Michael raced to the door, still totally naked and erect, to fling it open!  To his total shock and amazement, a uniformed police officer stood outside of his door!

Michael was embarrassed and totally mortified!  The only way he could cover himself was with his two hands, but it was too late!  He had exposed himself to a policeman!    He envisioned being carted off to jail nude and in handcuffs!
The officer barked out an order, "Step inside.  We need to deal with this out of view from the whole condo complex.  This is an official police investigation."

Totally red-faced, Michael complied leading the way to his living room.   The officer looked him up and down which only made Michael feel more exposed.
Finally he spoke, "I've had some reports of a man exposing himself today from this apartment.  Apparently, they we right and it was you."
Being as contrite as possible, Michael stuttered and stammered out an apology,  "I'm so sorry!  I've never done anything like this before and I swear, I will never do it again!  I've never had a complaint against me to the police before."
For the first time the officer smiled, "No one complained.  It was just reports that a hot man with a stiff dick was showing off for the neighborhood.  I decided to come by and check it out for myself.  They were right about how hot you are!"

That was the beginning of a wonderful new relationship for Michael!   Officer Gary Turnball  loved Michael's big cock.  He enjoyed it in his ass and mouth whenever he was on patrol in the neighborhood.
Michael never did connect with the guy downstairs.  It didn't really matter because he had made a connection with a man who had taken an oath to "Protect and Serve"