Thursday, January 3, 2013

3 Weeks Leave - Part 1

3 Weeks Leave

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2

When I graduated high school I decided I had to get out of my house.  I couldn't stand living with my mom and step dad any more.  I had made a big mistake a few years earlier and came out to my mom and her husband only to find out they were two of the biggest homophobes I had ever met. My life had become a living hell from that time on.  My mom was always coming out with these nasty comments and belittling me.  My step dad never missed a chance to beat the shit out of me. 

I was forever walking around with bruises or a black eye or my arm in a sling from him twisting it so bad that one time he even twisted my shoulder out of the socket and then threatened me on the way to the hospital to get it put back in that if I said how it happened he would tear it off the next time. 

The day after graduation I went down to the army recruiter and signed up.  I didn't even tell any of the family or my friends.  I just packed what they told me to and disappeared one night after everyone went to sleep.   

When I was in school I was a flabby, pudgy guy.  Let me tell you after boot camp you come out a totally different person.

I was built like a brick shit house.  My body was buff.  My muscles toned and bulging, my face slimed out and my hair cut totally different.  I had a 3 week leave so I got myself a weekly efficiency near the base and just hung out.  There was a pool and it was hot as hell so I hung out by the pool most of the time.  I didn't have a suit so I was commando in shorts and hanging out all over.  The life guard was one hell of a hunk.  He’d sit up on his chair all day with his little speedo and sunglasses and watch over maybe 2-3 people in the pool but it was law they had to have a life guard.


One day I was the only one at the pool so he came down off his chair and walked over to me and sat down.  “Hey man, you moving in here permanently?  Be nice to have some new people around.”  I told him no that I was on leave before going back to the base and being assigned.  “Oh” he said.  “No wonder you’re so well put together.”  I looked at him and said “Excuse me.”  He said “You know.  You’re very muscular and good looking.  Not many people around here like that.”  I said.  “Oh, thanks.”


With that some kids went in the pool so he had to go back on his chair.  I took my towel and went back to my room. A little while later there was a knock on the door.  It was the life guard.  When I opened the door he walked right in without saying anything at first. I had left my wallet and sun glasses on the table.  I was standing in a towel having just gotten out of the shower. 

He handed me the stuff and then sat down in the chair by the window.  “Nice room” he said.  “Got a beer?”  I opened the fridge and handed him one and took one for myself and then said “I’d be back in a sec, I have  to get dressed.”  He looked at me and said “Why bother.  I already know what your cock and balls look like.  They hang out at the pool all day. I’m surprised they aren't sun burnt or are they?”  With that he pulled the towel off me.  “Nope they are not.”

I grabbed the towel and put it back around me.  He looked at me and said “Why bother man.  I only want to rip if off again.”  I asked him what he meant and he said “You know exactly what I mean. I want that cock of yours.”  With that he stood up and dropped his own bathing suit to the floor and stepped out of it.  He hid his cock well in that suit let me tell you cause he was hung.  I told him I didn't know what he meant.  I didn't want to let on I was hungry for cock too.


He walked over to me and looked me right in the eye while he grabbed and stroked my cock”.  Yes you do.   Look at you. You’re getting hard as a rock already.”  With that I grabbed him by the back of the head and drew him in and kissed him hard.  Then I threw him on the bed and crawled between his legs and took his cock in my mouth and deep throated him.  He moaned and said “Yea man suck me good.”  I looked up at him as I swallowed his cock to its root again. 

I kept his cock in my mouth and moved around so my cock was hanging over his face.  When he didn't take the hint I let go his cock and took mine in my hand and forced it in his mouth and told him “If you want your cock sucked you better get to sucking mine.”  With that he gobbled it down and I went back to sucking him.  I started to play with his hole as well and all he could do was mumble around my cock.  All you could hear was “Muuuunnnnnnffffff.”


He started to try and move around under me but I pretty much had him in a position where all he could do was suck my cock.  I could tell he was getting ready to cum.  His balls were pulling up inside him and his hole was getting tight around my fingers.  When his hole clamped down on my fingers real tight I knew it was only a matter of seconds and I deep throated him and swallowed his load as he shot it down my throat. 

When he was done shooting I swung around real quick, lifted his legs high in the air and open wide and put my cock up to his hole.   He looked up at me and said”Hey man I don't get fucked.  I suck a little cock but I don't get fucked.”  I told him “You may not have till today but you will now” and then shoved my cock in his ass with just a little spit from my fingers and what I had just spit on his hole.  He yelled and tried to scramble away but I held fast in his hole.  I had him pinned on the mattress with his legs bent up against his chest and my cock buried in his ass.  Man he was tight.

He started to curse at me and tried to push me off and punch me but I kept my cock in him and kept fucking him.  I could feel his ass start to loosen around my cock and as it did I started to fuck him faster and harder.  After a few minutes I was power fucking him, slamming my cock in him with each thrust.  All of a sudden cock let go with another load and he shot all over his and my stomach.  It felt hot between our two bodies and it set my orgasm off.  I filled his ass like I hadn't filled anyone’s in a long time.  I pulled right out after I came and swiveled back around and shoved my cock in his mouth again and told him to clean it off.  While he did that I lifted his legs so I could get at his ass and ate my own cum out of him.  He went wild.

When we were done I just lay on the bed next to him.  “Sorry you came to drop that stuff off”  I asked him.  “Yes and no” he said.  “Yes, because my ass is fucking sore now and no because my ass got fucked good by a hot looking man.  You know you’re gonna have to do that again.”  I told him “I’m here for the next 2 weeks.”  Every day for the next 2 weeks I got a visit at least once a day from the life guard.  By the time I left he was a true bottom.  He loved my cock inside him not that I didn't love it inside him either.   

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