Thursday, January 31, 2013

Young and Horny - Part 1

Young and Horny

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2

I turned 18 today.  Yippee.  I’m so overjoyed.  I've decided that being young is a curse.  Young and horny is even more of a curse, especially for someone like me. I’m 18, a virgin and still in the closet.  I’ve known I was different from an early age but not having anyone to talk to and leading as sheltered a life as I have it was hard for me to figure things out.  Matter of fact I’m still not sure what path I am on. 

I know my parents think that to be normal I should go to college and get a good education.  Then move home and get a good job, find a nice girl, get engaged and marry and have 4 or 5 kids.  They so want to be grandparents.  I on the other hand just want to get out of the house.  That at my age also seems normal but that's where the normalcy ends.  I want out of the house so I can find a place, find a guy and finally find out if I really like dick or pussy.  I’m just so confused.

To try and keep my head on straight I kept myself busy with anything I could find.  I was in all sorts of clubs in school, on the football team and the weight lifting team.  I even joined a gym and after school would work out for 2-3 hours a day.  Each day was a different work out so my body would develop evenly and develop it did.  Now that I’m 18 and my parents can no longer really control me, look out because here I come.

First thing I did was take count of all the money I had hidden in all sorts of places to be on the safe side.  That along with what was in my bank account that my parents knew about came to a hefty sum of cash.  I told my parents I was going with a few of the guys from the weight lifting team to a college meet to see what it was like.  They thought I was researching a college to go to and I didn't have to worry.  None of the guys from the team bothered with me when lifting much less after school.

I hopped a train into the city and then walked downtown to the village.  I had read that was the most open gay area of the city. I was determined to know once and for all if I was just confused and should start looking more at pussy or if I was gay and liked cock.  I walked all over and took in a lot of the sites of downtown.  When it got near time that I was hungry I walked Christopher Street looking for a place to eat.  I found this nice little place with sidewalk tables and sat and ordered a drink and something to eat. 

I watched as everyone walked past.  Most of the couples were holding hands or had their arms around each other or they were engrossed in conversation and had stopping once in a while to sneak a kiss.  Everything was so free and out in the open.  I imagine them naked showing off their cocks and balls.

I was halfway through my meal when a very handsome man asked if he could share my table.  I just nodded ‘yes’ being at a loss for words.

He sat and gave the waiter his order right away and then turned and asked if it was my first time in the village.  I nodded “Yes”.  He looked at me and said “I thought so.  Your head is going in a million directions all at once.  Relax man” he said.  “Things are very laid back around here.”  I sighed and said “Is it that obvious?”  He laughed and said ‘yes’. 

We began to talk and within a half hour or so he knew my entire life history up to coming to the city.  We talked more about him and finished our meal.  Then he invited me to go with him to meet some friends at a "cruise bar" for drinks.  “Don’t worry about being carded. I know the bar tender and door man. You’re in.”  I accepted and we set off for the 4 block walk to the bar.

We walked in as if nothing was going on and sat at the bar.  My friend, Tony was his name, ordered us a round of beers.  It wasn't till our second beer that his friends arrived.  He promised he wouldn't say anything about what we talked about and just introduced me as his new friend Larry.  After a few more rounds of beer I was finally relaxed and able to hold a conversation without stuttering or spitting out my words or just shaking my head. 

It started getting late and I asked tony where there was a cheap hotel to stay at.  I wasn't going home till the next afternoon.  Tony’s friend Sal said “Man you can stay at my place.  There is plenty of room.”  Tony objected but Sal was persistent so I agreed.  Tony took me to the side and said “Don't do anything unless you want to remember that.”  I nodded and then tony left and Sal and I had 2 or 3 more beers before we left. 

By the time we got to his place which was only a few blocks I was totally shit faced.  Once inside his door I fell into a chair and just sat not moving.  Sal walked over and was standing behind the chair massaging my neck and then worked his way down my shirt to my nipples.  I went to stop him and he came to kneel in front of me and said “Listen man.  I know you’re a virgin.  It’s written all over your face.  you don't want to do anything you don't have to but I want you to know you are really fucking hot man.”

He had his hands on my knees and slowly moved them up my legs.  I didn't stop him and he soon was in my crotch holding my cock through my pants and making it grow with each second.  He stayed that way for a minute and then slowly stood up lifting my shirt off as he did.  He whistled as he exposed my abs and chest.  “Fucking A, man look at you.  You have a fucking beautiful body man.  Bet you look fantastic in the nude.” 

I got up my nerve and started to stand up and lifted his shirt over his head like he did mine.  I figured while I had the nerve to go for it, for this is what I came for.  His nipples were pierced and I played with them getting them hard and pointing straight out.  He moaned and said I guess you made your decision.  I just shook my head “Yes” and continued to play with his nipples.  He took my hand and held it to his crotch and I could feel his very large cock through his jeans.  He undid the top of his jeans and opened his zipper and slid my hand into his pants.  He was commando, a new term for me, and as soon as I touched his cock it jumped and grew even more. 

He slid his pants down below his balls and stood there.  I held his cock in my hand and watched as it grew longer and fatter.  I had never seen a cock so big till now.  Slowly he opened my pants and slid them down as well.  Once they were below my balls he slowly moved to his knees pulling his own pants down and off as he knelt in front of me.  Then he started to kiss and lick my crotch and held my cock in his hand while he licked the tip and played with my balls.  I moaned at the chills he was sending up my spine. 

He took the tip of my cock in his mouth and held it there playing with my piss hole with his tongue.  I moaned even louder and then he took my entire cock to its root in his mouth.  Slowly he moved his mouth up and down the shaft.  I had never felt anything like this before in my life.  I finally had to stop him before I came right then and there. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

San Francisco - Part 3



 Okay, so Tim spent most of that day laying on his stomach,  He was trying to hide his 'hard-on'!   At least his ass ended up getting a great tan!

Gradually, Tim  started to loose some of those inhibitions about being naked in front of other guys.  It happened over a period of time.  


He had sex, on one occasion, with Luke.  It wasn't very satisfying for either of them.  Tim was still very timid in bed, while Luke was too aggressive.   It was an absolute disaster!

Tim had to seek out other friends, because Luke stopped coming around.   He found another friend, quite by accident.

One day, a new neighbor moved in next door.  Like Tim, he didn't bother to put up curtains or shades.  It was better than watching TV, as he stared out his window at this hot naked guy over several days.  Sometimes he was nude, at other times in sexy underwear.


After days of spying on him, one afternoon, Tim's new hot neighbor walked straight to his window.  He opened it and stood there for several minutes.   He began playing with his cock which soon was showing hard.  He pulled it out of his little blue briefs to jerk on it.


Tim stood in his window.   While the guy wanked on his dick, Tim was doing the same!  They both shot off at the same time.   It was very satisfying and also confusing to Tim.    He came to the conclusion that, in fact, he was getting sexual gratification from both "watching" and, also, "showing"!

A few days later at the little market on the corner, Tim was waiting in line to check-out.  He felt someone tap him on the shoulder.  Standing in line behind him with a basket of food, was his neighbor.  (even totally dressed, he looked really hot!)

"I just moved here from Philadelphia, DO YOU THINK YOU COULD SHOW ME AROUND?" 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

San Francisco - Part 2




Living in San Francisco was any gay man's dream come true!   Tim was like a kid in a candy store!   There was "eye candy" everywhere he looked! 


He was still getting over the initial shock of "The Folsom Street Fair", when a co-worker introduced him to the other wonders of this "City By The Bay".  Tim, isn't a bar person, but got quite an education as his friend took him on a Gay Bar Tour!   They were nothing like the bars back home in Kansas City!

Tim was used to a few places were he could just socialize with friends.  In 'Frisco', he was shown extravagant Drag Queen Palaces!   He had never seen anything that was quite so outrageous!

Luke, his friend, drug him threw "Cowboy Bars", "Male Strip Clubs", "Leather Emporiums", "Levi Clubs",  "Dance Bars"... and the strangest of all..."Fetish Bars"!

After two solid weeks of partying each night, Tim just wanted a very long break!   Luke suggested, "Hey, the weather's still great, let's hit the beach!  This weekend!  Just you and me, and maybe a few friends, with some sun, water and sand!"

Tim had no idea that  the beach, which was in the very shadows of the "Golden Gate Bridge", was a nude beach.


It was just one surprise after the other to live in San Francisco!  Tim was doing his very best to adapt, so he wouldn't look like some really lame hick that just arrived in a big city.  So, when the other guys got naked, Tim did too!


There are no beaches in Kansas City, and people only get naked in their own homes.  Living on the west coast was going to be a brand new experience!

Monday, January 28, 2013

San Francisco - Part 1



Tim was much too shy to be an exhibitionist!  He certainly wasn't a voyeur!  (unless you count watching Internet porn!) Then, circumstances, landed him in the "Castro District" of the gayest city in America:  San Francisco!

From "Day One", it was an eye-popping experience.  He arrived on the first day of the infamous "Folsom Street Fair"!  Nothing had prepared him for the sights that day on the streets.

It was a street festival unlike anything he had ever experienced before.   There were massive exhibits from porn companies (personal appearances from their "stars").   Large displays for the producers of sex toys (with live demonstrations!)

The big deal was the men who roamed the crowded streets.  Everywhere he looked there were NAKED MEN!   Guys who were showing everything  and some who were having sex right there in the crowds of people.


 Tim felt like he had landed on a different planet!  A VERY GAY ONE!   This certainly was going to be different from growing up in urban Mid-America!

Thank God, his massive salary increase helped to cover the rental on a very small efficiency apartment.  (Back in his hometown, the same amount of money would have provided for a gigantic luxury unit.)  He came to really appreciate his claustrophobic little space and it's location.

It wasn't long till he discovered how decadent the city could be!  He had views from his windows that looked out into the neighboring apartments in his block of buildings.  He was shocked one morning to see his neighbors having sex just inside of their kitchen window!


Tim felt really guilty watching them, but he just couldn't help himself.  The two guys were in full view of a lot of their neighbors.  For some reason, they had chosen to have sex right there at the window.

He watched in total fasination, even after they traded positions.

He certainly hadn't ever seen anything like that in Missouri!  He stood out of sight in his apartment and jerked off while he watched! 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Home Repair - Part 2

Home Repair

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2

Once in the bedroom I was shoved on the bed and told to get on all 4's.  They were taking over.  I did as told and just about got situated and there was a cock poking at my mouth at the same time there was one poking at my ass.  It being so hot we were already sweating.  The guy who was in front of me lay with his legs spread wide open and I bent down to suck his cock which really put my ass in the air for his friend.  He spit in my hole and on his cock and then with a grunt shoved inside me. 

All you could hear from me was “mmmmmmmffffffff” since my mouth was full with cock, his pubes poking up my nose.  I deep throated his cock as much as possible but had to come up off his cock at least half way at times just to get air.  Every time I deep throated him I cut my own air off because his cock was so thick.  In the meantime I was also receiving one of the best fucks I have had in a very long time from one of the largest cocks I have ever had.  I felt like he was tearing my insides apart but it felt so good. 

We were just about getting into a good rhythm when the guy I was sucking off yelled "SWITCH' and pulled out of my mouth.  the guy in my ass also pulled out and then they rushed to take each other’s places and next thing I knew the cock I was sucking was rammed in my ass and I was tasting the cock of the guy who had been fucking me.  It was fantastic.  They kept up like this for over an hour.  Each time one of them felt they might cum they yelled “SWITCH”. 

The sweat was pouring off all of us and I had already shot once without touching myself just from the fucking and I was wondering if it would happen again.  It did and as I was groaning around the cock in my mouth and starting to shoot, so were they.  My head was forced down on the cock in my mouth so far that my face was indenting in his crotch and the guy in my ass slammed into me and was yelling like a cowboy riding a bucking bronco and slapping my ass.  When they were done they both fell into a pool of sweaty flesh on the bed.

It took us some time to recover but once we did we all got up and went in and showered together soaping each other up and eventually causing all 3 of us to get hard again.  I looked at them and said “Well guys it's up to you if you want to waste a hard on” and I waited for an answer.  It didn't take the guys long to answer by putting a hand on each shoulder and forcing me to the shower floor.  While the water ran over their bodies they took turns shoving their cocks down my throat.  When I was sucking one the other would jerk off and within minutes I was getting a load out of each of them as they shot all over my face.  I caught as much as I could and swallowed before standing up and hugging both of them while letting the water run over my face and washing their cum off. 

Once we were out of the shower they both looked at me and said shit now we're all nice and clean and cool and we have to put on those soggy smelly clothes and shoes.  I told them shoes I couldn't help with but shorts I could.  I gave them each a pair of satin shorts and offered them jocks but they said the shorts were fine.  I thought so especially when they put them on and if they hiked them up just enough their cock heads hung out the leg.  Anyhow as they were leaving they asked if there was any other work I would be needing and I told them not on the house but maybe in the bed I would and anyhow I needed my shorts returned.  They both smiled and headed for their cars.  I closed the door and headed for the tub.  I was going to have to soak my well fucked ass or I was going to be very sore very soon but even so when I thought about the events of the last few hours I felt my ass and smiled.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Home Repair - Part 1

Home Repair

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2

I work in a place all the contractors and do it yourself type people go to get supplies to do their own house repairs and such.  Let me tell you it’s complete torture every day.  It was not the job itself but the hotties that were there.  There are 2 guys I work with I would drop to my knees for in a half a heartbeat.  They are drop dead hot pieces of man meat.  One I know for sure is packing at least 12" between his legs.  You see we have a locker room and he changes into his work pants and shirt every day.  He goes commando so every day that we work together I get to be teased by his giant cock as it swings between his legs when he takes his pants off.  He doesn't even know he is driving me crazy.

The other guy is more reserved.  He at least wears a pair of "tightie whities" but they don't hide very much due to his size either.  Then there are all the guys who come in for supplies, one just as hot if not hotter than the other.  Summer is worse than the winter.  They come in with just a pair of reggae shorts and maybe a tank top.  Most of them have a "T" shirt cut under the arms to the waist hem of the shirt and the neck line cut deep to keep them cool.  Seeing all that skin is hard to keep from walking around with a permanent hard on which would be hard to explain since I myself am gifted with a little over 12 inches.

After a while you get to know the contractors that come in since they are always in the store for one thing or another.  I’ve gotten to know a few and even had them work on my house once in a while for jobs too big for me to do by myself.  My house is very old and I redid some of the rooms after finding a fireplace covered over in one room and another room not having any insulation in it. 

I did all the work myself till it came time to re-sheetrock the rooms.  It’s kind of hard for 2 guys let alone one to hold a 4 x 8 sheet while nailing it in place so I hired 2 of the guys that come in to come and help me as a side job.  Of course I picked the 2 hottest I could find that would take the job. I arranged to do it on a Saturday I had off from work but I didn't plan on it being a record heat wave that day.  It was over 100 degrees and here we are inside doing sheetrock.

It was so hot both guys took off their shirts and were working in just shorts and work boots.  Their bodies were worked out pieces of art.  I couldn't judge which was more beautiful.  Sweat was making their bodies glisten as it formed on and ran down their bodies.  Their shorts were soaked from their chest and back sweat as well as the sweat from their crotches.  Their clothes clung to them and showed off their very large cocks.  Around midafternoon one of the guys went outside and took the hose and just stood underneath it.  When he came in he said he felt so much cooler we all did it the rest of the afternoon from time to time.

When we finished putting up the sheet rock the guys said they were going to hose each other down before I ordered pizza for dinner.  That was part of the deal.  I said I would join them.  I took the hose and said to stand back and I would hose them down.  As I was spraying them with water one of them dropped his shorts and of course his underwear with it.  The other guy seeing what he did followed suit and next thing I knew 2 guys were stark naked in my back yard.  Both their cocks hung like fire hoses between their legs.  After a few strokes, each of them had very nice hard ons.

I dropped the hose and walked right up to them being intoxicated at the site and grabbed a cock in each hand.  One jumped and yelled "HEY" the other stood there and told me go for it.  Still intoxicated by the site of their naked bodies I slowly sank to my knees and took his cock in my mouth.  I hadn't hosed him down much and there was still the manly scent and taste of sweat on his cock and balls.  I was in heaven.  The other guy walked over hesitantly and stood next to us and I started to stroke his cock while sucking the other. 

Suddenly he pulled my mouth off his friend and forced it onto his cock telling me "Suck this one".  I swallowed him to the root and while I started to suck him off I stroked the other cock.  A few minutes and I knew if I continued he would cum so I stopped and said let’s take this in the house to the bedroom.  They agreed and in we went. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Double the Fun




I get more than my share of gay sex!  Not yet ready to settle down with one man, I like playing the field.  One day, "Mr. Right" will come along, but in the mean time, I enjoy just one-night-stands!    I pick up guys, just about anywhere.  It's easy (or maybe, I am!)

I like going one-on-one with a guy in my bed, but I have to admit that I really like having 3-ways!  Especially, if it is with a "couple"!  I find that many couples that has been together for over six months are usually looking for a little something new in their relationship.   After the monotony of just having sex with each other, they will totally concentrate on me when we are in the bed together.


So, how does this relate to this story?

I was on a health kick lately and joined a gym.  I was already in good shape, but I just wanted to maintain it.  (Besides, I thought a gym would be another outlet where I could meet hot guys!)   During my first work-out, I met Kirby.

Kirby is a very cute twink, a little younger than my usual type.  Running, side-by-side, on the treadmills, we started a conversation.  He seemed really flirty, but kept referring to "Chip", his lover.  Later, when we were naked together in the showers and locker room, I was really impressed with his hot little body.  (Especially, when he got a boner in front of me!)


 A week later when I saw him again, I was really confused because he completely ignored me.  Working out later that week, he was friendly again.  This guy seemed to have a "Jekyll and Hyde" personality.

One day in the locker room, Kirby walked straight up to me and took hold of my dick.  He pinned me against the wall and kissed me!   Of course, I was shocked!  "Chip and I have been discussing it lately.  If you are interested, we have decided that we want to do a 3-way with someone.  We would really like it to be with you."


Of course, I agreed, even though I wasn't sure which of Kirby's personalities would be present that night.  I was extremely curious to meet his lover.   We arranged to meet the following night at their apartment.

Arriving on time, I was met at the door by Kirby who was completely naked.  He invited me inside and proceeded to strip off my clothes.  Once I was completely nude, he called out, "Chip!  Our guest is here!"



The different personalities that I had experienced at the gym, had come from two different guys.  Everything started to make sense.   Even though they were totally identical in appearance, Chip was the shy one, and Kirby was really out-going.

I have to admit that everything about this encounter really freaked me out!  Two brothers as lovers?  Identical twins in a long term relationship?  The issue of incest?  Yet, I was totally intrigued and it was a real turn-on to watch this pair together.


They began the "foreplay" together as I observed.  Long passionate kisses!  Stroking and petting!  Licking and sucking each other!  I have to admit that I have never been turn-on before, as much as I was, as I watched them.

Without even touching myself, I probably could have erupted and spermed their sheets.  Finally they turned their attentions to me.  Shy Chip turned out to be the really passionate one who kissed, licked and sucked me everywhere. 

Kirby concentrated on my ass!  I've never had anyone who ever  rimmed me like that!  (Normally, I am always a TOP, but not this night!)      

Totally, spit lubed by Kirby's tongue, he eased his dick into my hole.  His slow rhythmic thrusts perfectly matched Chip's sucking motions on my hard cock.  They moved in union as they double-teamed my body.

Chip stroked himself as he sucked me.  Kirby nibbled on my neck and an earlobe as he fucked me.

When I reached the brink, I announced that I was about to "CUM"!  Chip took my load in his mouth and raised up in front of me to share it in his brother's mouth.  Kirby pulled out of me at that point and the two twins moved into a 69 position so that they could release in each others mouths.

I dressed and left the apartment while the two of them were totally oblivious that I was leaving.  All questions of incest aside, it was really hot to see two guys making out who were totally into each other.


They truly were in love with each other.  I will admit that I was very jealous!  I thought: as I go through life, I hope that eventually I can find a relationship that is that strong!"

Halfway home, I suddenly remembered the jingle on an old TV commercial for gum.  "Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun!"   

Thursday, January 24, 2013

SLUT - Part 3


Story by Larry

Part 3 of 3


Every week end and some week nights were filled with sex.  Last week end was one of my favorites though.  You see I have gotten a little, just a little selective.  I like foreign men, Italian, true Italians from Italy, Spanish, South American, all types of men.  Well last Saturday I picked up a French gentleman who was right off the boat.  He could not speak very much English but let me tell you he knew all the international language.

We got back to my house and when I closed the door he spun me and pinned me to the wall kissing me,   He worked his way down kissing my body and licking my nipples and sucking as he got my pants opened and then worked his way further down and pushed my pants to my knees.  Since I was commando he was able to suck my cock right there. 

I tried to get him to stand up and he finally did but only to pick me up and carry me into the bedroom and throw me on the bed.  I lay there as he spoke to me in French.  I have no clue what he was saying but I gathered it was sexual from the look on his face and the fact he was slowly taking his clothes off.  Once he was naked I was in a trance.  There stood before me was the most perfect man I could dream of.  Everything was exceptionally well proportioned from head to toe, his hair, face, chest, pecs, abs. his legs, his cock however was massive and below it he had  a beautiful set of well packed low hanging balls.  He had body hair in all the right places. He started to do a slow dance for me and when he turned around to give me a view of his ass I almost cried it was so beautiful.

Finally he reached down and pulled my pants which were still at my knees off my body and just threw them on the floor.  He started to lick and suck me from my toes to my head.  My body tingled.  He kept saying things in French.  None of which I understood.  I tried to give him the same treatment and he spoke the first English since we got to my place.  “Lay back.  This is all about you.  I will make you melt under me” he said.  He sure did.  For hours he did everything I knew about sex with a man and then some sort of fucking me or me fucking him.

Finally he turned me over which he had done many times in the past few hours but this time I felt his finger in my ass and move around.  I moaned and he said “You want my cock don't you?”  I said “Yes I want it all.”  He asked “Are you sure?”

“Yes.  I don't care how big you are or how long it takes I want your cock in me all the way.  I want to feel your balls against me.”  He said “It would be my pleasure to please you in such a way.”  With that I felt his head at my ass.  He had a large mushroom head covered by his foreskin.  I could actually feel it sliding back over his cock as he slid into me.  I began to tense up as the pressure of his cock going deeper got more intense.  I was clawing at the sheets and buried my face in a pillow to scream as he continued to slowly slide inside me.

I felt pressure of his body on me as he lay on my back but he was still slowly entering me. 

I was wondering when he was going to be all the way inside me when I felt his balls brush against me. He was all the way in.  “I will rest for a moment so you can adjust to my size my friend.”  I was panting and sweating just from him entering me.  I asked him over my shoulder, ”How big are you exactly?”  He answered “Some say I am 15 inches.  My doctor says I am malformed in length.  Most people cannot take half of me.  You my friend have me all.  You feel fantastic.”

A few minutes later he started to move in and out of me.  He kept kissing my neck and asking if I was ok.  “You like all of me in you don't you?”  he kept asking.  All I could do was shake my head yes. I was trying to breathe evenly to ease the pain which was very slowly changing to pleasure.  After some time of him fucking me on my stomach he pulled out of me slowly and rolled me over.  He pulled me to the end of the bed and put my legs up in the air and slowly lowered his cock into my gaping open hole.  When he was all the way in me he reached down and intertwined his fingers in me while my legs were hooked over his arms.  “Hold tight baby” he said. 

With that he picked me up off the floor and leaned back forcing his cock even further into my ass.  He started to bounce me off him and fucking me.  He even walked around the room making his cock move in different ways in my ass.  I was so full of his cock I was out of my mind.  He kept talking to me in French as he carried me and fucked me around the room.  Finally he lay me back down on the bed but only to climb up on the bed his feet on each side just behind my ass.  He kept fucking me but now was pulling almost all the way out and reentering me.  It didn't take long for me to be babbling uncontrollably and drooling.  He was fucking me out of my mind silly.

FINALLY, I felt his cock swell and he pushed all the way inside me.  I was so numb from being fucked so deep for so long I couldn't feel his load filling me.  It wasn't until he lay on top of me breathing heavily and pulled his still hard cock out of me that I realized he had cum.  He looked at me and told me “You are forever my baby now. You are the first to be able to take my entire cock and load.  You’re wonderful.”  I was for the first time in my life satisfied.  I didn't need to fuck, I didn't need to cum I didn't need to jerk off, suck a cock nothing.  I was satisfied.  I hope this feeling never changes.  I might be a slut but I am a slut in love

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SLUT - Part 2


Story by Larry

Part 2 of 3

When I finally got out of college, I managed to get a job in the city.   It was working for a gay magazine,  not bad pay, not bad benefits, and man the meat I would see from time to time.  I commuted to work from my parent’s house till I had enough money and then moved to what I had found to be the gayest section of the city.  It was a great little apartment with just big enough for a small love seat and TV in the living room, a queen bed in the bedroom and I used snack trays to eat because the kitchen was too small for a table but the building was clean, centrally located to all the gay clubs, and such and affordable.

That apartment saw more action in the first month I was there than in years before when I found out a known escort/hooker/porn star lived in it.  My first week end I went out, picked up a guy on a street corner 2 blocks from the place and took him home and fucked the shit out of him.   I sent him on his way and went back out to a club and picked up another guy who wanted to do nothing but suck cock all night, who was I to say no.  He blew me on every service several times.  I think he managed to get 4 loads out of me before I had to tell him enough is enough and sent him home.

This was my new hobby, picking up men and bringing them home to fuck.  I thought it very funny one week end when I was in the club scoping out my target when I recognized the football captain from high school.  I got up and walked over to him and grabbed his cock right in front of all his friends and said “I missed this cock.  I want it now.  Let’s go.”  You could tell he didn't know what to say so I just turned and walked away with my hand still gripping his cock and pulling him along with me. 

We went back to my house and I made him strip naked in front of me and lay spread eagle on the bed.  Then I made him lift his legs and hook his knees behind his arms so he was bent in half and his ass hole wide open.  I took a large tube of lube and held it to his open hole and squeezed.  I squirted in and all around his hole.  He looked at me and said “You’re going to fuck me aren't you?”  I told him eventually.  Then I put 3 fingers in his ass.  A look of shock came over his face.  “What are you doing?”  I knelt alongside him and held him to the bed with one arm while I fingered him with the other.  Slowly I started to add more fingers and then my hand.  He tried to get away and tell me no but I managed to get my hand in before he could stop me.  I opened my hand so he couldn't push it out or move around to get it out and started to fuck him with my fist and above my wrist. 

“This is for all the times you fucked me without lube” I told him.  “At least I greased you.  Now take my hand till I decide I’m giving you my cock.”  It was a long time before I got tired of fucking him with my hand.  He was begging me and crying the entire time to take my hand out.  When I did I shoved my cock in.  His ass was so high in the air I could pound his ass bouncing off it with each stroke.  I gave him a load and threw him out the door naked with his clothes on the floor.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SLUT - Part 1

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 3


I’m a slut.  I’ll admit it.  From a young kid when I started sucking off my brother’s friends, I knew I would be a slut and a damn good one at that. I love sex.  I crave cock, in my mouth, in my ass, my cock in someone’s ass or mouth.  You name it.  High school was a candy store for me.  I’d approach all the players on all the teams.  they were the best built except for a minor few that were just into keeping their bodies in top shape. All but 1 or 2 of the team players always agreed when I approached them about sucking their cock. 

It wasn't until senior year that I actually blossomed though.  I was sucking off the football team captain which wasn't unusual.  I did him at least once a week, especially before a big game.  He said I was his good luck blow job and emptied his balls to enable him to play better.  I didn't care what the excuse he had a great cock.  In the middle of blowing him he pulled me off his cock.  “You know I heard something and I want to see if it's true.”  I said “What?”  He answered “Ii want to see if your ass is as tight as a bitche’s pussy” 

With that he spun me around and bent me over and aimed his cock head at my ass.  I tried to get away but he had me by the waist and then took his cock in his hand, put it to my hole and shoved.  I yelped and he just kept shoving it in.  When he was balls deep he said “Yup.  A guy’s ass is definitely as tight or tighter than pussy.  At least yours is tighter than my bitches” he said.  “I already know you give better head.”  He started to fuck me and I had to steady myself by grabbing my ankles.  He kept pulling all but the head out of my ass and then ramming it in again.  He started to sweat and breathe heavy and then on one of his thrust's he froze and I felt this warm feeling inside me. 

He pulled out and his cum ran out of my open hole and down my leg.  “Yeah man that was great.  Only thing is now I need you to clean off my cock before I go put my uniform on for the game.”  I took his cock in my mouth and cleaned it as if I had sucked him off and then let him go.  He got dressed and I finished taking a shower in the locker room like I always did.

The guys must have been talking among themselves because the next time I was sucking off the soccer captain at his house I just about got his cock in my mouth and he said he wanted to fuck me.  He had me on his bed with my ass in the air and my head on the sheets and fucked me good and hard.  He didn't even pull out and his load was dripping out of my ass.  And thus my craving for cock in any way shape or form began.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Homeland Security




 There was something about South America that really intrigued me.  The very little that I knew about the countries or the continent offered a vague fascination.  On a whim, just out of college, I took a

temporary job teaching English in Argentina.   I actually thought my two years of high school Spanish would suffice, until I arrived and realized the primary language was Portuguese.

Even thou it was beautiful, nothing about the country worked for me.  The rents on apartments were exorbitantly high, and the monetary exchange rate quickly exhausted my limited funds.

It was too much of a challenge for me and I decided to head back to the States.  I had arrived in South America with very little and was returning with the same.  All of my belongings were stuffed in one checked bag and my giant backpack as a carry-on.
I stood in the line at the airport to go through security.  I had my airline ticket, boarding pass and my passport in my hand when I was pulled out of the line.  The uniformed security man spoke English, and I understood that I had been selected to go through a secondary private screening. 

I had nothing to hide, so I really wasn't concerned about another search by the elderly "TSA Official".  He escorted me to a private little room where I waited several minutes until an examiner arrived.  He was about 30 years old and a relatively good looking man.

I was alone with him in the room while he meticulously examined the entire contents of my carry-on bag.  He smiled broadly when he found my stash of condoms and my cock ring.   I had a lot of time to study this guy whose name tag read "Carlos Garcia".  (He spoke fluent English but, He was originally from SPAIN, so he could understand some of my very lame Spanish!) 

He explained to me that there was an American male who fit my description that was reported to be smuggling drugs on his body.   I didn't have anything to hide, so I consented to a full-body strip search.

As I removed each article of clothing, he thoroughly examined it.  Finally, I stood naked in front of him.  It probably wasn't for security reasons that he slowly circled my body.  I couldn't help but notice that there was a tent forming in his uniform pants.

I'm one of those people who gets easily aroused and my dick started to grow till it was pointing at him.  I volunteered that I would be happy to consent to a "cavity search" just to put this security issue to rest.  

While he donned a thin latex plastic glove, I crawled up onto the single table in the room to expose my hole to him.  It wasn't easy without a lubricant, but he managed to work his index finger inside.  He probed around for about 20 seconds and started to pull out.

I stopped him and said, "Make sure you do a thorough job.  Maybe you should use two fingers."

Not only did he insert a second digit, but he reached between my legs to stroke my hard cock.  With him massaging my prostrate, it took just minutes until I shot off all over the table.

Apparently, he had gotten off too because when I climbed off of the table, I notices a big wet stain in the front of his uniform pants. 

I was allowed to dress again.  Just before being cleared to catch my plane, he said, "I apologize because we must have stopped the wrong guy.  I hope you had a good time in Argentina."

Ironically, the best time I had in his country was at the airport as I was leaving!