Thursday, February 27, 2014

Valentine Gift

Valentine Day Gift

Story by Jay

The knock on the door was soft.  I nearly missed hearing it.  I went to the door and opened it.  There stood a young guy.  He handed me a card.  I opened it and read that it was from a secret admirer.  It wished me a Happy Valentine Day and simply said “Enjoy the gift.”

I asked him to come in.  He stood off to the side near a window.  I asked “What is the gift?”  He quickly was out of his tennis shoes and socks.  He unzipped his jeans and was wearing nothing underneath them.  
His cock and balls were hanging down.

I looked at him undressing and thought “Nice gift.”  He was now naked and walking towards me.  He started to undress me.  I was enjoying the gift. By the time I was naked, we both were hard. 

He walked towards me and our cockheads touched.  Each of our cocks produced precum.  He steped closer and he wrapped his hands around both our cocks.  He slowly pulled our cocks back and forth.

I wanted his cock in my mouth.  The couch was close by so I placed my hands around his shoulders and guided him towards the couch.

He laid on the couch and I positioned myself on top of him.  He immediately took my cock in his mouth and started to suck.  I did the same to his cock.  While he sucked my cock, his hands were all over my balls and ass. 

I could not hold it anymore and shot my load of cum.  Finished with my cock, he moved to my ass and probed his tongue deep inside of me.

With every thrust of his tongue, I moaned louder and louder.  He finally came and cum filled my mouth and overflowed onto his body.  He stuck his tongue in my ass and swirled it around while I finished licking up all his sweet cum.

Finished he went and got dressed.  I asked “Will I ever know who the secret admired is?”

He walked back over to me and kissed me on the lips and said “Me.”

Monday, February 24, 2014


"HAIR" (An Essay)

I found the above picture recently and it jogged my memory:  (Of course, I was much younger than these hot guys!)
When I was thirteen, I started "Junior High School".  Our school had an indoor pool and all of the students were required to take "Swimming" once a week.  There were twenty or so boys who arrived that first day to the locker room.  Undressing together was a new experience for all of us.
Even at that age, I noticed that all of the boys were checking each other out.  For my part, I don't think I had ever seen anyone who was my age naked before.   I soon realized that apparently my body had matured more rapidly than the other boys.  (I had started going through puberty when I was just ten.)
I had a relatively nice bush of pubic hair and everyone was staring at me.  The only other guy with that much hair down there was a cute kid named  Jim.  (He was my very first crush!)  I decided that body hair was a sign of masculinity and I was proud of mine.  None of the other guys had much of anything growing down there.

Without the facial hair and a little less on the chest, Jim looked something like this porn guy. 
Nothing came of my "crush" on Jim, in fact, we never became friends.  Actually, I never made any friends out of that "Swim Class".
(There was one strange little fat kid, whose name I forget, who got a little boner  at each class.   For some reason everyone just ignored him and they never bullied him.) 
To digress for a moment:   several years later at a school re-union,  I had a conversation with another of my classmates.  I didn't remember him at all, but he remembered me.  Even though he was quite drunk, we talked for a while.  He confessed that all of the guys were intimidated by me because of my body hair.  They were all jealous.  I assume now that it was the reason I never made friends with any of those guys.

In the last ten years or so, manscaping somehow became fashionable.   Shaving and trimming one's crotch became the thing to do.  It's supposed to make your dick look bigger.  I'm not really that insecure about my size.
Don't get me wrong,  I like looking at naked men!  All men!  Both the one's who shave and the one's who stay natural.  They both appeal to me! (TO AN EXTENT!) 

I have a couple of confessions:   Personally, maybe because of my early history, when I see a naked man I tend to notice the growth around his dick before I note his size.  It's a turnoff if there is so much hair that I can't see anything but the head of his dick....    even if a flaccid cock can erect itself from hidden in a bush to a sizeable display.  (So maybe it a good idea for some guys to trim a little)
Too little hair (or none), I sometimes feel like I am having sex with a child. (NOT GOOD!).    I  like men who look like men:

 A mature looking man who knows what he wants and knows how to do it when he takes me to his bed.  Personally, I'm not into "bears",  but I'm also not into twinks either.  I like a very fit natural looking man.
Another thing that really turns me on is a cute firm butt with a little hair. 

I'm not referring to gorilla like thick hair on the butt or back.  Especially not down the crack or around the hole.  I like a fairly clean target for my tongue.
And hairy legs are fun to play with too!

I think it's sexy, but not if they have been shaving everything above the waist.  Especially when there is a scratchy stubble.  (unless you can afford to laser, the hair does grow back in.) 
Whenever, I'm in the gym showers, locker room, or the nude beach, I see a lot of men (of all ages) who through whatever method have removed their body hair.  (Especially, around the crotch area.)
I'm not offended by it, and some of them still look appealing.  (Some look ridiculous!)  I've seen some of these guys parade around totally erect advertising themselves.  It doesn't take a genius to realize they are looking to have sex.
The funny thing is that I watch as they jack-off alone and I pick up the men.  Apparently:  "NATURAL IS HOT!  SHAVING IS NOT!"

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Working Over

Working Over
Story by Jay

“Let’s work over?” Jay pleaded.  “We can get a lot done.”

I agreed.  The report I was working on was due in a couple days and I knew it would not get done unless I worked over.

Jay went off to get some research material and I concentrated on my report.  After a few hours I needed a break.  I yelled out “Jay, are you ready for a break?”  I heard a faint “Yeah.”

Next thing I knew Jay was rolling into my office sitting on his chair buck naked from the waist down.  “Blow Job Break.”  He smiled. 

“Really?  Now?  In the office?” I asked.  His reply was “You know you want to suck my cock.”

I replied “Well yes but here?  What if someone comes in?”

He started to undress.  I could not resist.  I felt if he was going to be naked so would I.  Once we were both naked, I got on my knees and Jay stopped me.  “Suck on my balls.  Take them into your mouth.”

I was now his slave.  Whatever he wanted, I was going to do it.  His cock was enormous as I took his nuts into my mouth.  “Nice.  You know how to suck nuts.” 

After a while, I turned my attention to his cock.  I took it in my mouth and Jay started to face fuck me.  He held my head and rammed his cock again and again into my mouth until he shot his load. 

My cock wanted attention and Jay gave it to me.  His tongue went to town on my cock, before he took it into his mouth.  He swallowed me and buried his face into my pubes.  He did that again and again.  I came into his mouth.  When I was done, Jay went to kiss me.  His mouth still had my cum in it and he kissed me and exchanged cum from his mouth to mine. 

“Now that is what I call a break.”

Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Storm - Part 2

Story by Jay
Part 2 of 2

I woke as Sean climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom.  He returned and stood over me.  I looked at his magnificent cock and balls.  There were within reach of my mouth.  I sat up and he moved close to me.  I opened my mouth and took his cock into my mouth. 

He started to move back and forth.  I loved the feel of his cock in my mouth.  He was going deeper and deeper with each thrust.  I was almost down to his pubes.  I reached with my hand and grabbed his balls.    

He started to move faster and I held his balls and felt them tighten up.  I braced myself as he shot his load.  I swallowed as fast as I could but I was not prepared for the amount of cum that he shot.

Finished he slid out of my mouth.  He was still hard as he went down and lifted my legs and started licking my ass.  I started to moan, I just could not help it.  It felt so good.

Then he replaced his tongue with him cock.  I felt it as he slowly entered me.  Gosh, he was so gentle.  I could feel him going in and out and wanted this to last forever.

Finally, he released another load.  It was as big as the last one.  When he was done, he slowly removed his cock and laid on my chest.  Our lips touched briefly then we passionately kissed with our tongues meeting each other and probing into each other mouths.

This was an awesome time and I did not want it to stop.    “Why don’t I make some breakfast?” 

We ate in silence till he said “I am getting my own place downtown.  You need to visit.   Often.  What do you think?”  I smiled.  “Yes.  Anytime.”

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Storm - Part 1

Story by Jay
Part 1 of 2

The snow was coming down quickly.  I headed outside to shovel my driveway and try to keep up with the falling snow.  The wind was blowing and before long I was covered with snow.  This was a terrible night to be out.  I was almost done.

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a guy in my neighbor’s driveway.  It was Sean, the neighbor’s son.  He was naked from the waist up.  “What’s up?” I asked. 

“I locked myself out of the house and my parents are away for the weekend.”  He was shivering. 
I grabbed his arm and said “Let’s get inside my place.”

We walked into my place and he could not stop shivering.  His jeans were soaked.  His tennis shoes were snow covered.  “Why don’t you get out of those wet jeans and wrap yourself with this blanket.”

I undressed myself and got out of my wet clothes.  I had been sweating shoveling snow, so I took everything off.  I was naked. 

I saw him staring at my cock as he took off his shoes, socks and jeans.  I was enjoying the attention.  He was standing there with only his underwear on.  He stared at my naked body and said “Should I take off my underwear too?” 

I answered “Why don’t you do that and I will put everything in the dryer, so you will have warm clothes to wear.”  He was naked now.  I glanced at him and he was nicely built.  I was surprised to see a semi hard cock with a nice set of balls.  I figured with the cold weather, his cock and balls would be shriveled.

I wrapped the blanked around him and I saw that his cock now hard and pointing out between the blanket.
I told him to get under the covers in the bedroom.  He climbed in and pulled me close to him and said.  “I need your body heat.”  I wanted to be next to him.      

It felt good to cuddle with him.  I held him tight.  I felt his hand on my leg.  He slowly moved up to my balls.  I laid there and did not resist.  He noticed I did not stop him so he moved his hand up to my cock and wrapped his hand around my hardening cock.

He was gentle and ran his fingers up and down my shaft.  He stopped at the tip of my cock and ran his finger all around my cockhead sending shivers up and down my body.

He grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock.  He was enormous.  He was leaking precum.  I used it to lube his cock and started to jack him off.  He did the same with my cock. 

By now he was warm and he threw off his blanket and I joined him in lying naked as we jacked each other off.  I shot first and I watched as he shot next.  I reached for a towel that I had on the floor and wiped each other dry.

He said “Let’s rest.” We were out in a matter of minutes.     

Wednesday, February 12, 2014



Story by Larry

                        Hey man.  This is me.  My name is Manny.  This is my cock.  I may be young but I’m tired of chasing guys to get a lousy blow job.  I hear you’re one of the best.  I want you to strip and suck me off.  That’s right.  Take all your clothes off, wrap your lips around my cock and suck it till you can't suck no more.  And you best have made me cum before that happens.  Then I want you to lay on your stomach and hold those cheeks open and I’m gonna fuck that ass so hard you can't sit down for a month.

                        That’s right I want you to gag on this cock.  I want you to bury your nose in my fucking crotch.  Bounce my balls off your chin.  I’ll help you.  Lay flay and let me fuck your face.  Not a problem.  I love doing pushups.  I can get a work out and a blow job at the same it me.  Swallow me bitch.  Get me good and primed for that ass.  I mean it.  I’m gonna fuck you silly.  You’re not going to be able to sit for a month.  And if you think you’re gonna make me cum in your throat and not get fucked you have another guess coming.  I don't go soft after coming till at least the 3rd time. 

                        aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh yeah that mouth feels good.  You got a good mouth man.  Open it wider man.  I’m gonna push this cock down to your stomach.  That’s right bitch i'm gonna fuck you deep in that throat of yours.  And you’re gonna take it and love it.  Yeah that's it.  Lick those balls while you suck my cock.  Yeah and get ready for my load man cause it's not far away.  Yeah here it comes bitch.  Take it all.  Don’t you lose a drop.  aaaayyyyyyyyyyyy take it all.

                        Now roll over bitch.  Lie on that stomach and spread those cheeks.  You’re gonna get another load.  This time I’m gonna fill your ass.  That’s right I’m gonna fuck you deep and hard.  You heard me, deep and hard.  so hard bitch you’re gonna think I’m fucking you with my leg and not my cock I’m gonna get so deep into you.  Yeah that's it spread them cheeks.  Feel that cock head.  You do.  Well feel this.  Yeah bitch I’m inside you.  No bitch I’m not totally in you all the way.  This is all the way.  Yeah you feel my balls on your ass.  Oh you want me to take it out it hurts.  I don't think so.

                        I told you I’m gonna fuck you so you can't sit for a month.  Take my cock.  Yeah that's my balls slapping you and no I’m not pulling out.  I’m nowhere near ready to fucking cum bitch.  I’m gonna fuck you hard till I do.  Shut up and take it bitch.  You know you love it.  Yeah I know you do your ass is loosening up around my cock.  Your body is giving you away.  You know you like getting pounded.  Yeah and you know you like a load up your ass too.  you’re gonna get it soon too, real soon.  Like right now.

aaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy man take my load.  Yeah.  I’m so deep in you right now you’re gonna burp my load instead of it leaking out of your ass. 

                        Thanks for the fuck man.  I’m gonna shower now and leave.  You just lay there and wither around on those sheets.  You know you loved it and want more but I don't have the time.  You’ll have to wait but don't worry.  I’ll be back and fuck you silly again now that you’re open and know you can take it.  Bye.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Super Bowl - Part 2

Super Bowl

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2

                “You know I could help with that” he said and pointed to my crotch.  “Fuck you” I told him.  He laughed.  “Ok.”  With that he got on all 4's on the couch and wiggled his ass at me.  “Come and get it.”  When I didn't move he sat back down.  “Tell me you’re going to be a pussy.  Do you really think after all these years i didn't know you’re gay or at least bi and that you don't lust after me?  Now take those fucking clothes off.”

                The way he said it I stripped and dropped my clothes right there.  Now come over here” he said.  I walked in front of him and that was it.  He started to give me one of the best blow jobs I have ever had in my life.

It felt so good I didn't want him to stop and wanted him to suck me to the root of my cock.  I put my hand on his head and pushed him down on my cock.  He moaned and I could feel the vibration of his throat along my entire shaft.  He was bringing me close to orgasm and stopped.  He looked up at me and said “Now isn't this better than watching the game?”  With that he started to suck me off again but this time he had his one hand around my balls pulling them down tight in their sack.  With his other hand he reached around and slid a finger in my ass.  That was all I needed.  I shot a load down his throat and thought I would never stop. 

                When he was satisfied that he had gotten every last drop he came up off my cock and wiped his mouth on his arm.   “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh good” he said.  I stood there staring at him and he just sat back, put his arms on the back of the couch again and his feet up on the coffee table.  After he chugged a beer he looked at me and said "What?  Did you think you were the only one that sucks cock?  Come on lets watch the game and then I wanna feel what it's like to be in that tight ass of yours.”  I smiled.  As I sat down I told him “You know I haven't been fucked in a while.  That might be nice.”  I chugged a beer, leaned against the back of the couch in his armpit and put my head on his shoulders.  “If you decide the game is boring let me know.  I’m sure we can make it more interesting.”  With that we both watched the game. 

                As you can guess it didn't take long for him to tell me it was boring and eventually to fuck the hell out of me.  We sat that night talking for a long time about experience's and our likes and dislikes and so on.  It’s been a week and he hasn't gone home yet.  It's up early, fuck each other, go to work, come home, eat and fuck or fuck and eat or fuck eat and fuck again.  I could get real used to this. 

                As you can guess it didn't take long for him to tell me it was boring and eventually to fuck the hell out of me.  We sat that night talking for a long time about experience's and our likes and dislikes and so on.  It’s been a week and he hasn't gone home yet.  It's up early, fuck each other, go to work, come home, eat and fuck or fuck and eat or fuck eat and fuck again.  I could get real used to this. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Super Bowl - Part 1

Super Bowl

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2

                My buddy from high school came over to watch the Super Bowl game on TV.  We usually go to a sports bar and have a few beers and place some bets and shit and horse around with the guys.  Then I come home all hot and bothered from all the testosterone around me and end up jerking off.  This year though we couldn't go.  Both of us are on unemployment and couldn't afford it.  Bret, my friend, suggested he bring a case of beer and we get a few pizzas and watch it on my big screen TV with the surround sound.  He said it would be just like being at the game.

                What the hell I figured.  I can’t do anything else.  When he got to the house for some reason he looked exceptionally hot to me.   I don't know what it was but I grew an immediate hard on.  I actually had to go put my jock on to help hide it.  After all no one knew I was gay and sucked cock.  I kept it very low key and always went out of town to fuck.  It was costly but I wanted it that way.  My private life is my private life.

                Anyhow Bret opened a few beers and put the rest in the fridge.  We sat down to watch the pre-game and were just talking back and forth.  After a few minutes Bret leaned back on the couch telling me how comfortable it was and started rubbing his crotch.  I thought I was seeing things when I saw him get hard but I wasn't hard.  He actually got a hard on after only rubbing himself 2 or 3 times.  He put his arms up on the back of the couch and sat with his legs open.

                “You know it's a bitch not having any money.  I haven't been able to go out in months.  You know what that does for a guy’s sex life.  It kills it.  I don't have any bitch to come over and fuck with.  My hand is getting tired too.”  All this shit he was saying was making me wonder as well as crazy.  He started rubbing his cock again and said "Yup, it's a real bitch, always walking around hard and shit".  With that he opened his pants and pulled out his cock.  “Damn man I’m so fucking hard I can't stand it.  I gotta jerk off man.”

                He stood up and went into the bathroom and about 15 minutes later he came out of the bathroom his cock still hanging out of his pants.  I tried to make a joke of it and said “Well at least you’re making yourself comfortable.”  He looked at me and with his head to one side asked "You mind if I get really comfortable?"  I told him go ahead.  Boy was that a surprise.  Next thing I knew he was totally naked except for his baseball cap.  He sat on the couch and smiled.  

                He stood up and went into the bathroom and about 15 minutes later he came out of the bathroom his cock still hanging out of his pants.  I tried to make a joke of it and said “Well at least you’re making yourself comfortable.”  He looked at me and with his head to one side asked "You mind if I get really comfortable?"  I told him go ahead.  Boy was that a surprise.  Next thing I knew he was totally naked except for his baseball cap.  He sat on the couch and smiled.  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Working Late

Working Late

Story by Jay

I love working late.  I have the whole place to myself with no phones ringing.  I can get a lot done.

A new guy started and the boss wanted me to train him as fast as I can.  I told him I can get a lot done at night after everyone leaves.  So I told the new guy, Bill, to plan on working over.

The first night we worked late, Bill was picking things up really quick.  “I need a break” he said.  I replied “Same here.  Let me hit the men’s room.”   I walked over to the men’s room and when I returned I found Bill sitting with his leg up naked from the waist down.  He wore sunglasses.

He had a nice cock and set of balls.  He was circumcised with a nice cockhead.  “Well, what have we here?”  I asked.  He just smiled.  Bill said “I was hoping for something to help relieve the stress of the new job.”

I was not going to waste an opportunity to have a good cock, so I reached over and grabbed it.  He responded by getting an erection as I held his cock in my hand.  I slowly massaged his cock.  

 After a few minutes Bill said “I was hoping for something more to help relieve the stress of the new job, like a blowjob.”  I liked that he was a direct kind of guy.  I got on my knees and started to suck his cock.

He had a really big cock and he came pretty quickly.  I got off the floor and sat down on my chair.   Before I could say anything, he was on his knees and sucking my already erect cock.  He was a super cocksucker taking my cock deep in his throat and sucking also my balls. 

His tongue action was too much and I head his head and shoved my cock into his mouth and shot my load.

When we were both done, I said “You are going to be one of our best employees.”  He smiled and said “But I might need some one on one training at night.”

Well working late was never this much fun.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Bath House - Part 3

Bath House

Story by Jay

Part 3 of 3

He then slipped off his boxers and his cock and balls were there for me to see.  He had a nice set to balls.  They hung low.  “Wow” was all I could say.  I walked closer and he laid back while holding his cock out.  I reached out and he released his cock and I grabbed it.  It was rock hard.  I leaned down to take his cock in my mouth. 

He pulled at the towel around my waist and it dropped to the floor.  He reached out and pulled me to get on top of him.  We were going to be in a 69 position now.  I felt his warm lips wrap around my cock, as I climbed on the bed.  We started to suck each other.   His cock got thicker and his balls started to tighten up.  He was the first to cum.  It was a big load and it filled my mouth.  It tasted sweet.  Then it was my time to cum.  When I came, he sucked me dry.  Even as I went limped, he continued to suck my cock.  He did not want to let loose of it.

Finally he let my cock drop out of his mouth.  I grabbed my towel and said “Thanks” and off I went to hit the showers. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bath House - Part 2

Bath House

Story by Jay

Part 2 of 3

As I walked in, he smiled.  I stared at his boxers and watched his boxers grow as his cock got harder.
“Nice” was all I could say.  He grabbed hold of his erection and stroked his cock while he still had his boxers.  I took a step closer.  “Want to see more?” he asked.  Before I could answer, he reached into his boxers and pulled his cock out.  It was bigger than I thought it would be.  He had a nice big mushroom cockhead.  It rested on the top of a thick shaft. 

“Really Nice.” I said.  My heart was pounding as I took another step closer.  I was close enough to see his pee hole at the top of his mushroom cockhead.  Some precum oozed out and ran down his shaft  to his boxers.

I reached over and put one finger on the tip of his cock.  He seemed to have more precum oozing out so I started to swirled it around his cockhead.  “Feels good.” He moaned, “Want to see more?”

I nodded ‘yes’.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bath House - Part 1

Bath House

Story by Jay

Part 1 of 3

It was time to visit my local Bath House.  I had not been out in a while.  The weather had been terrible lately, so I was looking forward to a little fun, if you know what I mean.  When I got to the Bath House, I noticed that the parking lot was nearly emptied.  That could be good or bad.  Good if I have the good looking guys all to myself.  Bad if there are no good looking guys. 
I quickly changed and pull a towel around my waist and started to roam the isles.  Most rooms were closed.  The last one at the end of the hall had the door opened.  I hope I would not be disappointed.  I turned to look inside and saw a nice looking guy laying on the bed.  He had a pair of boxers on and from what was sticking up his boxers, he was sporting a hard on.

I looked him up and down, and admired his body.  He was built pretty well.  He was not overly muscular or overly skinny.  He was ok by me, so I took a step into his room.