Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vacation Days - Part 1

Vacation Days

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 4

Oh how I wish I was back in my college days.  I was young, buff, hung and full of cum.  Not that I’m not buff, hung and still full of cum but I’m not so young any more.  Being in my mid 30's though when I go out to the clubs and see all these hot young guys starts to make me wonder.  Here I am in my 30's and still alone.  Oh yeah I have friends and I can get laid from time to time but when it comes down to really having someone to settle down with there isn't anyone there.  At least not right now. I always start to think like this when my birthday comes near.  This year I decided I was going to do something different for myself.  I was going to go to a place I had heard of called the Sexual Circus.  It’s a resort where anything and everything goes. 

I had heard about the Sexual Circus years ago and thought nothing of it.  Of course I didn't.  All I had to do was walk in the clubs and someone was hitting on me.  I had my own little Sexual Circus right in town.  Anyhow, my birthday happen to be around my vacation time so I made all the travel arrangements through a friend of mine who owned a travel agency.  He thought I was crazy for going but said I should have a good time. 

My vacation came and I was packed weeks beforehand so I didn't have to rush.  I got a friend to drop me at the airport.  I checked my bags and boarded my flight.  I went first class.  It was a late night flight and not many people on the plane.  The steward in first class was hot.  He was a young guy and very accommodating.  He offered me a glass of champagne and snacks.  Of course I ended up flirting with him after a few glasses of champagne.  

I went to use the men's room in the front of the plane and had a little trouble with opening the lock.  He came up close behind me and breathed into my ear "Let me help you with that".  As he reached around me to turn the knob he brushed his crotch against my ass and I could feel that he was hard.  I turned and said thanks and went in to pee.  I was just about finished and there was a knock on the door.  I opened it and it was the steward.  He had a small towel in his hand.  I thought you might like a warm towel while in there to wash up a little.  With that he opened the door and stepped in with me.  I was shocked but managed to say “Thanks that's nice of you.”  He handed me the towel and as he did I felt his other hand feeling my crotch.  He looked into my eyes and said “I'd like to be even nicer if you'd let me.” 

I leaned back against the wall and raised my hands as if to say go for it.  He smiled and managed to get down on his knees in the small compartment, his face right in my crotch.  He mouthed my pants till I was hard and then opened my zipper and reached in to free my cock.  I was hard and leaking pre cum all over.  He licked the head and sent shivers up my spine.   “MMMMMMMMMM” he said.  “Tastes good.”  With that he swallowed my cock down to its root and stayed there doing things around my cock with his tongue I had never had anyone do before.  I was in heaven.  He started slowly moving up and down on my shaft and playing with my balls.  I was having all I could do to keep from yelling it felt so good. 

Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I grabbed his head and held it still and started to fuck his face.  He was moaning and unintelligible mumbling around my cock.  I could feel my balls stirring and I gathered so did he because he reached around with his free hand and started to play with my ass as he played with my balls.  When I started to cum he stuck his finger in my hole and hit just the right spot and I was shooting down his throat like I hadn't in years.  When he was sure he had every last drop of my load he let my cock go and stood up. 

“Welcome to the mile high club man.  You give some sweet load of cum. I loved it.”  With that he opened the door and left the compartment.  When I went back to my seat the steward was getting ready to stow the galley for landing and was busy otherwise I would have told him to sit and talk with me. When we landed he handed me a note with his name and phone number where he would be staying for a few days and his home number which happed to be not far from where I lived at home.

I told him I would be in touch and deplaned. 

Monday, July 30, 2012



 Story by Jay

I'm needed a traditional physical exam if I was to play soccer for the University.  I was sent by the Athletic Department to see the doctor on campus.  He walked into the examining room and I was surprised how young he looked.

 He asked me to step on the scale.  “You are 160 pounds and are 5’11’’.  Looking at you that is a good height and weight.  You fall into the category of ‘slim and toned’.  That is very good.”

“Why don’t you strip down to your underwear and lay on the table.” The doctor checked and palpate my whole body.  His hands were all over me and I was getting excited during the procedure.   He noted that nothing was wrong and that there were no imperfections or markings.  

While I was laying down, he ran his hands through my hair, then he inspected the inside of my mouth, and my ears.  Instead of his hands in my mouth, I wanted his cock. 

He used his stethoscope to listen to my lungs and my heart.  My heart was pounding from his touch.

The doctor asked me about my lifestyle.  I was a closeted gay and did not want to tell him that I wanted his cock so much.  My cock was turning hard and was trying to burst through the thin material of my briefs.     

He asked if I was taking any medication which I was not. 

He pulled up my briefs and noticed they were skin tight.  He said “You need circulation around your groin for your cock and balls.  You need to wear looser briefs when not playing soccer.  He felt around to check my groin area, bladder and he said “Everything feels normal.”

His fingers felt under the waistband of my briefs and brushed against my pubes.  I felt incredibly exposed. 

I had absolutely no privacy, but I guess this is the price that I'll have to pay to join the team.

The doctor asked me some incredibly embarrassing questions about my sex life.  He asked how often I masturbated, and what did I watch when I masturbated.  I answered the questions but now I was ashamed knowing that some stranger knew intimate details about me.

I knew what was coming next.  And I hoped that he would not have to do it but I knew he would.  I just wanted to go home with a clean bill of health. 

The doctor asked me to put my hands behind my head, and said "I'm very sorry, but I'm going to have to take your underwear off so that I can check your genitals.”  He slid my underwear off slowly, until I was standing in front of him completely naked and embarrassed.

The doctor started with my testicles.  He said he was making sure I didn’t have any lumps, and to also check to make sure I didn’t have a hernia.  He took his time and ran his fingers over every part of my testicle.  He seemed to take his time.  I just wanted it to be over.   He grabbed my cock and felt along the shaft and inspected my pee hole, and my mushroom cockhead.  I was semi hard and closed my eyes since it now felt so good.

“Ok, now for your prostate.”  The doctor said.  I protested, “I'm only 19, I'm way too young to have a prostate exam, this is ridiculous." The doctor explained, “A few years ago, a member of the team had a problem that could have been found out earlier with an exam, so the University requires this new procedure.” 

I had to let it happen. I bent over, with my eyes closed.  The doctor lubed me up.  He placed the tip of his finger at the opening of my ass and inserted his finger.  He checked to see if everything was normal. As he checked my prostate, he started to massage it.  My cock started to leak precum.  The more he stroked my prostate, the more I leaked precum.
He finally removed his finger and asked me for a urine sample.  But he needed to watch me to insure that I did not tamper with the sample.  Whatever shred of dignity I had, it was not completely gone.    

He now said he needed to photograph me and take measurements of my body for some sort of research study the University had entered into. "This is ridiculous," I meekly protest, but I had to submit anyway.

The doctor took several pictures of me in different poses.  He measured my chest, waist, neck, biceps, legs.  It was an exhaustive survey of my body.

Then he said he needed to measure how low my balls hang, and measure my flaccid penis length. The doctor hesitated expecting me to stop him and protest, but I am so defeated by this point that I turn toward him with outstretched arms and offer everything to him immediately.

I didn't have the energy or the self-worth anymore to resist him. My erect penis length was needed too. I sigh and move to harden myself, but the doctor stopped me and said that was not how this works. He said he needs to do it himself.  He begins to touch me, and I almost say something, but I hesitate...and as the doctor starts pumping me and pumping me, this hesitation turns into a silent submission.

I begin to respond, and before long, the doctor is measuring my erect penis. "There's one last thing we need, a semen sample," the doctor said.  I pleaded "Please don't make me cum," I say.  I started to give up begging because I knew that it won't work.  But the doctor had to make me cum in order to play on this team.

The doctor did not respond, but gently push me to lay down, and begin to pump me a little faster and a little harder. "Please...please...please don't..." I say as I get closer and closer, and eventually "Oh God, no, st...op..." and against my own will I begin moving my hips to help, thrusting as the doctor pumps, until I'm so close that I have to make a last stand. I freeze, stop thrusting, trying to push myself deeper into the patient bed, away from the doctor’s relentless hand. "Stop, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum...no, I'm cumming, stop, I'm cumming" and then semen starts gushing from me in fits and starts as I shake.

I laid there totally vulnerable, having been completely used, and I am so humiliated and embarrassed that nothing, not even joining this team, nothing could have worth what I just sacrificed.

He took his sample and turned his back to me.  He said, “You can get dressed and go.  You have passed.”

I went home and showered.  And when I was done, I showered again.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Road Trip - Part 4

Road Trip

Story by Larry

Part 4 of 4

We got back home and I laid on the deck the rest of the day getting a full tan.  Art told me to make sure I turned over every 15 minutes so as not to burn.  By the end of the day I had a nice red glow to my entire body.  We ate dinner and then went in the hot tub.  When I got tired I said good night and went to bed, admiring my gifts before getting in bed.

I heard them go in their room and then I heard the bed again.  This time I was not going to just sit back and listen.  Uncle or no uncle I wanted to have some.  For some reason being away from home I was getting mighty brave.  I walked into their room and said “Ok boys I’m here for the rest of my present.  Art looked at me but Tim knew exactly what I meant.  He laid spread eagle on his back and told me go for it. 

I climbed between his legs and took his cock in my mouth.  He moaned and said “Oh art he does know how to suck cock.  Art just mumbled because he had maneuvered me into position and swallowed my cock as well.  Tim just laid and enjoyed.  After a bit he said “Larry.  Come here and sit on my face.”  I pulled my cock out of Art’s mouth and sat on Tim’s face.  Art said “Well I’m not losing out.” and started to suck Tim.

Tim went crazy on my ass.  Art was jerking me off.  After a bit Tim pushed me off his face and said “You’re about ready.”  Somehow I knew what he meant and got on all 4's on the bed.  He knelt behind me and aimed his cock at my hole.  When he entered me I screamed. I wasn't expecting his size or length for some reason and he overfilled my ass in one push.

Art shoved his cock in my mouth and said “Here, chew on this to keep yourself quiet.”  Tim started to fuck me and soon Tim would thrust in forcing me down on arts cock and then pull out pulling me off Art’s cock.  We went like this till suddenly without warning I shot all over the sheets.  Seeing that, Tim filled my ass and Art fill my mouth with cum at the same time.  We all fell exhausted onto the bed.  I woke up the next morning and Tim was gone.  He had to work.  Art and I spent the day on the beach. 

That night after dinner we all fucked in the hot tub before going to bed.  I stayed 2 weeks and spent my days on the beach or deck and nights fucking with my uncle and his neighbors too.  I had more sex in 2 weeks than in 2 years.  When I was ready to leave was the first time I put clothes on since I was pierced.  It felt strange.  I got in the car and started for home.  There was another hitch hiker on the highway only this time I recognized him.  It was one of the jocks from school.  I pulled over and picked him up.  I was dressed like Tim was when I picked him up only without a shirt. 

My jock friend hopped in the car and when he saw my chest whistled.  What the hell have you been up to so I started to explain.  When I dropped him off he invited me in for a beer in return for the ride.  We sat down in his kitchen and were talking when he said “Well, you going to show me the finished product.”  I said alright and stood up and dropped my pants.  He whistled and told me to lift my balls to see the ring.  When I did he stood up and knelt in front of me and took my cock in his mouth and started to suck me with fury.  I came in his mouth in no time.  He moved away and I sat down not pulling my pants up.  He looked at me and said “So, how was it?”  I asked “What?”  He said “The blow job.  I’ve wanted to do it for god knows how long.”   We talked for some time and then I went home.  The next day he was at my door early.  “Let’s go for a swim.”  He had a pool and no one was home. 

He stripped naked and then dove in the pool.  When he got out he came over soaking wet and shook his head and the water in his hair went all over me.  I laughed.  He sat down next to me and said “Well.  What do you say?”  I asked “What do you mean?”  He said “I want to get to know you better.  Much better.”  I said “So let’s talk.”  He looked at me and said “I don't mean that way.  I mean I want to go out with you.  in case you haven't noticed I’m asking you out.”  I didn't know what to say.  Of course I eventually said yes.  All that was 3 years ago.  We were on our way to Art’s house to celebrate our 3rd anniversary.  My little road trip got me a bundle of gifts and a man.  Who could ask for more?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Road Trip - Part 3

Road Trip

Story by Larry

Part3 of 4

In the morning I went out to the kitchen to find Art and Tim cooking breakfast nude.  For the first time I noticed they both had both nipples pierced and matching tattoos just about their shaved cocks.  I mentioned the piercing's and Tim said “Oh that's nothing.”  With that he turned, spread his legs and bent over to show me he had a hoop ring pierced through the skin between his balls and his ass hole.  With that Art showed me the same.  When Tim stood up he said as a matter of fact we were going to go today for our PA's. 

I looked at them and asked “What's that?”  Tim explained it's where the tip of the cock is pierced and a hoop ring put in.  “You’re welcome to come if you want.”  With that Art looked at me and said “You know we owe you a graduation present.  “You’re coming with us.  You can have whatever you want.”  On the way there I asked all sorts of questions about the piercing and such.  When we got there the guy looked at me and turned to Art and said “New meat?”  Art answer with “No, he is my nephew, Larry, a new customer.  Give him whatever he wants and on my account.”

“MMMMMMMMMM. Let me take him first.” and with that he took me in another room.  “Now what do you think you had in mind, Larry?” he asked.  I looked at him and asked “What can you do in one sitting?”.  He said to me “I can do it all if you want.  What were you thinking about?”  I told him “I want the entire ball of wax.  I want everything you have.”  He said, “Ok.  Strip.”  I suddenly froze.  “It’s ok.  I’ll take my time and if you want me to stop that's not a problem.” 

“First let’s prep you for the tattoos.  Sit in the chair by the sink.”  I did as he told me and he took a warm towel and put it over my cock and balls.  Then he came back with shave cream and a razor and lathered my cock and balls, having me slide so that I actually hung my ass partially over the chair so he could lather all the way to my ass hole.  In no time I was bald as a baby’s ass from my navel to my ass hole.  I was also rock hard from him handling my cock to move it around to shave.  He cleaned up the left over shave cream and said “Ok.  Now you wanted everything right?  How about we pierce the nipples first?”

He had me sit up and then he put this clip on my left nipple and pulled it out from my chest.  He took what looked like a hole punch with a needle in it and placed it over the skin between the clip and my chest.  Suddenly I heard a pop and a sting and he was putting the first ring in the hole. He looked at me and said “You ok?”  Ii nodded and he did the same to the right nipple.  In 20 minutes both my nipples were pierced. 

Then he handed me some books.  “Pick out the tattoo you want.”  I started to flip pages and he said “You want under your balls pieced like your uncle?”  I told him I wasn't sure but then changed my mind and said “Yes.” 

“Ok then.  Lay over this table here with your legs spread wide.  Keep looking for the tattoo you want.”  I felt him rubbing and pulling the skin above my hole.  He was quick with this one.  He pulled and pieced in one motion and had the ring in within minutes.

“You better rest.” he said.  I told him if I rested I wouldn't finish.  “’Ok then have you found a tattoo you want?”  I said yeah.  It was a mock leather ring around my cock and a chain that wound up the stomach to the ring in my nipple.  He had to shave a bit more for that.  Now I was laying on my back and he was tattooing my cock, stomach and all the way up and around my nipple.  When he was done he looked at me and said you’re about done.  “Let me bring your uncle in and do his and Tim’s PA's. 

They came in the room and Art looked at me and said "Your father is gonna kill me but man is this worth it".  Tim was the first to have his cock pierced.  The guy held it out and used a different type of needle but he was pierced within 5 minutes.  Art was done in even less time.  “Ok then let me total this up and Art I’ll let you know.”  I said “Hey wait.  Art, if you don't mind I want one too.”  Art looked at me and said “Are you totally sure?”  I nodded yes.  The guy got the stuff and within 20 minutes I was walking out pierced and tattooed to the hilt.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Road Trip - Part 2

Road Trip

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 4

I started back on the road and was at my uncles in no time.  As soon as I got there I told him about Tim my rider and he laughed.  “You never know who you’re going to pick up.”  He pointed to a door and said “You’re gonna sleep in there.  Go put your stuff away.  I picked up my bag and while I was putting things away heard a car door.  Someone came in and said “Hey Artie where are you?  Sorry I’m late I picked up my car on the way.” 

I walked out into the living room as Uncle Art came in from the kitchen.  I looked at the guy looking for my uncle and my jaw dropped.  It was Tim the hitch hiker.  He looked at me and laughed.  “Well, well, well look who we have here.”  Uncle Art looked at us and said “I guess you two have already met.”
Tim turned around and said “Yes.  This young man here was nice enough to pick me up and then let me jerk off in his nice new car before I picked up mine.” 

Uncle art laughed and then walked over to Tim and gave him a kiss.  He turned to me and said “Larry, this is Tim, my lover.”  I almost fell through the floor.  I knew Uncle Art was gay but not that he had a lover.  We all went out on the deck where Uncle Art was getting ready to BBQ.  Tim said “I'm gonna relax in the hot tub and stripped right there in front of us and got in the hot water.  Uncle Art said to me “Go ahead.  Get comfortable.  We’re very informal around here and no more Uncle Art.  It’s Tim and Art from now on.”

I turned to go put my suit on for the hot tub and Art said “We're informal so that means you don't need a suit to go in the hot tub.”  I turned and shyly took off my clothes and got in the tub.  When dinner was ready we got out and sat naked at the table.  Art took his clothes off to not be odd man at the table.  Someone jogged past the house and I realized he was naked and his cock was bobbing up and down as he went by.  Art looked at me and said “I told you we were informal around here.  Everyone is informal.   This is the nude section of the beach.”

We sat up for a while after dinner around the fire pit and then when I got tired I said I was going to bed.  I was just about drifting off and I felt someone get in bed with me.  I was groggy and didn't move right away and next I knew someone was up against my back with their arm around me and their cock in my ass crack.  I realized it was Tim when he told me to relax and enjoy.  With that his hand moved down to my cock and started to jerk me off.  He started to lick my neck and bite my ear before working his way kissing my back down to my ass.  When his face was even with my ass he gently rolled me onto my stomach and then took his hands and spread my ass cheeks apart and started to kiss and lick my hole, sticking his tongue in deep once in a while.  It felt strange but good.  No one had ever done this to me before.  Actually no one had ever done anything but jerk me off before. 

He ate my ass for some time and then knelt on the bed behind me.  He gently rolled me over onto my back and started to play with my cock and balls.  I was rock hard and leaking pre cum all over the place.  I started to wither and moan on the bed.  He leaned over and took my cock in his mouth and started to suck and as he did that he also started to play with my ass crack.  My ass was good and slick from his rimming me and next I knew he slid 2 fingers in my ass.  He had me going crazy with his mouth before he used his fingers now I was definitely going wild.  Suddenly I felt my balls tighten and release and shoot a big load in Tim’s mouth.  He took every drop.  When I finally finished shooting he dropped my cock gently from his mouth.  He took his fingers out of my ass and said good night. 

With that he kissed my forehead and said “You should sleep well now.  We’ll see you in the morning and he went in the room with Art.  I heard them talking and then more sounds and knew they were fucking.  I need to know what vitamins they take because they went at it for hours.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Road Trip - Part 1


Story by Larry

Part 1 of 4

I just graduated high school and bought myself a new car.  I wanted to go somewhere with it before I started working for the summer.  I called my uncle Art and asked if I could come for a visit.  He lived about an 8 hour drive away in a house right on the beach.  The water wasn't more than 100 feet from the back deck. 

He said fine.  He would expect me this upcoming week end and could stay as long as I wanted.  He and I were pretty close since we were so close in age.  He was only 10 years older than me.  I packed what few things I was going to take with me in a small duffle bag and put it in the trunk Friday night.  Early Saturday morning I started out with the top down, radio blaring.  I felt fantastic.  I was free as a bird. 

I stopped after a couple of hours to stretch and pee.  This was my first long trip and I wasn't used to being behind the wheel that long.  In the men's room there was a guy at a urinal but I paid no attention.  I did what I had to and left.  When I went to pull back out on the highway there was the guy from the bathroom hitching.  He looked around my age.

I stopped and asked if he wanted a ride.  He smiled, said yeah, threw his duffle in the back seat and climbed in.  “Hi.  My name is Tim.”  We talked as I drove and found out he was going very near where I was going so it worked out for both of us.  He had a ride and I wasn't alone.  I kept glancing at his crotch as I drove.  He was dressed in flip flop shoes, tight cut off jean shorts, and a muscle t shirt that was cut just above so as to show off his tight abs. He moved to sit somewhat sideways as we talked and I noticed his cock sticking out of his pants leg.  The head of it was monstrous.

We got almost to the exit I needed and he told me to pull over.  There was an opening in the trees on the side of the road.  He directed me to pull in there to be off the road and out of traffic so he said.  When I stopped he reached for my cock and took my hand and put it on his.  “Go ahead.”  he said “I know you want too.  You've been looking at it since I got in the car.”  I pulled my hand back and said no I wasn't that way.

He said fine but then he opened his pants and pulled his cock out of his pants and started to jerk off.  He looked at me and said “I just gotta man, sorry.  You’re making me so fucking horny.”  With that he started to jerk off faster.  He gave out a grunt and shot all over the dash and seats of the car.  He licked his cum off his fingers, and then licked it off the dash and seats.  He tucked his cock back in his pants.  Grabbed his duffle from the back seat and got out saying “Thanks.  Maybe we will meet again.”  He walked towards a building through the trees. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Chronicles of Skylar




Of all of the people in my vast circle of gay friends, Skylar has got to be the biggest PERVERT!  (He hates his name and insists that everyone just call him "Sky"!  Which is really appropriate since he like heights.)

It was a simple concession I was willing to make.  I can't even remember when we first met.  I'm sure it was probably under very dubious circumstances!  I, vaguely, have a drunken memory of him naked, jerking off for me on a balcony overlooking the beach.  I think it was a Spring Break in Atlantic City and we were both already drunk in the middle of the day!

Sky was born a child of privilege and has never spent a single minute in the workforce.   He travels from city to city to hang out and party in penthouse apartments that his parents own.  I'm talking:  New York, Miami, San Diego and Las Vegas!  One of the perks of knowing Sky is that he drags me along as his traveling companion to all of those locations.  Hell, like I would object?  Life with Sky was good!

He has a fabulous wardrobe of designer duds, but prefers to hang out naked all the time.  Sky's an exhibitionist who loves to display his naked junk.  It doesn't matter, either day or night, you can find him sans clothes hanging out on a balcony or in front of a wall of glass windows.
His behavior is a little strange but who am I to object?  I love the view, and to view him!  He loves public displays of his naked body, his erections, and even, to perform sex acts for the world to see.  I was never quite sure if it was just for my benefit or to exhibit himself for the world to see.
After a while, I stopped being a voyeur to his shenanigans and became an active participant.  I started hanging out naked with him.  One thing led to another and we began to have oral or anal sex displayed for others to view.  While my personal preference was the intimacy of a bedroom, I accommodated his perverse peculiarity.  Shit, I was just happy to do it with him anywhere he wanted!  He was a very talented partner for gay sex.
Then after a year of displaying his exhibitionist side, one morning I found him in a crumpled mess at the window of the New York penthouse.  Totally naked, with big alligator tears streaming down his face, he sat there sobbing.

Sky turned to me and said, "Close the curtains!"

To this day, I have no idea what that was all about.  We still have a very active sex life together.  It's just no longer on view for the world to see.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Forever - Part 2


Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2

That weekend turned into Troy asking me to move in and it became a full time living arrangement.  He was now my roommate, and he was to become my lover.  For our first year anniversary, he took me to the highest mountain in our area.  We made the hike to the top.  It was breathtaking.  We undressed each other and we made love while we were on the top of the world.  We camped overnight and laid naked on the ground, looking at all the stars in the sky.

It was a beautiful sight with billions of stars.  I could not believe how many there were.  Troy rolled on top of me and looked into my eyes.  He said, “You are the only star for me.”  Our lips met and we kissed.       

Troy treated me like a king.  I was new to gay love when we met.  He told me he never wanted to have sex with me.  He wanted to make love to me.  And he did.  All of our vacations turned into second honeymoons.   

I did not know what I would do without Troy.  He was my rock through thick and through thin.  Life without Troy was now a reality.  The doctor’s came into the room and silently went about his business shutting down the medical equipment.  The room grew silent, as their job was done and the doctor left the room.

I continue to hold his hand as I cried.  I wanted to feel him holding me one more time.  I closed my eyes.  Troy was still with me.  I could sense it.  I felt him wrapping his arms around me, holding me, squeezing me.  I leaned my head back and felt a whisper, “I love you.”  I felt his lips kiss my neck. 

I held on to his arms.  It felt good.  It felt safe.  I could have stayed this way forever.  But I heard Troy whispered, “I have to go.” As I tightened my grip, I said, “NO!”  He said “Yes.  I have to go, but I will love you for all eternity.”

The tears came back as I felt one arm and then the other arm release his hold on me.  His lips kissed me one last time.  He whispered “My love is forever.”  I smiled and said “Forever.”

I was now alone.  Troy was gone.  I looked at him lying on the bed,  He laid there peacefully.  I stood up to leave.  I turned towards the door.  I froze as I was ready to open the door.  I heard Troy say one last time, “Forever.”

I wiped the tears from my face and left the room. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Forever - Part 1


Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2

A tear ran down my face.  I brushed it away with my hand.  I looked at him lying in the hospital bed and I felt my heart breaking.  I hated to see him this way.  The doctor gave me no hope.  I held his hand from the moment I arrived at the hospital.  I was not going to let go.

The ventilator was the only sound in the room.  It lulled me into that false sense of recovery.  The doctors were ready to pull the plug.  I said, “Give me five more minutes.”

I was alone with Troy.  I kissed his hand.  It was just a few days ago that he was laid in this hospital bed awake and holding his hard cock in his hand.  We made love that day.  Little did I know that it would be the last time. 

It was ten years ago that we first met at work.  We were both young and cocky.  He swept me off my feet from the first day that we met.  He was a go getter and   handsome and always horny.  I was shy, not bad looking, and a virgin. 

Our first date was at a fancy restaurant.  He was waiting for me at the bar.  He took my breath away.   We talk into the night until the waiter gave up asking us to leave and started to demand that we leave.  We ended up at his place.  It was a beautiful apartment with nice furniture and tastefully decorated.  We talked into the wee hours of the morning.  I must have fallen asleep. 

I found myself in his arm.  We were both fully dressed.  I felt bad that I had fallen asleep on him. I needed to pee, so I got up from his arm.  I walked to the bathroom and unzipped and pulled out my cock.  I started to pee.  I closed my eyes as I emptied my bladder from all the drinks from the night before.  When I finished peeing, I shook my cock to shake the last drops of urine out of my cock.  I heard a steady stream hitting the water in the toilet. 

He was standing next to me and he was peeing.  I saw his cock and it was a magnificent specimen of a penis.  It was uncut but semi hard.  His veins were sticking out the length of his shaft.  A good strong stream of piss was flowing out the tip of his cock.  Seeing his cock for the first time, my cock grew hard and erect.  He finished peeing and just stood there.  We now had raging hardons.  

I did not know what to do next.  Should I touch him, should I not?  I wanted him to make the first move.  I wanted him to solve the dilemma.  I would have been happy if he would have done just that.  But he did more.  He kissed me.  It lasted what seemed like an hour.  We stood there in the bathroom kissed.  We embraced and our cocks rubbed up against each other.         

He was so gentle, tender.  He unbuckled my pants and they fell to the floor.  My cock was sticking out from my briefs.  He undid my shirt and I stood there naked except for my briefs.  He undressed and we were back in each other arms.  He slipped out of his underwear and I did the same.

He took me by the hand and we climbed in the shower.  The hot water felt good as it hit my body.  He later me up and I did the same to him.  It felt so good having our wet bodies to hold. 

He turned off the shower and grabbed a towel.  He dried me off.  Then he handed me the towel and I did the same to him.  He led me back to the bedroom and we both climbed onto the bed.  For the next hour we explored each other body.  My cock was screaming for release and his was doing likewise. 

Once we started to stroke our cocks, release was quick.  Cum shot up and out in a wild frenzy, hitting me on my face and upper chest.  I was exhausted and after a few minutes of kissing, we fell back asleep.   

It was Saturday morning and we both did not have to work.  He made me a hearty breakfast.   I ended up spending time with him the whole weekend.    

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weight Lifters - Part 2

Weight Lifters

Story by Larry
Part 2 of 2

When he took his mouth off my cock I told him turnabout is fair play.  He looked at me and said “Well you see I had something else in mine.”  He rolled me over and climbed up on the table.  He rubbed his hard cock in my ass crack.  I was covered in oil so it slid easily. He was sliding all over my body and it felt good.  He reached down and guided his cock into my hole and slowly entered me.  I let out a long slow moan till he was all the way inside me. 

He stayed there so I started to move around and use my ass muscles on his cock.  He kissed me on the back of the neck and was nibbling on my ear and whispered to me that he hadn't been with a man in 18 months.  He wasn't sure if he was doing right.  I told him it felt right to me.  He started to move inside me and that along with what I was doing to his cock with the muscles in my ass he came quickly.  He pulled out and shot his load all over my back.  Then he slid down and licked it off of me.

He sat in a chair along the wall and bent over and put his head between his legs and started to cry.  I walked over to him and took his head in my hands and cradled him to comfort him.  He apologized for taking advantage of me and I told him no one took advantage of anyone.  I was glad it happened.  He calmed down and pulled himself together and took me upstairs to take a shower.  The shower upstairs was fantastic.  Almost like a glass walk in closet with 4 different shower heads.  He went in and turned on the water and then pulled me in with him.  He started to soap me up and massage me all over again washing off the oil. 

I started to get hard again so he took my cock in his hand and massaged it till I was rock hard.  Then he turned around and bent over holding his ankles.  I looked at him and he said he wanted to feel me inside him.  I told him I didn't know and he said he was never so sure in his life and to please fuck him.

I moved in behind him and slowly entered him.  “OOOOOOOOOOOO” was all I heard from him.  Once I was in him completely I just stood there so he started to rock back and forth fucking himself on my cock.  I finally took him by the waist and started to fuck him.  “Yeah that's it.”  He told me.  “Fuck me.  Fuck me hard.”  He kept it up encouraging me to fuck him that I was slamming my cock in him.  I felt my balls pulling up inside me and then I felt my cum travel the length of my cock and into his ass.   When he felt me shoot in his ass he just sighed.  “Yeeaaahhhhh.  Feels so nice and hot.  That’s what I needed.”  When I was finished shooting I pulled out of him and he turned around and washed off my cock.  My cum was running down his legs and he rinsed that off before shutting off the water.

We didn't talk much after that except to dress and say see you at work tomorrow.  When I walked into work the next day he was already there.  He smiled and said to me he'd like to work out more at the house.  “Would that be possible?”  I told him “Yeah.  I enjoyed the workouts.”  He looked at me and said “I mean a work out like yesterday.”  I said “I wasn't sure about that.”  He looked disappointed.  I said “Look.  You don't know what will happen.  Yesterday was fucking great.  I don't want you to get your hopes up.”  He just looked at me and told me it was too late for that.  He had feelings for me for a while but was denying them till yesterday.  Then he asked me if he was wrong about how I felt and I told him no.  He smiled.  “Then it's agreed.  We work out.  And if things work out we go from there.  Ok?”  I looked at him and said “Ok.  Right now if you’re more comfortable with it we'll consider ourselves fuck buddies. Somehow I don't think that's going to last too long.”  I already had strong feelings for him and I’m sure he does for me.  We shall see.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weight Lifters - Part 1

Weight Lifters

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2

I was tired of being one of those guys that got sand kicked on them at the beach.  I joined a gym through work for a good price.  I started going but had no idea what I was doing and saw no improvement.  I was talking about it in the lunch room one day and one of the guys said he'd meet me and show me a few things.

That afternoon we met at the gym.  In the locker room I was changing into shorts and a loose tank top.  I turned around and there was my friend from work naked as a jaybird and hung like a horse.  He was stuffing his cock into a jock and then put on shorts and a half tank. 

We went out on the floor and did a little warm up and then he put me through a work out.  By the time I was done I was soaked in sweat but felt like I had finally accomplished something.  Heading back into the locker room I asked him how he knew how to work out like that and found out he used to be a personal trainer.  He certainly had the body for it.  He stripped down and headed for the showers.  I did the same but had to keep my back to him to hide the hard on I was getting from looking at him.

The next day at work he came into my office and asked me if I would like to work out on a regular basis.  I told him yeah.  We met every other day for weeks. I was seeing some improvement.  Suddenly he didn't want to work out any more.  I confronted him and found out there was someone, he wouldn't say who back at the gym he didn't want to see.  He offered to have me work out in his private gym at home.  I didn't like working out alone so I said sure.

That afternoon I followed him home and found he had a really nicely equipped gym at his house.  His entire garage was equipment and if you went down the stairs from the garage to the basement there was a massage table, small personal sauna, steam room, and whirlpool.  He was set up for everything.

We did a quick work out that day and then I went home.  The following day he said time to knuckle down.  We went to his house after work and he put me through a grueling work out.  I was sweating and sore as hell when we were done.  We went downstairs and he stripped and went in the steam room.  He called from the door to come in it would help the muscles.  I walked in and he laughed at me.  “Take your clothes off fool.”  Sheepishly I took them off and threw them out the door.  When I turned around he was stroking his cock.  I sat down and he started to talk like nothing was going on. 

Come to find out the reason he didn't want to go to the gym anymore and had actually quit being a personal trainer there was because his ex-lover worked there as well.  He admitted to me he was gay and was surprised that I had no idea he was.  After a bit he stood up and said to follow him.  We went out into the room and he told me to lay face down on the massage table. 

He started at my shoulders and gave me one of the most fantastic back rubs I have ever had.  Every once in a while he would gently brush over my naked ass.  He told me to roll over and when I did he saw I had a raging hard on.  He looked at me and asked if there was something wrong.  I figured if he could tell the truth so could I.  I told him I was gay and he was making me horny.

He laughed and bent down and took my cock in his mouth.  As he blew me his hand slid down between my legs and into my ass crack and into my hole.  I moaned and he looked up at me and smiled.  He increased his pace on my cock with his mouth and started to finger my ass to match his pace on my cock.  I told him he better stop or I was going to cum and he started to suck harder.  I shot my load and he didn't lose a drop.

Friday, July 20, 2012

"WESTWARD HO" - Part 5



Part 5 of 5

Having just experienced my very first full-fledged gay cock-sucking experience, I could have lingered in bed all day.  After ten minutes, the reality of the situation dawned on me.  This was a working ranch and I had real responsibilities on the Summers when I stayed here.

Since I had volunteered to give Russ the cowboy/ranch experience, I had to get up and dress.  He met me outside, as I was gathering eggs and feeding the chickens.  Russ helped me 'muck-out' some of the horse stalls in the barn.   We saddled two of the stallions, and I gave him a horseback tour of the property.

We met up with my Dad and Dr.Jim Wade  at the "Chuck-Wagon" for lunch.  I just couldn't help smiling all day, which wasn't lost on my Dad. He has always been very perceptive.   He pulled me aside and very cryptically said, "It appears that all of your problems from earlier this Summer may have been resolved.  Mine are being satisfied this week too with Jim.  I think we are both having a good week!"

He was right!  That night in my bed it got more intense.  My cock was rock hard as I laid on my side.  Russ positioned himself so that my chest was to his back.  I pressed my hard dick against his crack.  I held him and slowly rubbed myself against him.  After several minutes he said, "Just put it in.  RIDE ME!"

Without the benefit of any kind of lubrication, I buried my cock deep in his butt!  This was another "first" for me.  Russ guided me through multiple positions while my hard dick was poking his ass.  I finally shot off deep up inside of him.  I didn't pull out until my cock was completely soft.  We fell asleep in each other's arms.

For me, the rest of the week was a fun-filled sexual romp!  Russ and I did "IT" everywhere!!!  We jerked together in the hayloft, fucked in the middle of a field, sucked each other next to a stream, and even had sex in the back of my Dad's truck!

Each night, he joined me in my bed.   He would lull me to sleep by sucking me off.  I would wake him in the morning by waking up his big dick with my mouth and tongue.  On his final night at the ranch, I allowed him to break-in my virgin  ass.

I probably woke the entire house, the bunkhouse, stables and cows in the field, with my loud moans as he rimmed me!  Finally, I demanded that he plant his hard cock up my anxious butt.  Once, I worked past the initial pain of being penetrated, I was ecstatic!

Cock sucking was a lot of fun, but fucking was even better!  With a lot more experience than me, Russ pressed all of the right buttons with his rhythmic thrusts.  The absolute pleasure I experienced was totally delirious!  My cock felt harder than I had ever felt before.  Without even touching myself, I shot off a giant load that flew past my head and landed on the headboard of my bed!  Russ reached his own orgasm deep in my bowels!

In the morning, he and his uncle had to depart to catch their flight home.  Left alone again, I was reminded of the song:  "Even Cowboys Get The Blues!"   I'm sure that everyone will always remember their first GAY experience.  I knew that I would never forget mine!

To this very day, I remember his smile, his smell, his taste, his cute bubble butt, his scruffy body hair and the thrill of making love to another man for the very first time!