Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dicks and Giants


It was the oddest thing!  Ray, my roommate had grown to GIANT proportions.  He was stretched out laying on the floor in his open jeans.  I was totally naked crawling all over his body, exploring every crack and crevice.   Then he stood up and removed his jeans.  He picked me up and placed me on his erection.  I held on riding his dick.  Then I started to crawl forward to get a taste.  I licked the tip of his cock...

Then, suddenly,  I woke up from my nap, it had only been a very strange erotic dream!

Ray looked over at me from his bed in our dorm room.  "You must of been having a really great dream.  You had a giant smile on your face."

I laughed, "It's funny that you put it that way, because I was dreaming of a 'giant'."   I suddenly realized that I had a boner tenting my jockey shorts and I was sure that Ray must have noticed too.  I quickly covered it with my pillow.

After a few minutes, he got up and stripped down to his boxers.   He grabbed a towel to get a shower down the hall.

I laid there thinking about that dream and about Ray.  We had only been on campus a few weeks.  I felt like I lucked out with Ray as my roommate.   The two of us were really compatible.  Ray was a cute guy with a hot body and there were times when I felt like he was flirting with me.  I knew it was just a matter of time before we ended up having sex.  Maybe today would be the day, if I made it happen.  I slipped my underwear off and covered up with the pillow again.

Ray returned to the room and tossed his boxers aside.   He pulled the towel from his waist to finish drying off.  He didn't seem to be in any hurry, as he was exposing himself to me.  My dick was fully erect again under that pillow.    I asked him if he would like to hear about my crazy dream.  I embellished some of the details with very graphic language as I related the whole dream.  I noticed his dick was chubbing up as he stood there listening to me.  I rolled on my side to face him which caused the pillow to fall away from my hard-on.   When I finished, I asked, "So why do you think I would dream something like that?"

"Gee, I don't know.  Maybe subconsciously you want to explore my body and suck my dick."  He stared at my hard cock before saying, "You know, you can, if you want to.  I wouldn't object."

That's all I needed to hear!  Just like the "mini-me" in my dreams, using my fingers, hands, lips and tongue, I explored his entire body.  I especially enjoyed rimming his hot ass.  I pushed him onto his bed and laid  next to him in the opposite direction.  As I worshiped his hard cock, he reached out and stroked mine.   While deep throating Ray, he began to lick and suck me.  After several minutes we both swallowed a big load of roommate cum.    The biggest surprise came when Ray began to kiss me.

With his tongue buried in my open mouth, I couldn't help but think, this will be a great school year!   I couldn't wait to see what I would dream next!

Steam Room - Part 2

Steam Room

Part 2 of 2

I could not wait to go to the gym.  As I went through the motions of exercising, I looked for the guy that I met yesterday in the steam room.  It looked like he did not come in today.  I finished up exercising and headed to the locker room.  As I walked to my locker, I checked out the rows of lockers to see if he was here, but he was not.

I undressed and grab my towel and headed to the steam room. The place was empty.  I was ready to give up on him when the door swung open.  It was an older gentleman.  I sat there and watch him. He sat across from me.  He reached under his towel and pulled on his cock.  Although his cock was not large, it was growing and was a decent size and shape.  He was uncircumcised. He pulled his skin back and forth.

I had been in the steam room too long and needed to leave and cool down.  I walked over to him and grabbed his cock and stroked it a few times. It was too much for him.  He came immediately.  His first reaction was to say, ”Sorry.”  Then he said, “Thanks.”     

I decided it was time to go home.  So I showered and got dressed and headed for my car.  As I unlocked my car door, a car pulled up and I noticed it was the guy from yesterday.

He rolled down his window and said, “You going home?”  On a whim, I said, “Yes.  You want to come to my place?”  I did not expect a ‘yes’ answer but he said ‘yes’.

I got all excited and quickly got into my car and made sure he was following me as I drove home.  I kept looking in the rearview mirror and made sure I hit all the lights right, so that I would not lose him.

When we got into my place, I had him sit on the sofa.  I got us something to drink.  He seemed nervous.  I sat back and spread my legs apart.  He placed his hand on my leg.  When he saw I was not stopping him, he moved it up and rested his hand right on top of my cock and balls.  I was super hard.  He reached over and unzipped my jeans.  He reached in and pulled down my underwear and freed my cock.  He grabbed my cock. 

I placed my hand on his shoulder.  He leaned in and I could feel his breath on my cock.  He was inches away.  I moved my hand to his head and gently pushed him towards my cock.  He took it into his mouth.

After a few minutes of gentle sucking, I took over.  I removed his pants and pulled off his briefs.  His cock looked delicious.  We got into a 69 position and sucked.  It only lasted a few minutes before he came first. 

It surprised me but I devoured every drop of his sweet nectar.

He went to work on deep throating me.  I came rather quickly.  My load filling his mouth.  He kept sucking and made sure he got every single drop.

We laid there catching our breaths.  He turned towards me and said, “That was great.  Can I come back again?”   All I could say was “Yes”.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Steam Room - Part 1

Steam Room

Part 1 of 2

I headed to the steam room after my workout.  The steam was thick and it was hard to see.  I sat next to the window on the ledge.

The door opened and in walked a guy.  I could not see who it was.  He sat next to me, our legs were touching.  I felt his hand touch my leg.  I reacted by opening my legs wider.  He moved up my thigh over to my cock and balls.  He leaned over closer to meas he started to manipulate my cock, pushing and pulling on my shaft.  I got hard quickly. 

He ran his fingers around my cockhead, along the ridge of my mushroom head.  I felt his finger spread the precum that formed on my tip of my cock.  I closed my eyes, enjoying the way he manipulated my cock.

He whispered in my ear, “Can I suck your cock?”  I had only one answer and it was “Yes”.  He knelt and put his head under my towel.  His lips wrapped around my cock and he started to suck.  My towel covered his head.  I unwrap my towel and pull the towel back to watch him sucking me.

I recognized him from the gym.  I had watched him workout before. He was good looking.  He was slim but muscular.  As I watch him suck me, his hands moved down to my balls and played with them.  He took my cock deep into his mouth.  He looked up at me and his eyes were bright blue.  I watched as my cock went deep into his mouth and then back out all the way to its tip.    

I was close to cumming.  His finger moved down to my ass.  I scooted down to give him room to find my ass hole.  He inserted a finger into my ass.  That sent shivers through my body.  It was too much as I came.

His mouth remained clamped on my cock and every drop of cum was swallowed.  He removed my cock from his mouth but his finger remained in my ass. 

He whispered, “Let me fuck you?”  His finger was working me up so that all I could say was,” Yes”. 

He lifted my legs so that they were positioned on his shoulders.  He replaced his finger with his cock.  I was soaked with sweat and he entered me quickly. He started slow but increased quickly and was pounding away at my ass.   He was all ready to shoot his load of cum.  He pulled out and jacked off and came on my body.  It was an awesome sight and he had a big load that landed on my chest and ran down to my cock. 

He turned and sat next to me.  He whispered, “I got to go.  Thanks.  Same time tomorrow?”  All I could say was “Yes.”

Monday, November 28, 2011

Fun Alex! Part 2


Submitted by CATMAN

PART 2 of 2

I've always been something of a 'control freak' but Alex was totally in control in my bedroom.   He refused to call me by my first name, "Hey,

new guy, turn on some lights.   I like to see what I'm doing, or at least who I'm doing.   This isn't about 'romance', it's just about sex!"

With the room fully lit, he was absolutely right about 'looking good naked' !   Alex, definitely, was a HOT 'dominate Alpha-male' who was totally in charge!  I succumbed to being his 'Submissive'.  

He pushed me on the bed and attacked my dick.  Licking and sucking, he almost brought me to the brink of no return several times.  Each time he would back off just before I reached satisfaction.   This dude really knew how to tease a man!   Finally, he climbed up on my chest and fed me his big cock.  I just laid there with my lips clenched around it while he fucked my mouth.   Every time my hand instinctively went to my own dick, he would slap it away.  "Hey, new guy, that's not how I want you to get off!"

After several more minutes of ramming his dick down my throat, he pulled out.   "Where's the lube dude?"   When I confessed that I was all out, he turned around and offered his ass to my face.   "Get me nice and wet!  Shove that tongue in my hole!!!"  I was only too happy to oblige.

I was so turned on at this point that I would have done anything!

Alex moved down my body and sat down on my stiff cock.  While stroking his own hard prick, he road mine.  Slowly, at first, before working himself into a frenzy.  After a very frenzied several minutes, I shot off, burrowing my load deep in his ass.   That didn't stop Alex.  He continued to ride my still erect dick until I came for the second time.   My exhausted rod, plopped out of his ass as he inched his way back up my body.  Hovering over my head, he jerked off all over my face.   He cleaned my face with his tongue and then shared his cum with me by planting his mouth on mine.

We laid there in the bed, totally spent for several minutes.  Suddenly, with renewed energy, Alex jumped off of the bed.  "Been nice to meet you, New Guy, but I have to go!"   

From my bed, I watched as Alex ran to my living room, snatched up his clothes and went out my door totally naked.   

I will never forget my first encounter with a guy everyone calls:  "FUN ALEX"! 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fun Alex - Part 1


Submitted by CATMAN

Part 1 of 2

The lunch table in our break room at work was all abuzz with talk about Sarah's birthday party this Saturday.  Sarah is our office manager, who went out of her way to welcome me to the team, when I was hired five months ago.    Everyone seemed to be excited about someone named Alex who would be at the party.  Dave, who was seated next to me, explained that Alex used to work in our office as an intern. 

All the guys around the table began telling their Alex stories.  They told me about:   the time he streaked the field at a football game and was almost arrested.   Getting naked and making 'snow angels' in the park one Christmas Eve.   Skinny-dipping at the public beach in front of everyone at the lake.  'Mooning' a bus full of senior citizens.  There was story after story.  Dave said, "He's wild and crazy, and will do any dare!"

Alex sounded like a really fun guy to me, but it seemed like all of his antics, involved him getting naked.  I wondered if maybe he wasn't so daring, just an 'exhibitionist'?   I looked forward to the party to meet this guy and find out what he was all about.

Saturday, at the party, a cheer went up in the room for a late arrival.  He was an awesome looking guy, perhaps a little on the scruffy side, very casually dressed.  It was Alex.   He went straight to the bar for a drink before making his round of the room to greet his old co-workers.  I was standing with Lauren, our office receptionist, who had drunk a few too many shots of vodka. 

Alex hugged Lauren, then turned to me.  There was something special about the way he looked at me.  "So, you're the new guy?"

"And you must be the infamous Alex, who does any dare!"

Lauren whispered in Alex's ear.  He got a devilish look on his face and grabbed me, planting a lip-lock on me.  A french kiss that lasted about twenty seconds.  Everyone in the room broke out in laughter.  My face must have been 'lobster' red.  He looked at me and smiled, "Sorry, she dared me, but nice to meet you." 

I thought Alex was really quite charming, but I was really pissed!  Not at Alex, but at Lauren.  She was the only one in our office who knew I was gay.  I was sorry I ever confided in her, because it felt like she was trying to "out me".   I walked away to a corner where I could fume and fade into the woodwork.  A half hour later, I had to pee so I went to the bathroom.   I should have locked the door because Alex came bursting in right behind me.  I was already standing at the commode with my cock in my hand.

"Hey, shove over and give me some room!  I gotta go too!"   We stood there emptying our bladders.  Alex looked down and said, "Nice dick!  About as big as mine."  I didn't know how to respond, so I just finished as quickly as possible.  Zipped up, washed my hands and walked out.

I had one more drink before deciding to call it a night.  I was behind the wheel of my car about to pull out from the curb, when there was a knock on my window.   It was Alex.  "Leaving so soon?  We never got a chance to really get acquainted.  I hope it wasn't anything to do with the kiss."

I admitted, "Actually the kiss was nice.  You kiss really well.  It was just unexpected, that's all."  He leaned into the car and pulled my head to him and kissed me again.  This time, I fully participated.  When he pulled his head out of my window, he walked around and got in my car.  "When I worked in the office, I was in the 'closet' too.  Now I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks."  He leaned over and kissed me again.  "So...are we going to your place or mine?  I still want to get acquainted with you."

As I drove to my apartment, I asked him if he really did all of those crazy things I heard about.  "Sure, I love being naked all the time, so it was no big deal.  I think I look good totally nude, so I like showing off.   It shocks a lot of people, but fuck em if they can't take a joke! "  Just before  I pulled into my parking place, Alex reached over and grabbed my crotch, and he started getting undressed before we even got in the door.   I was shocked when just inside, he removed his boxers, turned to me and said, "Everyone else has already seen me naked, now it's the new guys turn!  Care to join me?  Where's your bedroom?""  

Even though Alex had a hot, tight body and was well hung, I said,  "Wow, Dude, slow down!  Do you always move this fast?  We just got in the door!"

Alex laughed, "I  do everything on impulse, especially when I'm horny!"   He walked over to me and began unbuttoning my shirt, "Look, I figure, we can sit and gab for a while about unimportant stuff and eventually end up in your bed.  Or we can just skip the small talk and just get to it."  Now that he had my shirt off, he began working on my pants.  "If I'm not mistaken, that kiss in the car showed that you are interested and so does your big cock that seems to be getting hard right now!  I guess I'm not the only one who is horny."

Yes, he was right!  I kicked off my shoes, so he could remove my pants and underwear which were now at my ankles.  Everything was happening so fast, my head was spinning, but I led the way to my bedroom.  I remembered Dave's word:  "Alex is wild and crazy!"

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast with Stephen

Thanksgiving Feast with Stephen

Part 1 of 2

Stephen smiled at me.  He was lying under the sheet.  I looked at him and said “What?”

I was partially covered with the same sheet.  We were both naked.  My cock was hard, but it always got hard when I was next to Stephen.  He asked, “You looking forward to Thanksgiving with your parents?”

I placed my head on his chest.  I gave his chest a quick kiss and said, “Yes.  They have been so supportive of us.”  I reached under the sheet and placed my hand on his flat stomach.  I moved downward until I felt his hard cock. 

Stephen reached over to my face and placed his hand on my chin and titled me towards his face.  His lips found mine.  He lingered and I felt his tongue searching for my tongue.  As our tongues met, I wrapped my hand around his cock.  I wanted him in me.  Stephen rolled over and lay between my legs.  His lips never left mine. 

We stopped kissing as he gazed into my eyes.  “Thanks.” He said.  I answered “For what?”

He answered “Everything.”   I asked, “Make love to me.”

I did not have to ask.  Stephen was the most loving man I ever met.  Since we met he made me feel so important in his life.  We were ‘one’.  He was so gentle.  I felt his cock enter me and he slowly thrust his hips.  We held each other as I felt wave after wave of ecstasy pulse through my body. 

I looked into his eyes and never wanted Stephen as much as I did right now.  He increased his thrust and I wanted him to cum but I did not want it to end.  I knew I could not have it both ways.  I heard his breathing intensify as his body shook as he came.  He reached for my cock and stroked it.  He was still inside of me as my body stiffened and I shot a load of cum on my chest.

Part 2 of 2

My parents greeted us at the door.  I had worried what they would think when I moved in with Stephen.  But they accepted him and my decision.  They told me we were staying in my old room.  We entered the room and it looked the same.  I sat on my bed and thought of all the times I laid here in bed thinking of meeting the right guy.  There was a time I thought it was not going to happen, then Stephen came into my life.

Stephen sat down next to me and hugged me.  “What you doing?” he asked.  I smiled and put my head on his shoulder and said, “Just thinking.”  Mom yelled from the kitchen that dinner was ready.  We headed down to the feast.

The meal was superb.   All my favorite dishes were made.  The evening went by quickly and Stephen and I returned to my old room.  I climbed into bed and laid next to Stephen.  He turned towards me and his had cock pressed against me, as he wrapped his arms around me.  He kissed me and rolled me over on top of him.  Stephen was on his back and wrapped his legs around me. 

He reached down and grabbed my cock and guided it to his asshole.  He positioned it and I pushed and felt my cockhead enter pass his asshole.  I pushed on into him.  He let out a low moan as I pushed all the way in.  I started making love to him. 

His cock leaked precum.  I reached down and stroked his cock with my fingertips.  More presume leaked out.  I started to stroke his cock in unison with my thrusts.  He let out another low moan and cum flew out of his cock.  He took over with his hand and finished cumming.  .

I pulled my cock out of his ass and stroked it until I came.

I grabbed a towel that I had placed on the floor and wiped up the cum.  We cuddled and kissed.  As I laid there I thought about Thanksgiving and was thankful for Stephen, and my parents for being so loving.      

Friday, November 25, 2011

On a Country Road


Submitted by CATMAN

My mother knows how to work a "guilt trip" better than anyone I know!   She worked my nerves for two solid weeks about my grandmothers' birthday.  "It would be special to her if her favorite grandson took her to lunch for her 80th birthday!"  And "I can't go up there this week; I'm the only one who goes every week to see her in the home!"   And my absolute favorite was, "The poor thing is going to be absolutely alone!  It's a sad thing to grow old and nobody cares anymore!"   I finally couldn't take anymore and left her a phone message..."Enough already!  I'll do it!"

So I spent two hours in the old folks home 60 miles from my apartment with Grandma.   With her Alzheimer’s, I'm not sure she knew I was ever there.   When I finally left that afternoon, I decided to take the back roads home since it was a nice day.  It may have been out of my way, but I knew the Interstate Highway would be jammed at rush hour traffic!

I was cruising along in my red mustang convertible, (last year's birthday gift from my parents for my 23rd birthday) when I heard THUMP! THUMP! THUMP!     I HAD A FLAT TIRE!  

Now, I can tell you how to decorate a room, or accessorize an outfit, but a flat tire was going to be a real challenge!

I was out in the middle of nowhere without a single house or car in sight.

I opened the trunk and stared at the spare tire and jack.  I figured that I could do this!  but not in my new Armani suit!  No one was anywhere around so I slipped out of my coat and trousers.  I didn't want to get grease on my white shirt, so I took that off too.   I felt a little stupid, standing there in just my bikini briefs with shoes and socks to try, to figure out, how a jack works.  I thanked God, that, at least it was a nice hot Autumn day. 

I was still contemplating the contents of my trunk when I heard a motor in the distance.   A tractor was heading quickly for me.  There was no time to dress again, so I hid behind my car. When he pulled up and stopped he called out, "Anyone here?"   I raised my head up and said, "Got a flat, think you can help?" 

"Sure enough Mister!”  I rose up as I watched him climb from his tractor.  This country boy was friggin hot!  Dressed only in bib-overalls without a shirt, he had an awesome body.  I couldn't describe his face because I was staring at his broad shoulders and massive tanned chest. 

With a lot of trepidation, I walked around my convertible.  He smiled when he saw my attire (or lack of) and pulled the spare tire and jack from my trunk. 

He said, "Don't think my momma would be too happy if I get any grease on my new over-alls.  By the look of that bulge in your fancy little underpants, I don't think you will mind too much if I take these off."   He took his time and stripped down to just his work boots. He wasn't wearing underwear.  The guy was hung like a mule!    He made quick work of changing that tire.

When he finished, I said, "I can't thank you enough for changing my flat.  Can I give you a few dollars for your trouble?"

"Don't need your money mister.   But maybe you can help me out with a problem."  He grabbed his dick and began stroking it.  "My girl's on the rag this week and I need a little relief.  How about helping me out here?"

I droppped to my knees and sucked him off on that dusty dirty road.  When I finished, I got into my car and he climbed, still naked, onto his tractor.

As I drove off, I shouted, "THANK YOU, GRANDMA!".   

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers around the world.

I am thankful for having you as part of my Horny Fiction family.

I am especially thankful to Chris, CATMAN, and CG who submit stories.

To all who send emails and comments, THANKS.

To those who don't send emails or comments, PLEASE DO. 

Love to hear from you.

Love ya,


A Thanksgiving Feast

A Thanksgiving Feast

Submitted by CATMAN

Four months into my first year of college, I was really depressed.  It was my first year away from home for any holiday.  It was Thanksgiving week and I was going to have to spend 'turkey day' in my dorm.  Being practical, it didn't make sense to fly across the country to spend just a few days with my family.   Air travel is expensive, and in a month, I would be flying home for the Christmas break.

Even before classes for the week ended on Tuesday, the campus was almost empty.  On Wednesday morning, my roommate was all packed and waiting for his parents to pick him up.  They live just 80 miles away on the other side of the state.  When Jarrod's mother realized I would not be going home, she absolutely insisted that I pack a bag and come with them.  She refused to take "no" for an answer.

During the two hour drive, I discovered that Jarrod's parents were a hell of a lot more friendly and fun than him!  Mrs. Anderson was a non-stop talker and by the time we reached their driveway, I felt like we were old friends.   She said, "Okay boys, you're in the basement!  Come on Jarrod, show Tom the way!   Your Grandparent will be in your bedroom.   You will have to work it out with your brother.  He should be here this afternoon."

Jarrod's mother was like a 'whirling dervish' as she prepped the food for the big Thanksgiving dinner.   The basement was just as nice as the rest of their house.  There was one large media room with a full bathroom.   Jarrod's brother Kyle arrived mid afternoon.  He was a year older and super hot!   Jarrod took off to meet up with some of his high school buddies, leaving Kyle and me alone.   After about twenty minutes of getting aquainted, we went upstairs to see if his mother needed any help in the kitchen.   "Thanks guys, but no!  I've got it!  It's a nice day, go out and get some fresh air!"  We walked around the neighborhood  and talked some more.  I had no idea what Kyle's story was, but he was very friendly to me.

With no time to cook for dinner, Jarrod's dad ordered Chinese.  Kyle and I ate in the basement and watched some TV.  The two of us were really getting along well!  At times, I felt like he was flirting with me.    At bedtime, Kyle said, "Fuck Jarrod!  He can sleep on the floor!"   He pulled out the mattress from the sleeper sofa  and we both started to get undressed.   Kyle shoved down his jeans and boxers in one motion and said,  "Sorry Dude, I sleep naked!"   I got a quick look at his toned body and big dick.

Until being paired with Jarrod in the dorm, I always slept 'nude' too!   I slipped off my boxers.   Kyle turned out the lights and we both got under the sheets.  I layed awake with this hot naked man just a few feet away from me in that bed.   Ten minutes later, Jarrod showed up!  He undressed in the dark.  "Shove over, I'm getting in with you guys."   It had been a long day, and Kyle, Jarrod, and  I drifted off to sleep.    I was the sandwich  between these naked guys. 

I had the craziest dream that night!   In my dream, I was the main course on a dinner table.  I was the Thanksgiving dinner feast!   There were men all around the table stroking every part of my body,   There was food all around, and on me.  The guys were feasting on the food and my body!     I woke up suddenly!     It wasn't the dream that woke me, I realized that both Kyle and Jarrod had double-teamed my body!

Part of my dream, had become reality!   Kyle was sucking my dick, while Jarrod was kissing my neck.  I was really shocked because Jarrod barely spoke to me in the dorm room.  I always thought he was a homophobe.  Kyle moved up and knelt next to my head.  His balls were dangling over my face.  Jarrod began sucking his brothers hard cock while I licked his balls.    Despite the fact that incest is considered taboo, this was friggin hot!   I wished there was more light in the room so I could see better.   After a few minutes, I took over sucking Kyle's dick.  Jarrod crawled between my legs and serviced mine.

With Kyle fucking my face, Jarrod lifted my legs to rim me.   I heard Kyle say, "That's it little brother, get his hole nice and wet for me."  I love being rimmed and Jarrod really did it well.  Finally, he said, "I think he's all ready for you."  Jarrod's tongue was replaced by Kyle's dick.  While he plowed my ass, he stroked my cock, and I sucked my roommate's dick.  I feasted on load after load of Jarrod's cum.  Kyle emptied his balls deep in my ass.  The brothers took turns blowing me.  It was Kyle who got me off and then he pressed his mouth to Jarrod's and they shared my load of cum.

Exhausted, but very satisfied, the three of us went back to sleep.  Hours later, I woke all alone in the bed.  I laid there wondering if last night really happened, or was it another of my vivid dreams?   I heard the shower running.  I got up, sporting 'morning wood' and stuck my head in the bathroom door.  Standing in the shower stall, Jarrod had his dick buried in his brother's ass.  They invited me to join them.  Kyle pulled me to him and shoved his tounge deep in my mouth.  While he was getting fucked, Kyle and I made out and jerked off.

An hour later, dressed and seated at the Thanksgiving dinner table, Jarrod's dad asked, "You boys sleep all right last night?"  We looked at each other and smiled.   We piled our plates with mounds of food.   I complimented Mrs. Anderson on the dinner.  She responded, "We're so glad you could join us this year.  You're welcome in our home anytime."   Both Kyle and Jarrod agreed.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lick My Balls

Lick My Balls
The ad on CraigsList just stated ‘Lick My Balls’.  There was a picture. He had low hanging balls and a decent cock.  I sent a quick reply.  The more I looked at that picture the more I wanted to see his cock and balls up close.  Even if all I had to do was to lick his balls, that was fine by me.  He answered and stated the rules.  I was to have to wear a pair of briefs.  There was to be no other contact but for me to lick my balls.  He would wear the same and only lick my balls.  I was rock hard just thinking about it.

I ran into the bedroom and looked for a clean pair of briefs.  I slip them on and looked in the mirror.  My cock was hard and pressing against the material.  I gave my cock and squeeze and finished dressing.   

I followed the directions he gave me.  My heart was beating and my cock was hard with anticipation of what was to happened.  I found his house and pulled into the driveway.  I got out of the car and rearranged my cock.  He answered after the first knock.  He was a good looking guy.

He led me to the living room and asked if I was fine with the rules.  I quickly nodded, ‘YES’.   He told me to strip down to my underwear.  I stood in front of him as he examined my briefs.  He seemed fascinated with my outline of my hard cock.  He lightly touched the outline and I felt a shiver run up and down my body.  He cupped my balls in his hand.  He slipped his fingers in the leg opening and brushed against my balls.  I felt all tingly.  He said, “Do the same to me.”

He stripped down to his tight briefs.  He stood and told me to get on my knees.  I did as he did to me.  He let out a low moan.  He slowly pulled down his briefs.  My mouth was watering as his cock popped up over the waistband and then his bush of black pubes laid at the base of his cock.  He pulled them down and his balls hung down to reveal two beautiful round testicles.  He ordered me to stop licking. 

I lightly licked one than the other ball. Once I started I kept at it.  Every once in a while, he let out a moan, so I knew I was doing ok.  I sucked on one ball and than both of them.  I looked up and was amazed how big his cock was.  After a few minutes of sucking his balls, he stopped me and led me to the bedroom. 

We laid in a 69 position.  He pulled the waistband of my briefs down passed my balls, and instantly devoured my balls.  My head was spinning from his tongue swirling around, over, and under my balls.  I started to imitate his actions. He was slowly stroking his cock and I grabbed my cock and masturbated like crazy. 

He sucked on my balls and I felt the urge to cum. I did not want to stop it. I stroked faster and let out a grunt as I came. He followed my lead and shot his load.  We laid there with each other balls still in our mouths.

I finally released his balls and said, “That was awesome.”  He answered, “It is awesome when you just follow the rules.” 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Homeless Guy

 Homeless Guy

Submitted by Chris

It was a hot humid night in the middle of July and I was heading home from a party. I had a little too much to drink so I had to walk home. It wasn’t a long walk so didn’t really care. About half way home I had to pee like a race horse, the best I could do was head into an alley and take a piss next to a dumpster. I ran into the alley, stood next to the dumpster and unzipped and pulled my cock out. I didn’t notice the pile of boxes or the feet sticking out from them and even if I did I had to pee so bad that I don’t think it would have mattered. Once my cock was out the pee just started flowing out of my cock in a long hard stream. Suddenly the boxes moved and a homeless guy jumped out from under them.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" he yelled at me

"Sorry I didn’t see you there and I had to take a wicked piss" I said taking a step back. 

"Damn cant a guy get some sleep"

"I'm sorry let me finish and I get out of your way"

I don’t know what it was but the more I would see the guy watching me the harder my cock got until I was standing there at full attention. I just stood there not knowing what to do. It must have looked nuts to this guy, a stranger standing there with a raging hard on in the middle of the night. 

"What’s got you so hard?" he asked.

"I'm young and always horny" was all i could reply. 

I slowly was stroking my cock not sure what to do when all of a sudden the homeless guy was on his knees in front of me with his mouth wide open. Maybe it was the liquor or maybe it was the fact that I hadn’t cum in almost a week but before I knew what I was doing I was pushing my cock into this homeless guys dirty mouth who was sleeping in the alley. I just stood there and this guy, who a second ago was getting peed on by me, was taking my cock to the base. He worked his tongue around my cock head and up and down the shaft. He tugged on my balls which always sent me crazy; he would swallow my cock and use incredible suction from the base to the tip of the head. I reached out and put my hands on his head guiding my cock into and out of his mouth. His hair was greasy and felt dirty but that just made me more horny. I was in some kind of blind lust, something I’ve never experienced before. How could this filthy homeless guy be making me this excited? I didn’t know and at the moment I didn’t care. He was an expert cocksucker and was working his magic on my cock. I moved closer to the wall so I could rest against it as he gave me the best blow job I ever had. A few minutes later and I was reaching the point of no return. I groaned out that I was gonna cum and he just swallowed my cock and readied himself for my load. It came fast and furious and he wasn’t able to handle it. He started gagging as I continued shooting, the cum was now dropping out of his mouth and down onto his shirt. After what felt like a minute of shooting I was spent. I collapsed against the wall and tried to catch my breath. He stood up and finished swallowing what he had in his mouth. I tucked my still hard cock back into my pants and zipped up.

"Spare some cash?" was all he said. I reached in to my pocket and pulled out a twenty and tossed it to him. He took it, put it in his pants pocket and laid back down. I just walked out of the alley and headed home. Once home I jumped in the shower and scrubbed down, making sure I did a good job of getting totally clean around my cock and balls. I staggered to bed and passed out. The next day i grabbed some clothes I was going to throw away, put them in a bag and headed out to get my car. When I passed the alley I turned in looking for the guy. His boxes were there but he wasn’t anywhere in sight. I left the bag of clothes with my number in it and a note telling him if he needed anything to call me. I headed back out of the alley and went about my day.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hotel Fever - Part 2

Hotel Fever

Submitted by CJ of

Part 2 of 2

My dick was so hard that it was aching.  I wanted to fuck this beautiful ass. I began caressing his bums and a finger soon reached his crack and his hole.

«I’m going to fuck you now. » I whispered while looking for a condom.

«Nice, » he answered.

I got some lube and started fingering my mate. One finger, then two, that slowly stretched his hole, making it ready for action.

«Where do you want me to be? » he asked.

«Lie down on your belly, your ass facing me and open your legs. »

I lay on top of his, placed my hard-on at the entrance of his waiting ass and I began pushing.   It went in pretty fast, hardly any resistance.  He contracted a second at the intrusion but relaxed very soon and I could continue. As I pushed my dick in, he pushed his ass upwards to get the most possible of my meat inside of him and in a second I was completed engulfed by his ass.

I was seized by an intense sensation. There I was in a hotel room with a stranger I didn’t know half an an hour before and I was fucking him as if there was no tomorrow, with a mixed feeling of contentment and power.

I fucked him real fast.  O was pumping his ass real good. My balls slapped on his ass cheeks as I went in and out of his delicious body.

I suddenly stopped and pulled my dick out.

«Sit on it now, mate. »

We both changed position; and he came to kneel down on my dick. He started humping up and down on my hard pole.  With him facing me, I could wank him at the same time. His cock was thicker than mine and I enjoyed the feel. It didn’t take more than a dozen thrusts to make me cum. Indeed, I  was first,  and I yelled with pleasure, I shot my load deep inside  him and i kept  moving in him until cum oozed out of  his used ass.

I returned to jerking his hard-on and a few seconds later, he too, came covering my cock, balls and belly with his hot cum.  I took some cum off with a finger and I gently smeared the juice on his lips. He licked them, and I then stuck the finger in his mouth and told him to suck it.

He finally dismounted me; I lay on the back, and took off the condom.

«Thanks, that was great, « I told him. I could have said more but he kissed me silent and we lay on the bed panting, recovering from our orgasms.

It wasn’t long before we fell asleep.

When morning came, he was the first to get up. I heard him in the bathroom and he soon re-appeared   shaved and discreetly perfumed, splendid, in a word.

In my turn I washed and showered while he was waiting for me in order to have breakfast together and be able to settle the room assignment issue with the reception clerk.

But before we left the room, I wanted something from him.

«Wank me off, please. »

«Glad to oblige. » ha replied, smiling.

 I sat in the armchair, he stooped near me, opened my belt and my fly. My cock almost jumped out.

«Wow, I thought you’d drained your balls yesterday night, but I can see you haven’t. No problem, I’ll see to that. »

He pulled the foreskin down and wrapped his hand around my dick: It became hard in a second. He started slow; then he moved fast. He gave me a full service. He was wanking the shaft and caressing my balls.    After a few minutes, it became obvious I was about to come as I was moaning louder.

«You want head now? » he asked.

«Yea, suck me, finish me off, big boy, » I moaned.

He took my dick in his mouth, sucking and licking it faster and faster I screamed and hot cum came pouring out. The pleasure was so intense...

And then it was all over. Back to everyday life.  He washed his mouth, I re-arranged my clothes, and we had breakfast, and settled the room problem.

We shared a final kiss and strong embrace before parting.

Once on the car park, each of us went his own way. I’d have liked to kiss his once again, but there were too many people there. I only had time to tell him the night had been like a wonderful fairy tale. He smiled, said he’d thought the same, thanked me for my warm hospitality, got into his car and was off.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hotel Fever - Part 1

Hotel Fever

Part 1 of 2

Submitted by CJ of

I heard someone stop outside by my door. Now, he (I don’t know why, I was sure it was a man) was trying to open it.  It lasted a second. I didn’t even have time to be afraid.  I heard the lock click and suddenly the door opened.  A young man’s head appeared.  He stepped into the room. I shrieked in surprise and alarm. He too was startled and he stopped dead on the doorstep.  It was obvious he wasn’t expecting to see me there. His eyes travelled around the room and finally stopped on me, naked on the bed.  I immediately froze, with my hand wrapped around my erect dick.

Earlier that evening, I arrived at the motel when night was falling. It was late and the reception desk was already closed. It didn’t matter however, I had a reservation and the automatic machine at the main door issued me a ticket with the room number and the key code.  I parked my car, went to room Number 25 and opened the door with the code. I then did what many men do when they travel alone: unpacked a few things, had a shower and lay on the bed. I didn’t watch TV but I had my laptop and a couple of DVDs.  Hot ones, of course. Very hot, in fact! But this is what a man like me, young, fit and gay, likes watching when he is alone in a hotel room.

The film got me very hot and I began caressing my cock under my boxer. It wasn’t long before I needed more.  My dick was tenting the underwear...  I said to myself that keeping one’s undies when one is alone in hotel room is a form of useless decency and modesty!  I pulled the boxer down and lay nude on the bed.  There was a mirror on the wall opposite.  I sat straight on, opened my legs, and looked at myself shamelessly in the mirror, exposing my hard cock. Not bad! I had always played sports and kept myself in shape.  I was rather tall, not muscular but fairly well built; definitely quite a handsome 29-year-old man.

The video was now showing a hot "Daddy-type-Doctor" examining his young patient spread-eagled on an observation table.  Wow!  My cock got harder and was throbbing in my hand...

This is exactly the moment when the door opened; the guy popped in and saw me on the bed.  He really looked shocked and at a loss. He mumbled something I couldn’t understand, waved his hand, stuttered something else, turned round and went out, closing the door behind him.  It was all so quick, It had lasted only two or three seconds, I could have dreamt it. But it was not a dream. A second later the door opened again and the guy was here again. 

I fortunately had enough time to cover my nakedness with a blanket.»

 «Hey, you’re nuts! How did you come in? It’s my room...» I shouted at him.

« No, it’s my room, I’ve booked it! »

«I’ve got a reservation ticket. Besides the entrance code ...»

It took us a few minutes to understand one another. It was indeed my room, but he had been given the same one.  We compared the information ticket we had been issued. Same room number; the entrance codes were different but both opened the door!  We had to admit that each of us was within in his right. We had booked the same room!

«I’m going to see the receptionist...»

«Don’t.  You won’t find anyone; it’s closed at this late hour. »

«But... Where do I sleep?  Hope I can still get a room from the automatic clerk... Otherwise I guess I’ll have to spend the night in my car», he said almost plaintively while turning back towards the door.

I took a couple of seconds to look at him.  He was young, about my age, perhaps slightly older. He was nice looking and very clean cut. He was already opening the door to leave the room when I called him:

 «Well, mister, there are two beds here, you could use one if you want, and we’ll sort this out tomorrow morning. »

He immediately looked relieved

«Thanks» he said, « that’s very nice of you. I travel for business and I had a tiring day. »

He smiled and I smiled back, I introduced myself, and he thanked me again for the «invitation». 

We talked a bit while he was unpacking, overcoming our mutual nervousness. He spoke in a deep, soft voice that sounded quite pleasant.

At one moment he asked if he could take a shower.

«Of course, you needn’t ask, it’s your room, as well as mine. You just do as you want. »

He  went to the bathroom and  this is when I realized  something terrible had happened : I’d been watching a gay film when  the  guy arrived and  opened the door, and I had forgotten to  stop the video  ! It had been showing all the time we were talking and even worse, most horrible indeed, the screen of the laptop, that I had pushed aside when I was first interrupted, was turned towards him! He’d been able to glance at my gay porn all the time we were talking. I hastily shut the computer down, but I knew it was too late and the harm had been done.

I was crushed, ashamed, mortified...

I heard the shower stop, the bathroom door opened and he came into the room with a towel around his waist.

«Sorry, I guess I’m underdressed," he apologized.

«It's not a problem for me, » I said. «It appears we're both guys. »

There were a few strands of dark brown chest hair between his nipples. His stomach was flat and the perfect size, with a treasure trail disappearing under the towel.

 He turned to face me and he sat on the bottom edge of the bed.

«You like to suck cock? »

My mind seemed to explode as I struggled to understand. I didn’t find what to answer. A man I didn’t know five minutes before wanted a blowjob from me!

« I can see we both like the same kind of videos, don’t we? I don’t think I’m going to use the second bed, there’s enough room for two in one. »

With that, he dropped his towel and there he was before me, with his piece of meat already half hard.

I was absolutely stunned. I could neither move nor utter a word.

He took the initiative reaching under the blanket I had been hiding under and he placed his hand on my thigh, slowly moving it up and down. This seemed to wake me up and bring me back to reality. I threw the blanket aside and he immediately took my dick in his hand. The feel of his touch sent electric shocks through my body and definitively brought me back to a normal state. I was at last realizing it was an opportunity to have fun with a hot guy, instead of feeling lonely in a hotel room and I knew for sure what I wanted to happen and what would happen. I knew what would come and my heart began racing ninety miles an hour.

A second later, our lips touched and held there for a moment. We lay and cuddled a few minutes. I could feel his cock hardening, just like mine.

«Suck me now, please, » he asked gently.

I don’t think I’ve ever refused when a guy has asked me to blow him.

I began kissing his chest, sucking his nipples and licking my way down his body. I got between his legs and moved to the base of his cock, lifted it and kissed the tip and quickly licked off the drop of precum that was oozing.

I parted my lips and slid down over his dick.

I began sucking him for good taking most of his shaft into my throat. At times I stopped to lick his balls, gently sucking one then the other into my mouth before licking my way up to the cockhead.

«Oh, please don’t ever stop, » he begged. I was making him feel good.

Before long I knew he was getting close. He warned me that he would cum soon so that I could take his dick out if I didn’t like getting sperm in the mouth.  Little did he know me, he couldn’t know I love cum. I love eating tasty, salty, sweet, delicious, yummy boy cream. I didn’t answer but started to suck like a madman. He understood I was ready. 

He pressed his hips up and trying to push his cock farther into my mouth.  His hands were clenched and white as he moaned and screamed. I felt his cockhead swell in my mouth and then it began.  His cock throbbed, he blasted down my throat. I took every drop of his cum.

I kept him in my mouth until he was getting soft. We separated and we kissed. My lips were coated with his cum. Our lips met and we shared the cream. Our bodies were pressed tightly together in our embrace as we kissed and just enjoyed being together.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tiny One

Tiny One

I spotted him from across the gym.  He was a perfect specimen of man.  My mouth dropped opened as I watched him cross the room with his chiseled muscles moving with every step.  I was glad I had on briefs to hold my hardon.  I took a spot on one of the exercised machines and I had a clear view of him.

I reached down to rearrange my cock and balls and he spotted me.  I smiled and he smiled back.  After a few more sets of exercises, he grabbed his towel and headed to the locker room.  I finished up my routine and grabbed my towel and almost ran to the locker room.

I quickly undressed and went to the showers.  There he was with his back to me.  I was drooling. His ass was a perfect bubble butt.  My cock grew.  I now had a raging erection.  My seven inch cock was reaching for the sky.

I did not want to hide the fact that I was attracted to him.  That is when he turned towards me.  His cock was tiny. He spotted me with my erection and he quickly turned off the shower and grabbed his towel and ran to the locker area.  I was did not know what to do.  I finished showering and headed to my locker. He was no where to be seen. 

I dressed and headed to the car.  I spotted him sitting in his car with his head resting on the steering wheel.  He looked up and had tears streaming down his cheeks.  I walked over and “You ok?  I meant no hard.”  In between sobs, he said, “It isn’t you.  I am just not well endowed like everyone else in the world.”

I quickly interrupted him, “Hey, you are a fine looking guy.  Great body AND ass.  AND you do have a nice cock.”  He wiped the tears off of his cheeks, and said, “But it is so small.  I saw the look on your face.”

I was guilty as charged.  “Sorry.  Let me make it up to you.  How about we stop for some food and a drink?”  He smiled and agreed to follow me to a bar that was near by. 

The food was good and the evening went pleasantly well.  We were getting ready to leave and he stopped and asked “You want to stop at my place for a nightcap.”  I answered, “Sure”.

When we arrived at his apartment, it was tastefully decorated. We had another drink.  He looked at me and said, “Would you like to ….”  He stopped and decided to ask in a different way, “You are a great looking guy with an awesome cock, maybe you would….”  I decided at this rate, we were going to get nowhere, so I leaned in and gave him a kiss.  It was not a quick kiss but a long deep one with a lot of tongue.

I started to undress him.  He had my shirt off and pants down and his hand wrapped around my cock before I to his shirt off.  Once we were naked, we held each other close.  He whispered that he wanted to suck my cock.  We ended up in a 69 position.  I started at his cock.  It was small compared to my seven inch cock but it was perfectly shaped.  I rubbed my face against it.  It grew a little bit more.  I licked it and then took it in my mouth.

Size did not matter.  It was a great cock and I loved sucking on it.  He came first.  His load of cum far exceeded what I thought he would produce.  I swallowed what I could take but finally some cum flowed out the side of my mouth and down my cheeks. 

I came next and my load was smaller than his but he hungrily swallowed it.  He laid there in each other arms.  He was awesome to me.  I did not want to leave.  He saw me look at the clock.  He said, “I guess it is getting late.”       

I sat up and said, “Yeah, I am tired and it is late.  You sleep on the right or left side?”  He got up and pulled me towards the bedroom.  He answered, “Right.”