Thursday, July 28, 2011

ON VACATION from July 28 through Aug 2

ON VACATION from July 28 through Aug 2

I will be on vacation from Thursday July 28 through Tuesday Aug 2. 

Posting will start back up on Wednesday Aug 3.

Hoping to find a bunch of ideas for stories submitted by you the reader.

Don’t be shy.  Just drop me a comment, or an email.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lawn Service

Lawn Service

Story Idea from roving reporter, Hal

I heard the motors running and looked out my window.  It was my lawn service cutting my grass.  I loved this company.  They hired only the best looking guys. Today’s crew was awesome. 

The two guys mowing the lawn in the front yard had well defined muscles.  I could see they underwear pulled out over the top of their shorts.  Sweat was running down their bodies and being absorbed by their underwear. I would have loved to see them standing in their underwear, wet with sweat, and they underwear clinging to their cock and balls. 

I looked in the backyard and saw the guy edging the lawn.  He had on no underwear, and his shorts hung down showing his ass crack.

They were wrapping up cutting the front yard and I heard them load up the equipment and drive down the street to their next customer.  The guy edging the lawn was still trimming around the house and walkways. 

I stepped outside in my shorts.  I said, “Hot day.”  He smiled and replied ‘Yes.”  I saw his eyes look at me shorts.  I put on a pair that were real short and my balls were hanging out.  It was just enough to get his attention.  And it worked.

He kept trimming but glanced at my balls.  This was turning me on and my cock got larger and was poking out the bottom of my shorts.  I bent down to grab a hose and my cock and balls fell out. I rearranged myself and said, “Sorry.”

He smiled and said, “Looks good to me, so leave them out.”  I turned the hose on to me and let my cock and balls hang out. I was so excited.  My cock grew and was hard.  He removed his shorts and stood there naked.  “Spray me, please.”  He said, as his cock stood straight out.

I decided to join him and removed my shorts.  We stood just inches apart.  It was refreshing.  He wasted no time grabbing my cock and playing with my balls.  He quickly knelt down and started to lick my cock.  I aimed the hose upward and let the spray of cool water fall down on us.  As he sucked me deep in his mouth, I turned off the hose and placed my hands on his head. 

I felt so turned on being outside and getting sucked by this hot guy. He quickly increased his sucking and I felt so close to cumming.  I tightened my grip on his head as I got closer.  He sensed that and clamped down his lips on my cock.  I came and every drop was swallowed by him. 

He heard a honking and quickly put on his shorts and said he had to go to his next customer.  I told him next time it was his time to get sucked.  He waved as he left and said, “I am looking forward to it.”

I love my lawn service.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On the town with Skin Tight Jeans

On the town with Skin Tight Jeans

It was my night off.  So it was time to hit downtown and flaunt my stuff.  My I pulled on my skintight jeans.  I tucked my cock off to the side.  No underwear tonight, I let my skintight jeans hold my cock in place.  I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw.

I drove downtown.  I decided to walk down near the canal first before hitting the bar.  The canal was well known as a great place to cruise.  As I walked, I sized up the guys that were there.  As I turned the corner, I spotted a guy in the water.  He stared at me.  He held his shorts in his hands.   

I smiled at him and rubbed my cock along the length of the shaft.  My cock looked big and inviting.  His eyes were glued to my skin tight jeans.  He turned around and climbed out of the canal and headed into the woods.  He was naked.  His ass was pure white.  He might have worn Speedo when he laid in he sun.   His ass swayed as he climbed out.  Before entering the bushes, he turned and I saw his cock was hard and sticking straight up.  He disappeared into the bushes.

I walked quickly and looked for the opening.  Finally I found it.  I pushed through the branches and found the spot.  He had a towel laying on the ground and he stood on it.  I walked up and gently grabbed his cock.  His hand rubbed against my jeans, along the lines of my cock.  He rubbed back and forth and my cock grew in size. 

He unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans.  He tried tugging on them but they fit snug.  There was a trick to removing skin tight jeans. I inhaled and slipped the jeans down below my cock and balls.   His eyes got big and wide as he saw the size of my cock. 

He dropped to his knees and quickly engulfed my cock and took it all the way in his mouth.  He choked but was insistent in handling it.  Tears formed in his eyes, but he continued to try to suck my cock.   

He was naked and wet from the water.  He pulled me down to the towel and removed my jeans.  He turned around to a 69 position.  He wanted me to suck his cock. I took his cock in my mouth as he started to suck mine.    

He was aggressive.  His hands were all over my body, feeling me, rubbing me, and squeezing me.  His mouth adjusted to my cock size and he was taking it deep in his mouth.  He rolled on top of me and sucked away.  His cock broke free from my mouth and he lowered his body and let his cock and balls rubbed against my face.

I felt his hot cum hit my chest.  He was cumming by just rubbing on my face.  It was a cool feeling and it turned me on.  I told him I was getting ready to cum. He clamped down on his lips and was ready for my load.  I screamed, “I’m cumming.”

He handled my load and swallowed it all.  When I was done cumming, he made sure he got every last drop.  We were all sweaty from the sex. I needed to wash the cum off of me.  He said, “Follow me.”  We got into the canal and rinse off.    

We got back out and he put on a pair of skimpy shorts.  I got back into my skintight jeans.  I told his thanks and we went our separate ways.  I walked back to my car.  My cock found it familiar and comfortable place in my skin tight jeans. I continued downtown and flaunted my stuff.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Humpback Mountain - Epilog

Humpback Mountain


I love early mornings on Humpback Mountain.  Ricky was sleeping in today.  He laid with the covers exposing his round ass.  I moved the covers back over his body.  I got up and made me a cup of coffee.  I drank it out on the deck.  The day was shaping up to be a beautiful one.  The sky was blue and not a cloud could be seen.      

I returned to the bed and slipped next to Ricky.  He briefly woke up and looked around, then wrapped his arms around my chest.  I whispered, “Sorry, go back to sleep.”  He snuggled closer.  I felt his heart beat.  It was a sound that I loved to listen to.         

 I laid there and thought about the past few years, and all the great time we had on Humpback Mountain.  As far as I can remember, we were a threesome who got along and never fought.  Now it was only us two.

I remember trying to talk Joey out of going into the military but after he made his final decision, I was proud of him.  I reached over to my nightstand and open the drawer and removed his last letter. 

He was so close to coming home.  In his letter he wrote that he missed me, Ricky, and of course, the mountain.  I told him the place was up for sale, so we might need to find a different place.  He said when he returned, he never wanted to leave the mountain.  That is when I decided to buy the cabin. 

His last letter was not as cheerful and upbeat as all his previous letters.  He said if anything happened to him, he wanted to be cremated and have his ashes released at the vista.   

My reply to his last letter, told him he would be home real soon and just be careful.  A sniper had other plans for Joey.

The funeral was hard to attend.  His parents knew of Joey’s wishes and turned the ashes over to me to be released at the vista.

I folded the letter back up and returned it back to the nightstand drawer.  My movement briefly woke up Ricky.  I turned towards him and held him close and whisper, “Go back to sleep.”

I held him and never wanted to let go.  We were a twosome now.      

Dog Park Romance

Dog Park Romance

Story Idea by Roving Reporter, MB

I let my dog loose in the dog park.  She immediately ran off to play with the other dogs.  I sat on a bench and watched the guys who brought their dogs.  I know you can find the sex in the strangest locations, so I started to size up the guys. They were all shapes, ages, and sizes. 

I heard yelling and decide to investigate.  As I turned the corner of a row of bushes, this other dog was fucking my dog.  His owner was trying to stop him, but there was no stopping the dog, who continued his love making doggie style.

I started to laugh.  “That isn’t funny.  The owner of the female dog is going to be mad.”  He said as he looked around to see if he could find the owner.

”I am the owner, my name John.  Don’t worry, she fixed.  We might as well sit and relax and let them finish.  Come on, sit.  What is your name?”   

He sat down and said, “My name is Bill.”  We sat under a tree and watched and waited.  The dogs finally finished and turned towards us and watched us.  

“Look at them, I think they want to watch us do it.”  I got on all fours and started sniffing.  I climbed on Bill’s leg and started humping.  Bill pushed me away.  “Not here.”

I sat down on the ground and asked, “Where then, my place?”  

Bill thought about it and replied, “Why not, I have not done it doggie style in a long while.”

Bill followed me home.  We let the dogs go free inside the house.  We headed straight for the bedroom.  Bill wasn’t shy about undressing and he stood on he floor on all fours with his ass in the air.  “Come and get it.”  He wiggled his ass.

I pulled off my clothes and got down on my hands and knees.  We sniffed each other butts and I even said ‘woof’.  But Bill was ready for action.  After sniffing my butt, I felt his tongue rimmed my asshole.  I held still as his tongue swirled around and darted in and out of my ass.  I lowered my head between my arms and rest it on the floor.

I held my breath as Bill inserted his cock into my tight hole.  His cockhead was in me and he slowly inserted the rest of his cock.  I let out a low scream.  His cock was all the way inside of me.  His hands held my hips and he went into a rhythmic thrust.

His thrust turned into a harder pounding.  He was so close to cumming.  He did not want to slow down or stop.  His one mission was to cum, and cum he did.  One by one he shot his load and his thrusts slowed down until he was finished.  Bill laid on top of me.  His arms held me tight.

After a while, we climbed into the bed and made love face to face.  After we were done, we laid there and heard a sound coming from the other room. Our dogs were going at it again.

Bill said, “If it is good enough for them, then it is good enough for us.”  We headed back to the bed.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Humpback Mountain - Final Chapter - Part 2

Humpback Mountain

Final Chapter

Part 2 of 2        

We packed our gear and headed out to the vista.  The weather was beautiful, sunny skies, a few clouds, and a cooling breeze.  We were quiet as we hiked, stopping at the quarry.  Joey would have been the first one in the water.  I asked Ricky if he wanted to take a dip.  His reply was “No, maybe on he way back.  Let’s get to the vista.”

We continued on our journey to the vista.  It was close to sunset and we needed to get things setup.  We quickly had the tents up and a campfire going.  I grabbed the backpack and reached out to Ricky and said, “Come on.  It is time.”      

We held hands as we walked to the vista.  It was beautiful sunset.  I removed the canister and said a silent prayer.  “Joey would have wanted us to scream for old time sake.”

A nice breeze was blowing.  Ricky let out a scream and I joined in.  I released the ashes of Joey.  They seem to linger in the air before flying off in every direction.  

We returned to the campsite and had dinner.  We sat and held each other until bedtime.  We feel asleep in each other arms under the stars. 

The next morning we headed back.  We took a dip at the quarry and laid in the sun to dry off.  Then off we went to the cabin.  Ricky would be leaving early tomorrow morning.  I would be moving in.  I grabbed him by the arm and held him close.  “You don’t have to leave, you can move in.”  I pleaded.  “What about my job?”

I unbuttoned his shirt and slowly removed it.  I ran my hands all over his chest.  “You said you hated your job.  You could work nearby.”  I unbuckled his shorts.  They fell to his feet.  He had on no underwear.  His cock stood straight up.  I started massaging his cock and balls with both hands. 

I lifted him and carried him to the bedroom.  Before laying him on the bed, we kissed.  Our tongues met and we were one.  I lowered him to the bed and quickly undressed.

I climbed in over Ricky and gave him a kiss before lifting his legs.  I looked into his eyes and said “Please?”  I held my cock and found his asshole and entered him.  I slowly rocked back and forth.  I felt Ricky shiver as I started to slowly increase the speed of my thrusts. 

His fingers dug into my back, as his shivers intensified with each thrust.  I was ready to cum but Ricky was enjoying our hump too much.  I slowed down and kissed him a few times before finishing up and cumming.  Ricky let out a loud moan, as I came.  I laid next to him and nibbled on his ear.  I whispered “Please?”  Ricky turned towards me and whispered, “You know my answer and it is…….”

After dinner we decided to make a toast, “Here to the new residences of Humpback Mountain.”eH

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Humpback Mountain - Final Chapter - Part 1

Humpback Mountain

Final Chapter

Part 1 of 2

I arrived at the cabin first, like I always did.  I started to unload the car.  I spotted the ‘For Sale’ sign.  I removed it and leaned it against the cabin.  As I finished unloading the car, Ricky drove up.  He hopped out of the car and asked, “Need any help?”

“Nope, all done.  How do you always miss all the work?” I said as he embraced me and planted a kiss on my eager lips.  His lips lingered on mine, then he pulled back and said, “I missed you.”  He looked around and spotted the ‘For Sale’ sign.  “Cabin still for sale?”, he asked.

“Not anymore, I bought it.”  I said with a smile on my face.  “As a writer I can work out of the cabin or anywhere.”  Ricky looked pleased with my decision.

“Right about now, Joey would be making his entrance.” Ricky said.  “Not this time.  It is just you and I.” 

We walked towards the cabin with Ricky holding my hand.  As soon as we were inside the cabin, Ricky turned and looked into my eyes.  His hands were holding me tightly, like he was afraid I would turn away.  I undressed him as we kissed.  He stood there naked, his rock hard cock begging for attention.  Ricky watched me undress and walk towards him.  Love would be special tonight.  One on one.  Our cock touched first and pushed against each other.

We kissed and embraced as we walked towards the bedroom and fell into the bed.  Our bodies intertwined.  Like the first time we humped so many years ago down at the pond, Ricky was the top and I was the bottom.

Over the years he became more of a lover and less of a sex charged guy who needed to shoot his load.  My legs rose into the air, in anticipation for what was to come.  Knowing I was ready, he slipped his cock into my ready hole.  He held me and started humping.  His hands reached out to my face and pulled it gently towards his face.  His tongue darted out and entered my mouth. 

It felt like we were doing it for hours.  Ricky increased his speed of his thrust.  His muscles tensed and I knew he was ready to cum.  But he was a considerate lover; he grabbed my cock and stroked it.  He wanted me to cum with him.  I took over jacking my cock and he finished thrusting until we both came in unison.

We lay in bed afterwards and just held each other until the sunlight woke us up the next day.  Ricky woke with a morning woodie.  He wanted more sex but we had a busy day ahead of us.  Ricky could not wait and begged for something even a hand job.

I decided a blow job would be better.  As I went down on his cock, Ricky said “Yes.”  Ricky’s cock was a delight to suck.  It was thick and cut with the nicest mushroom head on it. I swirled my tongue around the ridge of his cockhead. He moaned in delight.  I started bobbing my head up and down.  His hand rested on my head.  I took his cock deep into my mouth and then back up.  I grabbed his ball sack and tugged until he moaned louder.  His cock thickened and I knew from past experiences that he was ready. I braced myself.  His loads were large.  His first shot surprised me and I quickly swallowed.  Then it followed with another and another.  Once he was done, I removed his cock and licked any remaining drops of cum.  I wiped my mouth with my hand and licked it clean. 

I asked, “Are you ready for the hike to the vista?” 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Tense Muscles

Tense Muscles

Idea by roving reporter, Tom

I was all tensed up before the competition. It was hurting my performance.  I needed relief.  To make matters worse, my girlfriend was out of town visiting relatives.  I looked around the gym for the student coach.  He had helped me before.  I needed relief, and I needed it now. 

The student coach saw the look on my face and motion for me to go to his office.  He told me to hop on the table.  I said, “I need your help, like before.  You know?”
The student coach smiled.  He knew I needed a massage session, but the main muscle that needed the message was my cock.  He lifted the ends of my shorts and pulled out my cock and balls. I needed another person’s touch and this was exactly what I needed.  My cock took no time getting erect and hard.  He pulled on my cock a few times. I leaned back and rested on my elbows.   

He told me to lay on my back.  I was a little nervous with the student coach jacking me but I knew it was necessary.  He had done this before, so I was in good hands.  Hestroked me a few mores times.  I came close to cumming but lost it.  He told me to relax.  The student coach applied massage oil all over my cock. He started to jack me off. His strokes were slow and steady. The message oil had a tingling sensation.  My cock immediately got hard.  

He pulled up my shirt and put a towel across my chest to protect my shirt.  He then started to jack me off faster.  It felt good.  He had a good grip and stroke.  He did a twisting motion around my cockhead and it sent shivers up and down my body.  I closed my eyes and let him go to work.  From deep down inside of me, I felt it building.  It grew.  I knew the feeling.  I was close to cumming.  I started to jerk as I shot a wad of cum. It landed on the towel.  The remaining load went lower and landed on my stomach. 

The student coach milked the last drops and then used the towel to clean up my load.  He placed my cock back in my shorts and lowered my shirt.  I felt better.  He said I was ready to go.   I said “Thanks.” 

He replied, “Anytime.  Anytime.”

I hopped off the table and headed out.          

Thursday, July 21, 2011



Reader submitted story by B-Man

I work in New York and I take the Subway all the time.  I used to hate riding in the crowded cards but not any more since I learned the secret to riding the Subway.

In the morning rush hour the Subway is pretty packed. Where I got on, there was never any question of getting a seat, I was just grateful if I could find somewhere to stand where I could also breathe!

Between the stations the passengers can be pushed to and fro by the jolting of the Subway train. In my innocence, if I found that the jolting of the train pushed me against another passenger, I always did what I could to move away, especially if I found my hand on an inappropriate part of someone's body or my private parts against someone's hand or leg. I didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea.

Until, one day, I found that not everyone considered it the wrong idea :-) There had been a breakdown in the service, so the train I was on was making slow progress and was stopping a lot between stations. We were jammed into the carriage like sardines. My hand was stuck against the crotch of a young guy around my own age, or perhaps a few years younger. There was no way I could move it away: it was stuck there through the pressure of the crowd. I was a bit embarrassed, and I did my best to keep a millimeter or two between my hand and his crotch, although obviously my efforts were regularly thwarted by the movement of the train.

After a while I realized that the back of my hand was pressed against something very firm. Either he had an unusually solid zip on his trousers or he had an erection inside them. Also, I noticed that if I used the movement of the train to move my hand away - by the couple of millimeters that that was possible - he followed the movement of the train to stay with my hand. I was new to this and rather nervous, but I gingerly started to move the back of my hand a little against his hard cock. As I pressed my hand against his cock, he pressed his cock against my hand - in the opposite direction therefore, so we could not both be following the movement of the train!

And anyway, a lot of the time the train was stationary. After a while I turned my hand around, and gently closed my fingers around his cock (through his trousers, of course). I had never done this before, so I was very nervous. I gripped his cock very, very gently, so that I could react as if the movement of the train or the pressure of the crowd had forced me into the position if he should pull away. But, far from pulling away, he pressed his cock firmly against my fingers, giving me the courage to tighten my grip and to start some movement. Suffice to say that we made the most of the difficult circumstances of the crowded train and passed our time very pleasantly until we reached his station and I was left to relive the experience in my mind as I waited for the train to reach my own station.

After that, I always looked forward to my morning commute! And those crowded trains that I used to hate were the ones I hoped for. The more crowded the better! Usually, when the service was running properly, I was only on the train for 5-10 minutes, but it is surprising what goes on in a crowded Subway train! I learnt to check out the standing passengers as the doors opened for me to get on. I only had a second to decide where to position myself in the train, and I would try to stand so that either my cock could "accidentally" brush against a guy's hand with the movement of the train or so that my hand could "accidentally" press against a guy's cock or, sometimes, a guy's ass.

Obviously, you have to be very careful. You don't want to start fondling the genitals of a guy who is going to react badly! Pressing your cock against a guy's hand can be safer than the reverse, because you just make it happen with the movement of the train and, if the guy is not interested, he immediately moves his hand away. But if your hand presses against a guy's cock, it may not be so easy for him to move away. There is often a period when you are not quite sure whether you are on to a good thing or not. Your hand touches a guy's cock very lightly and instantly moves away again. You repeat the movement, holding your hand in position just a fraction of a second longer, always making it seem due to the movement of the train. Men who are not interested will normally back off quickly.

Even in a crowded train, there is usually just enough leeway for them to keep themselves to themselves. Nevertheless, there are often quite a few light touches before you feel reasonably secure in taking things a step further.

Over time some of the interested guys get to know each other. I remember one guy, youngish, perhaps late 20s, who was already on the train when I got on and who had a newspaper over his arm. I thought nothing of it. There was nowhere else to stand, except face to face with this guy. Then, as the train moved off, I realized that the newspaper was just a way of hiding what his hand was doing! I don't know if he had seen me on the Subway before, but he instantly had his hand against my crotch, hidden by his newspaper. This was great, because no one could see what was happening. Obviously, I pressed my crotch against his hand immediately and, although we were only together for a few minutes, it certainly improved my journey. We exchanged a smile as I left the train.

A few days later, the same guy was on the train as it pulled into my station. This time the train was way too crowded for him to use the newspaper trick. It was so crowded that no one was getting on. They were all waiting for another train, hoping that it would be less crowded. But my guy was right against the door, facing me, so I forced myself onto the train, to the consternation of some of the passengers who clearly thought the train was already more than sufficiently crowded!

It meant that I was squashed between the guy and the doors when the train moved off. We were face to face. We had both recognized each other instantly, and we wasted no time in taking advantage of the situation. He even undid my zip and put his hand inside my trousers. The fact of doing it in front of hundreds of passengers adds to the excitement. The more crowded the train, the more you can do without anyone noticing.  He dug his hand pass my trousers and found my boxers.  He moved his hand pass my boxers’ opening and grabbed my cock.  He massaged my rock hard cock.   

This time, I stayed on the train past my stop. The crowd eventually thinned out and we had to stop our activities. He removed his hand and zipped up my trousers.  We started to chat. He suggested that we should get off at a mainline station where he thought we could finish things off in the toilets. We found an empty cubicle.  Since we were both on the way to work, we knew we had to be quick and not make a mess.  Once behind the locked door, we attacked each other.  Our kissing was passionate.  We unzipped our trousers and pulled out our cocks.  We jacked each other off.  As we got closer to cumming, we stood facing the side wall of the cubicle.  We shot our loads and watch it land and drip down the cubicle wall.  We smiled as we brought our entertainment to a satisfactory conclusion, and fairly quickly.

So that is the secret to a successful ride on the Subway.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day at the Park

Busy Day at the Park

Idea for story submitted by roving reporter, Dave

I took my dog for a walk through the park.  I was looking forward to a nice peaceful stroll through the park with my dog.  She spotted a squirrel and ran after it.  I cussed under my breath, “Damn dog.”   I thought I found the trail that she took into the wooded area.   I searched and found myself in a thick thicket of bushes.   

I needed to sneak up on my dog, otherwise she would run off.  I tried to move quietly through the bushes.  I heard a noise and stood still. I took a step and saw that there some one up ahead.  There was a clearing coming up.  I took another step.  I pushed the bushes apart and saw a guy standing there, playing with his cock. He had pulled it out the fly of his pants and was jiggling it. 

I stood there and watched his every move. I wished I was out there playing with his cock, but I stayed hidden among the bushes.  The excitement of watching him without him knowing was making me hard.  I pulled my cock out and jiggled it.  I was so hot and horny.  I came almost immediately.  I continue to watch.  I moved to get a better position and stepped on a twig.     

“Who is there.” He yelled.  “I know you are out there.”  He stepped in my direction and pushed the bushes apart and I was standing there with my dick hanging out.  He grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me in the clearing.

He said, “Spying on me.  You pervert.  I guess I need to teach you a lesson.  Knell down and suck it. ”

I knelt down in front of him.  He pulled down his pants and left his underwear on.  He rubbed his crouch in my face.  I felt his hard cock against my face.  His briefs smelled of piss.  “Pull then down.” He commanded.

I pulled his brief down and his cock sprang up hard as a rock. Before I could say a word, he pushed his hard cock in my face.  He tried to push it into my mouth.  “Suck it’, he commanded.  I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock in.  I gagged.  He pulled his cock out and was irritated.  He said, “Don’t puke.  Just suck it.”  I grabbed his cock to control the amount that went in my mouth.

“Get naked.” He demanded.  I took off my clothes and knelt back down and started to lick the end of his cock.  I put the tip of his cock in my mouth and chewed on the foreskin.  His cock grew and his cockhead stuck out from the foreskin.  I took more of his cock in my mouth until I had it all the way in. He started to pump his cock. 

At one point, he heard another noise and stopped what he was doing. He looked around and then we continued to have sex. He increased his thrust of his cock.  I jiggled my cock, as he grew closer to cumming.  His cum shot out and landed in the back of my throat. I tried to swallow before the next wad hit.  My mouth filled with cum.  I leaned back and swallowed.  His cock fell out of my mouth.  He grabbed it and milked the last drops and let them land on my face.

I finished jiggling my cock and shot my load. He watched me cum.  He grabbed my shirt and wiped himself clean, and threw it back at me.  He dressed and left into the bushes.

I used the shirt to clean me up.  I pulled up my briefs and put on my pants.  I found my way back out into the park.  My dog was waiting for me.   We sat under a tree in he shade and took a rest.  It had been a busy day so far forboth of us.      

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Humpback Mountain - Part 3

Humpback Mountain

Story idea by roving reporter, Hal

Part 3 of 3

Morning came quickly up on the mountain. Ricky and I were up first. We decided to go pick berries. I had my container filled and decided to head back to camp. Ricky wanted to get some berries that were farther down the road.

I walked back to camp. I notice that Joey was up and sitting in front of his tent. His hard cock was in his hand and he was stroking it. He saw me but continued to stroke his cock. He said, "Ready for a good hump?" I smiled and said, "Hell yes."

He got up and went inside his tent. I quickly pulled off my shoes and shorts and I climbed in behind Joey.

Joey was laying on his back, his cock standing straight up. "Sit on it", he commanded.

I was turned on by his forcefulness. I would have done anything he wanted. His cock was hard and as thick and big as last night. I straddled over Joey’s body and slowly sat on his cock. After being fucked by Ricky, I thought my ass hole was stretched and ready for Joey’s cock. I had trouble getting his cock to enter me. I wanted to lie on my back. I leaned in and swung him around and then lifted my legs in the air.

As I spread my ass cheeks, he pushed his cock a couple of time before he popped pass my opening and his cockhead entered my asshole. I lost my breath, as I adjusted to having his cock inside of me. We started to fuck. As he slid back and forth he grabbed my cock and massaged it. His humping went faster.

He was jacking me off. I loved the feel of his hand on my cock as I felt his cock deep inside of me. He twisted his hand on my cock as he pulled up and back down. I could not hold it any longer and shot my first wad of cum, landing on my chest. It was the most intense load I ever shot. I continued to shoot as he stroked my cock to the final drop of cum. His humping continued. He pulled out right as he started to cum and he unloaded all over my chest.

We crawled out of the tent and found Ricky standing there naked with a hard cock staring at us. He smiled and said, "What does a guy need to do to get humped?" I wanted to return the hump since Ricky did it to me down at the pond.

Ricky got down on all fours and said, "Go to it guys." I moved behind Ricky and rubbed my cock up and down his ass. I slapped it against his ass cheeks. He yelled, "Stick it in. I want it."

I plunged my cock into his tight asshole. He took it like a pro. Joey approached Ricky and stuck his cock near his mouth.

Ricky timed it with my thrusts and took Joey’s cock and started sucking. I held on to Ricky ass as I pounded away. I smiled at Joey. It was a trill seeing Joey’s cock getting sucked.

Joey was the first to cum. Ricky did not let a drop of cum leave his mouth. He swallowed every last drop. Watching Joey cum in Ricky’s mouth pushed me pass the brink and I came inside of Ricky’s ass.

We fell into a heap on the campground floor. We grabbed a towel and cleaned up. We then sat outside the tents eating the berries we picked. After breakfast we started back down the mountain. We arrived at the cabin by afternoon.

We left the next morning. Each going our different way but pledging to come back to Humpback Mountain, for swimming, fishing, hiking and HUMPING.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Humpback Mountain - Part 2

Humpback Mountain

Story idea by roving reporter, Hal

Part 2 of 3

Joey saw that something was happening between Ricky and I. He saw me reposition my hard cock. Joey said, "I better go in before I burn. I am going to take a nap before lunch." That left Ricky and I alone. I spread my legs and Ricky pushed his finger into my hole. He finger fucked me and I loved every poke of his finger. I wanted more. I decided to take Ricky down to the pond for a little more privacy.

I got up and grabbed Ricky’s hand and led him down to the pond. We had a little more privacy there. Ricky did not take any coaching. He had thought about this moment, and he was ready. He stripped down and we both stood there naked. I had my back to him and was facing the pond. Ricky started to rub his cock against my ass crack. I was enjoying it. I bent over and Ricky positioned his cock at the entrance to my ass.

At first I was too uptight and his cock was met with resistance. I took a couple deep breaths and told Ricky to try again. Ricky placed the tip of his cock at the opening of my ass. He pushed a couple of times, then he got pass my opening and now his cockhead was in me. I told him, "Go slowly." I braced myself.

Ricky started to insert his cock as deep as he could go. I said, "Deeper." Once he was in all the way, he started to pump back and forth. It felt great, I yelled, "More." He hump my ass. It felt great and I wanted it to last all afternoon, but it was close to ending. I could tell by the sounds coming out of Ricky’s mouth, that he was close to cumming.

He kept humping me until he cried out, "I am going to cum." He pulled his cock out and jacked off. I looked down between my legs and watch his cum shoot out and land on the floor. I grabbed hold of my cock and stroked it until I was ready to cum. I yelled out, "I’m cumming." I aimed at the ground and my cum landed on top of Ricky’s cum. It was an awesome sight, seeing our cum mix together as one.

Ricky grabbed me from behind. "That was a good hump." I turned around and said, "Yes, at Humpback Mountain." We laughed and decided that was the name we would call this place forever.

We had worked up a sweat, so we took a dip in the pond and rinsed off. We headed back to the cabin, Ricky put his arm around my shoulder and said, "Time for lunch. "

As we walked back, I spotted Joey standing at one of the bedroom windows. He was masturbating. I wondered how much he saw. I nudged Ricky and told him to look at Joey. We looked at each other and yelled, "Humpback Mountain."

That afternoon we started out on our hike. We were going to climb Humpback Mountain to the vista. Campout overnight, and return to the cabin the next day. We were all in a great mood. The climb was easy at first, then got a little rougher. It was a climb we done many times as kids, so we knew where to place our footings for the climb up the mountain.

Half way to the vista we came across the quarry. The water was crystal clear and Joey was the first to strip and jump in. I followed with Ricky right behind me. We swam and splash around. Joey jumped out of the water and landed on me and pulled me down under the water. I saw through the water that his cock was hard. As I surfaced out of the water, I felt his hand on my ass. I turned and he was smiling. He jumped on top of me one more time and as he pushed me under the water, I heard him say, "Later."

After a while we got out of the water and sat and dried off under the hot afternoon sun. We decided we needed to move on, if we wanted to get there before sundown.

We continued our hike and finally reached the top of the ridge that went around the top of the mountain. I searched for the path to the vista. I finally stumbled upon it. It led to the vista. It was getting close to the sun setting, so we quickly assembled our tents and started a campfire.

Joey had a great idea. Let’s see the sunset naked. Ricky was the first one naked. I followed with Joey right behind me. We stood arm in arm and let out a primal scream. It echoed back at us. I looked over at Joey. His cock was hard. He had matured so much since the last time we were at the cabin, where we would skinny dip down by the pond. His cock was thick and his mushroom head was big and round.

I wondered how Humpback Mountain would be with his cock in my ass. He screamed and listened to the echo bouncing back. The sun set and we laughed all the way back to the tents. We dressed in our shorts and ate dinner around the campfire. We were exhausted from the hike, so we turned it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Humpback Mountain - Part 1

Humpback Mountain

Story idea by roving reporter, Hal

Part 1 of 3

Our families took us to the mountains when we were teenagers. It was Ricky, Joey, and I, John. We were normal teenagers and enjoying, hiking, swimming, and camping out, even if the tent was just a few feet from the cabin.

As all three of us went to different colleges, we would schedule ‘our’ weekend away to the cabin. We kept the tradition alive. Even now, since we graduated from college we keep the tradition alive, although we do more than hike, swim, or fish.

We are the second generation for enjoying the mountains that we called ‘Humpback Mountain’.

You might be interested in knowing how the mountain got its name. Well it all started when….

It was near the end of our freshman year in college. I contact Ricky and Joey and asked if they wanted to schedule a weekend in the mountains, just us three. We agreed to meet at the cabin.

I got there first and unloaded the supplies, baggage, and equipment that I had brought. Ricky arrived next. He looked great. College life was suiting him just fine. He had ‘beefed’ and was shaping up to be an awesome football player. I helped him unload his car and we talked and laugh about old times and our current exploits in college.

Ricky and I had a secret bond or you might call it an attraction to each other. We jacked off before but nothing more, although deep down I felt like we wanted to do more.

Joey was right on time. He always arrived last, for his big entrance. He was slender, but with well defined muscles. His smile always lit up the room. We hugged and helped unload the car. In a matter of minutes we were caught up on our life in college and planning our week together.

It was too early for lunch, so we decided to lay out on the back deck and get some sun. We changed into our swim trunks and stood on the deck. The day was beautiful with sunny blue sky, and white fluffy clouds.

I was determined to get all an all around tan. This was going to be no tan lines for me. I took off my swim trunks and laid in the middle between Joey and Ricky. I decided to start my all around tan on by backside, so I laid on my stomach. Joey laid next to me. He pulled down his shorts to expose his ass. Even though we were the only cabin for miles, Joey was concerned that someone might come up and see him naked.

Ricky wanted to stay dressed. We laid there and I was joking with Joey when I felt a hand on my butt. It was Ricky’s hand. He patted my cheek and then gave it a squeeze. My cock stirred and grew hard. His hand rested on my ass cheek. He slowly moved his hand to my ass crack.

Ricky ran his fingers along my ass crack. My cock was now fully hard. I lifted my ass so that I could reposition my cock. I laid back down. Ricky held on to my ass and ran his fingers down my crack until he found my asshole. He fingered my hole. If this was any indication of what would happen this week, then our week in the mountains were off to a great start.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cumming Attraction - Humpback Mountain

I received this idea from roving reporter, Hal

Jay, you might consider hiking or a backpack trip for a story. A setting like Brokeback Mountain with a swimming hole, a tent, campfire, etc would be sexy and hot for most readers. Anyway, your doing a great job. hal

Well, starting Sunday the three part story called Humpback Mountain will be posted. 

When the fishing, swimming and hiking ends, then the fun begins.

Park Urinal - Part 2

Park Urinal

Part 2 of 2

Time flew by with no activity. I was ready to head back to my car when a guy appeared out of the woods. He looked around and spotted me. He stared for the longest time, before he turned and entered the restroom.

I could not resist. I waited a few minutes and then entered. He was knelling on the floor. His pants were down to his ankles.

He was fondling his cock. I was drawn towards him. I stood inches away from him. He reached up and undid my jeans and pulled them down. I was hard already.

He stroked my cock and closely examined it. He pulled my shaft towards him and then pulled back. He ran his fingers through my bush of pubes. He reached for my balls and fondled them. He went back to hold my cock. He then took the cock into his mouth. He slowly sucked it, letting it glide into his mouth as deep as he wanted it to go.

I placed both my hands on his head. He bobbed back and forth, sliding his tongue on the underside of my shaft. He reached down to his cock and started to jack off as he sucked me. I was enjoying it and knew I was close to cumming. He removed my cock from his mouth. He said, "Jack off on my face."

I took my cock in my hand and started to stroke it. He kept kneeling with his eyes close. I gave him a warning that I was close and then let it go and came on his face. It landed on his cheek, his eyebrow and his hair. He looked a mess. He took me to knell and he stood. He said, "Close your eyes."

It was his time, I milked my cock as he started to jack off and shouted, "I’m ready." His load was bigger than mine. It covered my face, dripping down my cheeks. We went over to the sink and washed the cum off of our face. He thanked me and left in a hurry.

I walked to the car. I had enough for one day but I decided to come back again.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Part Urinal - Part 1

Park Urinal

Part 1 of 2

I was at the park and saw a restroom. It was located in a deserted part of the park. I walked in and saw that no one was using it. I noticed it was extremely hot inside. I walked outside to a nearby park bench and sat. The park was slow today. I was ready to head home.

Out of the woods, I saw a guy appear. He walked over to the rest room. He looked around and spotted me. He grabbed between his legs and squeezed. He walked on into the restroom.

My heart started to beat faster. I decided this seemed interesting so I wanted to check him out.

I walked into the restroom. I saw him standing in the corner facing the urinals. There was no partition between them, so I had a good view. I walked over. He lowered his jeans and his brief and stood there holding his cock. It was a beautiful cut cock. It was a nice size and I was in a trance as he slowly pulled the skin forward and then back. I watch in fascination. His cockhead was larger than mine.

I wanted to do the same with my cock. I lowered my jeans and brief. I grabbed my cock and it was hard and erect in just a few seconds.

I noticed he was turning towards me, so I faced him. He was a cute guy with a nice cock. He looked at me up and down and nodded approval. We both started to increase stroking our cocks. I was so hot watching him, but I wanted more. I was unsure about doing anything more in the park.

I asked, "It this safe?" He nodded ‘Yes. But just to be sure, lets…"

He walked over to the door and looked outside. He closed the door and put a large rock against the door. It looked like he used this place before. He stroked his cock as he walked back to where I stood. He said, "It is safe now."

He reached out to touch me. I let loose of my cock. He grabbed it. I felt shivers run through my body. He started to stroke my cock. I reached out and grabbed his cock and started jacking his cock. The ventilation was not the best for the restroom. I started to sweat. I needed to cool down. It was too hot. He motioned for me to follow him over to the sinks. He took off his shirt and soaked it in cold water. He used it to wipe his face. I took mine off my shirt and did the same.

We started to jack off again. After a few stroked, he turned towards the sink and let loose of my cock. He grabbed his cock and jacked off. I did the same. His hand reached for my shoulder to steady himself. His cum flew out of his cock and landed on the sink. I watch his load fly out the tip of his cock. It was an awesome sight.

I now was stroking my cock at a faster pace. When he was done, he watched me jack off till I came. He said, "Nice."

We used our wet shirts to rinse off our hot sweaty bodies. I still wanted more. But he was ready to leave. He moved the rock and checked outside and turned and said, "Thanks." He left and disappeared back into the woods.

I went back to the park bench nearby and sat with my shirt off enjoying the cool breezes against my wet body.

I still wanted more.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Test Drive

Test Drive

Story idea by roving reporter, MB

I turned 21 and was ready to buy my first new car. I saw a sporty model and knew it was the one for me.

The young sales agent caught my eye when I step foot on the lot. He was a go-getter. But he was cute so I did not mind the hard sales. In fact, it turned me on.

I took the car for a spin. He gave me directions to test the car at top speeds on the back roads. I put my foot to the pedal and the car zoomed down the dirt roads. The car started to sputter and finally it slowed to a stop and died.

I told the salesman to call for a tow truck. He did not bring his cell phone. I was starting to get mad. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and checked for bars. There were none.

We got out of the car and looked for a sign of life and there was none. We sat on the hood of the car and I said, "Now what?" My temper was rising. I get horny when I am mad about something. I turned to the salesman and said, "Since we are in such a secluded spot, we might as well fuck."

The salesman said, "Wait a minute this car comes with ONSTAR." The salesman climbed back in the car and pressed the button. When the attendant answered, he told them our predicament. They said someone would be out there but it would take a couple of hours.

I sat on the hood and said, "Now what?" The salesman shrug his shoulders and said, "We can always fuck." I started to undress. The sales man backed away saying, "I was just kidding." I took all my clothes off and walked over to the salesman and started to undress him. He resisted at first. But seeing me naked with a hard cock, got him interested in getting fucked.

I decided I was going to get a piece of ass out of this. He resisted but just enough to make it playful. I did not waste anytime with foreplay. I turned him around and he leaned against the hood of the car. My cock tried to enter his ass. He grimaced with pain. I pushed and felt my cock enter pass his asshole.

Once I was in, he loosed up and my cock slip right into his ass. I started to pound my cock deeper and deeper into his ass. He braced himself with both hands on the hood of the car. I held him with one arm as I reached around and grabbed his hard cock. He came quickly. His cum landed on the hood of the car.

I held on to him and rammed my cock into his ass until I was ready to cum. I pulled out and shot my load on the hood of the car.

Exhausted we sat under a nearby tree and rested. Just as we got dressed, the tow truck arrived. As he hooked up the car, he looked at the hood of the car. He looked up in the air. I said, "Flock of birds flew by." He nodded his head and said, "Nasty stuff. Better get it cleaned up."

Well, I did not buy a car that day, but I stop in for a test drive with the cute salesman every so often.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Trip - Part 4

The Trip

Idea by new roving reporter, Ben.

Part 4 of 4

I said, "I forgot to get your name." He did not say anything. He grabbed my arm and pulled me in. I closed the door as we embraced. His mouth touched mine and we kissed. His tongue probed deep passed my lips and found my tongue. He held my arms pinning them outstretched against the wall.

His mouth moved down to my neck and kissed and licked me. I tried to break free but could not. I felt him let up on holding me and I flipped him around. He was now against the wall, holding his arms outstretched.

I took a long passionate kiss, letting my tongue travel deep into his mouth. I step back to take a look at this man. His jeans barely hung around his waist. His pubes were exposed and his cock stuck straight up, hard and erect. I dropped down to my knees and quickly undid his jeans and let them fall to his ankles. His large cut cock stood straight up. I pulled it towards my face and took it deep into my mouth. I gagged, hesitating, then continued to take his cock deeper. As I sucked, he stepped out of his jeans.

He turned and dragged me to the bedroom. His hands help me by my armpits. I continued sucking his cock as I was pulled into the bedroom.

He fell into bed, pulling me on top of him. I was half on the bed and half on the floor. He lifted me off the floor and off the bed and spun me around. He held me in the arm, my cock dangling in front of his face. He lowered me and took my cock and sucked. He was able to lifted me and then lower me, again and again.

He lay flat as my cock went in and out of his mouth.

His animalistic strength was turning me on. I was getting closer to cumming. I let loose of his cock, as I got closer and closer to cumming. My body shook. I let out a moan, then it became a scream. I could not control myself. With every shot of cum, I screamed. As the last drops of cum were licked off the tip of my cock, I gave a final low scream, that turned into a moan.

His cock waited for me. As I came, my hands were tightly gripping his cock. Now it was my time to suck. I grabbed his balls with one hand and pulled. He was breathing deeply. I reached under his balls and found his ass and finger his asshole. As he got closer to cumming, I shoved my finger into his ass. He squirmed.

I was not ready for his load of cum. It blasted into my mouth and it was thick and creamy. Filling my mouth, his cum dropped onto his cock and down his shaft to his pubes. I swallowed what I could.

He spun me around and held me in his arms. He said, "Brent."

I answered, "What?"

He said, "My name is Brent."