Saturday, March 31, 2012

Runaway - Part 2


A Story by JAY

Part 2 of 2

He rolled over to grab a towel laying on the back of the sofa.  He pressed up against my hard cock.  He handed me the towel and rubbed his face all over my cock.  He pulled down the blanket covering me and a drop of precum started to drip from my cockhead.  His tongue flicked out and caught it.  He continued licking all up my shaft to the top of my cock.  In one swift move, he took my cock deep in his mouth.  I never had anyone do that before.  I saw that his cock was rock hard once again.  He moved to the edge of the sofa and patted the area of the sofa in front of him. 

I leaned down and held his cock in front of me.  I tried to suck it and take it deep in my mouth but I started to gag and quickly removed it.  I decided to take it slow and easy.  I sucked on just his cockhead, making sure I gave his ridge around the cockhead all the attention I could do.

I was not the most experienced cocksucker but I was going to do my best and give it a try.  I was real close to cumming.  The sensation of my cock in his mouth was overwhelming.  I started to cum and he clamped down on his lips and swallowed my load.

When he came, it was fast and with a big load.  I swallowed some but most came out of my mouth and accumulated on him.   We laid there catching our breath.  We cleaned up and sat and talked.   He was an easy going guy that was sweet and generous.  Even though he did not have much, I was welcome to anything I needed.

I found out that he was a runaway also.  His name was Joe.  In the daylight, his place was a ‘dump’, but like he said, “It is dry and somewhat warm.”  He invited me to stay a few days.  I felt safe with Joe, so I decided to stay.  He made money by begging on streets corners. 

The next day, while he was out, I thought about it and begging for a living was not my thing.  I had dreamt of having a nice place and a good job.   My dream had this handsome boyfriend that was waiting for me.  Although I appreciated him letting me stay with him, the next day, I headed back home.

We parted as friends and I plan on visiting every so often when I need to ‘runaway’

Friday, March 30, 2012

Runaway - Part 1


A Story by JAY

Part 1 of 2

I was new to town.  I just arrived by bus.  I could not take it at home anymore and now that I was 18, I decided to leave all the abuse and head to the big city.  The bus left me off in a rather bad rundown part of town.  The weather was rainy and cold.  I walked the street and the rain started to come down in buckets.
I sat in the doorway, trying to stay dry and warm.  I saw a guy running down the street towards me.  He stopped in front of me.  He said, “You are in my doorway.”  I looked up at him, confused and scared.  He stared at me.  I slowly moved out of the doorway.  He unlocked the door and turned towards me and said, “Don’t just stand there.  Come in out of the rain.”

I entered the building and looked around.  The room was big.  There was not much furnishing.  He undressed out of his wet clothes and sat on a sofa naked.  He pulled a blanket up to cover his slender body. 

I looked around the room.  He interrupted me by saying, “Yeah, it is not much but it is dry and somewhat warm.  Get out of those wet clothes and get under the blanket.”

I undressed and quickly got under the covers.  I started to shiver.  He motioned for me to move closer.  “Come on.  I am not going to bite you.”  I was too cold to resist.  I moved against his body and he held me.  
We fell asleep with him holding me. 

I woke to sunlight streaming through a large window.  The guy who invited me in was lying flat on his back.  His head was in my lap.   He held his hard dick in his hand.  He was snoring loudly.  I felt a cramp in my leg and shifted my weight.  His hand released his cock. 

I was able to examine his cock.  It was long and slender like the rest of his body.  His cockhead was nice and round.  I watched his cock twitched as he slept.  I moved my hand down to feel his cock.  It was rock hard.  He continued to snore.   I grabbed his cock and stroked it.  His snoring stopped and his eyes opened and he saw that I was holding his cock.  I stopped stroking.

He said as he stretched, “Don’t stop.  It feels good.”  I started to stroke him again.

He laid there as I manipulated his cock and held it up to admire.  He had a beautiful cock, long and slender but rock hard.  He was uncut and I was pulled up and watched his foreskin cover his cockhead and I pulled down and let it out.  I started to stroke faster and he closed his eyes and he laid back as I got him closer and closer to cumming.

His breathing stopped as the first wad of white cum appeared at the tip of his cock and flew out onto my hands.
I sat back and admired his pool of cum on my hand.   

Thursday, March 29, 2012



A Story by Larry 

Part 2 of 2

When he returned he was not alone.  He told me this was John and that he was going to use me for his pleasure as well and the same rules applied.  If he wasn't satisfied I would be punished.  By this time my body was covered in sweat.

John and Joe proceeded to take my leg bindings off and move them to pulleys in the ceiling over the head of the bed.  They hoisted my legs up exposing my wide open ass.  John took the paddle and told me my ass was too cool for him.  He said he like a nice warm ass when he was fucking it and proceeded to give me another 20 whacks, not watching and occasionally hitting my balls, causing me to scream into the gag in pain.

Joe removed the dildo gag when John was done and climbed up on the bed and replaced it with his cock in my mouth telling me to suck it good.  Joe climbed on the bed telling me I was in for the fucking of my life. I could feel the head of his cock at the opening of my ass.  In one swift push he was in my ass, balls deep. I screamed a muffled scream around Joe’s cock.  John was at least 10" and as thick as a baby’s arm.  He began to pump in and out of me like a steam engine. After about 10 minutes of this they decided to switch. Sweat was dripping all over us. Before taking up their new positions Joe took more rope and bound my cock more, wrapping it around my balls as well and separating them till the skin was tight.

Before climbing back on the bed they each took a long hit of poppers and then gave me a hit in each nostril. Before I came down from the popper high, they then began to fuck me in the ass and mouth hard and fast. They stopped after a few minutes to rest and put on cock rings, leaving me dripping in sweat with me ass still high in the air.

They took and gave me another hit of poppers before taking up their positions again.  John was again going to fuck me and this time Joe was going to face John while I sucked his cock.  Again without ceremony and in one swift plunge John was balls deep in my ass.  After a few strokes, I felt something more trying to enter my ass.  I realized that Joe was pushing the dildo into my ass at the same time John was fucking me.  I tried to scream but was slapped on the ass and told to shut up and then given another large hit of poppers. They did not stop till John was balls deep as well as most of the dildo in my ass. I felt like I was going to pass out.

With that they unbound my cock and balls and pulled the dildo out of my ass.  Like a piston, John fucked my ass while Joe fucked my face and they came within seconds of each other, flooding my ass and mouth at the same time.  They both came so much my ass could not hold it all and it ran out and down my ass onto the bed and I could not swallow it all and it flowed out my lips and down my face.

Afterwards they undid my ties and had me lay on the bed to rest. After a while they took me into this large shower and gently washed my entire body and gave me a 4 handed massage in the shower. They took turns sucking my cock to the root and playing with my balls. I had one of the most powerful orgasms of my life. My knees went weak and they had to hold me up.

Afterwards I dressed and had another beer. I left shortly afterwards and went home sore and tired. I fell on my bed and went to sleep without undressing.  My friend called in the morning to see how I was. I told him fine.  That I had had one of the best times of my life and that I planned on going the very next Saturday for another night out.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012



A Story by Larry 

Part 1 of 2

Since early on, I had fantasized and lusted after a man dressed in leather.  As time went on my fantasies drifted and changed many times but always included a man in leather.  While in college a friend of mine whom I had confided in offered to go with me to the local leather bar.  He warned me I may not be ready for what was in store for and I was apprehensive at first but decided to go anyhow.

Saturday night finally arrived.  The night we had decided to go. I dressed in jeans, black tee and work boots. I picked up my friend and drove the short distance to the bar.  We paid the entrance fee and as soon as we were inside the smell of leather hit me and was intoxicating. We went to the bar and ordered some beers.

Leaning against the bar, we surveyed the room.  There were all sorts of leather clad men.  Some dressed moderately in jeans and leather vest.  Others in all out leather gear, boots, pants, harness, arm bands and cap for one.  After a few more beers we ventured around the room.  While standing by the pool table a man I had noticed when we first walked in came and stood next to me.  He introduced himself as Joe and asked if I wanted a beer. I agreed.  He left and returned with 2 fresh beers.

We talked small talk for a while and watched as 2 guys played pool.  My friend came over and asked if I was ok because he was leaving with someone and I said I was fine.  Not to worry.  Joe said he would take good care of me.

After my friend left we played a game of pool and then Joe asked if I were in the mood to go to his place for a quiet beer and some talk. I agreed and so we left. I followed him home and before he opened his door he asked if I was averse to playing a bit. I told him I had never done anything like this before but was willing to try something light.

After we went in and he locked the door, he spun me around and looked me in the eye telling me he was now my master.  I would have to do as he told me or be punished. Then he told me to do a nice slow strip tease for him, slow and erotic.  I did my best but I guess my best wasn't good enough for him.  He came over to me and grabbed my nipples and twisted them hard. I went to yell but he warned me not to or he would punish me more.

With that he grabbed my hardening cock and dragged me through the house to a room in the back.  He had me sit on a wooden chair where he bound my hands and arms behind me and my ankles to the legs.  When he was done my elbows were bound to the top of the back of the chair, my wrists to the back legs and my ankles to the front legs.  My knees were bound to the legs also spreading me wide open and all exposed unable to move.  He gaged me and left the room.

When he returned he had removed his pants and was now wearing chaps, a leather studded jock, his harness and leather cap. He carried a small box which he told me he keep his "toys" in and if I was good he would let me play with some of them.

He had a enema bag hanging on a pole in the corner of the room.  He filled the bag with warm water and moved the pole next to me.  He inserted the nozzle into my ass with some difficulty and then began to fill my insides.  While he was filling my insides he undid my knees and had me slide my ass to the end of the chair.  When the bag was empty he removed the nozzle and replaced it with a large butt plug, had me slide back on the chair and told me not to let it leak or he would punish me again.

He then started to play with my nipples.  When they were erect he put alligator clamps on them that were attached to weights. He started running his hand through my chest hair and pubes. Next he took out shaving cream and a razor and began to shave my chest and stomach.  He shaved the shaft of my cock.  Then he had me slide forward again and had me empty my ass into a bucket after removing the butt plug.  All the while reminding me I was his and to do as he said or be punished.

He then attached a ball stretcher that was like a parachute with weight to my balls and swung the weights back and forth slightly.  It pulled my cock straight out and he finish shaving me where he missed, getting me as smooth as a baby’s ass.  He then refilled my ass with warm water and the butt plug and had me slide back on the chair. I start to mumble protests through the gag and he pulled on the nipple clamps telling me to shut up.

He changed the gage to a wire cage that held my mouth open but placed a large dildo into the gage sealing my mouth closed again. I found out later on this would enable him to remove the dildo and replace it with his very large cock without a problem.

He again had me slide to the end of the chair and he pulled the plug out of my ass and told me to empty myself of all the water.  He untied me from the chair, but tied my wrists to hooks in the ceiling, spreading my arms wide apart over my head and place a bar between my legs, cuffing my ankles wide apart as well. He removed the parachute ball stretcher for the time being and shaved my arm pits, balls and ass.  Then he replaced the parachute ball stretcher and weights and because he said I was moving too much I would be punished again.  With that he swung the weight between my legs pulling on my balls.  While the weights were still swinging he took a studded paddle and began paddling my ass.  He removed the gag and made me count the slaps and say thank you sir after each one.  If I missed one he would start all over, till I had answered correctly for 20 slaps and my ass was a bright red.

Strangely enough, all the time this was happening, my cock was hard as a rock and dripping pre cum.  He noticed this and took some rope and bound my cock tightly from tip to its root. Satisfied he then untied me and led me by my nipple clamps to a bed on the side of the room.

He tied each wrist to a bed post and each ankle as well.  He added a longer chain to the weights on the parachute ball stretcher and hung it over the bed putting more weight on it as well.  He took his camera out of the night stand and snapped my picture from a few different angles.

He then pulled the dildo out of the bag, climbed up on the bed, and sat down on my face, telling me to lick his ass.  I licked as best I could, pushing my tongue as far as I could in his hole.  After a while he turned around and shoved his cock in my mouth.  While I sucked his cock he took more pictures of me with his cock in my mouth.  Whenever I wasn't doing something the way he liked he would pull on the chains of my nipple clamps or the chain attacked to my cock.

After a while he decided he had enough and replace the dildo in my mouth and left the room.  

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Okay, Momma! We'll call him a Doctor!" - PART4

"Okay, Momma! We'll call him a Doctor!"



While I finished loading my dishwasher, Matt scooped up his 'toys' and headed back to my bedroom.  I walked in and found him on the floor playing with one of the dildos.  He was totally erect again.

I joined him on the floor and took over fucking him with his rubber penis.  "Damn, that feels good!   Issac, you should try it.  It will open you up and get you ready for my big dick."

I selected something much smaller.  After it was generously lathered with lube, I slowly inserted it.   Matt was right, it felt really good!

Matt said, "Did you turn it on?  That one vibrates.  Just twist the bottom to the right."

It was a sensation I had never felt before!   It was a real turn-on and I don't think my dick had ever grown to that proportion before.  Both of us moaned very loudly.   After several minutes of pure ecstasy, Matt instructed me to abandon the vibrator and to sit on his cock.

I was ready and anxious to feel him inside of me, but he was much larger than that vibrator!   With his rubber friend still up his butt, I slowly took his erection.  Once inside, I leaned onto my back and let him work my hole.

Matt was very gentle with me as he began his thrusts.  Slowly working his way at first, gradually he picked up speed until he was absolutely pounding my ass.  I was loving every minute of it as my prostrate was getting a nice work-out!   Sitting on his toy, his was too!  We both probably would have reached ejaculation much sooner, if the earlier blow-jobs hadn't taken the edge off for us.

After a good twenty minutes of vigorously being fucked, without even touching myself, I came all over my stomach and chest.  At the same moment, I felt his hot cum being emptied in me.

Totally, exhausted and covered in sweat, we collapsed together on the bed!

I felt his dick, still inserted in my ass, begin to soften.  His toy was still buried inside of him as we held each other. 

I thought, Thank you, Dr, Bordon.  for your diagnosis!  I no longer felt 'listless'!   If sex was the answer for my problems, I wanted a double dose every day!

I felt better!  Matt was satisfied!  And Momma could live with her fantasy of a 'Jewish Doctor' in our family!

Monday, March 26, 2012

"Okay, Momma! We'll call him a Doctor!" - PART 3

"Okay, Momma! We'll call him a Doctor!"


I wasn't shocked to find Matt naked in my bed.  Hell, that was precisely where and how I wanted him.   I guess he was just as horny and anxious, as I was, at this moment.   I stood there and watched him work his giant prick, while I thought about the last time he worked mine at the clinic.
Matt broke my reverie by stating,  "Are you just going to stand there?  or were you planning to join me here on the bed?   This isn't supposed to be a solo act, I can do that at home by myself!"

"Sorry Matt, I was lost in my thoughts.  I didn't think I would be this nervous being with you again.  I want it, but it's been awhile for me.  I forgot how massive your cock is!  I wanted today to be 'special' and I don't want to screw it up."

Matt said, "Relax Issac!  As I remember, you had some of the very best cock-sucking skills of anyone I have ever been with.   It's like riding a bicycle, after you master it, you will never forget how to do it.   So, just do it, already!""

I crawled up between his legs and began by licking his balls.  I moved on to worshiping his stiff cock with my tongue.  Once he was in my mouth, it took no time at all for Matt to reach an orgasm!"
After a few minutes of rest, Matt returned the favor and sucked me off!  It certainly beat just jerking off for the last few months. 

After a few minutes of cuddling and kisses, Matt said, "That was a mouthfull, but, how about that lunch you promised me?"

We strolled naked to the kitchen and he sat at my island to consume the lunch that I had prepared.  He seemed to be impressed with the fare, as he finished the plate I had put before him.  Like my mother always says, "I like a man with a good appetite.  The way to a man's heart is directly through his stomach.  Just avoid the one's with excessive gas!"
While helping to clear away the plates, Matt said, "Oh, by the way, I brought some of my old friends with me."   He retrieved his gym bag from the living room and pulled out multiple vibrators and dildos.   "Brought them for you, but I enjoy a little butt action too, every now and then.   I thought we might want to do a little experimenting today.   Remember, it was 'doctor's orders'!"

"Actually Matt, the only vibrating and throbbing thing I would like to have stuck up my ass,  is hanging just above your set of big balls!  Oh, wait a minute!   I just noticed.  This is probably the first time I have ever seen you completely flaccid.  I never realized that you are circumcised.

So, what gives?"

"Wasn't my idea!  I would rather be sporting the 'turtle-neck' down there.  My step dad raised me.  I never knew much about my real dad.   He was the one who insisted on the 'clip job'.  Mom said it was for a religious tradition."

I grabbed my phone and dialed, "Momma, sit down, I think my 'doctor' is Jewish!"

Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Okay, Momma! We'll call him a Doctor!" - Part 2

"Okay, Momma! We'll call him a Doctor!"


Part 2 of 4

It had been almost two weeks since my physical at the clinic.  I called to get the results of my lab work on all of the specimen samples I had submitted.  I was put on hold for about five minutes and had to listen to some really bad 'elevator music'.   Finally, a familiar voice was on the line, it was Matt.
"Hello Issac, sorry the doctor's tied up right now.  Good news!  All of your lab results came back without any problems.  You can relax, there were no areas of concern.  By the way, it was really great seeing you again."

"It certainly was for me too.  I never thought a doctor's visit could be so much fun.  So,..... I thought I might like to take you up on your offer.  When do you think we might be able to get together again?"

"I'm free this Saturday.  I can come over early and we can spend the day together.   I gotta run, see you on Saturday!"

Damn, Saturday was four days away!   I had no choice but to wait til Matt and I would be together again.   I looked forward to the weekend! 
When I woke on Saturday, I had an enormous erection and was tempted to jerk-off.  I decided to save it for Matt.  I jumped out of bed and started cleaning my house.  I wanted everything to be absolutely perfect.   I still hadn't bothered to get dressed when I went to the kitchen to prepare some food.

It was my plan to "wine and dine" him and impress him with my culinary skills.    I fixed enough food to feed an army!  Maybe he would stay for lunch, dinner and breakfast tomorrow morning.
I totally lost track of the time and before I knew it, I heard a knock at my door.

I decided:  oh, what the fuck!  I'll answer the door naked.  Hopefully, with Matt, I would be naked soon anyway.  Pulling the door open, I got the biggest surprise of my life!   It wasn't Matt on my threshold,  to my absolute horror,  It was my Mother!!!


She just brushed right past me, "Oh, hush Issac!  I gave birth to ya, so I've seen ya naked before!  I was the one who spent years, diapering and washing your little tush! ... Oye!  The times, I would be changing you, and you would pee on me!...   I don't think your Mohel, could have predicted at the circumcission that your little number would ever grow to that size!     Oy,  you are the one opening the door in your 'all together' expossing it all to your momma!  I came to meet the Doctor, "my new son in law"!   So where is he?"

I grabbed a pillow from the sofa to cover myself as I ran off to my bedroom to put on my bathrobe.

"Momma, please!   I told you this is like just a first real date for us!  I told you, he's  not a doctor, Matt is a nurse!  And he's not here yet."

My mother ignored me as she was looking around to inspect my house.  "Ey?  Did you find a girl to come in?   This place is almost clean.  About this Mathew of yours, when I tell the girls over Canasta this week, he will be a 'doctor'!   Like I should only tell Sylvia Fienstein that my son is dating a nurse?  I can hear her now, 'So your Issac can't land a doctor?"

There was another knock at the door.  This time it actually was Matt.   He walked in carrying a gym bag and a bottle of wine.  I introduced him to my mother, who pulled me aside,  "Now I see  why you answer the door naked!  He's really very handsome!  I approve, he seems to be a real mench!"

"Thank you Momma, I am glad to know I have your stamp of approval!  Now will you leave already?"

Finally, alone with Matt,  I said, "Sorry about that!  She likes to meddle in my life.  She really needs to find a hobby, other than me.  I haven't even had a chance to shower today.  Make yourself at home, I won't be long."
I showered, shampooed and shaved.  My dick grew hard thinking about reconnecting with Matt.   After I dried myself, and put my robe back on, I walked out to an empty living room. 

I was a little confused and called out for Matt.   His response directed me to my bedroom, where I found him stretched out naked on my bed stroking his big hard cock!
I decided that 'lunch' could wait.  I saw something else that I wanted to snack on right now!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Okay, Momma! We'll call him a Doctor!" - Part 1

 "Okay, Momma! We'll call him a Doctor!"


Part 1 of 4

Damn, I can't believe I was stupid enough to tell my mother that I haven't been feeling well lately.  Being a good Jewish Momma, she put the guilt trip on me!
"Ya ain't had no physicals or check-ups since ya been in High School.  Oye!... Bubbala, don't worry your Momma's heart!....  Your father, bless his soul, left us way too early!....  From my mouth to God's ears, my son should only live much longer!..... You should see a doctor. Oy, vay!  Issac, you've got health insurance, you should use it.  That's what it's there for!.... Maybe a nice Jewish Doctor?....  Perhaps he'll look you over, and just because you are a fagIla, doesn't mean I shouldn't have a doctor in my family?  So....what kind of a disease do you have?"

"Calm down, Momma, it's nothing serious!  I don't have a disease!  I'm just not my old self lately..  That's all!.  And stop with the matchmaking!  I'm sorry I ever told you that I was gay!   I don't need you to find me a gay lover."

Oh, shit!   Why did I ever tell her over the Sunday beef brisket, that I had been feeling just a little listless lately?   After she ragged at me for twenty minutes, I agreed to make an appointment at a clinic where I knew a male nurse.  The clinic specializes in dealing with men's health issues and is especially popular in the gay community.

Matt and I had dated briefly, nothing serious, just a few dates and nice romps "in the hay".   I'm really not sure why we stopped going out together.    Matt's a really cool guy, a lot of fun and very sexy!

I made the appointment and showed up on time at the clinic.  After filling out insurance paperwork and a questionnaire of my health history, I was shown to an examination room and told to undress.

As I was stripping down, Matt walked in.  My shirt was off and my pants were at my ankles when I gave him a hug.   "Nice to see you again.  So how naked should I be for the Doctor?"

"If I were you I would lose it all.  That fancy little psychedelic thong would be much more embarrassing than being nude!"  (I hadn't even given any thought to my underwear when I dressed that morning.)  "As I remember, you never had a problem being naked.   You might as well go all the way.  I've already seen it all, and Dr. Bordon will too, by the time he finishes with you.  Don't get too excited, I'm only here to take your vitals for now."
Once I was naked, very professionally, Matt filled out my chart after measuring my height, weight, temperature and blood pressure.  He extracted three blood samples from my arm and I thought it was unusual that he held my dick as I produced a urine sample.

Dr. Bordon walked in and said, "Thanks Matt, that's all for now.  I may need you later."    This was my first time with him.  He was an average looking guy, mid to late thirties, and had a good 'bed side manner' (as the saying goes).   He put me at ease throughout the examination with casual conversation. 

After examining my chart, he poked, prodded and examined in my throat, ears, nose and eyes.  He listened to my heart and lungs with his stethoscope.  Felt around my abdomen with his hands.  Checked my reflexes and finally did the cough test for a hernia.

Next up was the digital rectal exam.  I had never had to go through that with a juvenile physical.  Dr. Bordon said, "Since you indicated in your history, that your family has been treated for colon and prostate cancers, it's never too early to check."

I was instructed to get on the table on all fours.  The doctor put on a latex glove and using a lubricant on my hole, slowly inserted a finger.  I am not used to having anything up my ass since sexually I'm a TOP, not a bottom.  I could feel his finger feeling around until he hit my prostate.  Strangely enough, my dick suddenly went totally erect.  He probed me for a few minutes while I felt totally embarrassed about the hard state of my cock.

When I made mention of it, he said, "Don't worry about it.  It happens with most of my patients.  I'm surprised when it doesn't happen because the prostrate is considered by many in the medical field as the 'male G-Spot'.   It's nothing to be alarmed about right now, but your's is slightly enlarged.  There are many people in medicine who feel that if the prostrate is massaged regularly either digitally, with devises or through anal sex, the prostrate will remain healthy.  For some reason sexually active gay men seem to have fewer prostrate problems."  

The whole time he was explaining this to me, his finger was still up my ass stimulating me and my cock was still rock hard.  Finally, he pulled out and I collapsed on my back on his examination table.

"Doesn't appear that you have any 'erectile dysfunction problems'.   How frequently do you have sex?"

I thought he was making a joke.  After I stopped laughing, I said, "Doc, the closest I have had to sex in a long time was your finger up my ass!"

I don't think he found that very funny because he said, "I was asking because sexual intimacy or more precisely, the lack of it, can lead to depression, which is totally related to a feeling of listfullness.  Unless your lab tests come back with a problem, I can only suggest a new vitamin regiment, a healthier diet, and more physical and sexual activity.  I am sure there are physicians who would think my approach to medical health was revolutionary, however I feel that maintaining a vigorous sex life is part of your total psychological and physical well-being.  I am going to send Matt in to get a final specimen sample."

As he walked out, Andy walked back in.  " Whoa, you're already erect!  I forgot how pretty your dick was when it's hard.   Doc wants you to supply a sperm sample.  It's just to check the volume and your sperm count since he had some concerns about your prostrate." 

Andy stood by with a petrie dish and I laid there stroking myself.  After several minutes without any results, Andy asked if I needed a hand and took over jerking me.

"Of course, you know this would be a violation of professional ethics, but I won't tell, if you won't!   What did Doc Bordon do to get you so hard?"

I explained it happened during the rectal exam.  "It really wasn't as invasive as I thought it would be, it actually felt amazing and I almost came when his finger was still in me.  He thinks I need to have more sex and I need to have my prostrate massaged."

Matt took the hint, lubed up my ass and shoved his finger in.  It did the trick and I gave up a massive sample.
Still rock hard, I climbed off the table to dress again.  Matt said, "I think the boys in the lab will be impressed with the size of this sample, I know I am.  By the way, I'd be happy to volunteer to help improve your sex life.  I have something much larger than a finger that I am sure you would enjoy."

Driving home, I thought, I think I'll take Matt up on his offer.  He may not be the doctor my mother wanted, but I think she will approve!

Friday, March 23, 2012



A Story by JAY

I met him on CraigsList. His name was Bryan.   Right from the start he used a cockring.  He undressed and sat down on my bed.  He placed the cockring around his cock and balls.  I watched as his cock went from soft to hard in a matter of seconds.  I was amazed how hard he was.  The cockring made his cock enormous as it held it in place.  His balls protruded out.  He told me to suck his balls, smack them, to do whatever I wanted.  

I did not need to be asked twice.  I jumped between his legs and got started on sucking his balls.  I looked up and saw his cock begging for attention.  It had a beautiful shaped cockhead.  As I started to lick it, I started at the base of his shaft and moved slowly to the tip of his cock.  He told me his cockhead loved to be chewed. 

I started to nibble.  I listen to the sounds of delight from his mouth. The more I chewed, the louder he moaned.   I went back to paying attention to his balls.  I smacked them with my hard cock.  His moans were louder. 

I took both balls into my mouth and used my tongue to lick all around them.  I used my hand to stroke his cock and make sure it stayed hard.  After a while, he slipped out of the cockring.  His balls hung down between his legs.  They looked delicious.  I started to lick them.   

The cockring had made his balls super sensitive.  Every lick of my tongue sent chills up and down Bryan body.  He yelled, “Wow.  That feels great.  Please don’t stop.” 

I gave his balls constant attention.  Between sucking and licking his balls, Bryan was now moaning loudly.  He was close to cumming.  Bryan was stroking his cock, but I took over just as he was ready to cum.  I placed my mouth over his cockhead and felt the first shot of cum enter my mouth.  I swallowed as the next shot of cum filled my mouth. 

I sucked his cock as he unloaded his load.  He moaned as I kept sucking until his cock started to deflate.

“WOW” he said.  “Awesome.  The only thing I can say is WOW.”

Whenever I get together with Bryan, we start out using his cockring.  He loved the feeling of my tongue and mouth on his balls.  But then after a while he removes the cockring, and I take him to another level.  He explains that the cockring makes his balls super sensitive.  So when he removes it, my licking and sucking drives his wild.  As long as he is happy and keeps coming back for more, then I am happy.

Thursday, March 22, 2012



Submitted by CATMAN

Part 2 of 2

Back in our dorm room, I told Drew what I had done to Jason.     After a good long laugh, we agreed that this fraternity crap idea was behind us.

We also agreed,  that It was nice to be back in a dorm room, instead of being forced to sleep on the hard floor all week at the frat house.    Drew and I went down the hall to shower and, then returned to our room.  

As we dried off, I apologized again and said, "Sorry, about the other day.  That must have been horrible for you to be forced to suck my dick, then get fucked."

Drew shocked me by his reply,  "Actually....It wasn't that bad....never done any of that gay stuff before, but...under different circumstances, I might have enjoyed it."

We both dropped our towels and stood there looking at each other for the longest time.   Finally, I broke the silence.  "Um...well if you, do it again......"   Before I could finish, Drew crossed the room and grabbed my dick.  He began to stroke me with one hand, while stroking himself with the other hand.   It was just seconds until we were both totally erect.   He was standing just inches away from me, looking me squarely in the eye.   I wanted, desperately, to just lean forward and put my lips on his, but I thought that a kiss might be way too gay for him!  

Almost in a whisper, Drew said, "I always suspected you might be gay, and it was confirmed, the way you sucked my dick that night.     I have to admit that it was a little weird when Jason forced me to suck your big cock.   I guess, the truth is, I was always a little curious about why you gay guys like sucking dick.   I didn't know what I was doing, but frankly, it wasn't that bad.    I wouldn't mind trying again."

He, immediately, dropped down to his knees and began sucking my cock.  With a few instructions, he actually gave me a very good blow job.

I pulled out of his mouth (I was sure that he wasn't ready to taste cum yet!)  and finished myself off by jerking my load all over his body.  

He was still totally hard.   I said, "Drew, it's only fair that since I fucked your ass, that you should have a shot at mine!"   I wiped my cum off of his chest and stomach and lubed up his dick.   He went to town and fucked me like a man on a mission.    After he shot his load up my ass, we just laid there for a few minutes.

Finally, he leaned over and gave me a quick kiss!   Then he said, "Hey buddy, can we just be our own 'fraternity"?  A FRATERNITY OF JUST YOU AND ME?"

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Submitted by CATMAN
Part 1 of 2
I'm not normally someone who seeks revenge, but occasionally, there is someone who just plain pisses me off and deserves it!    That was the case during my second year in college.    Drew, my very best friend since grade school, was attending the same school with me.   We are more than just friends, we are almost like brothers.   He had grown into a super hot athletic, straight guy, while I was the slim swimmer's build,  gay guy.   Even before the start of the second school year, he started bugging me about joining a fraternity.   I had no interest in any part of "Greek" life, but I finally broke down and agreed to pledge with him.

My first impression of the guys in 'the house' was that they were a bunch of jerks.    For Drew's sake, I put up with all of their antics during "Hell Week".  Most of what they put us through was just designed to embarrass the pledges.    Everything took a strange turn on the fifth day, when Jason was in charge of hazing us.   Jason was an over-weight, pimple faced Senior who liked to party too much.    In my opinion, he was just a giant PRICK!   He turned the embarrassment  into humiliation.

He gathered the twelve pledges in one of the common rooms and forced us to strip.   I think he got off on it, when he told us to start stoking our dicks.    Once we were all showing 'hard', he paired up guys and ordered us to suck dicks.    Luckily, I was paired with my friend Drew.   Half of the guys objected and just quit, leaving just six of us.    I had no problem sucking Drew's dick, since I had secretly always wanted to do it.   After several minutes, Jason ordered us to change places.  Poor straight Drew had never sucked a dick before in his entire life and he was really bad at it!

Despite the fact that Drew gave a really lousy blow job, I thought it was really hot  to see my dick in his mouth.    Jason decided to change the action, "Okay you cock suckers, you took it in your mouths, now I want to see how you take a dick up your ass!"   I saw an absolute look of terror on Drew's face.   When I leaned down and whispered, "We can quit right now."   Drew shook his head, "No, I'm not going to quit!  This is too important to me!  I want to join this fraternity!"

At least, Jason was nice enough to provide us with lube.   I made sure that Drew's ass and my cock were very well lubed.  Despite Jason screaming at us to "put it in!",    I tried to be as gentle as possible as I entered Drew's cherry hole.  Sure, I always had wanted to fuck his hot ass, but not under these circumstances, but I did it.   

After several minutes, Jason ordered everyone to stop and leave the room.  That is, with the except of me.  With an evil smile, he said,  "You seem to have been enjoying all of this way too much, I'm about to wipe that smile off your face!"     When he pulled out his minuscule dick, I laughed, "Is that all you have to offer?"

I turned to walk out of the room, but he was bigger and stronger than me.  He threw me on the bed and produced the biggest rubber dildo I have ever seen.   He held a hand over my mouth to quiet my screams, as he raped me with that giant toy.   My ass was on fire, when he finally finished getting his jolly's.

The following night was "Induction Night". and all of the brothers gathered for a big party before our initiation to the house.   I  had decided that, despite Drew's objections, at the appropriate time, I would make a statement and  tell the brothers to "Go fuck themselves!"    There was a lot of beer, booze and drinking.   I noticed that fat Jason was getting really drunk, and apparently he couldn't hold his liquor very well.  As the evening wore on, I kept my eye on him and watched his every movement.

He was so drunk that he could barely navigate the staircase to his second floor room.    After a few minutes, I followed him and found him passed out in the doorway to his room.     REVENGE WAS NOW MINE!    I pulled out my dick and jerked off until I came all over his face!   Jason didn't stir, as I pulled down his pants.   I found that big dildo in his room and lubed it up.    He didn't wake, when I shoved it up his fat ass.  He was laying there with his pants at his ankles, a dildo in his ass and cum on his face!    With the scene set,  I went downstairs.


Everyone scrambled up the staircase to assist their 'brother',  while I grabbed Drew's hand and ran out the front door!   I could hear the raucous laughter, as we were running down the sidewalk.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

'Brief' Encounter - A Love Story - Part 2

‘Brief’ Encounter – A Love Story

A Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2

We met for dinner and had a great time.  I wore my new Jockey bikini  brief.  We had just finished dessert when he asked me if I tried on the Jockey bikini briefs.  I quickly responded that I did and that I even jacked off in them.  He laughed and asked if I was wearing them now.  I said I was. Before I knew it, Bill asked me over to lounge in them.  I said that would be fun. 

I followed Bill to his place.  It was a nice apartment, tastefully decorated.  He was first to undress down to his bikini briefs.  I followed his lead.  His body was beyond being awesome.  He had a nice flat stomach, a good chest, not a lot of body hair, actually just the right amount.  His bikini briefs showed the outline of his cock.  I could see the cockhead pressing against his underwear.  My cock was pressing so hard that I needed to rearrange it to the side.  He said I looked great in the underwear.  I did not want to be the one to make the first move.  But I could not resist.  I reached over to feel his cock.  It was hard and growing bigger as I held it. He had a great circumcised cock.  I tried to rearrange it and it popped out and I was just inches away from his massive cockhead.  I was so close that I could see beads of precum forming on his pee slit.

As I froze in position, I felt his hand grope my cock and balls.  He moved my cock so it now was free from the confines of my underwear.  Once he started to stroke my cock, I found my lips on his cockhead.  As I sucked his cock, I pulled his waistband down below his balls.

Before I knew it, we were in a 69 position.  We still had on our underwear.  I was enjoying this too much and felt myself ready to cum.  I was ready to tell him to ease up when I shot my load.  It felt like a large load and he gagged a bit but Bill was able to swallow the load.

I reached under his underwear and played with his ass.  This was his hot spot.  He made some grunting sounds and came.  It was a nice load of sweet tasting cum. 

We stayed in a 69 position and held each other.  It was beautiful to watch his cock go from rock hard to soft.  The big dinner and the sex made me sleepy, and I dozed off.  I woke up later to find myself covered in a blanket with Bill’s head resting on my chest.

Well, we have been together now for six months.  We spend time alternating between our two places.  There is even talk about moving in together.  Bill just gave me our six month anniversary gift.  Yup, you guessed it.  It was a nice pair of bikini briefs.  He knows the path to my heart.