Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bee-u-tiful Cock

Bee-u-tiful Cock

By Jay

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Funny Photo - Pumping Gas

Funny Photo - Pumping Gas

By Jay

Pumping gas can be a boring task.  

But this guy found a way to make it enjoyable.  

Nothing better than to have your buddy pump your ass as you pump gas.

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Mechanic

The Mechanic

Story by Jay

I forgot to take my GPS so now I was lost. I stopped to get my bearings and the car started to sputter and act up.  "Not here." I said to myself.  I looked around and saw a garage.   I reached for my wallet and it was also at home with my GPS.  "Damn, let me call someone.  I reached for my phone and it was also at home with my GPS and wallet.  "Now what!" I thought as I turned towards the garage and the car limped along.

I parked the car next to the bay window and got out of the car.  I entered the garage and looked around.  I yelled "Hello.  Anyone here."  I figured maybe I could use their phone since I did not have any money or credit cards.

I heard "Can I help you?" I turned and saw him.  He was shirtless.  He was cute, with a real nice body.  I explain my situation and asked if I could call someone.  He said his phone was out of order.  I got a bad feeling with hearing that.  He smiled and sake "Don't worry I am good with cars.  You want me to look at it?"

I figured why not. He was nice to watch.  I explain the no money situation but he said "Don't worry.  We can work something out."

He was right.  He was a wiz with cars.  In no time he had it working and purring like it was brand new.  I was appreciative and wanted to pay him somehow,  He undid his jeans and dropped them revealing his semi hard cock.

I knew what he had in mind and I was willing to pay in sex.  I undressed and stood there naked.  His cock reacted to him seeing me and was getting hard.  I asked "I can pay you in sex.  What do you want to do?"

He was smiling from ear to ear.  His cock was large and I wanted to get my mouth around it.  He answered "How about a little of everything?"  I was rock hard by now.  He turned to put up his tool belt and I saw his bubble butt.  It was so delicious looking.  His whole body was awesome.

He undressed and turned and said "Come and get it."  I wondered how experienced he was.  I would soon find out.  

He said "Let me have some of your cock first."  He got on his knees and I walked toward him with my rock hard cock leading the way.  He gobbled my cock down deep into his mouth.  He was masterful at cock sucking.  I held off from cumming because I did not want it to end.  after a while he turned me around and shoved his face into my ass crack.  His tongue was all over my ass.  Before long I was begging for his cock to replace his tongue in my ass.

When we were done, I was extremely satisfied.  I now take my car for all its needs to the garage.  Guess what?  I never pay in money.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Fantastic Photo - Tan Lines

Fantastic Photo - Tan Lines

By Jay

This is a fantastic photo.  

This guy has a tan line that shows that he wears a real skimpy swim suit.  

The tan lines goes to the tip of his pubes.

From the size of his cock, I have to ask,

"How does he get that cock tucked in his swim suit?"

Saturday, March 26, 2016

True Story - Show Me - Part 2

True Story - Show Me

Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2

OK.  Now where was I. Oh yes.......  I met this guy at the bar.  He wanted to look and touch my cock.  We went to my place.  

He unbuckled my pants and unzipped them.  He was slow and enjoying ever minute.  He pulled them down and stopped as my rock hard cock and balls were finally within reach and sight.

I have to admit I was rock hard and looking good.  His face lit up with joy.  He looked at every inch of my cock.  He followed the views as they traverse my shaft.  He was in awe if my cock head.  He looked at my balls.  The bush of black pubes was interesting.

He looked at it from the side view.  He hands shook as he reached out with his fingers and touched my cock head.  He ran his fingers along the ridge of the cock head.  He saw the protruding veins and ran his fingers along the veins.  He said "Oh wow.  What a cock."

Ha asked "Can I stroke it?"  I would have agreed to anything right now.  I was so horny.  I answered "YES."  He grabbed my shaft and remarked "It is so hard."  He watched in amazement how the skin moved as he stroked my cock.  He was enjoying every aspect of playing with my cock.

He surprised me by asking "Can I see your ass?"  I gladly turned over and he could not believe what he was seeing.  He spread opened my ass cheeks and looked at my ass hole.  He ran his finger along the opening of my ass and then he used his finger to play with my two round balls.  He whispered "This is so beautiful."  After a while he asked if he could jack me off and watch me cum.

I turned around and laid on my back and he grabbed my cock and started to stroke it.  I closed my eyes as he manipulated my cock, stroking it in ever faster movement.  He watched as my balls tightened up.  I felt his hand touch my balls and rubbed them.  I knew I was close to cumming.  It was going to be a big load.  I knew it.  Then I shot my load.  I heard him moan as I felt my cum cover my chest.  He milked me dry and then used his finger to run through the stream of cum.

He kept saying "Beautiful.  Simply Beautiful."

After a while he asked "Can I see you again?  And do this all over again?"

I smiled and said "Yes."  

Friday, March 25, 2016

True Story - Show Me - Part 1

True Story - Show Me

Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2

I am all ready to write you a true story.  I am lying here with my pant and briefs off.  I usually get excited when I write my horny fiction, so I want to be free to get hard and enjoy the story too.

This is a true story.  This really happened to me.

I was at a bar when I met this guy.  He was in college and was still in the closet.  He lived at home so he did not have a lot of experience.  Usually he would jack off in the men's room to get relief.

He did not go to stranger's home, but tonight he wanted to experience the 'man encounter' as he called it.  He singled me out since I looked safe and normal.  That was his words not mine.

We drank only one beer when he ask me "I never saw a man's cock up close.  Can I see and touch your cock?"  I answered "Really?"   He apologized thinking he was being forward and I was upset.

Instead I was trilled that he wanted to touch and see my cock.  In fact I was hard immediately after he mentioned it.  In fact I replied "When?"  He said "Now before I lose my nerve."

I stood up and said "My place?"  He smiled and said "YES."

I was rock hard all the way home.

When we got to my place he asked if he could undress me.  I said "it is all yours to enjoy.

He unbuckled my pants and unzipped them.  He was slow and enjoying ever minute.  He pulled them down and stopped as my rock hard cock and balls were finally within reach and sight.

I have to admit I was rock hard and looking good.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Got to Piss

Got to Piss

Story by Jay

I was helping my friend Matt with cleaning the yard at his Dad's office.  Matt was fun to be with.  He was a nice looking guy.  I enjoyed being around him.  Sometimes I wish we were closer friends.  I hate to admit it but I had dreams of me and Matt having sex.

We had been working for about two hours when Matt said he had to pee.  He asked "Where can I pee."  I told him the office was locked up, so we had to pee against the side of the building.  Matt immediately pulled out his cock.  I slowly took mine out.  I looked over at his cock and it was circumcise with a nice cock head.  I could not get my eyes off it.

He started to pee.  I never saw another guy peeing.  It was awesome to watch the stream of piss flow out of the tip of his cock.  I was so busy watching his cock that I was having trouble peeing.

Matt looked over and noticed that I was not peeing.  He asked "You need help?"  I said I was gun shy around another person.  Matt said "I was like that but I have learned a trick.  If someone holds your cock and you hole the other guy's cock, you will relax and pee."  I never heard that but will willing to do it if it meant that I got to hold his cock while Matt held mine.

aHe reached over and grabbed my cock and I did the same to his cock.  I love holding his cock and being able to look at it real close.  He told me to pee and It worked.

My stream of pee came out of my cock.  He said "See it works"  I pee and when I was done Matt said "Let me shake off the last drops of piss."  He shook my cock and to my amazement, it started to get hard.  He kept shaking it and it kept growing.  His cock was not rock hard and fully erect.

He said "Wow, nice cock.  Let's measure them."  He put our cocks side to side.  It felt good to have my cock touch his.  He said "we are both about the same size.  Let's jack off."  I figured we would jack off our own cock but he grabbed mine and started to stroke it.  I did the same to his cock.  We aimed for the side of the building and shot our loads.

After we were done, we went back to finishing cleaning out the yard.  At one point, Matt said he felt like peeing again.  I just smiled.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dad is Drunk

Dad is Drunk 

By Jay

This is me, my brother and a two friends. We were all just hanging out playing video games. Then dad came home drunk, and got out his shotgun. If you look close you can see a mark on my leg from where he grazed me last year when I didn’t move fast enough, or he was just so drunk the gun went off. That is why when dad says drop your pants we all comply. He will take a few pics like this one, have us suck each other dicks, and chances are he will pass out right before we cum.  By that time we will be too close to getting off to stop. Hope he pairs me with Billy he is really good at sucking dick. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Getting Married

Getting Married

Story by Jay

It was my wedding day.  I had dreamed of this day.  Never thought it would happen but it did.  I had my two best friends as my best men.  We grew up together and did everything together, and I do mean everything.  We lost our virginity to each other, jacked off together, sucked each other and fucked each other.

It was my wedding day.  So it was not surprised when my buddies decided to fuck me for the last time before I got married.   They took me back behind the church.  They took off my pants and briefs and they lifted me up onto the railing.

Bruce went first.  He had a big cock and I immediately got an erection as he pumped that big cock back and forth into my ass.  Gary wanted a piece of the action and kept telling Bruce to hurry up.

Bruce started to increase the fucking.  Bruce grunted "Last time to fuck my buddy."  With that said he came in my ass.  Gary quickly changed places with Bruce.  He mumbled "I always get sloppy seconds."  Bruce replied "Hey, it is prelubed for your enjoyment."

Gary was always a quick fucker, so it did not take long for him to cum.  Cum was dripping out of my ass as I get dressed for the ceremony.We did a three way hug and yelled "Buddies forever."

Monday, March 21, 2016

Skate Boarding

Skate Boarding

Story by Jay

I love to skate board.  I headed out to an area that had a lot of ramps and obstacles.    I got there early when no one was around.  I was enjoying myself when I heard another skateboarder using the ramps.  I stood and watched him perform.  He looked pretty good.

He went through his routine and it was rather impressive.  He stopped and said hello.  I said "You are good."  He replied, "So are you."

We matched each other's movement.  I will admit he was better than I was.  Watching him got me horny.  It was getting hot with the noon day's sun, so I decided to take off my heavy jeans.

My hand caught hold of my briefs and I pulled down and he saw my pubes.  I stopped and he said "Don't stop."

I took off my jeans and held my briefs down to show off my pubic hair and semi hard cock.

He was down to his briefs.  He had a great body.  He stood there in just his briefs on and I wanted more.  I begged "Come on.  Let's see more."

He pulled down his briefs and he had an awesome big cock.  All I could say was "WOW."  He smiled and said "Now it is your turn."  I hesitated and he said "Come on.  Let's see it."

I took everything off.  I was still bashful so I covered my cock head.  He stood there naked and wanted to see me fully naked.  I looked around and saw that we had the place to our self.  So I let my hard cock rest against my skateboard.

I felt so sexy standing there naked with my cock so hard.  I looked over and he turned to show off his nice ass.  What a bubble butt he had.  I wanted to fuck him badly.  He played with his ass cheeks and exposed his tight pink ass hole.

He teased me.  "You want it?"

I said "Yes." He sat down and his cock laid erect on his stomach.  His balls dangled down. He now commanded me. "You need to suck me first."

I would have done anything he asked of me.  I quickly got down on my knees and took his cock in my mouth.

His cock was gigantic.  It was thick and I loved taking it as much as I could in my mouth.  I played with those balls and let my mouth take them and have my tongue licked them. After a while, I asked "Now can I have your ass?"

He smiled and turned over.  I let my mouth attack his ass, letting my tongue probe deep inside of him.  I wanted now to fuck him.  I took my cock and guided it to his ass hole and forced it into his ass.  I then started to pound my cock deeper and deeper into him.  I was so excited that I came almost too soon.

When we were done, he said "How about tomorrow?"  I said "You bet."

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Which One Do You Like?

Which One Do You Like?

By Jay

My vote is BEST CHEST is #4
                  BEST COCK is #1
                  BEST FACE is #1
                  BEST ARMPIT is #2
                  WINNER is #1

Tell me which one do you like.

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Beach - Part 2


Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2

I could go to the beach every day.  It is always exciting to see who is there and what you can see.  Today I am lucky.  There are nude guys laying in the sun.

The first guy I saw was nicely built with a tan.  You could see the tan lines when he wore a swim suit.  I was amazed how nice his cock and balls looked.  I had to control myself to keep from jumping on him.  He had a good built.  I decided to move on and see what else is on the beach.

Not far away was another guy who was going naked.  He sat up when he saw me coming towards him.  He had the biggest cock and balls.  He smiled at me and I smiled back.  We talked a bit.  I love his cock and could suck it right then but decided to see what else is out there.  I made a mental note to return to this guy after seeing what else is happening at the beach.

I made a quick turn towards the dune area.  I did not see the guy laying there and almost stepped on him.  He was young and thin with a really nice cock.  It was uncut and he had shaved all his pubes off.  We talked for a bit then I said I needed to pee, so I was going to find a secluded spot in the nearby bushes.

I found a spot to pee.  While I was peeing, a guy came up all naked and sat down and watched me pee.  He was nice looking with a big cock. We talked a bit.  I decided to lay out and decided my next step.  I laid there naked with a rather hard cock.  I was trying to decided which guy to hook up with'

Next thing I felt was a guy grabbing my cock and started to suck me.  I looked up and recognized him.  He was the one I wanted that I saw laying on the beach.  I laid down my head and smiled as he sucked my cock.

I love the beach.  

Friday, March 18, 2016

Beach - Part 1


Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2

I love going to the beach.  I can see a lot of hot guys.  I love seeing guys free ball it.  If there shorts are wet and the wind is blowing just right, you can see the outline of their cocks.

That is a real turn on for me.  I can 'guy watch' all day.  When the beach is busy there will be a lot of guys to watch, some wear shorts, some briefs, and if you are lucky, some wear nothing.

Some guys make sure you can see their cock.,  Sometimes the tight shorts or swim briefs can show off the outline of his cock and balls.  Today one guy wore a tight skimpy white thong.  I stared and he notice I was starring.  Then I saw that his cock was getting hard.  By the time it was fully erect, I could see not only the outline of his cock but I could see his cock head poking out the side of his thong.  Really nice.

I decided to show more of myself.  My hard erect cock could not be contained in my black briefs.  It poked its head outward for all to see.  I did not try to hide it.  My cock head was large and my shaft poked it upward so that I had room to grab my cock and jack off.

I could watch the guy watching me jack off.  He looked around and saw we were alone and he pulled his cock out and we both jacked off.  The sun beating down an my exposed cock made me super hard.  His eyes got big as I started to cum.  My load flew upwards and landed on my chest.  He jacked off until he came.  He shot his load outward and it landed on the sand.

I went into the water to rinse off.  It was a great day at the beach.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Video Game Challenge

Video Game Challenge

Story by Jay

I challenged my friend Josh to play some video games.  I was super horny and wanted to be sucked off.  I made a bet that the loser has to suck the winner's cock.  Josh was eager to agree, too eager.  We had never had sex  between us before.  I head other guys talk about Josh's cock.  Now was my chance to see it up close.

So we played a video game and is was a tight game.  Although, if I lost, I would still be a winner since I would have to suck Josh's cock.  So it was a win-win situation.

I finally won.  I was elated.  Josh seemed to be happy he lost.  We never had sex between the two of us.  I was anxious to have Josh's mouth around my cock.  He kept rubbing himself.  I figured I would let him start sucking me and eventually suck his cock.

I yelled "You lost.  I won."   Josh replied "Yeah, you won. Let's play again."  

I said "You know the arrangement."  Josh said "Yeah, you suck me."  I said "No, you suck me.  Come on, do it."  I figure he would chicken out.

I was surprised when he leaned over and unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts.  He grabbed my cock and I heard him say "Nice." He took my cock deep into his mouth and started to suck me deep in his mouth.  Gosh he was good.  If I knew he was this good, I would had done this sooner.

He held on to my shaft and licked all around my cock head.  He mouth never stopped sucking and his tongue kept swirlling around my cock head.  I was moaning with delight.

My balls were tightening up.  For a moment he stopped sucking and started to lick my balls.  I was screaming for more.  He alternated with sucking and licking.  I was so close to cumming.

My cock was enormous from his sucking.  He took it deep into his mouth.  I yelled "I am cumming."  Josh kept at it as I shot my load.  Josh did not stop but kept sucking and swallowing.  I was done cumming but I wanted to see his cock and return the favor.  I quickly took off his clothes and saw his cock for the first time.  What a monster of a cock.  

He had a thick shaft with the biggest cock head I ever saw.  I loved seeing his balls and made sujre I sucked and licked them, before I traveled up his shaft to his cock head and licked all around the rim.

He grabbed my head and when I placed my mouth around his cock head, he pushed me down.  I gagged and went back up to his cock head and he pushed me down again and again.  He shotn his load and it filled my mouth.

When we were done, we laid there and I said "Want to play another video game?"  Josh said "No.  Let's skip the games and go right to sucking."

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bubble Bath Time

Bubble Bath Time

Story by Jay

Suggested by Thinman

I was going to pick up Randy and go out to dinner.  I was running late but Randy was the lay back type of guy.  He was always late but he was the love of my life and I could never get mad at him.  I enter his apartment with my key.  I called out for him and he yelled back that he was in the bathroom and to come on in..

I entered and there he was soaking ion a bubble bath.  He gave me that look that meant "You are early again."  I folder my arms and looked at him and said "I am late not early.  Why are you always late."  He smirked and said "It feels so good with these bubbles."

I said "The bubbles hide your body and your cock."  Randy moved around in the water and the bubbles dispersed.  His cock appeared like a wale going up for air.  I smiled and said "Alright, the bubbles make you look so sexy."

He stood up and the water and bubbles separated and I got to see his cock.  I knew we would be going for a late dinner.  Randy and I had other things to take care of.

I climb into the tub and kissed Randy.  We sloshed around in the bubbly water.  I stood up and Randy got behind me.  I felt his cock probe my ass.  The soapy water made entry a breeze.  He started to fuck me and I loved every minute of it.

My cock banged against the glass doors.  Randy thrusts harder.  His cock grew to gigantic proportion.  He was close to cumming.  My cock kept banging against the doors.  It did not take long for me to feel the surge of cum travel through my cock and splatter against the glass doors.  Randy came shortly afterwards.

We kiss as we rinsed off.  It was now time for a late but enjoyable dinner.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sleeping Over - Part 2

Sleeping Over

Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2

I looked over at Bruce and whispered "Good Night."  It was fun lifted his pants enough to see his erect penis.  I even got to suck it.  Just a few times but enough to know that was just awesome fun.

I took off all my clothes and got under the covers.  

I felt great and thought about what happened tonight just a few minutes ago.  My cock got hard as I laid there.  I turned around and laid on my back.  I kicked off the covers and laid there with my hard erect cock stick straight up.  I felt a hand around my cock and a wet tongue licking at my balls.

I opened my eyes and saw my friend Bill licking my balls and stroking my cock.  I closed my eyes and enjoyed it.  Bill licked up and down my shaft and then started to suck my cock.  I loved it and wanted to try doing it myself.  I turned around on the bed and we were in a 69 position.

Bill continued sucking my cock and I took his cock and imitated what he did.  I licked his balls as I stroked his cock, then I started to suck his cock.  It was great, too great.  I felt my balls tighten and I knew what would happen next.  I started to cum and Bill kept sucking and swallowing my load.

After I came, I kept sucking Bill's cock until he came.  It tasted great and I handled most of his load.  Some dribble down the sides of my mouth but I swallowing most of it.

Bill turned around and hugged me and we laid there in each other arms and fell asleep.  That was the first time I slept over at Bill's place but not the last.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Sleeping Over - Part 1

Sleeping Over

Story by Jay

Part 1 of 2

I have never seen a guy's penis up close or touched one.  I saw naked guys in the shower after gym but I wondered what it would be like to see one real close.

I was visiting friends over the holiday vacation.  It was good seeing them.  They had brought some of their friends over, so it became a big party.  There were good food and plenty to drink.  My friend Bill wanted me to stay so I decided to sleep over and not try to drive home.  Bill said I could have the first bedroom in the basement.  A friend of his was already down there.  He said that Bruce was a sound sleeper.  I told them good night and headed downstairs.

It was a nice size bedroom with two twin beds.  Bruce was sound asleep.  I shut the door to keep the noise from above from disturbing us.  I looked at Bruce and he laid there with his hand down his pants.  I chuckled to myself thinking "What are you holding there Bruce?"

I got closer and looked at his face.  He had the nicest lips, and cute nose.  Bruce was not bad looking.  I wanted to kiss him but I was afraid that it would wake him.  I thought to myself, "Can I see his penis up close?"  I wanted to do a quick peek.  I figured I could lift his pants and underwear up and look and see what he got.  I was nervous.  My hand was shaking.

I looked down at where his hand was in his pants.  It is not or never.  I reached for his waste band and held it in my trembling hand.

I lifted his waste band.  I looked down inside his pants.  I saw the head of his penis.  It was dark so I could not see any detail to his cock head.  I could not believe I was doing this.  I took a deep breath and pulled his pants and underwear up and downward.

There it was.  Unbelievable. I saw more of his penis.  His shaft was big and thick.  I saw the ridge around his cock head.  He was circumscribed. I could see more of his pubes. This was just beautiful.

I looked up and listen to make sure he was still asleep, which he was.  His hand was off to the side of his body.  His cock was hard and erect.  I could see a trail of pubes from his belly button downward.

I wanted to see more of the tip of his penis.  Should I touch his penis?  Could I do it?  I reached down and position my finger around his shaft and lifted.  His cock head was just awesome to see.  His pee hole was at the top of his cock head and it had a drop of precum showing.

It was tempting to lick the precum off the tip of his penis.  I went this far so I decided to do it.  I licked his cock head with my tongue and tasted his precum.  Bruce did not stir.  I could still see and hear him sleeping.  I wanted one last thing to do and that was to suck his cock head.  I lifted his penis up enough and wrapped my lips around his cock and slowly sucked.

I sucked his cock a few times and then lowered his penis and return his pants to cover his penis.  I went over to the other bed in the room and got undressed.  I was hard.  I grabbed my cock and held it.  I thought to myself, "That was great."