Saturday, March 29, 2014

Liberal Household

Liberal Household

Story by Larry

I grew up in a very liberal household.  Very open minded.  Because of that mom and dad felt we needed to be secluded in order to be "free".  I have to say it made it a lot easier.  Like today.  It’s a beautiful day.  A great day to go swimming.  Dad just opened the pool last week and it's finally ready to go swimming so I’m going to christen it for the season.  I called my boyfriend and another couple we hang out with and they were all for it.  I decided it was also time to introduce them to my lifestyle at home.  I had talked about it with Wren my boyfriend but he had never experienced it.  Well today he was.
                                I heard Wren's car pull into the driveway and walked out the driveway to meet them.  He had our friends in the car with him.  All of them sat in the car with their mouths wide open when they saw me. 

                                I stood in front of the car stark naked which when no one was around was the norm but I decided you say you love me Wren you take me as I am.  Naked and free.

I love being naked.  Wearing clothes confines my big cock and makes me uncomfortable.  Anyhow I walked over to the car and said “Come on in guys.  Make yourself comfortable.  No’s home. 

                                They got out of the car and we walked towards the back yard and the pool.  Wren was first to get comfortable when he saw the pool and stripped down to his bathing suit and jumped in. I dove in naked of course and our friends finally dove in with their suits.  Wren took his suit off first and threw it at the patio.  I told all of them “Look, you don't have to worry.  This is the norm around here.  The entire family is naturalist.  We do what we want when we want and usually in the nude.” 

                                By late afternoon my brother and his boyfriend came home too and jumped in the pool.  They had been going out for 3 years now so it was nothing for them to strip naked and walk around and shit.  It wasn't anything strange to them so that they got out of the pool and started to fuck right in front of us either

                                Let me tell you too if it wasn't that our friends were there I think Wren and I would have been right next to them.  Wren was sporting a hard on that looked painful he was so hard and red.  We watched from the far side of the pool as my brother got on all 4's and his lover shoved his cock in his ass while reaching around and jerking him off.  They fucked for a few then jumped back in the pool like it was nothing and then got out and my brother fucked his lover.  It was one hell of a day.  So were the following 3 days when Wren and our friends showed up 3 days in a row for repeats.  Only this time naked all 3 days.  It’s great.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Hi Hon"

“Hi Hon”

Story by Larry

“Hi Hon.  So glad you’re home.  I’ve been waiting for you.  Why don't you make yourself comfortable and I’ll get you a drink.  Did you have a rough day today?  Let me make you feel a little better.  Here.  Here’s a nice cold drink.  Bottoms up baby.   Oh look you haven't made yourself comfortable yet.”  (You hear a zipper opening.)  “mmmmmmmmm what have we here.  Oh my does Mr. Happy want to come out and play?”  

(Start hearing loud slurping sounds)  “oooooooooo yeah man suck my cock.  You were right I had a lousy day today at work but you certainly are making up for it baby.  Yeah swallow that cock deep baby.  Your mouth feels so fucking good.  Get me going baby and once I finish this drink I hope your pre lubed because I’m gonna fuck you right here.” (Guzzles down drink.)  

“ahhhh that was good.  Lay down baby, on your back right here.  I need to dump a load and want to do it right in that tight ass of yours.”  (Pulls clothes off.)  “mmmmmm baby you look so hot laying there with your legs in the air.  Give me a second.”  (Puts cock ring on.)  “Yeah baby I’m gonna fuck that tight ass of yours real good now.”

“Yeah you feel my cock sliding in that hot tight hole of yours, don't you baby.  That’s it; pull those legs out and up baby.  Open that hole up for me and let me in.  oooooo god I love the feel of  your hot hole after a bad day at work.  It makes the day worthwhile.  Yeah you like my cock don't you baby.  What’s that?  You want me balls deep.  Your wish is my command baby.” (Slapping sound of crotch against ass.)  How’s that feel baby.  You want more.  How about I plow you like a freight train baby. 

“I'll fuck you so hard you can't sit afterwards, how's that baby?  You like that idea.  You got it, baby take this.  (Heat hard rapid slapping sound.)  Yeah you feel my balls slapping your ass.  Take my cock, you cock hungry bitch.  Yeah that's it.  Tighten that ass bitch.  oooo my god.  My balls.  I can feel my balls tightening.  Baby you’re gonna take my load.  You better milk my cock and get every drop.”  

“aaayyyyyyyyyy yessssssssssss i'm cuuuuuummmmmmiiiiinnnngggggg.”   (Breathing heavy)  “oooo man.  That was fucking hot.  I’m glad you waited for me today.   This was the best ending to a really shitty day.  I wish you'd move in with me so we could do this every night.  What’s that?  You want to move in.  oooo my god my prayers are answered.   Give me a minute to recoup and we'll fuck to celebrate.  what’s that?”

“You want to fuck me.  Ok.  I can go for that.  Let me get the lube.  Yeah baby this is the start of something big.”

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Rent Boy

Rent Boy

Story by Jay

Most guys are surprise when I tell them I have a cabin in the woods.  It is secluded and most guys like the privacy, especially when they are married.  Yeah, I am a male prostitute.  I like to be called a rent boy.  I have a baby face and a nice slender body.

I have a lot of regular johns who love coming to the cabin.  It is a nice rustic look to it.  So the johns feel manly.  I make them feel like they are out with one of their buddies to fish, hunt, or whatever they feel comfortable with.

I let them enjoy my body.  No matter if they are being here for the first time or if they been here more than once.  I take it slow.  I take off my shirt.  I have a nice slender body.  After a while, I pull out my cock.  It is always great watching the look on their faces when they see my cock.  I have a large one as you can see. 

I make sure they get a good look at my big cock.  It is now their turn to take my cock and either jack me off, suck me off, or let me fuck them.  Of course, the price goes up depending on what they want to do. 

What do I like?  Whatever makes your happy.

Friday, March 14, 2014



Story by Larry

“ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man this shower feels good.”  It was a long day today.  They really put me through my paces.  The director wanted things just so and let me tell you he kept at it and we redid it till he was happy.  I deserve this shower man.

I’m so glad the set is on location and we have these great dressing rooms.  Mine has a fully tiled shower.  It’s hugh.  There’s a seat in it and everything but I like just standing here and letting the water run over my body.  I worked hard for this body for this part too and I love the way the water accentuates every line.  Hell I don't know if it's my imagination or not but my cock even seems bigger to me.

You can't see it but there's a full length mirror across from the shower.  Even after a hard day like today I like to stand and let the water cascade over me and look at myself in the mirror.  I’m proud of my body and plan on making sure I keep it this way.  My legs are muscular, my abs tight and defined, my pec's stick out and my arms are muscular and tight.  I also like to look in the mirror and examine my cock.  See how it just curves down towards the floor from its weight. 

                                Its nights like this when I want to go out and find something and fuck the shit out of it.  Like last week end.  Me and a couple of the guys from the set showered and went out.  We ended up drunk and back at my place and in the shower trying to sober up.  Well one thing led to another and I bent one of the guys over and soaped up my cock and rammed it home.  He was screaming like a stuck pig but I managed to fuck a load in him.  Maybe I’ll do the same tonight.  You know what I think I’ll get out of this shower and get going.  Talk to you later people.  Wish me luck.

Saturday, March 8, 2014



Story by Larry

                                I went to see Stewart at work the other day.  I surprise him every once in a while and stop by and take him to lunch on the weekends.  He works hard and I don't get to see him very much so this is my way of spending time with him.  He puts in a lot of hours because he keeps telling me he wants to buy a house for us and not have a mortgage.  I have money to put down on the house from inheritance but he won't hear of it.  It’s either no mortgage or no house. 

                                Anyhow last Saturday he was putting in a 10 hour day doing inventory and I decided I would take lunch to him and we'd eat in the warehouse and at least spend some time together.  When I walked in I didn't see anyone in sight so I called out to him.  He answered me from the back of the warehouse and told me to walk back.  I found him in the back counting inventory.  It was hot as hell so he had taken his shirt off.  When he turned around I lost my breath.  I always did when I saw his chest and he smiled.  I loved it.

                                He was on a ladder and climbed down saying "Hey babe what are you doing here?  It’s hot as fucking hell.  Why aren't you home in the a/c?”  I told him I brought him lunch figuring we could eat together and spend some time.  "That’s great babe" he answered.  “Only thing is I forgot something for desert”  I said.  His smile got even bigger.  "Baby I got your desert right here."  With that his smile got even bigger and he opened his pants and pushed them down below his balls.

                                He was rock hard and his balls full but then again they’re always full even after I suck him off and drain them but I yelled at him "Pull your pants up before someone sees you."  He laughed. “That’ll be kind of hard; we're the only ones here.   No one else is coming in.  Come on babe have some desert before we eat lunch."  I couldn't resist.  He was up a step or 2 on the ladder so I didn't even have to get on my knees or bend over.  I walked up to him and took his hard cock in my mouth and went to town. 

                                His head went back and he moaned.  "ooooo, yeah baby, that's so fucking good.  It is just what I needed".  I deep throated him a few times and played with his balls before I let his cock go.  "Ok let’s eat lunch." I told him.  "mmmmaaaaannnnnnn.  Don’t you want to just suck me off a little more babe?"  I told him maybe later.  He pulled up his pants and sat down on a box and I handed him a sandwich.  We talked and ate but I could tell he wanted to fuck.  I can always tell when he wants sex. 

                                When he was done he stood up.  "Well time to get back to work" he said.  "I guess you don't want desert then" I said.  He turned and smiled.  With that he opened his pants again and pushed them back down.  I moved over from where I was sitting to sit right in front of him and swallowed him down to the root.  "ooooooo baby I love your hot fucking mouth.  Yeah baby, take it all".    I bobbed up and down on his cock slurping and jerking him off as I sucked and then playing with his balls.  In no time he was telling me he was going to cum.  He didn't have to say a word.  I already knew.  I could tell from his breathing and the way his balls were pulling up inside.

                                As always when he started to cum he started in a low growl and by the time he was at the height of his orgasm he was howling like a wolf at the moon.  He had to steady himself on my shoulders as he came down from his orgasm.  I wasn't letting go of his cock.  I was making sure I got every drop.  I finally let him pull out of my mouth and he leaned against the ladder behind him.  "Man I just love the way you suck my cock you know that".  I sure did.  He tells me that every time I go down on him.

                I stood up and as I wiped my mouth on my arm I told him "Remember you had desert now when you get home you owe me the main course.”  He looked at me and asked "And what might that be?"  I smiled.  "Your ass to rim and your cock to suck before you fuck me".  He laughed.  Hey that's more than one course but you’re on.  I’ll see you around 6” and he started back up the ladder.  I called over my shoulder as i walked away "You bet you will honey.  You bet you will".

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sister's Boyfriend

Sister’s Boyfriend

Story by Jay

I was staying at my sister’s place for a few days.  I heard her in the kitchen and got up from the spare bedroom and went to see her in the kitchen.  “Mourning, did you sleep well?” 

I told her I did.  “Well I need to run to the store.  Brad is still asleep, but don’t worry, he is out.  Probably sleep till noon.  It takes a stick of dynamite to wake him.  See you in about 30 minutes.”

I looked at the paper and had a cup of coffee.  I decided to get clean up and as I walked to the bathroom I noticed the door to my sister’s room was partly open.  I looked in and say Brad sound asleep.  He had the sheet over his head and laid there naked.  I walked closer and stared at his cock and balls. 

He was nicely built.  His cock was circumcised and had a nice mushroom head.  His balls hung down and looked inviting to touch.  I knelt down at the side of the bed and closely examined his manhood.

I let my fingers cupped his balls.  I rolled them around and watch as his cock got harder.  I released them and used my tongue to lightly lick them.  His cock was now standing straight up.   I took one and them the other ball in my mouth letting my tongue run all over them. 

I now saw precum dripping from his pee hole.  I released his balls and let my hand point his cock up towards my face.  I placed my lips around his cock and started sucking.  His snoring turned to moans of delight. 
There was no stopping me.  I pulled on his nut sack and they started to tighten.  He came fast and furious.  

My mouth filled up quickly with his cum.  I swallowed and sucked some more.

Finally his moans returned to snoring.  I licked his cock clean and left the room. 

When my sister came home I helped her put away the groceries.    We were enjoying our coffee when Brad came in the room.  My sister poured him a cup of coffee.  He kissed her and said “Thanks.  You sure know how to wake up a guy.”

My sister smiled and looked at me with a puzzled look on her face.  I was enjoying my stay.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Young Thing

Young Thing

Story by Larry

                I’m just a young thing.  I just turned 18 last week.  I’m referred to as chick by some guys but I’ve been seeing Richie for almost 2 years.  We met in gym class in the showers and he claims as soon as he saw my uncut cock he fell in love.  He loves to suck my cock and force his tongue in under the extra skin and twirl it around my cock head.  I have to admit he's pretty good at it too.  He should be he was sucking his brother off at age 10 and in his first relationship at 12.  I’m not going to argue he makes me squirm.  He’s a little kinky too which makes things interesting, like the outfit he bought me to wear to a party this week end.

I’ll tell you now god forbid I get a hard on while wearing this thing.  I’m never going to keep my cock in it.  As it is my balls don't fit now but Richie keeps telling me that's what everyone will be wearing.   I don't care I’ll go naked if that’s the theme of the party.  I’ve already gone to underwear parties and ended up naked strutting my stuff and amazing enough you'd be surprised how many guys have not seen an uncut cock and ask all sorts of questions about it.  It’s a great conversation piece I have to say.
                When I was modeling the outfit for Richie I said maybe I’ll shave my body.  You know manscape a bit.  Shave my legs and everything except just above my cock.  Maybe leave a treasure trail, maybe not.  Boy was I sorry I said that.  Richie got up from his chair and with a smile on his face walked over to me as if he was going to kiss or hug me.  He put his one arm around me like he was hugging me but with the other he put his hand to my crotch, grabbed a patch of pubic hair and pulled it out.  He held me tight so I couldn't get away and did it again. 

                I yelled and finally got away from him.  “What the fuck was that for?” I asked.  He looked me dead in the eye and told me “You ever think of shaving again and I will shave you and the razor will slip and cut your balls off.  I love all that hair and I’m not going to do without it.  You leave all that hair alone.  Every time you think of shaving think of how it felt just now when I pulled it out.  That will change your mind.”
“The week end is near and I’m ready.  I have my outfit on and a pair of shorts over it to get me to and from the car.”  He laughed.  “Since when are you modest.”  I don't know but I felt it was the right thing to do.  I did however shed the shorts when we got to the party and I saw it was in a private house in a deserted area.  We walked in and the host greeted us both with a kiss.  Then he held me at arm’s length and turned to Richie.  “You’re a lucky man” he said.  With that someone else came in the door and he excused himself.

                We got drinks and walked around.  It wasn't long before I was the center of talk in the entire party.   Everyone wanted to see what was hanging out of my outfit and envious of Richie.  I after all was the youngest at the party.  Everyone told Richie "I didn't know you were into chicken".  Richie just smiled at them and said “Chicken is good for you and he's good for me.”  We didn't stay long at the party.  Richie said he was too horny to stay.  That night I can't tell you the amount of times he fucked me.  We made love all night long.  Matter of fact I have to go. He’s hard again and I can't let my man wait now can I?