a choice.  He had put the end of the condom in my mouth. It was a strange taste but I liked it.

                                His cock had gone soft by now but I asked him how long it took to get hard again.  “Well” he said “if coaxed it can get hard right now.”  I got on my knees and sucked him as far down as I could.  I wanted more.  He laughed.  “Hungry for cock are we.  Well we'll satisfy that before the night is over.”  He was hard in no time and had me on my stomach on the couch but this time wasn't as gentle and was pounding me into the couch cushion from the start.  No rubber this time and he filled my ass with his load.  He lay there waiting for his cock to soften and fall out of me.  When it did he told me “Lets shower and then rest.  Give me a bit and I’ll fuck you in another position.”  I couldn't wait.  I kept trying to get him hard in the shower and once we got out.  It was another hour but I soon was bent over the kitchen table with his cock inside me again.  I went cock crazy that night and still am.  I’ll let Zach fuck me as many times as he wants when he wants and then some.  I love the way he feels inside me.  I should have lost that bet a long ago.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Bet - Part 1

The Bet

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2

                                I never go back on a bet but this time I wish I really had.  My friend Zack bet me on a football game and I lost.  The looser had to suck the winner’s hard cock and then fuck in the winners chosen position.  Zack chose to sit on the couch and  lay back to the side and have me sit on his cock facing away from him so he could have me lay on top of him if he wanted and still pump away.

                                I couldn't believe I actually took this bet and then to top it off lost and had to suck his cock.  Being straight and never having anything more than a finger or two in my ass this was going to be something else.  He patted his legs and said laughingly "Come here baby.  Come to papa".  I walked over to him and he told me turn around and sit just like he had figured.  “Sit slow” he said “and it won't hurt as much.”

I sat on his cock slowly and closed my eyes and grit my teeth as the pain got more and more intense.  He kept talking to me in low tones and telling me how good he was going to feel in my ass by the time he was done.  He shifted a little under me and now could look up at my face and my cock as well.  He reached around me from behind and started to jerk me off.  I put my hand behind his head on the back of the couch to steady me and opened my legs wider.  I had one foot stretched out to the right on the couch and the other was over his left leg drawn up closer to me.  He put his hand under my thigh and was helping me to raise myself up and down on him.

It wasn't too long before he was pushing himself up into me as well.  All I could do was groan and moan in pain.  He kept jerking me off the entire time I was sitting on him.  Then he reached so he could play with one of my nipples before going back to jerking me off.  The pain was subsiding.  Then I realized he was right.  The pain was now turning into a strange new pleasure I had never felt before.

                                I started to wiggle my ass as I would sit on him and he laughed.  “That’s the way baby.  Now you got it.  Really give daddy a hot ass to fuck.”  He started to push up roughly into my ass. Each time his cock was balls deep inside me.  I never thought I would be able to take it.  Later on when I asked he told me last time he measured he was 12 inches.  Can you imagine 12 inches of cock up my virgin ass?  I couldn't but I did it.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cumming Out - Part 2

Cumming Out

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2

I listened to him apologize.  I asked “For what?”  He said “For not knowing what to do.”  I asked him “What do you mean.”  With that he confessed he was also a virgin.  I kissed him and told him “After tonight you don't have to be.”  I rolled over on top of him and started to kiss him all over while grinding our cocks between us.  He was moaning in my mouth.  I started down his torso again but quicker this time.  When I reached his cock he was already breathing heavy and pulling at the sheets.  I reached in the night stand drawer and got out lube and my cock ring.  I put it on him explaining what it was and it would help him from cumming again so fast.

He told me he could cum 3-4-5 times in the course of the night.  At least that's how many times he sometimes jerked off at home.  I told him ok but I still wanted him to wear the cock ring that I thought it was sexy.  He laughed.  I went back to his crotch and started to lick his balls.  He was squirming all over.  I lifted his legs and started to rim him.  He didn't know what to do.  He kept saying things like oh my god that feels good and don't stop.

I lifted his legs higher and put a pillow under his ass.  Then I took the lube and squirted some in his hole and some onto my cock.  I put his legs on my shoulders and told him this is going to hurt at first but once your used to it you will love it.  I managed after a lot of resistance to get the head of my dick in his ass.  It’s a large mushroom shaped head so once in he will get a lot of feeling out of it. 

He tensed so I waited for him to relax and then started a slow steady push into his ass. He was moaning and crying and first begging me to stop and take it out but when I would stop he would beg me not to.  Finally after a few attempts my balls were against his ass.  His eyes were rolling back in his head and he was breathing real heavy.  When he came back down he asked me to fuck him nice so I started to move in and out of him real slow.  When I felt his ass loosen and relax I started to fuck him harder.  Soon he was yelling for me to fuck his ass, to take his cherry, and to fuck him harder.  All of which I did with pleasure.

It didn't take long of his encouragement and his tight ass to get me to where I was going to cum.  I stopped moving for a minute to keep from cumming.  I started fucking him again but this time I was slamming him, my balls slapping his ass.  He was going out of his mind. He put a pillow over his head to muffle his screams and pulled at the sheets.

I was about to cum when he shot again all over his stomach.  That was all I needed and I started to fill his ass with my cum.  He pulled the pillow off his face and breathlessly told me how wonderful it was and how he could feel my warm cum in his ass and he never wanted it to come out. 

I pulled out of his ass and lay on one elbow next to him.  “You know there is more than me sucking you off and fucking you.”  He laughed and said “Yes I know and you’re going to teach me aren't you but I have to warn you I’m a slow learner.” 

With that he slid down the bed and started to suck my cock.  He wasn't bad and I told him so.  I came fairly quickly.  When I did I pulled him up to face to face me and told him “Look.  We don't have to do everything and anything all in one night.  Tomorrow we are going to your house and get your things and you’re gonna stay here till we can make a budget and get a place of your own.”  He smiled and rolled on his side away from me.  “One thing” he said.  “Cuddle with me while we sleep.”  I moved up behind him and put my arm over his chest.  Within minutes he was snoring.  That was the first night of many.  Needless to say he moved what few things his Dad would let him take into my place and we set out getting him on his feet. 

Not that we didn't get him off his feet and on his back just as often.  He still hasn't moved out and every time he mentions it I tell him “No you need more money before you do that.”  I don't want him to go.  I finally told him the same thing he told me that first night.  I was in love with him.  It has been many years since that night and we're still together.  We’re a family now. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cumming Out - Part 1

Cumming Out

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2

I was lying on the couch one night watching TV.  It was a quiet night.  No one was around.  The past few weeks had been really crazy.  A guy I went to school with was having problems at home.  He still lived with his parents and he wanted to do things one way and they wanted it another. 

Well the one night he showed up at my door really late and visibly upset.  I took him in the living room and got him a cold drink.  I could tell he had been crying earlier and was still visibly shaking from whatever had happened.  He asked if he could stay the night on the couch that he couldn't bear going home to another fight. 

I told him not a problem.  I went and got him a pair of shorts and a towel and told him to go take a good hot shower and put the shorts on to sleep in.  While he was in the shower I opened my couch and made the bed for him.  He came out of the shower wrapped in a towel and at least had stopped shaking.  He handed me back the shorts explaining he slept in the nude.  I handed them back and told him keep them for when you get up in the morning.  We’ll have breakfast and then you can figure out what your day is gonna be.

I went and took a shower myself and then headed for my bedroom.  I told my friend just shut the TV when he was done or turn it down and go to sleep, whichever he wanted.  I lay in my bed wondering what was his problem this time.

It was the middle of the night when I woke and heard him crying in the living room.  I slipped on a pair of shorts and went out to see what was wrong.  I told him he had to talk; he couldn't go on like this.  He told me he had a big fight with his parents and he didn't know if he wanted to or if he could go back.  I asked him why and he just looked at me and said "Because I came out to them,  I told them I was gay.” 

“My father went off the wall and my mother just cried.  It became a screaming match and a lot of things were said.  Hurtful things.”  I knew what he was saying because I had a similar event when I came out to my family.  My mother wanted to know what she had done wrong and she simply gave me 24 hours to pack and be out and never come back.

That was 2 years ago and I haven't been back or talked to them since.  I managed to stay with a friend and save enough money to keep my car and get a place of my own.  I was doing just fine.  I sat on the bed and told him he could stay as long as he wanted but there would be some rules.  I told him we needed to make him a budget and he may need to get either a part time night job or another day job that paid more.

He took and held my hand.  “Will you help me?”  I told him, ”Of course but we will do that tomorrow.  Now get some sleep.”  I went back to bed but not alone for long.  My friend came in and asked if he could sleep with me that he really didn't want to be alone.  I just rolled over and said “Plenty of room so go ahead.”  He climbed in and cuddled up to my back.   His skin felt nice up against mine.  Since he was naked and hugging me tight I could tell he was aroused.  His cock was resting in my ass crack and getting hard.

I rolled over and he was staring at me.  Slowly I moved in and kissed him.  He hugged me tighter and started to cry again.  I told him if he had to get some sleep.  “Not before I tell you this”  he said.  “You were the reason I told my parents.  I told them I’m in love with you.”  My eyes went wide.  “YOU DID WHAT?” 

“I told them I was in love with you.  I know you probably don’t have anything more than friendly feelings for me but I needed you to know.”

He moved in and kissed me and this time I kissed him back.  It was a long passionate kiss.  When we broke the kiss I continued to nibble and kiss his neck and then down to his nipples and took them in my mouth and teased them till they were hard and pointy. Then I kissed my way down his abs to his crotch and circled his cock and then licked the shaft and swallowed it.  He came almost immediately and started to apologize.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Don't Be a Stranger - Part 2

Don't Be a Stranger

Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2

“Let’s see what you have?” Jodi asked.  He jumped up and sat on the kitchen counter.  Then he leaned back.  I moved closer to him.  His cock and balls were right in front of me.

I never saw an uncut cock before.  I told Jodi “You have a beautiful cock.  He grabbed the ends of the foreskin and pulled towards me.  I was so turned on.

Jodi asked “You want to see it hard?”  I just nodded ‘yes’.  He jumped down and his cock grew out of the foreskin and his cockhead emerged.


I undressed and stood in front of him.  He said “My cock is ready for you.”  I dropped to my knees and he took a step towards my face.  His cock was inches from my lips.  “Take it” he said. 


I parted my lips as his cock slipped into my mouth.  I felt his hands on my head as he started to face fuck me.  He rammed his cock harder into my mouth.  I could feel his cock getting thicker until he shot his load.

Once he was done cumming, he pushed me to the ground and devoured my cock.  He sucked me until I came.  He sat on the kitchen floor and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

We got up and dressed.  Jodi said “Don’t be a stranger.” 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Don't Be a Stranger - Part 1

Be a Stranger

Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2

I finished my first year of college and I felt like a man.  I came home for the summer months and just felt so much more mature, older, and hornier. 

My neighborhood was still the same.  Even Jodi stilled lived at home.  I bet he was still a virgin.  Jodi grew up on my street but stayed pretty much to himself.  I caught him staring at me a few times but we never did anything.

While Jodi stayed home, I went off to college.  Jodi went into construction.  I spotted him one day after I got back home from college, doing yard work.  I must admit he was very muscular and looked like a hunk.  College taught me a lot of things, and one thing was to go for it when I wanted something.  I wanted Jodi so    I decided to make my move.  I walked over to his yard and said “Hey Jodi, how is it going?”

Jodi just looked at me like he always did but this time he smiled.  He answered “Hey.”  I knew I had to keep the conversation going.  “You look good.  Have you been working out?”

He actually said more than one word.  He said “I work in construction, so it is very physical.  So I need to keep in shape.  So I setup a gym in the garage and work out there.  You want to see?”   

I nodded yes and I followed him over to the garage.  He had a nice setup of weights. 

He stripped off his shirt and stood there with just his jeans on.  He looked fantastic as he went through his routine of lifting weights.  He invited me to exercise and I pulled off my shirt and did a few of the exercises. 

When we were done Jodi invited me into the kitchen for a drink.  He stood there with his hands in his top of his jeans.  He was pushing his jeans down and his patch of pubes were sticking out over the top of his jeans. 


“What do you think?” he asked.  I walked over and ran my fingers through his bush of pubes.  I heard his sigh as I kept running my fingers through the hairs.  “Can I see more?” I asked.

He took off his jeans and his underwear in one quick movement.  He stood there naked.  I saw his cock and balls for the first time.  I always wondered what they looked like.  He had a nice set of balls.  His cock was uncut and I could see his cock poking out of his foreskin.

His bush surrounded his cock like a majestic cape.  “Let’s see what you have?” Jodi asked.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Paying the Rent - Part 2

(Rusty knocked on Frank's door and found him dressed in just a white bathrobe.  "Sit down and I'll get the receipt book."  Poor Rusty was still trying to come up with an excuse why he didn't have all of the rent.)
Sitting on the arm of a chair, Frank's robe fell open, which totally exposed himself to Rusty.  Totally distracted, poor Rusty stuttered and stammered as he tried to explain that he had only put together a measly portion of the rent. 
" have a part of the rent...but, um...I thought that maybe, we...oh shit...I could work off the rest by doing stuff around here...maybe the gutters, and painting the back fence, I could cut the grass and trim the hedges...or....(the temptation was too great!  He reached out and fondled Frank's dick!!!)
 His landlord didn't even flinch!  (but at that point, he took charge,,,)
"Maybe you are right!  We can work something out.  It seems like you and I are on the same page. ..... You apparently like dick!   Go ahead and keep playing with it.  That feels really good."
"You know, it grows really big  if you put it in your mouth..."
 "Yep!  Just keep sucking like that.  Go all the way down.  You're making it grow.  I thought when I rented to you that you might be a little fag, but I didn't realize how talented you were."
"Take off those clothes!  I like all of my tricks to be naked!"
"I like looking down at a naked dude who can deep-throat me!  Kid, you are an awesome cock-sucker.  Oh, fuck!  that feels really good!"
"Wow!  Rusty!   I'm going to cum!  Take it in your mouth...Oh, Jesus!... Take it all!...Oh, Fuck!  That's right!...Boy, you are a really good cock-sucker!"
(Only Frank, the landlord, got off that day...but, not really...  Frank wrote Rusty a rent receipt as "paid-in-full" for that month.  Both of them were satisfied with the transaction.)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Paying the Rent - Part 1

From the moment Rusty responded to the "For Rent"  newspaper notice in the local paper, he was totally smitten with Mr. Spensor.  He drained his checking account to pay the first month's rent and the security deposit, just based on the way the homeowner looked.  Shirtless, when he answered the door, he looked totally awesome!
But now, it was the end of the month and all Rusty could think about was how he would pay the next month's rent.  He could always find a job.  Keeping one was the problem!  Rusty was a slacker! 
He had tapped-out all of his friends for loans.  (No wonder, because he never paid them back.)   His parents cut him off too.  They decided it was a lesson he should learn about the reality of the real world where he would have "responsibilities" for his own life.
He thought to himself, "Well, that really sucks!  I really love living here.  The apartment is nice, but the pool and hot-tub are great to share with my friends"
The house was a duplex which he shared with his landlord.    Frank Spensor  was one of the hottest middle-aged men that Rusty had ever met!  There wasn't another forty year old man, that had ever turned him on like this dude! 
Sometimes, he spied on him through his windows.   The things he saw only added to his fantasies about this guy!   
One day, he peeked in his windows and saw him riding the ass of a young muscular stud.  Rusty watched and wished it had been him. 
He thought, "God!  He's my Dad's age!  This is weird because I've never ever considered fucking around with anyone that old!  It's nice to know that he's gay, but he probably would never be interested in me.  I'm young, but not that cute.  My face and body doesn't compare to that guy."
As he was finagling in his head how he was going to pay the rent, he began to consider a way to barter for the rent payment.