Saturday, November 30, 2013

Being Thanful - Serial 5

Being Thankful

Story by Jay

Serial Part 5


I laid in bed watching Robbie move on all fours like a cat down to my crotch area.  He stuck his face between my legs and started to probe with his tongue to my asshole.  The more he licked the more I wanted his tongue inside of me.  I slowly lifted my legs to accommodate his tongue action.  He helped lift my ass and my hole was his for the taking.  He licked and I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride.  His tongue seemed to be everywhere.  It darted inside of me and I knew that I needed his cock in side of me. 

He knelt between my legs and spit on his hand and then lubed his cock.  He did this a few times until he felt it was adequately lubed.   He held my legs upright and guided his cock to my asshole.  I felt it on the outside waiting to penetrate.  He finally took the plunge.  I gasped as he entered me.  He was big and it felt big but it also felt great.  He pumped and I felt this could go on forever.  He leaned down and his face was inches from my face.  I admired his good looks and reached up to touch his face.   He took my finger into his mouth and sucked on it.

He fucked me and I felt his balls slapping against my ass.   Soon his balls tighten up and he was like a wild cat.  He held me and tightened his grip as he started to cum.  My body ached from the position but my body also did not want it to end.  Robbie finally collapsed on top of me.   

After a while, he said, “We need to get cleaned up before breakfast.”  He stood and I saw him complete naked standing in front of me.  He was magnificent.  He was hairless on his chest with a nice bush of hair between his legs.  His cock was still soft but it was at least five inches long.  He folded his arms and asked, “Like what you see?”  His legs rippled with muscles as he walked closer to me.  He leaned over and kissed me.  I never kissed Robbie before.  I had dreamt of kissing him and now it was happening.  The kiss was tender and sexy.  We headed to the bathroom to shower. 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Being Thankful - Serial 4

Being Thankful

Story by Jay

Serial Part 4


Once he came, Robbie concentrated on sucking my cock.  He took my cock deep into his throat.   I was licking my lips taking the last drops of his cum and savoring each drop.  I wiped my hand across my face and wiped the last drops of his cum.  I laid back to enjoy the blowjob.  Robbie got on all fours and he climbed over my body.  I saw his cock and balls hanging in front of me.  They hung there and begged me to press them against my face, which I did.  I inhaled and his musk scent was intoxicating.  I licked around his balls and sucked on the hair that surrounded his balls.  I again pressed my face against his balls and cock.   

His uncut cock had receded into its foreskin.   I was intrigued.  I reached up and pulled back his foreskin revealing his cockhead.  Beads of cum still hung around the tip of his cock.  I licked them and started to suck once again on his cock.  I was surprised when his cock spring quickly to an erect hard tool.  He was ready for action.  I took his cock in my mouth and he started to face fuck me.  I held his hips and push them away.  His cock was too much for me.  He continued to face fuck me.   

I stop sucking as I felt the stirring deep inside of me.  I was close to cumming.  I held on to his legs as Robbie was a sucking sex machine.  He was a constant sucking action.  I shot the first wad of cum.  Followed by another and another.  It was as if a spigot was turned open.  Robbie kept at it and handled my load.    

Robbie rolled off of me.  Cum was dripping from his mouth.  He wiped his mouth with his hand and then licked his hand clean.  He was still hard and had a gleam in his eye.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Being Thankful - Serial 3

Being Thankful

Story by Jay

Serial Part 3


When I woke up, I heard the loudest snoring.  It was Robbie.  He was on his back and snoring.  I pulled him to his side and the snoring stopped.  It was starting to get daylight, so I laid there observing Robbie up close.  His muscles were magnificent.  As I looked, he rolled over and faced me.  His chest was beautiful.  He had on a loose fitting pair of briefs. I wanted to see him naked, nothing I ever got to do before.  From the bulge I could see that he was probably hung.  He rolled over on his back again and started snoring.  I decided to see for myself what lay under his briefs.  I slipped my fingers under the waistband and lifted his brief.  What poked out was a nice piece of meat.  Hard as a rod, pointing to the heavens.  He was uncut and he was so aroused that his cockhead poked out through the foreskin.  I dropped the waistband back down and tried to stop the snoring.  This time he rolled over on top of me.  His cock stabbed me at my side.  He laid his head on my chest. 

His hand dropped down so fast, before I knew it, it was under my briefs and holding my cock.  I felt happy and wish for more.  He started to wake up and he saw what he was doing and I smiled at him and he smiled back.  “Morning Cuz”, he said.  He planted a kiss on my lips.  When I did not resist, he kiss me with more tongue.  As we kissed, I rolled him on his back and place my hand on his massive chest.  His tongue darted into my mouth.  He kissed me on my neck and I had shivers run through my body.  He started to lick his way down to my underwear.  Without taking them off, he sucked my cock through the material.  I never felt so alive.  He moved around so his underwear faced me.  His cock protruded out the opening of his briefs.  I took his cock in my mouth.  I removed his cock and pulled the foreskin up over his cockhead and nibbled on his foreskin.  He moaned with delight.  I reached inside his briefs to pull out his balls.  The fly to his brief were too small to accommodate both his cock and balls.  I was determined and ripped the opening bigger.  Robbie said, “My turn.” as he tore off my underwear.  We both started licking and sucked each other’s cock.  I let his genitals smother my face.  I rubbed my face over his balls and cock.  I took his massive cock as far as I could in my mouth.  I felt something hit the back of my throat.  He was cumming.  It filled my mouth and I swallowed his load. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Being Thankful - Serial 2

Being Thankful

Story by Jay

Serial 2    


This trip I got to sleep in the same bed as Robbie.  We talked and laughed until the wee hours of the night.  He got ready for bed and stripped down to his briefs.  He was in a playful mood.  I told him that I had to borrow some of his things since the airline lost my luggage.  He said, “No way.  Give them back.” 

I took off the T-shirt and threw it at him.  I pulled off the slacks and socks and did the same.  He was laughing, “And…”, he said with a gleam in his eye.   I said, “Come and get them.”  He reached over and pinned me down.  We wrestled back and forth until I could not fight him off anymore.  He removed the bikini brief in one quick move.  I was semi hard, but now being totally naked, my cock started to get fully hard and erect.  My heart was beating.  He turned off the light and I felt his hands caress me.   He used both hands to feel up my cock and balls.  He was all over me.  He whipped me up into a sexual frenzy.  I had masturbated at home before but his hands were sheer magic.   I placed my hands on his chest.  His muscles were rock hard. 
I had always dreamed of being in bed with Robbie and having sex with him but here I was side by side with him.   Not only was I touching his massive chest but also he was playing with my cock and balls.  He stroked my cock and the excitement was too much for me.  I tensed myself as I was ready to cum.  The night light in the bathroom gave enough light for me to see Robbie positioned his mouth to catch the cum as it flew out of my cock.  I had a ringside seat to watch and this turned me on.  I watched as my cock shot its first wad but Robbie was not ready and it landed on his cheek.  The next wad hit the center of his mouth.  He continued to pump my cock as he started to lick up the cum. 

He laid next to me and I could see a smile spreading across his face.  He turned towards me and we faced each other.  He said, “Let’s get some rest, we have a busy few days ahead of us.”  I grabbed the bikini briefs and put them back on.  I felt they were my lucky briefs.  Finally we both fell asleep.          


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Being Thankful - Serial 1

Being Thankful
Story by Jay
Serial 1

I was on vacation and visiting relatives for Thanksgiving..  I was told I could room with my cousin, Robbie.  He was home from college.  We were the same age and were a lot alike. We always got along over the year, and had a lot in common.  It was strange, we both grew up miles apart, but we were like two peas in a pod.  Even thought Robbie was adopted, we were identical in a lot of ways, except, he was built like a Greek god.  He was very muscular.  I love watching him when we swam in the pool.   The water would cling to his body and make it glisten.  I would dream of getting him in bed.  This vacation was going to be awesome. 


Well, the trip started out to not be awesome.  My suitcase was lost.  So I did not have a change of clothes.  My Aunt said to help myself to whatever I wanted from Robbie’s bedroom.  I found a pair of slacks, T-shirt and socks.  I went looking for underwear and finally found the drawer that had his underwear.  There were a wide collection of briefs, standard white ones, colors, stripes, trucks, boxers, boxerbriefs, , bikini and tongs.  I like the bikini pair, so I picked them.  I went to his bathroom to shower and change.  I notice a pair of underwear on the floor.  I picked them up to place in his hamper.  Something caught my eye in the hamper and I found a pair of briefs that were stiff from cum.  Robbie must have jacked off into this pair for quite a bit of times.  I jumped in the shower and washed away the grime from my traveling.  I dried off and put on the pair of bikini briefs.  I looked in the mirror and admired how I looked.

Robbie walked in and saw me in the bikini briefs and said,  “Looking good Cuz.”  He came over and pull the waistband of the bikini briefs outwards and look in.  “Nice cock, Cuz.”  My cock sprang to life.  The skimpy pair of briefs could not contain my growing cock.  Robbie release the waistband but my cock protruded outward.  He put his arms around me and gave me a big hug.  He reached down and cupped my ass.  He said, “This is going to be a fun visit, Cuz.  Mom wants us downstairs for dinner, pronto.”  He winked at me as he headed down to the kitchen.  I repositioned my cock and finished dressing and joined them for dinner. 

We had a feast of a dinner.  All the great dishes that I loved as a child, were available.  When we finished dinner, Robbie said “Come on.  Follow me.”  He led me down the hallway to a back closet.  He smiled as we entered and moved to the rear of the closet.  Behind everything in the closet was a small area.  As kids we would hide here from everyone.  Although it was roomy when we were kids, it was small and confining for adults.  We were just inches apart.  I could hear his breathing.  I tripped on something and fell, landing on Robbie.  My hand landed between his legs and I felt his hard cock.  My heart was pounding.  I felt his hot breath on my face.  We held each other for what seemed like an eternity.  Then we heard our names being called.  “We better get back.  Come on, follow me.”  He led me by the hand out of the closet.  He turned and winked at me.  He had a gleam in his eye.  He smiled and said, “Come on.”        

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Hitchhiker Series - Thanksgiving

The Hitchhiker Series - Thanksgiving
Story by Jay

I hurried home with all the groceries.  I was running late but I remember everything I needed for our Thanksgiving dinner.  The house was empty when I arrived.  I pulled out pots and pans and hurried though the process of mixing ingredients for the different dishes I was making.  While the food cooked, I ran into the bedroom and undressed and jumped into the shower.  This was to be my first Thanksgiving with Hitch.  I had a lot to be thankful for and Hitch was on the top of my list.  I lathered up and enjoyed the hot water spraying down on me.  I rinsed off and toweled dry my body.  I looked in the mirror and admired my physique.  My trips to the gym were paying off.  Of course, the wild physical sex I had with Hitch helped to tone my body as well.  I heard the front door opened and Hitch called out.  I quickly wrapped a towel around my waist and entered the front room and saw him standing there.  His smile melted my heart.  I embraced him and we kissed.  We held on to each other. 

Hitch said, “Everything smells so good, especially you.”   I said, “Dinner first, then desert.”

Hitch had other plans.  He removed the towel I was wearing.  I needed no coaching, I was hard and ready.  He took my face in his strong hands of his and showered me with kisses.  He was so gentle.  I was all his.  He picked me up in his arms and carried me to the bedroom.  He placed me on the bed and knelt beside the bed.  Smiling he kissed me again but this time stronger.  His tongue darted into my mouth.  His tongue met mine in my mouth and we played with each other tongues.  His hands brushed the top of my hair.  It was still wet from the shower.  He ran his fingers through my hair and climbed into bed with me.  

Hitch said, “I love you.” I replied, “I will love you forever.”  As we started to make love, I thought back of the first time we met to the present.  All the fun we had.  I was so happy, and thankful. 

I removed Hitch’s clothes.  Removing his shirt, I placed my hands on his tight muscular body.  He continued to kiss me.  I unbuckled his pants and he finished removing them.  He left his underwear on.  The white tightness of his underwear revealed a huge budge.  I love seeing that in a man.  Although I knew what lies beneath his underwear, it was always a turn on to see, to feel it, and finally to remove his underwear.  And like Christmas morning, to find a wonderful gift lied beyond the fabric. 

I slowly pulled his underwear down.  Inch by inch.  First it revealed his pubes.  I love seeing those blond hairs.  I love feeling them with my hands.  I love sticking my face into his bush of hair.   Then the best thing of all is to pull down his underwear and find his cock.  It springs up as I release it from his tight underwear.  I kiss it and then suck on it.  I remove his underwear and felt his two big balls laying between his legs.  I love holding them.  And finally, to suck his balls, one by one, then both at the same time.    


Hitch enjoyed the attention.  But now it was his turn.  His cock was primed for action.  He rolled me over on top of him and reached down to spread my cheeks.   He slid easily into my hole.  Rocking gently I felt his cock slid in and out my ass.  Hitch took my face and pulled it towards his face and kissed me again and again.  We were one.  I moved in synch with Hitch.  My body tingled as he increased his speed.  I held on to him and rocked back and forth.     


Soon he was ready to once again climax.  As I felt the first shot of cum land inside of me, I tighten my muscles around my ass opening.  The pressure made his climax that more intense.  He released every drop of cum inside of me.  Sliding his cock out of my ass, Hitch grabbed my cock.  He pulled me up to his mouth and took my cock all the way to the base of my shaft.  He did that to my cock repeatedly.  I felt my balls tighten and knew I was ready to cum.  Hitch felt it too and he took my cock deep into his mouth and then I came.  It felt like an eternity as I shot into his mouth.  Hitch swallowed my load.  We ended our love making by kissing, just like we started.   


We climbed out of bed, jumped in the shower for a quick shower, then we grabbed our bathrobes and ran to the kitchen to finished making dinner.  As it cooked Hitch made a fire in the fireplace.  It felt warm and cozy.  We sat on the sofa in front of the fire and held each other.  As I sat there, I prayed that everyone had a chance to be with the ones they love today and forever.  For I was thankful for what I had.  I turned to Hitch and kiss him and snuggled closer.    

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Visitors - Part 2

Thanksgiving Visitors

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2

My friend from school, Chad, and I went upstairs and started to blow up the air mattress for him to sleep on.  My cousin got home from running errands getting himself settled and came in while we were setting up.  I introduced Chad to him and my cousin Brad shook his hand.  This was going to be fun having Brad and Chad in the same room.  Brad said he felt all grungy from the day of going all around town and needed a shower.  With that he stripped naked in front of us and headed for the shower.  Chad’s jaw dropped and he looked at me.  “Man are you lucky with a hot cousin like that.  Shame you can't do anything?”  I smiled.  “I bet if you stripped and went in and offered to suck him off he'd let you.”  He said “Yeah right.”

“Go ahead, I dare you.”  I knew chad would take the dare so he slowly stripped and walked towards the bathroom.  Brad saw him standing in the doorway and said “Well if you’re gonna get in here then get in here.  Stop wasting time.”  Chad went in and got in the tub with Brad.  “Well man get on your knees.  My cock ain't gonna wait all day.  Suck it.”  With that Chad took Brad’s cock in his mouth.  I stood in the door and watched.   Brad looked at me.  “Come in here and give him a few pointers.  These newbies have to be taught.”  I stripped quick and sat on the edge of the tub.  I took Brad’s cock in my mouth and started to deep throat him.  Then I let go and held it for Chad who mimicked me almost to the tee and had Brad gumming in his mouth in minutes. 


We all went in the bedroom and got on the bed.  Chad told Brad “I don't know what to do.”  So Brad sat with his back up against the wall and his legs wide open.  “Suck me more.”  Chad went to take his dick in his mouth and Brad stopped him.  “Get on your knees.  I want to watch you get fucked by my cousin.”  Chad replied “I never did that before.’  Brad said “There’s always a first time.”  Brad handed me the lube from the draw.  “Go ahead.  Take his cherry.”  I hesitated and Brad said “Tell me you never fucked ass before?”  I shook my head no.


“Change of plans” he said.  He took a pillow and folded it in half and told Chad to lay on this.  “I want your waist on the pillow and your feet on each side of the bed.  Open those cheeks wide.”  He took some lube and slopped it in his ass crack and stuck his finger in his hole.  Then he took some more and greased my cock.  “Slide it in” he said.  He held my cock to his hole and pushed on my ass forcing me inside Chad, who bit the sheets and pulled on them in pain.  “No hold it there” he said.  With that he got on the bed behind me, spread my legs and greased my ass and his cock.  Slowly he slid into me and I did the same as Chad.  I gripped the sheets on each side of Chad and actually bit Chad's shoulder in pain. 

When my cousin was all the way in he said “Ok.  Now I want you to move in and out of him.”  Then he tapped me on the shoulder.  “Yeah, you, as you fuck him I will be fucking you.”  He pulled just a little out of my ass and then stopped.  I started to move inside Chad.  It was a weird feeling because as I slid in and out of Chad my cousin slid in and out of me.   My cousin slapped me on my ass and told me “Move faster.  Fuck him.  Slam it into him.  Fuck him harder.”  In doing so I was actually fucking myself the same way on my cousin.  We were sweating like crazy and started to breath heavy.  Suddenly Chad moaned and his ass tightened on my cock.  He was cumming on my pillow.  It didn't take much more for me to cum inside his ass and at the same time I felt a warm feeling in mine.  Brad had given me his load.  We fell on top of each other and stayed that way for a few minutes. 

Suddenly Mom knocked on the bedroom door.  “Everything alright in there?”  I yelled “Yeah ma.  Just wrestling a little.”  She replied “I figured as much.  Don’t make a big mess in there.  Dinner is in a few.”  We all rushed into the shower to wash up before dinner.  While eating we would wink and play footsie with each other under the table.  Right after we ate we went back to my room saying we were going to study.  Yeah right.  Study male anatomy and how it fits into each other’s ass and throat.  Chad ended up moving in with us when Mom found out what happened.  She was horrified telling Chad “I don't care what you like guys or girls you’re a human being and don't deserve to be treated like an animal.  You will stay with us.  We’ll figure out where to sleep and other arrangements as we go along.”  That’s when I volunteered to share my room with everyone.  What the hell it made it easier to get laid.  What a great school year we had.  School all day and fucking all night.  We made a great trio.

When it came time to have Thanksgiving dinner I was so thankful for everything.    

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving Visitors - Part 1

Thanksgiving Visitors

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2


I came home from school today only to be told by my mom we were getting company the next day for a while and needed to clean up.  The visitor was coming for Thanksgiving and she handed me a list of things a mile long and told me not to worry about school this all had to be done.  I was like "what the fuck".  She didn't even say who was coming but it must have been someone important for her to tell me not to worry about school.  She had all she could do to keep me from signing myself out of school on my 18th birthday and getting me to finish my last year.

Now that I was involved with some of the teams in school she couldn't understand why I liked school so much either.  God forbid she would put 2 and 2 together and figured out her son was gay and liked cock.  Boy is she in for a shock when she does find out.   So is everyone else since I’m still in the closet.  I was going to sign myself out and go live in the city and find myself but she talked me out of it so I figured I would make the best of it and got involved with teams in school.  Not that I’m on them but I work with the equipment and shit and get to be in the locker room when they are dressing and undressing and showering.  I know what every cock looks like on every team member and have them almost memorized to the point where i can tell you who it is just form looking at their cocks.

Anyhow I got going on the list mom gave me.  It was like rebuilding the house she wanted everything just so. She wanted the house cleaned, fixed, polished and everything just so.  By mid-day the next day I was pretty much done.  Then mom told me who was coming.  It was my cousin that had moved back to Italy to live with my grandparents for some reason when we were about 10 years old.  I was a little excited to see him but thought “Oh shit.  Now she's gonna want me to take him around and show him how things have changed and have him hang with my friends.”   

The next day she went to pick him up at the airport.  I had a big game to help set up for and clean up after so I stayed home.  Plus I didn't want to be involved in a lot of bullshit at the airport.  I got to the school early and one of the guys from the team was in the locker room alone.  He looked upset.  When i asked him what was wrong he broke down in tears.  I had never seen this big muscle bound stud act like this before.  He looked at me and said “You wouldn't understand” and tried to get himself together.  “Try me” I said. 



He looked at me for a minute and sat down.  “If I tell you something and it gets out I will bite your balls off and shove them down your throat and choke you with them.  Do you understand?”  I said “Yeah.”  He looked around and then pulled me close to him.  “What I tell you goes no further” he said.  “Swear.”  Ok ok I said” but get to it.’

“My parents found out I’m gay.”  I looked at him and said “Is that all?  So what’s the big deal”  So you are  gay. You like cock instead of pussy.”  He said “The big deal is the fact they gave me 1 week to get my faggot ass out of their house and never come back.” 

“Oh” I said.  “That is a bitch.  What’s your plan?”  He said “I don't know?”  I replied “I'd say come to my place and talk but my cousin is flying in today and my mom has got a lot of shit planned.”  He looked at me and said “Why are you being so understanding?  You want me to suck your cock or something.”  I looked at him and said “Only if you want to and that is only if you will let me suck yours too.”  His mouth dropped open.  “You didn't hear it from me but yes I’m gay too.  You’re the first one I’ve told.  Now we both have something on the other so we don't have to worry.”  He put his arm around me and said “I knew I like you for something.”  I lifted his arm and sniffed and licked his hairy arm pit.  “I’ve always wanted to do that but actually after a game.”  “Yeah I know what you mean” he said.  “It’s torture in the fucking showers not to get hard with all that cock and shit within arm’s reach all the time.”  We laughed.

After the game we went to get something to drink and sat on the bleachers and talked.  He was really upset and grateful for the open ear.  I hated to leave him but he understood.  He was going home to pack and see what money he had and try to figure out a plan.  He knew no one would be home to bother him.

I got to my house and walked in to see Mom in the living room.  I didn't recognize the guy in the room with her.  I was looking for my cousin not knowing I was looking right at him.  Damn they grow up differently in Italy.  When mom told me who it was I grabbed and hugged him.  He whispered in my ear “Wait till later.”  Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that before he moved to Italy my cousin was the only one who knew I was gay because I used to blow him every chance we got.  Even back then he had a big cock.

We talked and laughed for hours and then mom said he was staying in my room with me.  We smiled and said “Of course, it would give us more time to catch up.”  After dinner we went to my room and he started to unpack.  “Did your mom tell you how long I am staying?” he asked.  “No but come to think of it how long are you staying?”  He turned and looked at me and said “At least till I finish school, so at least a year.”  I thought “wow.  Hopefully he'll still let me suck his cock.”


“I got to take a shower” he said.  I pointed to the bathroom.  “Still in the same place.”  He said “Good, we don't have to go out of the room to shower.”  With that he took his shirt off and I saw his nipples sticking straight out and pierced with dumbells.  His chest and stomach covered in just the right amount of hair to make me drool.  Then he opened his pants and dropped them to the floor exposing his cock and balls to me or should I say his tree trunk and set or orange sized balls surrounded and covered with a mountain of hair.  Damn he had grown.  Then he walked to the bathroom and I watched a perfectly round tight bubble ass with just the right touch of hair covering it and going into his ass crack as it rose and fell with each step.  When he reached the door he turned and said “Well are you gonna sit there or are you gonna strip and come take a shower with me?  It's been at least 12 hours since someone sucked my cock.”


I stripped as I ran to the bathroom and got in the tub on my knees with my mouth open ready to suck his cock.  He laughed.  I guess that answers my question.  he turned on the water and got in to let the water run down his back as I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck him off.  His head went back and he moaned “Just the way I remember.  You always could give great head.”  It didn't take me long to get him to shoot in my mouth.  Unlike when we were kids I took his entire load down my throat instead of letting it shoot all over the floor.  He laughed.  “Oh big man now swallows instead of spits huh.”  I just smiled. 

That night we just talked all night but I knew we would get into more than just head as time went on.  I went to school and my new friend from the team who had just came out to me the day before was waiting for me.  You think I could stay with you for a day or 2?  I was thrown out all together last night.  I spent the night in the locker room.”  I told him yeah, called my Mom and told her I had a friend who needed help and I was bringing him home. She was pissed but since I already told him yeah she wouldn't go back on it.  She decided being Thanksgiving, it was the right thing to do.

Friday, November 22, 2013

MOTEL- Part 2


Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2

I walked naked across the room and got his pants.  When I handed them to him he told me to sit down.  I noticed he was hard and throbbing again.  He took out his wallet and laughed.  “What do you say to double or nothing?”  I asked what he meant.  He explained that he never cums twice.  I could have told him that by the size of the load he gave me moments ago.  “If you get me to cum again I’ll not only double I’ll triple your tip.”  I told him “You’re on.”  I knew I could do it I’m an expert cock sucker but I wasn't telling him that.

He stood in front of me and said “Well then get to it” and waved his cock in my face.  I took it in my mouth and deep throated him right from the start.  He moaned and his cock throbbed even more in my mouth.  “Man you got a hot mouth” he breathed.  I reached up with a hand between his legs and held him by his ass and slipped a finger in his hole massaging his prostrate.  He shook instantly.


I managed to maneuver myself that I was kneeling on the couch as I sucked him harder.  He moaned and put his leg up on the couch and then held my head with one hand while he steadied himself holding my back with the other.  In this position it was even easier for me to finger his ass and he was so hard I started to stroke myself at the same time.  He moaned and I could feel him clenching his ass tight.  So tight it was causing dimples in his ass cheeks.  It was like I was sucking his ass in through his cock.

It wasn't long and he was yelling “Get ready man I’m gonna flood your mouth.  Here it comes man” and then seconds later he yelled and here it is and shot so hard in my mouth I thought I was going to choke and let me tell you that takes a lot for me.  He pulled out of my mouth and was all sweaty and out of breath.  “Man you suck a mean cock” he said as he picked up his wallet.  “Here, you earned every penny.”  He handed me $300.  While I was pulling my pants on he sat on the couch.  “Listen man I’m in town for 3 weeks” he said.  “I’ll make it worth your while to stop by every night and suck me off.  It makes it easier than looking for someone every night.

“I’ll do you one better” I told him.  He asked what.  “I’ll bring a change of clothes tomorrow and stay all night.  You can have me suck you off as many times as you want then.”  He looked at me and raised an eyebrow.  “If you stay all night I’m gonna want to do more than let you suck me off.”  I was dressed by then and I turned and looked at him.  “Man you got a deal.  My ass is nice and tight.  You’ll love fucking it.”  He smiled.  “We’ll see.  We’ll see” he said again with a smile.  I left.  I was going to have to get rest if I was going to whore myself out to him for 3 weeks but it was going to be well worth it.  I could tell.  Both sexually and monetarily.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

MOTEL - Part 1


Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2


I work in a high class motel as the concierge.  In my position you meet all sorts of people in all sorts of lines of work.  Let me tell you some of them are really weird and some are really hot.  Like last week, there was a guy that you would never guess from looking at him checked in with his instrument.  He played in a traveling orchestra for a on the road Broadway show.  When he checked in I was on duty and got to meet and talk with him first hand.

He seemed like anything but a musician.  He was muscular, rough, butch, and to me hot as hell.  It was just the way I like my men.  Little did I know I was also just what he liked in a man, which was an open mouth and ass.  He was on the road and alone.  I offered to make arrangements for his transportation and anything else that he might need.  He told me to stop by his room later and if he thought of anything he'd let me know.

I told him I would check on him when my shift ended.  He told me perfect.


When I ended my shift I called his room to see if he needed anything.  He said yes and that he'd like me to come up.  I told him I would send someone and he said “No I’d rather you came.”  Little did I know then he meant it literally.    I told him I’d be up as soon as I changed and he said fine.  When I knocked on his door I heard him say from inside “It's open” and I walked in.

I almost passed out when I did.  There he was standing in the middle of the room stark ass naked and a fucking hard on.   He was hot as hell, with a strong smooth chest and abs. He had a neatly trimmed bush and a shaved cock and balls.  It was a very big shaved cock and balls at that.  I stuttered and asked him what was it he needed.  He started to stroke his cock and told me “You on your knees naked and your mouth open.”

For some reason I didn't think twice and kicked off my shoes, pulled my shirt over my head and dropped my pants and underwear right where I stood.  I got down on the floor in front of him and took his cock right in my mouth.  He moaned and said “Yeah man that's exactly what I needed, a hot mouth to suck out a load.”  He put his hand on the back of my head and held it still while he pumped down my throat.  Minutes later I was swallowing his load.  Once he was done he let go of my head and sat down.  “If you hand me my pants” he said and pointed to them on a chair. “I'll get you your tip” he said.

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Night Visitor - Part 5



Story by Josman


Part 5 of 5


I can feel my hole being filled with his hot man juice.


Psychedelic colors shoot through my brain as I experience the most intense orgasm.


I wake up.  I am covered with my own goo.


Another wet dream about my Father.


God, I wish more than anything that one day this whole dream will be for real.



Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Night Visitor - Part 4



Story by Josman


Part 4 of 5


In no time I find myself on my back and the incredible hairy hunk is right on top of me, pumping his huge meat into my cute ass. 


He starts to get more aggressive hurling filthy words at me.


He keeps calling me his boy bitch.


I love being his sex toy.


He created me therefore he has the right to use me and abuse me as he likes.


I sense the big man is about to climax.


I beg him to cum inside me.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Night Visitor - Part 3



Story by Josman


Part 3 of 5


The way he smells is incredible.


It is a real manly aroma that I have bonded since I was born.


As a small child I associated this smell with a sense of safety, security, and warmth as he held me in his arms.


Now that I am grown up this smell has a different effect on me.


It gets me hot and horny and makes my cock go all hard.

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Night Visitor - Part 2



Story by Josman


Part 2 of 5


He has a body to die for.


Working out is almost a religion to him.  He is at the gym every day.


I have not inherited his hairiness.  Sometimes I feel down about it.



On the other hand when he tells me he how much he loves my silky smooth skin I feel on top of the world.


His thick uncut cock is awesome.  It feel so good in my hand, and even better in my mouth.


I guess you can say this man is the total package.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Night Visitor - Part 1



Story by Josman


Part 1 of 5


Every night it is the same scenario. 


While the rest of the family is fast sleep, he comes into my bedroom.


My heart is pounding with excitement as he approaches my bed.


By now I am rock hard under the sheets.


In his eyes I see total lust.


The chemistry between us is incredible.


No power on earth can stop the attraction we feel for each other.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Workout - Part 2


Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2

All of a sudden without warning he pushed me off his cock and lifted my one leg high in the air.  He climbed up on the table and then lifted my other leg so it was up in the air as well.  He looked down at me and said “Time to massage inside” he said. “I’m gonna fuck you real good.

With that he had my legs up on his shoulders and was standing on the table and pushing his cock inside me.  “Take it man” he told me.  “Enjoy the massage of your life.”  I hated to tell him but I already was enjoying it and wanted him to fuck me deeper and harder right now.  Finally I told him.  “Don’t just stand there playing a game fuck me.  Fuck me like a man should be fucked.”

“You’re the boss” he said and slammed into me.  He pounded my ass like no one had before ever.  God it felt good.  I lay on the table with my eyes closed and moaned letting him know how good it felt.  I couldn't believe how good it felt to get fucked by him.  Now I’ve been fucked before and thought it was good but this was an all-time high.  I decided I was gonna do this more often.  Matter of fact I was gonna work out every other day and get a massage after each work out, both in and out.  I highly recommend the internal massage.  It’s fucking great.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Workout - Part 1


Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2

I decided to get up off my ass and do something with my body.  Finally, I've only been thinking about it for 3 or 4 years.  A guy at work suggested where he goes saying it's not that commercialized and you get a great work out. They have a lot of staff to help and guide you on a one on one basis with what and how to do something to improve certain parts of your body.  When I joined I told them I just wanted to tone up and tighten what was there.  One of the trainers said fine and took me in and showed me a few things for a quick workout.

I made a few friends and one of them said I should take advantage of the sauna and steam room and massage therapist.  He said it works wonders to work out the kinks after a rugged work out.  Well one Saturday night I over did it and needed some relief.  i decided to take a steam and massage.  I sat in the steam room for a good 45 minutes when they say to only sit in there 15 minutes max. It just felt so good.

When I got out I went looking for the massage therapist.  I was so relaxed I figured what the hell and I’d get the full treatment.  I found him and he took me to what looked like a very clinical room set up just for massages, with table, sink, and racks of towels.  It had everything he needed.  He told me to disrobe and lay face down on the table.  Well, all I had was a towel wrapped around me so that part was easy.

The guy gave a great massage and about 45 minutes later told me to roll over so he could do my chest and stuff.  That’s when I realized he was naked.  He saw my surprise and said “I hope you don't mind but this way I don't get the massage oil on my clothes.  I told him fine. He was giving me such a good massage I started to get hard and the next thing I knew he was massaging my cock and balls.  I ended up sitting up to suck his cock.  I hadn't sucked cock in weeks and his was so inviting and he didn't argue when I swallowed him either


I’m a pretty good cock sucker if I don't say so myself and had him moaning and leaking pre cum down my throat in no time.  He’d tell me he was going to cum and I’d stop and maybe play with his ass or his balls for a minute or 2 in order to keep him from cumming.  This went on for a while.  He made me stop at one point and went and locked the door.  “I don't want to be interrupted with this.”  With that he put his cock back in my mouth and told me get to get to sucking.  I was horny as all hell by now and just as hard.  My cock was sticking straight up.