Friday, November 30, 2012

Grocery Story Clerk - Part 2

Grocery Store Clerk

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2

He stood up and I let my legs down so I could sit up and took his cock in my mouth before he could say a word.  He never went soft.  When I let his cock go he said “Man that was some hot head and an even hotter ass.“  I thanked him for a compliment and told I was always willing to please.  “You'll let me fuck you again?”  I looked at his hard cock and thought no time like the present.  I stood up and walked over to the couch.  I bent over the couch holding the cushions and spread my legs so my ass was high in the air and my cock resting on the back of the couch. 


I didn't have to say a word and he didn't need any lube.  He used his cum inside me to lube me up and slid right in.  Since we had just finished he didn't start out slow and easy.  He started to fuck me like a freight train roaring down the tracks right from the start.  I was moaning and encouraging him right from first stroke to fuck me and fuck me harder.  Suddenly he pulled out of me and flipped me over so my back was on the couch.  My legs were in the air and he plunged right back in me.

“I want to be able to see your face as I fuck you.”  I reached up and played with his nipples and he took my cock in his hand and started to stroke me as he fucked me brutally.  I knew I was going to be sore after today but I didn't care.  His cock was so deep and fat inside me and felt so good that was all that mattered.  Next thing I knew he threw his head back and howled like a wolf as he dumped another load in my ass.  This time he just walked around to the front of the couch and squatted on my face his cock going deep in my mouth to clean him off.  His load was deep inside me mixing with the first load and I felt full and content.  Once I had cleaned off his cock he stood up and said “You know we worked up such a sweat I need another shower.” 

We went into the bathroom and got in the shower together.  He started to soap me up and it felt so good.  I turned so he could soap up my back and he noticed that his load had started to leak out of my ass.  He got right down on his knees and started to lick and suck his load out of me as the water cascaded over us.  When he briefly came up for air he told me he didn't want to waste a drop and kept on slurping in my hole till he was satisfied that he got both loads out of me.  Then he stood up and finished washing me and I washing him.

After the shower his clothes were finished in the dryer and he dressed and left saying he'd see me in the market or at the park.  The following Saturday when I was in the market he came over to me and said I need to talk to you in private.  I couldn't think of what he wanted to say but he took me in the back room and in-between stacks of crates he got on his knees and opened my pants and started to suck my cock.  He had me cumming in his mouth in minutes.  When I was finished shooting he stood and said “I needed that.  You’re all I thought about all week.  Are we on for tomorrow?”  I said “Yeah, but not at the park.  Be at my house at 1:00.”  When he got there I had towels laid out in the bathroom.   I was naked with a cock ring and ribbon and bow around my waist. 

He came in saw what I had on and laughed.  When I asked him what was so funny he pulled his sweat pants that he had on down past his cock and there he was in all his glory, long, fat, hard, cock ring on and a red bow attached to it on each side of his cock.  “Think we think alike” he said.  I looked at him and said “Well I hope so because right now I’m thinking you should take those bows off and get that cock inside my ass right now.”  He laughed and said “Then we really do think alike because I was just thinking how I can't wait to get in that hot ass.  2 minutes later my legs were in the air and his cock deep inside me and we were well on our way to another sweat soaked fuck fest afternoon. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Grocery Store Clerk - Part 1

Grocery Store Clerk

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2


I lived in the same neighborhood for almost 10 years now.  I’m also a creature of habit.   I do my laundry on Saturday mornings.  It would be washed and hung out to dry by 8 am.  I go grocery shopping at the same store.  Wash my car at the same car wash and mow my own lawn because I’m the only one who can do it the way I like.  

So, when a new guy started to work in the grocery store it shook me a little.  It was something out of the norm.  He was a nice young guy and I got used to him and found him to be really helpful too.  He always knew what was the freshest in whatever department I was looking in.  After months seeing each other every Saturday and talking I happened to be in the park near my house one Sunday relaxing and just getting some sun when who walks up but the grocery store boy. 

Man did he look hot standing there over me with tight, short shorts, no shirt, and sneakers.  “Hey man how's it going?  Didn't know you come here too?” I told him from time to time and invited him to sit on my blanket for a few.  He declined and then said but if you want to shoot some hoops with me I was just heading to the courts over there.  I hadn't done my workout yet for the day so I figured a little warm up wouldn't hurt. 


We played one on one for hours and worked up a heavy sweat.  He was so sweaty it was running down his chest and getting his shorts soaking wet.  Soon the entire front of his shorts was clinging to him and you could see the outline of what looked like a really long and fat cock.  We finally gave up when a group of kids wanted to play full court and sat down.  We talked for a while and then headed to our cars.  Wouldn’t you know it we parked next to each other at the far end of the parking lot and for the same reason.  We didn't want anyone near our cars scratching them.  We stood talking for a few more minutes but just before we were going to get in the car he said he had to pee.  Right there and then he turned his back to the park and pulled out this fire hose of a cock and pissed between the cars.  “I didn't think I would make it home” he said.

The next Sunday I purposely went to the park in hopes of meeting him.  This time he was in the same attire but going for a long distance run.  Now I usually jog on the treadmill at home every night so I figured I’ll just do it on the trails in the park today.  We walked to my car and I put on my sneakers and then took off my shirt leaving just a pair of sweats on.

Off we went and must have done the trail at least 4 times which equals about 4 miles.  When we got back to the car we were both winded and sweating like pigs.  The front of his shorts and the front of my sweats were soaked and clinging to us in sweat.  We didn't talk as long because he said he had things to do.  He had to fix his shower and definitely had to after the sweat he worked up on this run.  I told him I only lived a few miles away if he wanted to shower at my place and then go fresh to the store and work on his place.  He accepted.

When we got to my place he took his gym bag out of the trunk and said he'd shower and change into what he had in the bag.  I showed him the bathroom shower and headed to the kitchen for something cold to drink.  Didn’t take him long to shower and the next thing I knew he was standing in the doorway in just a towel.  “Wouldn’t you know it my bag has nothing but sweaty gym stuff.  I forgot to wash it after the gym the other day.”  I said “No problem.  Give me all your stuff.  I’m gonna wash my gym stuff now so we can put it together and it will be done in no time.” 

He turned and got his stuff and came back.  I put my gym stuff in with his in the washer and then decided to get brave.  ”I might as well wash this with the rest” and stripped off my sweat pants and jock and threw it in the machine standing there naked.  “Well if you want to really make a full load here was this towel for me too” and he threw it in the machine.  We both stood there naked looking at each other and then suddenly he took a step closer to me and grabbed my cock.  “So this is what you've got.  I’ve been wondering what's between those legs.  Nice.  Really nice” he said as he started to stroke it getting it hard.

Next thing I knew he lifted me up on the washer and was sucking my cock as the washer was washing our clothes and vibrating my ass and balls resting on the cover.  By the time the washer was done he had sucked a big load of cum out of my balls and was on his way to getting me hard again.  I had to push him off and tell him “Rest brother.  I wouldn’t want that jaw to lock.”  He laughed and said that will never happen. 
With that he picked me up off the washer like I was nothing and carried me into the living room where he set me on a chair.  Then he knelt down in front of me and I thought he was going to suck my cock more but he pulled my ass to the end of the chair and lifted my legs and spread them so he could get to my ass hole.  He dove in and ate my ass with a vengeance.  It was like his tongue had declared war on my ass the way he attacked it.  I grabbed my feet and lifted them higher to give him freer access.  He ate me for a long time before he rose up and moved in towards the chair.  His cock was as hard as a rock and leaking pre cum all over the head. 


He put his cock head up against my asshole and slowly applied pressure till he popped in and then stopped.  He held it there and played with my nipples till I told him “Well just don't kneel there fuck that ass.”  That’s what he was waiting for and he plunged into my ass in one swift stroke and buried his cock balls deep in me.  Then he started to fuck slowly but picked up speed rapidly.  His balls swinging back and forth slapping my ass as he fucked me.   He had some stamina man because he fucked me for a long time before I felt his cock explode in my ass.  He filled me with his warm seed before pulling out of me.  He had shot so deep inside that none leaked out before my ass closed tight.  I had his entire load inside me and it felt great.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Turning 30 - Part 2




I stretched out on my stomach to wait for the massage.  Micky oiled his hands with baby oil and began to work his magic on my upper back.  It brought back a lot of memories of when Mick and I were a couple. 

Some of the best sex I ever had came after Mickey's massages.  I wondered if he was thinking about that too as he worked his way down my spine.  It was probably just wishful thinking because I was feeling particularly horny. 

Micky squirted oil from my back down my legs and began to work it in.  It went from feeling very relaxing, to extremely erotic, when he worked his way to my ass.   It may have been intentional.  I'm sure Mick still remembered that I get highly aroused whenever anyone touches my ass.  He had gone from firmly kneading my muscles to lightly stroking me.

My erection was advertising my desire when he finally told me to roll over.  Mick looked at it and smiled.

He reached out and stroked my cock a few times.  Then he asked, " you want to move this to your bed?  Unless you think it would be too weird for us know, to do something together again."

I thought it was cute that he seemed so nervous.  The truth was, I was too!

I climbed up on the bed and he climbed up to me.  It was a little awkward at first because we hadn't made love in two years.  I reached out and held his hard cock while we kissed.

After making out for a while, Mick sucked my cock and I sucked his.   We moved all over the bed until we were in position to suck each other at the same time.  There was an intersity to the love making that matched the sex we had when we first met.

We both were so worked up that we both got off way to soon!   Holding each other, we fell asleep in my bed and snuggled all night.  Waking in the morning at the same time, Mick gave me a quick kiss before getting up to head to the kitchen.


I jumped out of bed and hugged him from behind.  "Thanks Mick!  You made my birthday really special!  You are a good friend and maybe that's a lesson I had to learn.  I didn't really appreciate your friendship until after we broke up."

Mick replyed, "I guess we jumped into a relationship back then, that was all based on a physical attraction.   It took a long "time out" to realize we could be friend too.  I love you very much Ronnie!

"I love you too Mick!  Wanna try us being together again?"

"More than you will ever know!"

"I guess turning thirty isn't so bad, especially when you are sharing it with someone!" 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Turning 30 - Part 1

"TURNING 30"   PART 1 OF 2


I got out of bed and headed to the kitchen.  Micky was waiting with my morning coffee and a birthday cake. 

"Mick, I thought I told you!  No birthday celebrations today!  You know how self-conscious I am about turning thirty.  If I didn't have to work today, I'd be staying in bed all day."

"Relax Ronny!  It's just a cake!  There won't be a party, or gifts, or singing.  I know how stressful your job has been lately, I just thought we could have a nice relaxing night at home.  Just the two of us.  I don't know why thirty is a big deal for you.  It's just a number and you don't look any older now than you did when we first met."

As I showered, I thought about Micky.  He really was still a good friend, despite the history that we shared.  We tricked the first night we met five years ago.  The sex was hot and heavy and before long we were living together as lovers.  He was the best lover I ever had, but I screwed up our relationship.

I spent way too much time concentrating on my career and we drifted apart.   That was two years ago. We are still living together but as roommates and sleeping in separate rooms.

Other than a phone call from my mother, I was thankful that no one at work acknowledged my birthday.  I arrived home at around 7 pm, Mick had made my favorite meal.  As we shared it and a bottle of wine, I realized how much I appreciated his friendship.  I really did still love him.  There was just something that told me that he might feel the same way.

I hugged Mick and thanked him for the meal.  "That was really great.  I think I'll go soak for a while in the tub.  The jets always relax me.  This may sound like a radical idea, but would you like to join me?"

Laying together in the swirling water, it was the first intimate moment we had shared in years.  It felt like neither of us wanted it to end.  Finally we got out to dry off.  We took our time staring at each other's bodies.

Mick said, "I just thought of another way to make today special for you.  Remember how much you used to love a good massage?"

(Actually, what I remembered was:  our massages always led to fantastic sex!)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Indian Summer

Indian Summer

Story by Jay

It was a nice Fall day, what we call Indian Summer.  It is when the temperature gets in the mid 80’s degrees in the Fall.  It was a beautiful day.  I was trying to get caught up on yard work.  I was raking leaves.  I noticed my neighbor’s son was home from college.  He was catching a few rays of sunshine before the cooler weather arrived in a few days.  He was in a secluded spot of his parent’s back yard.  From my vantage point, I was able to watch him sun bathe.   He had on a pair of white Speedo.  It was a tight pair and it hugged his torso.  As I raked the leaves, I waved and he returned the wave.  His hand moved to rearrange his cock.  His white Speedo clinged to his body.  His body was amazing.  He was muscular and had that taper look with broad shoulders and a slim waist.  As I watched, his cock seemed to grow.  I could see its outline move as it got hard.  As I raked, I kept an eye on him.  His hand moved to rearrange his cock again, and this time his cock was standing straight up.  The tip of his cock appeared above the waistband of his Speedo.  I was enjoying this show.  I was hard from watching him.  He turned over and I thought the show was over.  To my surprised he grabbed his Speedo and pulled it towards his ass crack.  He had the nicest, fully round mound of ass.  Somehow I had to see this up close.  

I asked if he wanted a cool drink, to which he said ‘yes’.  I went to get a couple drinks and as I gave him his drink, he invited me to sit.  He told me his parents were away for the weekend.  I mentioned that sun bathing was a lot better than ranking leaves.  He said, “Join me.  You can wear your underwear, or go nude, which is my favorite.  I hate tan lines”.  I told him I would go nude if he joined me. 

I undressed and sat there with my cock hard and erect.  I watched as he slowly removed his Speedo.  He pulled it down to reveal his rock hard cock surrounded by his nice bush of hair.  His cock stuck out from the middle of his bush.  He hesitated to allow me to enjoy his strip tease.  As he lifted his hips, he pulled his Speedo down and I saw his balls.  They hung low and were big and round.  He pulled his Speedo all the way off and sat there with a nice hardon. 

 He said, “Laying in the Sun, turns me on.”  We sat drinking our drinks and I was wondering what would be my next move.  As I thought of different possibilities, I was getting more aroused. He said, “You have a nice cock.  It is a shame to waste a good hardon. You want to masturbate?”  We started to massage our cocks.  I watch him slid his cock up and down.  He was going at a faster pace than I was.  But I was enjoying the view.  His cock was cut, thick, and longer than mine.  He was looking at me and seemed to be sizing me up.  He said, “My parents are out for the weekend.  Let’s go inside the house.  I have something better for us to do.”   


I quickly followed him into the house.  I watched his ass and hoped it was something involving his ass.  It was a nicely formed bubble butt.  I had a raging hardon.  The door opened into a recreation room.  He turned and grabbed my hand and pulled me to the sofa.  He pushed me down onto the sofa, and immediately took my cock and started to suck on it.  His tongue action was great.  He swirled his tongue around my cockhead.  He would take my cock all the way into his mouth to the base of my shaft.  He was quick but effective.  I was enjoying his aggressive behavior.  He had learned a lot while he was away at college, and he must have mastered SEX 101, especially the part about sucking cock.  He got me all lubed up with his spit.  He squatted and guided my cock into his ass.  He then rode my cock.  He was wild.  I laid there fucking him while I fondling his cock.  I squeezed his cock and some precum appeared on the tip of his cock.  I tugged at his balls and grabbed a hold of his pubes.  His aggressive behavior was making me wild and I wanted to grab his body.    I pinched his nipples, and squeezed his chest. 

I wanted this to last, so I tried to control his pace but to no avail.  His pace was too fast and I felt myself getting ready to cum.  I surrendered to his will and allow him to take me to the point of no return.  I could feel my cum traveling through my body and erupting like a geyser out of my cock and into his ass.  I then let loose with my load of cum.  He cliched his ass muscle to tighten his grip on my cock.  I shot my load with more force.  It was an awesome feeling.  As I finished cumming, I was overtaken with exhaustion.  I thought we were done, but he was not done with me.  He released my cock from his ass and moving between my legs, he lifted my legs and started rimming my ass with his tongue.  My body quivered with excitement.  His tongue darted into my ass.  He spit into my ass a few times to lube my asshole. 

He spit on his cock and used his hand to spread the spit and when his cock was nice and lubed he slowly entered me.  He went easy at first and as soon as he knew I could take his cock, he increased his pounding and drove his cock deep into my ass repeatedly.  He was an animal.  But the intensity was too much to maintain for long and as he drove his cock deep inside of me, he arched his back and finally he came.  He thrashed and jerked with spasms as he shot his load.  It seemed to go on for a while.  I could feel wads after wads of cum hitting me inside.  He finally stopped and then he removed his cock.  He jerked it a couple more times and cum continued to flow out of his cock.  He laid back on the sofa.  His chest heaved as he caught his breath.  We grabbed a couple towels and headed back outside.  The sun felt good as it warmed our bodies.  We enjoyed the rest of the Indian Summer afternoon. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Are You Naugty or Nice?

Are You Naughty or Nice?

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. 

In downtown Indy, the Soldier and Sailor Monumenty is all decorated.

SO, have you been Naughty?

Or have you been Nice?

Take the poll on the right and tell me if you been naughty or nice.

What do you want for Christmas?  

Let me know.

Love Jay

An Essay - Nudity




"Nudity is not sex, nor pornography.  It is the human form, reduced visually into it's purest state: visually and untainted"

That is a message I recently read on the Internet.   It pretty much sums up how I feel about living my life totally nude.  It opens a major debate about the difference between:  nude, naked, naturist, sex, sexuality and what is defined by some people as lewd.


For centuries the great artistic masterpieces depicted the naked male form as the very epitomy of beauty.  The ancient Greeks and Romans  left the modern world lasting impressions of their appreciation of men!  The great artistic genius, Michelangelo, painted nudes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican and gave us the iconic image of the statue of "David".


In the tradition of artistic perfection, even today, nude male models are used as a teaching technique in art classes.  In art classes all around the globe, men are recruited to pose naked in front of art students.


There are photographic artistic images that fill the internet with nude images.   (I'm not even referring to the plethora of porn sites that post photos.)  There are numerous gay sites today that celebrate the "beauty of the male form".  Nude pictures of men naked in their natural state:


I have always felt that being nude with others, reduces you to the least common denominator,   without All of the acumen's of clothes, jewelry and accessories, being naked reduces everyone to the same level in our species.  Appearing totally naked in a common space, there can't be any immediate judgements made pertaining to:  social status, ethnic profiling, religious prejudice or assumptions of sexual preference.   

MAN is the only mammal that wears clothes!

The legendary American author and philosopher,  Mark Twain once said, "As humans, we are the only species that blushes, or needs too!"  I am sure it was in reference to how we behave, and not how we look to each other.

I think the problem in this country started when the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock.  They were actually a sect trying to find religious freedom in the new world.  (How did they discover America since the Indians were already here?)  The Pilgrims were aghast to find the naked "savages" who already lived here.

The puritanical people who came here to escape prosecution, immediately imposed their strict morale's on this country.  Religion has always dictated what is morally acceptable.

I find that is an ambiguous and funny concept, because if GOD had wanted us to be clothed:  he would have devised his divine plan to have us born wearing clothes.  We come into the world naked!  We are all legions with the innocents that are sent to this earth.  Just like the angels before us, we have a simple, yet naive, space that we can occupy in this world.

Society dictates through arcane laws that we need to cover what we were born with. If morality is the issue,  I find it funny that the states have developed laws which allow you to marry a cousin in 27 states, have sex with a farm animal in 23 states, only marry a man in 5 states, but public nudity is considered unlawful in all 50 states.


(This Blogsite is entitled "Horny Fiction" and I appologize for straying away from the the concept.  In this politically charged year of rheroric when issues of morality are often discussed  in the public forum, I thought it was important to initiate a discussion.)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sauna - Part 2


Story by Whack Attack

Part 2 of 2


He stopped and my eyes opened to find him. He’d dropped down onto his knees between my legs. It amazed me how mesmerized he was with my throbbing tool, he couldn’t take his eyes from it. I watched him jack himself while he tongued at my smooth-shaven sac and shaft, and one-handed my stiff prick.

It felt insanely good. I’d read reports from men that guys are better at sucking cock and hand jobs. I’d always been skeptical, but he was quickly making a believer of me. He bounced my nuts in expert rhythm to the stroking. I felt them begin to pull up and knew I was close to blasting. “Um, I’m gonna…” was all I got out before he backed off.

He stood and straddled me. My initial thought was, uh-uh; no way. But my hands wrapped around him of their own volition. I pumped his dripping dick and fondled his swinging balls. There was no warning before he grabbed his cock and pumped it furiously. He grunted and groaned, pointed it at my dick and came; the hot, thick, jizz clung to my shaft. He lowered himself against me and rocked his hips. We were cock to slippery cock as he thrust; a sensation like no other in my life and I found myself thrusting against him. After a while, he adjusted position, his mushroom head stabbed at my aching nuts and they yanked up.

My eyes squeezed shut with the impending intensity of orgasm. The first blast splattered my cheek. In squirt after rocket-propelled squirt, my cock spewed its batter, bathing me in my own hot cum. It seemed to go on forever and it drenched my neck, my chest; it pooled and overflowed my navel, my trimmed pubes became flooded with it. Big, wide rivulets of jizz drooled down my sides onto the steamy wet tiles. I didn’t remember ever having such incredible sensations in my entire body. He slowed his thrusting as the gushing ebbed. Finally able to catch my breath, I opened my eyes to see his head dropped backward. He let out a loud yelp, slammed his rock hard slab of meat against mine and added another load to the swamp.

Breathing heavy, he swung his body around and again sat next to me, slowly stroking his boner.

My head fell back against the warm wall of the steam room. I massaged my lowering man-berries and let out a contented sigh. “Uh…thanks.”

He chuckled. “Absolutely my pleasure, man. But maybe I should be thanking you.”

“For what?”

“From what I can tell, I got what every other guy in the place has been aching to get at since the first day you walked in the front door.”

“Really. Is that so?”

“It is.”

“Every one?” I asked in an incredulous tone.

“Well, dam near every one of them. Why?”

“How could  - I mean, what, they told you?”

He chortled. “All you had to do was see the way everyone gawks at you, whether you have clothes on or not.”

“It never occurred to me. I didn’t have a clue.” I turned my head to look at him. “But, you know what?”

He turned to meet my gaze and smiled. “What?”

“A guy could get used to that.”

“Yeah, huh?”

My curiosity got the best of me. “Do you do this a lot?”

He laughed. “No. Never.”

I nudged him with an elbow. “Never?”

“I’ve never done anything like that before.” He raised his right hand. “Swear.”

I studied his gaze for a minute. “Mm. I think I might actually believe you.” I stood to leave, my dick still half hard and dripping.

He rose to follow me. “Gonna be here tomorrow?”

I held the door open for him to pass by. When he did, his hip brushed against my cock and sent a bolt of electricity through me. “Looking for a replay?”

His head tilted to one side in apparent consideration. “If I could get an instant replay, I think I’d jump at it.”

We walked to the showers and I studied his backside. Under the spray of water, it took me longer to wash off the evidence of our activity. I tried to make my question sound casual. “Are you sure that was your first experience?”

“Positive, man. Trust me, I’m surprised at myself,” he said, taking a clean towel from a stack to dry off.

“But, you’d be up for it again.”

He blushed half way down his chest and looked away from me. “Oddly enough, without hesitation.”

I turned off the water, grabbed a towel to dry. I lowered my voice and nodded at the men in the locker room. “You aren’t going to tell any of them, are you?”

“Are you kidding? No!”

“You realize anyone could’ve walked in on us?”

“I didn’t think… How was I supposed to…” He tossed his towel into a bin. “Sorry, I just got carried away. You sure didn’t seem to mind at the time!”

He turned to walk off. I grabbed his arm. “Hey, wait!”

Twenty pair of eyes turned to look our direction. Several of the guys smiled; a couple winked. Oh, shit! I thought Evidently, it’s already no secret. But I sure as hell didn’t remember hearing anybody else enter that steam room. “There’s nothing to be sorry about, man.” I followed him to the row of lockers. His was about six down from mine. After we’d both dressed and were headed out the door I said, “I have the house to myself this weekend,” I paused and smiled, “if you’re interested.”

A big grin lit up his face. “I’m definitely interested.”

Friday, November 23, 2012

Sauna - Part 1


Story by Whack Attack

Part 1 of 2

 “If I had a nickel for every time…” is a pretty common phrase. But, in my case, I think it’s true. I’d have thousands in the bank if I collected one every time some dude stole a glance at the bulge in my pants. Or for the blatant looks at my swaying dick in locker rooms and showers at the gym. And if by some chance I sprouted a little bit of wood from soaping things up, which is quite natural (I mean, how can you run a hand along a slicked up cock without getting at least a bit of a boner), the looks became stares.

So, as I’m sure you’ve gathered, I’ve been blessed with a little bit more than the average guy. With a pair of large, heavy stones to match, even loose khaki’s are tight across the zipper. So I can appreciate the envious looks. Or at least that’s what I thought they were, anyway, - simple envy - until I became chummier with a couple of the regulars who work out at the gym.

I sat down with a folded towel under my ass in the steam room one day after a fairly rigorous workout, leaned against the hot tiled wall, closed my eyes and heaved a sigh. The wet, heavy air even felt good entering my lungs. I heard the door open and close but didn’t bother to find out who’d just come in. We sat in silence until I heard the utterance of “holy shit” under his breath.

I turned to look in his direction and was surprised the steam had dissipated enough for me to see him clearly. I smiled. “What?”

He nodded toward me. “That. Dude, I’d heard but…”

“Huh? What’re you talking about?”

He chuckled. “Your dick, man. Very nice.”

I rolled my eyes and leaned my head against the tiles again. “Thanks for noticing.”

In our discussions out in the gym, side by side on the machines, we’d shared plenty of information about our lives and families; his wife and two sons, my pregnant wife and one daughter. But, after years in the military, I was used to guys commenting on my package. It was typically in jest, so I’d never read anything more into it.

“How can anyone not notice! Jesus, it’s huge. How does your wife handle that thing? I think mine never would’ve married me if I had a monster like that.”

I laughed. “Usually between her tits, but she handles it okay otherwise, thanks.”

“How much bigger is it if you get a full hard-on?”

I looked down. I hadn’t noticed my pole was at half-mast. I shrugged. “Another few inches, I guess.”


There were rustling sounds as he moved and sat next to me. “Uh…”

“What?” I asked without opening my eyes.

“God, I can’t imagine that.”

I snorted a laugh. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well… this is going to seem weird - but I hope you won’t take it that way.”

“Uh-huh.” I had a feeling I knew what he was looking for. What the hell, I thought, it wouldn’t be the first time a guy had seen me with a full-blown boner. Due to my wife’s pregnancy, it had been a good six weeks since we’d had any sex and it had been at least two weeks since I’d found an opportunity to get off. I wrapped a hand around the base and needed to stroke only a few times. “That what you’re wanting to see?”

I turned my head toward him and opened my eyes to tiny slits. He sat open-mouthed, gaping at my cock, which now pressed against my torso - damn near as hard as it could get - the tip of its almost 13-inches resting between my navel and pecs. I couldn’t help myself; a quiet laugh escaped. His pecker was hard as a rock and about half the size of mine. I wasn’t laughing at his size. Honest. I laughed because he was fondling his nuts and I’d have bet he didn’t even realize what he was doing.


“Yeah,” I stated, closing my eyes again, “that seems to be everyone’s reaction.”

“If I had one like that,” he sighed, “I think I’d have gone into porn.”

“Really?” I inquired.

“Do you have any idea how much money you could make with that thing?”

“I’ve got no interest in making money with it. And I’ve never needed money to entice me to get my rocks off, have you?”

“No, I guess not. It sure is… Do you mind, can I…”

I opened my eyes to find his hand hovering over my now pulsing dick. Now, this was a new one on me. No man had ever been that brazen - looks, low quiet whistles, sure. But asking to touch me? Besides, we were both straight, married men. I stayed silent for a second to think it over. Would it be any different, I wondered. “Well, I…”

He laid the palm of his hand along it and pressed my rod into me. Involuntarily, my hips thrust toward the pressure. That was all the permission he needed, I guess, because his hand wrapped around it in a firm grip. He gave a couple squeezes and began stroking up and down. I lowered my position on the bench and spread my legs wider. The damp heat from the tile had already permeated my towel and my balls, dragging against it, responded. My body relaxed and I moaned softly as his hand gripped tighter and his thumb swiped across the underside of the head. God! Like any man, I love that sweet spot! Ample pre-cum flowed from my piss-slit and his hands began to milk me with long, slow strokes all the way up and over the head.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Hitchhiker Series - Thanksgiving

The Hitchhiker Series - Thanksgiving
Story by Jay

I hurried home with all the groceries.  I was running late but I remember everything I needed for our Thanksgiving dinner.  The house was empty when I arrived.  I pulled out pots and pans and hurried though the process of mixing ingredients for the different dishes I was making.  While the food cooked, I ran into the bedroom and undressed and jumped into the shower.  This was to be my first Thanksgiving with Hitch.  I had a lot to be thankful for and Hitch was on the top of my list.  I lathered up and enjoyed the hot water spraying down on me.  I rinsed off and toweled dry my body.  I looked in the mirror and admired my physique.  My trips to the gym were paying off.  Of course, the wild physical sex I had with Hitch helped to tone my body as well.  I heard the front door opened and Hitch called out.  I quickly wrapped a towel around my waist and entered the front room and saw him standing there.  His smile melted my heart.  I embraced him and we kissed.  We held on to each other. 

Hitch said, “Everything smells so good, especially you.”   I said, “Dinner first, then desert.”

Hitch had other plans.  He removed the towel I was wearing.  I needed no coaching, I was hard and ready.  He took my face in his strong hands of his and showered me with kisses.  He was so gentle.  I was all his.  He picked me up in his arms and carried me to the bedroom.  He placed me on the bed and knelt beside the bed.  Smiling he kissed me again but this time stronger.  His tongue darted into my mouth.  His tongue met mine in my mouth and we played with each other tongues.  His hands brushed the top of my hair.  It was still wet from the shower.  He ran his fingers through my hair and climbed into bed with me.  

Hitch said, “I love you.” I replied, “I will love you forever.”  As we started to make love, I thought back of the first time we met to the present.  All the fun we had.  I was so happy, and thankful. 

I removed Hitch’s clothes.  Removing his shirt, I placed my hands on his tight muscular body.  He continued to kiss me.  I unbuckled his pants and he finished removing them.  He left his underwear on.  The white tightness of his underwear revealed a huge budge.  I love seeing that in a man.  Although I knew what lies beneath his underwear, it was always a turn on to see, to feel it, and finally to remove his underwear.  And like Christmas morning, to find a wonderful gift lied beyond the fabric. 

I slowly pulled his underwear down.  Inch by inch.  First it revealed his pubes.  I love seeing those blond hairs.  I love feeling them with my hands.  I love sticking my face into his bush of hair.   Then the best thing of all is to pull down his underwear and find his cock.  It springs up as I release it from his tight underwear.  I kiss it and then suck on it.  I remove his underwear and felt his two big balls laying between his legs.  I love holding them.  And finally, to suck his balls, one by one, then both at the same time.    


Hitch enjoyed the attention.  But now it was his turn.  His cock was primed for action.  He rolled me over on top of him and reached down to spread my cheeks.   He slid easily into my hole.  Rocking gently I felt his cock slid in and out my ass.  Hitch took my face and pulled it towards his face and kissed me again and again.  We were one.  I moved in synch with Hitch.  My body tingled as he increased his speed.  I held on to him and rocked back and forth.     


Soon he was ready to once again climax.  As I felt the first shot of cum land inside of me, I tighten my muscles around my ass opening.  The pressure made his climax that more intense.  He released every drop of cum inside of me.  Sliding his cock out of my ass, Hitch grabbed my cock.  He pulled me up to his mouth and took my cock all the way to the base of my shaft.  He did that to my cock repeatedly.  I felt my balls tighten and knew I was ready to cum.  Hitch felt it too and he took my cock deep into his mouth and then I came.  It felt like an eternity as I shot into his mouth.  Hitch swallowed my load.  We ended our love making by kissing, just like we started.   


We climbed out of bed, jumped in the shower for a quick shower, then we grabbed our bathrobes and ran to the kitchen to finished making dinner.  As it cooked Hitch made a fire in the fireplace.  It felt warm and cozy.  We sat on the sofa in front of the fire and held each other.  As I sat there, I prayed that everyone had a chance to be with the ones they love today and forever.  For I was thankful for what I had.  I turned to Hitch and kiss him and snuggled closer.