Monday, December 31, 2012

The Hitchhiker Series - New Year's Eve

The Hitchhiker Series – New Year’s Eve

Story by Jay

I woke and heard voices.  I looked around and saw that the TV was still on.  I was laying on the floor.  Hitch had his head resting on my chest.  He had a tight hold on me.  I started to remember what happened last night. 

Hitch and I were celebrating our first New Year’s Eve together, and we went to a local club. The music pounded in our ears.  The beat of the music was addicted.  Prior to going to the club for a drink, we had dinner out.  The food was good and after dinner we started to make plans for the upcoming year.   Vacation plans were discussed.  We had made plans for a vacation in January and were excited about going to Hawaii.  We also made plans to get away after the first of the month to stay in a cabin in the mountain.  We were going to leave on Sunday.     

Hitch looked great.  Hitch went to the bar to get us a couple drinks.  I watch as he walked away.  His jeans were tight and hugged his body.  I knew what lay beneath his clothes and I wished we stayed home instead of going to the club.  Hitch must have read my mind, because he asked me if we could head on home after one more drink. 

At home, we turned on the TV to watch the ball drop in Times Square. We laid on the floor in front of the TV.  Hitch brought out some blankets and pillows.  He said, “Now this is a lot better. “  He pulled the blanket up and snuggled.  Since I met him, he always loved to rest his head on my chest.   Many a night he would fall asleep as he listened to my heartbeat.  

Hitch unbuttoned my shirt and reached in to caress my chest.  He stopped at my nipple and played with it.  He loved doing that and I love having it done to me.  He kissed me as his hand played with the few hairs that I had on my chest.  I removed my shirt and took Hitch’s shirt off as well.  We ignored the TV as we started to make love.  We stripped down to our underwear and our arms and legs were wrapped around each other.  Hitch reached down and slipped his hand under by briefs.  He fingered my asshole ever so lightly.  He reached down with his other hand and found my hard cock and held it.

My thought went back to our first encounter up to the present.  I loved this man and always wanted to be with him.  In a trance, I let Hitch lead the way.  Everything moved in slow motion as Hitch removed my briefs and lubed my asshole.  He held me tight as his cock entered my ass and he slowly fuck me.    I felt every thrust, every kiss, and I savored the moments.  While he fucked me, I manipulated my cock with slow movements that coincided with his movements.  Both his cock and mine were together as one.  I sensed his body getting ready to cum and I was ready as well.  A few more jerks of my cock and suddenly I felt Hitch cum and I shot my load as well.  He removed his cock and kissed me for what seem like the longest time.  He reached over to our underwear that was on the floor and used them to wipe us clean.  He then resume his position of laying his head on my chest and snuggling.  I pulled he blanket up over us and held him tightly. 

As I drifted off to sleep, I heard on the TV, “10… 9… 8…”

Now it was morning.  I turned off the TV with the remote.  Hitch was out cold.  He was in his usually position resting his head on my chest.  I remembered the old saying, “What you do on New Year’s Eve, you do all year.”  If that saying is true, then it is going to be a great year.     

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hot Tub

Hot Tub

Story by Jay


I was home alone.  My brother was away to college and Mom and Dad were off for the weekend visiting Grandma.  I loaded some porn in the DVD player and started to watch the movie when I heard some noise coming from the patio.


I looked out and saw that the hot tub cover fell onto the deck.  That seemed strange to me.  So I went out the patio doors and spotted Randy in the tub.  He was a friend of my brother.  I saw Randy and my brother shooting basketballs and was intrigued with Randy.  I use to wonder what he looked like naked.  Now I was going to get my chance to do just that.

He had removed he cover and was standing there naked with a rock hard cock.  We both stared at each other.  He had a real slender body.  His cock was pointed at me and boy did it look tasty.  He was circumcised and had a nice thick cockhead on a long shaft. 

“You want to join me?”  Randy said.  I undressed and saw his eyes watch every move I made.  I was turned on and my cock sprang upward when I removed my briefs.  I climbed into the tub and stood cock head to cock head.  The tip of our cocks touched as if to kiss.  I leaned in and Randy did the same and our lips pressed together in a passionate kiss.

We embraced as we sat in the hot tub.  Our hands reached down to our cocks and we started to stroke each other.  I was so turned on.  I loved slender guys and Randy was definitely my type.  

He released my cock and stood up.  He held his rock hard cock and stepped towards my face.  He wanted to be sucked.  I rubbed his cockhead against my lips until I opened my mouth and he inserted his cock.  I placed my hands on his ass and pumped his cock into my mouth.  It did not long before he came in my mouth. 

I did not want the night to end.  He climbed out of the Hot Tub and reached in to grab my hand and pulled me out of the Hot Tub.  “Let’s go to your brother’s room.” He led me down to the basement when my brother’s room was.  He grabbed a towel and wiped us dry and told me to laid down. 


I was extremely hard.  He stood at the foot of the bed.  His cock was rock hard again.  I turned around on the bed and admired it.  It was a beauty.  His pee hole was leaking precum.  I let my tongue lick the drops of precum.  I laid on my back as he climbed onto the bed and let his balls sink into my mouth.

As I sucked on his balls, I felt his mouth engulfed my cock.  He sucked my cock and I repositioned myself and took his cock into my mouth.  We 69 until we both felt our balls tighten.  He came first and filled my mouth with his hot cum.  I shot next.  He was not ready and I splattered cum all over his face.

He wanted to leave but I convinced him to stay.  He said “I usually cum and then go.”  I snuggled mext to him.  He wrapped his arms around me and said “Nice.”

The next morning I woke to find Randy was gone.  I was sad.  I really wanted to spend more time with him. 

I heard the shower going and wondered who was in the bathroom.  I went in and Randy stood there.  His cock was rock hard.  “Morning” he said.  I climbed into the shower and gave him a long passionate kiss.  I answered, “It not just ‘Morning’, it is ‘Good Morning’.  Definitely it is ‘Good’.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Calendar Art - Part 3


(The Concept)



 It took a lot of convincing by Kyle to get Ron to agree to be a part of the calendar.  "What's the point of your hard work at the gym if no one gets to see your awesome body?  You didn't seem to have any problem working out naked and you don't strike me as being shy.  This year the calendar will be different than the one for 2012.  We have decided to go with nudes."

Ron admitted that actually he was really proud of his physique but wanted more information about the calendar and the concept before he was ready to go naked for a charity. 

"It's really very simple.  This time, we are trying to both raise money for the Center and to highlight the work of local gay artists and photographers.   They are going to use body paint to decorate the twelve nude models.  Each month will showcase a different artistic style, with the calendar men serving as the canvases."

"I can show you some examples, because some of the models have already been photographed."


 "This one, as you can see, is called 'A Work in Progress' .  It gives a hint to the calendar's concept and will be used as the picture for January.  It was really funny to photograph this one.  The model had a hard-on before he even got naked.   It was really impressive and stayed erect while the paint was being splashed on him.  It took forever for him to go soft, and he ended up really small!"

"Now, look at this one..."

"This is going to be the cover photo.  The guy was so hot that we thought we should use him again for one of the months.   A different artist is working on another concept for him."

"Now, this one is finished..."

"It should give you an idea of what most of the months will look like.  The shoot went really fast.  The model was a natural and he was really co-operative.  It was difficult to pick just one photo of him."

"The next guy was more of a problem..."


"He was really enthusiastic about doing this, even as the artist was working on him.  At the last minute, he got really shy and didn't want his face shown.  The photographer had to be really creative with angles to get this shot."

After a little more convincing, Ron agreed to do it.  Kyle and Ron met with the artist and together they came up with an idea:  "The Garden of Eden".

Ron was really satisfied with the final results and it turned out to be a pleasant experience. 

Ron and Kyle would collaborate again...but this time, it was working on putting together a relationship! 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Calendar Art - Part 2


(after the gym)




"God, I'm sorry dude.  I meant no harm.  I just noticed that you look really hot!   When you started to bone up too and headed to the lockers, I decided to follow.  By the way, I'm Kyle, and I"ve been watching you from a distance for a few weeks here."

Kyle approached and wrapped a hand around Ron's hard dick.  Ron momentarily flinched but relaxed enough to enjoy the hand job.  He finally calmed down and said, "I'm gonna hit the showers, wanna join me?"


They only had a few minutes to soap each other til the last of the gym members filed into the shower room.  Kyle said, "Whatdaya say, wanna take this to my apartment?  I just live a few blocks from here."

Ron wasn't about to disagree.  Kyle was definitely 'fuck worthy'!   His bubble-butt looked like an all-day meal!  Ron wanted to bury his face between that crack. 

It was a race to see who dressed the quickest!   Fifteen minutes later, they were stripping off the same clothes in Kyle's apartment.


It was an extraordinary evening!   Neither Ron or Kyle had ever experienced anything before close to the intensity of the inter-action between them.  They groped, rimmed, licked, sucked face and dicks, and traded fucks!

Finally, exhausted they laid side by side on the mattress and talked to finally get acquainted.

After several minutes of conversation, Kyle revealed that he was an activist and advocate for the local LGBT Community Center.  "One of the reasons why I first took notice of you was because I am trying to recruit hot guys to appear in a fund-raising calendar.  We need two more!  I will do it, if you will." 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Calendar Art - Part 1


(they met at the gym)


Ron was in the middle of his workout at the gym.  He wasn't trying to be a big "muscle man".   Just to stay fit, he works out 4 times a week.   Sharing the locker room and showers was a bonus for paying big bucks for his gym membership!  (You see, Ron is GAY!)

He didn't have a clue about the sexual orientation of the other gym members.  Some probably were also gay, others might have been BI (gay curious)  with a healthy mixture of open-minded really straight guys.  There was a smathering of hot married straight men.    He never knew what he might walk in on when he went to the locker room.


On occasion, he would walk-in on some really homo-erotic scenarios.  There would be guys with public displays of their erections.  Other men who would linger well past toweling-off, still naked for the other guys to see.  

Ron had even caught a few of the gym members in the locker room or showers actually "doing" each other.  They didn't even care that Ron stood there and watched as they had sex.  While he really got off on catching other guys in the act, he really was only there for the workouts.  Ron would never have the balls to engage in sex like that in front of other men.


This particular night, there was a guy who Ron noticed was staring at him as he worked out.  It really threw off his concentration as he worked the individual gym apparatus.   It rattled Ron enough to throw off his rhythm.  It was a "Thursday" after 10 pm, when members were permitted to do "nude workouts".  Ron always did.  With all of the mirrors in the room, it gave him a nice perspective of how his muscles were being worked.

Not ready to make a public scene, he just quit to call it a night and headed to his locker.   The guy followed him.  It really pissed Ron off, because the guy stood there in the locker room with an erection!

Ron had all he could take!  (Okay, his stalker was hotter-than-fuck! but, there was a limit!)   As much as he was totally pissed off by this guy, Ron's cock was hard as a rock too!  He boldly swung around to confront this guy who had fucked-up his work-out! 



Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Hitchhiker Series - Christmas Visit

The Hitchhiker Series – Christmas Visit

Story by Jay

Hitch’s family was going to be out of town on Christmas vacation, so that left Hitch alone for the Holidays.  I talked Hitch into going to my parents for the Holidays.    The trip took five hours to get there.  During that time, I educated Hitch on who was going to be there and how to deal with each of my relatives.  To say the least, Hitch was a nervous wreck by the time we arrived there.  But I got to hand it to my relatives, they were great.  They all welcomed him with open arms.  

The house was full of relatives which left my room as the only option for Hitch and myself.  I was so glad that they did not stick him down in the basement on the game room couch.  My bed was small but I felt we could manage.  My room was at the far side of the house, so we had some privacy. 

The evening went well with good food, drinks, and conversation.  Mom took out my baby pictures to show Hitch and embarrassed me. 

One by one, my relatives went off to bed.  Hitch and I finished one last drink.  We made a toast to our friendship and love, and then headed for bed.  We were tired from our trip and the evening festivities. 

As we entered my room, I closed the door.  I kissed Hitch and told him I was so glad he decided to come.  He kissed me and started to unbutton my shirt.  I returned the favor and unbuttoned his shirt.  Piece by piece we removed an article of clothing.  Finally we were down to just our underwear.  Hitch looked so sexy in just his underwear.  I could look at him for hours.  I especially enjoyed removing his underwear to reveal his luscious cock and balls.  I removed his briefs and Hitch removed mine.   We embraced and our cocks laid against our bodies.   Hitch seemed more excited than normal.  His cock was hard and leaking precum already.  “Time for bed”, he said.   He had a devious look on his face.  I knew he had more in store for us than sleep.      

We climbed into my small bed.  I thought it would be cramped but it was great.  Hitch put his strong arms around me.  I looked into his blue eyes and started to kiss him on the forehead, his nose, and then his lips.  Hitch knew this was my ritual when I started to make love to him.  I loved showering him with kisses.  I kissed him on the neck and he rolled on his back and surrendered to me.  I lifted his arm and kissed him in his armpit.  My tongue swirled around the blond hairs in his armpit and I felt his body tense.   My tongue traveled down to his nipple.  I straddled him and looked into his blue eyes and continue to tongue trip down to his cock.  Hitch had only a few blond hairs on his chest.  As I traveled down toward his navel, he had a few more hairs.  Finally I arrived at my destination.  His blond bush of pubes was soft to my touch.  I lifted his cock to allow me to bury my mouth into his bush.  His cock was hard, and his veins were protruded on the side of his shaft.  I sucked on his cock, while I ran my hands over his chest.  Hitch enjoyed it.  He reached down to me and kissed me.  He climbed around me and found my cock.  We started to suck each other cock.   Hitch took my cock deep in his mouth.  I returned the favor and tried doing the same.  His cock was larger and thicker than my cock.  I enjoyed the first time I sucked his cock and every time since.  As I withdrew his cock from my mouth, I plunged it back deep in my throat.  I held his balls and felt them tightening. I quicken my pace and before long, we tensed our bodies and we started to cum in each other mouths. 

Hitch swallowed as I came and he drank my cum. He licked the last drops of cum from his lips.  Hitch then laid back, swallowing my load.  I savored the taste of his cum and let it linger in my mouth before swallowing.  I laid back and caught my breath. As I climbed back up to be face to face with Hitch, I kissed him.  He returned the kiss and put his strong arms around me.  As we drifted off to sleep, I thought, holidays are a time for being around family and the ones you love. 

Being in Hitch’s arms made me happy, safe, and content.  But most of all, we loved each other. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Tale - Part 4


Part 4 of 4


In just the few days I had been at the cabin, I really came to appreciate Nick's presence.  I must have been nuts to think I should spend another Christmas alone.   In the past few years, I would just get really depressed and it would bring back sad memories of Grandpa Jack and Uncle Dave.

This year was completely different.  I was happy and content.   Nick and I were constantly together, yet I didn't feel like I was being smothered by him.  If fact, I couldn't get enough of his affection.  I'm pretty confident that Nick felt the same way.


Before making the trip, I was leery of this man.  He was still somewhat of a mystery to me.  None of my questions had been answered.  Every time I thought to ask how he knew me, he would say or do something to make me loose my train of thought.  Sometimes, it was just a look from his big brown eyes.

The most perplexing thing about Nick was that he seemed to be psychic.  He could anticipate my every need.  I didn't have to ask for food or something to drink.  It was always there and exactly whatever I had been thinking about.  It even extended to the bedroom and sex.  He seemed to know when I needed him to be tender or when I wanted him to be aggressive. 


Maybe it was the brisk Connecticut winter air or falling asleep in the comfort of Nick's arms, but I had the most vivid dreams.  The snow dance dream was just the beginning.  I dreamt of the holidays when I was a young child and happy times with Grandpa Jack.  The dreams were filled with everything I used to love about Christmas.   For some odd reason, Nick would appear in each of the dreams.   

I guess it didn't seem so unusual on Christmas Eve when I dreamt of Nick again.  This time,  He wandered through the forest as if he was searching.   He found an evergreen tree, chopped it down, and brought it into the cabin.  In the attic he found lights and decorations to decorate the tree.  He precisely placed each item on the branches as if he was creating a masterpiece.


I woke on Christmas morning with a smile.  It had been another beautiful dream.  I was used to Nick getting up before me, so I wasn't surprised to be alone in the bed.  After a few minutes I got up to find him.  I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the living room.  It was the exact tree from my dream.   Nick was curled up asleep under the branches. 

I just stopped and stared.  Tears welled up in my eyes.  The work he had put into the tree was just so special.  I knew that he had done it for me.  It reminded me of every tree I had when I was young.  For too many years I had tried to forget, when I should have been remembering.  Once again, Nick seemed to know, not just what I wanted, but also what I really needed.   I didn't know if Nick was a wizard or a genie, but he had restored the magic of Christmas for me.   Maybe, he was Santa!

Nick opened his eyes, looked at me and smiled.  Pointing to the tree, he asked, "Is it alright?"

I joined him under the branches and said, "It's absolutely perfect...and so are you!"

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Tale - Part 3



Part 3 of 4


Sex with Nick was absolutely fantastic.   When we finished, I drifted off to sleep and had the most amazing dream.  In it:  Nick was naked in the moonlight making it snow in a magical winter forest.   I didn't remember all of it, just his dazzling smile as he danced under the falling snowflakes.  He was erotic and sensual, yet powerfully graceful, much like when he had made love to me.

I suddenly woke all alone in the bed.  It was still the middle of the night.  Nick was standing in the dark gazing out of the window.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  He was watching it actually snow.  I told myself that it was just a silly coincidence.  Nick didn't make it snow, how could he?  No one could control the weather.   He crawled back into bed and we cuddled till we fell asleep again.

I didn't wake again till morning.  Nick was already up.  I could hear him in the kitchen.  I lingered in the bed grateful that he was a good cook.  Hell, I couldn't even boil water!  I called out to him to let him know I was awake.

"Oh good!  Just stay where you are Clay.  We can have breakfast in bed!"


Nick walked in carrying a tray.  "Snow is still coming down.  It's really piling up out there.  I guess you got your wish.  Sure is beautiful!  There's nothing like snow this time of the year!"

I looked down at the food.  Blueberry Pancakes!!!  How the hell does Nick know all of my favorite foods?  Come to think of it, where did all of the food come from?   I hadn't arranged for the kitchen to be stocked, but I certainly was glad it was.

I tried to make a joke, "Gee Nick, if you keep feeding me food like this, you'll have to roll me out of here."

"Well, I know one way to work off the calories."  (I thought he might be referring to sex!)  "We can always go outdoors for some fun in the snow!  I called and had the guys from the B & B bring up our bags.  After all, we can't go out in the weather naked!"

With full stomachs, we dressed in our warmest winter clothes.  We took a long hike and ended near the B & B where we found a toboggan.  We rode it together several times down the hill just like two big kids!


On the long trek back to the cabin, I thought about what a great time I was having!  Nick and I seemed so compatible.  I didn't even mind it when he started humming Christmas carols as we hiked along.

I told him, "This has been the best day that I've had in a long time.  It makes me think about the fun I had as a kid at Christmas!  I can't believe I am saying this, but I sort of miss that."

What I really wanted to say was: Today was really special because I spent it with you!

The next two days were more of the same.  Great food, great sex and great fun!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Tale - Part 2



Part 2 of 4


The keys to the cabin were sent to me.  I followed the GPS in my car as I drove to upstate Connecticut.  For late December, I expected lots of snow.  The reality was a cold and very rainy trip.  It could have been a really depressing drive, however, the anticipation of a get-away and finally meeting the mysterious "Nick" kept my mind occupied.

For weeks I had buried myself in my work and hibernated in my New York apartment just to avoid all of the pre-Christmas activity in the city. 


The downside was that I ended up really horny.   I began to fantasize about a possible romance with "Nick".   I didn't even know what he looked like or if I would be attracted to him.  I hoped to combine my escape to Connecticut with hot sex.  Maybe this would be the first Christmas in years, when I wouldn't be alone and depressed.

I arrived in the early evening and had to park near the B&B.  There was only a long trail that that led to the cabin.  I could see the lights in the distance.  I left my bags in the car to retrieve later.   Because of the pouring rain, I was soaked to the skin by the time I reached the door.   I was cold, wet and miserable.

Before even looking around, I stood in the entry and stripped.  I found the bathroom so that I could get a towel to dry off.  That's when I saw him for the first time.  Nick was just drying off from his shower.  I didn't recognize him as anyone I knew, but he certainly was a hot looking man.  He pulled me to him and kissed me. 


"Clay, you finally made it, but you're soaking wet!  Here's a dry towel.  You're shivering!  Why don't you go out to the sofa.   I already lit the fireplace.   I hope you're hungry.  I have our dinner in the oven."

He brushed past me and headed to the kitchen.  I didn't have a chance to even get a word in, and I had dozens of questions.  Well, I guess there would be plenty of time later.  Nick must have been in the same predicament as me, since his clothes were hanging in the bathroom to dry. 

After hanging the towel to dry, I toured the cabin.   It was rustic on the outside, but really quite modern, yet cozy, inside.  I found the sofa and stretched out near the warmth of the fireplace.


I couldn't help smiling when I thought of the hunk in the kitchen cooking for me.  At least, we both seemed to be comfortable with being nude in front of each other.   I decided I would have to be very subtle in my questions.  I didn't want to fuck this up and scare him off. 

I wandered into the kitchen just as he was putting the food on the table.  It smelled delicious.  "Wow, pot roast!  I haven't had that in years.  It used to be my favorite."

As we ate, we shared a bottle of red wine, and casual conversation.  Nick was easy to talk to.   I don't nomally relate to people that quickly.  His face may not have been familiar to me, but I had an odd feeling that I somehow knew him.

I felt completely at ease around him.  There wasn't anything awkward about sitting naked with him later on the sofa.  When it was getting late, we made our way to the bedroom.  We crawled onto the bed and cuddled together.  In the quiet, I could hear the rain on the roof.

I said, "Rain always depresses me.  Snow would be nice."

Nick kissed me, and I thought I heard him say, "I'll see what I can do."  He kissed me again and we made love before falling asleep in each others' arms.