Monday, September 30, 2013

Beach House - Part 3

Beach House

Story by Larry

Part 3 of 3

When he finally pulled out of me, we lay next to each other and just held each other.  All of a sudden we heard from the next room “Are you 2 done so we can finally get some sleep.”  We laughed and drifted off to sleep holding each other.  The next morning Tom fucked me again before we went out to the kitchen.  Steve and Nick were finishing breakfast and said they were going into town.  I told them I was staying home and so did Tom. 

They were no sooner out the door and Tom and I were all over each other. We fucked in almost every part of the house in every position.  We finally decided we should take a shower and get dressed before they got back.  We were in the shower and Tom had me bent over fucking me when Steve walked in.  “Gee wiz man, haven't you had enough of his ass yet.”  Tom answered “Nope.  Not in the least” and with that pumped another load in my ass.  I stood up and started to rub my ass and wash off all the cum that was leaking out of my ass.

When we got out of the shower Nick and Steve said they had to go back to the city so they were leaving.  I told them to have a nice drive and that I was staying.  Tom looked at me and said “So am I.  I have business to take care of.”  As I walked past him he slapped my ass.  They weren't out the driveway and I was on my knees sucking Tom’s cock.  He finally pulled my mouth off and said “Let’s go in the hot tub.  I can't cum any more.  You’ve drained me.”  We decided to stay till the next week end.  If we put clothes on for more than an hour total the rest of the week it was a lot. 

By the time we left the house we were a couple.  I called Nick from the car to tell him and thank him for Tom that he was beautiful only to find out Tom was doing the same with Steve.  It didn't take long for us to be living together and after tonight hopefully we will be engaged.  I bought the ring and am asking Tom to marry me tonight. If he says yes I want a wedding on the beach with a reception in the beach house since that is where we met.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, folks.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Beach House - Part 2

Beach House

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 3

We had a great day on the beach and as the sun started to set we headed back to the house to make dinner.  We were full of sand so when we got on the back deck I stripped down and took the hose to wash off the sand.  I had it everywhere.  Even under my balls.  Tom, Steve’s brother followed suit.  When he took off his bathing suit I almost died.  He was as big if not bigger than Steve.  I already knew he had just as good a body as Steve.  After we washed off we went in and put on shorts and made dinner.

I was tired from all the sun and surf and decided to go to bed.  That’s when I realized there was no place made for Tom to sleep.  I looked at Tom and told him he was welcome to share my bed but that I was tired and going to bed now.  He said he'd be in a little later.  I went to bed and so did Nick and Steve.  I don't know how long it was for Tom but when he did come in he sat on the bed for a minute and then took off his shorts and got into bed. He said over his shoulder that he hoped I didn't mind but he slept nude.  I laughed and showed him I was already nude myself.

I lay on my side facing the side of the bed.  Next thing I knew I felt a cock up against my back and an arm over my chest.  Tom whispered in my ear “I hope you don't mind but I like to cuddle too.”  I just snuggled back against his body and closed my eyes.  Tom started to play with my nipples and was getting them hard, so much for going to sleep.

I wiggled my ass up against his cock and felt it start to get hard.  I rolled over and took his cock in my hand and kissed him.  He returned the kiss and then told me he was glad there wasn't any place else for him to sleep.  He had been wondering how he was going to get me in bed.  With that he turned his body around and took my cock in his mouth.  It felt so good.  He certainly knew how to suck cock.  I followed suit and started to suck his cock.  I licked and sucked on the shaft and every so often would lick and suck one of his balls.  I wet my fingers and stuck 2 of them in his ass and finger fucked him while I sucked his cock.  He was moaning like crazy while sucking my cock. 

He finally came up off my cock out of breath and said “Baby fuck me.  I want to feel you inside me.”  He lay on his back and lifted and spread his legs so his hole was exposed to me.  I moved around behind him and lean down and licked and sucked on his hole and tongue fucked him.  He began to beg me to fuck him.  I moved up on my knees behind him and put my cock to his hole.  Slowly I entered him.  I could tell he loved every inch of my cock from the look on his face.  Slowly I started to fuck him.  He kept telling me to fuck him deeper and harder.  When I did he was moaning and carrying on so that they banged on the wall from the next room.  We laughed and just kept on going.  Finally I shot a load in his ass.  All I heard from him was "ahhhhhh that's nice".  I want it again, and again and again.

I told him he would have to wait that I have to rest in between.  He laughed.  “So do I.  It takes a lot out of me.”

“Oh really” I said.  “Let’s see.”  I got up on all 4's and wiggled my ass in his face.  He took some lube and used this new thing I had bought the last time I was at the house.  You fill it with lube and insert it in your partner’s ass and then as you withdraw it you push in this plunger and it lubes the entire ass.  He filled me with lube and then greased up his cock. 

When he knelt behind me he asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this.  I told him turnabout is fair play.  With that he put the head of his cock to my hole and pushed.  I tried to relax but he still had trouble getting even the head in my ass.  When he finally did I yelled since it hurt so badly.  He went to pull out and I told him don't you dare.  He held his cock where it was for a minute and then I started to move back onto his shaft.  He let me do the move and just knelt and watched his cock disappear into my ass.   It took me a long time but I got his entire cock in me.  After a minute or 2 I said “Ok. Now fuck me.”  He started out slow and then started to pick up speed.  He pushed my shoulders down on the bed to give him a better angle to get into my ass. 

He was so deep it felt like he might be in my stomach or at least pushing it out of the way.  He was fucking hung like a horse.  I didn't care, it felt so good.  I could feel the head of his cock with each thrust.  When he was going to cum I could feel him swell even more before he shot his load in me.  It was such a big load it started to leak out of my ass before he pulled out.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Beach House - Part 1

Beach House

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 3

My friend Nick called.  He wanted to know if I was using the beach house. I told him not this week end but he was welcome to it that I was going up next week end and he said fine.  I got a message from him mid-week that there was plenty of food in the fridge so not to bring anything.

  knew the house was already stocked with booze so I just got a few cases of beer and threw a few things in a duffle and left the next week end.  When I got there I saw signs of Nick but no actual Nick.  I went out on the back deck and he wasn't in the hot tub.  I figured he went for a quick swim and made myself a drink.  By the time Nick came in from the beach I was half drunk. 

“Well, finally got here?” he said.  I told him in a slurred voice “I've been here.  Where were you?”  With that another guy walked in the door and said “HON, is he here?” 

“HON?  What's this HON?”  With that Nick said he was glad that I was there because it was a celebration.  He introduced me to Steve, his husband.  They had been married the week before and actually had used the beach house for their honeymoon. 

I sobered up pretty quick.  Steve was a nice guy from what I could see.  We sat and talked and laughed most of the night.  Just before we went to bed they told me Steve’s brother would be there in the morning and hoped I wouldn't mind.  I told them of course not.  I wouldn't feel like the 3rd wheel then.  They laughed and went to bed.  I headed for the hot tub and climbed in to relax.  Next thing I knew Steve came out and climbed in with me naked.

“I love to relax in this thing before going to sleep.”  He lay back and stretched out.  I got a good look at him.  It’s a wonder Nick could walk.  Steve had to be at least 12" and he was as thick as a baby's arm.  His head looked like a giant mushroom.  He sat with me for awhile and then got out and walked inside to bed.  It wasn't long before I could hear the bed rattling and nick screaming to fuck him harder.

I was jealous.  It made me want to go out and find some cock and get laid myself but I was too drunk to drive.  I just went in and went to sleep to the moans and groans of the newlyweds fucking in the next room.

The next day Steve’s brother got there.  He was tall, had a fantastic tan, beautiful blue eyes and black hair.  His body could stop an express train it was so perfect.  I was drooling from the minute he walked in the door.

Nick asked me “So, what do you think?”  I looked at him.  “You planned this didn't you?”

“Yup” he said.  “We did.  Steve and I planned it.  Rob, Steve’s brother had no idea what was going on.  He thought he was just coming for a fun week in the sun and not a match up by too queens.”

Friday, September 27, 2013

Underwear - Part 3

Clay laid there in that bed thinking about what had just happened.  He had a hard time wrapping his head around whatever the relationship was that Melvin had with his uncle. 
Melvin could tell that the dynamics of this encounter had changed.  "So what's up?  Are we gonna fuck or what?  I guess I can always go down and find someone at the pool."

 Clay said, "Hold your horses!  I just need to know something.  What did your uncle mean when he said he taught you really well?  Do you have sex with your uncle?"
Melvin began a long story..."I wouldn't really call it full-fledged sex.  We've had some fun together and I learned a lot about being with guys through him.  He's been kind of like my mentor.  I used to just jerk-off all the time!"
"I moved in here right after I turned 18.  My folks were going through a really nasty divorce and I was having my own troubles at the time.  I was having problems with trying to figure out my sexuality.  I was pretty na├»ve for someone my age.  Three years later, I don't have that problem anymore."
"That first day when I arrived here, the first thing I saw was Uncle Jack and Bob totally nude as they were making out in the pool!  I soon learned that they lived their lives as if clothes had never been invented.  They are always naked.  It took a little while for me to get used to it, but after several days... I just walked downstairs one morning in my pajamas and with my boner leading the way."

"I was a little embarrassed about that, but they assured me that it was just something natural for someone of my age.  So I stripped off my bottoms and never wore them again." 
 "That very night, my uncle came to my room.  He caught me with my pants down as I was jerking my dick."

"My first thought was to pull up my pants but he said, "No reason to stop on my account.  If it feels good to you, just do it!"  That led to a whole conversation where I admitted that I thought I was gay.  We talked for over two hours.  I poured out my guts about my feelings about guys and he answered all of my questions about gay stuff... Like sex and what guys do with each other."
"The whole talk was kind of weird because I was still sitting there with my dick in my hand and he was seated next to me with his big naked cock just laying there in plain sight.  Yet, at the same time, there didn't seem to be anything particularly wrong with that."
"One day, I heard Uncle Jack in the bathroom.  I know it was probably wrong, but I had developed a crush on him.   I walked in and joined him in the shower.  I soaped him up, all over, including his dick and balls.  He questioned what I was doing and I told him that I wanted to suck his dick.  He didn't seem to know what to say to that, but didn't object.  So I did it!"
"I probably wasn't very good at it, especially since it's so big.  He stopped me and said he would show me how to do it.  He sucked my dick!  I was so excited that I came almost immediately in his mouth.  I told him that I wanted to taste cum.  I played with his balls as he jerked himself.  When he was ready, he fed me a mouthful of his cum."
"This probably sounds strange to you, but he didn't do anything wrong.  I was the one who seduced him.  It was a little weird between us for a few days, but everything got back to normal.  Each night, he would stop off to my room to kiss me good night."

"My uncle throws a lot of parties, like the one tonight.  On sunny days, groups of guys come by to use the pool.  After enough alcohol, it usually culminates in orgies, just like what is happening down there right now.  After a while, I got bold enough to join in.  That's how I perfected my fucking skills!  With all of the inter-mingled bodies, one night, I ended up sticking my dick up Uncle Jack's ass.  It wasn't till I pulled out that we both realized who I had been humping."
"We talked about it and reached an agreement that it wasn't appropriate for either of us to be fucking each other.  However, on occasion, we sometimes engage in a little oral sex.  I told him that I didn't think that cock-sucking really counted as actual sex. "

"You know what I mean.   Like sex toys aren't really fucking.  At least that's what Bob and Uncle Jack told me."

"After that night, when they throw a party, they always invite someone just like you for me.  Clay, you probably didn't have a clue tonight!  I've had a lot of these other guys.  You were invited here just to be my fuck tonight.   It's all good because I like you!  So, what do you say?  Do ya wanna fuck?" 
(That whole incestuous story had really turned Clay on!)
He woke up the next morning with a sore ass and a giant smile on his face!!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Underwear - Part 2

 Melvin led Clay through the pool-house.  "Uncle Jack and Bob's guests use this first floor to change into swimsuits, or to use the bathroom.  I'm on the 2nd floor, Uncle Jack had it converted for me last year so that I would have my own private apartment."
As they climbed the staircase, Melvin was shedding his jock-strap.  "Whew, that sure feels a lot better!  I'm used to just being naked around here"
"Do you like my ass?  Most guys seem to want to go there first and completely ignore my dick.  I don't mind too much because I'm really very versatile.  I can top or bottom, depending on who I'm with."
Clay wasn't quite sure what to make of someone like Melvin who was so refreshingly candid.  Not sure what to anticipate next, he pushed down his underwear and stepped out of them.  He just stood there, boldly exposing himself to this hot geek.
 Both of their dicks were pointing to the ceiling.  Melvin broke the silence, "Wow! That's nice!  Let's go over and climb on the bed together.  Bob said that he thought you might be a lot of fun for me.  I'm glad you stuck around.  I've been shadowing you all night, hoping to get up-close and personal with you."
Despite his boyish and nerdy look, Melvin was like a python as he wrapped his body around Clay!   He proved to be one hell of a kisser!   That suited Clay because he liked a lot of foreplay.
They were so busy rolling around on the bed together with their bodies pressed together and their limbs entwined that Clay failed to realize they weren't alone.  Suddenly, Clay caught sight of Melvin's Uncle Jack who was standing there and watching them.
"Hey Melvin, don't stop on my account.  Clay, what do you think about my nephew?  I think I've taught him well over the last few years.  Go ahead guys!  Don't mind me.  I'll just stand here and watch."
Clay was really self-conscious to have this naked middle-aged man with a big dick observing him as he tried to make love to his nephew.  Melvin, for his part, didn't seem to give a shit.  He kissed his way down Clay's body and began sucking his cock.
Having an observer was actually quite kinky, but kind of a turn-on. Melvin was one-hell-of a great cock-sucker!  So much so, that it didn't take long for Clay to erupt both in his mouth and all over his face!
The big shocker came as "Uncle Jack" came to the bed and cleaned his nephew's face with his tongue!  Clay didn't know what to think as he laid there trying to recover from one of the biggest orgasms of his gay life!
Jack stood and said, "That was one hell of a load Clay!  I've got guests to tend to so I'll leave you boys to fuck or whatever you are going to do!"  He kissed both boys on the lips before climbing down the stairs. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Underwear - Part 1


Now that he was legal to drink, Clay was really enjoying the bar scene.  He met a lot of guys and seemed to be popular.  He was experiencing many things for the first time.

For example, he had never been invited to an "Under-Wear" party..... until now!  The two hosts were a couple he met one night while he was out at the bar.  Bob and Jack were notorious for the parties that they threw each year.   After thinking about it for a few days, he was curious enough to decide to 'check it out'!  He bought new underwear for the party.
His name was on the guest list.  It was a large house on the edge of town.  It was obvious that the couple was quite wealthy.  The enormous house immediately took Clay outside of his comfort level. He felt overwhelmed by the luxurious surroundings.  The foyer alone was larger than his little apartment.

On his arrival, a guy wearing just a pair of transparent bikini underwear  handed him a brown paper grocery bag.  "Go into the front parlor and put your clothes in this bag.  Write your name on the bag with one of the Magic-Markers on the table.  You will find the rest of the guests here in rooms of the house or out on the patio by the pool."

Clay was really nervous and self-conscious, but he followed the instructions.  It took several minutes for him to start loosing his clothes.  Finally stripped to his new "Andrew Christian" bottomless air briefs, he ventured out to investigate.

There were probably 75 to 80 guests throughout the whole house.  Most of the guys where pretty average, but there were several "HOT"  muscled gym bodies.  All of the men were in their 20's and 30's filling out everything from boxer-briefs to the skimpiest of G-strings.  There were great big bulges everywhere!
There were even a handful of guys who walked around completely naked.  He heard one of them explain, "I only go commando!"

He had seen many of these guys in the bar that he frequented.  Suddenly, he was like the "new meat" in town.  He was groped over and over by a lot of these hunks.
While Clay liked the attention, he wasn't sure how to respond.  He just feigned an attitude of non-interest and would move away from anyone who got too aggressive with him.  They made him nervous.   In reality, he would have submitted to any one of them.  The guests were friendly, perhaps a little TOO friendly!

 In his twenty-one years, he had never experienced anything like this before!
There were two bars serving every brand of alcohol and beer.  The totally naked bartenders also offered condoms, lubes and poppers.  Naked waiters passed trays of food and drinks among the guests. 

He met up with the two hosts of the party.  They were conversing with a hot, but geeky looking young guy in a blue jockstrap.
Jack said, "Glad to see you could make it.  The party is just getting started, but should be a lot more fun later.  Stick around!  Oh, by the way, this is Melvin, my nephew.  Have a good time and enjoy the party!"
Clay could have snuck out at any time and no one would have noticed, but he was mesmerized, fascinated, yet at times, intimidated by everything he saw at this party.  Like the "Master and Slave" guys.  Clay had a hard time even imagining being led around by someone while wearing a dog collar with a leach.  The S/M scene wasn't his thing!
He went to a bathroom to relieve himself and found a naked dude in a bathtub who was being pissed on by two men.  He really had to go, so he joined in just so that he wouldn't pee his new underwear.
Around Midnight, the guests who still remained at the party, had long abandoned their underwear.  Clay stood on the side-lines and observed the wild orgy of naked men both in and around the pool.  It was fun to watch, but Clay wasn't bold enough to participate.

He watched the guests as they started to engage in every kind of oral and anal sex.  In all of the porn movies that he had watched, Clay had never seen anything this erotic. 

Suddenly, he realized he wasn't alone.  The pouch in his briefs was being extended by his erection.  Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed another guy standing in the shadows who was experiencing the same problem.  The pouch of his jock-strap was being strained to the limits by his hard cock.

The two of them slowly gravitated to each other until they stood side-by-side.  Neither of them was bold enough to reach out and play with the other's extended pouch.  He realized that it was Melvin.

 He had a cute young body and a big dick.  The name "Melvin" suited him!  He had a boyish face, but his glasses and hair style looked very nerdy to Clay.

They both grew bored by watching the poolside orgy.  There was little conversation between them till  Melvin suggested that Clay could join him in his bedroom in the pool house. 

One-on-one sex appealed to Clay, much more than an orgy with the multiple men at the party.  He followed Melvin to his place.   Mostly out of curiosity about this nerd, but he also was super-horny!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Park Trick - Part 2

Park Trick

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2


                                He just lay there with his arms up over his head and let me fuck his face.  If I went too deep he just turned his head to the side.  Now I’m in pretty good shape and doing pushups kept my mind off cumming so his mouth was in for a work out too.  I didn't want to tell him but I’m used to doing 2 / 300 pushups a day.  Not all at one time but yeah a day.  I started to push up off the floor and clap and then down into his mouth again like in the army.  I was counting and after 200 I was getting tired so I put my legs under his arm pits and told him I think we'll finish off like this.

                                With that I grabbed his head.  I forced my cock down his throat.  He gagged and I yelled at him “Suck my cock, mother fucker.  You wanted it now suck it.”


                I clasp my hands behind his head and would only let my cock so far out of his mouth.  He started to get into it as well.  I was getting rough with him and verbal.  “That’s it man, suck it good” I told him.  “Make daddy good and hard.  Suck another load out of him.  Take load number 3 down that fucking hungry throat of yours.”  Minutes later I couldn't take it anymore.  “You want load number 3, bitch.  Get ready because you’re gonna get load number 3 like it or not.  Here it comes.”  And with the first volley I yelled “And here it is mother fucker.  Drink that juice.”  I let his head go and he lay flat on the floor.  “That was good man.  How soon before I can get another load?”


                                He took my arms and wrapped them around him and told me go to sleep. I told him wait a minute.  I went and got a pillow and blankets and then lay on the floor with him again.  “Now we can go to sleep.  When we wake up I’ll fuck your face again and again.  How’s that.”  He smiled.  As he drifted off to sleep he said “You got a deal."

Monday, September 23, 2013

Park Trick - Part 1

 Park Trick

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2

                                I brought this guy home from the park.  We were getting real busy if you know what I mean.  We had already sucked each other off in the park once and then on the way to my place I had to move the seat back because he wanted to suck me off again.  Thank god I’m the kind of guy that can cum multiple times. Just as I pulled into my apartment complex he made me cum again.  I almost hit a car.

                                We went in and I told him I needed a few minutes to recharge.  He said fine and I went and got some beer.  I got them out of the fridge but as I was opening mine he was opening my pants and trying to pull my cock out again.  I looked down at him and said “Man you’re a greedy little cock sucker aren't you?”  He laughed. “I never can get enough cock” he said.  He let my pants drop and took the beer and put it on the table and then took my shirt off.  Then while I was drinking my beer he lost his clothes and stood naked in front of me. 

                                “Where you want to do this?” he said.  “What’s wrong with right here” I said.  He shrugged his shoulders and got on his knees and started to suck me off again.  Man he was good.  I could let him swing on my cock all day even if I wasn't going to cum.  He had already gotten 2 loads out of me.  I wondered how many he could get.  I let him suck me off on his knees for a while before telling him to lay down.
                                He lay on his back and I got over him and started doing pushups.  Each time I went down my cock went deep in his mouth.  It was exercise and a blow job all in one.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Car Trouble

Car Trouble

Story by Jay


I love driving down the open road.  I spotted a guy leaning against his car.  He was wearing only his underwear.  As I got closer to him, he pulled his briefs down to reveal his rock hard cock. 

I stopped and walked over to him.  “Need help?” I asked.

He smiled and said “Car is dead.  Need a jump.”  I went ahead and got out the jumper cables.  All the while I stared at the growing cock.  His car fired up with the first try.  I removed the jumper cables and walked over to him.

“Thanks.  What do I owe you?”  His cockhead was now sticking straight up.  I dropped to my knees and pulled his briefs down and started to lick his erect cock.  I took it in my mouth and started sucking.

It grew harder and bigger as I licked his cockhead and his shaft.  He was close to coming and I deep throated his cock until he let loose with his load. 

I swallowed it all and then licked his cock clean.  I stood and gave him my card with my personal phone number on it.  “Call me if you ever need a jump again.”

I turned to go back to my car.  I looked at him and said “Or just call me.”  I smiled as I drove off.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Neighbor's Son - Part 2

My Neighbor’s Son

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2

                                I did just that.  When he got off we took his car and drove to a very secluded park and parked the car way in the back of the lot.  Then he grabbed a blanket from the back seat and said “Come on.”  10 minutes later in a grassy clearing I was standing on the blanket with my pants around my ankles and my cock in his mouth.  God was he a good cock sucker.  He stopped to catch his breath and looked up.  “You ok or would you rather I lay down and you finish yourself off?”

                                I didn't answer fast enough and he was naked laying on his back with his legs in the air in seconds.  “Go ahead” he said.  “Finis it.”  I knew what he meant now.  I got on my knees and he said oh and don't worry I pre lubed myself before leaving the club.  I put my cock head to his ass and found his crack nice and slippery and slid up and down it a few times before sliding my cock in his hole.  He was tight as hell.  He just moaned as I pushed further in.

                                “Yyyyyyyeeeeesssss, fuck me man.  Give me all your cock.”  Not until I was balls deep did I stop and then only for a second.  I started to pull out slow and he said “Don't be a pansy.  Fuck me.”  Well, he didn’t have to tell me twice.  I started to fuck him so hard he was rocking back and forth.  “Yeah man, give it to me.  Make me know I’m being fucked.  Make my hole so wide open it'll never close.”  He was a fucking hot little fucker. 

                                I slapped his ass as I was fucking him, first one cheek and then the other.  “Yeah man I’m a bad boy.  Spank that ass.”  I fucked him faster now losing control and slamming into him as I slapped his ass.  He was almost screaming “Yyyyyyeeeessssss” and with that shot a load all over his stomach, chest and face.  He hadn't even touched his cock.  It was so hot I shot my own load in his ass.
                                When I finished shooting I pulled out and lay next to him panting.  He scrambled down and sucked my cock to my balls cleaning it and trying to get me hard again.  He wanted me to fuck him again.  I told him he would have to wait a bit but then we heard someone coming.  We scrambled to put our clothes on and hide in the bushes.  It was another 2 guys and we ended up watching as they fucked too.
                                The sun started to come up so he took me back to his car and then we went our separate ways.  We pulled up at our houses at the same time.  I waved and so did he but then he called to me and said to wait.  He walked over and said “Mom and Dad go to work at 7 on Saturdays.  Come over about 8 and we can fuck in my room.”  Let me tell you I went home, showered, shaved, douched, trimmed my pubes in case and couldn't wait till 8:00 AM.  I wanted to be inside his ass again so much it hurt.

                                8:00 AM came and I went over.  He answered the door naked and led me to his room.  He handed me a cock ring.  “Put this on” he said.  “You’re going to need it.”  I smiled.  “You’re going to fuck me till you’re drained of every ounce of cum in your balls.”  With that he was on all 4's on the bed.  “Let’s start with this position.  We fucked for almost 5 hours off and on that day, in positions I never tried before but will certainly try again.  He confided that he's wanted me since he can remember.  Now he had me.  I can't think of any ass I’d rather fuck than his.  OOOO look I’m getting hard again.  Let me call him and see if he'll come over for a quick blow and go.  He likes to do that too.  Bye.

Friday, September 20, 2013

My Neighbor's Son - Part 1

My Neighbor’s Son

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2

                                My neighbor’s son got a new job.  He was telling me he was excited to start that night.  It was the first time I ever saw someone so excited about working, much less working at night.  I asked him what he would be doing but he didn't tell me.  Of course that let my imagination run wild.  After all he was a hot little number and I’ve wanted to do him for some time.  If he were to tell me to bend over I’d do it anytime, anywhere.

                                He had to go to get ready for work so we said goodbye, and he went into his house and me in mine.  I saw him leaving with a gym bag that looked packed tight with something.  Who knew?  I had to get ready to go out with my friends.  We were going to a new gay strip club that had opened in town. Now I couldn't wait.  I’ve gone to male strip clubs before and loved it.  In was like a kid in a candy shop,  cock swinging all over the place.

                                I met my friends outside and when we went in were very surprised.  It was a really nice place.  Not seedy like some I’ve been in.  We got a table and waited for the waiter.  Guess who the waiter was.  That’s right my neighbors son.  God he was hot looking tonight.



                                He was dressed in a tight pair of black pants with white collar and white cuffs.  He had on no shirt and definitely no underwear.  I could see every ripple of his body for some reason tonight.  He stuttered when he went to take our order and I told him "Relax.  Who am I gonna tell I was in a gay club much less that I saw you in one".  He smiled and took our order.

                                Later on I went into the bathroom having to piss like a race horse.  He saw me go in and followed me.  I heard someone come in but didn't pay attention till a hand came around my back and grabbed my cock.  “Let me help you with that” he said.  I recognized the voice.  It was my neighbor.  He held my cock till I finished peeing and then shook it for me and even tucked it back in my pants.  When I turned around he kissed me and then said “Wait till I get off and I’ll get you off.  I couldn't believe it.

Thursday, September 19, 2013



Story by Larry


                                You ever go to a party and get more than you bargain for?  My friend Pat asked me to go to a friend’s house with him.  The guys were just hanging out and playing pool and beer pong and cards and in general just bull shitting instead of going to a club and spending a lot of money.  Well I got more than me just hanging out.  I got 5 cocks hanging out and being told they were all for me to suck.

When we got to the party there were 5 guys standing around.  We were in one of the guy’s houses and it was hot as hell in the basement.  He had it set up as a game room.  Like I said it was hot as hell so they all already had their shirts off.  None of them were overly muscle bound but still in all had great bodies.  I was playing pool with one of the guys and he told me to take my shirt off that I was sweating like a pig.  I looked and even my friend had his shirt off so I did.

                                We finished the game and went over by the TV to watch something.  There wasn't much room so I knelt down and was watching.  Conversation was like always got into when the last time was that anyone had gotten laid or even just a blow job.  That’s when I wanted to kill my friend.  One guy said it had been a month since he got a blow job and more than that since he had fucked.  Joel my friend said we'll help you out there pointing to me.  “Go ahead.  Go over and drop your pants, he's just at the right height to suck you off.”   

                                Before you knew it all 5 guys were standing around me. Their pants were around their knees and their cocks hard and pointing right at me. Joel was on his knees behind me and already sucking on someone's balls.  I figured what the hell let’s make a night to remember out of this.  I took one cock in my mouth and one in each hand and went for it.  “mmmmmmm  this guy tastes good.”  I sucked him for a few minutes and had him leaking pre cum and moaning before I moved on to the next cock.  Between me and Joel that night we sucked off each of the guys once and got their load.  Since it was 2 of us the guys were happier than shit.  They all got blown and shot 2 loads.  By the time the night was over we were invited to come back next week.  That was fine with me.  I felt right at home now. I even told the guys to be naked when I get here and we can get right down to business and if you have lube handy maybe if you play your cards right you'll get a piece of this ass as well.  Now all I have to do is wait till next Friday.  At least I know I’m gonna get laid on a weekly basis.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Hike

The Hike

Story by Larry


                                Isn’t it great to have friends that like nature?   A group of us got together and decided to do a day long hike.  Let me tell you it got more interesting the further we went on the trail.  At one point me and my best friend held back and went for a quick swim in the creek to cool off naked.  We both loved the feeling of the water rushing around our balls as we splashed each other and cooled down. 

                                When we caught up with the others they didn't hear us cause they were too busy getting busy.  They had formed a daisy chain. 2 were sucking cock and the 3rd was rimming the other.  They were so busy they didn't even realize we were there.  We watched for a few moments and then backed away and decided we were going to have our own fun.

                                We hiked back a little bit to a clearing we saw off the trail and set out a blanket.  We were already pretty much naked so it didn't take long to get down to business.  I soon had my friends cock up my ass.



                                He lay behind me and soon had all 10 inches deep inside me.  I could feel his pubes up against my ass.  I loved the feeling.  The look on my face was indescribable.  It was sheer delight.  While he held my leg up so he could fuck me deep I reached for my cock and started to jerk off.  Our skin began to glisten in the sun. We changed positions and I was on my stomach and he lay on top of me.  Our skin was wet with sweat sliding all over, his chest hair grinding into my back driving me crazy with lust.  When he came it was like a fire hose.  He filled my insides to overflowing proportions.   He drove me even more crazy because he pulled out, got on his knees and pulled me up on mine so my ass was in the air and then sucked his load out of me.  I could actually feel it as he sucked. 

                                When he was done we fell in a ball together on the blanket and lay there breathing heavy and eventually licking the sweat off each other’s pits, balls, chest, ass cracks,   you name it.  We probably would have gone at it again except the rest of the crew came along and were clapping and telling us come on we want to get back.  That is was getting late.  So much for hiking but we did get a good part of it in and still got a good work out.  One that I intend to continue when i get home as well.  Talk to you all later.  Time to get home and get busy

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Overnight Guest

Story by Jay

Part 2 of 2


I spent the night with Stephen.  The next day, he said he had to leave early to get to work.  I laid in bed as he got ready and Stephen finally left.  I decided to get a couple more minutes of sleeping.

I woke up hearing the door close.  I figure Stephen must have forgotten something.  Next thing I knew he was climbing into bed next to me.  A wet tongue started rimming my ass.  In and out it went.  Deeper and deeper it went. 

It felt so good.  I wish we would have done this last night.  He sure knew how to pleasure a man’s hole.  Next thing I felt a hard cock, probing into my asshole.  He popped me a few times and then he pushed and it popped into my hole.  My virgin ass resisted at first but finally allow his cock to enter me.   

Now he started to pump.  It felt so good.  I did not want it to end.  I wondered what Josh would think or maybe he knew that Stephen and I would have sex.  I was so glad that Josh asked me to check up on Stephen.  Too bad it was not Josh fucking me.

His pounding increased and I heard him hold his breath as he came in my ass.  His cock slipped out of my hole.  I rolled over to face Stephen and was surprised to see Josh instead.

Josh was surprised to see me also.  He said “Why did you not tell me you were gay?”

I yelled back “ME?  Why did you not tell me you were gay?”

Neither one of us said anything.  I finally spoke out “Who cares.  Just fuck me.”