Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bored - Part 3




"Hey, do you mind if I watch?  I just lost my Internet connection and now I'm really bored.  What you are doing there to yourself looks kind of sexy, but I don't understand why you are doing it.  When I was a kid, having a big hairy bush was a sign of manhood, but I notice a lot of guys these days are loosing the hair."

Kirk tried to explain,  "It's called 'man-scaping'.  I guess it's not for everybody, but it makes me feel cleaner and fresh.  It cuts down on body odor.  When I go commando, I don't have to worry about a stray hair getting caught up in my zipper.  Besides, it makes my dick look bigger!   I just like the way it feels.  Come over here and run your hand over my ass."

Chad had to admit, "You're right.  It's as smooth as a baby's bottom.  Damn, you're getting me all hard and horny again.   So, do you think I should do it too?  This man-scaping thing?  I'd be willing to try it, if you would help me.  I guess if I hated it, eventually it would all grow back in."

Kirk finished himself and began to work on straight Chad.  Clippers first, then the razors to remove his body hair.


After a little debate, Chad agreed to loose all of the hair.  His treasure trail and pubes came first.  Kirk had never groomed another man and he found it very exciting.  Chad must have felt the same way because he remained total erect as the hair fell to the bathroom floor.

Looking in the mirror with Kirk, he agreed that he liked the new look.  "Shit!  It makes me look enormous and my ball sack feels really sensitive to the touch.  I should have done this a long time ago.  Do you think you could do my ass too?  It would look funny to have a hairy ass and no bush."

Kirk willingly obliged and shaved away any trace of what used to be Chad's hairy ass.   Chad giggled and said the vibrations of the electric shaver felt kind of fun around his hole.  So Kirk took a chance....

He ran his tongue up and down Chad's now smooth crack and began concentrating on the hole.  Rimming his straight roommate had always been at the top of Kirk's personal bucket-list.  Apparently, Chad was enjoying it too, because of his very vocal moans, so Kirk inserted a finger just to the first knuckle.  To his surprise, Chad backed up on it till his index finger was totally inserted!
After finger-fucking his roommate for five minutes without any objections, Kirk inserted his dick and fucked that smooth ass in earnest! 

As the boys waited for the snow to be removed, they had a brand new activity to pass the time!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bored - Part 2



Part 2 of 3 



For once, the weathermen were absolutely correct!  (In the end, Boston registered an official 24.9 inches of snow!)  It began on Friday night around midnight. 

Since Kirk had grown up in Arizona, this was a brand new weather phenomenon for him.  Their apartment was toasty warm.   He positioned himself, naked under a comforter to watch out a window that overlooked the street.  He was totally fascinated, as he watched the constant snow fall past his window.  The snow piled up to a point that he could no longer see his car.

He was so distracted that he barely noticed when his buddy crawled between his legs and began sucking his flaccid dick.  It was Chad.  (his so-called straight roommates' new way to initiate SEX between them!  Apparently he was horny and wanted to fuck Kirk, yet again!).

Yes, Kirk always thoroughly enjoyed having Chad's cock up his hole, so he rolled off of the window-seat to the floor for a little better penetration.  "Hey, take your time on humping my butt.!  With the weather outside, we may be here for awhile!"
His admonitions fell on deaf ears and Chad plowed into him more efficiently than those city snow-plows working the streets.

By this point, Chad still was proclaiming that he was: Absolutely, 100% STRAIGHT !!! " I AIN'T GAY!!! "

"Hey, we're just having fun here, right?   So, I've kissed you.  What's wrong with that?  We are best friends and I like you!  I only sucked your dick because you sucked mine a lot of times.   I only did it, because you did it!   .....The truth is that I like doing it.  I'm still trying to get used to the taste of your cum.  Shit, I love shoving my dick up your ass!   Hell, you're tighter than any woman I have ever been with.  Your ass is amazing!"

The cable went out so they couldn't watch any television.  Kirk was bored watching Chad on his laptop sending messages to his friends thru Facebook.   He wandered into the bathroom to shower.

Drying off in front of the mirror, he thought:  It's been a while since I've done any grooming to my body.

Using hair clippers and razors, he gave himself a good trim.  After his pubes and balls were  denuded of hair, he began the difficult work of cleaning up his hairy ass. 

Suddenly he was aware of Chad who was standing outside of the open door watching him.  "Wow, I've seen a lot of guys in the locker room at the gym who are hairless.  I never knew what that was all about."..... 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bored - Part 1



(Note:  portions of this story are true)

Part 1 of 3


They had advance warning that it would be the Winter Storm of the Century.  The television had been full of the news for three days.   Kirk and Chad stocked up on food, drinks and emergency supplies.  They were prepared to ride out the blizzard in their Boston apartment.

The guys weren't exactly lovers.  They were roommates and fuck-buddies.  Chad was still exploring his sexuality.  Kirk was gay and only too happy to satisfy his friend's curiosity about sex with men.

The sexual exploration began one day when they returned home after jogging in the park.  In their separate bedrooms, they both stripped out of their running clothes and ended up arriving at the bathroom at the same time.  Chad suggested, "No reason why we can't shower together.  We do it at the gym all the time."

It was close quarters in the shower and they brushed up against each other a few times.   Kirk was surprised when Chad began soaping up his back.  He was standing so close that Kirk felt his erection brush up against his ass.  His own began to grow hard too.  He took a chance...

He turned around, dropped down, and suck-off his straight roommate for the first time.  (He jerked himself off while Chad watched.) It broke the ice between them and changed the dynamics of their living arrangement.

A week later, Chad walked into Kirk's room with a rock hard cock.  They stroked each other’s dicks.  Kirk never thought Chad would ever touch him like that.

Kirk guessed that it was Chad's way of initiating something again.  It worked!  Kirk got a hand-job and Chad got another blow-job.

Kirk loved sucking dick and Chad made his available.  It was something they never talked about.  He only needed to show up in any room in the apartment with a boner to get Kirk to drop to his knees.  

One day, everything changed.  Chad walked up to him in the bathroom and kissed him.  It was a real shock!

This time, it was Chad who ended up with a cock in his mouth.   He was curious enough to take the initiative and actually did a good job.  As a reward, Kirk decided to move everything to another level and offered up his ass to Chad.  They moved to his bedroom and Chad fucked him.  His prostate got a good workout and they slept together in his bed that night. 

During the next few weeks, Chad perfected his oral skills and discovered new positions for penetration.  Kirk was pretty sure exactly how they would pass the time during the blizzard if they got bored.

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Boss's Sons - Part 2

The Boss’s Sons

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2
On one of the mornings I was supposed to pick up Joey there was a strange car in the driveway.  Nothing new though because you never knew when he was going to end up with a rental for one reason or another, accident, forget where he left his car, breakdown, whatever.  Anyhow I let myself in and headed right to Joey's room.  Joey was awake but lying in bed with just a sheet over him the shower was running.  I looked at him and said “ok lover boy fuck time is over lets go”.  He just smiled at me and said yeah in a minute.

With that hands came up under my arms and clasped behind my head in ahold that didn't allow me much defense moves.  Whoever it was pushed me to the bed and joey opened and pulled my pants down.  We're going to have a little party to start the day.  With that he threw the sheet back and I saw he was wearing his cock ring as well as some time since our last fuck he had his cock head pierced.  It was a good heavy ring right through the head and coming out his piss hole.
“Now you’re going to do everything we say or else our father will find out you started this all.”  When he said "we say" I knew the one behind me was Buster.  With that I was set free and Buster told me get on the bed and suck my brother off.  Who was I to argue?  I got on the bed and started to suck him off when I felt 3 fingers trying to pry my ass apart.  I stopped long enough to say grease them before sucking Joey’s cock again.  Buster’s idea of greasing them was to spit on them while in my hole.  I heard Buster tell Joey “You’re right his ass is tight.”  With that a 4th finger was shoved in and then a fifth.  I knew what Buster was trying to do which was to fist fuck me.
As fast as it all started it stopped.  Buster pulled me off the bed and told me "strip naked now".  I took everything off including my socks and then with a push from buster got back on the bed. “Suck Joey some more.”  He positioned me so my crotch was over joeys face but joey didn't suck my cock.  Buster got up on the bed behind me and shoved his cock in my ass balls deep just like Joey does.  I moaned but never took my mouth off Joey’s cock.  I really thought Joey was going to suck me but all he did while Buster fucked me was lick both Buster and my balls. 
Buster defiantly was bigger than joey and a little hard to handle but it still felt good.  Buster fucked me hard for some time before climbing off and telling me to turn around.  When I did he just pushed me back and onto Joey’s cock.  He was sweating and told me to lick the sweat off my balls.  I licked the sweat off his balls, his thighs, and everywhere else I could reach.  He tasted great, especially with Joey fucking away at my ass.  Buster soon moved around behind me and I couldn't figure what was going on till Joey put his arms around my neck and pulled me down to press our sweating body's together. 
I felt Buster’s cock next to Joey’s and then some pressure as he pushed and tried to enter my ass.  When he couldn't get in he got up and took a paddle out of a drawer and gave me 10 whacks on each cheek while joey was still fucking me.  Then he got back on the bed and told me to relax and let him in or he would paddle me more.  I took a deep breath and tried to relax as much as possible and this time he got in. Not without me screaming in pain though.  One of them was a lot but 2.  Two was a lot to expect from anyone’s ass.  Buster slid into me his cock pushing in alongside his brothers and soon the 2 of them were fucking me.  They got it down to where when one was on the in stoke the other was pulling out all but the head. 
It felt really weird but good at the same time.  It was actually great at the same time.  I was the meat in a sandwich and loving every minute of it.   Sweat was pouring off all 3 of us and sex permeated the air in the room.  Buster was the one to cum first but he kept on pumping just like Joey could.  Without touching myself I literally exploded such a load like never before and finally a few minutes later Joey let loose with his load.  I slid off to one side of Joey and Buster to the other.  Buster managed to say "What a mess"  He got to work and clean us off.
I started with Joey and licked him clean from his toes to his ears.  I even rolled him over to lick the sweat out of the crack of his ass. 
When I was done with him I moved over to Buster for the same treatment.  It was from toes to ears.  Buster was a lot hairier than Joey so it took longer to clean the cum and sweat off him but I got it all while Joey was in the shower.   When I was done licking Buster’s ass clean we both got up and headed for the shower.  “Come on you've earned this.”  We got in the shower with Joey who automatically turned and bent over and grabbed his ankles.  Buster got on his knees and took my cock in my mouth and sucked me to full hardness and then pulled me by my cock over to Joey and lined my cock head with Joey’s hole. 
“Fuck him” he said.  When I didn't push in fast enough Buster pushed Joey by his crotch and me by the ass together and my cock sunk in him.   He held us that way till I said “Alright I’ll fuck him”.  Since it was my second load it didn't take me long to fill his ass with seed.  We showered and then dressed and as we were leaving Buster told me “Joey has been telling me how good you are for weeks now.  I'm glad my date cancelled last night.  You were a much better lay than she is any day.  Now here is that plan.  You’re going to move in here saying you lost your apartment.  The landlord needs it for his family.  You move in here and when our dates don't put out you will.  You can come and go and fuck whoever else you want as long as your ass is ready for us when we want.  It will be free room and board and a small salary.”  Didn't take me long to say yes.  I was going to have to find a new place anyhow which they didn't know about.  The land lord had raised the rent and I couldn't afford it.  My problem was solved and all without trying and just putting out.  Who would have thought 20 years ago when these boys were born that in later years they would be housing and fucking me.  Thank god they are into older men or at least into older me.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Boss's Sons - Part 1

The Boss’s Sons

Story by Larry

Part 1 of 2
I've been in the same job for 28 years.  I know my bosses 2 sons since birth.  I never thought much of it through the years.  The only time ever thought anything was when I was running one of the satellite divisions and his one son was sent to work with me.  We were in an office atmosphere, casual but still and office and he showed up in his pajamas and stoned out of his mind.

He came in and sat at his desk and immediately started to babble about how he was out the night before and just got up leaving the bitch he fucked most of the night in his bed.  He should have stayed home that day cause not more than a half hour later he was sound asleep reclined in his desk.  The only thing is he was hung like a horse and in his sleep had reached in his pants and pulled his long hairy cock out and was stroking himself in his sleep.  The girl next to him ran.  I took some doing to get him to wake up to send him home.
I saw his father a few weeks later and jokingly mentioned it to him.  His father told me I was lucky it wasn't his brother because his brother is bigger.  That's when I began to fantasize about them.  Joey was the younger and he had to be 10 inches.  Buster the older if he was bigger I figured to be about 12.  I already knew from a fund raiser at work their father was at least 12.  He never wore underwear and went into the dunk tank.  He said what the hell it’s for charity.  First time he was dunked his shorts clung to him and everything was revealed.
Anyhow I got sent to Joey’s house for some work and found him naked sound asleep in bed with no covers over him.  He was beautiful, with his furry trimmed chest hair, then a trail down to his crotch where it branched out again to a very thick full bush around a very large cock and set of balls.  He rolled over to expose a nice furry tight bubble butt.  I woke him up and told him I was there for the work.  He got out of bed and walked naked into the other room, his cock swaying from side to side.  Here he said and handed me a portfolio. 
He was standing there rubbing his cock and running his fingers through his bush.  Man I'm so fucking horny. I told him I’d feel for him but I couldn't reach.  “A guy like you should have no problem getting laid” I told him.  Still stoking his cock he looked at me and said "You know sometimes you just want to get off without the hassle of chasing some pussy down but don't want to use your hand” as he still continued to stroke his cock.  I told him you better get ready I'm supposed to drop you off to your dad too.  That sucks he said that means not getting laid again.
I heard the shower and figured he was washing up.  He called me from in the shower and when I walked in he asked me to hand him soap and shampoo that he had forgotten to get it.  I got it out of the closet and when he opened the curtain my hormones took over.  I told him you know there is a way to take care of you problem right now if you want.  He shut off the water and walked into the bedroom.  He turned and smiled at me.  “Well you gonna get on the bed or do you want me to just bend you over and fuck you.”  I practically ripped my clothes off and lay on the bed. 
Joey got on his knees between my legs and lifted them onto his shoulders.  Next thing I felt was a not so greased cock head pushing at my hole.  “Man you’re tight” he said. I told him “Well if you greased it a little more it would go easier.” 
“Naw don't need it” and then he shoved hard.  His cock slammed all the way in balls deep inside me.  My eyes popped open and I lost my breath. 
“Like that didn't you” he said as he started to really fuck me.  “So do the bitches I fuck.  Now hold on for the ride of your life sucker.  I don't cum very easily” and he was right.  He was fucking me silly forever.  Sweating and panting and talking all sort of dirty talk to me as if he was fucking some pussy. 
He finally looked at me and said “I think I've fucked you long enough.  You've earned my load.”  He kept pumping into me but I soon felt his cock swell a lot bigger than it was and my ass get warmer inside.  He never stopped pumping but he muscles in his arms and neck started to budge and his head reared back and his eyes rolled back in his head as he sighed “YYYEEEEESSSSS”.  He had to continue to fuck me 4-5 minutes after that and I definitely knew he came because as he continued to fuck me his cock was pulling his cum out of my hole and it was running all over my ass.  When he finally pulled out he climbed over my legs and pulled my head up to meet his cock and told me to clean him off.  Cum was all over him but it didn't bother me.  I licked and sucked his cock and balls and the area all around till he was satisfied he was clean.
Then he just jumped off the bed and walked over to his dresser and found a pair of pants and shirt and put them on commando.  He found his sneakers and slipped his feet without socks into them and looked at me and said "Ready".  I couldn't believe he was ready so fast and going to work like that.  I got up and got dressed whipping my ass on a towel quick from the bathroom and then we headed to drop him off at his fathers.
Over the course of the next few months Joey and I fucked more.  Not all the time since he still was going out and fucking pussy when he could but when he wasn't getting enough pussy my ass was a tight substitute.  I didn't mind being the "other man", with all the benefits with none of the hassles.  I was soon to find out a lot more about Joey and soon his brother too.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

When is Big, too Big? - Part 2



This is  a true I remember it:

I gave Joey the Grand Tour of my apartment.  It only took a minute because it was a small one bedroom place.  We settled in on my old couch to watch the second half of the big game.  Together, we consumed a 12-pack of beer.  (Maybe it was the beer that got Joey to relax!)

On the TV, the winning team was celebrating on the field when Joey asked if he could take a shower:

"I always shower at night, and I feel really funky right now."

Just to get a view of him totally naked, I waited til I heard the water running in the shower.  I stripped off my clothes and donned my bathrobe.   I walked in with fresh towels, as my excuse to visit my own bathroom.


I took my good old time so that I could hang there while he was naked.  I could only focus on the size of his gigantic cock!   Maybe, from washing it, the damn thing had plumbed up a little more to look rigid.  Joey noticed that I was staring at it, "Sorry 'bout that!  Guess I'm just a little horny right now."
As I recall, I said something like this:  "Joey, maybe I can help you out with your problem."  (He seemed too willing to submit to my instructions!)

In my bedroom, I pushed him onto my bed.  Crawling up on my bed between his legs, I licked his shaft from his balls to the head.  I bathed his cock with my tongue and was rewarded by hearing him moan.  His enormous cock didn't enlarge in size, it simply got hard.

Joey said again, "I can't believe you are doing this!  Not, that I am objecting!  Jesus Fucking Christ! I've never had a woman ever work on me like that!  That feels so fucking good!"  

I licked for several more minutes before I decided to try sucking his huge dick.  It was so large, I could only get the head and another inch in my mouth.  I stoked him with my fist, as I worked as much of his enormous cock that would fit in my mouth.  He must have been right about being horny.  Very quickly, Joey fed me a gigantic load of his built-up sperm!!!

Suddenly, he was out cold, asleep on my bed.  I slept next to him, and during the night, we cuddled together.  Waking the next day, Joey asked if I would do it again.
I had a better idea!  After a few minutes of licking and sucking on his colossal prick, I pulled out my lube to grease him up.  I emptied the entire new tube of KY on my ass and around his cock.  Finally, I tried to sit down on it.  (It was the biggest thing ever that had ever been inside of me!)

I think I must have blocked out the memory of that fuck.  I just remember having a sore ass for several days after he left!  He didn't get the job and left town. (He only got my "blow-job"!)

I went home for a few High School Re-unions, but never saw Joey again! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

When is Big, too Big? - Part 1



This is a true story:

Just recently, I was surfing the Internet to find pictures to augment another story.   I found this one...


 The minute that I saw it, I suddenly remembered!  God! It was so many years ago! 

As I remember it...

I had to make an emergency trip up North.  My favorite uncle had just died.  The funeral was conducted on Saturday and I caught a plane the next afternoon to my new Florida home.  (I had to be back at work on Monday.)

Curiously, the plane was only about 30% full.  The Stewardess explained, "Happens every year.  I guess, not a lot of people travel or fly on Super Bowl Sunday."  (With all of our family drama, I hadn't paid any attention to the calendar.)

After take-off, the minute the "seat belt" sign went off, I got up to use the bathroom.  Returning to my seat, I noticed someone seated alone in the back of the plane that I recognized.   "Joey"  was a quirky guy whose locker was next to mine one year in High School.

(Back in the day, Joey was, among other things:  quiet, shy, awkward, and, in general, a loner.  At the time, I felt sorry for him and would try to engage him in conversation.  We never really became close friends.)

His face lit up the minute he saw me, "Wow!  Imagine running into you on this plane!  You were one of the few people who was ever nice to me."

I sat down to catch up with him on what he was doing now.  By sheer co-incidence, he was flying to my town for a job interview.  We had a lively conversation, until I asked if he was married.

"Not a chance!  Everytime I meet a nice girl, everything goes great until we get intimate.   I've always had that problem.  I can't tell you how many women look at me naked and RUN!  I guess I'm cursed because of my big dick.  Sometimes I feel like a "Circus Side-show Freak Act"!"

(I've seen a lot of dicks.  A lot of guys brag that they have a big cock.  Usually, they are average in size.)

I don't remember exactly what I said, but I challenged Joey about his size.  He unzipped and reached inside to pull out an absolute MONSTER DICK!  (It was at least a foot long and as big around as a beer can!  And the sucker was still soft!)

Joey said, "Now you know why I was teased and bullied in High School!  The first time I was seen after gym class in the locker room, it started.  The called me "Donkey-dick" and "The Elephant Man"!  It was humiliating!"

The stewardess started down the aisle with the drink cart, so Joey shoved his big dick back in his pants.

We started to talk about other things.  (but, all I could think about was how would "it" look like hard and what could I possibly do with something that was that large.  That is, if I could convince him to let me try something.  My mind started to race, as I tried to come up with a plan.)

After the plane landed and we retrieved our luggage, I offered Joey a ride from the Airport into town.  "Got a room reserved?"

"Actually, I was going to wait til I got here to get a hotel room on the beach."

Thinking quickly, I said: "You don't want to pay those prices.  My apartment is one block from the ocean.  It's small, but we can share for a few days." 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rooming House

Rooming House

Story by Larry

I live in a rooming house with 4 other guys.  The guy who owns the house is an older man and has been renting rooms for years to be able to keep it.  Apparently is was his parent’s house and as the years went by and it and he got older it and he needed work and if he didn't rent rooms he wouldn't have enough to keep it.
He told me one day between all our rents it was enough to cover utilities and taxes.  I really didn't care.  I was 20 years old, fresh out of my parent’s house and fresh out of the closet.  Everyone in the house was gay and he didn't really care what we did as long as we didn't break anything.  There was one guy who called himself a "naturalist", which is a fancy name for nudist.  Most people come in the door and take their coat off.  He comes in and strips naked and stays that way.  He's about 25 and cute as hell.  If he ever asks to suck him off I’m ready.

Another guy is into doing drag shows in clubs.  He's funny as hell.  Sometimes he comes in with half his make up on and maybe his slip and nothing else because he was fucking some guy in the car.  He never brings anyone into the house.  The other 2 are business men; they are gay but very businesslike.  We never see them.  And then there is me, a horny little guy with not much money but managing to get laid every week end.
The nudist used to get a kick out of me.  “Why do you wear clothes?” he would ask.  “You have a hot body you should show it off.”  I thought about it and started going around the house and in the warm weather without a shirt.  I stopped wearing underwear all together.  I liked the feel of my balls hanging free between my legs. In the mornings I’d walk around in a small terry wrap around with nothing else on.  I was blessed enough that my cock would hang out under the bottom edge.
One day the nudist was in the shower and I decided I was going to chance it and went in and took my morning piss.  He looked around the curtain and whistled and said “Just as I thought.  Nice ass.”  When I was done I told him “Let me know when you are out of the shower.”  He said “Why wait come on in.”  It was just what I wanted.  I got in with him and he took the soap and started to rub down my back.  Man it felt good.  Especially when he got to my crack and made sure he got into the crack and even fingered my ass. 

I bent over a little and he said “Wait a minute.”  He shut off the water and said “Follow me.”  We went into his room and he said “Get on the bed on your back.”  I did as he told me and he came back to the bed with lube and a cock ring.  It was so tight around his cock and balls I thought it would cut them off.  “I hope you like to get fucked a long time because with this on I almost never cum.”  I just shook my head yeah as he straddled my head with his legs and told me to suck him hard. 
I swallowed his cock and felt it grow to a very large log in my mouth.  He was uncut but when he was finally fully hard his foreskin was pulled all the way back.  I figure he was at least 12 inches.  He greased up his cock and then fingered my hole with a greased finger.  As he was doing that he lifted one leg and pushed it up over my head to his headboard.  He had a brass headboard and I was able to put my foot through the bars and hold myself up with my foot.  He did the same with the other foot and then pulled his finger out and put his cock head to my hole.  “You ready?” he asked.  I shook my head yes.
I felt a little pressure and then a little more.  Suddenly he popped inside me and I realized he was much fatter than I thought.  I reached for the head board to hold on with my hands as well and sighed as he pushed into me.  “You like it, don't you.  You like the feel of this big cock inside that tight ass of yours.  Take me all.”
He slowly fucked me and I loved every minute of it.  I started to really get worked up and wanted his load. I didn't know how long I could hold out before shooting my own.  I could feel it building just from him fucking me.  I started to ask him to fuck me harder. Asking soon turned into begging.  Sweat was starting to drip off his forehead.  Sweat was running off me onto the sheets soaking them.  Anyone who would walk in the room would smell nothing but the smell of sweaty sex.  I needed him harder.  I started to beg and plead with him.  He responded by pumping faster inside me and then harder at the same time.
In the position I was in when he slammed into me his body actually bounced off my ass.  I could feel his cock head hit bottom inside me with each stroke.  It hurt too a bit but I didn't care.  Oh it hurt so good.  I could feel the pressure building even more in my balls and I started to tell him I was going to cum.  He grabbed the top of the head board and started to really fuck me hard and told me "You cum when I tell you to cum bitch and not before".  He kept slamming into me and I was really starting to lose it. My head was thrashing from side to side and I could actually feel my ass convulsing around his cock. 
I was breathing heavy and soaked in my own sweat.  I reached up and grabbed him around his neck to pull me up a little and screamed for him to cum.  
“I need your load in me now.  Cum and let me cum too please sir.”  He looked down at me and he plunged in me and held his cock deep inside.  “What is it you want?”
“I want, I need you to cum inside me.  I need your load to flood my ass and overflow all over me.  Fill me with your load and let me cum too.  My balls are going to explode” I yelled.  He reached between his legs and unsnapped the cock ring and then started to pound me fast and hard.  You want my load, you need my load he said and then stiffened and yelled cum now bitch.  I felt his cock pulse inside me and that was all I needed.  I shot the biggest load I have ever shot in my entire life. 
I shot so hard I covered my chest, nipples, neck, face and all over the bed.  He finally let go of the headboard and I was able to let my feet loose and my legs down to lay on the mattress.  We were so soaked in sweat we had to get up and strip the bed and then take showers again.  While in the shower He asked me how it was.  I laughed and said if I could get fucked like that in the mornings I’d never go to the clubs again.  Wouldn't need to
The next morning he was in the shower again.  He called me from the hallway.  “Already take your morning piss?” he asked.  I told him yeah.  With that he shut off the water and led me to his room.  He playfully threw me on the bed and knelt between my legs while he put on his cock ring.  “Ready to get fucked?” he asked.  I smiled.   My feet and hands automatically went for the head board so my hole was exposed for his cock.  He fucked me just as good as yesterday if not better.  Man was I going to walk funny this morning but I didn't care.  I was hoping his continued for a long time and it did.  We fucked every morning till he had to move.  I don't know why but one morning he told me he was moving soon and that when I got home that Friday from work he was gone.  Man he spoiled me because now my ass is twitching craving his cock.   Back to the clubs I guess.  Maybe in search of him but he did spoil me.  I need cock, now.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Neighbor - Part 2



He seemed like a normal, very unassuming guy, but...

I learned that Kevin was the most peculiar man I had ever met! Very slowly, he began to talk about himself. It was during those times that we shared together playing with our dicks. Our joint sexual experience was confined to naked jerk sessions. (I felt like I had digressed to a time in my adolescence. Back when I first started experimenting with my childhood buddies.)

Under my persistent questioning, Kevin insisted that he was straight. I thought that it was an incredible statement since he admitted that he had never had actual sex with either a man or a woman. He had never touched another man's dick till mine.

Kevin told me about his very strict Pentecostal religious up-bringing through his family. At some point, apparently, he began to appreciate the way he looked when naked. It wasn't enough to just gaze at himself in a mirror. He wanted other people to appreciate what he saw. He got sexual gratification by exposing himself to other people. Gradually, he got bold enough to show off to others in public places.

He would linger in the gym locker room, long after he had finished drying off. Kevin would wait till some guy would walk in and engage him in casual conversation. He would mentally will his cock to get hard in front of the guy. Just to see if he could provoke a reaction.

At a public beach, he would strip off his swimsuit to lay out nude, even when it was prohibIted. It gave him a thrill to see if he could evoke the attentions of other people. He wasn't looking to meet new beach buddies and rejected any kind of sexual advances from anyone.

He had sought out other public places to expose himself. Like driving in his car through town without any clothes. Finding other places, like public restrooms, where he would strip in a stall and show off to other guys. He didn't want physical contact from anyone. Just showing his naked body, and knowing that he had been seen, was enough to make him cum.

Kevin seemed to get some kind of vacarious pleasure in just vocalizing his exhibitionistic nature.

While relating some of his stories about his naked exposures, sometimes Kevin would get so excited that his dick would erupt in an orgasmic frenzy without him even touching himself. He would suddenly spurt all over himself.

One night, he was relating to me about his latest nude adventure. He stripped in his car and walked down a public street. Mid-story, I leaned over and started to suck his dick. He was totally oblivious to what I was doing as he continued his story. As he recited the events of his public display, he suddenly errupted in my mouth. He didn't acknowledge that he just got a blow-job from me.

Now, almost a year later, Kevin knocks on my door occassionaly. He always is nude and says, "You won't believe what I did today!".

I start sucking his dick, which he never mentions. Kevin usually feeds me his cum in a very rapid fashion. He will grab my dick and beat me off as he finishes his current story.

I know this sounds like a weird friendship, but...who knows? Maybe one day, this will move to a different level.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Neighbor - Part 1



A new job landed me in Ft. Lauderdale. I was thrilled to be living in a warm climate and found an apartment in a large complex. I really didn't know anyone in Florida, but Lauderdale is world famous for it's gay nightlife and beaches. I was really looking forward to making new friends in a new town.

As I was moving in, I met my neighbor who lives across the hall from me. Kevin is a nice looking guy in his mid-twenties. He struck me as being a little bit shy and quiet. During the following months, we usually were leaving for work at the same time. He was always conservatively dressed in a suit and tie and would drive off in his Honda Civic that still sported a "Vote Romney!" bumper sticker. Kevin lived alone with his two cats.

After six months, I still couldn't quite get a handle on Kevin. He was always polite to me and was just a good quiet neighbor. That is until one night...

I came home late from a night out in the bars and noticed that he had left the headlights burning on his car. His assigned parking place was next to mine. Not wanting his battery to go dead, I knocked on his door. After knocking a few times, I heard him fumbling with his deadbolt. The door opened, and to my surprise, he was standing there completely naked!

I was impressed! I had no idea that he had such an awesome body and a nice sized dick! I thought that perhaps I had just woken him up which would explain why he would come to the door completely bare. I explained about his car lights and volunteered that if he gave me his car keys, I would turn off the lights for him.

When I returned to our mutual hallway, Kevin was still standing in his open doorway. Only now, he had an enormous erection! He took his keys, thanked me and closed his door. Needless to say, I was very shocked! It was totally out of character for the little that I knew about him. Perhaps, I needed to re-assess my first impression of him.

Another night, a few weeks later, I was having a problem sleeping. I climbed out of bed and walked out on my balcony to get some fresh air. That's when I spotted my very conservative neighbor lingering naked in our parking lot! Not only was he completely nude, but he was walking slowly around jerking his hard cock. After several minutes, he spotted me, smiled, and gave a little wave.

When he returned to his apartment, I was waiting for him in my open doorway. Stripped of my pajamas, I was stroking myself to greet him. Neither of us was bold enough to make a first move. We just stood there wanking on our hard pricks in total silence. The other residents on our floor, were probably confused in the morning to find newly formed wet spots in the concrete hallway.

I spent several days contemplating how to initiate something with Kevin. I formulated an idea and a few days later, I got bold enough to knock on his door. Neither of us was dressed, we were both totally naked. He stepped aside to let me walk into his apartment. Our erections were similar in size as we engaged in an edging session that lasted for about two full hours. We just stared at each other as we stroked our hard cocks. Finally, we both reached out to finish each other off.

This was the encounter that seemed to break the ice between us. Kevin opened up to me and we began to have conversations. I would learn very slowly, by his admissions, about his proclivity for "exhibitionism".

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Great Day - Part 2

A Great Day

Story by Larry

Part 2 of 2

I practically dragged him to the bedroom and as he lay on the bed I stripped off my shirt and got out my favorite lube.  In broken English he told me he doesn't get fucked and I told him he better rethink that because he was going to tonight.  He shook his head and I told him look, either you take my cock willingly or by force but eventually it's going in that ass of yours.  He went to move and I pinned him on the mattress.  He threw up his hands and said a few times.  “Easy, virgin”.  Now I really had to have his ass.  I hadn't popped a virgin in years.
Since I was on the bed I pinned him down by putting my knees on his upper arms and leaned forward to put my cock in his mouth.  He went to move his head to the side and I told him you better suck it or you'll gag on it when I shove it down that pretty little throat of yours.  He took it in his mouth and damned if he wasn't a really good cock sucker.  I climbed off him and lay at the foot of the bed and motioned for him to continue sucking me off.  He was good and it didn't take him long to get my 3rd load of the night down his throat.  Not a drop was spilled.  I was impressed.  Not many guys can take my load without it dripping out the side of their mouth.
He fell back onto the bed wiping his mouth on his arm.  “Good” he told me.  “You give me more?”  I told him I’m gonna do more than give you more loads in that pretty throat of yours.  With that I rolled him over and spread his ass cheeks apart to reveal a really tight hairless pink hole.  I spit in it and then dove in licking and sucking right from the start.  He must have liked it cause he was pushing his ass up into my face in seconds and moaning and saying something in Spanish and then even reached behind and grabbed the back of my  head and pulled it into his ass even harder.  I didn't mind I just buried my tongue inside him deeper.
His ass tasted fantastic and I slurped, licked, sucked and tongue fucked him for a good hour.  He was crying and trying to pull my face out of his ass by the time I stopped.  I wasn't giving him a chance to rest though.  I lubed up my cock, made sure my cock ring was good and tight and then slipped inside him.  He was so tight I could feel his ass crushing my cock head and close around the ridge of my cock as it slid in and the shaft right after it.  He was yelling in Spanish and trying to push me out of him but there was no way.  When I'm determined to fuck his ass, I fuck and ass.  No if's, and's or butt's (pardon the pun).
I fucked him on his stomach for a bit before rolling him over and holding his legs high in the air like a ‘Y’.  I started to plunge deep in his ass and he in turn started to moan and groan, his head thrashing from side to side and babblings something in Spanish.  At one point he even started to drool out the side of his mouth.  I took my time enjoying his tight ass and occasionally reaching down to play with his nipples.  When I did his ass got noticeably tighter which I didn't think was possible.  That was another reason why I took my time.  He was so tight I couldn't fuck him fast.  It would have ripped my cock off.

I soon gave him my 4th load of the night deep in his ass and since my cock didn't go soft kept fucking him and very soon after gave him a much smaller 5th load right up there with the last.  My cock immediately went soft and I laid down to cuddle with him and go to sleep.  I woke up in the morning with him laying between my legs with my cock in his mouth fast asleep.
I woke him and we went and showered before making breakfast.  While I sat and had coffee he sat on the floor and had juice and cock.  I had poured him a glass of juice and my coffee and sat down and the next thing I knew he was on the floor spreading my legs apart and took a mouth full of juice and then swallowed my cock as well.  It was a weird sensation him swirling orange juice around my cock as he sucked me off.   He swallowed the juice and soon my first load of the day.
He didn't let my cock go either, so I pushed the dishes to the other end of the table and stood up.  Then I lifted him up, spun him to lay over the table and rammed my cock in his ass.  He yelled because there wasn't much in the way of lube on my cock but it felt great to me.  He was still somewhat open from the night before.  I fucked him quick and hard giving him my second load of the day.  I finished breakfast while he licked my cum off my cock and then went and sat in the living room.

He got came in behind me and started to jerk me off and got me hard again.  This time he sat with his back to me and I watched as my fat cock disappeared inside him.  He bounced up and down on me till I gave him my 3rd load in less than 2 hours.  He seemed satisfied with that because he went and showered and came back dressed.  He had on my "T" shirt.  “I borrowed this if you don't mind” he said.  “I didn't have a shirt on when we got here last night.”  Fine I told him and as quick as I had seen him and brought him home the night before he was gone but I was satisfied. In less than 24 hours I had given the same guy 7 loads.  I thought that was pretty good.