Saturday, January 19, 2013

Brand New Year - Part 4

"NEW YEAR'S EVE ...."  part 4 of 4


Ray busied himself in his office to get some work accomplished on his computer for the coming weeks.  Selling real estate takes a lot of homework.   Jake was gone most of the day.

For some odd reason, Ray was really looking forward to spending a platonic night this year with Jake.  He still hadn't bothered to get dressed, but he thought:  "WTF!  Why even bother!  Jake was right!"    Ray had found his comfort zone.

The weather changed from sunny and warm to rainy and cold in the afternoon.  Jake came home that evening.  He was soaked to the skin because his truck had broken down about six blocks away. He stripped out of his wet clothes and dried off.

Ray was on his bed watching TV when Jake popped his head in.  "Gonna grab a beer.  Can I bring you anything?" 

"No thanks.  Go ahead, and then, come join me.  I have some ideas I want to run past you about re-doing the kitchen."

Minutes later they were both seated on Ray's bed.  After working out the remodel plans, Ray said "This has been quite a year.  For both of us.  Do you miss your wife?"

"No, not at all.  It was three of the most miserable years of my life!  I know you are probably missing your friend, Steve.  I thought he was a jerk!  I didn't want to make any trouble at the time because he seemed to make you happy.  Behind your back, he kept trying to get into my pants.  The night before he left, he actually came into my room.  I woke up to find him sucking my dick!"

"THAT SON OF A BITCH!   What did you do?"

"I was so fucking horny that I considered letting him do it.  I get tired of just jerking off all the time, but I thought better of it and threw him out."

Ray said, "Well, I'm glad you decided to tell me.  It pisses me off that Steve would pull something like that, but it's always better to know the truth about people."

Jake and Ray had talked so long that it was just seconds till midnight.  Ray asked, "Made any New Years' resolutions this year?"

"Just one"  As the clock struck twelve, Jake leaned over and kissed Ray!  It was a real, lingering kiss.

Ray was pleasantly surprised! 

Jake said, "I've decided that this year I should try new things!  Maybe I can give my hand a rest for awhile!"

Ray smiled, "I'll be happy to help you keep that resolution.  Happy New Year!"   

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