Thursday, December 1, 2016

Crashing at my Friend's House

Crashing at my Friend's House

Story by Jay

I hate staying over at my friend's house when I visit.  I usually get the inflatable mattress downstairs.  This time was no different.  I was almost asleep when I heard someone come downstairs.  It was a friend of my friend.  He was wasted.  He asked if he could crash here.  Before I could say anything, he was flat out on the mattress. 

He was in the process of undressing so he laid there with his jeans half pulled down.  He had on boxers.  As I laid there I wondered what his cock looked like.  I reached into the fly opening and pulled out his soft cock.  He had a nice vein running down his shaft.  I pushed him over to see his cock better. 

I started to finger it and as I rubbed it, It stood straight up.  I could see he was uncut and his pee hole was leaking some fluid.  I pulled his boxers down.  I finished undressing him.  He had a awesome body.  Muscular but not too muscular.  

Looking at his cock, I saw the he was shaved completely.  He had a nice set of balls.  Even better was his cock.  He was out cold, so I got daring and I ran my tongue down his shaft and his cock head emerged out of his foreskin. 

I was naked and had a hard on.  I sucked his cock and tried to be quiet and not wake him.  I stopped sucking and laid on my back wondering what would be my next move.  

He quickly stood up and spreading his legs, he towered on top of me. He said “If you want to suck it, let’s do it right.”

I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking as he moved his hips and face fucked me.  His load came quick and filled my mouth.  He laid down beside me.  He said “That is the way to do it.”

The rest of my visit went extremely well, thanks to a fried of my friend.