Friday, September 30, 2016

Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Story by Jay

It was my birthday and my friends got together to celebrate.  Jack brought his specialty of pizza.  It was an all meat pizza.  His big juicy cock was the center of the pizza.  Since it was my birthday I got first suck at his cock.  It had a flavor of cheese and pepperoni.

I sucked for a while then I passed the pizza around to my friends that were there.  Bill came up to me and had hot dogs that he was passing out.  Since I was the birthday boy, I got first picking.  I took the one that had his cock in it.  He handed the tray to a friend of ours that was near by.

I enjoyed his cock   This was shaping up to be a great birthday party.  After sucking for a while, they said it was time to blow out the candles.  In stead of candles, it was cocks.  I took a suck of each of the cocks.

I could have continued sucking each one but it was time to settle on the cock that I wanted for my birthday wishes.  It was Troy.  My true love.  Our cocks intertwined as we kissed each other on the lips.

It was time to get into a 69 position and suck each other as our friends looked on.  When we both came, our friends threw confetti and said "Happy Birthday."


Monday, September 5, 2016

Nice View

Nice View

Story by Jay

I love going to the beach.  I especially like the clothing optional beach, or as I like to call it, 'The Nude Beach'.  I love the men only section.

Today there were not that many guys out enjoying the sun.  I did spot one guy and decided to check his out.  As I got closer, I found him to be cute with a nice slender body. My eyes examined all of him but my eyes stopped to look at his cock and balls.

He was uncut with a fat shaft.  I wanted to see more, so I kept walking towards him.  His cock was really nice.  I could see me sucking it.  His balls hung down and were oval and simply beautiful.

I got as close as his towel and said "Hi."  Now that I was close to him, I took the opportunity to check out his cock and balls better.  I wanted them in my hand and in my mouth.  I wished his cock would emerge from his foreskin.

He said, "You out to get some rays?"  I kept my eyes on his cock and balls and replied "Yes."

He said "Go ahead and lay out.  The rays are great.  I took off my clothes and he watch my every move.  I laid across from him.  He was interested in seeing me as much as I wanted to see him.

He finally said "You have a great body and I love your cock.  Really nice."  I smiled and said "Thanks."  I wanted his cock in my mouth and my cock in his mouth.  As I thought of doing a 69 with him, my cock got hard.

He asked "What you thinking about?"  I said "What do you think?  I am thinking of sucking that beautiful cock of yours."  He stood up and grabbed his things and said "I know a spot nearby."  I grabbed my stuff and follower him to the spot.  We were both hard by the time we got there.

We immediately got into a 69 position. We sucked each other off and laid there naked with the sun warming our bodies.  I was enjoying laying net to him and having sex with him.  I did not want the day to end but the sun eventually started to set and we headed home.

Friday, September 2, 2016



Story by Jay

I picked him up by the gym.  It was a warm day.  We were both shirtless.  He needed a ride but I knew he needed something more. I checked out his body and it was nice.

We drove down to the park.  I took one of the trails and parked among the wooded area. We got out.  He turned towards the truck and leaned against it.  I asked him "What do you want?"

He answered "You."  I unbuckled his jeans and pulled them down.  His underwear hung clingged to his ass.  I pealed them down.  His white ass laid in front of me.  He was nice.  He started to breathe deeply.

I said "I'm going to fuck you.  Right?"  I ran my fingers through his hair while I ran my fingers along his butt crack.  I found his butt hole and ran my fingers around the ring of his hole.

I whispered in his ear "Bend you over like your girlfriend on prom night..."  His breath became a moan.  The more I rubbed his ass hole, the louder he moaned.

I whispered louder, "...fuck you silly."  I ran my one hand along his chest and I stopped to play with his nipples.  He replied to me, "Fuck me.  Now."

I grabbed both ass cheeks, one in each hand and gave them a squeeze.  He begged this time "FUCK ME.  NOW."  He was mine to do with as I pleased.  And I wanted to fuck him.

I pulled down my jeans and rammed my cock into his hole.  He screamed.  I started to pound his ass while I pulled on his hair.  Each thrust of my cock produced a scream.  He held onto my truck for support.

I wrapped my arms around his chest and held tight as I continued to fuck him.  He was exhausted.  His screams started to subside.  I was close to cumming..

He grabbed the truck once again.  I felt my load building up for climax.  I kept thrusting until cum shot out of my cock.  I let his tight ass muscle milk my cock of any remaining drops of cum.  I finally pulled my cock out of his ass.  Cum was dripping from my cock.  He turned around and dropped to his knees and licked my cock clean.

He pulled his jeans up and climbed back in the truck.  I drove his back to the gym.  He cklimbed out and asked :Next week?"  I nodded "YES." as I drove away.