Sunday, November 30, 2014

Weekend Visit - Part 2

Weekend Visit

Part 2 of 2

Story by Jay

I slept well last night.  I dreamt of being fucked by Sean.  I woke up thinking of Sean.  Then I realized I was in bed with him.  I watched him sleep, his chest heaving up and down.  He had covers to his waist. 

I was ready for more of what we did last night.  Sean shifted and the covers moved and his cock poked it head out from the covers.  He was hard and I wanted his cock.  His cockhead was large.  I wondered how he got that cock in side of me.  I wanted it again inside of me, but was it too soon to start?  I wanted to please Sean.   

I moved the covers off of Sean and watch his cock.  In the morning daylight, I saw what a large cock he had.  It was hard and magnificent.  I took his cock in my mouth.  I was sucking away when he woke up.  He stretched his long frame and I stopped sucking.  He whispered “No, keep going.  Feels good.”

He placed his hand on my head and pushed me to take more of his cock.  I decided I could get used to having cock every morning.  I hoped that Sean felt the same.

Sean’s cock was enormous.  I could not believe that his cock is what was in my ass last night.  He reached to his night stand and pulled out a rubber and lube.  He placed the rubber on his cock and had lubed my ass with his finger.  He had me sit on his cock.  He started to thrust his hips.  After a while, his thrusts were powerful.  His cock was going all the way inside of me.  His balls were slapping against my ass.

We tried different positions.  Sean seemed to like all of them.  I knew he was getting close to cumming.  I wanted it to last but I also want Sean to be happy.  He came.  I laid there as he rested letting his cock slip out of my ass.

I thought he was done, but he leaned over and started to suck my cock.  I was so excited I knew I would not take too long to cum.  He swallowed my load and laid next to me.
He whispered “I could get use to this.  What about you, Roommate?”  I smiled and nodded “YES.”

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Weekend Visit - Part 1

Weekend Visit

Part 1 of 2

Story by Jay

This year my parents wanted to visit friends that moved to the big city.  Their son was a few years older and was a star swimmer at the university.  I, on the other hand, went to work after graduating from High School.  I was looking forward to seeing Sean and talk to him about going to the university.  I wanted to attend this semester.

It was a long drive but we finally got there.  Sean was in swim practice so I did not get to see him.  I was told I had to share Sean’s bed.  When he came home, I was floored.  He was drop dead gorgeous.  He was friendly but not that talkative.

He got ready for bed and stripped down to his briefs.  I did the same.  We talked a little and I told him I was interested into going to the university.  He said he would be glad to help me.  He laid there and I stared at his briefs.  The outline of his cock was getting bigger.  I reached out but pulled back.

Then I heard him say, “Go ahead, touch it.  You know you want to.”  I reached over and placed my fingers on his brief.  I could feel his hardening cock.  He whispered “Go ahead and pull it out.”

I reached under his waistband and grab his cock shaft and pulled out this enormous cock.  It was impressive.  I watch as I stroked it.  He had a big cock head at the tip of his cock.  I slowly stroked it, watch the skin and veins move with my strokes.

He whispered again “Play with my balls.”  I reached under the waistband and found his balls and roll them around my hand.  I pulled his brief down and saw his cock and balls.  I thought of the saying, hung like a horse.  That described Sean.

I sat up in bed and he whispered “Suck it.”  I did not hesitate but started to suck as best as I could. Sean instructed me on how to suck and also play with his balls.  I followed his lead.  I tried taking the cock as far in my mouth as I could.  I was in tears as I gagged when I took it deep in my mouth.

I was getting the hang of it.  Then Sean rotated over on top of me and planted his mouth on mine.  We kissed.  His tongue reached into my mouth and started poking my tongue.  I found myself naked, although I don’t remember how I took off my briefs.  My cock was rubbing against his ass cheeks.

He whispered “If you going to the university, you need to do this.”  With that he lifted my legs and greased my ass hole.  It felt good having his finger inserted the lube.  He grabbed a rubber and placed it over his cock.  I was nervous about getting fucked but his cock went into my hole pretty easily.

It was a great sensation.  He was gentle and it never hurt.  Instead it felt great.  He told me to jack off as he thrust his cock.  He said he was ready to cum.  I nodded that I was and we both came at the same time.

We laid in bed and I was out of breath.  He whispered “I am getting my own place off campus this year.  I am looking for a roommate.  If you are interested?”  I got excited and said out loud “Yes.”

He rolled over and whispered “Let’s get some sleep.  I usually wake up horny.”  I rolled over and thought to myself as my cock got hard “WOW. Do we have to wait until morning?” 

Friday, November 28, 2014



Story by Jay

I love wearing a pair of denim shorts.  I have a pair that are really short.  I wear them to the park.

They look really great on me.  I love wearing them.  I get a lot of looks when I parade down the trails.

Of course the real attention is when my cock appear out the bottom of the shorts.  Boy do I get the attention when that happens.

Once I see someone interesting then I stand and wait in the bushes for him to come over. This time the guy was really hot and he had his cock and balls out.  We kissed.

I had to taste his cock.  As I got to my knees, my cock popped out of the bottom of my shorts.  He whispered, "Nice.  Keep sucking."

He was moaning like crazy.  I sat on a bench near by and he stripped down.  He had a great looking body.  He started to suck on my cock.  It was my turn to moan.

He was really good.  After a while, he said "Fuck me.  Right now.  Fuck me."

He bend over and I rammed my cock deep inside of my ass.  He held his ass cheeks open as I pounded his ass.  He kept yelling "More.  More.  Harder."

I notice some guys in the bushes were watching.  They were jacking off.  A guy got down on his knees and started to suck one guy's cock than the other guy's cock.  This made me more horny.

I kept fucking him.  I pulled out at one time and took off my shorts and  sat back on the bench.  He sat on my cock and started bobbing up and down.

He was letting out a steady stream of moans now.  I grabbed his cock and jerked him off until he came.  At the same time, I started to cum.  He slid off of my cock and grabbed his clothes and walked naked into the forest.  I pulled on my shorts and let my semi hard cock dangle out the bottom of my shorts.

I love wearing these shorts.



Inspired by SHAKES

Story by Jay

We sat next to each other on the couch.  We were both naked.  From the looks of his cock, it was ready to erupt.  His cockhead was enormous.  His pee hole was staring at both of us.  His shaft had enlarged veins running up and down his shaft, like roads on a map.

I ask if I could feel his balls.  They were nice and full.  I held them and thought of the load of cum they housed which would soon be mine.

Slowly I pulled his shaft up and down.  My stroke was steady.  My eyes were watching for precum.  Eventually a drop of precum appeared on the tip of his cock.  It glistened as I used my finger to dip into that drop and capture in on my finger and raised my hand to my mouth.  I tasted the sweet nectar and yearned for more.

I retunred my hand to his cock.  I wrapped my hand tightly around his shaft.  He moaned as I increased the speed of the stroke.

He closed his eyes and let me stroke up and down. His balls tightening in the process.

I didn't want to make a mess.  So I placed my mouth near his cockhead to catch the cum when it flies out.  He could feel my breath on the tip of his cockhead.  My hot breath sent shivers up and down his body.

Reaching down I felt his balls contracting up.  I knew he was almost ready.

His cock was close to my mouth.  Waiting, I heard him moan.

My mouth dropped down and I wrapped my lips around his cockhead.

The moist warmth of my mouth is too much for him, as he erupted and spotted a wad of cum, and then another, and another, until he is drained.

I swallowed his load, then wait for the final drops to appear and swallow them until all drops are released from his cock.

I stroke a few more times and the last drops of cum appear out of the tip of his cock.  I lick them off.

A smile appears on our faces as we cuddle and hold each other.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Sleeping in today.

I am thankful for having you in my life.

Love Jay

Tuesday, November 25, 2014



Story by Larry

                                I'm telling you, it's great being in a Frat.  Hazing wasn't great but the perks now are endless.  I've been in the Frat for 3 years now. I can't  tell you the amount of ass and mouth that's been offered up to me just for a chance to get in.  Like this kid here in the picture, when he comes into the house and me and my roommate at the frat are their his duty is to get on his knees in front of us and suck us off.

                                He’s very good at it too.  He’s also not bad at taking it up the ass.  Last night my roommate was going to be out so I told him he could stay in my room instead of sleeping on the floor in the living room of the house.  Of course I made full use of him.  Once behind closed doors I told him to strip and stand looking at the floor.  I walked around him then handed him a razor.

                                I made him go into my private bathroom and shave his entire body.  When he came back into the room I was naked and on the bed.  I made him stand next to it and felt him all over making sure he was baby skin smooth.  I made him go back and redo his ass hole I told him it wasn't acceptable.  He apologized and did as I told him.  This kid really wants to be in and I’m going to give it to him.

                                When he came back he automatically turned and bent over asking "Is it acceptable now sir?"  I felt it and slide a dry finger in him watching him wince and then told him “Yes.  Now get on the bed and suck my cock.”  Seconds later I was propped up on pillows watching his head bob up and down on my cock.  He had a great tongue.  This kid had to suck cock before.

                                I finally had to tell him to stop and straddle me and sit on my cock.  He looked at me for a second and then spit on his fingers and slid them in his hole quick as he stood up and then squat on me.  All the lube we used was his saliva on my cock and what he was able to put in his hole quick.  He was tight and dry and it hurt but I wasn't going to show it cause the look on his face told me he was in pain as well.

                                Once he was balls deep on me I told him now “Bounce.  I want you to ride me like a bucking bronco.”  Let me tell you he really did well.  He had me leaking pre cum in his ass in seconds and lubing him up so he could move easier.  I was really cruel to him making him do all the work and telling him I was going to fuck him all night.  I actually fucked him for over an hour, of course I was stopping from time to time to keep from cumming.  Once i came I made him lay between my legs and take my cock in his mouth.  I had read this in a fantasy book. 

                                I told him he had to sleep with my cock in his mouth and not let it leave his mouth till I gave him permission in the morning.  When I woke up in the morning, damned if he wasn't still sucking my cock.  I was hard as a rock with a piss hard on too.  He saw my eyes open and he mouthed around my cock.  "Do you want me to take your piss sir?  I will gladly do it if you wish."  I figured what the hell this way I don't have to get up and let loose with a steady stream of piss which he got every drop of.  I was shocked and horny now. 

                                I made him get on all 4's on the bed and put just a little lube on my cock and rammed it into him.  As I was fucking him savagely my roommate walked in.  He took advantage of it and walked over, took his cock out and told him, suck me dry which he did in record time to make him cum at the same time I filled his ass.

                                That night was the vote for the new pledges.  My roommate and I of course voted yes for him and he was in.  When the ceremony inducting them in was over he walked over to us.  “Now that I’m in I hope you still want to ‘haze me’ like last night and this morning?  That was hot.”  My roommate and I got an idea.  We grabbed our new member and told him get a single bed and we'll put it in our room with us but only if you service us daily if necessary.  That afternoon the bed was delivered.  Like I said frat life is great.  Now I have 2 fuck buddies in the same room instead of one.  It is a steady supply of ass and mouth.  I love frat life.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Napping in the Woods

Napping in the Woods

Story by Jay

Love going to the woods in a park nearby.  It is a great place to sunbathe in the nude.  There are also a lot of guys who cruise the park looking for some action.

I decided to lay out in the nude.  It felt so good having the sun beat down on me.  My cock got hard almost immediately.

It was not long before I was sleepy.  Before I could doze off, I heard sounds and looked up to see two cocks staring at me.

Their pee holes stared down at me.  The two guys were naked.  I reached up and grabbed a cock in each hand andwanted to  massaged them.  They backed off and started to jack off.  I knew what they wanted to do.  And that was to cum on me.  I joined them and masturbated along with them.

I watched as the first one came.  I was next and then the last guy shot their load.  I was covered in cum.  Yjey helped wipe me clean and then they were off into the woods.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Old Friend

Old Friend

Story by Jay

I love when Ken came to visit.  We grew up in the same neighborhood but went off to different colleges.  Ken was now living a few streets from me.

This visit was different.  He stopped by on one of the hottest day of the year.  We sat on the patio wearing just shorts.  We started to reminiscence about high school.

Ken reminded me that I was shy.  Even in gym class, I would get bashful.  I told Ken that he was built better than me.

Ken reached over and tugged on the waistband of my shorts.  "I bet you grew into a rather nice young man.  Looks good to me."  I said "You probably are still better than me."

Before we knew it we were both naked and examining each other cocks.  Ken said mine was bigger and started licking and sucking my cock.  That felt so good.  I did not want it to end.

Ken got on his knees and went to work on my cock.  I sat back and enjoyed the blow job.

But I now needed to suck on Ken's cock.  He was wrong, he was bigger than my cock.  I tried to take it all the way but it was a mouthful.  I wanted his cock in my ass.

So I positioned myself on the couch and got ready to be fucked.  Instead I felt Ken's tongue licking and sticking into my ass.  It was a wondrous feeling.  He was relentless in his attach on my ass with his tongue.  I was moaning and enjoying every flick of his tongue.

Ken replace his tongue with his cock.  I screamed with delight.  My body tingled with every thrust.  Ken turned me over and I laid on my back.  He continued to fuck me as I grabbed my cock and started stroking.

He pulled out of my ass and started shooting his hot cum on me.  That sent me over the edge.  I shot my load.  When the last drop of cum fell on me, Ken reached over and kissed me.  It was something he never did.  In fact this was the first time we had sex.  I knew right then, that I wanted more of Ken.  Good thing he lives so close.  

Friday, November 21, 2014

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

We Lost

We Lost

Story by Jay

I sat in the locker room ass depressed.  We had lost the game.  Everyone had showered and had gone home.  I was all alone.  Damn I was depressed.  I needed something to cheer me up.

I though of having sex with anyone and my cock started to get hard.  I heard a noise and looked around the lockers and saw Brad drying himself off.  He was putting on his underwear.  He was trying to stuff his erect cock in the underwear.

"Need help?" I asked.  Brad turned around and saw that it was me.  We had sex before a few times, so he was relieved to see that it was me.  "Yes, I could need help.  You up for it?"

I walked over to where Brad stood and removed his cock from his briefs.  He smelled clean and I dug my face into his hairy bush.  Then I took his cock and made sure it was hard.  I worked my tongue all over his cock.  He was super hard now.  I made sure I deep throat his cock.  I sucked until he came.

"Glad you were still here." Brad said.  I answered "Yes, it made losing a lot less hurtful.  Thanks."

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Up Close

Up Close

Story by Jay

I have a friend you loves to come over and see my cock up close and personal.

He spends lots of time playing with my cock.  He watches it grow from soft to hard.

I get hard rather quickly.  He then starts to examine my cock.

He looks up and down my shaft and licks and lightly suck on my shaft.

Then he is off to my cockhead.  He loves playing with my peehole.  Licking all around it.

He enjoys playing with my foreskin, getting it to cover my cockhead again, and then having my cockhead appear once again.  Till I shoot my load.

He always  leaves with a smile on his face.

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Operation

The Operation

Inspired by noodengr

Story by Jay

I was nervous.  I had hernia surgery scheduled and I was not ready for it.  I knew I needed having it done, but I still dreaded having it done
I checked into the hospital and put on one of those dreadful gowns.  No matter what you did, it always left you exposed.  I sat on the bed and was told the surgeon would be stopping in before I would be taken into the operating room.  I had not met him.  My primary care doctor scheduled everything.

I heard the door open and in walked the surgeon.  He introduced himself and I looked into his eyes and was ready to let him do whatever he wanted to do.  He was drop dead gorgeous.  Talk about being tall, dark and handsome.  This doctor was simply beautiful. 

I smiled as he talked and nodded as if I was listening but I wanted him in bed with me.  He held out his hand and I grabbed his hand and felt electricity run through my body.  He turned and left my room.  I sat there smiling and then realized I had a rock hard cock under my gown.

I laid back on bed and panicked. My cock was growing instead of going soft.  As my mind raced to figure out how to handle this situation, in walked two male nurses.  One of the nurses was cute, which did not help my predicament.  In fact my cock got harder and started throbbing.  

The cute nurse said “Are you ready to be prep for surgery?”  I said “No.  I have a problem.”  He asked me what the problem was.  I pulled back my gown and revealed my still throbbing cock.

I pleaded “I can’t get it to go down.”  The cute nurse said “I guess it is a job for super nurse.”  The other nurse started laughing and walked out leaving the cute nurse shaking his head.

He said “That is an exception cock.  Are you going to take care of that erection?”  I looked at my even larger cock and said “I come quicker with oral sex.”  There was silence.  Neither one of us spoke.  The cute nurse turned and walked toward the door. 

I figured I was too direct.  Now what was I to do?  Then I heard a ‘click’.

The cute male nurse had locked the door and was heading back to my bed.  He grabbed my cock and said “OK, let’s get this cock deflated.”

He took the tip of my cock in his mouth and I started to feel relaxed and also started to enjoy it.  He was an expect cock sucker.  Before long he was deep throating me and I was starting to feel my balls pull up into my nut sack.  I have a large cock and he was the best I ever had.  It did not take long that I warned the cute nurse that I was ready ton cum. 

He clamped down on my cock and I started shooting my load.  The cute nurse held my entire load in his mouth.  He grabbed a bed pan and spit out my load.   He looked at me and said “You owe me dinner.”

I smiled and said “Thanks.  Dinner is on me.”  I was now ready for surgery.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Late for Work

Late for Work

Story by Jay

"Hey Troy, get up.  You are going to be late for work."

I did not hear any response, so I went to the bedroom.  There Troy laid.  He wore a shirt but nothing else.  I walked into the bedroom and stood there."

"Come on Troy, get ready for work."

Troy turned around and looked at me.  "NO.' was all he said.  I looked at his hard cock and round balls and licked my lips.  "Let me get you ready for work."  I grabbed a pair of briefs and pulled them on.  His rock hard cock pressed against the underwear.

"Come on Troy.  Get ready."  I tugged at his underwear and out popped his cock.  I loved seeing his cock.  It was a nice circumscribed cock.  Better yet, I loved sucking his cock.

I moved his over to a chair and we both fell back into the chair.  I grabbed his cock and stroked it as he turned his head and we kissed.  Our tongues explored each other tongues.

I knew there was only one way to get him ready for work.  He had to cum and there was only one way that Troy liked to cum.  We stood up and I tore off his briefs.  I laid down on the bed and allowed his cock to pierce my asshole.

He pressed deep and started to fuck me.  His cock grew as he pounded away.  I jacked off my cock as he got closer to cumming.  He grunted and then let loose with his load.

After unload his supply of cum, he rolled over and said "OK. I will now get ready for work."

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sunning Myself

Sunning Myself

Story by  Jay

I love sunning myself.  I know secluded spots that I get go and get naked.  Of course the spots I go to are sometimes visited with guys looking for action.

Some guys just Jack off and leave while others get undressed and enjoy the sun.

Today I am going to strip down and enjoy the sunning weather.back in the car.  Once I got naked I looked around and found that I left my backpack with my towel

I decided to enjoy the weather anyhow.  It feels so good having the sun beat down on you.  It did not take too long before two guys came down the trail and spotted me.  "How you doing?" they asked.

"OK.  I forgot my backpack but decided to try and enjoy the nice weather." I said as I notice they both were staring at my cock.  "You can share our." they said.  It did not take long before they were naked and all three of us were laying on their blanket.

Almost instantaneously we all three had hard cocks.  Without thinking, we reached over and started jacking each other cocks.  It felt so good the sun beating down.  I felt so close to coming but I wanted it to last longer.  As soon as the other guys started cumming, I let loose and shot my load.

We used their towel to wipe ourself and then we laid there.  After a while we called it a day and left.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Jock - Part 3

The Jock

Part 3 of 3

Story by Jay

The Jock was still catching his breath when he rolled over onto his back.  His cock was still rock hard cock.  I looked at it close up and was amazed at its size and beauty.  I knew this might be my last chance so my made a quick move to grab his cock.  He laid there breathing, I kicked the tip of his cock and he shivered.  I moved my tongue to lick around the ridge of his cockhead.  Every swirl on my tongue brought another moan.

I then did what I dreamt of doing.  I inserted his cock head in my mouth and started to suck his cock.  He made low sounds with every movement of my mouth.  I moved my hand down and felt for his balls.  I could not believe I was holding his balls in my hand.  I moved my hand around and felt the light soft hair on his balls.

Knowing he loved his ass being fucked, I moved my hand down between his legs and inserted my finger in his ass.  I increased my movement for sucking his cock.  His breathing increased until he let out the loudest sound.  I felt a shot of cum hit the back of my throat.

I swallowed quickly before the next sound came out and another shot of cum blasted the back of my throat.  I wanted this to be the best blow job ever, so that he would come back for more.  I wanted this to continue. 

Once his voice became a low moan, I knew he was done.  I sucked out the last drops of cum.  I never lost a drop.  I laid down, trying to catch my breath.  He rolled over on top of me.  I felt his body moving with each breath.  He kissed me.  And he held me.  I was in his arms.  I returned the kiss.  The Jock rolled to my side and placed his head on my chest.  I ran my fingers through his hair and laid still.

I asked “Should we do any mentoring?”  The Jock said “I think we just did.”  

I started to ask “How does it feel to get fucked?”  The Jock sat up and said “You never been fucked?”  His cock was already getting hard.  I nodded “No.” that I never been fucked.  The Jock was excited how.  “Come on, you need to pop your cherry.”  He reached for my lube and told me to roll over onto my stomach.  I felt his finger smearing lube in my ass.  It was a strange feeling but enjoyable.  Then he lubed up his cock which grew even more.

I asked “Will you go easy?”  The Jock smiled and said “Don’t worry.  You were easy with me, I will do the same with you.  You never fingered your ass before?”  I nodded “No.”

“OK.  Let’s start slow.” The Jock said as he started to run his finger around the outer ring of my ass hole.  I let out a low moan as he kept running his fingers around and around.  Then he inserted a finger and then removed it, continuing to run his finger around and around the outer ring.  I told him “That is good.”

He shifted around and said “OK.  Now for my cock.”  I felt his cock press against my ass hole.  He said “Breath in and out.”  He timed it and pushed his cock passed my cock ring and he had his cock in.   Then he slowing pushed in.  “Keep breathing.” He commanded.  Slowing he was pushing in and out.  All I could do was to concentrate on breathing.  Damn it was feeling good.  Really good.

I heard the Jock say “You are tight.  But this is fantastic.”  He pumped a little faster.  “I am going to cum.”  It felt like his cock was twice the size of when he first inserted it.  His body shook and I felt him cum.

Afterwards we laid next to each other.  The Jock talked first.  “We got to do this again.  How about mentoring every Tuesday?”  I smiled.