Friday, July 8, 2016

Sleeping Fun

Sleeping Fun

Story by Jay

My friend fell asleep while we were playing video games.  I knew he should not drive so I woke him up and told him to sleep in the side bedroom.  He stumbled into the room.

I got ready for bed.  I thought I better check up on my friend, so i went into the side bedroom.  He had undressed himself and was laying on the bed with a sheet laying over his waist.  As I stood there I notice something moving.

It was moving the sheet up and down.  It had to be his cock.  I had to see what was going on.  I just had to.  I climbed up onto the bed and straddled my friend.  I was hard thinking of what lied underneat the sheet.

I lifted up the sheet and there it was.  It was his cock moving up and down.  It looked magnificent.  I could not resist, I have to touch it.

I grabbed it and lifted it towards my mouth.  I stopped and looked at it and saw precum on the tip of his cock.  I licked it clean and then took it into my mouth.

I started to suck it.  His cock was rock hard.  I kept going.  I listened to his breathing.  He started to inhale and exhale quicker, then he stopped and I felt his cock quiver.  Cum shot out and I swallowed it as he shot his load.

I watched as drops of cums would appear on the tip of his cock.  I licked them clean.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July

It is Independence Day

Whatever you are doing today, have fun

Love Jay

Saturday, July 2, 2016



Story by Jay

He was a professional masseuse.  I laid there naked as he applied oil to my body.  He had stripped down to just briefs.  I took a look at him and loved what I saw.

He applied pressure to different points on my body.  He was releasing tension and with every push of his hand, my cock was springing to attention.

I loved the feel of his hands.  He moved them in magical circles.  I know he only gave massages but I wanted more.

His hands moved down to my ass cheeks and I felt electricity run through my body.  The more he touched my ass, the harder my cock grew.

He asked me to turn around and lay on my back, which I did.  He applied oil to my chest.  He still had those briefs on.  My cock was still hard.

I was all oily now.  He asked me to lay back on my stomach.  I wanted his hands on my cock.  He started to massage my ass cheeks.

I was hot and wanted him more than ever.  He pressed his hands deep between my ass cheeks.  My asshole shook with excitement.  I could not take it anymore.  I flipped over and laid there with the hardest cock.

I reached over and pulled down his briefs.  His cock was rock hard.  I grabbed it and started to stroke it.

He bent over and swallowed my cock.  He took it deep into his mouth.  It felt great to have his mouth surrounding my cock.

I was jacking him off when I felt myself getting ready to cum.  As I shot my load into his mouth, his cock shot his load.  He swallowed every drop of my cum.  He saw where his cum landed on me, and he licked it clean.

I became a regular after that session.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Men;s Room Fun

Men's Room Fun

Story By JO

I tried not to make too much noise but the empty stairway echoed with every step. Being Friday afternoon, there wasn’t a soul on campus. Every slap of my sandals became a lonely clap in a quiet crowd. I was feeling guilty and nervous but I felt it was too late to back out. My cock was hard and my stomach felt like it had dropped from anticipation.

The funny thing was, when I got to the basement, I wanted to make as much noise as I could. Every office door was closed except his. I passed the door and never stopped. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed he didn’t either. Still hunched over a stack of papers he was probably grading.

I kept going towards the end of the hall and entered the bathroom. The room was sparse, only a urinal and a closet sized partition for the toilet. I entered and started taking everything off.

It was a longer wait than I expected. Where the Hell is he? The thought of his smell was making me crazy horny. Finally, the door opened and closed with a thud. I heard him wash his hands, the pull of the towel dispenser made that strange rumble that only made me more nervous.

I heard the footsteps get closer until he finally reached the stall. I had my back to him when he opened the door. He came in the stall, locked the door and hugged me from behind. His cold damp hands and his beard on my neck sent shivers down my back and made me weak. He pulled me closer and rutted my ass until I felt his cock growing down his leg. With every thrust his cock rose sideways up towards his navel until it finally reached noon. He spun me around and roughly kissed me while he took off his clothes and hung them over mine on the door. He lifted me up on the john and sucked my cock which almost made me come. I pushed him off and turned around offering up my hole.

He nibbled between my legs and held me tight, spreading my cheeks and rubbing my hole with his tongue until it opened up. He ate me for what seemed like hours, jacking his huge cock. He grabbed my hips and brought me down off the john, my ass sliding down his chest. I rode his body down to his cock. He entered me in a single smooth take. I started to yell out and he quickly covered my mouth. We stood still, my sphincter cramping in spasms. This became too much for him and he started ramming my ass, the slapping sound becoming louder than my muffled scream. His thrusts were frantic, pounding me like I was a baby seal. The fuck he was throwing was one-sided; he was just getting himself off and using my ass like a punching bag. Before I could call time, he stopped and stifled a grunt on my neck. I felt every shot of come he gave me, my ass still cramping in pain. But I still couldn’t move, he was holding me so tight across the chest and the mouth, I was barely able to breath.

He finally let me go and I fell on the commode, turning myself to sit down. He leaned over me and I licked the last drop of cum off his swollen cock. He sat on me straddling his lanky frame on my thighs and facing me. We kissed and held each other and after a couple of minutes started playing with each other’s cocks. I hadn’t come yet and I deserved to come.

We kissed and groped each other until we regained our strength. He stood and pushed his hardening cock in my mouth. I loved taking him all in and feel it sliding down my throat. The harder he got the tougher it was to take him all the way. After gagging and choking on his rock hard cock. He spun me around again and entered. This time he went a lot slower, waiting for me to loosen up and let my ass relax enough for him to go all the way in. He started pumping me in long strokes, bringing himself all the way in and out, stopping every once in a while to watch my hole close back up before he entered again. 

We got a rhythm and he started jacking my cock. When I got ready to come, I pushed him off, sat on the john and took his cock all the way down my throat, jacking myself furiously. He came, grabbing my head and shoving his cock further down my throat than I’ve ever had. I shot so hard I hit the hanging clothes, making a line of cum up and down his pant leg. He sat on my lap facing me and we clumped together totally exhausted. Taking little time to rest, we gathered our clothes and dressed in a hurry. We were pushing our luck, even in a deserted building.

We peeked out the door, saw that the coast was clear and strode out like two guys leaving a john after fucking like mad dogs. We went to his office and I waited until he grabbed his things. I was startled when someone snuck up and gave me a pat on the ass. “You guys have anything planned for the weekend?” It was his boss, a professor in the biology department. We looked at each other and shook our heads. “Youth”, he said, “It’s wasted on the young. See you on Monday”.

We laughed so hard, I felt cum seep out of my ass.