Friday, May 31, 2013

Three Amigos - Part 2

Three Amigos

Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2 

The next day I plotted my plan on finding out who rimmed me.  Brian and Troy came over bearing gifts.  They had enough beer for a party and we started to celebrate.  I decided to drink but that that much and act like I was drunk and that I passed out.  If they tried to rim me again, then I would see you did it.

The guys went through a lot of beer and my acting was convincing.  I told them I was going to bed and headed upstairs and quickly pulled off my pants and underwear.  It did not take long for me to hear footsteps and then someone was at the foot of the bed.

My ass twitched with anticipation.  Then I felt a tongue.  I decided to enjoy it for a while.  Whoever was doing it was just awesome.  I then turned around and was shocked.  It was both Brian and Troy.  They were both naked with hard cocks protruding outwards.

“Happy Birthday” they yelled “Now it is your turn.”  They climbed up the bed to be inches from my face.  “Double suck times.”  I had two cocks to suck, AT THE SAME TIME.  Brian and Troy had big cocks and they filled my mouth.  It was a lot to handle.  I decided to alternate sucking one, then the other. 

My ass wanted what I got last night, so I decided to suck Troy’s cock which was the largest one then told Brian to rim me.  It was awesome.  Troy was the first to cum.  I loved the taste of cum from the start.  Troy flipped me over on my back and started to suck my cock.  Brian stuck his cock in my face and I sucked him.  In a matter of minutes we all three had cum.


We laid there once again as the three amigos.  And from now on, it was truly ‘One for all and all for one’.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Three Amigos - Part 1

Three Amigos

Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2


Our friendship started in grade school.  We were always together.  We played in each other’ yards and went to the same school.  Sometimes my parents would let them go on vacation with us.  They were like brothers to me.  We were the same age born only a few weeks apart.  We went to the beach together, movies together, and sporting events together.   


We knew each other thoughts, which at first was scary but it made us understand each other.  We never did anything sexual but there was a bond between us that grew and kept us watching each other’s back.

Mom use to call us ‘the three amigos’.  It was a name we cherished and as the years went by, we tried to live a life as the three amigos.  Brian, Troy were constantly at my side, and for some reason, I loved it. 

It was after our 18th birthday that things changed.  We had our usually birthday bash at my house.  I was the last to turn 18 and we celebrated by sneaking out Dad’s beers.  As long as we were in my house drinking, Dad was cool about that.  This time I drank too much. 

I stumbled upstairs to my room and tried to undress and ended up partially dressed laying flat on my stomach on the bed.  I managed to take my pants and briefs off.  I heard footsteps and knew someone was in my room.  I felt the bed move and someone was climbing onto the bed.  I felt their hands on my legs and they were moving up to my butt.  It felt good so I just relaxed as my ass cheeks sperated and I felt a tongue stick in my asshole.

This was the first time that I experienced someone rimming me.  His tongue darted in and out of my ass.  My cock was hard and erect.  I started to gyrate and hump the bed.  My ass were burning with desire.  His tongue went deeper into my ass and I felt my cock have spasm and I came as his tongue swirled around and in and out.
Then it was over.  I slept until the next morning.  A blanket was covering me and I had dried cum sticking the bed covers to my belly.  I sat up and rubbed my eyes and wonder if I was dreaming and if not, then who was the one that rimmed me

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

That Guy From the Gym - Part 2

PART 2 of 2

Andy arrived,

(A note left on his brother's front door read: "Hey Andy, the door is unlocked! I felt really bad after we talked on the phone. I have a present for you! Use it and enjoy! I love you, brother! I hope this makes up for everything!")

Andy had a hard time fathoming what he saw on his brother's sofa. Incredibly, Donny was bound and gagged!
He was absolutely dumb-founded and could only stand and stare for several minutes. With his wrists tied to his ankles, Donny's ass was completely vulnerable. There were several possibilities that came to mind.
After contemplating this situation for several minutes, Andy decided to take advantage of his brother's "peace-offering".
Very slowly, he stripped out of his layers of clothes until he was naked. Donny's facial expressions revealed that he approved of the now nude man poised in front of him. Andy took the gag from his mouth, to feed him his cock.

Donny wasn't the best cock-sucker Andy had ever been with, but...he wasn't the worst! At the very least, Andy was growing totally hard and erect! He fucked that boy's mouth for several minutes. When he felt like he was getting close, he pulled out. A good blow-job wasn't what he wanted from Donny.
With his prey still bound with his wrists to his ankles, Andy dove into his upturned ass. Not with his hard prick, but with his tongue. He worked that crack and hole making Donny moan so loudly that Andy was sure the neighbors had to notice.
Over and over again, Donny pleaded with Andy that he just needed to be fucked. Andy's rimming talents had teased his brother's boyfriend! Finally, he relented and shoved his cock up Donny's ass!


For a good twenty minutes he rode that boy! Andy felt like he was finally getting some revenge for every slight he ever felt from his brother. Over and over, he thrust his dick into Donny who just kept begging for more.
Finally, he administered the largest deposit of cum up Donny's ass that had ever been emitted from his balls. So much that it oozed out of that now abused hole.
Donny was all smiles. "You're fucking fantastic! So much better than your brother!"

Andy wasn't quite done yet! He untied the rope that had bound Donny's ankles to his wrists. Donny's dick hadn't gotten any attention and was totally erect. Andy had plans to put it to good use. He doesn't "bottom" for anyone, but almost considered it for a brief moment.
Instead, he decided to demonstrate to Donny how a good blow-job is administered. He began by licking that boy's balls and shaft. It got Donny so excited that he exploded almost the moment Andy took his dick into his mouth. He was still milking it to get the last drop, when his brother came home.
Eric watched as Andy began to dress. "I hope this means that everything is right between us again. Are you going to take him with you?"
"I probably should. That was one of the most intense fucks ever! On second thought, I think I'll leave him here. I'll know where to find him and, just maybe, we are mature enough now to share our toys!"

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

That Guy From the Gym - Part 1


PART 1 of 2


It was Andy's turn to drive. He had just left the gym with Eric after a vigorous workout.. The two brothers always worked out together. They were a year apart in age and had always been very competitive athletically. They had showered together and dressed before heading to Andy's car.

Just trying to make conversation, Andy said, "What was up with that guy in the locker room? He was there when we walked in, and was still there naked when we left. I thought the guy was really fucking hot! Did you notice his body and that dick? His ass was amazing! I'll be thinking about him when I jerk-off tonight in my bed!"

Eric just rolled his eyes and said he hadn't even noticed the guy. "Whatcha talkin about? There wasn't anyone there, but those muscle goons tonight! Those steroid freaks who try to building up massive bodies to compensate for their small dicks! I didn't notice anyone in the locker room."

That was all a giant lie! Yep, he had seen the guy! A month later, that locker room hunk (Donny) was Eric's new "boy-friend" and sharing his apartment (and bed!).

Andy was absolutely GREEN with jealousy every time he saw the two of them together. To make things even worse, Donny proved to be quite the exhibitionist. Every time Andy visited Eric's apartment, Donny was walking around completely naked! Rubbing up against his brother right in front of him.

Andy was totally frustrated about the new-found relationship between Eric and Donny. He thought: "Fuck! Why does my brother always end up with the guys that I want? All I have to do is mention a man, for him to fucking take the guy away from me! It's really pissing me off!"

He began to avoid his brother, which soon became apparent to Eric. "What's up bro? We used to be really tight. You've been ignoring my phone calls and we don't even work-out together any more. Did I do something? Or is there something we need to talk about?"

Andy broke down and vented his anger about Eric being with Donny. He flew into an absolute rage at his brother! The years of frustration all came to a head!

"How the fuck do you think I feel when every time I come to your apartment and see Donny? You knew I wanted him and you just had to snatch him up away from me! Can't you just ask him to, at the very least, put on some fucking clothes? The man still gives me an erection every time I look at him! ..."

..."Do you know how hard it is for me to know that it is your big dick that is fucking his cute ass? You always have to one-up me! Try to get the guy that I want! You don't seem to have any regard for me at all! YOU SUCK! AS A BROTHER!!!"

Eric didn't have any defense for his actions, but sympathized with how hurt his brother was feeling: "God, I had no idea you really felt that way about Donny. We've just been having a lot of fun fucking around together. He's just staying with me right now, but it ain't all that serious between us. Hey Andy, I really want to make everything right between the two of us again! Come over to my apartment tonight and I will prove it."

Andy, reluctantly, agreed to a meeting at his brother's place. He didn't have a single expectation. What he encountered on walking in, totally blew his mind!

Donny was....

Monday, May 27, 2013

Just Friends with Jerome - Part 2

Just Friends with Jerome

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2

Jerome pulled out and roll off my back breathing heavy.  “I hope you liked that” he said.  “I've wanted to do that for years now but didn't know how to start it.  I finally decided to just go for it.”  Strangely enough I felt the same way and actually started to kiss his chest and abs and when I got to his cock picked it up in my lips and slowly sucked it in till I gagged. 

Slowly I kept pulling up off his cock and then swallowing it again.  Each time I went a little further down.  He was moaning and soon trying to push my head further down on his cock and lift his hips to meet my mouth.  Then the real surprise happened.  It didn't take long and he lifted his head and told me "I'm gonna cum now.  Take my load." and with that shot down my throat.  I couldn't swallow that fast and it leaked out the corners of my mouth.   

Once he was done he pulled me up to kiss me and licked his own cum off my face.  We hugged and fell asleep in each other’s arms.  Coach called on the phone to wake us up and told us we had 30 minutes to get our lilly white asses to breakfast before practice.  We jumped out of bed, dressed and left saying nothing of what happened the night before.

After practice we went back to our rooms.  We both showered and were naked in the room.  It was like being in the locker room.  We were naked, talking back and forth and just bull shitting.  I stood near the window.  Jerome came next to me and asked what I was looking at.  I told him “Nothing” and then I asked him the same thing.  “Oh nothing” he said but with that he moved his hand to hold the cheek of my ass. 

“I lied” he said.  “I am looking at something.  It is your ass.  It's hot as hell and I want it again.”  I could tell by the hardening of his cock.  Looking down I was hard too.  I turned and kissed him, our cocks dueling between us.  "Hey what a friends for, but to help each other out?"   I made him a proposition.  As long as we stayed friends I’d let him fuck me and he had to let me fuck him when we were horny.  Jerome agreed on it and we shook hands.  Now this is what I call a good friend and in a few minutes I’m gonna find out what a hot ass my friend has.  I got to go now folks.  Have a good night. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Just Friends with Jerone - Part 1

Just Friends with Jerome

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2


Jerome and I have been friends as long as I can remember.  Growing up together we share all our most intimate secrets.  I remember in grade school I got my first pubic hair and couldn't wait to tell him.  In high school he couldn't wait to tell me he wasn't a virgin any more.  He had fucked the cheerleader from the opposing team at a game under the bleachers.

I wasn't as bold.  In that aspect I stayed to myself.  I didn't date nor did I dream of getting laid.  Jerome kept telling me I was "A" sexual.  All I knew was it was getting to be a pain in the ass washing my sheets 3/4 times a week from wet dreams.

I was an assistant coach/equipment junkie on the football team.  Jerome was one of the players.  We had an away game that we were going to stay overnight for.  They asked for volunteers to share rooms to save money.  Jerome and I raise our hands right away.  So did a few others.

The first night we were exhausted so we showered and went to bed.  Jerome first and when he came into the room from the bathroom he was naked, his cock swinging back and forth and for some reason looking very inviting to me. 

I showered and walked in the room naked but he was in bed asleep already.  I got in beside him and fell asleep.  In the middle of the night I felt Jerome pressed up against my back.  He had nice soft chest hair and I liked how it felt on my back so I pressed back a little.  He stirred and I stopped.  It was seconds later that his arm came over my side and was rubbing my stomach and brushing against my cock.  I didn't do anything till I heard him say "Aren't you going to let me play with you?"

I still didn't say anything but took his hand and put it on my hard cock.  He responded by jerking me off and then rolling me on my back and kissing me.  After our kiss he put his finger over my lips and told me "enjoy".  With that he moved down to my nipples and nibbled on first one then the other getting them pointy hard before moving down to and swallowing my cock.

I let out a low moan and without taking my cock out of his mouth he nodded yes.  He sucked me for a few minutes and then wet his finger and started to press into my ass.  Being a virgin I was tighter than a clam's ass but he still managed to get it all the way in.  He soon had me squirming and moaning all over the bed.  Between his now 2 fingers in my ass and his mouth and on my cock I was in heaven.

He came up off my cock and told me I have to stop before I came.  “There's something else I want to do.” He rolled me onto my stomach and then told me to raise my waist so he could push a pillow under me.  My ass was now in the air and he spread it with both hands and started to lick and suck on my hole.  I loved the feeling.

After a bit I felt him lay on top of me.  His soft chest hairs were grinding into my back.  He whispered into my ear "Relax and breathe deep and go with the feelings" and with that he guided his cock to my hole and pushed.  Not hard but enough that I felt the pressure of his cock head as it spread my ass lips and started to slide inside.

I froze and he again told me to relax.  Ever so slowly he continued his assault till I felt the head of his cock pop in and my ass close around the ridge of his cock.  He waited a minute and then started a slow steady push till I felt his pubes against my ass.  I was clawing at the sheets and biting the pillow but for some odd reason I didn't stop him.

I started to feel him pull out and I reached back and grabbed his ass cheek.  I didn't want him to pull out.  He whispered in my ear to relax and this was just the first of a lot of strokes.  Jerome kept his word.  He fucked me slowly. 

So slowly that I began to beg him to fuck me faster but he wouldn't.  “NO” he said.  “I want you to enjoy this experience.”  I glanced at the clock on the bed and it was midnight.  The next time I glanced at the clock was when he told me he was going to cum.  It was almost 1:00.

He had fucked me for almost an hour.  Of course he took time here and there to stop and maybe I would turn my head and we would kiss or he would nibble on my ear before he would start fucking me again but this was his way of prolonging his orgasm and let me tell you when he did cum, he came.  I could actually feel his cock swell much bigger than it already was and then I felt a warm feeling inside me.  A wonderful feeling I wanted to enjoy over and over again. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Car - The Guy - The Parking Lot - Part 2

"The CAR...The GUY...The PARKING LOT!" 

Part 2 of 2


"So?  What do you say?  Wanna have some fun?...You've seen mine, show me your dick.   Just pull down your pants."

Earlier, he seemed a little shy.  Now that we were in the car together, he seemed really aggressive.  My dick was already hard in anticipation of anything that was going to happen.  I dropped my pants for him.

"Nice cock!  Hand me that butt-plug.  I like something big up my ass when I get a blow job.  You are going to suck me off, right?"


He plugged himself and I leaned over to mouth his cock.  I could smell a manly aroma and his prick tasted sweaty.  Like someone who hadn't recently showered.  Surprisingly, it wasn't all that unpleasant.  I actually liked it and it got me more excited!

Sucking cock actually is one of my favorite things to do with a guy.  I'm a very oral person!  I love kissing, rimming and having a dick in my mouth.   I sucked on his average-sized penis for several minutes.  Obviously, from his loud moans, he was enjoying it!

With my face still in his crotch, he began stroking my back and finally reaching back to finger around my ass.  (That's a very sensitive place for me that doesn't get penetrated very often.)  I felt him put a lubricant on my hole and he began pressing one of his toys against me.


I was amazed that he could insert it so easily.  The vibrations pressed onto my prostrate spurred me on as I continued to worship his cock with my mouth and tongue.

He continued to fuck me with that vibrating toy and almost brought me to an orgasm.  "How about trying out the real thing?  Climb over here and sit on my dick!"

Like I said before, I'm not much of a "bottom", but I climbed over and sat on his dick.  He pulled out the plug from his ass and replaced it with the vibrater he had used on me.  We both were being fucked at the same time.  (I swear, I felt the force of that vibrator cursing through his dick up my ass!)


Just minutes later, I shot my load all over his dashboard, windshield and steering wheel.  Simultaneously, he emptied his nuts up my ass!  Then he pushed me over into the passenger seat with my ass in the air. 

He licked and sucked his cum as he feltched it from my hole.

Normally, after any sexual encounter, I need a little down-time to just relax and recover.  Not with this guy...:

He barked at me, "GET OUT OF MY CAR!  i'M DONE WITH YOU"!

I was pulling up my pants in the parking lot as he backed up and sped away from our building.  I never saw the guy again.  Not only that...the building manager told me that no one who owned that kind of a car lived in our complex. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Car - The Parking Lot and the Guy - Part 1

The CAR - The PARKING LOT and The GUY"


Part 1 of 2

(Actually, I experienced something similar to this one time!)

Every time I think that there is nothing new under the sun, I am pleasantly surprised. I really thought that I had experienced every facet of gay sex. I had met (or heard of) men with every kind of fetish that was imaginable. Car sex? I've done it in a front seat before!

I don't think of myself as being very kinky but, I think I have lived-out every one of my own sexual fantasies! (Thanks to some very open-minded bed partners over the years!) I don't "kiss and tell", so I won't go into details. My personal fantasies were pretty "vanilla" in comparison to what other people do. (or so I have heard!) I'm usually more into romance and making a connection.

(With that said! You probably will think I am a liar...) Okay. I know how you guys are. You probably are curious about me. So, I'll give you a hint....on occasion...

Sex on a beach? I've done that! Sucking cock in a public bathroom? been there! Jerking off where someone could see you? Hey, I was horny! A drunk fuck in front of friends? Please don't remind me I did that! A party with a dozen guys that turned into an orgy? I wasn't the one who got us all drunk!

I got a new job in a new town! A chance for a new beginning where no one knew me. Hopefully, I could restore my reputation, while still getting a little bedroom action. Everything, including my new apartment, was brand spanking new.

Let me begin by explaining: the only view from my new apartment is the large parking lot for our complex. (That will make a lot more sense as this story progresses.)

I don't socialize with most of the people who live around me. We have very little in common. I mind my own business and expect them to do the same. I work odd hours and don't even see them very often.

One of the chores that I really detest, is doing laundry. Sometimes, I just go out and buy new socks, underwear and clothes just to avoid the communal laundry room in our building. However, late one night it was necessary...

Arriving in the basement, I encountered an extremely cute guy! I thought to myself: maybe this won't be such a bad thing? Cute face...nice eyes...nice body , because he was naked!

He was in the process of getting dressed from clothes he pulled from a dryer. He took his time to put on loose fitting sweat pants. He went commando which showed off his bubble butt and a nice sized dick (which I had already seen!).

He stuffed most of the items from the dryer in a laundry bag, but put a towel in a gym bag. (Shit! if only I had arrived a few minutes earlier, I could have spent time with this naked dude as his clothes were drying!)

It was close-quarters in the basement and I was close enough to peer into that open gym bag. IT DIDN'T CONTAIN WORK-OUT CLOTHES! In it, was a variety of sex toys! I'm not really into all of that stuff! I've got to say, it peaked my curiosity! I saw dildos and vibrators and other things

I tried to engage him in conversation, but he only answered me in mono-syllables. "Yes...No...Uh,huh". I was getting no where with this guy, so I just gave up. I didn't even get his name.

Later when I came down the outside staircase to collect my clothes from the dryer, a car in the parking lot flashed it's lights at me several times. Out of curiosity, I decided to investigate. I found the Cutie from the basement behind the wheel of his car with his pants pulled down. He had changed into shorts and a tank top and He was exposing himself to me! A lot of his "toys" from that gym bag were scattered across the floor-boards of the car.

It seemed to be an invitation, so I climbed into the passenger seat. Without touching himself, his cock immediate grew totally erect. (It wasn't a giant, but it was definitely very mouth-worthy!)

I offered an invitation to my apartment, but he declined. "Thanks, but no thanks! I can't have sex in a bed. I can only get hard in a car. I know that's strange, but it's the truth. If you want me to do it with you, we have to do it in a car or it won't happen! Otherwise, I'll just sit here and play with my toys."

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Power Outage - Part 2


Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2


I turned to get back in bed and saw that Uncle Bob was not sleeping anymore.  He was laid out on the bed with his raging hard on in full display.  He did not try to hide or cover his cock.  I went to the foot of the bed and started to suck his toes.  I looked up and Uncle Bob had his eyes closes and a low moan was coming out of his mouth.

I began my journey up his legs towards his cock and balls.  I was kissing all the way.  When I arrived at his balls, I laid down between his legs and started licking his balls.  They hung low and I had fun lifting them with my tongue and letting them drop back down.

It was now time to devour his cock.  I started by kissing my way up his shaft till I reached his cockhead.  I pulled his cock upwards and let my tongue wrap around his cockhead.  Precum leaked out and I used my hand to swirl it all around the tip of his cock then used my tongue to lick it all before taking his cockhead into my mouth. 

I immediately started to suck his cock taking it as far as I could into my throat.  I felt Uncle Bob rest his hands on the top of my head.  He did not push but just rested his hands to show approval of what I was doing.

I was playing with his balls as I sucked.  They started to contract inwards and I knew it was almost time.  I sucked faster and felt Uncle Bob’s body get tensed and his hands gripped my hair on my head.  I felt the first of many shots of cum hit my throat and I swallowed as quick as I could.  I turned to lay next to him on the bed. 

I was able to keep all the cum down. I wanted to please Uncle Bob.  He turned towards me and we laid there hugging each other.

He fondled my cock until I was rock hard.  He looked at it and smiled in appreciation. He turned to look at his clock blinking on the nightstand.  Power had been restored. 

I said “I guess that means I can go home.”  Uncle Bob grabbed the power cord for the clock and pulled it out of the outlet.  The clock stopped blinking.  Uncle Bob said, “Looks like the power is out again.” 

It looks like we are in for a long night.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Power Outage - Part 1


Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2


I needed a place to stay since my area was without power.  A friend of mine, Nicky, was staying at an uncle’s place.  I never met his uncle before. But I heard a lot about Uncle Joe.  I drove over watching for traffic since all the lights were out.  It was eerie driving around town.  It was like the end of the world and I was the only one out. 

I found the cabin.  My friend was already asleep but his uncle knew I was coming and invited me into his place. 

It was a nice cozy cabin.  There were only a couple bedrooms.  I said I would take the couch.  Uncle Joe told me “It is not that comfortable.”  I sat and then laid down and agreed it was not the best but it would beat the floor.  Uncle Joe said “I have a king size bed.  There is more than enough room.”

I took one look at the bed and it was really big.  I asked “You mind if I take a shower?”  Uncle Joe replied that the water supply was from a rain water barrel.  He asked me if I cared to shower together.  It was ok with me. 

He pointed to a door which led to the bathroom.  We both undressed and climbed into the shower.  The water was hot and felt good.  I took a look at Uncle Joe as he washed his hair.  He was built nicely with a firm round butt.  His cock was semi hard, or so I thought.   

We started to rinse off and our cocks rubbed up against each other.  For a moment we stood still while our cocks grew hard.  Uncle Joe turned off the water and we grabbed towels and dried ourselves.  Neither one of us said anything about our rock hard cocks.

Uncle Joe climbed into bed and I followed him.  He said “Night” and turned off the light.

In the middle of the night, I woke up.  Uncle Joe was snoring and as I looked he was on his back and his cock was rock hard.  The covers were at the foot of the bed.  I shook him to wake him, but he was out cold. 

He continued to snore.  Once my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw his cock sticking straight up.  I reached out to touch it.  I was getting excited and my cock grew as I got closer to his cock.    Finally I reached my destination and I had my hand wrapped around his cock.  It was magnificent.  I pulled up the skin to his cock head.  I wanted to jack him off but was afraid he would wake up and get mad at me. 

I held off doing anything else.  I just laid there and looked at it.  Before I knew it, it started to deflate and go soft.  I was memorized watching it go from hard to semi hard to soft. 

I was so excited I needed to jack off.  I started to masturbate.   I was fully erect.  I made sure he was snoring as I jacked off.   I was so close to cumming.  I increased my stroke and my cock exploded with cum shooting out and landing on my chest.  

I climbed out of the bed and went to the bathroom to clean up.  I was so busy cleaning up I did not notice Uncle Bob was not snoring anymore. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just Friends with Chad

Just Friends with Chad

Story by Larry


I came out to my friend Chad about a year ago.  We had been friends for years.  When I did his reaction took me by surprise.  He said "Tell me something I don't already know.  Who cares?" and with that he smacked me on my ass and laughed as he walked past me into the kitchen.

He came back with 2 beers and handed me one as he lay down on the bed to watch TV.  We were watching some straight porn in his bedroom.  So he said "Tell me what it's like to be with a man".  How is it different from being with a woman?” he asked.  I told him “I don't know.  I’ve never been with a woman.” 

Then I told him “The only way I guess you'll find out is to be with a man.”  He looked at me and asked "Is that an offer?"  A little in shock but happy I told him "I guess it is."  I had always had a crush on Chad but suppressed it for fear of ruining the friendship.

Chad propped himself up on a bunch of pillows on the bed and pulled his shirt up a little. “Well,” he said “What are you waiting for?”  I rolled over and got on my knees to pull my shirt off.  Then I slowly crawled up the bed towards him. 

He put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me down on his crotch.  “Let’s start here.  Show me what it's like to get a blow job from a guy.”  I kissed his abs and I managed to open his pants.  His cock was already getting hard and the head was peeking out from under his foreskin.  I had seen his cock in the showers at the gym but never up close like this. 

I licked the head and sent shivers through his body.  I pulled his pants down a bit and then lifted his cock and took it in my mouth.  He tasted salty from sweat and he hadn't showered so he had a musky scent but both were driving me nuts.  I was having all I could do to keep from cumming myself. 

He put his hand on the back of my head and held it on his cock.  He started to get verbal telling me "Man you got a great mouth" and "Yeah man suck me really nice" and then "Get ready because here it cums” and then finally "Here it is" as he shot volley after volley of cum down my throat.  When he let go I let go of his cock and told him that's what it's like to get a blow job from a guy.  “On a scale of 1-10 how was it?”
“9 ½” he said.  “That was fucking fantastic.”

“But how's it like to fuck a guy?”   I lay my head on his chest. “I don't know.”  He asked me what I meant by that.  “Rest a bit I told him and we'll see.    At the end of the movie Chad said "Well?"  I didn't answer him but rather got up and went in the bathroom and found some lube.  Back in the bedroom I greased him up and then slid my pants off as I got on the bed and squat on his cock and sat all the way to his balls.  He had a clear view and watched as his cock disappeared into my ass. 

"Oh man, are you tight" he said.  He took hold of my hips and started to thrust upwards with his fucking me on his back.  He sat up and bit my nipple before wrapping his arm around me and rolling us over so I was on my back and he on top.  He put my legs up on his shoulders and started to really fuck me telling me how good it felt. 

Minutes later he said “You want cum in your ass or what?”  I told him to fill me up.  I knew when he was cumming too.  He started to shake, his face and neck muscles got this strained look on it and he let out a low growl and his cock swelled larger than it was and then I felt a warm feeling inside me as he filled me with his seed.

He fell on top of me when he was done shooting and I rolled him off asking him how was it for you.  When he caught his breath he told me plain and simple “Whenever you feel like sucking cock or getting fucked call me.  You’re fucking great but don't get any ideas.  I’m not gay.  I still like pussy.”  I laughed and said “You know there’s a name for friends like this.” 

“What do you mean friends like this?”  I told him friends that help each other out from time to time.  It’s called fuck buddies when people that are "just friends" help each other out when their horny and I don't know about you but I think I just found a new fuck buddy.”  We just took "just friends" to a higher level.

Monday, May 20, 2013

His Sister New Husband - Part 2


Part 2 of 2

Just sitting poolside, feeling each other up, Cory thought the ball was in Joel's court to initiate something else. He was feeling a little weird that Joel was Linda's new husband. However, he did have a handsome face, a nice body and a good sized cock. Joel was definately Cory's type!

Cory wanted more than just a hand-job from Joel! Nothing more was happening. After several minutes, he dropped into the shallow water in front of his new brother-in-law. He went down on Joel's dick! He used his cock-sucking expertise to blow his new relative! Maybe, this would initiate something.

With that cock in his mouth, he reached passed Joel's balls to play with his ass. Joel moaned very loudly, so Cory inserted a finger. Fucking him up to the full-extent of his middle finger and burying his mouth to the pubes, Cory was rewarded with Joel's load! It was loud and explosive...a mouth-full!

Unfortunately, there was no reciprication. Rapidly, he jumped up and began to get dressed. "I hope I can trust that you will never tell your sister about this? I gotta go!"

As Cory stood in the pool jerking-off, he called out to Joel as he ran away from the pool: "Hey! Welcome to the family!"

The next day, the barbeque came off without a hitch! Among the many guests were Linda and Joel, who as newly-weds were very attentive to each other. Cory just kept a low profile. Joel avoided any contact with Cory, except to positively comment on Cory's little speedo swimwear.

After everyone watched the fireworks, the guests all left. Cory finally retired to his bedroom. He found a note that had been left on his pillow.

It read: "Don't know how or even when, but I definately owe you one!" and it was signed : JOEL!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

His Sister New Husband - Part 1



Part 1 of 2

Cory had barely opened his eyes, when his Mother knocked on his bedroom door. (He thought: "Thank God, I locked it!" Like most mornings he woke with a giant boner!)

From the other side of the door, his Mom nagged at him, "Cory, you better be up! It's almost noon! You know your father wants you to clean the pool today. We have guests coming tomorrow for our 4th of July barbeque. I'm going to be out of the house the rest of the day to do my shopping. Get your lazy ass out of bed and do your chores!!!"

He waited till he heard her car pull out of the driveway. With his erection leading the way, he stumbled to the kitchen for a glass of orange juice. Cory walked out on the back deck where the Summer heat hit him.

Fortified with his daily dose of vitamin C, he dove naked into the pool to refresh himself. The cool water both brought him totally awake and helped to shrink his morning wood to a flaccid state. He climbed out and began to skim the pool's surface of leaves and other debris.

Suddenly he heard a voice: "Hello Cory!"! (It was Joel, his new brother-in-law! In mid-June, his Sister had married her college sweetheart! Cory only met him at the wedding. He knew nothing about the guy except that he was really fucking hot!)

Joel said, "Your sister gave me her house key to pick up those boxes from her old bedroom." He smiled at naked Cory, "Looks like you've got the right idea. This heat is intense!"

When Cory suggested: "You could join me?" Joel immediately stripped. Cory thought it might be his imagination, that once Joel was naked, he seemed to linger poolside before they both dove into the water.

After enjoying the pool for a while (mostly, just treading water!) they climbed up on the side sitting near each other.

That's when Joel said, "Your Sister tells me you are gay. That's cool! I've done a few things with guys!"

As much as he was surprised by that statement, he was shocked when Joel reached over to wrap his hand around his cock!!! He said: "You have a really nice big piece of meat there! It's something that I am going to miss from my years in the fraternity."

With Joel's hand still on his dick, Cory noticed that they were both plumping up! He reached over and took Joel's cock in his hand.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

In the Woods

In the Woods

Story by Larry
There’s a county park not far from where I live.  They have swimming, camping, hiking, bike trails all in different sections of the park.  I love to go there because it offers so much diversity.  I can watch the hotties in their micro bikini bathing suits that just about cover their cocks.  I can walk through the picnic ground watching all the hot couples BBQ'ing, then there's the tennis courts where you can watch them run back and forth chasing a ball and if you’re lucky enough with no jock on and flopping up and down in their shorts.  My favorite is the trails through the woods.  You never know what you’re going to find.

Just last week end I decided I was going to go and spend the night in the park.  I have a small pup tent and a back pack to carry things in.  It is a real butch hikers dream.  Anyhow I went to the park, picked a trail in the camping/hiking section and set out.  My goal was hike half way in, set up for the night, sleep and hike back in the morning.  It was nothing special.
It was already late afternoon when I started out.  Around dark I set my lantern out and put up the tent, ate a sandwich and had a few beers, and then crawled into the tent to read.  A few hours later the beers were ready to come out.  I crawled out of the tent and walked to the nearest tree and started to piss.

From behind me I heard a noise.  When I turned around tucking my cock back in my pants there stood the ranger.  “Just wanted to make sure you were ok” he said.  The entire time he stared at my crotch.  “I’m fine” I told him.  “I just had to piss before going to sleep.”  He said “Oh ok” and walked away. 

Now the pup tent was really small and it was hot as hell.  There was no one around so I stripped and lay in the tent.  My feet were hanging out one end and my head almost out the other.  A little over an hour later I hear a noise but didn't worry I just took my shirt and put it over my crotch in case and lay in the tent.  If it was someone walking by they wouldn't see anything.  Not that I cared but for some reason I didn't want trouble.

It was the ranger again.  “Just checking again” he said.  “Sorry to wake you.”  I told him no problem but then realized I had to piss again.  I just got out of the tent and pissed on the same tree.  When I turned the ranger was there again but I hadn't heard him walk up this time.

“Yup, it is just as I thought.  You have a nice cock.”  I said “Thanks” and went to get into the tent.  “BUT not as nice as mine.”  With that he pulled his cock out of his zipper and I realized he was a lot longer than me.  “Just not as or maybe just as thick as me.”  I looked at him and said “Yeah its ok.”  He looked over and said "You wouldn't say that if it was up your ass".

I laughed.” and what makes you think that's gonna happen.”  He said “I've been watching you and you don't care if people see you so either you just a nudist or a cock hungry guy.”  With that he pulled my blanked out of the tent and stretched it out.  “Lay down” he said.

I told him I wasn't in the mood and he pulled his shirt open and he said “I didn't ask, I said lay down.”  I glanced and saw he had a pistol on his belt and thought I better not piss him off so I lay down.  He opened his shirt to reveal 2 pierced nipples, that always gets me hot.

Then he dropped his shorts and stepped out of them leaving his boots on.  Before me stood a very hung, somewhat thick man with a hairy chest and legs, open shirt to show off pierced nipples and boots.   IT WAS MY KIND OF MAN.  I slowly lay down as he lowered himself on top of me. 

He ground his cock between our bodies up against my own cock.  “You feel that cock man?”  I nodded yeah.  How could I not he was grinding it hard into me.  “It’s gonna go up that tight little ass of yours and take a load and you’re gonna love it.”  I wanted to say no and he put 3 fingers in my mouth and told me you’re gonna be nice and take it and love it.

With that he raised himself up on his knees and reached into his shirt pocket.  He took out an individual tube of lube.  I’ve seen them in the porno stores lately and thought about getting some for just such an occasion.  Anyhow he opened it and greased his own cock and then put the remaining grease on his fingers and started to finger fuck me.  “mmmmm nice tight ass” he said.  “It won't be when I'm done.”

He lifted me by my ankles spreading my legs wide and moved in letting his cock home in on my hole on its own.  It hit near its mark and slid off.  He tried again and it did the same.  He teased my hole a few more times before I felt it start to spread me open.  Now I haven't been fucked in a few years so I was like virgin territory.

I could feel him and every centimeter as he entered me.  My ass closed around the ridge of his cock as if it was locking it in my ass.  I stiffened and told him he had to take it easy.  His response was "Now you shouldn't have said that" and rammed into me balls deep.  I saw stars and cried out in pain.

“Now that will teach you to take me the way I want” and he started to slowly move in and out of me.  A few strokes and that old comfortable feeling was coming back that I knew and liked so much, a good stiff thick cock in my ass. 

I started to encourage him to fuck me good and he was happy to oblige.  He set a nice steady pace pulling all the way to the head out and pushing all the way in till his balls rested on my ass.  He had a nice set of low hangers and they slapped up against me with each thrust.

He was grunting and groaning in delight and started to work up a good sweat.  His shirt was sticking to his body.  I reached up and grabbed it and pulled him down to me.  He thought quick and put my legs on his shoulders as I pulled him down.  He lay on top of me folding me in half, my legs being on my chest. 

Our sweat was mingling together.  He thrust a few times and then got up on his knees to take his shirt off not letting his cock out of my ass the entire time.  How he did it I’m not sure but somehow he grabbed me and rolled me that we were on all 4's and he was riding me like a stallion.  He pulled my hair like he was using them for reins on a horse.

He started to slap first one ass cheek then the other telling me “Take it.”  He never missed a beat.  Then as suddenly as I was on all 4's I was laying on my back on top of him with his cock still pumping into me.

I braced myself on my hands and feet and started to raise and lower myself on his cock fucking myself on a telephone pole.  I could hear him under me saying “Take it all.” 

Then he pulled me down on top of him again our sweat mingling for a second time while he held my legs up towards my head and pumped inside me at a pretty good rate.  My cock was bouncing up and down slapping my stomach and he let go of one of my legs and grabbed my cock and started to jerk me off. 
He told me when I was going to cum.  He could feel my ass tightening around his cock.  I shot all over my stomach and next thing I knew he was laying on top of me again our sweat and my cum mingling together.  He thrust a few more times and then told me to get ready for the flood.  It was seconds after that, I could feel a warm feeling inside me.  It was a long ago familiar feeling and I knew he had shot his load.

He pulled out of me and knelt back on his knees and feet his cock still sticking straight out from his crotch.  I scrambled around turning over on my stomach and took his cock in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it till he was clean.  Then I sucked first one then another of his balls cleaning them.  Then I shocked him.  I grabbed him by the waist to hold him still and licked my way up his abs and chest cleaning that off as well and lifted first one arm then the other to lick his pits clean before kneeling and saying “Ok.  You’re done.”

He was sitting there and said.  “Wow man that was more than I expected.”  He started to put his shirt on and stood up and turned around for a second to get his pants.    With that he stood, pulled his shorts on and bent down and kissed me.  “You take care of that ass man its one in a million” and he walked away.  I never got his number or when he was on duty but did realize I had to get going.  I packed up and on the walk back to the car realized I was leaking.  By the time I got to the car my shorts were soaked in cum from my ass.  Man did he give me a load and the walk made it leak out.  Now that's my idea of a nice quiet quick camping trip, a short walk, a long fuck, and a short wet walk.  I went home, showered and then tried to decide when I was going to do it again.