Monday, February 29, 2016

It Started with a Kiss - Part 3

It Started with a Kiss

Story by Jay

Part 3 of 3

I met Harry at work.  During our breaks, we would make out with lots of kissing.  Harry and I were very discrete.  We knew that we wanted to do more, but we both had roommates.  So when the opportunity came that my roommate was moving to the East coast, then Harry moved in with me.

We did not waste any time getting down to kissing followed by sucking.  Harry and I enjoyed cock sucking.  Now with the privacy of our own place, we could enjoy exploring our bodies.  Harry loved to kiss me all over until he reached my cock, then he would kiss it and start sucking.

One day we were messing around and I told him "Kiss my ass."  And he replied "Turn around."  I did and he kissed my pucker hole.  He started to French kiss by probing his tongue deep into my ass.  That felt so good.  Once I taste the sweet probe of his tongue, then I wanted more.

And he accommodated me.  He stuck his cock inside of me and it was a fantastic sensation.  I would play with my cock as he fucked me .  Taking doggie style was great but I prefered laying on my back.

I loved having my feet in the air and getting my ass pounded by Harry.  He aimed to please me in any way I wanted.

He knew how to pressure my prostate so that my cock would shoot cum all over my chest.  Harry would clean up my chest by kissing and licking me clean with his tongue.

Harry would sometimes let me suck his cock which I enjoyed.  I would take it deep into my mouth and he would watch as I pulled his rock hard cock out of my mouth and  would gently kiss it.

I was slow and easy until he cried out for me to finish it.  I waited till he say "Suck me, now."  I would take his cock and take it deep and fast into my throat.

Then he would shoot his load letting me swallowing all of his milking goodness.  Sometimes I would surprise him and I would hold his load in my mouth and wait for him to kiss me.

Then we would finish with exchanging his cum between the two of us.  Tapping that with a kiss.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

It Started with a Kiss - Part 2

It Started with a Kiss

Story by Jay

Part 2 of 3

I loved being with Brad.  He was so sexy and we had the best chemistry.  It started the first tine we were together and we kissed.  It was the greatest feeling.  I felt like fireworks were shooting as our lips met.

Brad would take his time to undress me.  He was slow in removing my clothes.  He made me feel so alive.  He would unbuckle and unzip my jeans.  He loved seeing me in underwear, so I made sure I wore a sexy pair.  

He would leave my underwear on and reach into the leg opening and pull out my cock.  He was surprised to see that I was uncut.  He would hold my cock as he kissed my ABS.

As he kissed me, my cock would grow and my cock head would poke through my foreskin.  He would pull the foreskin up over my cock head.  He loved when it would be fully exposed and he could play with the rim of the cock head.

Brad was always fascinated with the foreskin.  His cock was cut so I was the first guy he ever met who had an uncut cock.  He loved playing with the foreskin.  He would pull it and open it and play with it.

From the first kiss to undressing me, Brad was in charge when we made love.  He would get me undressed but leave my underwear on.  Then he would start by sucking my cock. at it.  His mouth and tongue would engulf my cock.  He was good.

Once he got me hard, he would kiss me as he stroked my cock.  I love the feel of his hand on my cock as we kissed.  Once he decided to take off my underwear then it would be my time to undress him.

As much as he liked my uncut cock, I loved his cut cock.  We enjoyed sucking each other.  We would both take turns sucking each other one at a time or together in a 69 position.

He was a bottom and I was a top, so it worked out great when it was time to fuck. We always kissed in between doing anything.  Brad loved it when we kissed.  My cock was larger than his, so he wanted me inside of him.  He always said that his ass would beg for my cock if it could.  

Not sure who would climax first.  Most of the time, we came at the same time.  We were in sync with each other.  But I know one thing, we would kiss and hold each other for a while when we were done.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

It Started with a Kiss - Part 1

It Started with a Kiss

Story by Jay

Part 1 of 3

I met him at the bar.  We both were in our last year of college.  He lived with his parents still.  I had my own place.

We started meeting for a drink a few weeks ago.  I would look into his eyes and be hypnotized.  I wanted him all to myself.  I finally got up the nerve and invited him to my place.  He agreed to come over sometimes.  I said "How about now?"  He said he would follow me in his car and off we went.


I was shaking as we drove over to my place.  We parked on the street and I led the way to my place.  When we got in side, I turned to find him just inches from me.  I reached out to grab his neck.  I used my other hand to play with his lips.

I wanted to do so much with him but I wanted to start with a kiss.  Ever since we met, I wanted to kiss him.  His lips were luscious.  I started to move in close to kiss him.  

Our lips met and we help on to each other as I kiss him over and over again.  Neither one of us stopped.  Our lips sometimes met for a second and other times touched for the longest time.

He would bite my lips and pull them.  He was playful but sensuous.  I held him as we continued to kiss.

I looked into his face and was glad that he stopped by.  It started with a kiss and we both were ready for more.  I looked into his eyes and asked "You want to get comfortable?"

He did not say anything as I hugged him and he returned the hug.  He said "Yes."

Friday, February 26, 2016



By Jay

Here is a beautiful sight.  Nothing better unless it is shooting cum into my mouth.

What do you think?  

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Thursday, February 25, 2016



Story by Jay

  Ray called me and said he and Bill wanted to come over and have some fun.  I love a three some.  I was so excited to have them over.  I had sex with Bill and Ray before but it was a one on one.

When they arrived, I was already naked with a rock hard cock.  Ray and Bill got undressed and jumped on the couch and immediately started licking my cock.

The best part of as threesome is when one guy sucks my cock and the other licks my balls.  I was so close to cumming and wanted it to last longer.  Both guys slowed down and I got back under control.

Bill asked if I was ready.  I said yes.  Bill and Ray increased the action.  They licked up and down my shaft.  When they reached my cock head, they licked around the rim.  I was enjoying the tongue action.

Bill started to suck the tip of my cock, while Ray licked my shaft and down to my balls.  I could feel my balls tightening.  It was time for me to cum.

I grabbed my cock and started to stroke it.  Bill and Ray opened their mouth and stuck their tongue out wanting me to cum on them.  I felt my balls tightened and increased stroking my cock,  I started to cum.  I could see my cum hitting their faces, hitting their cheeks, and open months.

I felt great as the last drops of cum were licked by Bill and Ray.  They still gave my cock the attention it needed and wanted.  Bill's mouth would suck my cock head, while Ray would lick my shaft.

I smiled as I knew what will happen next.  It was Bill's turn for Ray and I to suck his cock.  Then it would be Ray's turn for Bill and I to suck his cock.

I love threesome.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Funny Photo - Wrestling

Funny Photo - Wrestling

By Jay

Is this picture for real or photo shopped?

You tell me at

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

New Year's Resolution

New Year's Resolution

By Jay

Have you kept your new year's resolution?

I hope the resolution is to get more exercise.

Keep fit and healthy.  Tell me how you are doing.

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Monday, February 22, 2016

The Amazing Cock

The Amazing Cock

By Jay

The cock is an amazing organ.  In its limp state it is a thing of beauty.  Here it lies all rested, nestled within its bush of pubes.  The ball hang down.  It also is in a rested state.

The male is content with resting knowing it will be called upon soon to have sex, at which time, changes with happen.

In the excited state, blood with rush to fill up the limp cock and make it grow into a majestic hard cock. His balls will tighten as he comes closer to cumming.  It is again a thing of beauty.

Watching a cock grow in size is an amazing sight.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

First Timers

First Timers

Story by Jay

I love first timers.  They are fun to be with and the joy in seeing they experienced sex for the first time is priceless.  They enjoy the feel of your cock in your underwear.  They wonder what is behind your brief.  They feel your cock growing and the wonder is now growing with your cock growing.

Now comes the time to see what it looks like.  He pulls back your brief and frees your cock..  It is no longer that limp cock but a semi hard cock.  It is a beautiful sight.  Now he takes over to make it super hard.

The feel of the cock in his hand is fantastic.  Seeing the cock head grow is a beautiful sight.  Precum oozes out of the pee hole.

The cock is now completely hard.  He can't take his eyes off of your cock.  He sees the pubes surrounding the cock.  He pulls up the skin of the shaft and enjoys each stroke.

He now asks if he can take your cock up his ass.  You say "YES".  He cries out in ecstasy as your push your cock into his ass and start pumping.

The first timer is moaning in delight.  He jacks his cock as you pound his ass.  He is loving every push of your cock.  He feels your cum shooting into his ass and with a few more strokes of his cock, he cums.  He lays there and smiles.  He is hooked.  He can't wait for the next time.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

True Story - Modeling Underwear - Part 2

True Story - Modeling Underwear

By Jay

Part 2 of 2

I would wear different styles of underwear.

They all had the same effect on me.  My cock would grow from the sight of me wearing underwear and having the guys watch me.

I would play with my cock to the guy's delight.  They would join in with playing with my cock and playing with their own cock.

I love the reaction when they saw my hard cock.  Watch their cock was a turn on for me.

Always fun. Now it was time to cum wither with my own hand or some one else hand.

Friday, February 19, 2016

True Story - Modeling Underwear - Part 1

True Story - Modeling Underwear

By Jay

Part 1 of 2

I love underwear and love to model underwear for guys.

I love starting out in just a t shirt and brief.  I always get hard and you can see my hard cock poking out the side of my underwear.

I love showing off my chest and slender build.  As you can see, I love to play with my hard cock.  I will squeeze it and play with it.

Short is the first to come off.  Cock is really hard now and part of my balls is showing.  Everyone loves seeing this.

I love to pull up on my briefs and now you can see my pubes and balls.  Do they want to see more?  You bet they do.

How is this?  I love pulling my underwear away from my cock and balls.  Everyone loves what they are seeing.  My cut cock is erect showing a enlarged cock head with my shaft pointing straight up.

Final pose.  Really nice if I do say so myself.  Anyone want to stroke my cock or suck it?  Line forms on the right.