Monday, August 29, 2016

Double Dare - Detention Room

Double Dare - Detention Room

Story by Jay

I just started as a student teacher at my local community college.  I never realized how difficult the students were until the professor had me keep two students over for detention.  I went into the room where the two students were.  At first glance they were cute and I was glad to have the whole room to myself.

I was seated in the front of the room when they both approached me.  The blond took off his shirt and proceeded to take my short off.  The taller dark hair guy took off his jeans.  His hard cock stuck out and he pointed his cock to my mouth.  I felt the blond guy's cock setting on my shoulder.

I could not resist and took the dark hair guy's cock into my mouth.He had a great boner.  It was cut with a nice mushroom head.  I held the base of his cock and squeezed his balls as I took his cock into my mouth.  I really wanted the blond guy's cock but I kept sucking until the dark hair guy backed away and told me to lay on the desk.

Then blond guy took off my jeans.  His cock was not as large as the dark hair guy but I wanted it badly.  I laid my head on the blond hair guy's body and started to suck his cock.  The dark hair guy had spread my legs and positioned his cock to fuck my ass.

My cock was rock hard and I held it as the dark hair's cock entered my ass.  The blond guy took my cock out of my hand and started to stroke it.

I was enjoying everything they were doing to me.  The dark hair guy's cock was going deeper inside of me,  But I was turned on by the blond guy.  I wanted him to suck me.

We kept at it for what seemed an hour.  I was enjoying everything.  Both guys were hot.  

Then the blond buy took my cock into his mouth and started sucking.  My cock went deep into his mouth.  Then the dark hair guy yelled "I am cumming."  I held my breath as I came.  The blond hair guy swallowed every drop.  We got dressed just as the bell rang.  Detention was over.  They turned to leave.  I did not know what to say.  Being a student teacher was not a bad job.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Roommate in College

Roommate in College

Story by Jay

I went to a college where I could have my own place.  I found an apartment but in order to stay there, I needed added income.  So I took in a roommate.  He was straight and had a girlfriend.  He was rather nice looking.

I told him I was gay but he was OK with that.  We got along great.  Our life styles did not interrupt each other.  We kept any sexual encounters to our individual bedroom.

Everything was going good, until he had a big fight with his girlfriend.  He became moody and really hard to live with.  One day I came home to find him drunk.

He said he wanted pussy, any kind of pussy.  His girl friend dumped him.  I was caught off guard.  The more he told me what he wanted, the more turned on I was.  He undressed me and then flipped me over and started to lick my ass hole.

I loved it.  I reached around and grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face deep into my ass.  His tongue went to work licking my ass and probing deep.  I never felt it so good.  I had tongues into my ass brfore, but never like this.  I was enjoying it and did not want it to end.

It was fantastic.  He pushed his tongue back and forth, in and out of my ass hole.  I was moaning for more.  Every once in a while, he would stop and say "You like it, bitch.  You want more?"  I said "Yes" to every question.  Here I had a guy with a tongue that lived in the bedroom next to me, I was moaning with joy.

I was exhausted.  He kept at it and I enjoyed every minute.  I could not believe how wonderful it felt. His girl friend was stupid to dump him.  But I was happy to fill in for her.

I was between moans when he stopped and spread my ass cheeks and said "Nice pussy.  You need my cock, Don't you?"  I could not believe it.  The tongue was awesome but what about his cock.

Before I could answer, he dived deep into my ass with his tongue. "Ready?" he said.  I braced myself for what was to happen next.

He stopped for a minute to get undressed.  He inserted his cock which was bigger than I ever had before.  He plowed fast and furious.  He had an enormous cock.  His balls slapped against my ass as he fucked me.  I heard his start to moan and I braced myself for what was to come.

His load was filling me up as he rammed his cock into me.  When he was done, he removed his cock as we sat on the couch and caught our breath.

I said "Thanks."

He answered "Every day."

I said ":What?"

He said "I need it every day.  Are you up for it?"

I said "YES!"

Monday, August 22, 2016

Park Visit

Park Visit

Story by Jay

I love going to the park.  Today I found the park to be busy.  I love to see who is there and what they are showing off.  The first guy I saw was an older gentleman.  He was sitting on a park bench and had his legs wide open and I could see his cock and balls.

He saw me and said hello.  I smiled and stared at his cock as it grew larger.

I moved on and ran into a young guy sitting naked on a bench that was on one of the trails.  He had a great looking body.  I stepped on a twig and it startled him.  He quickly stood up.

I was amazed at the size and thickness of his cock.  He smiled at me and I smiled back.  He reached over to unzip my shorts and he pulled down my shorts.  He said to sit down and he started to suck my hardon.  I laid down on the bench and sucked me till I came.

He swallowed my load and licked my cock clean.  He said he had to run and he said he would look for me next week.  I said OK and waved him good bye.

I can't wait for next week to come.

Friday, August 19, 2016



Story by Jay

I had a great workout and needed to hit the showers.  The hot water felt good on my body.  I noticed out of the corner of my eye that a guy entered the shower.  I continued to soap up and rise under the hot water.  I glanced over and saw that he was checking me out.  He was a cute guy, so I decided to give him a good view.

I made sure he got to see my ass.  I turned my back to him and took my time to turn around.  My cock was starting to get hard, but I did not care.  I had a massive thick circumcised cock with a nice cock head.  To my surprised he reached over and grabbed my cock and slowly stroked it.  

I grabbed his cock and started doing the same.  We were both hard and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Surprising no one came back to the shower we were in.  I thought nothing could be better, then he surprised me.

He got down on his knees and he was eye ball to my cock.  He continued to stroke it as he watched it get harder.  My balls were tightening up and he knew I was close to cumming.  Just as I got ready to cum, he took my cock in his mouth and my load unloaded into his mouth.  He kept sucking until every last drop was gone.  I got under the hot water to rinse off.

When I turned around he was gone.  I quickly got out of the shower and searched the locker room but could not find him.  I think of him every time I shower at the gym.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Laying Out

Laying Out

Story by Jay

I love to lay out and get a tan.  I also love when the guys came over to get a closer look.  I wore skimpy briefs and would reveal my pubes as well as the outline of my cock.  I would get excited and my cock would grow and overflow the edge of my bikini briefs.  The more they stared, the bigger I got.  Sometimes I slipped out and would take my time putting it back in.

I found that water make my briefs transparent.  One when I went fishing, I got all wet as I reeled it in.  My cock appeared for all to see.  As usually my pubes were showing just above the waistband.

My favorite was a white bikini briefs and when I sweated, it showed the outline of my cock, as if I was not wearing anything.

Guys would just come to look and I enjoyed looking at them as they watched my cock grow.

Then my hard cock was available for all to see.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Door to Door Salesman

Door to Door Salesman

Story by Jay

I was new to the job of door to door salesman.  I like being outdoor instead of being cooped in an office.  Today I was going to a new area that I had not visited before.  I went to the front door.  The owner saw me coming and was waiting for me as I turned the corner of his house.

He said "Yes, what do you want?"

I was staring at his opened bath robe.  He wore boxers and his cock was peeking through the opening of his boxers.  I could not take my eyes off of his cock.

He yelled "What do you want?"  Just as he said that, his dick poked through the opening.

He said "Come and get it.  You know you want it."  It was a nice size cut cock.  He said "Come on take a good look."

I came closer and grabbed hold of his cock.  It grew as I touched it.  I lifted it to see his balls. They were still hidden inside his boxers. I felt his cock throb

I was always fascinated with guy's pee hole.  I lifted his cock and stared at his slit in the middle of his cock head.  It was a beautiful sight.  He said "Stroke me."  It was almost in a whisper.

I started to stroke his cock as he let out a low moan.  His cock was big by now.  I wanted to suck it.  Again in  a low voice, he said "Take it."

I wasted no time.  I took his cock head into my mouth.  I let my tongue swirl around the ridge  of his cock head.  The man was moaning.  He reached around to the back of his head and pushed me so I took more of his cock.  His balls were now coming out of the opening of his boxers.

He pulled back his cock from my mouth.  A stream of precum ran from the tip of his pee hole to my mouth.

He was ready to cum.  He asked me "Do you want it?"  I nodded 'yes'.

I took it into my mouth a few times and then cum shot out.  It filled my mouth and ran down my chin.  A stream of cum fell down to my shirt and tie.  It was a load.  I took it all, or almost all.  When he was done, he stood there with his cock hanging out and said "I guess I need to buy something after all the work you did.

Well, I went inside and he bought from me.  Not only did he become a good customer that day, he became a repeat customer.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Rock Wall

Rock Wall

Story by Jay

I love the park that is near to where I live.  It has a section that has a tall rock wall.  You can see who is coming in the one entrance, so you have privacy, which makes it nice.

The other day I spotted a guy standing near the wall.  He seems eager to show me his cock.  I stood there and watched as he unzipped his pants.

He had on red underwear.  He reached into his briefs, and looked around to make sure we were alone.  I told him "Don't worry.  I will let you know if anyone is coming."

He pulled his pants and briefs down and out came his cock.  I could see his balls and semi hard cock now.  I pulled down my shorts and he licked his lips.  My cock was hard and I slowly stroked it.

He now started to jack off.  He pulled up and shirt and I got to see his pubic hairs.  His cock and balls were really nice.

He turned to check out the entrance tow where we were standing.  It was all clear.  He showed me his ass.  He had a terrific bubble ass. I wanted to touch him but he nodded 'no'.

He was content showing off his cock and balls.  I stared at him as I increased jacking off my own cock.

I started to cum and stepped closer and out came his cum.  I felt the warm cum land on me.  He had a big load.  He kept cumming.  He finally finished shooting his load and before I knew it, he pulled up his briefs and pants and took off.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sitting on the Dock

Sitting on the Dock

Story by Jay

I went to a park over the weekend.  It was deserted and I was bored and decided to go home, when I saw a guy sitting on a dock near the lake.  I decided to check him out.

He had on blue shorts.  He wore a cowboy had.  He had a smooth chest which I loved seeing in a guy.  He spotted me and smiled.  I returned the smile.  I sat down nearby and watch him.  He reached down and pulled the leg opening of his shorts and I saw his cock and balls.

He had a nice cut cock and luscious balls.  He was semi hard.  I kept staring and he motioned for me to do the same. I looked around to make sure no one was watching us.  I reached down and pulled at my leg opening of my shorts and let my cock and balls hang out.

He smiled and stared.  I walked closer to him and by the time I stood in front of him, my cock was fully erect and standing straight out.

"Can I?" he asked.  I nodded 'yes'.  He stood up and pulled down his shorts.  He did the same to my shorts.  His uncut cock was getting hard.  My cut cock was already hard and waiting for his touch.  He hand grabbed my cock and started to stroke it.  I grabbed his cock and did the same.

We were now both hard and it did not take long for me to cum.  I shot my load of cum and it handed on his cock.   He shot his load right after I came.  His load was big and it landed all over my pubes and cock.

It was a good thing that we were near water.  We rinsed off and then pulled up out shorts and went our different ways.