Wednesday, February 29, 2012




Driving home late one night, I had to pee like a race horse!   I was sure I couldn't wait till I got home to go.  There was a park nearby, I drove there and raced to the men's room.  It was locked, so I just pulled out my dick and pissed on the lawn.  When I finished, I shook it a few times and it felt so good, I decided to jerk off back in my car in the empty parking lot.

Lately, I have been wanking my cock two, three times a day.  Not just because it felt good, I just hadn't hooked up with anyone in a while, and I was feeling horny as hell.  Looking into the park, I thought I was seeing things, suddenly a naked man wearing only a hat walked out of a group of trees carrying a flashlight.

He spotted the car and walked straight up to the driver's window.   Looking in, he said, "Nice dick!  Want some company?  I can help you out with that."   Without waiting for a response, he walked around and climbed in my passenger seat.  He told me his name was Rick, and a second later, he had taken over stroking my hard cock.   Then, suddenly, he was sucking my dick and I was totally lost in the sensation.  Damn, it was one of the best blow-jobs ever!
After I returned the favor and sucked him off, he asked if I could drive him home.  His apartment wasn't far from mine.  He had hooked up with a guy who drove him to the park and left with his clothes.  Before getting out of the car, we exchanged phone numbers.  During the next few months, we hung out together.  Not as boyfriends, because Rick really wasn't my type.  The only thing we had in common was that we both liked to suck dick (a lot!)  Sexually, it was the only thing he liked to do, while I, also, liked to fuck guys!
At least three times a week we sucked each other off.    Rick would suck any dick, anywhere and at any time.  It didn't take long to figure out that he was an 'exhibitionist' who was constantly naked.  He loved being naked in public places.  I got so used to seeing him nude, that it seemed unnatural when he wore clothes.
One night, I was alone at home wanking my dick in front of my computer, when Rick called.  "Whatever you're doing, stop!  I need your help.  I'm driving over to pick you up.  I'll be there in a minute."
"Rick, I'm not even dressed."
"Don't bother.  You'll just have to get naked again.  Trust me; I've got a nice surprise for you.  I'll pull right up to your door.  Just come out and jump in my truck." 

I pulled on a pair of boxers, and dashed outside when I heard his horn.  It wasn't a surprise that he was nude.
When I pressed him on what was happening, he told me there was a naked man in his bed who wanted to get fucked.  "I already sucked him off, but he wants some ass play.  I immediately thought of you.   You know I don't do that shit, but I thought it would be fun to watch you screw him."   I got really excited about the prospect of finally fucking a guy.  It had been awhile.   In the short drive to Rick's apartment my dick was already rock hard.

Walking into his apartment, Rick's trick had obviously bolted and left!!!  Standing in his empty apartment, I let Rick know, how pissed I was!!!

"Damn, Rick, you got me all excited about getting a piece of tail, and now I'm left high and dry with a boner so hard it hurts!  A blow job just ain't gonna satisfy me tonight!"

"Sorry about that dude.  Guess I should have poured him into my truck and brought him to your place.  So, tell me how I can make it up to you."

"Well....for starters, you could let me play with your ass.  Who knows?  You might even like it!  Have you ever been rimmed?  I love working an ass with my tongue."
Rick laid on his sofa and I got between his legs.  With my face buried in his bubble butt, I took my time as I worked his crack and hole.  Moaning very loudly, he stroked his cock and was immediately erect.  I knew, at that moment, that his ass was mine!   Taking a chance, I inserted a finger up his spit lubed hole.   When he didn't object, I finger fucked him for several minutes and was rewarded with more louder moans.    Then, I heard exactly what I was waiting for:  "Go ahead, fuck me!"
Before he could change his mind, I flipped him onto his stomach and penetrated his hole.  So that I would not be too invasive, I proceeded very slowly.   Gradually, inch by inch, my dick was buried in my buddy's ass.   He seemed to relax with the penetration and even bucked his butt up to meet my thrusts.   After several more minutes, I couldn't hold out any longer and shot off deep inside of him.

Totally spent, with my softening dick still in his ass, I said, "Geez, Rick, that was fantastic!"

He looked over his shoulder at me and said,  "That's what friends are for!" 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Message from CATMAN

I am "CATMAN" and I write with Jay at "HORNY FICTION". You had a question about how we collaborate on stories.

Actually, Jay and I have never met. But we corresponde via e-mails. He lives in Indiana and I am in Florida. I found his website last year and asked one day if he could use some reader's submissions.

I have submitted over 50 stories to him.

We have very different writing styles, but they somehow mesh together. Sometimes, I get halfway into a story and I suddenly find myself written into a corner. That's when I send the story to Jay to finish. We pass the story back and forth via e-mail to get a finished story. It somehow works for us to collaborate that way. We have had several stories that say: "BY CATMAN AND JAY".

 When I write, I use alot of back-stories and set ups getting to the action. Jay is all about writing about the SEX acts which finishes the storyline.

Glad from your comments that you seem to like the stories.

TWINS - Part 2


Submitted by CATMAN

Part 2 of 2

"It's time we got you laid!"

"Jerry, I wouldn't even know what to do with a guy.  I'm afraid that I'd probably make a fool out of myself if I did something stupid or if I was bad at it.  I don't want to embarrass myself."

"Relax Phil; you just need a patient teacher.  Someone to try things out on.  And I know the perfect person for the job.  ME!"

"YOU?   Are you kidding?   Wouldn't that be a little too kinky?   After all, you are my brother."

"Would you rather have a stranger to teach you?   It's not like I'm suggesting we 'make love', it's only sex!   Trust me on this; it doesn't have to be that awkward.   Just try to forget I'm your brother and you might enjoy it and learn something!"

I didn't even have any time to object before he got started, "Just about every time you hook up with a guy, it might be different.  Sometimes, it's all about a "Quickie" trick.  Just a 'hand job' or a 'blow job'.  One, or both of you, gets off and you're on your way.   Personally, I prefer when I can take my time with a guy.  I like the foreplay.  First, stripping each other's clothes off but we're both already naked. Then touching, feeling, exploring his body with my hands and my favorite:  kissing.   Have you ever kissed a guy?"

Of course, I answered in the negative but that didn't stop Jerry.  He had his hands all over me before he started to kiss me.  It felt strange, at first, especially with his tongue in my mouth.  After a few minutes, I guess I got used to it and was kissing him too.  He abruptly pulled away, "You see, kissing a guy can be fun.  It must be, cause we both have hard-ons now!

Jerry continued, "You'll know instinctively when to move on to something else.  Next is usually oral sex.  Damn, you should see the look on your face!  You look terrified!   I'll show you how to do it, then you can give it a try."   I laid back on the bed.  He began by licking my balls, then up and down my shaft, before putting my dick in his mouth.  I'm not sure where he learned all of this stuff, but he really seemed to know how to pleasure a man.   I didn't have long to enjoy it, till it was my turn.

Jerry's cock had gone soft, which he said was a good thing.  He instructed me to make him hard just using my mouth.  I have never sucked a dick before.  Jerry told me not to think of it as a penis.   He talked me through it and told me when I was doing it right and what not to do.  I think I did alright and didn't want to stop when he pulled out of my mouth.  Wow, I had just sucked a dick and I liked doing it.  I even forgot about it being my brother's dick.

"Phil, that was pretty good.  Of course, if you're not going to fuck, you finish the guy off either with your hand or in your mouth.  Cum is an acquired taste and not everyone likes it or likes to swallow.   So, do you still think you might be gay?"

I said, "Now, I'm positive!  You know, I thought that fooling around with you was going to be really weird, but I liked it.  Maybe sharing more stuff like this will make us even closer.  Strange as it may seem, we are so identical, it was almost like having sex with myself.  Jerry, my dick is harder than a rock.  I really need to get off or I'll never fall to sleep tonight."

He dropped to his knees in front of me and I thought he was going to jerk me off.  Instead, he sucked me off and I came in his mouth.  When I offered to return the favor, he told me he was good since he got off earlier with Don.  I laid there, tired but satisfied.

The final surprise came when he turned out the lights and crawled into bed with me.

"It's getting late.  Let's finish the lesson another day.  Besides, I'm not sure you're ready for fucking."

Monday, February 27, 2012

A Question from one of my Readers

Here is a question from one of my readers:
I've often wondered about brothers. If two brothers are gay, do they do things together? Or would they regard that as unacceptable or revolting? After all, a brother and sister who are straight would not usually have any sexual attraction for each other and would generally find the idea of doing anything with each other pretty disgusting. Is it any different with gay brothers?

As for identical twins, it would seem logical that if one is gay they would both be gay. And, as identical twins usually have a very strong bond, it would be logical that gay identical twins would find it natural to be lovers. Or would they consider the idea disgusting, just like a straight brother and sister?

These questions have always fascinated me. And I don't see any way of finding any answers!
Well readers, what are your thoughts?

TWINS - Part 1


Submitted by CATMAN

Part 1 of 2

Like most identical twins, Jerry and I share an incredible bond.  He's not only my brother; he's also my very best friend.  We've always shared a room and now that we are in college, we share a dorm room.   We are so close that we have never keep secrets that is until just recently.  I felt like Jerry was holding back something.   Something that he just didn't know how to tell me.  I had a secret of my own.

Jerry began acting kind of weird, not quite himself.   He seemed to be really happy but he started to find excuses to go off by himself.   That wasn't like him because we always did everything together.    Then one Friday night, I discovered why.   I got back to the dorm really late, he wasn't in our room.  I decided to shower, so I stripped down and went down the hall to the showers.  That's where I found him, but he wasn't alone.  I was shocked to see him sucking face with Don Neuman!   I couldn't believe my eyes.  Then he dropped to his knees and began sucking Don's dick.

Geez!   Was Jerry gay?  I thought that was my secret.  I had no idea that he was attracted to men.   I could certainly see why he would be involved with Don.  He's a really hot guy with an awesome body.    I wondered, if the two of them had gone 'all the way'.  I snuck back to our room and sat naked on my bed thinking about Jerry and Don.  I was actually kind of jealous because although I was convinced I was gay, I hadn't actually hooked up with a guy yet.  I had only fantasized about a few of the guys back home.  I even had some immoral thoughts about my twin.

I started to think about it.  Wow, was Jerry gay all the way back when we were 14 and we started jacking off together?  We even jerked each other from time to time.    Maybe we were both gay back then.  We were both just fooling around doing kid's stuff, but I know I really liked it.  Then I remembered the winter night,  just two years ago, when the heat went out.  Jerry crawled into my bed and we snuggled close to keep warm.  It was a little awkward since we both sleep in the nude.  I woke, at one point, and Jerry had an erection that he was rubbing against me.  I liked that too.

Waiting for Jerry to return to our room, I decided it was time for us to have an honest talk.  Finally, he walked in, and pulled the towel from his waist to finish drying off. 

I said, "Jerry, can we talk?  Tell me the truth.  What's been going on with you lately?  We don't seem to be as close as we used to be.  You know you can tell me anything and I will understand."

He tossed the towel aside and sat next to me, "I'm sorry Phil.  I guess I have been preoccupied lately.  There is something I've been meaning to tell you, but I just don't know how to say it."

"Let me make it easy for you.  You're gay!  Right?  I saw you with Don in the shower.  It's okay, because you see...I'm pretty sure that I'm gay too!"

He seemed relieved that everything was now out in the open, no more hiding or sneaking around.  We talked for quite a while.  Apparently, my twin was a real slut.  He told me about the various guys he had been sneaking off with for two years. 

When I told him that I hadn't been with a guy yet, he said, "It's time we got you laid!" 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Three Months

Three Months

Story by Jay

I was ready to surf the web.  I was naked and ready to jack off.  First I needed to check my emails and there it was.  I stared at the computer screen and could not believe it.  It was an email from Dan.  The last time I heard from him was three months ago.  We had a quick meeting at my place that resulted in a quick sex session. 

I just remember both of us cumming after just a few minutes of a romp in bed.  Everything was fuzzy in my mind.  I strained to remember what he looked like.  What did his body look like?  What did his cock and balls look like?  What did we do in bed?  My cock grew as I held it in my hand, as I thought of Dan.

Then I stopped what I was doing and thought:  Why three months?  Especially since he said he wanted to see me again.  I clicked on his email and opened it.  His email just said, “Do you want to play?”

In the past three months I wondered why he was not answering me.  Did I do something wrong?  We seem to hit it off.  I definitely wanted to see him again, but after three months, should I delete the email.  Or answer it and tell him off.  Or what?

My hand started to reply and I typed “Yes”.

I sat there after I sent the email and thought I was being stupid.  It had been three months of me wondering why he wasn’t contacting me.  And here I was agreeing to another session.  I read the email again “Do you want to play?”  My cock was already hard in anticipation.  I knew what I was doing.  I was thinking with my cock and not with my head.

Thinking of Dan, I jacked off.

His email arrived shortly after I sent my ‘YES’ reply.  He was coming in two hours.  I got dressed and waited for his arrival.  I stood by the window and watched for his arrival.  Right on time, his truck pulled up.  He got out and I started to breathe in short breaths.  My cock was getting hard.  Without saying a work, he stripped down to his underwear.  He stood there as I stripped down to my briefs.  He walked over to me and watched as I inserted my fingers under the leg opening of my briefs.  I reached in to do the same with his underwear.  I felt around and found his smooth balls and pulled out his hard cock.

It was enormous.  How could I forget that cock?  Gosh, he was hung.  It all came back to me. As I stared at his ever growing cock, Dan pulled back my leg opening of my briefs and started to play with my cock. 

We were now naked and I stood while Dan sat on the sofa and teased my cock with his tongue.  We were now completed undressed.  I grabbed him by the hand and pulled him to the bedroom.  We fell into bed and immediately went into a 69 position.  His cock and balls up close were awesome.

I took both balls into my mouth.  I could barely hold them.  I let them out of my mouth and took turns sucking on one ball, then the other.  But I wanted his dick.  I tried swallowing it but it was a lot of dick. 

Dan was already sucking me and running his tongue all over my cock.  We sucked for what felt like forever.  But it was too much for me and I shot my load.  His cock slipped out of my mouth.  His hand replaced my lips and he stroked his cock until he splattered cum all over my face.

It was now over and Dan got ready to leave.  I told him to not wait three months to contact me again.  Make it sooner.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months.  I waited for a reply that never came.  It was now three months to the day.  Would he contact me?  Would I take him back?  Should I take him back? 

I think you know the answer.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lovers -- With a Trick


Story by CATMAN and Jay

Greg and I have been together for five years in a monogamous relationship.  We are just average looking twenty-something guys.   Both of us are very fit, but without those massive 'gym' bodies.   Other than the length of time we have been together, I don't think there is anything special about us.  Our friends all think we are the 'model' couple, God, if they only knew the truth!

The first year after we got together, the sex was absolutely bombastic!   We were a perfect match:  I'm exclusively a TOP and Greg is a very willing BOTTOM!   It worked out really well for a while, but at some point it all became both routine and infrequent.   We were so comfortable living together that there was never a thought about separating.

It was shortly after the five year mark for us, one night out on the town, I mentioned that I thought one of the guys in the bar was cute.  Greg picked up on my comment and said, "Go for it."

I was shocked that he would even suggest anything like that.  "Jesus, Greg, are you fucking kidding me!   I was just commenting on his looks, it doesn't mean that I want him!  You are the only guy I want to spend the rest of my life with!"

"Robbie, I feel the same way.  All I am saying  is, maybe it's time to spice up our love life by bringing someone else into the picture.  I don't know how you would feel about it, but I wouldn't be opposed to an occasional 3-way, just to add a little variety to our sex lives.  I'm sure that you must be tired of just fucking my ass.  I don't want to replace you, but it would be fun to suck a different cock or have a different dick up my butt!  At the end of the day, it would still be the two of us in our bed!"

I didn't know how to even think about all of this.  At first I was not for it but I decided to go along with Greg as long as we both agree on the third person.  So we looked around and started picking.  After rejecting a lot of guys we settled on a guy. 

Now came the hard part; will he agree to the offer.  Greg approached him and I saw them talking and Greg pointing back at me.  Finally they walked over to me and Greg introduced Randy.  From across the room, Randy had looked like a great candidate.  Up close he was a fantastic candidate.  

We headed to our place. 

Once we were inside our apartment, Randy took charge.  He loved cock and wanted to suck the one who had the biggest cock.  We stripped and Greg and I stood there as Randy compared the two cocks.  Both Greg and I knew who the winner was.  It was me.

Randy invited Greg to kneel down in front of me and they started to take turns licking my cock.  Having two tongues attacked my cock from all angles, got me hard in a hurry.  The licking turned into sucking.  When one was sucking my cock, the other was sucking on my balls.

Both Randy and Greg were bottoms.  So I knew what they wanted and that was that they wanted my now rock hard cock.  We all three laid in bed and they continued to suck me as I laid there.  I reach to both of them and started to play with their asses.  I inserted a thumb in each ass and started to finger fuck them.  Before long, they wanted me to replace my thumb with my cock. 

Since Randy was our guest, he was going to get fucked first.  My cock was all lubed up with spit from their sucking.  I started to insert my cock but Randy was not used to such a large cock as mine.  Greg pulled out a bottle of lube from the side table.  After applying some lube, my cock now slipped easily into Randy’s ass.

I took it slow at first.  I notice that Greg was not going to sit on the side and watch.  He shoved his cock to Randy’s lips, who wanted to take it from both ends.  He hungrily took Greg’s cock deep in his mouth.  Now he was ready for pounding from both ends.

Randy’s ass was tighter than Greg’s ass.  I watched as Greg got closed to cumming.  Randy released Greg’s cock and wanted him to cum on his face.  I decided to do the same.  We both stroked our cocks and took aim at Randy’s face.  I don’t know who came first, but we both had big loads and it covered Randy’s face.

As Randy licked his face, Both Greg and I turned our attention to Randy’s cock.  It did not take long before he shot a big load.

Later that night, after Randy left, we laid in bed and I told Greg that he was right.  That added a little more spice and variety to our sex life.  We both laid there in each other arms with rock hard cocks.  It was going to be a long night.

Friday, February 24, 2012



Story by Jay

 I stood at the urinal and waited.  My heart pounded in my chest.  I held my rock hard cock in my hand.  While I waited I thought of the first time I jacked off at an urinal with another guy.
I was just 13 and felt I could handle everything.  Mom still looked at me as her little boy.  But I was head strong.  So when we were at the mall, I said I needed to go to pee.  Mom said, “Be careful.”  I was na├»ve and just ran off to the closest bathroom. 
When I walked in, I took a urinal next to this big guy.  I heard his pee splashing against the urinal.  When he stopped, I was just finishing up.  I felt his eyes on me.  Instead of being scared, I started to get aroused. 

Now many years later, I still love to stand at the urinal and wait to see you will stand next to me.
My thoughts were interrupted when the door swung open and a guy walked in and took the urinal next to mine.  He unzipped his jeans and pulled out an uncut cock.  He saw that I was looking and made sure I saw everything.    
I looked over and he had his enormous dick in his hand and he was slowly stroking it.  He had a grin on his face.  He turned toward me.   He stepped closer.  It was now inches away from me.  I could see his veins protruding along the shaft of his penis.  His cock head was large.  His pee slit had a small drop of moisture.  As I started at it, the drop grew in size and then it dripped from his cock.          
I found myself reaching out to touch it.  It was rock hard.  I found myself grabbing it and stroking it.  He had a massive amount of hair at the base of his cock.  He started to stroke his cock.  I ran my hand all over his cockhead.  He said he like that, so I kept doing it. 
He turned towards the urinal and after a few strokes; he shot streams of white cum.  I was staring with my mouth wide open.  That was awesome.  I imitated him and I felt my cock get ready and I shot out white cum.  I milked it for the last drops.  
Just like the first time, I was hooked.  I wanted to come back again and again.   

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Taking of Jim

Taking Care of Jim


When I heard the news, I raced to the hospital not knowing what to expect.   I found Jim's room.  He was asleep and had kicked off the sheets exposing his naked body.  He had a lot of scrapes and bruises, a cast on one leg below the knee and stitches in his forehead.  Even damaged he looked really hot to me.  I covered him again with the sheet.

A young intern walked into the room.   I had a dozen questions, "Do you know what happened?  Is he going to be alright?  What happened to his clothes?  How did the hospital know to call me?   When can he go home?"  

"You must be Steve; we found your number in Jim's wallet.  He was unconscious when the ambulance brought him in.  We didn't know how extensive his injuries were, so we had to cut his clothes off.  According to the police report, he wrecked his motorcycle when a truck ran a stop light.  Actually he was really lucky, the bruises look worse than they actually are.  It was a clean break on his leg.  We want to keep him overnight just for observation.  Right now he's sedated and will be out for a few hours.  We're just a little concerned that he might have a concussion from the head injury.  Are the two of you roommates or partners?"

"Oh no, nothing like that, we’re just work out buddies and good friends.  He lives across the hall from me.  I'm gay and he's straight.  Why did you ask?"

"Well, it would be better to have someone around to look after him for a while.  He's going to be a little sore and should stay off of that leg and  He'll need some bed rest for a few days.  Maybe, you could return tomorrow to drive him home, and you'll want to bring a bathrobe or something for him to wear."

"Sure, I can do that.  He can stay at my place."  I thanked the Doctor and left Jim to rest.  I was relieved that he would be alright and actually was looking forward to playing caretaker for him.  I've always had a giant crush on him, but was sure that he had no interest in me.  However, since breaking up with his last girlfriend 3 months ago, he had been spending more time at my apartment.  So, maybe...

I made arrangements to take some time off of work, and the following day, I picked up Jim to take him home.  I only have a one bedroom apartment, so I told Jim that I would sleep on the sofa.  

He said, "That's ridiculous, it's your bed!  It's a big one and we can share.  That's the only way I will stay here, besides your sofa is really uncomfortable.  I don't like to even sit on it, let alone imagining you having to sleep on it."

He took my bathrobe off and got onto the bed.  It wasn't any big deal that he was naked.  We had seen each other plenty of times in the locker room and showers at the gym.   I put some extra pillows under his broken leg to prop it up then drug the TV into the bedroom.  After taking two pain killers, Jim dosed on and off all night.

I went across the hall to fetch some things he might need:  laptop, cell phone, shaving gear and some of the perishables from his fridge.  When I went to his bedroom to find some loose fitting clothes he could wear, I got a few surprises.  I found one of my old jockstraps that I thought I lost at the gym.  In another drawer, I discovered his stash of porn, and some of it was very 'gay'.  The biggest shock was in his nightstand:  anal beads, a dildo and two cock rings. 

I left everything in place and returned back to my apartment.     I watched some television and turned in around midnight.  I always sleep in the nude and didn't see any reason to change for Jim. 

We woke at the same time in the morning and Jim said he was hungry.  I got up and fixed some breakfast for the two of us.  We ate in my bedroom from a tray.  Jim seemed to be in really good spirits today and was feeling better.  He even made mention that he thought my work outs were really paying off.  I was flattered that he would notice but I thought that was a strange thing to say, coming from a straight guy.

When Jim said he had to take a piss, I helped him out of bed.  He wasn't very steady trying to manuver with the crutches, so I supported him while he hobbled to the bathroom.   When he finished using the toilet, he said he felt a little grubby and could use a shower.   I put down the toilet seat for him to sit while I got a large garbage bag and tape to wrap his cast.   I got into the shower with him to make sure he wouldn't fall.

I supported him with a hand on his waist while he soaped himself up.  He spent alot of time lathering up his crotch, and I noticed he got an erection.  He didn't seem at all embarrassed about it and was still hard after rinsing off and drying himself.   I was impressed with the size of his cock and my own started to respond. 

I got him back on the bed and asked if there was anything else he needed.

"Isn't it obvious?  I'm horny as hell!   Don't tell me you're not interested, I've seen the way you always look at me.  This would be the perfect time to take advantage of me.  I thought you might do it last night, that's why I wanted you to sleep with me."

I was absolutely shocked at this turn of events.  "You're serious about this?  You know, it will completely change the dynamics of our friendship."

"I know what I'm doing, and I think we should do this.    Come over here and I'll show you."

Moving next to the bed, Jim reached out and grabbed my dick and began to stroke it.  Then he pulled me closer, leaned over and began to suck my cock.  He stroked himself while blowing me.  I could tell that this wasn't the first time with a dick in his mouth.    With his free hand he played with my balls and ass.   I was so turned on that I came way too some.  He swallowed every drop.  I leaned down and kissed him and he kissed me too.

It was my turn and I crawled up between his legs.  I began by licking his big balls.  Taking care with his broken leg, I worked my mouth down his crack and tongued his hole.  Lubed up with my spit, I took a chance and inserted a finger.  Jim moaned and I could tell he approved.  I moved to licking his hard cock in a teasing manner, before taking him in my mouth.  Finger fucking him, I sucked him off and was rewarded with a big load of his cum.  I shared it with him when I kissed him again.

Jim said, "Damn Steve that was great!   I can't believe it took a motorcycle accident to get you to finally have sex with me.  My only complaint would be, maybe next time you can think of something larger than a finger to shove up my butt!"

"You can count on that buddy!  Don't forget, you are on bed rest all week and the doctor instructed me to 'take care of you'!"

That was three months ago and Jim is completely healed, but I am still 'taking care' of him, and he enjoys 'taking care' of me too.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Census Guy - Part 2

The Census Guy

Story By Chris

Part 2 of 2

He laid there gasping and after a few minutes started putting his shirt back on. "Where do you think you’re going?" I asked. I didn’t wait for an answer. I pushed him back down, lifted his legs up and dove into his ass, licking and biting and spitting for a few minutes. I don’t think he ever had someone do that because he was squirming and gasping and moaning "Oh God" the whole time. I wasn’t eating his ass for his pleasure Ii was getting him ready for my cock. While he was in heaven I got up, aimed my cock at his dripping hole and started sliding my cock in. This woke him from his sex haze and he started to struggle but I pinned him down and told him to relax and let me take control. I inched my cock into his tight hot ass, it felt amazing how tight he was. After a few minutes I was fully into him and gave him a chance to get used to my size. He was breathing heavy and if I was in my right mind I might be afraid this old guy was gonna die on me but I didn’t really care. After giving him a minute to catch his breath I started power fucking him. I ravaged his ass like it owed me money. I was in some kind of animal lust fucking this grey haired old guy. After 15 minutes of me raping this old guy I knew I wasn’t going to last so I slammed into him one last time and exploded into him, cursing at him and grabbing a handful of hair and yanking it. It felt like I was shooting for well over a minute and when I was coming out of my fuck cloud I pulled out of him still semi hard. I grab his head and made him lick me clean. When he was done I told him he could leave and I headed into the house.

I came back out like 20 minutes later and he was gone. Sitting next to his beer was a note with his name and number on it asking if he could come over again sometime soon. I've never been into older guys but he was a hell of a fuck. I put his number in my phone and planned on calling him next week.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Census Guy - Part 1

The Census Guy

Story By Chris

Part 1 of 2

It was a Saturday afternoon and after a rough week all I had to do that day was run a few errands and then relax by the pool. I live alone and have high fences so laying by the pool naked was commonplace with me. I had an ice cooler full of beer and my IPod on just laying back in the lounge chair enjoying the sun and the day. I guess I dozed off because the next thing I know I’m being lightly shaken by someone. I woke up in a startle looking around and wondering what was going on. Once I got myself under control I realized there was someone standing next to me blocking the sun.

"Um who the hell are you and why are you in my backyard?" I asked.

"Hi I’m William and I’m taking the government census. I knock on your fence but no one answered but I could see you laying there. I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a few questions?"

I sat there for a second and looked at this older gentleman, maybe in his 60's, and figured well he was already here I might as well. I made no effort to cover up my naked body since it was my backyard and he invited himself in. So he sat down and started asking me questions. This went on for like 15 minutes and as he asked me the questions my cock started getting hard. Williams noticed this and kind of stammered over the last few questions he had for me. By the time he was done I was rock hard and not making any moves to cover up. I even slapped my cock around a few times to see what he would do. He gave me his thank you for answering all the questions and I noticed as he was putting his stuff away that there was a sizable bulge in his grey pants. I decided to have some fun. I offered him a beer since it was late in the afternoon.  He quickly agreed. I tossed him oen and told him to loosen up the tie and relax.

We talked a few minutes, just casual talk but I noticed that William couldn’t keep his eyes off my cock. I licked my lips and pointed my cock at him, he took the hint and dropped the beer and was on his knees in a heartbeat.  He deep throated me right from the start, slobbering on my cock and head with each bob of his head. I layed back and enjoyed the blowjob and was letting out little moans with each second he was eating my dick.  He had an expert mouth and after a few minutes I was getting that feeling churning on my low hanging balls. I wasn’t ready to cum yet so I pulled him off and stood up. I reach over and ripped his shirt off, buttons flying everywhere. I unbuckled his pants and pushed his old man boxers down. He wasn’t large but he was rock hard and uncut. I pushed him in a chair and got between his knees and went down on him. I licked inside his hood and chewed on it, this sent shivers up and down his body. I guess he wasn’t used to this type of attention because a minute into working on his cock He moaned out he was gonna cum. I pulled his hood back and swallowed his cock and got ready for the flow of cum. It wasn’t much of a load but it was very sweet and I swallowed the whole thing.

Monday, February 20, 2012




Luke has been my very best friend since we met in grade school.  We were closer than brothers and spent just about every day together.  We went through puberty, with our hormones raging and our dicks constantly erect!  It was Luke who taught me how to 'jack-off'!  At every opportunity, we would pull out our dicks to jerk off.   From the first time he showed it to me, I liked looking at his dick.

We began to experiment with touching each other to heighten our ejaculations.   One afternoon, shortly after we had both turned sixteen, everything culminated in the two of us sucking each other off on my bed!   I don't remember how it happened, or who suggested it.  It was just a fun thing to do, that we both enjoyed.    It would be, the one and only time, we would do anything that intimate and physical with each other.  At that point, I think we both had to admit that we were 'gay'!

We were comfortable with being naked around each other.   Like in the Jacuzzi, skinny-dipping in the pool or sleeping raw while sharing the same bed.  There were other times we shared the bathroom or shower together.

Fast forward:  eight years later!   Luke and I, were still best buddies and deeply involved in each other's lives.  Luke has a lover, Karl, and seems very happy!   I don't have time to invest in a relationship, as I am trying to build my career.  My job is very stressful and often stands in the way of my socializing with Luke and my friends.

One night, Luke called and suggested that we go bar hopping together.    When I told him, once again, that I was too tired and stressed to go out., he said, "You need to relax!   Too bad you don't have a Karl in your life.  Whenever everything in my daily life gets to me, he steps in and gives me a massage.   It chases away all of my stress.  He's that good!"

It was late the following night when my door bell rang and I found Karl outside of my door.   I was surprised to find him at my apartment without Luke. 

"Luke told me about your problem, and sent me over.  I'm on 'loan' from him to rub away all of your tension.   He told me 'not to take no' from you.  So, tell me where you want to do this massage?" 

A massage sounded like a really great idea, but I thought it might be a little weird coming from my best friend's lover.  Karl had brought his own portable massage table and oils.   I helped him set it up in the open space in my living room.  Laying naked on the table, Karl began by oiling my body from head to toe.

Luke was right, Karl really knew his stuff as he worked my entire body.   At first, I was a little self-conscious about being naked in front of Karl, since I really didn't know him that well.   Then, I got an erection, as he worked my ass and my inner thighs, which are my highly sensitive erogenous zones.   I tried thinking about multiple addition problems, politicians who offended me and some of my elderly relatives.  Just anything that might make my dick go soft again.  Nothing seemed to work and I stayed rock hard!

When I had to roll over, I was really embarrassed!   Karl seemed to not really care as he completed the massage, working me from my shoulders to my feet.  His hands brushed against my boner and balls when he got to my pelvic area, which only kept me from being flaccid.

The massage was just what I needed and I felt relaxed, with the exception of my throbbing cock.  Finally done kneading my muscles, Karl said, "You have the same problem Luke always has:  sexual tension.   I usually always finish him off with a blow job."   Without waiting for a response from me, he began sucking my dick.

I protested that "This is too weird!" and Karl insisted that Luke had instructed him to give me the entire treatment.  "The three of us are friends, and what's wrong with a little 'head'  from a friend?  It will help you to really relax!"

I laid back and let him manipulate my cock with his mouth. In the past few months, only my hand had gotten me off.   I was so nervous about having Luke's lover going down on me, that it took forever for me to get off. 

When I finally emptied my nuts deep in his throat, my orgasm was so intense that it brought back memories of those years ago with Luke.  After giving me several minutes to recover, Karl packed up and left.

I slept like a baby that night, but woke in the morning feeling guilty.  I called Luke to come over for coffee and a talk.  I told him in great detail about what had transpired the night before.  I was worried that he might be really pissed off at me.

Instead, he smiled broadly and said, "That's what friends are for!"

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Warehouse Job

Warehouse Job

Story by Jay

I got a new job at a warehouse on the Eastside of town.  After being out of work for a while, it was good to be doing some work and getting paid for it.

I arrived early and met with the supervisor.  He was a nice looking guy about my age.  It was the night shift and there was a crew of just two forklift drivers.  He gave me my work assignments and I took off driving a forklift to pick up the items being shipped out.

I found it to be easy work and before long my shift was over so I went looking for my supervisor. I saw one of the other workers standing by a forklift stroking his large cock.  I hid behind some boxes and watched as he slowly pulled his foreskin back and forced his cockhead to appear, and then he pulled the skin back to cover his cockhead. 

He increased his stroking and before long I could see his cock shoot a white stream of cum.  He kept pumping and unloaded the biggest load of cum I ever saw.  When he was done, he flicked his cock a couple times and the remaining drops of cum flew off the tip of his cock.  He shoved his cock into his pants and walked back into the warehouse.

I slowly walked over to where he was standing.  An old towel was laying across some boxes and he had shot his load unto the towel.  I was fascinated with the amount of cum that was there.  I scooped up a gob of it and held it to my nose.  It smelled sweet but also sour.  I pulled out my cock and was stroking it. 

“You like cum?”  I turned around quickly and saw the co-worker.  I wiped my hand on the towel.  My cock was rock hard.  I tried to put it away but the co-worker moved closer to me and said, “Let me take care of it.”

He knelt down and licked the tip of my cut cock.  He ran his tongue all over the cockhead and along the ridge.  I love it.  He sucking lightly on my cockhead then he took my cook all the way into his mouth.  His face was now in my pubes.  I felt his exhale through his nose. 

He started sucking my cock.  He looked up from his position kneeling on the floor.  His eyes and face was beautiful.  He increased sucking and I felt myself get ready to cum.  I whispered “I am ready to cum.”  He tightened his lips around my cock and sucked as I placed my hands on his head.  I felt the first volley of cum shoot out of me. 

He continued to suck and swallow.  I unloaded all that I had.  He did not remove his mouth until every last drop was swallowed.

He stood up as I pulled up my briefs and jeans and zipped up my fly. 

“I am your co-worker, Brad.”  I smiled as we shook hands.  I think I am going to enjoy this job.