Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Refill - Part 1

Refill – Part 1

Part 1 of 2

I was filling in for a friend as bartender. I loved watching the crowd.  Some of the guys are pretty hot that come here.  I used my towel to wipe down the counter, when he appeared in front of me.  

He held up his glass.  “Can I get another refill?”

I stared into his eyes. He was beyond pretty hot.  He was super hot. His eyes penetrated deep into my soul.  I went through the motions of getting a refill for him.  As I handed the glass to him, our hands touched.  We both felt it.  It was electrifying.  I found myself smiling and wanting to know more about him.  

He smiled back and stared at me.  I could stare at him forever.  I did not want this moment to end.  I found myself wanting to continue talking with him.  I said, “My name is John.”

His smile grew, “So is mine.  But I go by my initials, JJ.”  Someone in the crowd called out his name.  “I better get back to my friends.”  He turned to leave.  I watched him walk off.  He had a great looking butt. I stopped to wait on another customer and, when I turned back, I lost him in the crowd. 

We were busy all the way till closing time.  I cleaned up and clocked out and headed for my car.  As I unlocked the car, another car pulled up. It was JJ.  He was alone in the car.  His smile was contagious.  I found myself smiling back at him.

He had the empty glass still in his hand. “Can I get another refill?”

I leaned into the opened window and said, “Sorry, bar is closed.  I am heading home.  The only thing I can offer you is a cup of coffee at my place.”  I hoped he would take me up on the offer. 

JJ smiled and said, “That sounds like a good offer.  Lead the way.” 

I drove off and looked into the rearview mirror to make sure he was following me.  I was happy that I did not live far from the bar. I parked and watch him as he got out of the car.  He had on a tight pair of pants that hugged his ass.  His cock was laying to the left and I could not wait to see what lie beyond his pants. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Reader's Request

Reader's Request

Hey guys,

I got an email from a reader who said:

“If you want to increase your readership, show us some pictures of your cock.”

Not sure if the general readership would agree, but I thought I would place it on the agenda and see what happens.  I am a little bit of a exhibitionist, so here is a picture of me wearing my famous bikini briefs.


Let me know what you think.  Comments, emails to and vote on the Poll.

If you say ‘yes’ or ’no’, I will still love you all.

Love ya,


Stuffed in my Jeans

Stuffed in my Jeans

I saw him walking around the Mall.  He had on a tight fitting shirt and skin tight jeans.  I had to follow him.  His ass looked great in those jeans. When ever I saw him from the front, I wondered how he got his cock and balls inside of the jeans.   He turned and saw me.  I looked away.  I walked over to a bench and sat down.  I spotted him out of the corner of my eye.  He was coming my way.  My heart was beating.

He stopped and stood right in front of me.  I looked right into his budging front of his jeans.  I could see the outline of his cock and balls.  His zipper was not fully fastened.  He asked me, “Is this seat taken?”  I nodded ‘NO’. 

He sat and tugged on his jeans to give his cock and balls some space.  “I like your jeans.” I stammered.

He replied, “They are nice and tight, but when I get home, I relax and get out of them.”  I smiled, “How do you get into them?”

He laughed. “Do you want to see?  I am heading home.  I will show you.  OK?”  I got up eager to go.  I smiled bigger and said, “Great.  I will follow you.”

I waited in the parking lot till he came around the corner and then followed him out to the street and on to his place.  He did not live far.  He had a nice looking apartment.  He jumped up onto the counter.  He grabbed the zipper and pulled it down just a couple inches.  “Need to breathe first.”  I saw that he had underwear on underneath.  That surprised me.

He took off his shirt.  His chest was muscular. He jumped down from the counter and sat in a chair and posed for me.  “You like what you see?”  I nodded ‘YES’.  My eyes wander all over his chest and down to his underwear sticking out between his unzipped jeans.  I sat down in a chair. 

He stood up and pulled his jeans down enough so that I could see his outline of his cock and balls.  With a slight smile, he grabbed his cock and stroked it through his underwear.  I licked my lips.  He smiled, “You want to see what I have stuffed in my jeans?  Show me yours and I will show you mine.”

I stood up and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and with one quick movement, dropped them down to my ankles. He said, “Wow.  That is one nice piece of meat.”  My cock was near seven inches long with a big cut knob on its tips.  I stood there waiting for his unveiling.   He dropped his jeans and underwear, slowly.  I saw his cock head appear first.  Then his long thick cock appeared.  Once his jeans were off, I wanted to see his cock up close.  I fell to my knees and saw a magnificent piece of meat.

He had shaved some of his pubes off, but he looked nice.

I licked the end of his cockhead and then took it into my mouth.  He placed his hands on my head and held me firm as he thrusts his cock in my mouth.  I held his hips to slow his down, and to keep from gagging.  He was big and I had trouble handling his cock.  Once he got going, he kept at it with one thing in mind, cumming.

I grabbed my cock and jacked off.  When he got ready to cum, he pulled out and finished the job by cumming all over my face.  When he was done, I leaned back and stroked my cock until I shot my load onto my chest.

My cock shrunk after I came.  I looked over at his cock and it was still big.  I wondered how he stuffed that cock in his jeans.              

Sex Slave - Part 3

Sex Slave

Part 3 of 3

Being a sex slave was starting to be an awesome assignment.  I was enjoying the attention and the cocks. The next encounter was back at the same place, at the motel room.  This time the leader had more guys attending the session.  They all were undressed, standing there waiting for me.  There were all sizes of cock, and all types.  I wanted them all.  It did not matter if the cock was cut or uncut, large or small.     

It did not long for me to get out of my clothes.  They had me lay down on the bed.  I held on to two guys’ cocks and started to jack them off, as another guy stuck his cock in my mouth.   

The leader had my ass all to himself.  He licked my asshole and got me all wet and ready for his cock.  His tonge licked all around and in my asshole.  I was so busy sucking and jacking cocks, that I did not feel his cock entering me. 

Every so often, the guys would switch places with the ones that I was servicing.  A few guys had a short trigger and came quickly.  But as soon as they were done, another person took their place. 

Eventually everyone was jacking off and formed a circle around me.  I knew what was coming.  The guys were going to give me a shower of cum.  They waited for the leader to cum first. He pounded my ass.  When he got close to cumming, he pulled out.  Just as the first drops of cum landed on me, the rest of the guys came.  I was drenched with cum.  This session was beyond my wildest dream.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sex Slave - Part 2

Sex Slave

Part 2 of 3

Everyone stripped down and lined up in a row.  Three erect, hard cocks were waiting for my attention.  The leader’s cock was the best. It was thick, with a nice cut cockhead.  I knew what to do.  The leader went first.  I licked all around his cockhead.  I kept it up until he was moaning with delight.  I licked the under side of his shaft.  He was now moaning louder. 

I held off sucking his cock until he begged for it.  Then I took it into my mouth.  I sucked it deep into my mouth.  The leader placed his hands on my head.  He then took over and fucked my face with so much intensity, that I started to gag.   

I got back under control.  I was loving every minute of sucking his cock.  I knew I had more cock to suck.  I braced myself and he shot his load filling up my mouth.  I swallowed quickly and then I started on the next one in line.  Each one was masterful in feeding my mouth with their cocks. 

I was enjoying the second guy’s cock when the last guy got impatient.  He shoved his cock into my mouth.  I had two at once now.  They were enjoying it.  They were face fucking me in sync with each other.  They glided into my mouth.  I prepared myself for their cum.  I place my hands on their butt and gave them a squeeze.  I shoved their cocks deep into my mouth, increasing the speed.  I felt their bodies tense and then both cocks exploded with hot cum.  I could not keep up and cum started to stream out of the corners of my mouth.      

I swallowed what I could and then wiped my mouth with my hand.  Not to waste any cum, I licked my hand.

When they were done, I had my filled of cum.  I am very happy and satisfied.  They patted me on the back and said “Good job.”  It went well for our first meeting.

The leader of the group arranged for our next meeting.  I answered, “I will be there.”  My cock was getting hard just thinking of our next encounter.   

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sex Slaves - Part 1

Sex Slave

Part 1 of 3

I was so looking forward to being a freshman in college.  I would be away from home and available to do things I could not do at home. 

One thing I was looking forward to was sex.  Lots of sex, and with multiple guys.  The possibilities were mind blowing, or should I say cock blowing.  

I wanted to do what ever they wanted me to so.  That would be awesome.  Then it came to me, what better way, then as a sex slave.  College guys were horny, and I figured I could fill their need, as well as my needs, which was sex.

So I started to plan it out.  I wanted to be with older guys.  The seniors in college had more experience, and they were not afraid to have me do whatever they wanted.  My motto would be ‘use me, abuse me’.  My plan was coming together. 

So I ran an ad stating they must be seniors in college and it had to be two to four guys.  I was a sex slave, ready to do their bidding. 

The answer came quickly.  I was nervous as I clicked to open the email.  I read it and smiled.  It sounded good.  They were three guys, all seniors in the college that I attended.  I replied and we made arrangements to meet.

I was not nervous. Instead I was excited and horny.  I met them at a motel room.  They sat on the bed watching me.  I like what I saw.  I wondered what we would be doing tonight.  This first meeting consisted of us sizing each other. 

One of the three was definitely in charged.  He told me to remove my pants.  I did not wear underwear so that I would be ready for anything.  “Sit down.” He ordered.  I sat on a chair with my cock erect and ready for action.  All three guys were smiling as they stared at my cock. 

The three guys knelt around me.  I leaned back and folded my hands behind my head. I smiled as they moved in towards my cock.  My cock was sticking up.  I watch as the three started to lick and suck on my cock.  Having three tongues working on my cock was awesome.  I never felt so much stimulation as each tongue licked along my shaft while one guy moved up my shaft and licked my cockhead.

He starting sucking the tip of my cock as the other two worked on my shaft.  I was enjoying the attention.    
I felt that I was close to cumming.  I wanted to hold off and enjoy the guys, but I started cumming before I knew it.  The leader took my load while the other two guys sat back and watch the leader take it all to himself. 

They all had smiles, including myself. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Underwear Time

Underwear Time

I was on the internet searching for guys to meet.  I found this guy on line and he was into underwear.  I always got turned on when I saw a guy in just his underwear.  I had a large collection of styles and shapes.  So he invited me to his dorm room at the local university.  He said to put on multiple pairs of underwear.  At least five and then we could model them and take them off, one by one.  So I went through my underwear drawer and pick five to put on. 

We met in the parking lot south of the dorm.  He looked great in T-shirt and shorts.  I wore the same.  He looked like he worked out.  I could not wait to see him in just underwear.  As we walked towards his dorm, I wondered what type of underwear he was wearing.  Later he told me he was thinking the same thing. 

We climbed the stairs to his floor and entered a tiny room with enough room for a bed and a desk.  He immediately took off his T-shirt.  I was impressed with the muscles he had.  I worked out but did not have the definition that he had.   I stood and took off my shirt. 

He reached over and felt my crotch.  I did the same to him.  I put my fingers around his waistband and pulled his shorts down to reveal multiple layers of underwear.  His first pair was boxer briefs.  Even with all the underwear on, I could see a huge budge. 

I watched as we paraded around the tiny room showing off his body and sexy underwear.   We took turns and removed them one by one.  He finally stripped down to a pair of bikini briefs.  I could see the bulge and it looked bigger.  His cock was pushing against the material.  I could see the side of his shaft.   

He asked if I like what he was wearing. I said he looked ‘awesome’.

I moved around the tiny room like a model on a runway.  I was down to a standard white Hanes briefs.  My cock had gotten hard and was standing straight up.  It was held in place by my briefs.  He pulled off his bikini briefs and put on a pair of Hanes white briefs like I was wearing.  He modeled them for me.  He let his fingers brush up and down the shaft of my cock.  That felt so good. 

He said to lay down on the bed.    We got in a 69 position but still with our underwear on and started to suck on each other’s briefs.  He got on his knees and rubbed his crotch into my face.  I could feel his cock and balls as he rubbed his face into my crotch. 

He removed my brief and put the leg opening around my cock and balls like a cockring.  He told me to do the same.  He said tighten the brief, which I did.  Both cocks were hard and we started to suck and pull on the briefs.  We were both circumcised and our cockhead were enormous. 

He ran his tongue around the gland of my cock head and I moaned while I sucked on his cock.  We pulled on our briefs and our cocks got bigger.  He took my whole cock and sucked it all the way to my pubes.  I have a seven inch cock and I was surprised that he could take it all the way.  I felt his tongue against my shaft. 

As I held his balls and felt them tighten and withdraw into his body.  I knew he was close to cumming.  I sucked harder as I felt myself ready to shoot.  We sucked until our cocks exploded with cum.  We came at the same time.  I nearly gagged from the amount of cum that he shot.  When we were done we exchanged underwear and I left, happy, and eager to return for more.  As I turned he was sniffing my underwear.    

Thursday, August 25, 2011



I hate going to the Laundromat to wash clothes.  It is always boring.  I never see guys there just women.  Today was no different.  There were  few women, but no guys.

I loaded up the washer and threw in some quarters. It started to fill with water.  I leaned against the table with my back to the women.  I forgot to bring a book to read.  So I knew I would be bored for the next 20 minutes.

I heard another washer being filled with water.  I turned and saw a guy.  Finally another guy to talk with.  We can be bored together. He walked over to the chairs and sat.  He looked at me and smiled.  I was still leaning against the tables.  I felt he was undressing me with his eyes.  I smiled back.

He looked at the growing bulge in my pants.  He licked his lips.  I watched as he touched himself and groped himself.   

I reached down and unzipped my pants.  I had no clean underwear to wear so I was naked underneath.  I ran my fingers through my pubes.  He licked his lips again. 

I pulled out my cock and it immediately sprang to be hard and erect. I could see his eyes checking out to see if anyone was watching.  He went from sitting to kneeling and my cock was just inches from his mouth. 

He ran his tongue around my cockhead, swirling around the mushroom head.  I shook with excitement.  He checked once again to see if anyone was watching.  He took my cock deep into his mouth.  He waited a moment then he started to suck my cock as quick and fast as he could. 

I was so excited knowing that there were people just a few feet away from us.  I was on the brink of climaxing.  He removed my cock from his mouth and started to lick the underside of my shaft.  The sound of the washers drowned out my moans.  His tongue licked my balls and then he took them both in his mouth.  I leaned back against the table.     

The washer went into a spin cycle.  He sucked my cock deep in his mouth.  His tongue ran alongside the shaft of my cock. It took only a few more licks from his tongue and I came.  He swallowed every drop.     

He leaned back and wiped his hand across his mouth and sat back down.  I sat next to him.  We looked around and no one saw us.   

I asked if he comes here often.  He said he usually comes to the Laundromat on weekends, never during the week.  I told him I do the opposite, I come to the Laundromat during the week, never on weekends. 

He smiled and said, “Maybe I will start coming during the week.”  I smiled back and said, “Make it on a Friday, and it is a date.”        

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dream Date - Part 5

Dream Date
Part 5 of 5

I laid in bed wide awake.  I watch Sean sleeping.  He was quiet as his chest moved with every beat of his heart.  I glanced over to the clock and knew it was time to get up and head back home. I hate to see it end.  I gave Sean a shake on his shoulder.  He gave a slight jump and looked at the clock and then turned towards me.  His body engulfed mine. I could feel his cock pressing against my body.  He was hard.
He gave me a kiss on the cheek.  His hand went down to my cock and grabbed it.  I was hard as well. Sean started to jack me off. He started slowly, pulling on my cock upwards and then moving downwards on my shaft. He stopped to run his finger all over my cockhead, smearing precum.  He continued to jack me off.
I felt his breath on my neck.  Then a wet tongue started to lick my neck. His wet tongue was replaced by his lips kissing me ever so lightly.  He move to my earlobe and nibbled.  He increased the speed of his hand on my cock and my body tightened.  He sent shivers through my body, as he stuck his tongue in my ear. 
I came.  I grunted with every spurt of cum.  Sean started to masturbate and came quickly.  His cum landed on my chest.  I watched as his load mingled with mine.  Once he finished, Sean moved over to where our cum landed, and started to licked it up. 
His body once more engulfed mine.  “Five minutes” he asked.                   
After showering and getting dressed, we started the drive home.  The last two days were spectacular. Our dream date exceeded our expectations.  Last night, we sat naked in front of the fire in the fireplace.  It was so romantic.  We made love not once but twice as the flames from the fire danced in front of us.    
I sat in the car and smiled as I thought of the last two days.  Sean drove the car onto the highway and set the cruise control.  I was so tired.  I enjoyed sightseeing around the hotel, but I enjoyed the hotel the best, especially room ‘69’. 
Sean was great.  We grew closer together and I learned a lot about Sean and how to please him.  I learned that it was not all about pleasing me, but pleasing each other.  I found out how to made love, which was better than having sex. 
Our dream date was one of discovery.  I found out I was a top and a bottom.  I asked Sean which one he preferred and he said “Whatever makes you happy?”
I snuggled in the car seat and leaned over and rested my head on Sean chest.  He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight.  I felt protected and safe.  I felt him kiss the top of my head as I drifted off to sleep.   

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dream Date - Part 4

Dream Date
Part 4 of 5

After dinner at a nice restaurant, we headed back to the room.  There was a nice fire going in the fireplace.  We stripped down and laid on our stomachs feeling the warmth of the fire on our bodies.  I was excited and rock hard.  I hopped that Sean was feeling the same as I.
I rolled over onto my back.  Sean rolled onto his side.  I saw that his cock was nice and hard.  He ran his finger tips over my chest, stopping at my chest hairs. He played with it and then traveled down pass my bellybutton, following the trail of hair to my bush of pubes.
My cock twitched as he ran his fingers through the hair.  I stared into his eyes. The fire in the fireplace danced in his eyes.   He moved his finger around he base of my cock, down to my balls.  As he played with my balls, I reached out to his face and pulled his face towards me and we kissed, lightly at first, then passionately.
As we kissed, he moved his fingers down between my legs.  I reacted by raising my legs and his finger found my asshole.  He did not insert his finger but kept it outside and ran his finger tip in circles around the opening. 
As we kissed, he moved between my legs and positioned his cock to be pressing against the opening of my ass hole.  I reached down and tried inserting it. It resisted my penetration. But I was determined.  I tried once again and his cock entered me.  That took my breath away.
Sean then slowly pushed inwards until he was half way there.  He decided to go easy and not continue.  He slowly pumped, enough that I knew, in time, I would enjoyed knew I was going to enjoy this.
Sean decided to pull out and finish the job by hand.  I took over and grabbed his cock and mine and stroked them together.  He leaned in to kiss me.  I listened to his breathing and knew when he was close. He shot first, followed by me. I kept jacking both cocks until we were done. 
We lay in front of the fireplace and enjoyed the warmth on our skin.
I got up and got a towel and washcloth and cleaned us up.  We spent the rest of the evening in each other arms until we fell asleep.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dream Date - Part 3

Dream Date
Part 3 of 5   
We were in room ‘69’.  We lived up to that number by laying side by side, sucking each other cocks.  Sex was coming naturally to me.  I found that I could sense when it was giving Sean more pleasure by listening to the sounds he made.  His cock was long, thick and cut.  Initially when I started sucking his cock, it was too much.  I was afraid that I would disappoint Sean, but I relaxed and was able to take it all the way, deep into my mouth. 
As we sucked each other cocks, I moved my hand over to his ass and let my finger traced the outline of his ass hole.  I then inserted my finger into his ass.  He let out a half scream, half moan.  He reached down with his hand and pushed my finger deeper into his ass.  I knew I was doing something right. 
I increased sucking on his cock as my finger fucked his ass.  The scream/moans intensified.  I felt his cock getting harder and bigger in my mouth.  I knew he was ready to cum.  Just as I braced myself, he shot a load of cum in my mouth.
It hit the back of my throat and I swallowed as fast as I could.  Then another wad of cum erupted from his cock and I tried to keep up with his load.  As I drank the last drops, I pulled his cock out of my mouth and caught my breath.  I saw some small remaining drops of cum appear on the tip of his cock, and I lick them off.
He held my hand and kept my finger in his ass.  He whispered, “Fuck me.”
I quickly move around and positioned myself.  My cock was hard and ready for action.  He released my hand and I removed my finger.  I positioned my cock and felt a tightness of the muscle around his ass hole.  I was hesitant to push it through the opening.  He placed his hand around my cock and with a push, my cockhead went pass the muscle into his ass.  His hole was tight.        
His feet were up in the air, and I pushed deeper and then slowly pulled back.  I listened to the sounds coming from Sean.  It was a mixture of moans, grunts, and screams.  He reached over to my hips and controlled the rhythm and pace of my thrusts.  We were now acting as one.
Before I knew it, Sean had me thrusting at top speed.  It was a great feeling and I never wanted it to end, but I knew I was close to cumming.  When the time came, I had no control, I just came.  I could feel wave after wave of cum shoot out of me.  As the last drops came out of my cock, I felt drained and exhausted, but peaceful, and exhilarating.  I lean down toward Sean and pressed my lips to his.
My dream date had just begun and so far what happened was more than I ever dreamt.      

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dream Date - Part 2

Dream Date
Part 2 of 5
I walked over to the window and looked at the view.  Sean came over and stood behind me. He kissed me on the neck. I turned around and we embraced.  He kept his eyes glued to mine, as he slowly unbuttoned and took off my shirt.   
His fingertips slowly touched my chest.  He moved them ever so lightly so that each hair on my chest tingled from his touch.  He stopped at my chest nipples.  I felt a shiver run through my body as he caressed them with his fingers.  I leaned back as he pinched the ends of my nipples.  He drove me crazy as he replaced his fingers with his tongue and swirled it around my nipple, then move to the other nipple.
He kissed me on my chest and continued kissing as he moved downward passed my stomach.  He unbuckled my pants and let them fall to my ankles.  My cock was already hard and pressing against my briefs.  A wet spot was forming as my cock leaked precum.
He grabbed the top of my briefs and lowered them to just below my bush of black pubes.  He laid his face into my bush and I felt him inhale.  He moved back and let his hand grab the hair and ran his fingers through the course curly hair.
By now the spot of precum had grown.  Drops of precum oozed through the material of my brief.  He placed his mouth over the spot and licked it clean.  He grabbed my cock still wrapped in my brief and stuck it in his mouth.  The warmth of his mouth was something I had dreamed about and now it was happening.
He removed my cock from his mouth and resumed pulling my briefs down to my ankles.  My cock bobbed enjoying its freedom.  He wrapped his hand around the base of my cock and held it tightly as he inserted my cock once again into his mouth.  This time it was warm and moist. 
This was beyond my dream.  I was so excited that I felt I was going to blow at any moment.  I needed to slow down and see Sean naked.  I needed to do to Sean what he was doing to me.  But I could not stop him.  I did not want it to stop. 
Luckily my dream date knew what I was thinking.  He stopped and helped me removed my shoes, socks, pants and underwear.  I was now naked and it was my turn to strip Sean of all his clothes.  As I undressed him, we moved over to the bed.  I took my time taking off his shirt, unbuckling his pants, and pulling down his tight white briefs. 
His cock was now in front of me.  Long, thick and cut, it stood point at me, waiting for my mouth to service it.  His balls were hanging down low and I took them into my mouth.
Sean laid down on the bed and pulled me down and around so he could get to my cock.  Before we started to 69, I wanted to lick between his legs in the spot just below his balls.  I knew I hit the right spot when Sean let out a moan.  I continue to lick and Sean responded with louder moans.  As I lifted his leg, I could see his pick asshole.  I moved my mouth over to it and stuck out my tongue.
With every probe of my tongue, I heard Sean moan.  It was the sweetest sound that I wanted to hear from another man. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dream Date - Part 1

Dream Date
Part 1 of 5
Work was boring. It was the same repetitive steps. I could do it in my sleep.  My co-workers were average types, middle age, married or divorced.  I needed new blood in the office.  Someone like me: gay, young, and horny.
When I heard we had a new co-worker, I got excited.  I prayed that he be good looking, well built, dreamy eyes, and my age.  I almost forgot.  I needed him to be gay and horny.
When I first spotted him, I was surprised.  My prayers had been answered.  He was a beautiful young man; his tightly fitted shirt showed that he worked out.  But his face was beyond beautiful.  He was stunning.  
The boss walked over with him and introduced him and said he was going to work in the desk next to mine.  I was told to train him.  His name was Sean.
We hit it off right from the start.  He was a quick learner and soon was doing the same repetitive steps, like I did.  I was sure he could do them in his sleep.  My mind wandered and I saw me holding him while he slept.  Sean shook my shoulder and I came back to reality.  It was lunch time and Sean was ready to go. 
Over the next few weeks, whenever we were at lunch, Sean would talk about his dream date and ask me what my dream date was.  Yesterday, he looked at me and his eyes got big and wide.  He said, “Why don’t we go on a dream date?”
I was surprised from the invitation.  But Sean kept pleading and I finally agreed.  He smiled, “Good, I will pick you up on Saturday.  We will go upstate to a nice place.  We will need to stay overnight, but it will be my expense.” 
My mind clouded over.  I kept hearing the words ‘STAY OVER’ That was what he said.  I was going to stay over with Sean. 
The days flew by and finally it was Saturday.  Sean picked me up and we had a pleasant ride to the hotel in the Northern part of the state.  The scenery was beautiful.  And being with Sean made it extra special.  
When we got there, Sean sign in and got a room key.  He turned to me and said, “Are you ready?”  Boy was I ready. I have been thinking about this day for so long. 
Our room number was ‘69’.  I figured that was an appropriate number for a room that we shared.  When we entered, I was shocked.  It had one bed that was surrounded by candles and flowers.  A bottle of wine was being chilled next to a small table.  I looked around the room and there was even a fire going in the fireplace.  Everything I had wanted in a dream date.
Sean had thought of everything.    

Friday, August 19, 2011

Golf Foresome

Golf Foresome

I was bored. The rest of the foursome was off in the woods looking for their balls.  Knowing them, they were probably having sex right now.  Thinking about them in a threesome got me excited.  I unzipped my shorts and pulled out my already hard cock.  I started to stroke it. 

Although this felt good, I wanted all three of the guys.  I turned around to see if they were coming.  I hopped off the cart and zipped up my shorts.      

I entered the woods and looked around.  No one was in sight.  My cock was still hard, so I decided to jack off in the seclusion of the woods.  No sooner did I pull out my cock, when my arms were grabbed from behind. 

It was Bill.  He held me tight.  He was laughing.  I wondered where the other two guys were.  I reached back and felt Bill’s naked body.  His hard cock was sticking against my butt.  Randy jumped from behind some bushes and undid my pants.  As they dropped to my ankles, Randy got on his knees and he immediately started to suck my cock.     

After a while, Bill wanted to get in on the action, so he pushed me to the ground.  Randy stood up and stuck his cock in my mouth.  He quickly got into a pumping action.  While this was going on, Bill stuck his cock in my ass.  I was totally enjoying this romp in the woods. 

My arms were still being held back when Al appeared and he went down on my cock.  I was receiving it from all over.  I was in sensory overload.  I was enjoying it too much and I came first.  Al was not ready for the load.  He choked on it and he had cum running out of his mouth.  All this time, Randy was pumping away and he finally yelled, “I’m cumming.”  I braced myself and quickly swallowed his load. 

Bill was last to cum.  He took his time and enjoyed my tight ass.  He pulled out and finished the job with his hand.  Cum flew out and landed on my ass cheek. 

When we were done we got dressed and headed for the cart.  Bill asked, “How many strokes do we count for this hole?”  I replied, “I think you made a hole in one.  My hole.”                   

Thursday, August 18, 2011



I will be honest.  I bought it.  Yes, I went through the checkout lane and bought a vibrator.  It was advertised as great for neck muscles and it contained special attachments.   I unwrapped the package and I got excited just looking at it. 

I plugged it in an outlet and turned it on.  It purred and I felt a slight tingling as I held it.  I put the palm of my hand up to the tip of the vibrator and felt the pulsing vibration.   I turned it off and quickly undressed.  

I had on a pair of bikini briefs and decided to leave them on.  I turned the vibrator back on and pressed it tip to the front of my briefs. My cock sprang to life.  I followed the outline of my cock as it pressed against my bikini briefs.  My cock grew.  A wet spot appeared on my breifs.  I continued using the vibrator and my cock poked above the waistband of my brief. 

I ran the vibrator over my cockhead and I watched as my cock grew larger.  I quickly took off my briefs.  Using the special attachments, I ran it all over my cock and down between my legs.  As I got near my asshole, I felt a tingling sensation.  I was hooked.  I needed to stick this love tool in my ass. 

I ran to the bathroom to get some lube.  I spread some on the special attachment and then fingered my ass to lube the entry point.  I turned the vibrator back on and held it for a second before gently inserting it.  It went in easily.  The feeling was unbelievable.    It sent waves of excitement deep inside of me.  

My cock was reacting to the movement of the vibrator.  I lifted my legs and allow it to go deeper.  Then I grabbed my cock and started jerking off.  I took the vibrator out of my ass and held it over my cock.  I enjoyed the feeling but wanted it back in my ass.  I reinserted it and as it hummed I accidentally switched from low to high setting.  It felt great.  I started to jack off at a higher speed as well.

I laid on my back and I stuck the vibrator deeper in my ass and hit the prostate gland.  It was the magic spot.  I came immediately.  The cum flew out of my cock and landed on my forehead.  I looked down at my cock and another shot of white cum was expelled from my cock and landed on my cheek.  Each shot of cum was less forceful.  It left a trail of cum all the way to my cock. I never came so much before.  I drained every drop of cum out of my body.  I switched to a slower speed and after a few minutes, and then turned it off and removed it.  

I laid there and thought, “That was fun.”     

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What you want to see on the TV show ‘Glee Project’ – The All Gay Cast - Scene 3

What you want to see on the TV show ‘Glee Project’ – The All Gay Cast

Group Scene 3

I was added to another group scene with the swim team.  They were all hot looking in their Speedo swim briefs.  Again the early scenes were filmed already.  As it was with the underwear scene, each guy had a nice budge. I watch the scene over and over again and each guy was delicious and handsome looking and I wanted to see what was underneath their Speedos. 

I was given another scene to view.  It had them all naked by the pool.  Their bodies were well defined and each cock looked semi hard.  Some were cut and some were uncut.  But I would have sucked each one.

The scene that I was in involved nine guys in a circle.  The camera was above them looking down.  All cocks were hard and sticking out.  I was excited to be in another wonderful sex scene.

We stood there with hard cocks.  We grabbed our cocks and stroked them a few times, and then we switched and held the guy’s cock next to us.  We were told to slowly stroke each others cocks.  I leaned back with the rush I was feeling from the hand of the guy next to me.  My cock grew even larger. 

I heard the director say ‘CUT’, and thought it was over.  Then the director selected five guys and I was told I would be kneeling in first of the line of guys and I will be sucking each one.  I was eager to get started. 

The director said “ACTION’, and I took my place in front of the first guy in line.  The four guys continued to stroke each other to keep themselves hard until I got to them.  They were all selected because of their size and thickness.  They were all cut and I love sucking on their knob, swirling my tongue around and around.                  

I was told to wait for the tap on the head by the guy who would signal that he was ready to cum, and then let the guy shoot his load on my face.  I went down the line like an assembly line in a factory.  I would suck each one until I got the tap and then closing my eyes as they shot their load. 

Each one shot and covered my face with cum. I had gobs of white cum in my hair, my eyebrows, my cheeks, and chin.  After the last guy shot his load, I laid on the floor and jacked off.  The guys stood around me milking their cocks as I came.  The scene ended zooming in my my cum covered face.   

I heard the director say ‘CUT’.  My third scene was ‘in the can’