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Hitchhiker Series - INVITATION

Hitchhiker Series – INVITATION

You are Cordially invited to the exchange of wedding vows

By: Jerome ‘Hitch’ Jones
And Nicolas ‘Nick’ Miller

Tuesday Feb 14, 2011

Reception follows ceremony

Black tie optional


Schedule of events:
February 12 – Hitchhiker Series – Best Man
February 13 – Hitchhiker Series – Proposal
February 14 – Hitchhiker Series – Wedding
February 15 – Hitchhiker Series - Honeymoon

Hitchhiker Series – The Anniversary

Hitchhiker Series – The Anniversary

It was our six-month anniversary. I entered the apartment and heard soft music playing. I entered and saw Hitch in the kitchen pouring some wine into two glasses. His blond hair stood out against the black tuxedo. He looked so handsome. Dinner was all ready and the dining room table looked beautiful with candles and flowers.

As he handed me my glass of wine, he said, "Happy Anniversary." I had forgotten it was our six months anniversary. Hitch kissed me and led me to the dinning room table. At times he was my waiter, serving me food and drinks. Other times, he was my lover, sitting next to me enjoying the meal and the company.

This year had brought us closer together. Hitch had soft music playing. He stood up and took a bow and asked me to dance. He took the lead and we dance around the room. The music changed tempo and he let me lead. He rested his head on my shoulder.

The evening was enjoyable. We headed for the bedroom. Hitch looked so handsome in his tuxedo. I removed his jacket and started to undress him one item at a time. He had worked out today and looked awesome. His muscle were toned and well defined. I made him lay down on the bed. He was on his stomach. His broad back and butt laid in front of me.

I undressed as watched me. His blue eyes smiled at me. Naked, I climbed on top of him. Put my arms around his chest and kiss his cheek. My cock rode his ass crack. He was the stronger one and he rolled us over and switched position and laid on top of me. His face stared into mine. He kissed me.

He told me he loved me many times than evening. We had made love many times before, but this day was so special. We had been through so much these past six months. Our love had not dwindled but had grown.
When I kissed Hitch, it made me forget about my troubles and problems. Time stood still. Before I knew it, Hitch was inside of me. With every thrust of his cock into me, I felt a wave of pleasure. It flooded my senses.
He kissed me. He knelt and pumped away while holding both my feet. I grabbed hold of my cock and stroked it, slowly at first and then faster. Hitch watch my cock and as soon as I shot my first wad of cum, he pulled out and stroked his cock to cum. As we finished cumming, Hitch used his fingers to swirl our cum together.

He got up and got a towel and wiped us both clean. He climbed next to me in bed and whispered "I love you." He held on to me and said, "I will never let you go. Never." We pulled the covers up and I told him this was a great evening. Sleep did not come quickly that night. We held on to each other and kissed.

When sleep did come, it was a restful, peaceful sleep.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Dancer

The Dancer

I thought I was all alone in the auditorium. I used the quiet to study and sometimes nap.

I heard music starting to play and looked up to the stage. Out stepped Stephan. He had on those white ballet tights and no shirt. He was one of the dancers in the college ballet group. He stretched on the parallel bar. I spotted his bulge in his tights. He pressed against the bar and it looked like it grew in size.

After stretching he leaned against the bar. I was not sure if he was done for the day and was just cooling down. I wanted more. Much more.

He seemed to have a cramp on his foot. He sat and tried to work it out. The tights were restricting his movement. He pulled the tights off and stretched his foot. He was naked and I saw what was behind his tights. He had a magnificent body with tight muscles. I could not see his cock from my vantage point.

He completely removed his tights and placed them on the bar. He continued to sit on the floor. The music was still paying from somewhere on stage.

He stood and went through his routine. I am not an expert but he was exquisite. His movement was flawless. I watch in awe of his dancing skills. His body belonged on Mount Olympus with the other Greek gods. My mouth dropped open watching his performance. He made a pose and I saw his cock and balls. I wanted him. His cock was soft but a thing of beauty.

He continued to dance. The music ended with him posing and holding his arms around himself.

I got caught up in the moment and started to applaud. He looked up and realized he was not alone. I walked up to the stage and kept clapping. He took a bow. He turned and picked up his white tights and walked into the shadows of the auditorium.

As I realize he was gone and not coming back, I stopped clapping. I wanted to al least say a few words to him. I grabbed my things and left the auditorium. I started to walk to the library. I wanted to be alone but also not be alone.

I started to cross the street when a car pulled up and blocked me from crossing the street. The window rolled down and I heard a voice, "Need a ride?" I did not want companionship right now. I leaned over to say ‘No’ when I saw the white tights. A car stopped behind Stephan’s car and honked. I looked up and saw that the driver of the other car was irritated with us blocking traffic. Stephan smiled and said, "Come on. Last chance?"

I jumped into the car. Stephan drove off as I buckled up for the ride of my life.

College Series – Professor

College Series – Professor

I was running late for my class. I hated being late, especially for this class. I loved this class. Not because of the subject, but the professor was my favorite. Not that he was a great teacher, but the man was a real stud.

I arrive right when the class started. I grabbed a seat and settled in for an hour of pure bliss. There he was in front of the class. His clothes fit his frame. His jeans always hugged his body.

Now comes the fun stuff. I thought of him sitting on a stool wearing a vest with a shirt underneath and shorts. His muscles rippling around his shoulders and arms.

In my mind, I remove his shirt and vest. I knew in my heart, that he had a great body. Nice PECS and a flat stomach. I spent many a class thinking about it. He had a hairless chest with just a few hairs in his armpit.

I watch him walk back and forth in the front of the class. Now comes more fun stuff. In my mind, I removed his shorts. He had on a pair of skimpy string bikini. They were tight and a size too small. His pubes stuck out over the top. It was a nice bush of hair. I could see his outline of his cock. He was well endowed. His cock was long even when soft.

Well, I save the best for last. In my mind, I removed his string bikini briefs. He was completely aroused. A full seven-inch thick cock pointed at the class. When he made a point about the subject he was teaching, his cock stood in front of the class pointing at what he wrote on the board. As he turned towards the board, his broad back was in plain view. His bubble butt made my mouth water.

The bell rang and interrupted my thoughts. It was the end of the class. The professor was against fully dressed. I grabbed my things and headed out the door.

Now do you see why I love this class? Come with me the next time. Who knows what might happen.

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The proper way to do SNOW ANGELS are demonstrated below. 

Lie on back and move arms and legs.  Points are deducted for wearing boxers.

Proper form with points added for being naked and having an erect cock.

Winter Dudes - The Best

Winter Dudes - The Best

You remember the WINTER DUDE that was rated BEST.

Well, here is another picture of him.  His rating is still BEST or higher.

What do you think?

College Series - Dorm Live - Room - Gang Bang

College Series - Dorm Life - Room - Gang Bang

(A Continuation of Dorm Life - Room posted on November 25 )

I woke up the next morning, sore all over. I wondered what happen to make me feel this way, then I remembered. I was spying on the guy next door to my dorm room and he found out. He had his way with me. I smiled thinking about it. I remembered his last word before he left, "Whenever I want it, I will get it." I looked down and my cock was hard and poking it mushroom head over the waistband of my cum stained briefs. I looked at my clock and saw how late it was. I needed to get to class, so I rushed to get ready.

Class was boring. All I could think of was what happened last night. It sure turned me on. I headed back to my room and hit the books. After a few hours I was ready for bed. Suddenly the door opened and it was the guy next door. He walked in with three guys. He said, "It is time. Undress." I quickly took off my clothes and sat on the edge of the bed awaiting my next order. They dropped their pants and stood there with raging hardons. They had no underwear on. They kicked off their pants and removed their shirts and stood in from of me naked. "Suck us, now."

I grabbed each cock and sucked one and then the other. I did not want them to know that this was a dream come true. But my sucking action was not enough for them. They tried sticking both cocks in my mouth at the same time. I gagged. They finally realized that was not going to work. "Lay flat on the floor," he commanded. One guy laid between my legs and took my cock and sucked. The other guy sat on my chest and lifted my head off the floor and shove his cock in my mouth. I was trying to keep up with sucking his cock that I did not notice the other guy had lifted my legs and rammed his cock in my ass. I was receiving it from both ends. "Nice cocksucker." he growled. While this was going on, another guy came made his way to get at my cock. I could feel his hand around my cock and then he gobbled it up in his mouth.

The guy who had his cock in my mouth, removed it and turned around and sat on my face. "EAT ME." He said as he jacked off. He instructed the other three guys to stop what they were doing and have me eat them. They took turns sitting on my face. When they had enough, they stood over me and jacked off. One by one I felt their hot cum raining down on me. I was drenched in cum. They left and I was alone, covered in cum, and with an erect cock.

One of the guys from my floor saw all the activity and came in to see if I was all right. I was still laying on the floor. I said, "I am fine. Everyone got their rocks off but me." He grabbed a towel and started to wipe me clean of cum. "I am sorry they did this to you. You don’t deserve this. Let me get a wet washcloth." He ran down the hall and came back within a few minutes. I was pretty much covered in cum. He wiped me down starting with my face. When he got down to my cock, I was still hard. In fact his actions with cleaning me up, was a turnon. He took his time cleaning up my cock and balls. "You have a nice body and a nice cock. Let me help you up to your bed."

All I could think of was to say, "Thanks." He hugged me. "I don’t want to be alone tonight. Please, I really need someone to stay." He took off his clothes and climbed into bed with me. I started to shiver and he held me tighter. He brushed my hair and kissed me on the cheek. He whispered in my ear, "You will be ok. Don’t worry." I turned my head towards him and we kissed. He grabbed my cock and then he ran his fingers up and down the shaft of my cock. All the sexual activity of the night made me super sensitive and I came quickly. He reached for the towel and wiped my cum off of me. He grabbed the blankets and covered us with them. He snuggled closer and kissed me on the cheek. He held me tighter and said, "Now get some sleep. Don’t worry about anything, I am here."

Friday, January 28, 2011

New Challenge - 'The Dancer'

New Challenge - 'The Dancer

Joe from

has issued a new challenge.

Joe provides the pictures and I write the story.

My goal is to post the story called ‘The Dancer’

on Sunday Jan 30 at noon Eastern Time.

Here are the pictures:


We have been covering the WINTER DOs and DON'Ts

But what about the WINTER DUDES?

Here are three dudes that are just right for Winter.

T H I S   O N E   I S    GOOD.

T H I S   O N E   I S    BETTER.

T H I S   O N E   I S    BEST.



I stretched as I woke up. I needed a cigarette. A hand appeared with a lit cigarette. I took it and inhaled. I tried to figure out who was laying beside me.

It was an ex-marine that I met at the bar last night. His name was Joshua. He looked younger than he was. Being ex-army myself, one thing the military teaches you, is to smoke. When you are overseas, that is all there is to do. I needed to quit smoking, one of these days.

I got up to go to the head or what you civilians call the bathroom. I peed in the bowl. Joshua joined me and relieved himself. He was slender with a nice cock. We laid back down in bed.

I lit another cigarette. Joshua was laying on his stomach. He held out his hand. He was holding a condom. It was his way of saying "Fuck me."

I saw that he had his ass up in he air. He was assuming the position, using an old military term. I slipped on the condom and shoved my cock in his ass. His ass took my cock with no hesitation. He definitely had done this before many times. Like he said last night, he did not survive the war to be killed by an unarmed cock.

I got in the rhythm of fucking him. Joshua reared up his head. I remembered from last night what that meant. I grabbed him by the hair and pulled. It wasn’t a rough pull, just enough so he knew I was on top. Joshua was a bottom and was happy with that position.

I increased my thrusts. Joshua tightened his ass muscle. I push harder, then I continued to pound away. I felt his ass hole tightened around my cock, and I pulled harder on his hair. He tightened the muscle once again and that did it for me. I came. I filled up that condom with my cum.

I pulled my cock out and slipped the condom off. I threw the condom in the trash. I needed a cigarette.

Joshua’s hand appeared with a lit cigarette. I like this guy. I took it and lit it. I inhaled.

I still needed to quit smoking, one of these days.

Thursday, January 27, 2011



Here are some more tips for surviving the winter.

Ice fishing can be a WINTER DO.

Make sure the ice will support your weight.

This guy is either 1) Ice fish naked using his cock for a fishing pole
                    Or 2) Going for a swim.

Either case, probably a WINTER DON’T

Hunting can be a fun sport at any time of the year.

But hunting while naked is probably a WINTER DON’T.

Although wearing a hat with earmuffs and sun glasses to block the glare off of the snow

Working Late - Craig Part 3

Working Late - Craig

Part 3 of 3

I tried to get caught up with my work but it was a losing battle. This time I was looking forward to working over. Craig had made it a lot more fun.

The office was deserted and I got lost with my work. Once again, out of nowhere, Craig appeared. He was sitting on the desk, one leg on the floor and one leg up on the desk. He was naked with a hardon.

"Time to pay up." Craig said.

I leaned back in my chair and said, "How much do I owe you?"

"Drop your pants and lay over your desk."

I stared at him and slowly stood up. I made sure I took my time to pull off my pants and underwear. I slowly took my shirt off also. The thought of getting fucked made me excited. My cock was hard. I laid down on my desk. Craig moved behind me. I was anticipating his hard cock being pushing in my ass, but he knelt down first and spread my cheeks with his hands and licked my asshole. He licked around and then in my asshole.

I was enjoying the tongue action. In fact, I wanted it to last longer. Instead, Craig stood up and inserted his cock. He had lubed my asshole enough to make it easy to enter me. He started slow and then increased his thrusts. His roughness was a turnon. He was totally in charged. The thrusts turned into pounding.

I held on to the edge of the desks. At one point he stopped and removed his cock. He rolled me over to my back and lifted my legs in one motion. He reinserted his cock and the pounding started again. I wanted to mimic his roughness, so I grabbed my cock and started pounded away.

He watched my cock and as soon as I started to cum, he pulled his cock out and jacked off and came on me. His cum landed all over me. Exhausted he stepped back and sat on the edge of another desk.

Out of breath, he went and got some towels to clean me up.

He stood and his cock now was soft and pointing to the floor. He said, "Don’t forget, if you need anything, just ask. OK?"

I smiled and said, "OK." I used to hate working late, but not anymore.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011



Here are some more tips for surviving the winter.

Making a snowman is something you did as a child,

and it is a big WINTER DO.

But making it in snowman body parts is just a big DON'T.

AND if you find yourself fondling it, then it is a BIG WINTER DON'T.

AND if you make it in a snowmas ass then it is a DON’T.

But it you decided to stick your cock in the snowman's ass, then it is a BIG WINTER DON'T.

What did I tell you about frostbite.....

Working Late - Craig Part 2

Working Late - Craig

Part 2 of 3

The next day I was given more work to do. It looked like I would need to work over again. I placed my head on my desk. Craig saw me and came over. "You ok? Need anything?" I looked up at him and he had a sly grin.

"I need some relief." After I said that, I knew it would be taken the wrong way.

"Well, if you need anything, I will be in the storeroom, all by myself." He gave me a wink and walked off.

I looked at the pile of work and thought, "I could use a blow job."

I found myself walking to the storeroom. Craig was unloading a pallet of computer paper. He saw me and smiled, "You decide you needed something?" I nodded my head and said, "I need what you got last night." Craig stroked his hairy chin. "Did you fill out the requisition forms in triplicate?"

So Craig had a sense of humor. I laugh and said, "Please." Craig walked over to the door and locked it.

He walked over to his desk and sat in his chair and rolled over to be in front of me. He quickly unzipped my pants and dug inside. My underwear was getting in his way, so he unbuttoned my pants and pull them down along with my underwear. My cock was free and Craig held it in my hand. "Nice." Craig said as he rolled it in his hand. It grew harder. He licked my cockhead all around and lightly sucked on the tip. He then plunged my cock deep in his mouth. I could feel his tongue wrapped around my shaft. He placed his hands on my hips and started to push and pull me. I closed my eyes and let Craig suck me.

I took over and started pumping my cock in and out of his mouth. His lips held tight to my cock and I felt my nuts tighten. I warned Craig that I was ready. He pumped me faster and sealed his lips around my cock. I shot the first wad of cum, followed by another. He swallowed and kept sucking. I unloaded my load of cum, but I also unloaded my frustration of work.

I bent over and placed my head on top of Craig’s head. He interrupted me and said, "Let me get you cleaned up." The storeroom had a sink, so he got some paper towels, wet them and cleaned me up.

I told him I needed to get back to work. I told him that I probably would have to work over. I said, "Thanks, I owe you one."

Craig looked at me and said, "How about tonight?" I looked at him and thought "Why not."

He smiled and said "Don’t forget the requisition forms in triplicate."

Tuesday, January 25, 2011



Here are some more tips for surviving the winter.

Making snow angels in the snow is a fun thing to do.

Just lay face up and move your arms.

DON’T try it naked and facing the snow.

Remember frostbite can be a terrible thing.



If you hike up to the ‘top of the world’,

Then it is acceptable to bare your soul.

You might offend a mountain goat, but that’s about it.

By the way, isn’t this a beautiful sight?

And the mountain in the background isn’t bad either.

Another time that it is acceptable is when you are doing something athletic.

Who am I kidding? If you are built like this guy and pack underwear like this guy,

You can do anything you want.

Working Late - Craig Part 1

Working Late - Craig

Part 1 of 3

I get more done when I work late at night. No phones, no interruptions. Tonight Craig decided to work over. He was a shaggy haired guy. He needed a shave and wore his hair long and stringy. He always wore a T-shirt. He never wore business casual.

I tried to ignore him and concentrate on my work. He came over and asked if I needed anything from the break room. I blew him off and just grunted "No." After he left, I thought that I was pretty rude to him. But I did need to get this work done. I turned to file some paperwork in the cabinets behind my desk.

Craig came back in the room and asked me "You sure I can’t get you anything?" I thought maybe I better be a little more polite and friendly. I said "No thanks." as I turned to face him.

Craig was sitting on the edge of my desk. He had his pants off and was naked from the waist down. He had one leg sitting on the desk and the other one touching the floor. His cock was erect and hard. I was mere inches from him. His balls rested on the top of my desk. I saw precum appear on the tip of his cockhead. He had the nicely formed mushroom cockhead.

I started to laugh. "If I knew you meant cock and not a drink from the break room, I would have said ‘yes’ the first time." Craig actually smiled. It wasn’t a big smile but a smile never less.

Craig said, "The offer still stands."

I rolled my chair towards him and stopped right at his cock. I licked the tip and the put my lips around his cockhead. As I sucked, he lowered his leg to the floor and stood up. He put his hands on my head and started pumping his hips.

I pulled up his shirt and ran my hand over his pubes and down to his balls. I pulled on his ball sack. That action got a moan out of him. The more I pulled, the faster he pumped. I unzipped my pants and reached in to pull out my cock. I started to stroke my cock. I held up my shirt and leaned back in my chair. Craig grabbed his cock from my mouth and stroked it. I started to cum on my chest.

Craig tensed his leg muscles and his first wad of cum landed on my face. The next wad landed on my hair. He kept cumming and before it was over, my face had most of his cum. When he was done, he said, "Don’t move." He went and got paper towels from the restroom. He helped clean me up.

We went back to work. I got busy and as Craig got ready to leave, he said, "Next time I ask if you need something, feel free to say ‘YES’. OK?" I smiled at him and he smiled back.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Special Posting

Special Posting of  'Working Late' on January 25, 26, and 27 
inspired from a photo from

Special Posting of 'Smokers' - posting on January 28
inspired from a photo from

Both stories are inspired from a photo which will be posted at the beginning of the story.

If you see another story idea when you look at the picture, send me an email or post a comment.
I will write a story based on what you feel is going on in the photo. 



Here are some more tips for surviving the winter.

If your car is buried in snow, you need to shovel it out.

DON’T try melting the snow by peeing on it. All you get is yellow snow.

Don’t drink while outside.

You could stumble and end up in a snowdrift.

OH Robbie - Elevator

OH Robbie – Elevator

Robbie was very professional when he was at work. He turned out to be efficient, hard working, and use his personality in working with his fellow coworkers. He was well liked, which did not surprise me.

Once we left the office, he turned into that wide-eyed, child of a man, who saw things with this fun loving, enthusiastic self. Be it in a taxi ride, top of a skyscraper, or in the bedroom, he turned the occasion in a sexual romp that I grew to love.
One day at work, we stayed late as I finished up on some work. He kept busy with reading a magazine. Everyone had left and we had the place to ourselves. I finally had finished with my work and we headed for the elevator to head home.

I pressed the button for the lobby, and the elevator started its decent. Half way down it stopped with a jerk. Lights went out and the emergency lights kicked in. I grabbed the phone in the elevator and called maintenance. They were going to send someone but it would be 30 minutes.

I turned and saw that Robbie looked worried and nervous. I sat on the floor and patted the ground and said, "Let sit and wait this out." He sat down next to me. He was so close to me, he was almost in my lap. I decided I needed to distract him and get his mind off of the situation. I decided to act like Robbie and see the fun in the situation.

I grabbed him and held him close and started to tickle him. He grinned and tickled back. He was considerable stronger than me, but I was able to pin his arms down. I gave him a kiss. He flashed his grin and his eyes had that gleam in them. He kissed back. This time the kiss was longer. Each kiss was more intense.

I loosened the grip on his arms. We continued kissing but his arms went to work removing my clothes. I helped removing my clothes and was soon naked. I laid there as he undressed. I watched as his naked body slowly was revealed with each piece of clothing he removed. He was a magnificent specimen of a young man. His muscle rippled as he pounced on top of me.

We kissed and then he started his tongue licking beginning at my face and he traveled the length of my body down to my cock. As he started sucking me, I pulled his body around and attacked his cock. I took the full length of his cock deep into my mouth. I felt his tongue against my cock as he sucked me. Our animal instinct took over. We forgot that we were stuck in an elevator. Our main goal was to give pleasure and have sex. We laid on our sides and continue to suck. Robbie was the first to cum. The thick white wad of semen hit the back of my throat and caught me off guard. I quickly try swallowing before the next wad hit. As I came, I stopped swallowing. The cum accumulated in my throat. I held it until Robbie finished cumming. He sucked the last drops from my cock and licked my cock clean. Finally my throat was clear of all his cum. I sat up and Robbie sat almost on top of me and kissed me.

The phone in the elevator rang and woke us back to reality. They said it would be five more minutes. I told Robbie "Let’s get dressed."

When the elevator stopped in the lobby, Robbie was relieved. He was grinning from ear to ear. As we left the building, he said, "Can we do that again tomorrow?" I just shook my head and said, "OH Robbie."

Sunday, January 23, 2011



Here are some tips for surviving the winter.

If your car gets stuck on ice or snow, rock the car, by alternating reverse and drive.

DON’T try pushing the car, especially when naked.

If you need to go for help, make sure you bundle up.

Again DON’T go for help naked. It might be fun at first, but frostbite can be a terrible thing.

OH Robbie – New Job

OH Robbie – New Job

I arranged an interview for Robbie with the company I worked for. It was with the manager of the mailroom. I bought Robbie some business casual clothes. He was all excited.

After the interview, he came into my office. He was not smiling. I braced myself for some bad news. He leaned down and was within inches of my face. He whispered, "I got it." A big grin broke out on his face.

We headed home to celebrate. He was so excited. He never stopped grinning. I told him to take his work clothes off. He needed them for tomorrow. He undressed down to his briefs and started jumping on the bed. I shook my head and said, "OH Robbie." He jumped off the bed and landed right in front of me.

As he danced a little dance around me, he said, "Thanks, Thanks, Thanks." I grabbed him to calm him down and he pulled me down onto the bed. His cock brushed against me and I felt his hard cock. He took off my shirt and then my pants. I removed his briefs and kissed his cock. I licked it as Robbie took my cock and swallowed it to the base of my shaft. I could feel his breath on my pubes as he held the position.

He slowly went to work on my cock. I moved him to be on top of me and he straddled my face. I took his cock and went deep with it into my mouth. His ass was sticking out and begged for attention. I released his cock and licked my way to his asshole. I took a few swipes with my tongue and then plunged it as deep as I could into his ass.

He moved around and grabbed the headboard of the bed and rested his head. His ass was all primed for me. I held his shoulders and I entered his ass with my cock. He bucked his hips and I plowed deeper.

The headboard creaked as we fucked. The sound got louder as we increased our activity. Then there was silence, as I shot my load and Robbie felt the warm semen splat within him.

Robbie laid on his stomach looking at me. He put an arm around me. He smiled and said, "I got a job. Thanks."

Saturday, January 22, 2011

OH Robbie – Observation Deck

OH Robbie – Observation Deck

Robbie wanted to see the sights. This was his first time in the really big city with skyscrapers. I took him down to the tallest building that had an observation deck. We got there early before the crowds. Robbie was amazed at seeing the city below us. It was an awesome sight for him to behold. He felt it was like being on top of the world.

He told me, "I would love to have sex on top of the world." I replied, "OH Robbie." But he had that look in his eyes and started to grin. He looked around and then grabbed my hand and pulled me up to a platform. It was our own private area, shielded from the rest of the deck. It had a great view overlooking the city.

Robbie stared out to view the landscape. Traffic flowed through the city streets. People as tiny as ants scurried to work. Robbie got behind me and put his arms around me. He whispered, "Isn’t this great?"

He squeezed me and said, "I love this." He reached down and unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. He massaged it until it was hard, which did not take long. He pulled out his cock and placed my hand on it. We started to jack each other off. I have to admit, being so high up overlooking the city, it was an awesome sight and feeling.

I looked at Robbie and his face beamed with bliss. He started to jack off faster and I tried to keep pace with him. He leaned out and let his cum fly out and down onto the city below. I watched his cum shoot out of his cock and arch up and out. I could only image where it was going to land. Some lucky person was going to have it rain cum on him. He continued to cum. When he finally shot the last of it, I began to cum.

Robbie took over and pumped my cock to shot my load. He watched as it traveled out and up into the air and then down to the world below. We put our cocks back in our pants and Robbie resume standing behind me and held me as we looked out at the world in front of us. He backed up against the wall of the building and sat down, pulling me down with him. He turned and smiled. We sat and viewed the world from the top of the world.

Friday, January 21, 2011



You might have noticed that I have started to post at least one picture at the start of new stories. The picture sometimes are what inspired me to write the story or it is just a representation of what I feel the lead character looks like.

The photos are coming from four great sites. I can always count on these sites to stimulate my brain (amount other body parts) and get the juices flowing (really no pun intended). I highly recommend these sites for some truly great pictures. Links are provided on the right hand side of the blog.

The picture above is of a naked guy walking through the snow. Where I live, this is a no-no. Today it is 4 degrees F with a wind chill of 14 below. We got 5 inches of fresh snow yesterday. To just walk the dog, I put on two layers of pants, two layers of shirts, jacket, ear muffs, knit hat, hooded parka, thermal socks, and insulated boots.

At least the guy in the picture decided to wear a knit cap. I would be more that happy to help warm him up when he got out of the cold.  What about you? 

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.


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OH Robbie - Apartment

OH Robbie – Apartment

The ride to my place seem to take forever. We were both tired from the flight. The taxi weaved through the traffic. Robbie was tired and laid leaning against me. I closed my eyes. I almost fell asleep when I felt a hand moving under my shirt. It lightly caressed my chest. He used his fingertips and ever so lightly touched my nipples. As he moved in circles around my nipples, I got more aroused. He stopped and played with the few hairs that I had on my chest.

He moved his hand down to my navel, played with the hairs under my navel and then he reached in and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. He followed the hairline to my thick bush of black pubes. He reached down and found my cock. I was already hard. He reached down below my cock and cupped my balls. He rolled them in his hand.

We stopped as the taxi pulled over at my place. I quickly zipped up and buttoned my pants. I paid for the ride and we headed inside. No sooner did we get inside as we started to undress. Robbie was naked first. He grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. I kicked off my underwear and pulled off my socks and jumped in bed, landing on top of Robbie.

His hands made sure I stayed hard. He raised his legs and massaged my cock and pushed it towards his ass. I found his opening and inserted my cock. His hips went to work, gyrating and pushing my cock, in and out. I just knelt there as his ass moved. I could not tell if he was fucking me or I was fucking him.

I decided to take over and started to fuck him as Robbie took his cock and stroked it. I watch his face as he tightened his grip on my cock and I came. He followed by cumming all over his chest. I dropped on top of him completely exhausted.

I went into the bathroom and got a towel and cleaned us both up. I turned off the light. I felt his hand moving on my chest. He said, "Again?" I rolled my eyes and replied, "OH Robbie.’

Thursday, January 20, 2011

OH Robbie - Airplane Ride

OH Robbie – Airplane Ride

Robbie made up his mind quickly. He was ready to move to the big city. I told him he could stay with me. Also I was pretty sure I could get him a job in the mailroom, since I was office manager.

We had an early flight. Robbie was up on time, dressed and with luggage in hand. He was grinning when I came down for breakfast. This was Robbie first flight, so he was eager to fly. When we got to the airport, he was wide eyed , gawking at everything. When he saw the airplane through the big windows of the airport, he ran to the window. He waved for me to come next to him. He was like a little kid.

I heard the announcement of the boarding for our flight. I pushed him along to our gate and got in line. He was at my side as we inched through the gate. He wanted a window seat, so I let in get seated first. We buckled up and waited for take off.

When the plane taxied, Robbie got nervous. He gripped my hand and squeezed. The plane picked up speed and we were off. His mouth dropped opened as he stared out the window and saw items on the ground get smaller and smaller. Once we were above the clouds, Robbie relaxed and was amazed at the sights.

After a while, he turned to me and said, "I need to go to the bathroom. Can you take me?" I took him back to the rear of the plane and open the door to let him in. As he entered he pulled me in. He turned to face me and had the biggest grin on his face. His eyes were twinkling with mischief.

All he could say was "Mile High Club." He wrapped his arms around me and gave me a bear hug. Before I knew it he had unbuckled and unzipped my pants and pulled them down with my underwear. He fondled my cock and I got erect and hard quickly. In the cramped quarters, he was able to knell down and take my cock in his mouth.

He massaged my balls as he pumped my cock in and out of his mouth. This unexpected sex was a turn on. I relaxed and let Robbie go to work on me. He took my cock deep in his mouth and I knew I was close to cumming. I took control and pumped faster. I came, and Robbie swallowed my load.

We used the small sink to clean up. When we looked presentable, we headed back to our seats. Robbie looked at me grinning and giggling. He leaned over and said, "Mile High Club." All I could say was "OH Robbie."

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Art Class - Part 6

The Art Class

Part 6 of 6

The model grabbed his robe and headed out the door. This had been the best session yet. I was so hot and horny. I headed to the men’s room hoping he would be there but it was empty. I turned on the facet and splashed cold water on my face. I got weak-kneed and had to sit. I went in one of the stalls and sat.

I heard the door open. When it closed, I heard the door being locked. I heard the water running. I opened the door and saw the model bending over splashing water on his face. His ass was sticking out and was right in front of me. I grabbed his briefs and pulled them down. The model looked up into the mirror and saw it was me and smiled.

I dropped to my knees and spread his ass cheeks. I saw his pink asshole. I stuck my tongue into his ass crack and licked it. I heard him turn off the water and moan as I swirled my tongue around and into his ass.

I wanted what I had dreamed. I stood and unbuckled my pants and removed them. I pulled off my briefs. I spit on my hand and then lubed my cock. The model braced himself. He spread his legs and stuck his ass out for me. I stuck my cock at the opening of his ass and circled the opening with the tip of my cock.

He opened for entry and I plunged into him. He let out a moan and I started to fuck him. There was a bench in the men’s room. He stopped me and laid on his back on the bench. I reentered his ass. As I thrust back and forth, he spit on his hand and then started jerking his cock.

He was a beautiful sight. I looked upon his deep blue eyes. I held his legs upright. As I plunged deeper and deeper, his muscles tighten. Then I saw the first wad of cum land on his chest. I looked down at his cock to see it shoot another wad. I pulled out of his ass, grabbed my cock and get it a few strokes and saw my wad of cum landing on his chest. We matched wad for wad. I shook the last drop of cum from my cock.

We were still trying to catch our breath as we tried to clean up at the sink. I figured it was another guy that you just pass in the night. He got dressed and then turned to me and said, "How about a drink?"

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Art Class - Part 5

The Art Class

Part 5 of 6

After the last two sessions of the art class, I was looking forward to this next session. I did the same as before. I made sure I was early and grabbed the station that had the best view of the model. I held my breath as he walked in with his bathrobe on. It was the same model. My heart skipped a beat. The teacher announced that this was his last session. I held my breath as he removed his robe and hung it on the rack.

He had on the same pair of white briefs. But this session again was to be a little different. With his back to us, he removed his briefs. I watched as he pulled them down to his feet and removed them from his one foot and then kicked them off with his other foot.

This time he turned and faced us. I took in the view of this man from head to toe. His cock was soft but thick. It hung between his balls. His mat of blond hair stood above his cock and was like a crown. He walked to the front of the stool. His cock swayed between his balls as he walked. It was like a pendulum of a clock. I wanted it to stick out like a sundial.

He sat on the stool. His cock and balls settled on the top of the stool.

He struck a pose and I was awestruck. He was an image of beauty. His body rippled with muscle. He held his arm outward. Blond hair appeared in his armpit. Upon closer examination, I saw he had a few chest hairs in the center of his chest.

I started to outline my drawing. My hand shook as I tried to draw but I was too busy studying his body. I wanted him once again. I imagined having him all to myself. I could not take my eyes off of him.

The time went by too quick and then it was over. We gave him a standing ovation when the teacher announced the time was up and the class was over for this week.

The model reached down to grab up briefs that lay on the floor. I studied his every move. His cock seem to grow some as he slipped his briefs first on one leg then the other. He pulled them up to cover his cock and balls. He reached in and rearranged his cock. It laid to the side and it was definitely bigger. The model grabbed his robe and headed out the door.

I was sorry to see this session end.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Art Class - Part 4

The Art Class

Part 4 of 6

The model grabbed his robe and headed out the door. I needed cold water. I headed to the men’s room and turned on the facet and splashed cold water on my face.

The door opened and in entered the model. He joined me at the sink. He turned towards me and his robe opened. My eyes went immediately to his cock. It was sticking out of his brief. It was larger than the last time that I saw it and touched it. As I watched, his cut cock grew more erect.

He reached out to my hand and grabbed it. I let him guide my hand and placed it around his cock. It continued to grow from my touch. I wrapped my hand around his cock and pulled on it. Precum appeared at the very tip of his cock.

The model only had one thing on his mind. He gently pushed me to my knees. He wanted me to suck his cock. I was putty in his hands. I took his cock in my mouth and gagged from the size of it. After a few thrust of his hips, I got used to his size and was able to suck it better.

As I sucked on his cock, I thought of his balls that I saw as he bent over. I wanted to see them for real. I stretched the opening of his briefs and pulled his two balls out. They had blond hair all around them. The hair was a nice fuzzy feel to it. I tugged on his balls as I continued to suck. The balls were a handful. I pulled the top of his briefs down to reveal his pubes. I grabbed a fistful of blond hair and pulled as his cock grew.

The model did as before and reared back his head as he gyrated his hips and face fucked me. His eyes were closed as he got closer to cumming. Then he blasted his cum into my mouth. It hit the back of my throat. I tried to keep up and swallow before the next blast.

I swallowed as much as I could. His cock was dripping with cum as he removed it from my mouth. I licked the end of his cock and licked the remaining drops of cum.

We washed up. The model said he needed to find his clothes in the changing room in the classroom. He turned to me and said, "See you next week." He winked and left the men’s room.

I looked in the mirror and said, "I will definitely see you next week."

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Art Class - Part 3

The Art Class

Part 3 of 6

All week long I was looking forward to the next session of the art class. I made sure I was early and grabbed the station that had the best view of the model. He walked in with a bathrobe on. It was the same model. My heart skipped a beat. I held my breath as he removed his robe and hung it on the rack.

He had on the same pair of white briefs. But this session was to be a little different. With his back to us, he removed his briefs. I watched as he pulled them down to his feet and removed them from his one foot and then kicked them off with his other foot.

He was magnificent. His rear was perfect in shape and size. It was an awesome bubble butt. He sat on the stool with his back to us.

I started to outline my drawing. As I studied each curve of his body and tried to duplicate it on my charcoal drawing, I wanted him once again. I imagined my hands embracing every inch of his body, every line, and every curve. As I drew the curves of his ass, I imagined it was my tongue brushing along the curves and crack of his ass.

I wondered how it would feel to stick my tongue into his ass crack and find his hole and tongue fuck it. Better yet, let my cock find and penetrate his ass. I was lost in my dreaming when the teacher announced the time was up and the class was over for this week.

The model reached down to grab up briefs that lay on the floor. I could see his balls hanging between his legs. I was hypnotized as he put them on. He slipped his briefs first on one leg then the other. He pulled them up to cover his ass. His underwear hugged his ass and I wished that would had been me hugging his ass. The model grabbed his robe and headed out the door.

This was a great second session at art class. I was looking forward to my next session.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Art Class - Part 2

The Art Class - Part 2 of 6

The model grabbed his robe and headed out the door. I was so hot and horny from this first session. I needed cold water. Hell, I needed a cold shower. I headed to the men’s room and turned on the facet and splashed cold water on my face.

In walk the model still wearing his robe. He looked at me and gave me a smile. He headed over to the urinals. I thought this might be my best change to see what was behind his underwear. I walked over and stood next to him.

He had pulled out his cock though the fly of his briefs. Blond pubes were sticking out around the base of his cock. He was standing there with his hands on his hips. His cock stood up erect and hard. I stared at this magnificent piece of meat. Veins like roads on a map stood out on his shaft. His mushroom head was large.

He reached out to my hand and grabbed it. I let him guide my hand and placed it around his cock. I watch as his cock grew from my touch. I wrapped my hand around his cock and pulled on it. Precum appeared at the very tip of his cock. I put my finger on his cock’s tip and smeared the precum around his cockhead. His cock reacted to my touch and twitched. I grabbed it once again and I started to jerk it. He kept his hands on his hips holding back his robe.

I started to get into a nice rhythm. The model closed his eyes. I wanted to touch all his body but I did not want to spoil things. The model seemed to be enjoying my hand on his cock. He stood facing the urinal and as he came closer to coming, he reared back his head, then he shot his first wad of cum.

His cum hit the back of the urinal. His white thick cum coated the urinal. I wished it was my mouth getting his cum. He unloaded the last drops of his cum and then he pressed the valve to flush the urinal. I watch the water first go around it as it stuck to the sides of the urinal and then finally the water washed it down the drain.

The model went to the sink to wash up and then left. I was amazed at what happened. This was a great first session at art class. I was looking forward to my next session.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Art Class - Part 1

The Art Class

Part 1 of 6

I always wanted to take an art class. When I heard there would be live models, I got excited. I figured it would probably be someone who was older with not much muscle definition. Boy, I was wrong.

He walked in with a bathrobe on. I knew right away that he was special. He seemed confidant in who he was. He had closed cropped blond hair, and he was clean shaven. Upon closer inspection, he had deep blue eyes. I was in love.

He removed his robe and hung it on the rack. His back rippled with muscles. He had on a pair of white briefs, tight but not too tight. His ass was rounded and something to die for. When he turned around to face the class, his chest had slabs of muscles. He either workout with weights or was one lucky dude to have a body like he did. His stomach was flat and well defined. He wore his briefs just low enough that I could see some hair sticking above the waistband. His cock and balls were outlined against the fabric of the briefs. I could only imagine what laid behind his underwear.

As he sat on the chair and stared off to the distance, I watched, as his cock seemed to move and lay to the left side of his briefs. I was ready to tear off his underwear with my teeth. As he sat, his briefs were stretched tight against his cock and balls. He was cut. I could see the outline of his mushroom head of his cock. My own cock was started to stir.

I started to outline my drawing. As I studied each curve of his body and tried to duplicate it on my charcoal drawing, I wanted him. I imagined my hands embracing every inch of his body, every line, and every curve. Gosh, I needed a cold shower.

My cock was now growing and it pushed against my briefs. Lucky for me my underwear kept my cock contained. I did not think the class was ready for me standing here with a hardon. I moved so I had my back to the class and tried to rearrange my cock. For a second, I thought I spotted the model watching me as I touched my crouch.

Right then I made up my mind. I wanted him.

The teacher announced the time was up and the class was over for this week. I had enjoyed the session too much and hated to see it end. The model grabbed his robe and headed out the door.

This was a great first session at art class. I was looking forward to my next session.

Thursday, January 13, 2011



Our first reader submitted story has arrived. It is called ‘Sex Coach’ and it was written by JC from

The story is a long one, so I will be breaking it into segments. It will be posted starting February 1 and run through February 9.

JC is from France and got me started writing. I still post weekly on his site.

Thanks JC,


Explaining the Story - Hitchhiker Series

Explaining the Story – Hitchhiker Series – The Story Continues

I actually wrote the ‘Vacation’ first, followed by the ‘Cold Season’. I was kicking around ideas and thought of the ‘Accident’. I wanted to explore emotions. ‘Cabin’ came last as a filler between stories.

‘Vacation’ is set in spots that I visited when I visited Hawaii. The spots do exist. Only difference, when I was there, I froze on top of the volcano and could not wait to get down off the mountain. Also on the road to Hana, I got motion sickness and spent the whole ride trying to keep from throwing up. I was not very romantic. Don’t worry I made up for it when I got back to the room.

One thing I notice after writing ‘Vacation’ and ‘Cold Season’ was that Hitch was ‘hanging’ on, or ‘clinging’. I wondered if he was becoming a ‘momma boy’. When I wrote ‘Accident’ it became apparent that they felt they could have lost each other and now wanted to ‘hang on’ to each other. My subconscious mind was at work, again.

Their love has grown and is still very much alive.

There is an ‘Anniversary’ story for January 31. It is their 6 months anniversary. I actually wrote ‘Pickup’ six months ago, so it is my celebration as well. I might also have a surprise in store for them in February. You will have to wait and see.

Hitchhiker Series - Cold Season Part 3

Hitchhiker Series - Cold Season

Part 3 of 3

Hitch slept most of the day. During the second night, his fever broke. He was soaked with sweat. I asked, "Are you OK to shower?" He nodded. I ran the shower to get it all hot and steamy. I helped him get undressed, then quickly got out of my clothes. We climbed into the shower. The hot water felt great. I stood behind Hitch and held him. We just stood there letting the water rinse us.

I grabbed the soap and lathered down his broad back. I moved down to his ass and then the back of his legs. I asked him to turn around and he faced me. I washed his chest, having him raise his arms to get to his armpits.

I moved down to his cock and balls. He was semi-hard. I did his legs and looked up and saw a hard erect cock staring at me. I pushed him aside to let the water rinse off his cock and balls. Once the soap was gone, I licked the end of his cock. Water continued to fall on us. I swallowed his cock down to the hair at the base of his cock. I relaxed my throat and slowly removed his cock. I took it again deep into my throat. I pulled him towards me to block the water. I started taking his cock deep into my mouth.

After a while, I stood up and said "Let’s get back in bed." I toweled him down and wrapped a bath towel around him. We climbed back into bed. He faced me and we kissed. His hand reached for my cock. He put the blanket over his head and borrowed down to my cock. I felt his tongue on my cock. His feet stuck out the top of the covers. I borrowed under the blanket and found his hard cock.

Under the warmth of the blanket, we sucked each other’s cock. I felt Hitch’s mouth around my cock. It glided up and down my shaft. Every once in a while he removed my cock and ran his tongue all over it. Hitch came first. I took his load and swallowed. I removed his cock and buried my face in his pubes. I felt my body tense as I was ready to cum. I let his balls lay on my face, as I came.

Hitch kept sucking as I came. He swallowed and then kept my cock in his mouth as the last drops of cum came out. After sucking my cock dry, he removed my cock and turned around to face me. His blue eyes were alive. He smiled and said, "Thanks for taking care of me." He kissed me. He laid on his back and pulled me over to lay on his chest. I rested my head on his chest. I felt his heart beat. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close. I held on.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hitchhiker Series - Cold Season Part 2

Hitchhiker Series - Cold Season

Part 2 of 3

He slept during the night as I held him. By morning his fever broke. I slipped out of bed to make some hot tea for Hitch and hot coffee for myself. I grabbed the morning newspaper. I gave Hitch his hot tea and climbed back in bed. We sipped our hot drinks as I looked over the front page of the newspaper.

Hitch finished his drink and placed his head on my chest. I kissed the top of his head. He pulled the covers up over his head. As he borrowed deep under the covers, I felt him slip his hand down the front of my sweatpants. He gently ran his hand over my cock and balls. It did not take much to awaken my cock. His touch made me hard.

He held my cock. I could feel his breath on my cock. His steady breathing was erotic to me.

He ran his fingers through my bush of pubes and gently combed through the hair with his fingers. His hand ended at the base of my cock. He grabbed hold and started to pull forward and then back down. The stroke was slow at first. I wanted to remove my sweatpants and underwear but instead just laid back and let myself enjoy it.

Hitch was in control. Even though he never moved from his position, he continued to work me up to the point that I knew I was ready to cum. He stroked my cock faster and faster. He rubbed the palm of his hand over my cockhead. I shot my load. I felt the cum accumulate on my stomach. Hitch slowed down and milked my cock for every drop of cum. The waistband of my briefs kept some of the cum deposited on my pubes. Hitch removed his hand and straighten my sweatpants and underwear.

He wrapped his arm around my midsection. I laid there listening to the sounds of his breathing, which turned into a low snore. I relaxed and we fell back asleep.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hitchhiker Series - Cold Season Part 1

Hitchhiker Series – Cold Season

Part 1 of 3

I heard the door close. Hitch was home. As he came into the kitchen, I turned and saw that he looked pale. I went up to him and said, "What the matter?"

He murmured "I don’t feel so good." I felt his forehead and it seemed hot. I took him into the bedroom and said, "Climb into bed." I took off his shirt. He felt warm all over. I gave him a kiss on the forhead and decided to give him a quick sponge bath.

I started with his face. After wiping it clean, I gave his cheek a kiss. I then moved to his neck, then down to his chest. Even in his weaken sick state, he was a fine specimen of a young man. He allowed me to sponged down his arms, armpits, chest and stomach. He was like a rag doll. He had no energy. I pulled on a T-shirt over his head and pulled it down to his waist.

I removed his pants and did the same to his legs. His underwear fit snugly around his mid-section. Usually he would be stretching the fabric of his underwear with his cock, aroused and ready for action. He was sapped of his usual peppy self. I pull off his briefs and sponged down his cock and balls. Usually this kind of attention would bring his cock to an erect state. I held his cock. It was soft, but still five inches long. I brushed his hair that was around his cock. He had the softest blond pubes. I finished by putting sweatpants on him. I pulled he blanket over his body and tucked him in. I went to get some aspirin and juice.

He took his medicine. His blue eyes did not have the sparkle they usually had. He begged, "Hold me." I quickly changed clothes to a T-shirt and sweatpants and I climbed into bed and had Hitch lay up against me. I put my arms around him and he held on. I brushed his blond hair to the side and kissed the top of his head. I said, "Why don’t you rest some. I’m here. OK?" I kiss his head one more time. He murmur, "Don’t go. Promise?" He borrowed deep under the covers and his hand pressed against my cock and balls.

I pulled the covers to make sure he was warm and safe. I reached under the blanket to hold Hitch. He grabbed my arm and wrapped himself around it. I held him closer. His head laid on my chest. He drifted off to sleep.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hitchhiker Series - Vacation Part 4

Hitchhiker Series – Vacation

Part 4 of 4

No sooner than we reached cruising speed, Hitch grabbed a blanket from the flight attendant. He draped it over both of us, then he rolled over and started sleeping. We were on our way home. It was one of the best vacations. Hitch cuddled near me and wrapped his arms around my arm. I kissed him on the top of his head. He deserved to sleep. We had a pretty busy last day in Hawaii.

It all started at the break of dawn. We took in a few sights then hit the beach. We found a secluded spot. The sun felt great against our bodies. Hitch grabbed the sun tan lotion and applied it to my body first. He took his time and covered every inch of my chest. When he got down to my Speedo, he made sure he applied it beyond my tan line. His fingers swirled down and reached my cock. He brushed against it just enough to cover the length of my shaft. My cock grew and laid to the side.

He did my legs next and when he reached my Speedo once against, he went beyond the tan line and brushed against my balls. He lingered long enough to run his fingers through my pubes. I was excited. Hitch giggled as he grabbed my arm and wrapped himself around it. He kissed me on the cheek. He knew I could not do anything since we were on the beach where others might see.

I pulled Hitch up and dragged him to the water. We waded in until the water covered our shoulders. I put both hands into his Speedo and grabbed his cock and balls. He was already hard as a rock. Hitch pulled my Speedo down and grabbed my cock. We kissed as we played with each other cock. I had found a safe place. We jacked each other until we shot our loads into the water. We held onto each other and kissed.

We pulled our Speedo back on and headed for the beach towel. We laid down to get some rays of sunshine. Hitch fell asleep. At one point he turned and wrapped his arms around my arm. His head wanted a place to rest and I placed my arm down and let him lay on it.

Later that afternoon we hit the room to get ready for dinner. We washed the sand off of our bodies. I put on clean underwear and decided to catch a few winks while Hitch got clean up. When I awoke, Hitch was fast asleep next to me. He was naked. His head rested on my chest. I kissed him on the top of his head. Hitch woke up and yawned. He saw I was laying next to him and he kissed me on the cheek saying, "Love you."

He moved his hand down to my briefs. Hitch let it rest on top of my cock. I felt myself stirring and my cock grew. He reached under my briefs and manipulated my cock until I was fully erect. He sat up and removed my briefs. He straddled me and let my cock sit between his cheeks of his ass. He kissed me long and hard. He reached around and guided my cock to his ass and let me enter him. I laid there watching him bob up and down on my cock. Hitch’s cock was fully erect. He leaned forward and kissed me.

I moved my hips and thrust my cock deep inside of him. He held still as I fucked him. As I came close to cumming, my cock slipped out of his ass. Hitch grabbed it and jacked my cock until white gobs of semen shot out of my. While this was happening, I took Hitch’s cock in my hand and stroked it. His cock shot his load unto my body mixing our semen together as one. When Hitch was through cumming, he curled up next to me, wrapping his arms around my arm. Breathing into my ear, he said, "Love you."

The cabin lights of the airplane were turned off. Hitch dug his head under my arm. I pulled the blanket up to keep us warm. I held him and kiss him on the top of his head and drifted off to sleep.