Friday, August 31, 2012

What Would You Do? - Part 2



I wasn't tempted for a single minute to 'get with' Chad, but that didn't stop him.   Behind Eric's back, he continued to flirt and expose himself to me.  It was totally inappropriate and made me extremely uncomfortable to be around him.

My best friend had no clue about his lover.  I didn't want to burst his bubble by ratting out Chad.  I didn't want to break them up. Besides, I didn't know if he would believe me since Chad was always so affectionate with Eric. 

I had one vacation day left.  Chad was out of the house and Eric was trying to get some work done in his home office.  I decided to take a walk on the beach.  I'm not sure how far I walked because I was lost in my thoughts. 

Suddenly, I stopped dead in my tracks.  I saw him...

Chad was naked sucking some other dude's big dick!  I was irate, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?"

Chad turned and looked at me with a smirk on his face, "Just give me a minute to finish this guy off and I'll do you too."

Now I was really pissed, "No Thank you!  Not even if you were the last cock sucker left on earth!  What the fuck is wrong with you?  Eric is my best friend!  Apparently, I care more about him than you do!   And put some fucking clothes on, I'm tired of looking at your dick!  You're nothing but a fucking gold-digger who doesn't deserve to be with someone like Eric!"

I stormed off down the beach heading back to Eric's house.  I planned to spill the beans about his so-called faithful lover!  I just needed to find a way to tell him without breaking his heart.

Eric was on the phone.  It gave me a few more minutes to think up what to say.  He had just hung up when Chad raced in the door.  I guess he thought I already told Eric everything.

He blurted out to Eric, "So, I guess you've heard!  It's true!  I was sucking off my new friend, Don.  He's younger than you and has more money!  And the sex is better with him! You're so stupid, you would never have known if your ass-hole friend here hadn't told you!"

Eric was surprisingly calm, "No one has told me anything... but you just did!"

Chad looked stunned, "SHIT!  Me and my big mouth!"

(Chad packed and left.  Eric had a few strong drinks and had a good cry.  And, I learned a valuable lesson:  "Sometimes, be patient and just do nothing.   Things have a way of working themselves out!")

Thursday, August 30, 2012

What Would You Do? - Part 1



Eric was absolutely ecstatic on the phone as he described Chad, his new boyfriend.  Eric is a hopeless romantic who has had a miserable time over the years trying to find a meaningful relationship.  I couldn't have been happier for him.

Eric has been my best friend since Junior High School.  He lives in an amazing old beach house in Florida.  Even though we no longer live in the same town, I visit with him once a year for two weeks of my vacation.  We talk on the phone every week, and keep in touch with texts and e-mails the rest of the year.

I heard so much about Chad that I felt like I actually knew him.  Eric sounded like he was genuinely in love with the guy and they ended up moving in together.

A few months later, we finally met.  Chad was exactly like Eric described him.  He was a hot, sexy guy with a big personality.  My first impression was that I liked him, and I have to admit, I was a little jealous.  The only thing that concerned me was that Chad didn't have a job and was being supported by Eric.

My vacation started out well.  I really love spending time at the ocean and Eric took time off of work so we could hang out together. 

After a few days, everything started to get a little strange.   I got the impression that Chad was flirting with me every time that Eric left the room.   At first, I just figured it was my imagination, but it became really blatant.  It made me a little uncomfortable.  I couldn't bring myself to tell Eric, since he was living under the illusion that he had a perfect relationship. 

I did my best to try to just ignore Chad.  It wasn't easy, because he took the flirting to another level and began exposing himself to me.  It started with walking around without a shirt and he wore very skimpy swimsuits on the beach.   He constantly was reaching in to slowly adjust himself.   He graduated from a speedo to a bikini to a thong, which was so small, his junk would fall out.

In jeans, he always went commando and would leave buttons open which exposed his stuff.

Then, he walked into the bathroom naked while I was in the shower so he could take a piss.  He lingered at the toilet and sink much longer than what was necessary.  I declined when he asked if I needed him to scrub my back.

I was sure I was right about his intentions when Eric went to the supermarket and  I spotted him stretched out on his bed jerking off. He asked me to join him.  (It probably pissed him off when I simply closed his bedroom door.  I hoped it sent a message that I wasn't interested.)

I still kept my mouth shut and said nothing to Eric. I just tried to avoid ever being alone with just Chad.  As my vacation was winding down, something occurred that made me want to re-assess my silence. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Girl Next Door, the Boy in my Bed - Part 3

The Girl Next Door, the Boy in my Bed

Story by J.C.

Part 3 of 3

I had clasped my hands behind Pete’s back but I began caressing his bums gently.   They were round and smooth and soft and I enjoyed massaging them. Pete too seemed to enjoy it as he humped in my hand and grinded himself harder against me

«Argghh… Oohh yeah… Ohh fuck… Yeah … Ooh…» we were both moaning…

He slipped a hand between us and reached for my dick. The effect was terrific when I felt his fingers wrap around the engorged shaft. Within less than a minute I came…I cried out as I shot my hot cum between us, one, two, three, four blasts of hot sperm.

And that instant feeling of warmth and creaminess between us was so extremely erotic! Then we just lay there together, one on top of the other, and slowly rubbed ourselves and cocks against each other with my cum slowly being squeezed out between us. It made squishing sound as Pete finally rolled over and parted.

« We need some cleaning, don’t we? Pete said, sitting up.

« Don’t move » I said, « I’ll take care of it. », I replied. « You want cum too… » and I lowered my head towards his cock, still as hard as ever.

« You’re not going to suck me now! I’m full of cum… » he interrupted me.

« What about it then? Besides it’s my cum, and I like it. »

He pulled a wry face.

« I bet you’ve never given a blowjob and not even ever tasted cum, yours or any other’s. « I continued.

« Well, no », he admitted.

« Didn’t your brother teach you any better? «  I joked.. « I guess we’ll have to make up for some lost time… I think we’d better start right now. Don’t say a word and let me do it. I’m sure you’ll like it.»

I pulled the foreskin back, moistened my lips and held them tightly as I slowly pushed his cockhead into them and then parted them slightly so that the tip would slowly start to glide in. I knew this would give him pleasure.

Pete had his head back and eyes closed and when he felt my mouth around his cock he jumped a bit but didn’t tell me to stop.

Once I had his beautiful head in my mouth. I began moving slowly up and down on his throbbing cock

« It’s too good! » moaned Pete after I had been sucking this beautiful pole for a few minutes.

Yes, and it was good for me too: I soon got lost in the taste and feel of his cock. I wanted every drop of the cum that was in balls, so I wanted Pete to get very excited.

I changed speed and rhythm twisted my head as I was going down, used a wet hand to combine a handjob with the blowjob, paused to lick the head or slap the cock in my face.

Pete was now moaning almost nonstop. Suddenly, I could feel his balls tighten. I knew what was about to come… I quickly took his dick to the hilt, sucked harder and he began bucking. I then felt the first of several streams of his hot sweet cream fill my mouth and coat my tongue and lips. I swallowed as much as I could and the rest dripped down my chin.
When Pete finished, I didn’t pull his dick off , but I kept it in my mouth My lips and tongue were still active sucking and licking to make Pete’s pleasure last as long as possible, as every guy knows how delightfully oversensitive the cockhead is after cumming. I really wanted him to enjoy and remember this blowjob.

Finally, almost reluctantly, Pete pulled himself out.

I didn’t have to ask him if he had enjoyed the blowjob. Pete was beaming.

He sat next to him and turned the head: I felt his lips slightly brush my cheek and my own lips. He placed a light kiss on them, just brushing them and I kind of jumped back as a reaction. But Pete’s lips were back and I found myself being kissed on the lips. It was my first kiss with a boy. My mouth opened and I found the tongue quickly entering my mouth. It became a wild passionate kiss…

For a long time, we kissed, tongue against tongue, lips against lips, hands stroking and caressing. The kiss felt great, his hands felt great, and my whole body felt great because of it. Then I lay down curled in Pete’s arms.

It was some time before the sense of reality came back and we felt we were able to move. It had been an experience of pure pleasure.

«I’ve never kissed a boy like this before.» I said» « And you?»

«Of course not, you’re my first kiss… and my first gay blowjob… You’re my first everything… my best buddy… I don’t know what else to say… Thank you…Buddy…

We both realized that this was the start of a whole new friendship.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Girl Next Door, the Boy in my Bed - Part 2

The Girl Next Door, the Boy in my Bed

Story by J.C.

Part 2 of 3

Our college work kept us very busy for several days and it’s only at the beginning of the following week that Pete and I talked about ogling the chick again. I expected he would come early in the evening to make sure he didn’t miss a single moment of my slutty neighbor pleasuring herself but he didn’t turn up until it was fairly late.

« Sorry, I had to finish writing a bloody essay that must be handed in tomorrow». He must have rushed to my place because he was out of breath. « Hope I’m not too late and the little bitch’s still hot for us? »

«You’re lucky, I haven’t seen her yet.. She shouldn’t be along now » And indeed, it was only a few seconds before she entered the room and turned the light on. She was in jeans and a cute baby doll shirt. Very nice! Pete and I were beginning to grin at each other. She suddenly walked to the window, closed it and drew the curtains.

I could read more than disappointment on Pete’s face, actual dejection, ad if the girl had actually meant to spurn him personally..

« Fucking bitch! » he shouted, slumping into a chair.

« Well, I know… I too was expecting something… »

I moved to him and placed a hand on his shoulder and added

« But do we need the chick? After all, there’s also you and I… you and I together. » and I think I turned instantly scarlet, realizing what it meant.

Pete looked up.

«You and me? You mean, like the other night…when we …  together»

I didn’t answer immediately. A flurry of ideas were rushing in to my mind.

« Pete, let’s do it again, will you? » my hand caressing his shoulder. « I’d like to take the next step with you - jerk-off and fool around a bit with you. We both want it, I’m sure.»

I didn’t have to say more to convince him.

He smiled, stood up with a light in his eyes and walked over to me. I stood behind him, my hands around him and began caressing his crotch gently.

Soon his cock started to tent his trousers. I began opening his jeans, and pulling down his boxer to expose his hard meat. At the same time I could feel my cock hardening and pressing against his buttocks.

“Fuck, let’s get on the bed where we can do this right,” I whispered…

We got on the bed and I finished pulling off his trousers and underwear. I also pulled up his shirt under his elbows to avoid staining it with his cum.

« Now you, » he said, turning to me.

« Later, let me take care of you. I’ll wank you and drain your balls »

He tried to answer but I gently placed a hand on his mouth.

« Just relax, lie back and enjoy…. »

« Ok, do me, I like it when you jerk me off », Pete finally said.

Pete moaned as I pulled the foreskin back, exposed his very red knob that was already leaking precum and I rubbed his swollen cock up and down.

Soon his cock was hard, hot and throbbing. This was going to be good.

I was on the floor in front of him between his legs. I slowly stroked his cock up and down while I used my left hand to play with his balls: he spread his legs to give full access so that I could also caress the area between his balls and asshole

« Yeah, I like it when you play with my balls » Pete said weakly.

I went on cupping and caressing them.

I changed the way I was pumping his cock, faster at times, faster or slower at other times, with three or four fingers or with the whole hand and I finally maintained a good steady pace going from the base of his shaft all the way up over his head and back down again.

I felt Pete was now on the edge.

« Faster and a bit harder. Yes, yes, that’s it!” he instructed me

He pushed himself into my working hands.

« Yes, yes! Keep going! Don’t stop! Ahhhhh…» he moaned loudly

His cock got even more rigid and then hot boy cum spurted out on his stomach, three or four thick beads followed by more drops oozing from the tip onto my hand. His chest was splattered up to his neck, cum was pooling in his navel and my hands were covered with this delicious sticky boy cream.

As his orgasm subsided, his cock - so hard minutes ago - started to soften in my hand and his balls started to loosen. I asked him how that felt

« It was great sex, the best wank ever. Thanks. I’m not sure I can do as well for you when I return you the favor. »

« Don’t worry; I’ll enjoy everything you’ll do. But I suppose you’d better take a shower first to clean all the mess », I suggested.

“Sure, I’ll be quick and I want you here naked on the bed, horny and ready for me, when I come back.” he said almost triumphantly.

I watched him come back from the shower. I had never really looked at him closely, but there, in the nude, he was so beautiful! He worked work out at a gym at least once a week; his body was somewhat of a swimmer’s build.

“You’re pretty fucking cute … and your cock… I love your cock. I love it, buddy », I cooed.

He smiled

« Thanks. I’ll tell you what… you lie on top of me and rub your cock up my belly » Pete told me and he lay on his back with his legs open; I climbed on top of him and lowered myself onto him.

He raised his leg around my hip, and my leg slid between his. We began rubbing together. It felt so good. Eventually, I rolled on my back, and my friend rolled on top of me. I spread my legs apart and wrapped my legs around his. It was so hot. We were grinding, and it was awesome. I rubbed my hard cock over Pete’s cock that was also rock-hard again. We were just cock to cock and feeling the heat of his bare skin against mine…nothing compares to it.

We were in heat…

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Girl Next Door, the Boy in my Bed - Part 1

The Girl Next Door, the Boy in my Bed

Story by J.C.

Part 1 of 3

I was 20 and a student at the time. I was living away from home in this University town where I had found a small room on the sixth floor of a block of flats. It was a tiny place, but quite enough for me. After all it was just for sleeping, as I spent most of my time at the university. My window opened on a narrow yard, a kind of deep well with a twin building opposite, hardly more than 3 or 4 meters away. From my window I couldn’t look down into the flat below and opposite me and, if its windows were open - on warm days, for instance - or if the curtains weren’t drawn I could see inside almost as if I was living in it. This was particularly true at night when the inhabitants turned the light on without drawing the curtains. I soon got to know them: a middle-aged couple and a 15 - 16 year old daughter. This girl would made me mad. She was a beautiful blonde and some nights, she would strip naked, lie on her bad and masturbate. Although she never turned the light on - she imagined she was in the dark and no-one could see her - the yard was so narrow that the light from the other flats allowed me to see her fairly distinctly, once my eyes had grown used to the outside semi darkness. I even borrowed my father’s binoculars ( I had to invent some plausible lie!) and with them, it was as if I was near her bed…At times I wanted to extend my arm to touch her hotness, not fully realizing she was not actually near me !

She looked magnificent. I stared down hard at her, admiring the softness of her skin, her tits with nipples growing hard and pointy. And her twat…Her tight young cunt was on full display to me.  I could see her fingers rubbing it, before she slipped one, then two fingers into the snatch; I imagined her excited breathing when I could see her chest heaving rapidly. One day she even slipped a third finger in and she pumped herself furiously. Most of the time; her left hand was playing with her nipples, alternatively massaging or pinching them.… She would wank really hard, her legs were wide apart until juices were flowing heavily.. She moaned and screamed really loud because I could clearly hear her, even though she was on the other side of the yard.…

Just imagine the impact it could have a on me, a 19 year-old boy watching this beautiful girl playing with her pussy… Within seconds, my cock was hard I wanted to cum all over her, although I knew it was impossible … I would grab my cock and pull it out and jerk off hard and fast. My hand wrapped around my dick, I jerked it over and over, back and forth, going at it nonstop. I kept staring at the blonde bitch so near me. It never took me long before my cum splashed out leaving long beads of creamy white mess.

Every night I would look outside to see if the chick would give a sexy performance and I was rewarded every two or three days a week with a great hot show that inevitably ended with her own orgasm, to which I responded with my hand beating my meat like crazy until cum was shooting out all over myself…

I didn’t mean to share my secret with anyone, it was as if this girl was mine and we were sharing the secret and no-one should ever know about us two. But two or three weeks later, while chatting with Pete, I incidentally mentioned the girl. He immediately looked interested, and talked me into giving him details. I finally told him to come to my room and he’d see for himself. He was quite excited at the idea…

Peter was a great friend of mine. We had met at the beginning of the school year as we had registered for the same courses. We enjoyed working together.  Pete was very good at what he did. We were quite a good team but also very good friends.

Pete arrived quite early the very evening and sat near the window so as to be able to keep the girl’s window under constant observation. But the minutes ticked away, and she didn’t come that night until it was quite late. Pete hadn’t left his seat near the window and he was quite disappointed when he realized she would go to bed without pleasuring herself - and us too ! The curtains were drawn and there was nothing to see any more.

I told Pete again what I had already explained him; the show wasn’t on every night. Of course he knew but he felt quite frustrated all the same. But he added he’d come back the next day.

And indeed he was back again the next evening and that night proved to be THE night…

We watched her get naked, lie on her bed and begin rubbing her bushy pussy and playing with it. Soon she had two fingers deep in her twat. She was moaning louder and louder and finally started screaming as she bucked wildly and started cumming, having a massive orgasm.

I looked down at Pete’s crotch. In the dim light, I saw he was touching himself wildly, stroking his cock through his jeans.

« Not surprising » , I thought, «this is all so hot, this girl is a fucking bitch. » My hand had already moved down to my bulging underpants and then found its way inside. I too was touching myself furiously. Suddenly Pete stood and started towards the door. « Where are you going ? « I asked. « You’re through with the girl yet? »

«No, going to the loo. I just can’t stand it anymore. She’s driving me mad. Damn I got to go blow this load..  Won’t be long»

” I ‘m so hot too.  .I know what you mean. You’re horny and need a handjob… it’s true I too badly need a good wank, there’s too much pressure in my balls.” Pete had stopped and was now facing me.

« You too ?… Really ? » he asked.

« That dirty naked slut, eagle spread on her bed, excites me wildly.»

« She’s almost made me cum in my briefs., just like that…. »

« What if we wank together? » I interrupted him.  « I need one as much as you do.  Unless you would feel weird jerking off in the same room as me” »

I didn’t wait for his answer and was already unzipping my jeans when I saw Pete quickly pull down his own jeans and boxer briefs and slide his hands over his hips and let the jeans and the boxer fall to the floor down to his ankles. His dick was large, thick, well-developed with a nice hairy pair of rocks.

We both just stood there for a moment, with obvious erections on both of us. We were standing so close that my left hip was touching his right hip and I could feel his body heat. It was incredible.

By this time, we were looking at each other’s dick and had quite forgotten the girl on the bed…

We masturbated together at the same time. It was totally hot. It was the first time we were jerking off together and it could have been awkward, like, for instance not being sure where to look, not knowing if each of us should keep his eyes on his own dick or if we could take a look at what the other was doing. In fact, we were immediately comfortable with what was going on; we were simply too hot, excited and horny and were relieving an unbearable tension.

This was great but I needed more and I was the first one to break the contact barrier. I extended my hand, placed it over Pete’s hand that was going up and down his shaft

« Let me wank you », I whispered « and you can do me if you want. » His hand moved away from his cock, making room for my own hand, and I immediately felt his own hand wrapping around my dick. No-one had wanked me in the last four or five years. The last time was when I was about 15…It was nothing more than a kind a mutual discovery of sex at the time, but now, with Pete I felt there was something different.

We both started to masturbate each other. Before long, Pete moaned as I rubbed his swollen cock up and down. I closed my eyes and enjoyed everything. We stood and jerked one another several minutes, often changing the grip, enjoying the feeling of each other’s cocks in our hands and each other’s hands on our cocks.

I had wanked him slowly at first but the more he moaned the quicker I got. Pete suddenly said watch out; he was going to cum pretty soon.

I gripped his cock and worked my hand up and down faster than I had been doing. His breathing changed, I felt his dick swell up in my hand.  It was an incredible cum shot. He spurted several times, the cum gushing on his chest. When it stopped, I kept jerking and squeezing his shaft, squeezing more cum out of the head. Pete told me it was one of the most powerful orgasms he had ever had.

He had stopped jerking me while he was exploding, but he resumed pumping my hard pecker until I couldn’t hold back any longer. I felt my balls swell and cum flow up my shaft. My heart was racing as I gasped for breath. And before I knew it I came, shooting my load on myself, the sperm squirting all the way up to my chest and neck, and running down on Pete’s hands.

There was no rush whatsoever for ending this precious moment. We just wanted to enjoy the afterglow.  Finally, it was over.

« We’d better go and clean a bit», I finally remarked.

After a couple of minutes, we went to the bathroom where I handed Pete a towel and took one myself to clean up the sticky mess. When it was done, there were a few uncertain seconds. What to do, what to say? Standing in front of each other face to face, I buried my face in the crook of his neck pressed my face to the side of his head.

«Fuck Pete, that was a hot wank,» I said,

«Yeah! Man, that was hot, really hot!” he exclaimed.

No-one thought about looking out of the window to see if the girl opposite had had her own orgasm…

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Delivering Packages - Part 2

Delivering Packages

Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2

I dropped Barry at his place.  It was in a rundown district of the city.  It was late and he invited me in.  I was tired and welcomed the relief of resting up before heading back.

The inside of the apartment was shabby and dingy.  He had a sofa but not much more than that.  The apartment had no air conditioning.  He undressed and sat on the sofa.  I did the same. 

He reached over and held me.  For the longest time, we just hugged.  I got up to pee.  He followed me and stood next to me as the piss flowed out of my cock.  His eyes watched with interest as I finished up and shook the last drops of urine from my cock. 

He held me and we kissed.  He sat down on the floor and pulled me down.  We sat cross legged on the floor.  His tongue darted into my mouth.  Our cocks were erect and he grabbed my cock and stroked it.  I did the same with his.

Our sex in the rest stop and the back of the truck was hurried but exciting.  Now we were being slow and romantic.  His tongue darted into my mouth, found my tongue, and we played tag with each other’s tongue.     

I stood up and Barry was on his knees and rubbing his face against my cock.  I was enjoying it, when he took my cock into his mouth.  His warm moist mouth sent shivers through my body.  I face fucked him until I could not take it any longer.  I unload in his mouth.  He kept a grip on my cock and swallowed my load, then he removed my cock and used his hand to milk the remaining drops of cum.

He laid back on the floor to catch his breath.  His cock was rock hard and looked delicious.  I laid next to him and started to suck his cock.  I held onto his balls.  I felt them tighten up.  I knew he was getting ready to cum.  I increased my sucking and felt his balls go upward into his body, then the first wave of cum landed in my mouth.  I kept sucking as wave after wave of his cum filled my mouth.

When he was done I curled up next to him with my head on his chest.  He held me as we slept.

The next day I got ready to leave.  I asked him why was he at the truck stop.  He said he was looking for work and was trying to hitch a ride back home.  I asked if he found any work.  He said no he did not. 

I told him maybe he would help me make deliveries.  He could stay with me.

He grabbed his things and said “I am ready.  Let’s go make deliveries.” 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Delivering Packages - Part 1

Delivering Packages

Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2

Then truck was loaded with packages and I took off to deliver the load.  The traffic was heavy, and the trip took me more time than I estimated.  I was tired and was not looking forward to unloading everything by myself.

I saw a rest stop on the side of the road before the entrance to the city I was delivering to.  I needed a quick pee break.  As I entered into the rest stop, I saw a guy standing near the ‘TRUCK’ sign.  He was shirtless and had his jeans hung low on his waist.  I found a parking space near where he was standing and parked the truck.   

I got out of the truck and headed for the restroom.  I made a point to pass by the guy be the sign and I gave him a smile.  I made it to the first urinal and pulled out my cock and pissed away.  I heard the door open and close and the guy that was standing by the sign in the parking lot, took the urinal next to me.  He pulled out his cock and started stroking it.  He stared at my cock all the while he was stroking.  His cock got big, as I finished peeing and shook the last drops of urine off of the tip of my cock.

Before I knew it, I was rock hard.  We had the whole place to ourselves.  He reached over and grabbed my cock and started to quickly stroke it.  The thought of me being in a public place, made me excited and I found myself cumming into the urinal.  I looked over and he was cumming as well. 

We stood sideways and looked at us holding our cocks and we both smiled.  We walked over to the sink and washed the tips of our cocks and our hands.  Luckily for us, no one came in to interrupt us.  We headed back to the truck.  He said he was out of work and needed to get to the next city over.  I told if he helped me unload the truck, I would take him there.

We climbed into the truck and headed to deliver the load.  It was good to have someone to talk to as we headed to our destination.  His name was Barry.  He would not give me any more information than that. 

We arrived at our destination and I found the storage bay and got out to raise the overhead door.  Barry went to the back of the truck and raised the door and waited for me. 

When I came to the back of the truck, I found Barry sitting on some boxes naked as a jaybird.  His cock was soft.  But as we stared at each other, his cock grew harder and more erect.  I looked at all the boxes and then looked at Barry.  I thought to myself, “the boxes can wait”

I quickly got undressed.  I sat on a box as I slipped my pants off.  Barry was on me before I could remove my pants.  His mouth started to lick my nipples and then work his way down to my cock.  He swallowed my cock all the way to the base of my shaft.  He gagged a bit then started sucking.  His tongue wrapped around my shaft and he lingered at my cockhead, as he ran his tongue around my large mushroom head.

Barry climbed onto the top of some boxes on all fours.  He spread his legs apart and looked back at me.  I climbed between his legs and started to press my cockhead against his ass opening.  He was tight, too tight.  I added spit onto my shaft and spread it around.  I tried again and my cockhead popped into him and I pushed slowly ass the way.  He was super tight but was handling my cock just fine. 

I started to pound his ass.  He twisted around and laid on his back and started to stroke his cock.  I continued pumping away.  We came at the same time.  As I felt myself release my load, I saw his cock shoot white streams of cum onto his chest.

After resting for a few minutes, we started to unload the boxes.  It did not take too long to finish the job.

As I promised, I took Barry to the next city over.   

Friday, August 24, 2012




It was just another Thursday in the big city for Rob.

He rolled out of bed from his New York high-rise just before noon.  It had been a really late night.  He always stopped to admire the view before stumbling off to the kitchen for his morning cup of coffee.  Today, he had two.

After a jolt of caffeine, Rob lingered in the shower.  He paid special attention as he introduced his private parts to the lather of his designer bar of soap.

He took his time drying off in front of the full length mirror in his bedroom.  Rob flexed and posed for himself and admired his gym physique. 

It was time to dress for work.  His little leather cock strap helped to enhance his endowed dick and balls.  No underwear was needed today under his tight jeans.  Rob stopped to admire the bulge.  It was a warm, late-Summer day, so he opted for one of his tight-fitting t-shirts.  Loafers, without socks, completed the look.

Satisfied with his appearance, it was time to go to work!  Rob was right on time!  He couldn't afford to be late, especially on Thursday.

Just a few blocks away, he strolled down "5th Avenue".  It wasn't long till he caught the attention of the well-dressed young professional man in the "Armani" suit.  Rob paused to look into a department store window and was soon joined by the "suit".

He turned to the man and asked, "See something that you like?"  They briefly discussed the window display, while the man fished in his pants pocket.  After an introduction and a hand shake, Rob pulled his hand away holding a crisp $100.00 bill. 

He turned and walked back to his apartment building, knowing that he was being followed by "Rick".  They met at the bank of elevators.  Without a word, they rode to the 17th floor.  Once inside of  Rob's  apartment, Rick produced five more of the big bills and put them on a silver tray in the entry hall.

Rob went to work and slowly removed that Armani suit from Rick's lithe body.  Pulling down his Calvin Klein boxer-briefs revealed an average-to-small sized erection. 

Rob gave "it" a quick taste, before going into his act.  He slowly stripped for his excited guest.  Once they were both completely naked, he allowed Rick to dictate how today's scenario would play out.

Rob pulled Rick into his bedroom, he stretched out on the mattress to allow his guest to initiate the action.  Rick climbed up on the bed to suck the big dick on display in front of him. 

Rob couldn't help but chuckle to himself, "Fuck, this dude really sucks at sucking dick!  Oh, well, I'll fake it again.  I'll just moan and groan and he'll think I like it."

Between all of his fake "Oh's and Ah's" , Rick touched Rob's ass with his fingers.  He abruptly stopped and said, "Absolutely!  No way mister!  If you want to explore that territory, you better find your wallet again!"

A few seconds later, Rick threw ten $100.00 bills on the bed.  Rob's only response was to roll over, get on his knees and expose his hole to his benefactor.

Because of Rick's small dick, Rob barely felt it as his ass was being humped.  Several minutes later, it was all over.

Rick dressed, as Rob counted his money.  At the door, Rob said,  "Hey Rick, this was fun again!   I'll schedule you again for next Thursday at the same time.  I'm sorry to rush you out.  You know how it is.  It's all business, and I'm WORKING!"

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jerking Off - Part 2

Jerking Off

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2

That night I went over but refused to get undressed when he told me to strip.  “Go ahead and tell everyone”  I said.  “You tell on me you'll be telling about yourself.  You actually let me suck your cock and asked to fuck my ass.”  With that his attitude changed.  He said “You know you’re right but you actually enjoyed it didn't you.” 

I had to admit it was enjoyable but I wanted to know more.  “What's it feel like to have your cock sucked?”  I asked.  He took me by the hand and we went to his bedroom.  “Strip” he said but in a different tone so I did.  He laid me back on the bed and started to suck my cock.  I was in heaven.  It felt so good I came almost immediately.  “Now you know what it's like to have your cock sucked.  You have to learn how to control yourself though so you don't cum as fast.” 

“Well now that I know what it’s like to get my cock sucked what’s it like to fuck an ass?”  The neighbor smiled.  “Well now you’re talking.”  He went and got the grease off the dresser and greased up my cock and then straddled and sat on it.  I watched as my cock slowly disappeared right to my balls.  He had a smile on his face and sighed and started to ride me like you would a horse, bouncing up and down.  I could feel my balls drawing up into my crotch and suddenly a surge through my cock and into his ass.  It was something I had never felt before. 

When he pulled up off my cock my cum leaked out of his ass onto my cock and balls.  He licked it up and cleaned me as if I had never had cum on me.  It felt wonderful and made me hard all over again.  He lay on his back and lifted his legs so he could hook his feet into the top of the headboard of the bed.  There you go he said.  “Fuck me again.  I love cock up my ass.”  I got behind him and put my cock head to his hole and shoved.  Then he did something that really surprised me.  He took his cock in his hand and placed the tip in his own mouth and while I fucked him he jerked himself off and sucked the tip of his cock.  I knew he was going to cum before me I could feel his ass tightening around my cock.  When he shot his load his ass grabbed my cock so hard it milked my load out of me.

When we finished cumming and caught our breath a little he looked at me and said that's what it's like to have your cock sucked and fuck an ass.  “Now you decide which you like more.”  I told him “I already decided I loved everything.  I just have one question.  How big is your cock?”  He told me “I’m abnormally large.” He went and got a ruler.  He said the average cock is anywhere between 5 & 7 inches.  I almost passed out when we laid his cock on the ruler.  It was just less than 14 inches.  First thing that went through my head was I had all that in my ass.  Damn. Then we laid mine on the ruler and I thought holy shit am I gifted.  I was just less than 12 inches.   He looked at me and said I guess you’re gifted too. 

Then he kissed me a long hard passionate kiss jerking my cock while he did.  Then he turned around and said to me “You know I really feel like more cock.”  With that he bent over the back of a chair and spread his cheeks.  “Ready?”  I didn't even answer I just put my cock head to his hole and fucked him hard for all he was worth till I came and filled his ass. “Now that's a good fucking” he said.  “What are you doing for dinner?” he said. 

I told him I didn't know it depended on what he was cooking.  He said “How’s pizza sound and me as dessert?”  I told him that sounded right up my alley.  When the pizza was delivered we ate naked on the deck and then as I finished my last slice I got on my knees right there at the table and took his cock in my mouth.  The combination of pizza and the taste of his cock were heavenly.  I took my mouth off his cock long enough to tell him we have to do this more often and then went back to sucking his cock.  He looked down and agreed with me watching his cock disappear in and out of my throat till he finished his slice and came in my mouth.

“MMMMMMMMM good” was all he could say.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jerking Off - Part 1

Jerking Off

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2

I’m a very horny person.  I have been since I started puberty.  I still remember my first wet dream.  It was about one of my class mates.  He was very athletic and well put together.  I had already snuck to watch my dad’s porn tapes but they didn't really interest me unless the guys in them were hung big and thick.

My brother had some too.  His were more interesting.  In his the guys not only did the girls they did each other.  I was fascinated by how a guy’s cock would fit in another guy’s ass.  It also fascinated me how some guys could deep throat an entire cock and not gag. 

In one of the movies I watch a guy jerk himself off while sucking another guy.  What the other guy was doing was unimportant.  I watched closely and soon had my own jar of grease and was jerking off on a regular basis.  I was always rock hard and when I jerked off and I always came in huge puddles.  I would jerk off every chance I got, school bathroom, driving to school, driving home from school; you name it, on break at work, in the woods, actually everywhere. 

I was a horny devil.  I started to experiment too.  I found that I could lay on my back and jerk off into my mouth.  I loved the taste of my own cum.  As I got older my cock got bigger, bigger than some of the guys in the porn I watched.  I could no longer get my hand around the entire shaft that's how thick it was.

I was jerking off one day in the back yard after skinny dipping when the neighbor next door came in the back yard.  “Well, well, well” he said “horny little devil now aren't we?”  He was in his mid-20's, about the same age as my brother.  I can relate to what he said and pulled out his own cock which was also rock hard.  He was bigger than me and had a head the size of the end of a baseball bat.  He shook it in his hand and said "How about you help out a friend in need?"

I told him I didn't know what he was talking about.  He walked over and forced 2 fingers into my mouth and opened my jaw.  Then he put his cock head to my lips and said “Swallow this and don't use your teeth.”  With that he shoved harder and his cock went in my mouth.  I gagged he was so wide and long.  “Keep trying” he said.  “You’ll get it.”  He kept pumping in my mouth and slowly but surely I could take a little more.  “Yeah baby” he said, “suck daddy’s cock.”  With that he gave a low groan and shot a big load of cum down my throat. “Taste as good as yours?” he asked.  I told him yes.

“Good” he said.  With that he put his cock back in his pants and started out the gate.  “Be over my house in an hour.  If not I’ll let everyone know what kind of a cock sucker you are.”  I went inside and laid on my bed and jerked off to the site in my mind of his cock in my mouth.  I came like a river.  Then I showered and put on a pair of shorts and went next door.

When he opened the door he let me in and told me to strip and leave my clothes right by the door.  He was already naked.  “I see you are a smart young man.  Don’t want anyone to know you’re a cock sucker huh?”    I didn't say anything I just stood there naked.

He took my cock and led me to the bedroom.  He lay on the bed and held his hard cock straight up and said “Suck my cock again.”  I hesitated and he repeated “Suck my cock or everyone knows.”  I climbed on the bed in between his legs and took his cock in my mouth.  I sucked as best I could and he put his hand on the back of my head and forced my mouth further down on him.  I choked and he let loose but only for a minute.  Next thing I knew I was being forced to suck his cock some more. 

Then he took my mouth off his cock and slapped me across the face.  “I told you not to use your teeth.”  I didn't even realize I had.  “Now you will pay” he said.  He forced me down on my stomach with a pillow under my waist.  He took a jar of grease from the night stand and put some on his cock and then put it up against my ass.  He shoved so hard his cock went all the way in my ass and I screamed at the top of my lungs.  It felt like he was coming out my mouth he was so big.  He pinned me to the mattress and started to power fuck me.  I was in a tremendous amount of pain. It felt like he was tearing my ass apart.  He fucked me for what seemed like forever before pumping a load into my ass. 

When he pulled out he slapped my ass, told me get my clothes from the door, get dressed and get out but come back in the morning before he went to work.  I wasn't going to but was afraid he would tell everyone what had happened.  The next morning he opened the door naked again and I had to strip like the day before.  He made me suck his cock and then kicked me out telling me to come over when he got home from work.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Liking Homos

Liking Homos
Story by Larry

My parents moved out and to a warmer climate some time ago leaving me the house.  Over the years I’ve done a few things like added an in ground pool.  As soon as I open it in the spring till it's closed for the season I would come home, strip, skinny dip, and then work out on my patio.  The house next door was not empty but might as well have been. 

The people who lived there were a working couple and never did anything outside.  You were lucky if you saw them come and go.  It was like they snuck in and out of the house.  This year was different. They had a young family member living with them.  He was their nephew.  He was strange too.  He kept to himself and never said hello or anything when you saw him.

I noticed he would watch me out of his window every day for my swim and work out.  I finally caught him in the driveway one day when I got home and I went to talk to him.  All he said to me was "I don't talk to homo's." And then he went into the house. 

I thought to myself “You want to be that way?  I’ll fix you.”  The next night was Friday. I brought a few friends home with me and we went skinny dipping and worked out nude on the patio.   He watched out the window as usual and then went out.  We hid in the buses and when he came back we all jumped him and dragged him into the bedroom to the back of my house.  “Don’t talk to homo's huh?”  I said.  With that the guys tied him spread eagle to the bed.  He started to yell and I stuffed a dirty jock in his mouth. 

“Still don't want to talk to homo's huh?”  He shook his head and then I said “Well then how about some sex with homo's.”  He shook his head even harder.  One of the guys took a pair of scissors he had in his hand and started to cut his pants off him. He squirmed a lot and we warned him if you don't watch out we may miss and your balls will get cut.  He stopped squirming but continued to try and scream into the jock.

One of the guys said “I know how to get him to stop.”  He  pulled out the jock and pissed all over it and then shoved it back into his mouth.  “Now if he screams my piss will go down his throat.  If he isn't going to talk to a fag he certainly isn't going to swallow his piss.” and we all laughed.

One of the guys started to suck him off when we had finished cutting his clothes off him.  I looked at his face and said “You like that, bitch?”  He gave me an evil look and when he did I turned to the others and said I think we need to step it up a little.  We undid his leg ties and lifted them to the head board and tied them so his ass was in the air, legs spread wide.  He was still trying to scream into the jock so I stood on the bed straddling his face and pissed into the jock while it was in his mouth and all over his face.  I told him “If you know what's good for you, you'll shut up.” 

Of course he didn't so we drew straws and the shorted straw got to fuck him first.  He chose no grease and for a 9" uncircumcised cock he was going to do some damage.  He lined his cock up with the guy’s hole and shoved hard.  He winced himself because he had not used grease but the guy screamed long and I think almost passed out.

The first guy fucked him good and long and shot his load in his ass.  When he was done he managed to straddle his face and pulled the jock out and stuffed his cock in.  “Bite me bitch and you dead.  Now clean my cock.”  He slurped it clean and then we put the piss wet jock back in his mouth.

We all took turns fucking him and then getting our cock cleaned.  By the 3rd guy you could tell he was getting into it.  We took the jock out of his mouth and he asked how many times we intended on fucking him.  I told him till none of us got hard anymore.

He groaned but said “Well you have me over a barrel.  Someone else fuck my hole so we can get over with this.”   He must have been fucked at least 15 times before we were tired.  We threatened him and let him go.  The next day he met me in the driveway.  “Is there a day or time we can fuck alone?  I really want to get to know man to man sex.”

That night he spent the night with me.  We lay naked on the bed exploring every part of each other’s body. He was a really great bottom.  He loved my cock in his ass.  It’s been weeks now and I still fuck him every night at least once.   So much for not liking homos.  I think he came screaming out of the closet.