Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wedding Glory Hole

Wedding Glory Hole

Story by Larry

                        I went to a wedding last week end.  Let me tell you it was some surprise when I got to the reception hall.  I didn't recognize the address when I got the invitation but as we rode from the church to the hall it came back to me.  The reception was in an old club I used to hang out in as a teenager sucking cock in the woods along the highway and living at home.

                        After the reception was well under way I had to piss like a race horse and headed for the men’s room.  I was surprised they hadn't changed them.  They were still all toilets with partitions and doors with locks.  Once in a stall I noticed still glory holes as well.  I just about pulled my cock out to piss and the door opened from the hall.  Another guy went in the stall next to mine.  Next I knew his cock was coming at me through the glory hole.

                        Now I don't get out very often with my work schedule anymore so I would have been a fool to refuse the offering.  I flipped my tie over my shoulder opened my shirt and pushed my cock through the hole next to the mystery cock.   the hole was big enough that I was able to grab both cocks together and we just rocked back and forth jerking each other off.  I at least had slid a rubber on beforehand so when i came i just filled the rubber and then flushed it. 

                        My mystery cock on the other hand shot all over my crotch and I had to use toilet paper to clean it.  Actually I didn't care it felt good.  When I went to leave the bathroom I realized because of the open stall door I had just jerked off the best man.  He was standing in the stall still stoking his cock.  He smiled and said if I wanted any more he intended on staying there for a while to see what else he could get.  “Who knows maybe even the groom” he said “since we were up until recently fuck buddies.” 

                        I was shocked but didn't say anything.  The rest of the night I couldn't help but stare at the groom.  I kept picturing him and the usher in the bathroom fucking and sucking the night away.  Finally I caved in and went back into the bathroom.  I went into the same stall, pulled out my cock and told him suck it.  He did a great job let me tell you and I came in record time.  I closed my pants, washed my hands and went back to the hall.  I said my good byes and left.  I had to go get really laid somewhere.  I’m still trying. Wish me luck.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Key West - Part 2

Key West

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2

                        I could feel every centimeter of his cock as it spread my ass open and slid inside.  He stopped once my ass closed around the ridge of his cock.  He looked down at me and asked "You ready for this?  I’m gonna fuck you real good man, good and hard".  I managed to tell him easy and was going to tell him why but he plunged his cock balls deep in me in one thrust.  His head went back and he moaned and my head went back into the pillow and I yelled.  "Oh come now" was all he said as he started to pump in and out of me.  “You can take it” he said.  I bet you can take it even deeper and harder and with that he started to pound my ass. 

                        It hurt like hell but it felt so good at the same time.  He fucked me in this position for a few minutes and then pulled out and told me to stand on the bed.  I was curious as to what he was going to do and was pleasantly surprised when he took my cock in his mouth and started to suck me off.

                        Man his lips felt great around my cock and sliding up and down my shaft.  It was so good that I had to hold onto his shoulders to steady myself when my knees got weak.  He had a great throat too.  I can’t tell you how many times he buried his nose in my pubes deep throating me and squeezing the head of my cock in his throat trying to swallow it like it was some sort of piece of meat.  Then again it is a piece of meat. 

                        He finally let go of my cock and as he stroked his cock he told me” I want you on all 4's man.  Let me see that ass.”  I was more than happy to oblige and was on my knees with my ass in the air facing him   he stood on the bed and slowly slid back inside my ass.  Oh god, does he feel good.  I can't wait for him to fill me with his cum.  I hope it overflows and runs down my legs.  For some reason I want to get really sweaty and sticky with Steve.  I’m already sweaty so all I need is the sticky.

                        He felt so good inside me I never wanted him to stop.  He put his hands on my shoulders and started to pull me onto his cock forcing me even further onto him, if  it that was even possible.  He was breathing heavy and in-between breaths told me “I’m gonna make you cum with my cock.  Let your cock go man I want to make you shoot with my cock.

                        I did as he said and just let him go for it.  I looked over my shoulder and told him "My ass is yours man go for it".  Only a few more thrusts and I felt my cock and balls start to tingle.  I yelled "Holy shit fuck me man" and with that I was shooting all over his sheets.  Cum was everywhere.  I hadn't cum like this ever.  I couldn't believe how much I came.  My ass convulsed around Steve’s cock and that set him off.  He exploded inside me.  I could feel his hot load as it filled my ass. 

                        Steve pulled my hips onto his cock and held himself deep inside me.  “Take it man.  Take my load.”  He didn't pull out till he started to go soft and when he did I fell to my stomach and rolled over.  Steve moved up so his cock was over my face and I just naturally lifted my head and started to clean his cum and my ass juices off him.  Man he tasted good.  When I was done he fell on his stomach next to me and kissed me.  Man that was good.  “I love to start my beach day with a good fuck.  Thanks man.” 

                        I looked at him and said “And how do you like to finish the day at the beach?”  He smiled, leaned and kissed me and said "Same way man.  I like to finish my day the same way"

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kay West - Part 1

Key West

Story by Larry

Part 1of 2

                        I went to Key West on vacation.  It's been so long since I went anywhere I decided I wanted to go someplace really nice and heard about how Key West could be one of the best places for a gay man to go and since I was going on vacation to celebrate my birthday I deserved it.

                        I flew in late in the afternoon on a Friday and was tired as all hell.  It took a long time to get there even by plane because of lay overs and shit.  Sitting in airports for 3/4 hours with nothing to do is just as tiring as working manual labor sometimes.  Anyhow I decided to just grab a burger in the hotel and get some sleep and start "exploring" in the morning.  I was up and hit the beach before 8 am.

                        The sites I saw on the beach gave me a perpetual hard on.  I was so self-conscious about it I ended up laying on my stomach.  It wasn't long after I flipped over that this fantastic looking guy walked over to me holding his suit down to one side.

                        He had a really great build and with a nicely packed basket and the way he was holding his suit down he was showing off a nice patch of bush too.  “Hey man.  My name’s Steve.  You want some of this?”  With that he looked down at his crotch and smiled.  I know I sure want some of that and looked straight at my ass. 

                        My hormones took over.  “My name’s Larry” I said and looked straight at his crotch.  “It looks tempting, but just how tempting?” I asked.  He smiled.  “Oh I guess about 8 inches of tempting and thick.  How about we go back to my room and see just how tempting” he said.  I stood up, picked up my towel and told him to lead the way.  Steve walked off in the direction of my hotel.  Seemed we were staying in the same place.


                        Steve’s room wasn’t far from mine.  Matter of fact it was only a few doors down.  He opened the door and stood to the side so I could walk in.  When I turned around Steve had closed the door and already had his suit off.  "You like" he asked.  I smiled and walked up to him and grabbed his throbbing cock and said "Sure do" and then kissed him.  He started to push me towards the bed.  I stumbled and fell backwards ending up laying on my back with my feet hanging over the side of the bed. 

                        He reached down to pull my suit off and as he did he said “We'll have to make due if you know what I mean.  I'm out of lube.  All I have is this” and he flicked his tongue out of his mouth full of saliva.  Now it had been a really long time since I was fucked and I knew that's what he wanted just by his actions so I told him to hold on a minute and went to my room.  When I came back he was laying on his back on the bed stroking his cock.  I threw him a bottle of lube.  “Now you’re not out” I told him.

                        He laughed and flipped the bottle open and started to grease up his cock.  I climbed up on the bed and surprised him by taking his cock and balls and putting a tight adjustable cock ring on him.  “Now you’re really set” I told him.  I rolled onto the bed next to him and in a flash he was laying on top of me.  His hands were roaming all over my body and making me hot as hell.  He pushed himself up onto his knees between my legs and grabbed my suit to pull it off for a second time. 

                        When he pulled my cock got stuck in the waist band and when it let loose it snapped back slapping my abs loud.  He whistled low and said "Damn that's a nice one" and leaned over to lick and then suck it.  I moaned and pushed my hips up into his mouth causing him to moan too.  After a minute or 2 of sucking me off he knelt back up and pulled my legs up to his shoulders and then leaned forward.  As he did his cock head connected with my hole and he pushed in gently.  

Friday, January 17, 2014

Coming Out the Early Years - Part 2

Coming Out the Early Years

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2

It was starting to get late and we hadn't eaten so we were getting pretty shit faced.  Earl still had his jean on but his shirt was off and making me hot as hell.  I wanted him.  I finally took the bottle out of his hand and put it on the table, undid the button at the top of his pants and as I opened his zipper I slid down to my knees pulling his pants and underwear down with me.  His cock flopped out and bounced up and slapped him against his stomach.  I held it up to lick from his balls to the tip of his cock and when I did realized his cock head was over his belly button.  Man was he big and thick too. 

                        He held my head and told me "Suck my cock man.  We got all week end but I can't take it anymore.  I want to be in your mouth."  I swallowed as much as I could and gagged but kept doing it till my nose was buried in his pubes without me gagging.  He was moaning and he said he had to sit that his legs were getting weak.  Yeah they were getting weak alright.  So weak I was able to lift them high in the air when he lay on his back and start eating his ass.  It was something I had never done but heard about and he must have loved it from his reactions.

                        He told me if I kept it up he was just going to have to throw me on my stomach and fuck me silly.  I was so drunk I just kept going and however long after he said it he followed through.  I was on my stomach on the bed and he was greasing up his cock with lube he had brought.   He climbed on the bed and spread my legs wide and shoved a pillow under my waist and then aimed his cock head at my hole.  With one shove and a deep breath on my part he was balls deep inside me.  I yelled to take it out it hurt.  He was too big but he was too crazed with lust and just started to fuck me hard.  “You’ll get used to it and love it” he said.  I hated to admit it but he was right and a few minutes later I was pushing my ass up to meet his thrusts.

                        We fucked and sucked in every position, on every piece of furniture, in the shower, on the bathroom sink, you name it.  I found out that week end I was more of a bottom than a top.  Not that I would refuse if someone offered their ass to be fucked but I really would rather have a cock in mine.  Earl dropped me off on Sunday night but not before asking me out.  We were officially a couple.  I was only 18 1/2.  The relationship lasted 14 months before I caught earl with another guy in his car in the back seat fucking away when he was supposed to be picking up me.  That was the end.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Coming Out the Early Years - Part 1

Coming Out the Early Years

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2
                        As a kid my parents and I lived in New York city.  When I was young I always felt like I was different than everyone else.  When I said something to my parents they said it's just that there are so many different types of people in the city it's just very confusing.  Around the time I was 12 it started to come to light what was different.  I liked boys not girls.  Right around that time a new family moved into the building.  They had a boy about my age and we became friends.  I confided in him and he came right out and told me it could very well be that you’re gay.  
                        I gave him a funny look and he said "Man it's not bad.  It can be frustrating but so is just growing up.  I’m gay.  Give me a hot guy with a big cock any day."  I almost passed out.  In 5 minutes of talking so many things from years of wondering made sense. Zeb, that was his name, and I became best of friends.  As we got older Zeb found a few places we could go and feel that we fit in.   I asked him one time why we never got together and he just shrugged his shoulders and said "I guess it was never meant to be".
                        Zeb came out to his parents at 15 and one day he was there and the next he was gone.  I heard my parents talking about how he had told them he was gay and they kicked him out.  He was supposedly living with an uncle or something on Long Island but I never saw him again.  Because of that I was afraid to say anything much less act on my feelings for anyone or anything that would make people think I was gay. 
                        A friend of mine in school finally confronted me.  “When are you going to come out of the closet?” he asked.  I was shocked and he said "Man everyone knows, they just don't say anything".  I asked him how they would know.  “Easy man you’re 17 almost 18 years old and never asked a girl out.  Never kissed a girl, you shy away from them as much as possible.  In gym you stare at all the guy’s crotches and in the showers your eyes bulge looking at all the naked guys in the shower with you.” 
                        Well one month after my 18th birthday I came out to my parents.  It was strained but not to the point where they threw me out.  I just didn't throw it in their face and it was like ‘don't ask don't tell’ situation.  By the time I was 18 1/2 I was in a relationship.  I met this guy at a teen meeting for gays in a local VFW hall.  Who would have thought that 1) the VFW would have such meetings and 2) I would meet Earl.  The man who I thought would be the man of my dreams.
                        Earl and I dated for a few months and then one day he told me “Tell your parents you’re going away for the week end.  Make up something, if need be, but tell them you’re going away.”  I agreed and they weren't happy but they couldn't stop me.  Earl picked me up on Friday afternoon right from work.  I had a back pack with a few T shirts and a pair of shorts and pants.  No underwear but I made sure I had a bottle of lube.
                        We drove out on long island for a bit and earl pulled into a motel.  He came out of the motel office after about 15 minutes with a key.  He had reserved a room for us for the week end.  We got in the room and I decided I was going to relax a bit having come straight from work.  I sat on the luggage rack near the window after getting comfortable and waited for earl to come out of the bathroom.

                                    Earl took one look at me as he came out of the bathroom and stopped dead in his tracks.  “You sit like that for long and I’ll rip those underwear off your ass and rape you.’  Now up until now we had only done some heavy petting as I called it.  We jerked each other off.  We sucked each other’s nipples but no full-fledged fucking or sucking to speak of.  He went to his bag and pulled out a bottle of vodka and 2 bottles of 7up.  “Let’s have a drink” he said as he turned around to look at me with lust in his eyes.
                        He went and got some ice from the ice machine and some cups and made us drinks.  Me in my underwear and him in his jeans, we toasted to a nice quiet week end.  I was getting nervous.  I hadn't really done much of anything with a man up till now and this was sizing up to be the real thing.  I mean I had never been fucked.  Not even more than the first knuckle of a guy who was sucking me off once in an alley but we won't go into that. 
                        Earl started kidding around holding the bottle and making out like he was doing a commercial for the vodka we were drinking.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First Day at Work - Part 4

First Day at Work

Story by Jay

Part 4 of 4

 Brad let me lay down and he lifted my legs.  He positioned his cock at my asshole.  We kissed as his cock moved around my opening and gently probed me.  He asked “Can I fuck you?”  I answered by reached around to his hips and pushing his cock into me.  It felt so good.  He was gentle but I wanted it harder.  I turned around and let Brad enter me missionary style.  He started to fuck me, slow at first and then he picked up speed.

I grabbed my cock and started stroking it and came almost immediately.  Brad was letting me have it and he yelled “I am cumming.”  He finally collapsed on top of me. 

After a while we sat up and caught our breath.  Brad said “I am so glad you started work with us.”

I smiled and was looking forward to the days ahead.  

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

First Day at Work - Part 3

First Day at Work

Story by Jay

Part 3 of 4

I could never have imagined a first day at work ending with me having sex with a coworker.  But here I was being sucked my Brad.  Although I enjoyed Brad’s tongue and mouth on my cock and balls, it was now my turn to suck Brad’s cock.

I sat up and was surprised to see that he had an enormous cock.  His cock head was a mouth full.  I took my time sucking it and at times I ran my tongue around the edge of the crown.  He was leaking precum and I drank it up.

My head bobbed up and down on his cock.  I could do this forever.

Monday, January 13, 2014

First Day at Work - Part 2

First Day at Work

Story by Jay

Part 2 of 4

As I laid there with Brad playing with my cock and his tongue down my throat, I thought had this was such a great first day at work. 

Brad stroked my cock and I was so excited that I followed his lead.  Whatever he wanted to do, I was going to do it.  Brad sat up and took my cock in his mouth.  The sensation of his tongue engulfing my cock was driving me crazy.  He was a sex machine, constantly sucking, licking, and kissing my cock.

Brad sat up and reached for my shirt and pulled it off.  He rested his hands on my chest, and then he slowly played with my nipples.  My cock was getting super hard.  I kept my eyes close and moaned as his mouth took my nipple and swirled his tongue around and around it. 

He was now returning to my cock and balls.  He gave my cock a quick suck.  He tugged at my balls with his hand then replaced his hand with his mouth sucking on my balls.  I moaned even louder.

I was not going to last much longer.  I decided it was my turn to pleasure Brad.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

First Day at Work - Part 1

First Day at Work

Story by Jay

Part 1 of 4

It was my first day at work and everything went really well.  My coworkers were friendly and very helpful, especially Brad.  Every time I turned around, he was there to offer a helping hand, a smile, or encouragement.  After work they invited me to have a drink with them at a local bar.  Again Brad was right there at my side.  As everyone talked and drank, I felt a foot next to mine.  I moved but it was back before I knew it.  I realized it must had been Brad doing that.  My cock got hard thinking about it.  One by one my coworkers left, until it was just me and Brad.  That is when I felt his hand on my lap.  He was grouping my already rock hard cock. 

“Let’s go to my place?” he asked.  I was ready, willing, and able.  I readjusted my cock and we stood and walked out to Brad’s car.  All the way to his placed, he had his hand on my cock.  I reached over to his lap and my hand felt his cock.  We kept our hands on each other’s cock until we reached Brad’s place. 

On entering his place, we headed right for the couch.  We laid next to each other.  His mouth went straight to mine and we kissed.  It was a long and hard kiss, with his tongue exploring my mouth.  His hand was busy unzipping my jeans and reaching under my briefs and finding my cock.  I was still hard and I enjoyed his hand playing with my cock.

He pulled down my jeans and briefs enough, so that my cock was free from my clothes.  He slowing stroked my cock.  My cockhead was big and he ran his fingers along the edge of my mushroom head.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

On the Mat - Part 3

On the Mat


Story by Larry


Part 3 of 3




                        I couldn't believe what was happening to me.  My coach was going to fuck me and man was he hot, all worked out muscles and with tattoos on his arms.  Things you don't really think about or realize till you about to get very intimate and get your brains fucked out.  I felt his cock head at my hole.  He was sitting back on his heels with his legs spread wide on each side of my ass.  He held me by my ankles with my feet high in the air.  Slowly he pushed inside me.  I could feel every centimeter of his cock as it spread my ass open and suddenly his cock head popped in and my ass ring closed in around the ridge of his cock head.  He stopped for a second then started to push in slowly again. 





                        Now you would think in my line of business I would be used to older men fucking me after all that was most of my clients but coach wasn't that much older than me.  I tensed up and he had to tell me to relax.  I lay there on my back taking deep breaths to relax with my eyes closed.  He was about half way in and he stopped.  Next thing I knew his arms were behind my knees and he was leaning forward bracing himself on each side of me, his arms in my armpits.  My ass was in the air and he was in like a push up position and started to push inside me again.  God knows how much later I felt his balls on my ass.





                        “You ok?” he asked.  I shook my head yes.  He pulled all but the head of his cock out and then rammed it into me and said "I asked you, are you ok"?  I opened my eyes and told him in a low whisper yes.  With that he started to fuck me.  When I closed my eyes again he slammed into me and told me “Open those eyes.  I want to see you.  I want to hear you.  Tell me how my cock is in your ass.”  When I didn't say anything right away he slammed into me again.  I yelped and yelled “It's fucking great.  Fuck me now.  Fill my ass with your cock” I yelled. 





                        “That’s better” he said.  He started to really fuck me and when I stopped talking he stopped fucking me.  “I told you I wanted to hear how I was fucking you.  You don't say anything then I won't fuck you.”  I wanted him so much now.  He made my ass so hot.  I told him to fuck me for all I was worth.  I wanted to feel his balls slapping my ass.  I reached up and took his nipples between my fingers and played with them telling him Give it to me.  Give it all.  Fuck me like no man has fucked me before. “  He started fucking me again and let me tell you he did fuck me like no other.  By the time he came inside me I was babbling incoherently under him with my own cum running all over me from shooting without even touching myself. 





                        When he pulled his softening cock out him asked if I was ok.  He pulled me into a sitting position, my legs on each side of him draped over his legs.  I told him I was in total bliss.  I’d never been fucked like that before and doubt I ever will again.  He laughed.  “Oh I don't know about that.  Now that I’ve had a taste of that ass I may want more.  Tell me what is the going price for something like we just did.”  I told him I usually get $250.  He laughed.  “What a high priced student I have here.  Guess you are out of my league.”





                        I got up and walked over to where he was now standing and turned him to face me.  I took his cock in my hand and told him “Coach all you have to do is ask.  I’m yours for the taking whenever you want.  Free of charge.  That is as long as you guarantee you will fuck me like you just did.”  He reached down to my ass crack and said “I don't know.  I’m not sure I can deliver such a load too often”.  Suddenly I realized his load was leaking out of my ass and running down my legs. 





                        I headed for the shower and over my shoulder told him “As long as you fuck me it doesn’t matter if you come.  Of course it would be nice.”  Just as I went to go into the locker room I looked at him getting dressed.  I wouldn't put those on if I was you.  He turned and asked why.  “You’re only going to get soaked while I suck you off in the shower.”  Off came his clothes in a flash and he was right behind me.  “You got a deal.”  I could tell this was going to be a great relationship.  I loved the way he fucked and I didn't have to be worried about blackmail any more.  Matter of fact the coach and I turned the tables.  I now have a partner too in the "business"  life is grand.


Friday, January 10, 2014

On the Mat - Part 2

On the Mat


Story by Larry


Part 2 of 3



                        Things were going great.  That is until one of the guys on the team found out.  He was looking on the site and saw my ad and at the next practice he pulled me aside in the locker room and said “How about a blow job?”  I told him to fuck off and he showed me a printed copy of my ad.   “Now how do you think the coach and team would like it if they found out a fellow team member was a whore?”  Up until then I had never thought of it that way.  I asked him what he wanted.  “Just that” he said. “I want a blow job, a nice slow blow job, whenever I want.  Not just one blow job I want it from now on.  I tell you on your knees and you say now or later.”  I had no choice.  I met him later in his room like he told me and did my first blackmail blow and go. 





                        He became the biggest horn dog I knew out of all the people I had been with.  Most my customers were repeats but he became almost a daily habit.  And it didn't stop at just his room.  He would text me that he was in the library bathroom and I would have to meet him and do him in a stall.  I finally couldn't take it anymore.  After practice one day the coach told me I had to stay after everyone left.  I figured I was in trouble.  Coach asked me if I had anything I wanted to tell him, anything at all.  I went for it.   I told him about the sex site, my customers, the need for money everything.  He laughed.  “Well I have to hand it to you your more resourceful than most of the others.”





                        Things went fine after that until one day coach told me to stay after again.  When everyone was gone he locked all the doors so no one could get into the gym.  “Let’s wrestle” he said.  “I want to show you a few moves you might be able to use in your "business".”  He was right.  I could use some of them.  In the process though we got really sweaty and really close and I have to say exceptionally excited.  We ended up naked on the mats and sucking each other off.  It didn't end there either.  I ended up on my back with my legs in the air

Thursday, January 9, 2014

On the Mat - Part 1

On the Mat


Story by Larry


Part 1 of 3


            I’m on the wrestling team in college.  It’s actually how I’m paying my way through school.  I got a scholarship, that and a little side work.  I happen to stumble across a local sex site one night right after starting school and looking for a part time job to help stretch money.  Actually make money since I had none.  Anyhow on the site you could advertise your "product" or you could look for a "product" or "service".  It gave me an idea and just to test it out I put a picture of me from the waist up with no shirt..




                        Being on the wrestling team I wasn't built badly and I picked one of the better out of 100's of pictures I had at matches and stuff.  I hadn't posted my "services" for more than a half hour and I got a hit.  When I posted it I noticed most of the guys were charging $150 - $175 just for a "happy ending", and "around the world" as they were calling it was no less than $250.  I put in my ad $100 for a happy ending and $125 for around the world.





                        My first hit was a guy in his 40's.  He wanted to come over for a blow and go so I told him “Look.  You’re my first customer and since it's a blow and go let’s make it a onetime offer of $50.”  He was at my dorm door in 15 minutes.  Thank god I lived in a converted apartment building they made into dorms.  I had a single so I was alone.  He came in, opened and dropped his pants and sat on the couch with his cock and balls hanging off the edge.  I got on my knees and took his hardening cock in my mouth and went to town.  All of 15 minutes and I made $50 tax free.





                        By the time I got back on my lap top I had at least 25 hits wanting my services.  Hell if I did them all even if they were just blow and go I’d be fucked out by the end of the night.  I took them in order and let me tell you I was busy till 4am and in that time I did 5 more blow and go which I had added to my posting as $75, 2 69's, got fucked 4 times and fucked some guy who swore I was killing him but his ass was so loose it was like fucking the Holland tunnel.  I realized right then and there I had to keep a scheduling book and amend my ad to put appointments necessary.  I also added in and out calls, without calls being $20 more and booked in advance.





                        Business was booming.  So much so I had to tell my parents I couldn't come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas was a maybe.  Hell at the way I was going I would be able to put my car back on the road and bring it to school and pay all my bills myself.  It was a hectic schedule.  More times than not I’d have practice and then have to rush home for a customer or to some customer’s hotel or house.  I even broadened my offering to include coming straight from practice or runs cause I found some of the guys liked the smell and taste of sweat. 



Tuesday, January 7, 2014



Indiana is in a deep freeze right now.  Temperature will drop to -22 tonight with wind chills of -40 to -50.  We have a foot of snow.  How are my fellow Midwest friends?

Love Jay

Monday, January 6, 2014

College - Part 2


Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2

                        After moving all day he said he was going to take a shower.  Each room has its own bathroom so he got his stuff out to shower and then instead of going in the bathroom stripped his dirty sweaty shirt and pants off right in front of me.  I couldn't help but stare.  He was hung and his balls were large.  He threw his towel over his shoulder and headed for the bathroom.  When he came out of the shower he was naked and just drying his hair.  I couldn't help but lick my lips and he noticed.

                        He stood there and all of a sudden he just came right out and asked me to blow him.  My eyes went wide and I asked him if I heard him right.  “Yeah” he said.  “I’m fucking horny and you can't tell me you don't want this cock.”  With that he started to stroke himself and walked over to stand in front of me.  I threw caution to the wind.  I opened my mouth and he slid his cock head into my mouth and held it there.  “Go ahead he said.  Suck my cock.” 

                        I started to suck him nice and slow along the entire shaft.  every once in a while I’d take his cock out and wrap my tongue around his shaft and slide it up and down the length a few times before swallowing him again.  He stood there moaning and ended up bracing himself on my shoulders.  I knew I was getting to him more than he was showing off.  His body was giving him away.  His muscles were tightening and he was beginning to shake.

                        All of a sudden he let out a low growl and pushed his cock deep inside my mouth and shot his load.  I sucked hard till I couldn't get any more cum out of him before I let him go.  He stood there breathing heavy and for the first time I realized he had broken out in a sweat.  “Man that was hot” he said.  “You got a great fucking mouth” he said as he headed for the shower again to rinse off.

                        I was in bed when he came out.  I was tired.  He walked to my bedside and said “Move over man.”  I asked him what he wanted and he said “I want you to move over.  I figured if we're gonna room together and be sort of fuck buddies we could sleep in the same bed.”  I swallowed hard as I moved over and said "Fuck buddies?"

“Yeah man.  Why do you think I move in this room with you?  I’m not stupid man.  We’re gonna have a great year together.”  With that he rolled on his side and put his arm over my chest.  “Now go to sleep.  I set the alarm for an hour earlier so we can get up and fuck.  That is if you’re up to it.”  I moved his hand from my chest down to my cock showing him how hard I already was.  “That answer your question” I said. 

                        He laughed a low laugh and said “Yup.  Now go to sleep so we're well rested for tomorrow” and with that he put his arm back over my chest and closed his eyes.  I was so horny I couldn't believe it but I figured he's here for the duration now.  I guess I can wait till morning.  I waited this long and after all I’m used to it.  Living at home sometimes I had to wait to get laid for weeks before I could get away and find myself some willing cock.  With Danny now in the same bed as me I realized it's gonna be a great year.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

College - Part 1


Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2


                        It's my first year in college.  I opted to go to a college away from home just to be on my own, with no parental interference, and strictly on my own.  My parents couldn't understand why I didn't want to live at home but I had to get out.  I was tired of hiding my being gay from them and I felt it would be easier living away from home.  I got to campus a week earlier than I needed to so I could get settled and get familiar with the area.  

                        The first thing I found was the athletic fields.  Most of the guys who were on scholarship were at school already for practices.  I was board and walking around and happened to come across the track field and what do I find, first thing, was a man I wanted to get on my knees in front of and worship.  He was on the track for practice in one of those one piece spandex uniforms.  I don't know if he was commando or what but let me tell you he left nothing to the imagination.


                        Even sitting in the bleachers I could tell he had a good size cock even soft and what seemed to be a hefty set of balls to match.  I sat most of the day watching him run.  The rest of the team had nothing on him.  If they did they hid it well.  I started to day dream about being in bed with him, his cock sliding in and out of my ass.  It wasn't until then that I realized with getting ready for school and then settled in my room in the dorms that I hadn't seen, felt, or tasted a cock in over a month.  I was horny as hell.

                        I found out the guy’s name was Danny.  He was my age and it was his first year too.  That meant he was in the same dorm as me.  It took me a week but I found out he was actually on the same floor as me and only 4 doors down.  He had a single.  I was in a double but didn't have a roommate yet.  Another week went by and I passed him in the hall.  He stopped and looked at me and came right out and said he wouldn't be at practice that afternoon.  He had to look for another place.  He got his bill for the single room and it was way over his budget.  I asked him why he was telling me that and he said
“I know you come to watch me every day.   It’s cool.” 

                        We ended up talking in the hallway and I asked him if he was looking for something off campus and he said no just a double he could share.  I told him I was in a double and alone so we went down to the registrar’s office and he was able to switch rooms right then and there.  That week end I helped him move his stuff in with me.  This couldn't be going more in my favor if I planned it. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Camping with Sean - Part 2

Camping with Sean


Submitted by CATMAN


Part 2 of 2



The next day after lunch we loaded up Sean's pick-up truck with our gear.  We made a quick stop for ice and beverages before hitting the highway.  It was mid afternoon when we drove off of the highway and down the dirt road through the trees to get to the lake.


It took a few hours to set up camp.  Finally, just before sunset, the tent was up, our fire-pit was dug, we had gathered firewood and we could finally take a break.  We stripped down and waded a few feet out into the lake.  We sat in the cool water and watched as the sun went down.


No one had remembered to bring towels, so we just sat naked by the fire to dry off. 


We all seemed to be comfortable with hanging out without our clothes.   Phil and Sean regaled me with stories about their Frat House antics. We fixed some food and eventually decided to hit the sack.


It was too friggin hot to get into sleeping bags, so we just stretched out on top of them and fell asleep.


I'm not sure how long I slept until I woke in the dark.  It took me a few minutes to realize I wasn't dreaming.  Sean was sucking my cock!  I laid there pretending that I was still asleep.  He had a very talented mouth and I thoroughly enjoyed him deep throating my dick!  When I emptied my balls in his mouth, he simply moved back to his sleeping bag and, in minutes, I heard him snoring softy. 


It was a little weird in the morning, when still naked, all three of us woke with 'morning wood'!  Sean said he had to pee and crawled out of the tent.


Alone with my brother, I told him what had happened, "I think your friend Sean is gay."


He laughed and said, "Of course!  That's why he's my favorite fraternity brother!  He gives good 'head'!  Just relax and enjoy it.  I always do."


Sean rejoined us in the tent.  He asked, "What are you guys talking about?"


Phil took hold of his still hard dick and began to stroke it.   He said, "Oh, not much.  We were talking about 'blow jobs'.  I sure could use one right now."


Sean took the hint and crawled up between Phil's legs.  I couldn't believe I was watching this!  He began by teasing Phil's cock with his tongue, before getting down to some serious cock-sucking. 


Phil looked over at me and asked, "Have you ever tried it?  Why don't you crawl up there under Sean and give it a taste.  I think you might like it, I did."


I was shocked at the suggestion!  At the same time, I was also a little curious. 


Sean was now on his knees with his mouth still planted on Phil's big dick.  On my back, I eased myself up under Sean.  His cock and balls were dangling over my face.  I hesitated but decided that I can do this!     Hell, I owed Sean one after he had gotten me off twice in the last 36 hours.  I raised my head and put his average sized dick in my mouth. 


I didn't have to do anything because Sean immediately began fucking my face.  I was sucking my first cock, and I did like it!  He must have been really horny because after just a few minutes, he grabbed his dick from my mouth and shot his load all over my face.  Phil got off too and fed Sean a load of morning protein.


Needless to say, it was a very interesting, next two days at the lake!  I decided I liked camping!